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Ask Charlie Anything 187: Convention of the States? Judgment from Above? Vice Presidential Favorite?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 6, 2024 5:00 am

Ask Charlie Anything 187: Convention of the States? Judgment from Above? Vice Presidential Favorite?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 6, 2024 5:00 am

Andrew and Blake field questions from Charlie Kirk Exclusive subscribers, including:


-How does The Charlie Kirk Show actually decide what to talk about? What are some other behind-the-scenes facts?

-Should there be a convention of states to amend the Constitution?

-Are America's problems a sign of God's judgment?

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Alright, this is an exclusive Members Only Q&A with Blake Neff and Andrew Colvet. We're filling in for Charlie while he's away on assignment at Mar-a-Lago. And we take your questions. What's it like to work with Charlie? What are some of our favorite guests? What do we learn from Charlie?

What do we think about the Convention of the States? And much, much more. We take your questions live on the air. This is a really fun episode.

You're not going to want to miss it. A little behind the scenes Charlie Kirk show action. Please consider joining,, where you get to get a behind the scenes look at what we just did in this show. Something very similar at least, where you get to ask questions live on the radio, where you get to see Charlie's Members Only column, his weekly column, and you get exclusive behind the scenes access to Charlie exclusive videos and much more

Buckle up. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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But what if we look back and we realize we were just inches away from victory and that's when we decided to give up. Join us and thousands of American patriots for the summer convention that all are invited to hear how we're going to win in 2024 with the biggest speakers in the movement featuring President Donald J. Trump, Charlie Kirk, Vivek Ramaswamy, Governor Kristi Noor, Dr. Ben Carson, Steve Bannon, Candace Owens, Laura Trump, Senator Rick Scott, Congressman Matt Gaetz, Bennie Johnson, Jack Posobach, and more. June 14th through 16th. 2024 is our final battle.

In Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the People's Convention. This is a new ballgame everybody. You send a message.

We play to win. Register now at slash peoples. If you are a member at, you get to submit your questions. We have a live Zoom call happening with some of our members watching in there.

They'll be able to chime in with questions throughout the hour. I'm also joined by the one and only Blake Neff. Howdy, Andrew. Good to be here. Yeah, you were you're feeling under the weather last night. Am I right, Blake? You feeling better now?

I'll a bit better a bit better. And then also I've been I've been yelled at for coming into the office when I feel under the weather. So I thought I would also play it safe for that reason. So well, people people need to appreciate Charlie is he keeps a very intense schedule. So when people are sick around him, that could slow him down, he puts the kibosh on that right away.

So you stay out of the office, no spreading bugs, you work from home, whatever. It's one of the ways that we keep Charlie up at such an intense pace. So this is the AMA with Blake and Andrew. This is a little bit of like a behind the scenes producer meeting. This is the vibe we want for this hour.

This is actually how the sausage gets made, folks, we debate things, sometimes live sometimes in the chats. But you know, this is this is what we're doing this hour. So Blake, we have an audience submission submitted question. Oh, one other thing I want to mention, code new member. So if you go to members dot charlie, and you use the code new member, you get a free month off.

So you can come in join these these these exclusive question times with us and join the zoom call to live so you can chime in live on the air. So first question is from Corky, do you support an article five constitutional convention of the states? I believe Trump can win.

I'm concerned about fraud. This is our last recourse. 18 states are ratified 13 more are in play. It takes 34.

Blake, I'm gonna let you take this one. What do you think about the article? The Convention of the States?

Sure, sure. For those who don't know, this is an interesting one. So you might know, we can, most of you know, we can amend the Constitution. The main way you amend it is Congress can pass an amendment through both houses. And then you need three quarters of the states to also approve that amendment. But Article five does also say you can, that the states can have their own volition convene a convention for the purpose of suggesting delegates, it would essentially be rerunning the Constitutional Convention, which was itself a convention of people of delegates sent by the colonies. And it's a popular idea you'll find on sort of the grassroots right, that we could do this and use this to amend the Constitution. I know, one of my my mother was a delegate to the 2016 Republican Convention. And I know someone else from South Dakota, wanted to have that as part of the Republican platform that we should do that.

It's popular, I will say, I think it would be a mistake. I think if you look at our Constitution as it is now, almost always the text of the Constitution is better than I think we would get today if we held a convention. Because remember, if we call a convention, it's not just red states that get to suggest stuff. California could suggest stuff, New York could suggest stuff. All these purple states could send delegates to.

And you know, what would we get? I think if we were to hold a convention today, you probably would get abortion as a constitutional right with the country as it is now, you would probably get a lot of LGBT stuff as a constitutional right, you would get a weakened freedom of speech. When you look at countries like like Canada to the north of us, they passed an equivalent of the Constitution in the 1980s.

And the result now is that Canada is the most cringe-worthy left-wing country on the face of the planet. And I think you could easily unleash that if we decided to just tinker with the Constitution a lot today. The best thing about our Constitution, I think, is that it is an old document that is hard to change.

Yeah, I tend to I tend to agree with you. I think where the country is at currently, the best energy that we can use, and that would be the most effective where we can place our energy is, is really in reforming the Republican Party so that it looks more like its voting base. And we know we just talked about that last hour with Josh Hammer, but I, you know, I'm compelled by this idea. I think the problem you're gonna have is it takes 34 states, you know, we're looking at like about 31 that are really interested.

I think that last three is a really big hurdle. I just, you know, and I Glenn Beck used to be a supporter of this idea, then he stopped supporting it because he felt that the character of the nation was such to kind of your point, Blake, really, that what would come out of it would not be as virtuous as what we already have. So, you know, it, it's definitely might be our last recourse to Corky's point. But law of unintended consequences, it's very unclear what we would get out of it. And what are the what are the, you know, amendments that we want to see ratified?

That's another another major question. So I think the best energy that we can put out into the electoral system into our country right now is reforming the Republican Party. I feel very strongly about that.

I want more JD Vance's I want more Josh Hawley's more Senator Ted Cruz, more Rick Scott's, these guys that get it Rand Paul. And then obviously in the house, we've got a lot of work to do. Alright, next question.

Let's see here. Let's go to Jessalyn. She's actually in the chat, but she submitted this one. She's in the zoom call, I should say she submitted this though, but by email, after being a PC and around Arizona politics establishment folks mainly, starting in 1994, I'm deeply sensing a historical repeat of JFK level demise, I assume you mean the assassination of JFK, mainly because of the meat, the mean intensity of the establishment GOP, who do you feel would be a good must have VP to draw in women voters, not to be compromised by the establishment and continue the MAGA agenda? Blake, you want to go first? I've got some ideas here. First of all, since she's on the call, I would, thanks, Jessalyn.

Thank you for being a subscriber and submitting the question. I do hear this a lot, the fear that Trump will be assassinated, and I don't want to rule it out. What I will say is, I don't think it would be centrally banned. I think what you have to worry about is, they've spun people up so much that some rogue actor would do it.

Would it be truly impossible to assassinate Trump during this trial in New York if you didn't care about getting away afterwards? I think it could happen. And what would be terrifying is, I think if it happened, you would see the press and the establishment justify it more than they normally would.

They would say, this was the natural consequence of the climate of hate that Donald Trump built. So I definitely agree, you should worry about that. And we should take that into account for our vice presidential choice. You don't just want to balance the ticket, you want someone who could succeed President Trump.

And also because Trump can't run for reelection again if he wins this fall. So you want someone who can run in 2028. I think JD Vance has done a lot to have credibility as a potential Trump successor.

I know we've seen some reapproachment between President Trump and Governor DeSantis in this past week. I think he could be a good choice. I think that's actually probably the best way if you want DeSantis to be a president.

The best way to do it would be as a vice president because in this past year, we've seen his shortcomings as a leading man retail politician, but he is still very effective as a guy who gets things done, gets policies implemented. And I think if you get him in there without him having to be the leading man, that's the best way to bring it about. Honestly, all the names that she included are good options. I would shy away from some of the names we've heard. I don't feel very strongly about Elise Stefanik.

I think Kristi Noem probably, you know, put a metaphorical bullet in the head of her of her chances by putting a bullet in the head of her dog. But I think I think I think JD Vance, we've talked about him as a good option. Marco Rubio has come up lately. I don't dislike Rubio as much as a lot of people do. I think Rubio has shown he can learn and adapt more than a lot of senators can, but I don't think like the number one choice. So actually, I want to hear our audience's reaction to Marco Rubio because we have heard that this is a very serious conversation. I can't I can't comment on how true or not true that is. But freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com email is tell us your initial reaction to Marco Rubio, because I have feelings on both end of the spectrum. So Marco Rubio, freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com.

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That is best hot grill dot com. I want to finish this conversation first, Blake, before we move on to Kimberly's question. But this this vice presidential question, I think your point was well made that we have to be concerned about who could potentially take over for Trump. I mean, Trump is what is he?

Seventy seven, seventy eight, something like that. He's, you know, not exactly spring chicken. His the genes in that family seem to he's got some years left. We we all certainly hope that's the case. But we always have to be ready for those contingencies.

And, you know, yeah, there is a lot of intensity. There's a lot of radicalized people that could do something really disastrous. I don't personally think it's going to happen.

Maybe maybe that's my me being overly optimistic, but I don't think it's going to happen. If certainly some certainly somebody could if they wanted to. I've been around Secret Service. It's it's not an impenetrable wall. They do a great job, but sometimes there's there's holes. Right. And it's a moving target. He's going delivering pizza to the fire to firefighters and he goes into these these retail locations, which is really good politically. But, you know, it is a it is an open target. So all that being said, my favorite is J.D.

Vance. I am hopeful that to your point that DeSantis and Trump could patch things up to the extent that maybe that is a viable option before this last weekend before their private meeting. I would not have said that. I still probably don't think it's a viable option just because there's too much water under the bridge. But to your point, if you're DeSantis, that is the absolute right move. If you want to be president in twenty twenty eight, become the V.P. like let Trump take all the barbs, the slings and arrows, let him be the leading man, let you be the operator. You know, and Trump could set you up to take a lot of credit as an operational force that knows how to govern, that knows how to get their hands dirty, because to all the critics of DeSantis and I'm sure a lot of our audience still has hard feelings towards the man. He is proven to be extremely effective at wielding the levers of power within government to effectuate real change and to create red pilling of people that were formerly on the outside of your movement. I mean, what's happened in Florida is the you know that you talk about the blueprint in Colorado.

Well, the red print in Florida is the counter to that. And it's it should be a model that we follow nationally. So I would love to see DeSantis be the heir apparent. But you have other guys that are no longer really being mentioned in the V.P.

discussion like Vivek Ramaswamy. He could be another heir apparent to the movement in twenty twenty eight or beyond. He's very young. He's very articulate. And by the way, he's he's extremely conservative. I can see him leading DHS for a Trump administration and leading the deportation, the mass deportation effort, leading a lot of just bringing sanity to some of these bloated bureaucracies.

He's going to slash those. He's going to be a voice for change. As conservatives, we have a deep bench. The Democrat Party has no bench, no bench of people that are really electable. Gavin Newsom would get destroyed in a head to head battle with Donald Trump.

The polling suggests that Kamala Harris would get destroyed. Who else is there? I don't even know who else is in there.

So we are lucky to have a great bench and we should celebrate that. So we got a got a question from Candace. As producers, how much say do you have and what happens on the Charlie Kirk show? Fascinating question from Candace. Blake, how much say do you have on what happens in the show?

A lot. I would say Charlie trust both of us a lot. I would say the funniest ones are the days where he's really busy. And so it's 10 minutes before the show and he says, all right, guys, what's the news of the day? What's the what's the big story?

What do we go with? And some days you just have to pick it. You just have to say, all right, Charlie, we're going we're going with this. And he's like, great, you know, send me what we need to know about that. I think that's the funniest stuff when we're just picking that off or a lot of it. Well, a lot of it just comes out indirectly. Yeah. Yeah.

The opposite is also true where we where we prepare all this stuff. Because Charlie the night before is like deep into it. And we prepare all these clips and these briefs and these backgrounds and articles. And then 10 minutes before the show, Charlie goes, Nope, we're pivoting.

I'm going this way. And so Charlie really does rule the roost. He is the the decider. He comes up with the leads of most shows. And we sort of come in and support that. But you you Charlie does run to extremely large organizations. And sometimes, sometimes he does lean on us.

And so you know, listen, it's it's definitely a mixed bag. But to Blake's point, he does trust both of us. And we have other members of our team that he trusts, and he's catching vibes. And we have a we have an expression that we live by life is show prep. We do this stuff 24 seven 365.

We are constantly consuming the news and we're monitoring multiple stories behind the scenes at all times. So life is show prep, guys. Live it. Breathe it. Do it. And Kimberly, we're gonna get to your question next.

So unmute your zoom call. All right. So Kimberly, are you there? Can you hear us? I am. Yeah. Can you hear me? Hey, yes, we can. What's your question? Great. Yeah. Thanks, Andrew.

And Blake. Yeah, I want to know if you guys have heard of Dr. Shiva, who's running for the presidential can see him this year. And if so, like your thoughts, I have mine, but I kind of just wanted to hear from you guys. Well, why don't I'm aware of Dr. Shiva, especially he became more prominent during COVID. You know, he's been labeled as an anti vaxxer or whatever. What are your thoughts? I'm curious.

And then we'll, we'll kind of share ours. Yeah, I mean, I think it's, I think a lot of his platform, I've heard him speak a couple times I like his diction is a little challenging, like he swears a lot. And he definitely has very strong opinions on all like, you know, the candidates that are like the main ones that are running as far as Trump and, you know, JFK and, and Biden, and whatnot. So yeah, you know, or RFK.

Sorry. Yeah, but I like some of the stuff he says he's definitely like anti establishment wants to reset the whole thing is grassroots. So, you know, yeah. So I don't know that much about Kimberly, you guys been I'm curious, what is he saying about Trump? Oh, not great things. I mean, he calls him like Trump, the chump, the vague the snake, like he has a little whatever for all of them.

He doesn't trust any of them. Yeah, I mean, my take on Dr. Shiva is, you know, I think he's an MIT grad, if I'm not mistaken. He claims that he invented invented email. Yeah, email. Yeah, back in like the 80s.

But email already existed in the 70s. So I'm not 100% sure on that. I listen. I like guys as a general rule of thumb that are out there challenging the establishment that are trying to mix up the status quo because, you know, we had a guy on the show, and Blake Blake knows this well, obviously, Curtis Yarvin. Now, we don't agree with everything Curtis Yarvin promotes.

But you could boil down the area of agreement. Curtis Yarvin is calling for like a monarchy like a benevolent dictatorship. Essentially, he thinks the American system is broken. He's a radical. But we're sort of radicals, too. But we just love the Constitution. We want to get back to a constitution that resembles what our founders, you know, wanted for this country.

And we've gotten so far off off path. It's I mean, the we need we need radical reform in order to get back to that place. And again, I'll reiterate something I said earlier, we need a Republican Party that resembles its voters. We need conservatives in Congress, in the Senate, in the White House that are as conservatives as their voters are. And so that's where I'm putting my energy into.

We want to reform it from the inside out. That being said, you know, a guy like Shiva, you know, he's Dr. Shiva is probably more good than he's than he's not. I would probably be turned off by some of that language. But I like guys that are putting into the zeitgeist and into the bloodstream of the country.

People that you know, ideas that are disruptive and challenging the establishment. I think that's more good than it's not. But Blake, what's your take?

Yeah, pretty similar. I like it when we have candidates who try to shake it up. And I think sometimes it works out. I think the vague has shown the power of that. Obviously, this guy seems to dislike him. But there's a lot of room where new voices can stand out.

I personally, from what I've seen of Dr. Shiva, I don't think he's my type of guy. I make everyone mad because I'm not as irate about some of the vaccine questions as other people not as irate about COVID stuff still. I think that has it is turning out that you know, COVID is still a deal that the aftermath we should not forget what they did during COVID.

But it's just not controlling the selection to the same degree. I think, mercifully, we have mostly moved on from that. And so while I do think Trump's handling of COVID was imperfect, and we have to hope he learned from it, I don't think COVID policy is going to be a major factor, regardless of who wins this next election. And I think that's a good thing that we can look forward to. And so I just think I don't I don't hold Trump's handling of COVID massively against him at this point, because I think we know how Trump was as president without COVID.

And we know the next four years are not going to have a crisis of that nature again, I suspect. Yep. All right. Thanks, Kimberly. Awesome. Thanks, guys.

Yeah. Thank you, Kimberly. Thanks for being a member, too. By the way, new members is the code at You get a free month of membership. Please join up. Join our calls every week.

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Check it out right now. Let's go to Caleb and Michelle. Unmute your microphone, Caleb and Michelle. Good friends of the show. How are you guys doing? Can you hear us? Yeah, doing well.

Thank you very much. Hey, I saw that you might have seen this too. Ralph Reed's organization has said they're going to spend 62 million to support GOP. And I wanted to know, is he partnering with Turning Point Action?

Are they doing ballot chasing, get out the vote? Are they aware of you guys? What do you know about that?

Yeah, of course. Yeah, no, Charlie and Ralph Reed are friends. We know about each other. Obviously we're aware of what the others are doing.

We like Ralph. All I know is that yeah, the orgs are talking to one another. And this consortium of about 52 orgs are sharing data. And we are involved in that. I would say Turning Point Action is far advanced in the landscape of organizations that are doing get out the vote, and doing ballot chasing, low prop early voting. And I think Ralph Reed's, the faith and freedom groups, they're spending about 62 million, as you said, at least that's the advertised number.

And they're doing a lot of texting, a lot of emailing. The big picture is more is better. We want everybody on our side to be cooperating, to be sharing data, to be able to check people off the list once they get their ballot in. This is infrastructure that has been long in the making, and we've been behind the eight ball. And so I'm glad when I see organizations getting behind it, and really realizing that the game has changed, right? We used to have voting day, now we have voting month. We used to have a game of persuasion, an election of persuasion. Now we have an election about who can chase the most ballots, who can get the most pieces of paper into a box.

So the whole game has changed. And conservatives have been slow on this, namely because it was Democrats that pushed the changes through, okay? They knew what they were doing, and so they were building up the infrastructure to take advantage of it and to maximize turnout. That's why we didn't see the red wave in 2022, is because they were busy building the infrastructure, chasing ballots, harvesting ballots where it's legal, probably some places where it wasn't legal, and making sure that they were getting more pieces of paper into the box. So yes, we support what they're doing. My one challenge to most conservative organizations that are getting into this space is, boots equal ballots. Meaning, do you have people on the ground that are doing the work?

Text messages is not enough, emails not enough, phone calls are not enough. You gotta have people actually on the ground, activated chasing ballots. That's why, especially after 2022, what we saw in the midterms, we decided to make a concerted effort into this space.

Why? Because Turning Point and all of its constellation of organizations is uniquely positioned with boots on the ground. We have people, we have activists, we have been doing the hard work of community organizing for a long time. And so we've got young people that are inspired. We've got cross-generational coalitions that we've built. We've got moms, everybody plugging into the system. And so right now we are training 24 to 40 ballot chasers full time.

These are people full time on the ground. And the way we do it is really important. We're hiring people in their local communities. We're hiring people that live where they're going to be working. So they know the parks, they know the bars, they know the restaurants, they know the soccer fields, right? And they're able to get out in their local communities, knock on those doors, use the data that we are cooperating with these 52 other orgs on to know when the ballot's been delivered, know who else they need to chase.

And so, I mean, just rough estimates, Caleb, we're looking at 100 to 150,000 ballots that we're going to be chasing in Arizona alone. That means, and that's not one to one. That's not somebody who's a day out voter and getting them to vote early. These are people that aren't showing up, but we know that they're inclined to believe the way we believe. And so that's a net positive. And so philosophically, each of the different orgs has a different approach. Hopefully the work that we do at Turning Point Act can be determinative, but at the end of the day, we want more and more people in this space because we are light years behind what the left has built and we're just coming up short.

All right. So if we can make inroads of 10%, 20% better, we believe these results can be determinative. But I mean, here's the deal. Our side now is the side of low propensity voters. It used to be the Democrats, so they built the whole infrastructure for that. So now that things are switching and we're building the infrastructure, we have a lot of reason to be hopeful that we can make a determinative difference and we can get Trump, Kerry Lake, Bernie Moreno, Mayor Staggs, all of these guys that are so important to the movement across the finish line in November.

So hopefully that answers your question. We know Ralph, we like him and we want more people doing this work. Excellent. I'm glad that there's a coalition. Yeah, absolutely.

There is. All right, Blake, you got a, we got an anonymous one in our, our members chat. I'm not sure who this is, but to whoever you are. Hello. So Blake, you want to take that one? So hello anonymous.

Uh, if you ever want us to read your name, feel free to submit it next time. But, uh, this anonymous question is considering the most representative country widely known as at least a former Christian nation, I believe they're referring to the U S here that this country has such a comically bad executive leader. Uh, it's formerly largest economy is under severe debt and the country with the strongest military is being invaded with no pushback. Is America under judgment from God? It seems to match some biblical patterns.

I do think people speculate on this a lot. All I would say is, even if it's true, we're mostly under judgment for what we've done ourselves, which is why are we under severe debt? Because we took out the debt. Why do we have such an inept leader? Because we either elected him or at least gave him enough votes to get over the hump to steal it if you lean that way. And we're being invaded because that leader, I mean, he goes on TV and brags about letting us get invaded.

And so, you know, it would be more tempting to think it was just God punishing us if a natural disaster hit us. But almost everything horrible we do, our leaders get on TV and brag about doing it. And so we need to take some responsibility for ourselves here, unfortunately.

And that, that's probably the biggest tragedy of so much of what's gone wrong in America. I think is we, you know, we had, we inherited the greatest nation in the world, the greatest nation to ever exist. And so much of it, it wasn't even taken from us.

It wasn't even destroyed by accident. It was thrown away because it just was easy or we just didn't care. Yeah, I, you know, there's that sort of, I think it's almost a cliche now, but it's, it's, you know, bad times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak time, weak men create bad times. So we are in many ways the victims of our own success as a nation. And we took a lot for granted. I always refer us back to the biblical passage where, you know, Esau traded his inheritance for a bowl of porridge. And, you know, so many times, it'd be a bowl of ethnic food.

Now, you know, we have to have open borders because there are so many restaurants. We had this beautiful cohesive together country after World War II. And we enjoyed the spoils of war. And we've wasted it all in a lot of ways. We've spent it, we've spent ourselves into oblivion.

You know, there's been some successes too. You know, I think there's still so much to be proud of and so much to bring us together. We have to realize the moment we're in that this is an existential battle. And we we still can save the greatest country in the history of the world. But it's going to take dramatic radical action. That's why again, I'll say it again, we need a Republican Party that's ready to fight. And right now, we have a capitulating, weak Republican Party.

There is no opposition party. You have a you have a unit party tyranny that we're all sort of living under. Okay, two last questions, Blake. This one's from John, who are some of your favorite guests on the show?

They put me on the spot here. Honestly, I really loved having courtesy Arvin on. He's a very different guy.

But I always love it when we have something really, really different. I really enjoyed when we brought, like, Steve Saylor on the show, like, I think it was, it's cool. And we can take someone who deserves to be more known and but they're controversial or whatever. And we can give them more of a platform that they that I think they deserve a lot of the time. I like all of our nerdy book guys. And you know, whenever we can get like dig deep into American history or political philosophies, I really love that our third hours of our shows over and over. Yeah, the third hour is kind of a gem.

It's a I totally agree with you. We've got Tulsi Gabbard coming up. We've got Glenn Greenwald coming up. We've got some great guests coming up in the next like week or so that are going to be really fascinating. We're working on some other ones that are kind of fun. Last one, Brian, what are some of the things you've learned from Charlie from working with him so closely to never stop working?

That'll be my my name. Just keep pushing. Yeah, he's always going. He's always going.

He was earlier today. He was complaining about the sport of golf. And I think he doesn't like golf because it takes three hours. And that's three hours where you could be, you know, building an institution to retake America. Yeah, it's funny because some of the criticisms of Charlie be like, Oh, you and your donors, you know, you've had everything given. No, nothing has been given to Charlie Kirk. The guy has scrapped and clawed for every inch and every employee and every building. It's really something to behold. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Talk to you soon. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to
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