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How I Stopped My DISTRACTED Driver Habit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 9, 2021 12:33 pm

How I Stopped My DISTRACTED Driver Habit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 9, 2021 12:33 pm

It was a cold morning.  Black ice on the road and the Christian Car was alone in his ride.  Boy oh Boy was Robby NOT distracted.  What do you lean on for support?  Sweet Sara Linda calls in just in time to chime in.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast were research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network hard radio show and how I stopped my distracted driving habit. Yes, let me just tell you that you know you probably wondered how does that intro have to do with how I stop my distracted driving habit well for the joy this show.

You have no idea at this point, but you also so you may know that old guys distracted driving is the worst you know because we gotta flip phones and texting drivers just to stop this, not good so I definitely would like to unpack that intro for just a minute because how I stop my distracted driving habit is definitely the topic of the show today and I think you really really enjoy where all God takes us on how relevant this is that everything is going on right now so and I truly believe your God just walked me through this week to trying to show me how this arcana fits together so if you lose the very opening you might have noticed that there was a scene. Merrill war movie was called red tails. It was about this black fighter scout squadron that rose to great prominence in World War II because the fighter squadron you just heard about. They lost against focus on what the mission was. In other words, they were distract distracted fighter pilots. They were texting and piloting or whatever.

But what really happened was that their mission was to protect the bombers in this particular scene if you can picture these fighters and are supposed to protect the bombers, but the Germans learned that they were glory hunters so if they would send a few fighters down these the P 51 would go chase these guys and leave the bombers unprotected in hundreds of men in these bombers lost their lives as a as a result of these people being distracted yelp fighter pilots but distracted towards their own glory, which are our own life, which pointing the finger] me. By the way, so when I am distracted driving, and anybody tells you that they don't ever drive distracted is not.

Come on now because you know me all day as I don't know how many you know whenever I want to first are doing the Shelley's to talk about. Be careful adjusting the radio because it's distracted driving or eating like driving or just letting your mind wander.

There's all sorts of things are like that. So then, you might've noticed that the next song I had was our awesome God right in and that becomes just absolutely critical because one of the things were really spent some time on today is Proverbs 3, five, which you may remember is lean not a number that you can figure out the leaning part trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

So, and by the way that leaning, leaning, was from the true grit soundtrack. The movie true grit and it was Iris meant in that song I can actually not listen to it without crying because you cry. Well, my good friend is back light unit you may know, I've been doing this devotion. It for just 20 years. But when I first started going there. Miss Beck was maybe 88 and she played the piano and she I don't have any idea how many times I sang that song because it was one of her favorites, and you could just count on if you went there Thursday morning. One of the songs that we would sing with Miss Beck of the panel was leaning on the everlasting arms and so I like what I was unpacking this verse this morning. Actually I was just like man that there is no better song on the planet than leaning on the everlasting arms and so as I heard it like especially song in that particular style.

I couldn't help but picture Miss Beck because if I ever met anybody who leaning on the everlasting arms. That was a lady very very cool. So how did I just stop my distracted driving good is still my candy just right out in front here but before I talk about how I'd stop my distracted that can have distract distracted driving habit. Apparently my words anyway.

The question I have for you this morning and this is a live show.

I'm all by myself so I would love to hear from you is how do you get focused in driving.

How do you get focused in prayer. How do you get focused in your mission mean the how is it that you focus your life. I would love to know that 8663 for 87884 866-34-TRUTH so the quick answer.

I'll give you it to how I stopped my distracted driving habit only stopped it. Actually this morning so I did it for God did it for me. Have you put that. So this morning on my way to work it was 27 and it snowed last night where I live in Rockingham County since there was black ice all over the road. Every unit was.

It was quite a picture because I I'd left somewhere around 630 and it was 27 and oh my goodness there was ice everywhere. Now do you think that while I am attempting to navigate these roads that for one second. I was tempted for 1 ms. Was I tempted to look at my phone concern myself with you. No news or twitter or anything else I can assure you I had very very strong focus on what was in front of me and when you think about that communities come down to is pretty simple. So if you trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

As you begin to take out the things that you really leaning on like your leaning on traction are your leaning on your brakes are you leaning on these brakes are to work when I push them down or you leaning on. There's not a deer going around in front of you. All of a sudden when you begin to take the things out of your life that you are leaning on her to come down to well I got the really that I can lean on his God and and so I don't know but God was just kinda showing me this morning as you get things kicked out from underneath you in your life.

It looks really really bad, but in a way it gives you an opportunity to leaning on the everlasting arms right because so as I got up this morning the road was no longer anything I can lean on my traction was no longer anything I can lean on. So all the sudden do you think my prayers on the way to work this morning are stronger or weaker. This is whether or not I would arrive safely mean and and if you're like me and in your experience this week and all the things that went on between covert and politically and all the things that are going on. I mean, my prayer life was fairly robust compared compared to other week. Why, because things were getting kicked out from underneath me that I was leaving on and so God is showing me how much I really have to lean on and and so it gets back to the question I have for you. How do you get focused how you begin to see what is 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share so you know at as I thought about this really were God was taking me all week. He he kinda took me on this lesson plan like he always does and I'm so grateful form actually that one of the very first things was I saw that movie that movie red tails and and how this team of you know the black fighter squadron. They focused because they didn't know the white fighter pilots obviously Artie had a good reputation and they didn't really have to prove themselves, but they'd never allowed the black eyes and in the fighting combat before, so they really had something to prove. And as it was they couldn't lean on you know some of the things that these guys could lean on, they, they simply were out to prove themselves and so when they got a hold of the mission which the mission was not to shoot down German fighters what their mission was was protect the men in those bombers then. Interestingly, the same man that wouldn't even let them in the NCO club or whatever it was that treated them horrible because they were black. All of a sudden when I began saving their lives. They invited them in the NCO club they were buying a bricks and tell them how much they appreciated it. It's an amazing thing that we see the doors that God opens when we don't have so much to lean. So what are you lean on 866-34-TRUTH 87884 will be back Truth Network and how I stopped my distracted driving habit this morning. I'm interested in cargo, so we believe about how do you get focused and driving in your permission to add a little music and it really gives up with some of the 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so I had so much fun last week in preparing the room podcast I was doing was doing absolutely morning in just a few minutes on what I was stating that I started a new one this week is called Bible wonders and it and it comes out where my devotions are going every morning is just two or three minutes, sometimes seven or eight, but is there, it Christian Car but so I went through all these things in Bible wonders and that the kind of leads up to the shows. It might be fun. You can kind experience them as we go along next week and where I'm headed where God headed me actually Chris it's always, when we go and what we do and so we went from that whole idea of okay if I'm on mission.

My I'm supposed to be gone after God's glory.

Not my glory. If I'm driving I should be going after you know being safe and getting to my estimation. Not all these things that I'm worried about filling my life with.

So the next place that God took me was this idea of the heart of the child and and I really looked at that word like I think it was Tuesday I was setting it, studying it, studying it, and I saw something I've never seen before. As I looked at the Hebrew which is really really beautiful and I am going a lot of details about the letters doctors tell you that I think we all know the kids live from their heart right that they're very open their very willing to share.

They don't have a big filter.

In other not worried about their image. It's a beautiful thing. Truly beautiful thing in their faith is like that from their heart, but the letter and the thing I've never heard anybody talk about before.

That's all swimming in the word child and it's even in the English world child because you hear the DN at the bit will D is a doll. And in that sense for servant and so I don't know if you've ever noticed this but kids love to help.

It's a natural thing can I help can help especially Jamaican cookies are or you're out. Wash the car.

Can I help you monitor and can I you know when their little before they learn to stop asking what would you think about how cool is it that we were born right away that God made us was his servants. And just as a side note, that King David. His name is a dollar than of the ballot.

In other words, he was the ultimate servant and the Jews teach that he was, and his whole deal was.

How can I help God, how can I build, how can I help how can I help how can I help while this is your thinking about your driving habits and those kind of things you know what what can I do to help. Well that's a lot to do it with Jesus labor.

Love is right. That's how God gave it was his idea of how we can help in and it really goes well, it is because honestly, a lot of times, as we talk to these single moms widows families in crisis. Someone has kicked out from underneath them something they were leaning on either their money or their car or something is happened where there are no longer able to meet their needs and the beautiful thing is if they call us excuse me if they call us see they switch from leaning on themselves and since his Jesus labor love who they leaning on and then I can assure you my wonderful wonderful volunteer that helps me mostly with the calls.

Now the very first thing that that Scott does is pray with them. It's like talk about getting on mission and and and he was will discourage conceived. There are so many needs that came in the last couple weeks because Robert is to know before doing all that much. As you knowingly have so many resources noticeable. The very first thing you do Scott.

Every single time is pray. If you bring God into the equation. Remember that in the beginning of the show words in our God is an awesome God, you know, and at the beginning of its argument. Remember, Rich Mullins wrote when he drawn up his sleeve is not just put in on the Ritz excuse cuts in power is figurative right I mean it's it's it's all there is. We bring him into the equation. Well Wednesday morning which you might know, and yours. I have these dreams actually woke up about 1 o'clock morning and I was praying really really hard for countries you might imagine, and you know asking God to come in and and actually in a bring truth bring understanding. Help us to see what really is going on and then I slipped into a horrible dream. It was just like I was experiencing how itself and I was in this tank. I did know where I was going I did know how to drive the tank. I'm I was very distracted driver because I have paid attention everywhere is gone because I was terrified and I was in this column of all these people that were totally terrified.

Nobody knew where they were going and nobody really even knew what we were running from. We just knew we were running and I woke up really upset God like God. Where were you like why didn't I feel your presence. Why did my calling you what was wrong with me that I I didn't have any sense of anything but terror in Essen. Where was my family and this and so interestingly are filling the second dream and guess what my family was in this dream, it was still terror and there was still no God. And so God was like Jalisco work on that. So we went and worked on the word terror well.

Again, if you're in terror. I'm telling you what you leaning on his is gone away. So now you all of a sudden have, to lean on God because he got nothing else will. Unfortunately, what God showed me was there in lies the real mission that we have is there's a lot of people out there that when there terrified they don't have option a that they can't lean on God because he don't have a relationship with. And as I really got into that word, I realized how terror means that I've got a heart to go home that I don't know where to go and that was the deal.

Those people were dying to get somewhere but they didn't know where they would be safe will interestingly trust and tear through an English start is reason I think you'll find interesting when we get back. How you focus on things. I would love to hear 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH much more efficient production you're listening to the Truth Network and how I stopped my distracted driving habit this morning on the Christian guard I show how about you and how do you get focus.

We'd love to hear from you. It's a live show. The course will take your calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and by the way, we got Amy, coming up at 1 o'clock with the cure's a wonderful show is live on the Truth Network 1 PM Eastern, and there show today's can be on leaning on procrastination and is going to feature Eric Twigg so it should be interesting show for those of us went into the new year trying to break our procrastination habits so you know I in my own life. I just seem to be able to find so many things I can lean on right. I can lean on my health. I've had that leg of my chair kicked out from underneath me. At times it lean on my money.

I certainly had that one kicked out from underneath me.

I can really lean on relationships. I can lean on my country.

I've leaned on my church yet as soon as love those falters, you know, my prayer life becomes great great great greatly focused all the sudden you know it's just like oh my goodness well we're talking about this dream I had that we were just being pursued and whether was with my family or not it was a terrorist thing and I felt a fear that you know just was like a sense of hell that I really had not had in my mind of what it would be like to be in hell and really have no place that would be home that would be safe. That would be a harbor and and you may have heard me say before that I read it that I'm not absolutely sure it's true, but that there are more songs written about going home and there are about love and I remember that when my parents divorced, one of the things it really really rocked my world was ice, had a sense it happened to me when I was like 19 I was like oh I can't go home anymore because my parents are together you know it that that sense of home. Well, that sense of home is the kingdom that it is the kingdom of God and the good news is, no matter what your homelike was life on this or the home in heaven is good to be awesome. And when we begin to see what that is that when you look at that verse. Trust in the Lord with all your heart will that sound that's in the word trust is also in the word Tov which means goodness and goodness is what God said right after he made light like like that's good.

But the interesting thing around the word good that they teach in that letter Tet is sometimes things look really really bad, but they're actually really really good and that's kind of you know what, what they talk about in Romans all things work together for what for goods and sometimes the good is hidden in something that literally work it in our unit. One of our legs are still getting kicked out from underneath us.

But interestingly, as I said at that. But you are right at the end of the last segment terror also starts with that is why, because here's a person that doesn't know where home is in an and it it really is there heart is longing for that place and so interestingly, when we become fearful.

All the sudden, our focus becomes more kingdom focus because guess what were trying to find is any port in a storm right were trying to find a safe harbor were trying to find a place where we feel good, but good is often you know not what we may think it is but yet God is behind all this stuff is going on and he's helping us to see. You know, kind of where we go from here and and obviously I think this is just an amazing thing to really ponder is I look at my own and and my family would tell you I may be the Christian guard but I struggle with all sorts of driving bad habits, one of which is destructive, direct distracted driving. Whether it's a phone or the radio or in a being mad at something or report however that works.

I'm a tell you dislike you are point all five fingers] me I I struggle there and I drive a lot because I drive over an hour to work you know him back every day and so I'm in the car and so I was thinking about it this morning and I was think about one of my leaning on Brian. I'm leaning on the car coming towards me, which is often a big truck that that person is sober that that person is not distracted.

I'm leaning on the fact that there safety devices are working my safety devices or think about all the things that I'm leaning on it I think it's okay right this minute to check some else. I think it's okay right is second to do and and you know whatever it is that I think it's okay to do that would be considered distracted driving. However, your you're listening to a man that understand something that I wonder if you do because when I got hit by the Jeep and was crushed and ended up two years in surgeries not getting reconstructed. That was definitely not much that Jeep wasn't going, but like you know maybe seven or 8 miles an hour.

I mean, this was not allowed to speed and what it did to my body at that speed and oh by the way, you know.

I remember trying to push it away.

It's so good to go back to that story.

There I was at was at the Jeep jamboree. The man up hill from me had left his Jeep out a gear and walked out. I was getting a root beer for my son. I hear the crackling wheels behind me and here comes this Jeep it's on me and Tonya at 8 miles an hour, maybe 5 miles an hour.

I don't know it was not going 20 miles an hour when it hit me, but let me just tell you III was thinking about it this morning as I was thinking, should I go 30 or should I go 40 that a difference of 10 miles an hour when you've got 3000 pounds or 2500 or whatever your car waiver in the case of those trucks. Eight or 9000 pounds.

It is moving at whatever speed all my goodness, I mean this is this is a phenomenal amount of force that we are wielding them and were leaning on all these different things including our tire pressure and and like oh my goodness. And I thought wow God, what an opportunity to really consider you. I mean if I if I really can lean on you in the situation you you're going to have me like that fighter group in the red tails right omniscient. My mission is to get to my destination safely and along the way, not hurt anybody else either because you know you got all these other people that are on the road with you. You've got all these other things going on so what can I do to really begin to see the weight of what it is that I'm that I'm involved in and so you know it's kind like that with prayer for me out enough, it is for you and I'm fixing to go into the presence of the God of the universe. I mean way, way, way above the president are way, way, way above anybody that you will ever talk to in your life and this person loves me more than any person I've ever known them and how can I get a sense of that so that when I enter in to the sanctuary. That place where he and I meet in our heart and my heart how can I get a sense of really what what's going on here and how important it is because he's entrusted with me right my family he's entrusted me with my kids. He's entrusted me with my friends. He's entrusted me with all these people that clearly I if I'm leaning on a lot of my own understanding.

Here we were talking about a lot of a lot of shipwrecks. I'm leaning on like what I know about financial stuff right. I mean, I know Hansson is a good guy. You know those people know me say I've got friends you know. But oh my goodness you got a real friend and any understands things that your best best best best best friends and so as I really think about this whole topic of distracted driving the if I'm listing to my wife and my distracted how important is that conversation if I'm listing to my boss. It might distract if I'm listing to a client or somebody doing another radio show the you know it it departs example really was last week Clay called.

If you listen to the show and I got distracted by the time I thought is not enough time, but Clay say what he has to say and and so I do handle it well you know not what God had in mind. And so I'm I'm thinking I got it I could really get a sense of how awesome is God right I got to get a sense of how big what I'm doing really is and how he really wants to give me this safe harbor, like Robbie, your good. You don't have to be terrified because right you are in the kingdom it's in your heart.

That's what Jesus it's only come back.

I definitely like to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 450 cargo show coming up. You're listening to the Truth Network and Gooden on the landing in the matter that is uneven and that live driving habit day on the Christian car guys show how do you get focused on what it is that you're doing 866-348-7884 as a member to call in and share and I'm so excited to have my good friend Sarah Lynn in Washington Port Orchard but I think it is that Snohomish or some like that sermon where we are all connected and illegal. Get to know over display, but we do.

We got lower water district that the city of Snohomish will be there that's all right. So what going and I found it time and I thought a bit again at 7 o'clock here when you started and you know what I want to be sure I could get.

Now I'm a little late learning I did really got full and made the bed, filled by our capital. Anyway, I did what I wanted to take a nap but needed and I left the bed, you know, and gave the rainbow right where I wanted but anyway that I will go there anyway. I will install everything that like it here and you know that is important but it came to my mind we talking about the traffic but my you know when you like you would do it very, very good traffic but you look very good. The Lord at the same time and traveled all over the world and you know I mean it. The Indian khaki time etc. etc. but this one guy and I think you live down south. The lien in a way that my net going to traffic and and hosted wherever he was speaking at doing the driving. You know I think I think all the go before you make clear the tracks.

I had no fear, no know he just wherever you are very can't to going it was always talking about the Lord all the time.

You know, and I get on. We would live it down south okay you know it and when you're really on and that I Eli you know. Under an ancillary like that gift my daughter that clearly we elected their way to walk humbly, you can't get a lock box humbly with your God. You get back to let you have that humble Lockley for a guided could be back in that Cadillac and actuate the likely leaders let every did it like an here anyway you make it full of laughter later conquered together. Once a great guy and thank you for your foot they come to mind that gift yeah that's what my daughter with a Reiki driving fee. Think of this dog about 100 million Americans will click argument you know and that and that you don't go there happening around every day and and Netflix followed the light into our minds about how he take care of the that's a beautiful thought really when I'm driving you know when I'm really focused on God. Yet you can't help but notice how that tree, God, you did an amazing job. I have things on our you see something that you clearly see God in and in your paying attention to driving but at the same time you're at your your you're in the moment the word caloric.

Thank you so much for calling him Sir Linda you are a dream I I am so grateful and I'm so grateful for how you share your husband with us. He's clearly in your heart and now he gets to be in eyes a little bit so that thoughts have a great afternoon early morning as it is there but by so allowing that it like if we could just be in the moment.

I mean if we could live where God has his right this minute with him right constantly in prayer, but there's this thing that comes along is called temptation.

Since I thought that wasn't the last of my lesson plans this week that God had me on that word like what what what distract me God. Well temptation distraction is not unlike those red tail fighter pilots that write their own life. The note, the private policy replace they were more interested in their own story in their own glory, rather than in what concept to an end. So if I could somehow another fine and I'm not, you know, I'm just think you did.

So how can it, how can I go after what God's after in the moment is is an interesting way to fight temptation and is Sarah. Linda pointed out, it has everything to do with faith and in that letter is is right in the middle of the word temptation when you look at it and he. I was I couldn't help but note that wow instrument is I'm saying the Lord's prayer. These mornings I'm going Lord lead me not into a place where I'm seeking after something other than you and I think this could help me with my distracted driving habit. So I stopped it for the day tomorrow or maybe this afternoon have to refocus so you got something you can write me or whatever Ingrid Christian car it's all there. I'm so grateful for all y'all and for opportunity to share the 2021 with you all need to slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got all done in 33 years and if we do spend more time with them I think will be less distract. This is the Truth Network

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