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Kyle Rittenhouse vs. The Memphis Mob

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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March 21, 2024 4:02 pm

Kyle Rittenhouse vs. The Memphis Mob

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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March 21, 2024 4:02 pm

You'd think the left would know better than to have a violent riot with Kyle Rittenhouse around. But apparently not. Charlie and Producer Andrew dive into Kyle's ultra-viral appearance at the University of Memphis, where fanatical protesters with help from the school administration did everything in their power to shut down Kyle's speech, from spitting and screaming to chasing down Turning Point members. It's all enough to ask: Wait, why won't Tennessee's government do something?

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Hey everybody, welcome to The Charlie Kirk Show.

Andrew Colvin in for Charlie Kirk, who's on assignment at UNLV. Today, we have a action packed hour. We detail everything that happened at the University of Memphis last night. It was going viral everywhere. And so we talked through it, what actually happened with the university, how they sabotaged the event in many ways, at least appears to be so. And then we have Charlie come in to give his exclusive reaction to the events that unfolded at the University of Memphis in Colorado. Rittenhouse lots to lots to unpack and discuss. Don't go anywhere.

You're not going to want to miss it. Buckle up. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House.

We destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Go to

That's why we are here. Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to

Go to That's a mass group of people that are storming out of the Rittenhouse speech chasing people down outside of a parking garage. It really is amazing that nobody got hurt last night. Let's go ahead and play Cut 90. This is just students screaming at Kyle Weiss trying to answer a question inside the venue last night. Cut 90.

But on August 25th, I was violently attacked by a mob of rioters. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Wonderful crowd you guys out here. Very professional, very respectful.

Thank you. You know what was amazing about this actually to me was that there was still, that Black Lives Matter is still a thing. After they've been disgraced, after their founders have been proven to be frauds, after they've fleeced money from thousands if not millions of donors. That there's still people in Memphis that are wearing BLM shirts. The organization that betrayed black people, you're still wearing BLM shirts.

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There are wonderful, wonderful products so check it out right now at So really what this comes down to folks, and I do want to play a few more pieces of tape here, but what this comes down to is essentially a lawless, chaotic city in the midst of an otherwise really pretty well-functioning state, pretty safe state. And that, you know, honestly just makes me really sad. But all this started because the administration was pandering to petulant children. There was local politicians that were saying, you've got to cancel this event. And the school said, well, we have to uphold the First Amendment.

Well, that all sounds really nice in theory if you're going to allow the event to go on and not cancel it. But when you do everything you can in your power to essentially hamstring an event, to overwhelm it with protesters, to tell the protesters in advance we're not going to do anything to stop you, and then you aid and abet the protesters, which is an open question. Did the administration leak the details of this new ticketing system to the protesters in advance? Were they the ones that did it?

Are they in these group chats? Are they protesters themselves? These are serious questions that the state of Tennessee should investigate. Lawmakers should investigate what happened at University of Memphis last night.

Because it's unacceptable. Somebody could have got seriously hurt by empowering these agitators, by refusing to secure the situation, by refusing to remove agitators when they were disrupting events. The event was ready to go. And by the way, we had so many people in good faith that wanted to come to this event, we were begging for a larger venue and the University of Memphis refused. They refused to do overflow rooms.

They refused to do a bigger venue. They capped the event at 330 people. We could have easily packed out 2,000 people at this event. Maybe 3,000. And they all would have been in good faith.

Yeah, sure, there would have been a couple of protesters. That's fine. That's fine.

As long as you're respectful, we don't care. That's part of what this is. But I knew this event was going to get rowdy right when I saw this clip, 96.

Go ahead and play it. So what that clip is for those of you, we had to blur out a bunch of the words, obviously. They were saying lock his AS up and then F his A up. So they transitioned towards the end to F his A up.

And they're talking obviously about Kyle Rittenhouse. And then go ahead, one more clip, 97. I don't even understand what's going on there. What happened was, that was after the event, people were running, mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together, you know, all hell is breaking loose.

I have no idea what actually inspired that particular moment. But what happened was, Kyle went to the event, a bunch of them staged a walkout, they shouted him down, he took questions bravely, he stared down the crowd, that's what he's good at. For at least 30, 45 minutes, he said, this is gonna be the last question. He answered the last question. And then he left. And then what he did is he went to a private room with a bunch of our Turning Point USA students and staff, and hung out with them for two hours and answered all of their questions, took pictures with them.

And then he left peacefully. So I don't even know what was going on outside. I don't know what they were running around doing. But a total, total breach of trust, of order, of civilized gathering in peaceful assembly by the University of Memphis. They should be ashamed of themselves, they should be investigated. Did they leak this information to protesters intentionally to sabotage this event? Completely unprecedented in the history of Turning Point USA campus events and organizing, and a total disgrace to the state of Tennessee. Whatever's going on in Memphis is completely out of control. And frankly, it needs to stop. They pandered to petulant children who intentionally sabotaged an event, a legal event, with somebody who'd been acquitted by a jury of his peers, who did not shoot black people, who shot a pedophile, an abuser, and he was acquitted. He's a free man.

He gets to tell a story of what happened to him. And instead, anarchy ensues. Why? Because of the same failed left-wing pandering BS that so many big cities are suffering under today. What kind of civilization do you want? Do you want clean streets and safety and rule of law? Or do you want chaos?

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That is Charlie Kirk is on the line. Charlie, welcome to your show. It's good to keep doing this.

I was listening to the open and you did terrific. Head into UNLV today, your home state of Nevada. I think it's going to be mostly peaceful.

I don't know if it will be like Memphis with Kyle Rittenhouse, but UNLV is a very liberal place and Nevada is the place we need to be. So thanks for filling in. I'm about to hit the campus in. Yeah, absolutely. Charlie, you have not really chimed in too much about this.

You had some tweets about it. What is your initial reaction to what you saw take place last night with Kyle Rittenhouse at the University of Memphis? My take is a little different, not different, but just I'm used to this. I mean, I've been doing this for 10 years. I've seen this sort of behavior so often that this doesn't shock me or surprise me. I mean, we haven't seen this for a little while at Turning Point USA. We haven't seen this kind of where they hunt you down in the streets and they blockade staffers from leaving and they dox the personal information of individual students. But we have experienced very similar instances like this. Remember last year at University of California at Davis where I went and spoke there and four people were arrested and they had hundreds of protesters and they were breaking windows and they were trying to get into the event center.

So this is chilling stuff. And the deeper question is, did the university collude with these activists? Because the university has to be neutral. The university is not allowed to favor one activist group over the other.

The university is not allowed to give preferential or special treatment to one group or the other. And they might have opened themselves up to a huge lawsuit and how they handled stuff. But even beyond that, it goes to show like, wait, what is the big issue you have with Kyle Rittenhouse exactly? And they said, oh, it's BLM protesting it.

Well, Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself against people that were trying to harm him and he went through a very public, very intense trial and was acquitted on all accounts. And so it's really remarkable how they pick their targets and why they pick them. And look, Memphis is, I don't know if you covered this, I might have missed this, Memphis is a very dangerous city. It is one of the more murderous cities in the country. It is one of the least safe cities in the country. And it's remarkable to me that in Memphis, what gets the students fired up? Is it the kids that are getting shot on their way to work?

Is it the terrible gang violence? Is it that one poor teacher jogger? Do you remember that story a year and a half, two years ago? That teacher was jogging really early in the morning and she was hunted down. Did that receive this sort of condemnation and these sort of protests?

No, almost assuredly not. Instead, it's a guest speaker on a college campus that gets the entire campus to get basically put into a war zone. A lot of people are texting me, they said, wow, thank you so much for hosting Kyle and for the courage to do this. And Andrew, you could tell, it's like we never even wavered a second.

We never even thought twice about it. It's like, yeah, our students wanted to host him. We have our students back 100%. Kyle's a decent and a good person. And he's here to tell his story and he's here to speak out and look at the response he received. And so, not to mention the more cruel chance that these activists were hurling towards our students and Kyle yesterday.

Yeah, I mean, people don't realize that. Our local chapters are these brave students. They were the ones that wanted to host Kyle. And he's actually spoken at a couple other schools. He's got a couple other ones that are coming up.

He has his book. They were the ones that wanted to host Kyle. It's not like we came from on top and said, hey, you guys need to start booking Kyle at these schools.

No, they requested because Kyle's story, I think, resonates on a really profound level with a lot of students across the country. And that's a guy that stood up, defended himself and was acquitted and has a really important story to tell. And Charlie, to your point, there were 398 murders in Memphis last year. Most of it, sadly, is black on black crime.

And we don't need to make it about that. But the fact of the matter is there's a huge element of this story where they want to paint Kyle as a white supremacist. He shot three white people. And to your point, Memphis is in self-defense that we're trying to harm him. One pulled a gun on him. And actually, he showed incredible discipline. So many people, if you look back at the video of Kyle, would have shot off a barrage of bullets. Kyle, it was like three or four shots, bang, bang, bang, and he ran away and went straight to the police.

All right, so beyond that, to your point, 398 murders. They broke a record in Memphis last year. And so, yeah, there's bigger problems in Memphis than a guest speaker at a college that would have been completely, completely safe and normal and orderly had the university not jettisoned our ticketing system the day of the event. And instead, somehow, these protesters were tipped off. And they were allowed to scoop up large chunks of these tickets and then turned it into a chaotic scene, staging walkouts, shouting down Kyle. Kyle did a tremendous job, I thought, acquitting himself brilliantly in the face of that. And then he spent two hours with our students afterwards, just taking private questions, trying to have a constructive dialogue in exchange with them.

And they had a bunch of questions for him, they booked him. And, you know, to your point, Charlie, there does need to be an investigation of what happened last night in Memphis. Tennessee is a great state. We love the state of Tennessee.

Memphis is an outlier if there ever was one. I don't know if you have friends that you can call to get this looked into, but I certainly believe it needs to be looked into because whatever happened, it was complete sabotage. It is, and we very well might file a lawsuit, and we might file a lawsuit just on technical grounds. Because again, the way that campus speech is supposed to be administered is from viewpoint neutrality. Taxpayer funded universities, especially state universities, they are not allowed to say, you know, we really don't like Kyle Rittenhouse, we don't like Turning Point, we're going to go help BLM to compromise the ticketing system and give them a leg up. It's not legal.

You can't do that. And it's interesting, I think the university thought they could get away with it, but more importantly, they are terrified of these students. They're terrified of the activists on campus, and we see this so often when I dialogue with, you know, privately with Board of Regent members or Board of Supervisor members, and I ask them, I say, hey, you know, why don't you just stand up to these couple dozen, maybe 100 students out of 20,000 on campus? They say, oh, you know, well, they're very, very powerful.

Actually, no, they're not. You make them powerful. These are very weak and loud people that you make powerful through the power that you give them. Instead, you should be like, no, actually, here's your designated place to protest.

You don't get any sort of special treatment. Go away. And that's it. And I just, I want to reiterate the point. Memphis is a war zone. Memphis is not a super populated city. It's a mid-major city, and they had 300 some plus murders last year.

That is extraordinary. And so what is actually being, yeah, almost 400 murders. And the big concern is that an American citizen patriot who is a decent person comes to speak and field questions on campus. And it's important to note, Kyle Rittenhouse is the one that got away. They wanted to make a show trial out of Kyle Rittenhouse.

They wanted to turn him into teenage, they wanted to turn him into teenage Derek Chauvin, is what they wanted to do. They wanted to try to send a message that if you dare try to defend yourself or try to protect your community against lawlessness or anarchy or disorder, we're going to throw you in prison and we're going to racialize it even when it doesn't exist, because again, everyone who Kyle interacted with that evening was white. And Kyle Rittenhouse got away, and Kyle Rittenhouse made them all look bad. But the Moscow-style show trial that they've done against many other people in these instances where they said, look at this racist person, 50 years in prison. Look at this racist person, 30 years in prison.

And it's too toxic and no one talks about it. They tried to do that to Kyle Rittenhouse. And now Kyle Rittenhouse is doing a speaking tour where he's talking about how the mob justice system tried to throw him in jail and how he was not given a fair hearing in the press.

And thankfully we still had this little pocket of decency and normalcy and civility where he was able to get a fair trial in Wisconsin. And so, you know, we deal with this every day at Turning Point USA, and that's the other point I want to make, is that every single day our Turning Point students are experiencing the backlash, the smearing, the slander, the doxing, and that should give all of you inspiration and hope. You know, people ask all the time, they say, Charlie, you know, what can I do to get involved? Well, try to do something as important as our Turning Point students who every single day are putting online. Imagine having our Turning Point USA chapter leader at Memphis had his personal apartment information put public that anyone could go there and either harass him or do violent harm to him.

All of it just made public immediately. And that's the playbook that they operate from, which is full out warfare. They want physical harm to happen to our students. And thankfully, we have the toughest kids in the conservative movement who do not back down.

Instead, they double down. Well, and our ranks are growing, Charlie. I mean, you know, you talk about this sometimes, but you're going to be at UNLV. I would suspect that UNLV is going to be a lot like San Diego State and Cal State Fullerton and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where the vast majority, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people show up to these tabling events. The vast majority of them are going to be supportive of Turning Point USA in a view. You know, you've got these clowns on social media like Philip Kowski or whatever that say, you know, that these campuses hate Turning Point or whatever.

No, it's the exact opposite. There is an army in a peaceful sense of inspired young people that are calling BS on the regime and all of this woke nonsense that they've been force fed since an early age. And they're fighting back and it's voices like Turning Point USA on campus that are giving them a home, that are giving them a voice to share with, to fight alongside. And it's been incredible watching your tour and these tabling events and how many hundreds and hundreds of supporters are coming out.

Charlie, what's that like on your side from when you started to where we are now? Yeah, significant. I mean, today we're expecting major crowds at UNLV and typically we used to do these outdoor campus events. You know, we'd get maybe a couple dozen people, 30 or 40 people, some passerby.

Now there's hundreds of kids and they wait like two hours just for us to come on campus and they'd stay there for another couple hours and uninterrupted. And today I think we're going to get more protesters because UNLV is pretty left wing and pretty liberal, but that's fine. That's part of the American spirit. And, you know, we kind of enjoy it, like come up to us, tell us why your ideas are right.

And it's so, it is so challenging to the liberals because they've never had anyone so, or a group of people so confident or, I don't mean confident in a cocky way, but just kind of just comfortable in their ideas that they invite discourse straight up to the microphone. You can ask any question you want. I sit there for two to two and a half hours without my phone, without any notes, basically just drawing from memory and from experience. They can have whatever notes they want. And I never ridicule them if they have a book or if they have a phone, it's fine. You know, I do this professionally. They don't, they could bring a group of people, you know, and they can film it. They could put it on the internet. Oh my goodness, look at us.

We made Charlie Kirk look so bad. Go ahead. Like whatever you want to do, but this is what's going to save the country, which is open air, unscripted, real time debates and dialogue about the most consequential ideas that are facing our country. It's not going to be just like, oh, we're going to put you in jail or restrict your speech because I think you're a racist.

And, you know, for anyone, by the way, you know, one of the kids last night, you know, said, oh, Charlie Kirk's a racist to Kyle Rittenhouse. Like, okay, come and find me and tell that to my face. Would you? Do you have the courage to do that? Like, and let me respond.

Let me go through every single thing that you think I said and say it verbatim. But a lot of them won't, Andrew, because for obvious reasons. Charlie, I want to fixate on one piece of this because you've probably interacted with more college administrators than just about anybody else in the country.

And there's a good way to do this and there's a bad way to do this. My read on this is that the University of Memphis essentially empowered petulant children. And, you know, you look at the larger problems within Memphis and the crime and how murderous it is, it really is local leadership. You see it manifest at the school level. They are the source of their own problems. They could have dealt with this in a very orderly way.

And instead, they were the ones that empowered what happened, the chaos that ensued. What is your read on that? All universities are not equal, am I right?

I mean, there is a big range that you experience. There's a sliver that operates like this as if they want the riot. They want the commotion. University of California Davis is a great example of that. I remember last year, we were the ones that hosted Riley Gaines at the University of San Francisco, or San Francisco something, where she got help. San Francisco State University. She was hunted down in the hallway.

San Francisco State. And she was hunted down in the hallway and effectively help hostage had to miss her flight. And by the way, the university came out and said, oh, those students did nothing wrong.

It's perfectly fine to congregate outside of a private room where someone is and preventing them from going. And so there is a sliver of these university campuses where the leadership, there's only two explanations. One is that they're terrified of these students, which is probably true. And number two is that they're probably also sympathetic to their cause.

And so they're terrified of standing up against them and there will be no backlash. Now in Tennessee, it's a different situation, which is I believe University of Memphis is a public university. You can correct me.

I believe it is. And if that's the case, then Governor Bill Lee and the entire legislature, they should hold hearings on this, on was this technically administered the right way? Because this is a bad look for the state of Tennessee. And for those of you that haven't seen the videos, they're literally hunting down students in the streets, hunting down supporters in the streets. This could have gotten very violent. This could have resulted in hospitalizations and then, you know, permanent damage we'd seen that happen before. And in the great irony, and it's a terrible tragic irony, is they're protesting Kyle Rittenhouse, but they were recreating some of the bedlam that Kyle Rittenhouse was trying to stand up against in his hometown.

And, you know, thankfully again, no one got hurt. The police did their best job to try to normalize this, but you must understand the police are kind of guests on these campuses. They always have to kind of follow orders from the campus administration unless they see an act of crime taking place and they're very hesitant to intervene. And so, you know, this is just another example of some of the administration that acts like this.

And I want to be very clear and fair. You know, some university campuses, they do stand up to the activist class. They give them their First Amendment rights as they are due, but they don't pander to them. They don't give them inside access to ticketing. They don't give them a cheat code to be able to disrupt our presence on campus. And so, it is still a tragedy that there are university faculty and administration people in leadership that pander more to a petulant minority than to the reasonable majority on these campuses.

Yeah, 100%. And you're actually, we haven't mentioned University of New Mexico, which you personally went out of your way to speak outside of any tour at that campus because they had previously succeeded in getting an event. And by the way, these are outside agitators. A lot of these, at University of New Mexico specifically, they were not students. They were sort of like Antifa groups or whatever.

Same at UC Davis, but they had locked up Tomi Lahren in a room and she had to be sort of rescued out of being barricaded in a room as well. You went back and sort of looked the mob in the eye and we had a successful event, but that would be another example that I'm thinking of. Charlie, let's go ahead and play cut 98. These are activists stomping, spitting on cars, hitting cars as people were trying to leave the parking garage last night.

98. It doesn't look to be like there's sound on this clip. I think there was some swearing going on. But yeah, this is just a car pulling out of a parking garage and meanwhile these people are hitting the car and spitting on people. Real classy folks. And there's Julio Rosas right there, Rojas, that is working with Turning Point Frontlines doing a fantastic job. So these are the people we face, folks. Right here.

These are the people that we're enabling. Charlie, last thoughts here as we go. We've got 30 seconds.

Yep. I've got to head on campus UNLV and pray for our safety and hope it's a good one. Thanks Andrew for filling in and this is why we do what we do. Talk to you guys soon.

Absolutely. Good work, Charlie. And Godspeed today.

Stay safe. Get some great content. And folks, when we record these videos, millions of people see them. Minds are changed.

It's having a real impact. Thanks so much for listening. If you love this show, if you get something out of it, if this is a place of refuge and a sea of chaos, please consider joining us as a paying monthly subscriber at, You guys are the backbone of this show and this community. Thank you for being a part of it. And if you haven't joined yet, please consider doing so. We'll talk to you soon.
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