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Bible Wonders - Desolation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 7, 2021 5:00 am

Bible Wonders - Desolation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 7, 2021 5:00 am

Robby Dreams - Dreams and seeks interpretation for Jan 6, 2020

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Welcome back Ricardo show and I would like to save about opening a nuclear little bit of the closing of you ever wondered was from the truth project. I hope many of you seem just in all of what Bill Tackett did with that and so I always loved that little part with the girl and thought I would use that because I just I really do love to wonder. So today about the wonders is really kind of a wonder because I wanted a few good dreams like I do. Well, I need to tell you that this show was recorded like a day in advance so you can hear this on January 7, but it was recorded on January 6 and so last night when I went to bed. Obviously, like a lot of people, I'm sure you had great concerns about what's happening in the upcoming events in Congress on January 6 that I have a dear friend. That's their praying as we speak. Danny Thomas from the messenger and he's there on the streets so you know I prayed clearly like I would before went to bed and then somehow I woke up real real like 1 o'clock in the morning, something like that and I just felt an open door to pray that there were so many people praying that it was just an open door so I began to pray and then I went back to sleep. When I went back to sleep. I had some horrible horrible dreams and so describe those dreams. The first one delivering sales like I was driving a tank that was in like everyone around me was in complete disarray. I mean nobody that I was with my family wasn't there. No friends were there, everyone seemed to be fleeing from their lives. But I don't really know what they are fleeing from and I certainly didn't know what we are going to. No one was trained. Although we were in some type of the military thing we were in some kind uniform and we are supposed to follow the lead of these people will I was supposed to drive this tank that I knew out no idea how to drive. And somehow or another I got it going and I was just follow the person in front of me and they went the wrong direction and whoever the commander was switched really didn't seem to know what he was doing was certainly matted. Seven. It was just this whole sense of disarray and I thought of desolation and I couldn't get that idea of desolation on my mind. But the thing that really just upset me the deepest was that I had no sense of God I am a sense of God and me in and I woke up thinking God. Where were you because I can't believe I didn't call on you in the midst of all this desolation and it was really disappointing to me.

Honestly. And then I thought well where was my family got what was going on with my family and so interestingly went back to sleep. Had another dream, only this time I was with my family and what's we seem to be being pushed and everybody fleeing in complete fear. But as any other dream there was no sense of God, no sense of Jesus. It just seems that it was it was terribly scary so you know as I got up this morning and began to seek God in and asked for my words and and and really try to have him in a kind of give me some context of what this was meant for me and the word he gave me was desolation, which is really a an interesting thing for me because I see so much of God in the Hebrew alphabet, so when it comes to evil things or things that might seem horrible. The use the same letters and so the word desolation. Very interestingly, the first two letters are the first two letters of Jesus name, which is a unit in the shin and so you know it's kind of interesting to note, as I really prayed about this that the things of God for the people of God are absolutely marvelous, but for those people who hate God. They are completely judgment and distal in an instant, desolation, and what I really began to sense is that these poor people out there, wherever they are in there there right now that have no sense of God are running in fear, for they know not where and how horrible it must be in line with so important that we share the Marriott message of Christ for them because the word desolation is a unit in the shin just like Yeshua would be. And then there's MM which is a closed man, which has to do with a body of water that isn't running in a like a cesspool, and the idea is without God.

These words are absolutely hopeless and so the other thing that I would notice. It seems like that the word terror was amongst the things I was feeling and in these dreams. And so also when you look at terror. Here's a word that literally made a letter that the bet which means the kingdom itself or a house expressed and then the limited like we talked about last two episodes, which is your heart expressed so how could it be that I began to ponder that and think wow without God, if there's no God and you don't know how to get home. What a horrible feeling to have no idea of how to get home. I remember when my parents divorced when I was like 19 years old that one of the things that I just remember crying and crying about as I couldn't go home. It would never be home without both my parents being so can you imagine the sense of there's no home when you have a sense of no home. Believe me, that's to hurt you, and that was the feeling of the dream I had no way to get home and so the first that Jesus talk to me about this morning. I could find these words actually in context was in Leviticus 2616 and you know here, God is telling them what can happen if they follow him, but he also tells him what can happen if they don't follow him and this is quite chilling when you hear this verse in light of what's currently going on in the world.

It says I am turn will do this to you meeting I'll do this to you if you don't follow my commandments says I will point over US sudden terror const summation and fever that will waste away the eyes and cause the soul to pine away also, you will sow your seed uselessly for your enemies will heated up.

What a chilling night was but there's a certain amount of hope. That tells me you know there's more songs. I'm told you know I googled it one time. There's more songs about going home. Then there are about love and without God we have no sense of home.

We have no sense of the kingdom and so it's pretty clear that our calling here is that these people that are experiencing all these things were experiencing right now that have no sense of God that have no sense of Jesus that have no sense of hope and we desperately need to share the reason for the hope that is within us as we wander on today were to be January 7 free all but I am still wondering the events of January 6 clearly as I'm recording this right now at about 930 on January 6 in the morning

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