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General Flynn's 8-Year War Against The Deep State

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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April 16, 2024 5:47 pm

General Flynn's 8-Year War Against The Deep State

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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April 16, 2024 5:47 pm

Why did Barack Obama mark Michael Flynn as the most dangerous person in Trump's transition team? Why did the FBI single him out for entrapment? And why has there been no accountability for what they did? General Flynn joins Charlie to look back at the shocking Deep State assault on his reputation and personal liberty, to discuss his brand new documentary, FLYNN, and to ask one of the most disturbing questions of all: Will "they" try to have Donald Trump assassinated?

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Hey everybody, it's time for The Charlie Kirk Show, a powerful and explosive conversation with Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, an American hero.

You should text this episode to all your friends and listen carefully. Are they going to try to assassinate Trump? How they went after Flynn, his new movie, Flynn, Deliver the Truth at Ever the Cost, you can find it at, is an incredibly important film. What do they have planned for us?

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Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie, he's an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country, he's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to He's an American hero and he also has a new documentary called Flynn. It's Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. I don't think we've had it on the show yet. Yeah, you have not. It's the first time. It's great to be in studio here. Oh, it's so much better. I'm not sure what part of Phoenix we're in here, but we're in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

An undisclosed bunker in Phoenix. So much to talk about here. We have the trailer to your documentary, but first introduce it to our audience. Yeah, it's a great, great film. The title is Flynn Deliver the Truth Whatever the Cost. It is a story really of survival. It talks through the whole components of Russiagate. Plus it also touches on the sort of the back story of Mike Flynn and why was General Mike Flynn such a threat to various parts of our government? Not just, you know, we always throw in the Obama administration, but but really a threat to to various parts of our government.

I tell people, Charlie, that you don't become the director of DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, which is one of the largest intel agencies in the world, or the National Security Advisor because somebody sprinkled fairy dust on you. So I talk about that in the in the film and then people are introduced to my family. It's a very intimate look inside of my family, what my family went through with the persecution that we faced by really the, you know, the Department of Injustice, as I call it, and then how we were able to get through it. And then, you know, like I say, it's a story of survival. And we leave the audience with a sense of hope where where we are in this country right now.

The the levels of corruption that everybody feels everybody sees, but how we can rise above this. And I think it's a really inspiring story. People that are that are in it, not only my family, people will be introduced to my wife, Laurie, who her and I've been together since we were 13 years old.

So we've been together for over for almost 50 years now, over 50 years. And Tucker Carlson's in it. Devin Nunez is in it. Lee Smith, who, you know, and some other players from the National Security Arena of the United States of America, as well as, as I said, members of my family. So it's a terrific, terrific. I want to play the trailer here and so much to get into.

Let's play Cut 44, please. President's former national security adviser, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty today for lying to the FBI. Flynn knew exactly how the system worked. He knew exactly what the Intel world had been up to. He understood its funding. So I'm in there with these other political appointees. They're all supposed to go in there and tell what they believe to be the truth. What they did was they took my my assessment and they wanted me to change it.

I was like, I'm not changing it. He was, by definition, the most dangerous possible person for Donald Trump to hire. President Obama said, but I do have one specific recommendation. Stay away from Michael Flynn.

He's bad news. Over time, instead of being pounded down below the surface of the ocean, we started to fight. I'm now above the surface. I can't wait to see that. So let's start kind of towards the end of that trailer, not of the story.

It's actually towards the beginning of this particular story. Obama warned Trump about two things. North Korea and Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Think about that, Charlie. And for your audience, your great audience, the president of the United States of America, Obama transitioning the entirety of the United States of America to the incoming president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. And it was not very long. It wasn't a big, long conversation about all the problems that the world is facing or all the challenges in the in the United States at the time, which were many. He talks about two people and one of them was Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea, and who Trump. And and I talk about this in the movie.

I talk about this specifically in the movie, get in a little bit more detail. And the other guy is General Mike Flynn, you know, that he was so threatened by that Obama was so threatened by a president of the United States, so threatened by an individual who who he had actually hired me twice. So what people don't know because the media only covers, you know, Flynn lied. Then he had to be pardoned. You know, Obama appointed me to two really critical jobs. The director, assistant director of national intelligence and and director of Defense Intelligence Agency, and both of those appointments were had to have been had to be approved by Obama. And then I had to go through full Senate confirmation. So it's fascinating that he felt so threatened, but they knew because of the things that I had done while I was in service to the military in the military with the I had looked into the various what they call black book programs. The Donna had done audit of DIA and and those things always concern any time you look under the rug of of the you know, the money that comes through government comes from taxpayers comes through government and funds these things that are unaccounted.

They're totally unaccounted for. And you're not talking about, you know, a couple of hundred million dollars. You're talking about tens of billions of dollars. So fast forward that that conversation and I talk about and I'll tease this a little bit.

So Trump and I spoke to each other after that conversation and I'll leave it there because it's a really it's a that's a fascinating conversation that he and I had about the conversation that he had had with Obama. And and it's a it's a it's a component of everything that is wrong with our government. I mean, all the all the things that we see right now with all the corruption that we're seeing right now.

I mean, the government, the various legislative branch judiciary and the executive branch of our government. There's so much when we talk about the deep state, people will see in this film what the deep state truly means and what the deep state can actually do and does on a daily basis, not just to people like Mike Flynn and Donald J. Trump, but to regular Americans all across the country. So let's just remind people this was during the transition period. This was the kind of like ceremonial visit. Trump flies down from New York photo op with Obama and he pulls him aside and says, your two biggest problems are going to be a foreign dictator with nuclear weapons and somebody in our own government. Yeah, a retired a retired general with a long history. So you weren't active in the federal government.

Not at that time. So you were just an outside nuisance to Obama's. I mean, I had I had been riding with Trump. I had met Trump about a month after he came down the escalator. I remember you spoke at a lot of rounds. I used to introduce him. I introduced him to gave him a lot of credibility. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, you know, it's just 20 plus million veterans in this country and most of them, you know, that that particular year voted for Donald Trump. So I'd like to think that I helped, you know, usher that that type of voting block, you know, toward him.

And in other words, because there was a lot of, you know, admirals and generals that would not do that at the time. And I felt and I talk about this in the movie. I felt that the country needed something different.

And and there's some there's some funny components in the movie where where people that didn't think that Trump could, you know, was going to be able to do anything wasn't was going to be able to win. And I pretty much stood my ground with him because I felt that the country did not need another Clinton or another Bush. And we clearly didn't. And the American people came and say that I served under both of those. I've served all, of course, Bill Clinton as the president. But I was really mainly talking about Hillary.

There's no running for president. But, yeah, and I met her. I met her when she was a senator. So it's interesting. I mean, my my my career and my life throughout the government in certainly the the second half of my career where you begin to know you're gaining rank and you're going into these bigger and bigger jobs and things start to happen.

And you you are exposed to a lot of different aspects, particularly of the U.S. intelligence community, the Defense Department, the the diplomatic corps, this you know, the State Department and other aspects of our government, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. So I work with all these organizations for many years and know exactly, you know, they like the phrase the, you know, Flynn knows where the bodies are buried. Right. That's a that's really. And I talk about it as a metaphor for things that are going on.

You know where the murder weapon is buried, too? Pretty much. Pretty much. That's a I mean, again, that's a if you think about, like I mentioned, the black programs.

I want to get into that. Yeah, we have to just take a short thing. The Flynn is available on Salem now. What is the other place? Is it exclusively? Yeah, you can go.

Well, it's on it's on a couple. You can go to you can go to Flynn movie dot com or you can go to Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart for DVDs. You can go to us and Salem.

And I think iTunes for the the live streaming download. You can go either to those. But the name of the film is Flynn. Deliver the truth, whatever the cost. If you look that up, you'll get it. General, let me ask you, what was your interaction with Obama before he said that? Yeah, zero.

Zero. So you never were in the same room as him. So then somebody asked part of the story here. I mean, that's a real that's a very, very fascinating part of the story about this whole Russiagate and Russiagate has not ended. So it hasn't ended. And, you know, just it morphs into other names.

There's other names that we use. Impeachment, you know, indictments. So this is a people have to understand. And, you know, this is a takeover of the United States of America by a I call it a globalist alliance.

And we can we can get into that if you want. You've written books. You've written some books about the great reset.

And I want to just pinpoint because I think it's super important to understand the history here. So Obama warns Trump about you. Trump doesn't listen to Obama. He appoints you.

And I want to go. I've never had you tell me these details I've read. I've watched you on this.

Yeah. Within days, Peter Strzok and somebody else from the FBI, if I'm not mistaken, came in to interview you while you were a appointed executive. I was a national security adviser that came into the White House.

Can you walk it? This is one of the most outrageous stories. So Peter Strzok came from the FBI and essentially, I don't want to say invaded, but walked into the White House. What happened that day?

They entrapped you that. Yeah, I mean, the so there was a lot of things that happened. And before even before that happened, the 5th of January, this is all public information is in the Durham report. And this so this led to that to that conversation with two FBI agents, Pianka, Joe Pianka and Peter Strzok. But the real critical meeting that everybody in the United States of America needs to recall and it's public is 5 January 2017. And it actually came out in very much, much, in much greater detail from the Durham report, but we were able to expose it. We were able to expose it during the fight that we were having to get more evidence to come out. But 5 January 2017 in the Oval Office, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Yates.

This is a huge one. That's where the coup was launched. So that day was the day that they decided we're going to we're going to go after Flynn because we cannot have him in this White House, because the one thing that I always tell people and like it or not, believe it or not, had I stayed in there, there would have been no Mueller investigation.

So the course of history of this country was changed by going after a national security adviser of a duly elected president of the United States to undermine the presidency of the United States. That meeting on the 5th of January is the day that started. And then from that, Biden was in that. And we have we have the notes of the meeting.

We were able to expose many of the notes of the meeting through our case. So from that meeting, they go back to the to the bureau. They go back to the bureau. And and that's when Comey and McCabe, who's really a dangerous guy, they go back and they say, OK, here's how we're going to set this up. And they then they send in the two two officers, two agents, Strzok and this guy, Pianka. And and they they get in there surreptitiously, really.

I mean, at the end of the day, how do you just walk into the White House as an FBI? Yeah, it's it's fascinating. So that's there's a I go through all this in the movie.

I don't want to I don't want to. Yeah, well, no, but it's it's it's fascinating. I go through this because there's a there's some very famous statements by Comey, but there's one where he's sitting on the stage and he talks about it and everybody laughs, you know, and that's a very famous statement. But there's one where he goes under oath and he states exactly what he did under oath.

And most people don't know this. So I pull that I pull that statement out and I bring this into the movie because under oath, he said exactly what he did. And it was I mean, talk about a guy that needs to be held accountable for undermining, undermining the White House, undermining the authority of the president. It's close to treason. It is.

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That is best hot grill dot com. So if you're able to disclose it here on this program, if not, I totally understand because I want people to see the film. But just you wake up that day, you go to work and all of a sudden two FBI agents show up at the White House. Yeah. I mean, you know, the National Security Advisor is a super, super busy job and you get all kinds of things going on.

We had delegations from various countries showing up. I'm on the phone. I was on the phone damn near half the day. What day was this? Late January? This would have been sort of been well, yeah. So it would have been the first week of twenty, twenty four, twenty fifth a week after. You guys are fresh.

You're still learning how the coffee machine works. Exactly. Exactly.

And, you know, we're now in the White House and now the National Security Advisor. And there's a couple of other things that led up to why they why they actually came in there. And I do talk about that in the movie. And that gets to, you know, Flynn knows where the bodies are buried. I'll leave it at that because I want people to to come in and see that and go, holy crap.

I mean, because it really is that matters. So under oath, Comey makes a statement. And now we were able to grab that.

We pulled that. We very nicely build that into the into this film to be able to tell people that here's the director of the FBI undermining not just the National Security Advisor, but undermining the duly elected president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. And he's doing it without, you know, following any protocol, following any normal protocol that is supposed to happen with the White House. Right. With with legalities and the rule of law and everything that goes with that.

So that that part of it really irritates people. And just to remind everybody who Peter Strzok is, Peter Strzok was the head of counter espionage for the FBI Hunter. Yeah, he's supposed to be the guy. Comey's favorite spy hunter that they sent after Flynn. So he's he is sleeping with the number two lawyer at the FBI who was Andy McCabe's lawyer, Lisa Page. Exactly.

So he's sleeping with her because I to this day, Charlie, I there's a thing called the 302. It's FBI speak for, you know, how they capture their documents, their documents, their evidence, said time to get Flynn. Yeah, it's all I mean, it's it's amazing that, you know, the evidence that we were able to expose. But I can't sit here and tell you that I don't think I've ever seen the actual document. And it's just it's supposed to be completed within five days because, you know, it's it, you know, tests the memory of the of the agents that are doing. They're supposed to write it down, captured on in a system that they have and be done in five days.

Mine was messed around with for four up to six months. We know that through the evidence that we gather. And the only people that are supposed to touch a document like that are the the agents. Nobody else is supposed to touch it because it becomes evidence in a court.

Right. There was multiple hands that touched mine. Lisa Page was one of them. And there's and there's there's some crazy the text. These people. I mean, these are lovers, right? The, you know, Rush Limbaugh. Rush used to crack me up. Yeah, you get that from this.

It's it's unbelievable. But but McCabe is the more he's the more dangerous person in this whole story. And because Strzok is, you know, the classic, useful idiot.

Andy McCabe was a quarterback. And I talk a little bit about this in the in the movie. And just recently, if I if I have a second, just recently on another on a on a cable news network, you know, another another network out there. And he says on it was regrettable.

He used the word regrettable. Right. I mean, I don't know if you saw the Pfizer. This is like four or five days ago with the Pfizer on Carter Page.

And they use that Pfizer on Carter Page to go after. And he said those things. They've been fixed in anybody's uses the word. It's regrettable. I mean, this man ruined families. He ruined lives. He destroyed lives. And he also destroyed the fabric of the rule of law in our country.

And I specifically hone in on Andy McKay because I I see him because I know who he is and I see him as a person who is still out there. When when with all this stuff that's going on with Donald J. Trump these days, these same body of people, they're all involved in this, Charlie. And this is the kind of stuff that we got. We have to stop. So, you know, we fight to to win this country back.

And we're going to have to we there. There has to be an accounting and an accountability of these people. There has to be.

The American people are demanding it. I'm sure you cover this in the film. Is there a part of you that wishes you weren't as trusting of the FBI agents that came in? Yeah.

Yeah, there is. And I and I talk about the whole thing. You know, I do. My wife talks about it, too. It's fascinating because my wife and I've been together, like I said, a long time.

And and absolutely. I mean, I worked with the FBI very, very closely for probably the better part of 15 years. I was very, very close with the FBI, worked with them in in various combat situations overseas, especially in the world of counterterrorism. And then when I was at the assistant director of national intelligence level, I had a very senior FBI agent working for me who who were reported directly to call me. And the funny thing is, Charlie, before I retired, the FBI presented me their highest award.

I have all I mean, I keep it on my walls as a joke now just to show people. And you probably thought these are patriots. These are people coming along. And in reality, it was the opening salvo of a coup against the American people. So you perceived these agents as patriots because you were with them previously.

Absolutely. And I knew these people. I knew these people. I'd worked with many FBI. I probably in fact, I had FBI agents that were actually attached to us, us being a special operations unit, a major counterterrorist organization in in the Middle East and in Central Asia. We had like upwards of 20 FBI agents. And we would go back and I, I briefed I was in briefings with Mueller. I was in briefings with with Comey and other senior agents in the FBI, the deputy directors. I mean, I knew these people that, you know, it's funny.

I and I talk about this a little bit in the movie where when I finally retired and I just mentioned it at the end, I'm not kidding. I mean, Comey brings me in and presents me in front of like, you know, a couple of hundred people. How you know, how magnificent of a job and how great of a teammate General Flynn was at the as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and Countering Terrorism.

And they give you all these awards. And then like a year later, a year and a half later, I'm under investigation because this investigation didn't start when Trump won. This investigation started. We now we now know it started in late 2015 and Brennan's part of this whole thing, too. I talk about Brennan, John Brennan, the former CIA director in the movie there. I talk a little bit about him, Tucker, actually. Tucker Carlson does a great piece in this movie to describe the relationship between the media, the the intelligence community and the government itself and other aspects of the government.

I think triangulation. Yeah, it's a big, big deal. You know, we talk about these different columns that we have to face, you know, the three columns of the legislative, the executive and the judiciary.

But we also talk about these other columns. And Tucker does a really wonderful job of articulating that. And and that and it and it brings across to people that are watching this movie something that is happening to all of us. I mean, you know, when they when they say, you know, when we talk about the Department of Justice, you know, we look at what's happened with J6. They can go after the current president of the United States.

They went after the national security adviser of the United States. You know, they are going after the top and they're going after the grassroots and they're basically what they're doing. And this is why this movie is an important film, because there's a there's a there's an inspiring message at the end that really comes out of the people that were part of it. And and we you know, they come at it and they answer in different ways, but it all comes together in one, I think, inspiring message. And the bottom line is that we are we are facing a time where they're they're attacking those two, you know, those two elements, right? The top and the and the and the grassroots of our country, top down, bottom up so they can so they can put the fear into that sort of middle, you know, middle body of America to everybody goes, I don't want to say nothing. I'm afraid.

I'm afraid. I know I'm going around this country right now. We're doing a 35 city tour. We're here up in Glendale. We're going to do a showing tonight. This is the eighth city that we've been in.

We're going to go all over the country in 50 days, 55 days. And the one message that keeps coming up to me is I'm afraid people are coming up to me saying I'm afraid of our government. That that's unsat. We cannot be like that. They should be. They should be unless we get back in charge of this of this country. But, yeah, they absolutely should be because our government has been so weaponized well beyond the intelligence weaponization and the and the manipulation of intelligence in combat operations overseas for many years. I talk about that in the movie.

That's another component. So we try to weave this story of of government weaponization, multiple levels. I call it the you know, it's not just the the security state, the military industrial complex. I actually in the film, too, to set the stage, to set the foundation. We we talk about how we must revisit or reassess the assassinations of the 1960s and JFK.

Yeah. So why why Malcolm X? Why why am I talking about that in a movie about, you know, in about about government persecution, you know, against Mike Flynn? Because in order for people to understand how dangerous a government can be that gets out of control, we have to go back in a little bit in history here.

And I and I do talk about this. And I actually I I show Eisenhower in one in one component of the movie. We have to reassess those things, because if our government is capable of doing that, those things, right, those assassinations, then what are they capable of doing right now?

And I will tell you one thing that I do talk about in the movie, if I have a second that assassinations matter. And today versus, you know, the 60s, where they could put a gun to somebody's head and shoot them today, they kill by narrative. They assassinate by narrative and they do it through the media. They do it through, you know, Hollywood. They do it through all sorts of welfare or lawfare.

Lawfare is a big component. I'm going to ask you about that very plainly, because the question we get a lot is, are they going to try to physically kill Trump before November? The world is in flames and biodynamics is a complete and total disaster, but it can't and won't ruin my day. Why? Because I start my day with a hot America first cup of blackout coffee. It's 100 percent America and zero percent grift. Blackout coffee is 100 percent committed to conservative values from sourcing the beans to the roasting process, customer support and shipping.

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Promo code Charlie. So do you think they're going to try to kill Trump before November? You know, I think that they there there has been conversations about that. I would I would venture to guess that that they're I would speculate that conversation.

Yes. You know, that's happening. Well, I just I just you know, it's speculation and I don't have any hard evidence about it. You have to understand how dangerous the circumstances are that we are facing right now. And, you know, I mentioned maybe briefly at the tail end of the first segment, we talked about this global alliance that's formed against the United States of America.

And that global alliance has some internal forces here in the United States. And this is this whole great reset thing. Right. I mean, and it's real. This is not fake. This is not conspiracy theory.

So it's the plan. So when you have somebody like a like a Donald J. Trump who is who was the president and demonstrated a real capability, even though he was under extraordinary pressure and attacked on a daily basis. And he was still able to do the things that he did. And now now we're looking at the potential for him to be the president again. There's no way in the world that these people want him to be the president.

And I think that they'll do anything that that humanly possible to keep him from doing that. I mean, there's no way that they're going to beat him in a fair election. And, you know, I've been called everything in the book like in one of those phrases is election denier. I don't deny that we have elections. I deny that our elections are free and fair. And anybody that wants to show me that we have a free and fair election, I will fly to you and come and watch you walk me through it.

And I'll be I'll be the first one to say you guys have a great system. But majority I've studied this majority of our election systems around the country are really broken and states are responsible for it. But so the question really at hand at hand is, is, you know, what are they willing to do to Donald Trump? And we're watching it unfold right now. I mean, they're going to their clear election interference.

That's that's that's a sidebar. They want to put this man in jail and they want to destroy this man. They want to destroy his family. I've been through this. I know what this feels like and I know exactly how what Trump is going through. His is clearly more visible because as a former president and as a guy running and as a leading candidate for president of the United States, I mean, this is beyond third world stuff. There's five examples in in probably the last 50 years where somebody that was in the in the same situation as Trump, a leading candidate, leading opposition candidate. And these are other countries around the world. All and those five those five individuals, they were either imprisoned or killed. And and they're all all of them, all those five that I have in my head.

And I posted this on my ex-post probably two weeks ago. They said people can go dig it up. But they were all from dictatorships or communist countries. So, I mean, when we look at the United States of America and the fabric of this country, what it's based on, on our Constitution and a free and fair and respected rule of law.

And we don't have that right now. We have two standards of government. One is a standard of government for them. And that's really this this very small group of people that are that are on the left. And I say it's small because, you know, we tend to think that it's half the country.

I don't think it half the country feels this way. I've talked to many, many people and I'll I'll I'll throw it out here because I do talk about it in the movie. When I was running with Donald Trump in 2016 and I went into the White House, I was a registered Democrat. OK, so people like, but they didn't they don't know that because the media doesn't want to talk about that for a long time. The media was like, you know, I was like a darling in the media because of my time in the military and my time in combat. And yet what happened was they they saw something in a guy like Trump and then somebody like me where they were like, oh, this guy could actually win.

And then he won. And when he won, it's like, oh, they're going to start to dig into what we're doing. And what they're doing is they are they are destroying this country and they're destroying it through their own greed, their own. You know, they can't over they don't focus on the mission. They focus on their own damn egos.

And they're and they're really there are destroying this country. You know, I, I hesitate to say that they will do something like that to Trump, Charlie. But, you know, I have to believe because as a guy that studies scenarios and analyzes different things, they there has to have been a conversation that talked about that because it's like we can't have this guy get back into the White House. Why haven't they tried yet?

Well, they may have. We don't know that. We don't know that. Maybe, maybe, maybe that's why he stops his convoys and he goes into a pizza joint because it's not chosen.

It's not picked. I mean, you know, it could be anything. What he eats, what he drinks. Do you have faith in the protection around him? I, I have faith in the people that he knows and he's gotten to know. And I know a few of them. I know a few of them. The, you know, a couple of the guys that are the more senior guys, I know them. They're really, really professional. But but what can happen is the government assigns those people so they can always reassign. They rotate them.

Guys come in and out. So, you know, I don't want to sit here and speculate on, you know, the potential assassination of Donald J. Trump. But this is a real but this is a real thing because, again, and this is why I say and why why in this film and the whole thing is Flynn delivered the truth, whatever the cost. And it's cost me a lot.

It's cost my both cheeks on my rear end. And but it's Flynn delivered the truth, whatever the cost. There's a reason why I go back and I say we need to reassess the assassinations of the 1960s, because if our government is capable of doing those. OK, or at least even one of the Robert Kennedy June or Robert Kennedy.

Right. Who was running for president. The reason why we have Secret Service around candidates. This is why, like Robert Kennedy Jr. today, you know, doesn't have you know, he's been arguing to get Secret Service around him because he's a. Well, the reason why we put the reason why we put Secret Service around candidates is because the assassination of his father. OK, most people don't know that. So when he was killed, they then made the decision we're going to bring Secret Service around these candidates who could potentially be president.

Right. And that came out of out of his debt, his dad's assassination. Well, this government won't give him that respect.

And so and so he's got he's got to foot the bill for his own security, which is a big deal and it's a big cost. And it's and it's something that this is not to talk about Robert Kennedy Jr., but this is to say what our government is capable of doing. And they were capable of doing things that are just unimaginable in in the 60s, for sure.

And even before. But but so if they're able to do that, then what are what are they capable of doing now with many, many other capabilities? We talked about we touched on lawfare, the lawfare, billions of dollars.

I mean, I mean, just all kinds of money flows into these to these firms that are attacking all of us. OK, I mean, I always I don't joke about this, but every time Trump gets a subpoena, I get a subpoena. I've been in every one of these grand juries, every single one of my you know, I was introduced to Fannie Willis. Her her boyfriend questioned me for four and a half hours.

Nathan Wade. Yeah. I mean, this is insane. So they can do this because they're in charge.

They hold the levers of power. And most Americans and this is all sides. This is not just Republicans and Democrats or MAGA or whatever. This is about do you believe in this country and the way it's supposed to be, the way it was designed and the way we need to move forward or not? You know, if you don't, then then you're in some other you know, you're you're living in some ideological, you know, dream or place that I'm not aware of and or I am.

And it's not it's not based on democracy and a constitutional republic. So look, you're you're going to let's put the the Trump assassination thing aside for a second, because there's other concerns. And I've heard you voice this, which is what do you see on the horizon as a potential threat to make this election not like any others?

Yeah. What sort of asymmetric warfare do you think could be employed? Yeah, we talk about, you know, I've written a book myself and Boone Cutler, who's here with me today. We wrote a book on fifth generation warfare, a citizen's guide to fifth generation warfare. And and we've written a book on the series How to Fight Artificial Intelligence. The newest one is the role of the church. This is a series, a three part series.

And these talk about they address the the issue that you just highlighted. So what are the potential scenarios? Well, we're at war right now. This is World War Three. Folks, we are in World War Three.

OK, so they may not call it World War Three, but we're in World War Three. We have physical battles going on in Eastern Europe talking about the use of nuclear weapons, which is just outrageous. We have the the this madness going on in the Middle East right now. And there's no end in sight. And it's not going to end well for anybody. And we have, you know, China just like a like hovering over the United States and actually owning, owning, really controlling institutions in this country. So what can happen? We can see a greater expansion of this war. We can see an economic collapse, which I do believe we are heading into something that's going to shift the global economy.

And it's going to move it towards this digital currency. Or we have another health pandemic. Those are known.

Those are nobles and any one of those. The president of the United States has the authority to declare a national emergency. That's what people don't know. And if this this president, who can't even complete a sentence, he does. He decides to do that. We could actually see a scenario where we don't have an election.

That's you know, that's something that that the lawyers call me. But but I mean that I mean, there are scenarios where you have an election, you don't have an election. Why wouldn't you have an election? And I think that the American people need to get involved.

I mean, it's just based on what do I do? And I go around and I tell people I use this phrase, local action has a national impact. And what does that mean? That means I, you know, I, I embrace these people that are running and turning over their school boards that are running for city councils. We need to take back every single county in this in this country. You know, the weakness that we have out of the House of Representatives, many of the Republicans, I mean, the Democrats, I know where they stand.

They stand exactly where they stand together. The Republican Party in this country is going to have to do the same here and do it quickly and get behind. You know, in this case, the leading candidate for the for the Republican Party, which is Donald J. Trump, and stand strong with him and fight through this and not allow these people to do the kinds of things that I know that they're contemplating. I know they are contemplating many of the things that I've already talked about. Why wouldn't they do some of them if it becomes desperate enough? Well, I mean, if it's desperate, I mean, they they would do something like that. They would they would do things that I think are out of the, you know, out of the norm and out of out of what people would go. Oh, what's going on? They would if it if they're desperate enough, if they feel that Donald Trump is going to win the presidency, I believe these people will do anything that they can.

I mean, look at what they're doing now. They're trying to put this man in jail. They're trying to destroy his entire life. He knows everything about him.

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That is my pillow dot com promo code Kirk. Flynn is the movie. Now, I'll be honest with you, General.

I don't know what to do with the DVD. You know, it's funny. No, honestly, God never, never seen one of these. Yeah. You know, it's funny. I go around because I don't know. I now own a DVD player, but everybody I ask, I always ask, raise your hands. You know, how many of you have a DVD player and like 90 percent of audiences have them? So it's not my target, but it's out. It's out in.

Well, it's interesting. It's out in DVD, but it's also out in in live streaming. And you can go to Flynn movie dot com or, you know, iTunes, Salem.

We have it on different things. The name of the film is Flynn. Deliver the truth, whatever the cost. And it's a really phenomenal story. Universally, I mean, we have we have testimony on our Web site, Flynn movie dot com.

You can see some of the testimony of many of the cities we've already been to. I mean, people of all colors, shapes, sizes, ideologies that are watching this thing are blown away by the the really the the inspirational story of survival. But it's not just the message of Mike Flynn. It's a message for all Americans because we are going through this. What my family experienced, we're all going through this right now and we can win. We can we can we can come out of this. But we've got to, you know, like like we say, if the Flynn's can can rise above this and defeat this evil, drive this darkness out, then America can drive this darkness out. And believe me, folks, we can we can. But we've got to have the right leaders.

All right. So, General, you say that they're going to launch these things, but I want to be clear, despite all that, Trump can win. Yeah, he can win.

I mean, he can win. But let me just go through briefly the primaries across the nation right now so that Trump has won hands down in the Republican primaries. The turnout, the voter turnout, folks, to the American people that are watching this and anybody that watches this online. You know, the voter turnout is less than 40 percent. And that's that's highballing it for the primaries. The general elections in this country since nineteen ninety two for president up until twenty twenty, the general elections, the average voter turnout is sixty five percent. That's like a D on a test. Right. Sixty five percent.

That's horrible. We have got to have voter turnout that's in excess of like seventy five, eighty, eighty five percent. And this that that means these are people that are already registered. There's about 30 to 40 million people that just don't even bother.

And they and yet those are probably the biggest complainers out there that I run. But I'll tell you, though, polling shows the people who don't vote are the most pro Trump. So you said, yeah, I was talking about voter turnout. This is really important because if we don't get like seventy five, eighty, eighty five percent turnout, I don't think we're going to be able to I don't think Trump can win.

I really don't. I mean, if if we're if we're at that tight spot, which is which is the norm and I'm talking about ninety nineteen ninety two to twenty twenty, it's about sixty five percent turnout. That means thirty five percent of the country that can vote that are registered to vote do not show up. And a majority of those people, I can tell you that, you know, the numbers, it's around 30. I'm lowballing a little bit, but it's about 30 to 35 million people. And a large chunk of those are Christians.

And so all these faith based groups out there, you know, get over it. And sorry, but people have got to go out and vote. This is not the most you know, every time we say the presidential election is the most historic presidential election we've ever had.

This one's actually the most consequential one. If we don't get this one right, then the United States of America is going to rapidly become the United Socialist States of America. Mark my words on this show, because this that's what we're facing. We are facing a shift in this country, a cultural shift towards socialism.

And it's a very dangerous shift. And right now, these are the people that are holding sway of the power within our government, within the corporatocracy and within other institutions that that kind of run our lives on a daily basis. So we don't get this one right. Then this country is going to shift dramatically to a socialist country. And I mean that. If you were to say, what is the greatest thing we have working in our favor?

We could spend the rest, we could spend another two hours talking about the economic reform, Klaus Schwab, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve. What do we have working for us that the bad guys do not have? Yeah, I think we have two things. One, I think that we have, I think we have the faith, you know, in God.

And I'll, you know, every time I talk about, you know, the Bible, I always get myself into trouble. But I do believe that this country is still a faith based country built on a set of Judeo-Christian principles and values. And we should be fearless about that.

That's number one. And people, people need to reflect on what that means to them. The second thing is, in my DNA, right, in our DNA, in every American's DNA, is this idea of freedom. And freedom matters. And believe me, folks, I've seen, I've been on six continents.

I have fought for over close to five years in combat operations around the world. I've seen the worst in humanity. And I've seen people who don't have their freedom. And when you don't have your freedom, believe me, it matters and you can feel it. And we are, we are seeing our freedoms, you know, being not marginally taken away, not taken away on the margins. We see whole cloth freedoms that they are trying to take from us now by this injustice system that we have and lawfare, as we talked about, that is occurring nationwide. So freedom, you know, faith and freedom are the two real components that we must stand strong on.

And I would add one thing that we need. We need a real opposition party in this country. Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, I guess, I guess, you know, we have these different ideologies, right? Competing ideologies. And, you know, I don't know. I mean, I, I'm not a big fan of the Republican Party, to be honest with you.

Nor am I. The Democrats are, we know where they stand. There is no Democrat Party. You're listening to a former Democrat.

OK, I just recently changed parties just because I moved to Florida. But we have to have, you know, systems in our government and people who are able to join something that is for the country, whether you like big government or little government, less taxes, more taxes, you know, all the different things, the various social programs, people do need help. But the people that need help are Americans. You know, we have to focus on America.

And, you know, there's bumper stickers out there that people use. One of them is America first. But what majority of Americans don't know is America first came out of World War One. So America first came out of World War One.

That bumper sticker, that phrase wasn't something that that Trump made up. It's something that he used because he recognized that we don't take care of our country first. And this is for all parties.

This is for all Americans. We don't take care of our country first. It's like just like taking care of your home. Right.

If you don't take care of your house, you can't go you can't go do stuff outside in your community. You've got to take care of your country first. Once we've done that, then we can continue to be that true North Star, that beacon of light or the shining city on the hill, as Reagan said. That's what's important. And, you know, parties aside, this is I and I say this in the movie, I talk specifically about this in a movie, Charlie. And it's this is not about a political party. It's about believing in this country. And I do believe that there's a lot of people, there's millions of people that are sort of left of center.

Right. And that other side of the aisle, so to speak, that that are probably registered Democrats like I was just up until recently who just loves the country. And I'll speak as a military guy, you know, as a we don't fight enemies overseas. We don't go overseas to fight our enemies because we hate them. OK, you fight because you love something and you fight because you love your family, your children, your community, your country. That's why and many men and women that are listening that are that that will hear this, that are veterans or have served, they'll understand exactly what I'm talking about.

You know, most young kids when they sign on the data line, they sign up to be something, you know, to get out of it, get out of their hometown or to learn some some skill or whatever. But what they really what they realized once they got in is that they're signing up to potentially give their life for this country. And that's one of the most sacred things that I think that somebody can actually do. And I emphasize this and I want people to understand this, those that serve this country, and I don't care whether you're serving in uniform or whether you're serving somewhere else. You know, if you're serving the country, you're serving it out of love. You're serving it out of love for something other than what you know, that that, you know, a bigger cause, a greater cause.

Right. I mean, George Washington, he never talked about the American, never said the American Revolution. George Washington always talked about the cause and the cause was about freedom. And and that's our cause as Americans. And when we go overseas to fight enemies, we serve because we love something. We love the country. We love our family. We love our communities.

You know, we don't we don't hate. And what I learned and I talk about this in the in the movie, you know, Flynn deliver the truth, whatever the cost. I talk about that the greatest enemy that I face was right here at home, Charlie. And when I when I saw that, I was like, and of course it that, you know, your question back to me earlier about did I believe that the FBI could be this bad?

You know, and I really know that that's a there's a streak of naivety in me. It's that because I believe that God, these guys can't be that bad. And in fact, they were and they're worse now.

They're worse now. And that's what that's what Donald J. Trump is facing. That's what every American. This is not about Mike Flynn or Donald Trump. This is vastly bigger. That's this is about this country. And if people don't understand that, I don't know what else to tell you. But I'm just telling you that this is a bigger issue. We're going to lose this country if we don't come to grips with what we're facing. I need you to address this because we get these emails every day and it shocks people.

We get hundreds of them of people that refuse to vote. Yeah, because they say it because they say it's stolen. But they listen to my program every day. So they'll do the work of listening to the show. But here's how they hear what you say.

They say you're telling it's broken. What's the point? I'll read this email. Charlie, please tell General Finn the reason I don't vote anymore because my vote was stolen in 2020.

They'll do it again. So what's the point? Yes, I'm a Christian, but the system itself is a lie. I refuse to participate in a lie.

Can you please give a triumphant rebuke of this? Yeah, then you're refusing to participate in this country. OK, I participated for nearly three and a half decades. I have buried soldiers.

I have studied the war, the the all of the wars that our country has been involved in. It kills me to no end when I hear about people that say, I'm not going to you know, those politicians are all bad. I'm not going to get involved in all that.

It's not my job. You know how many people have sacrificed in this country, have given their lives so you can so you can say that, number one, but but so you can have the privilege and frankly, the duty. It's more than just a privilege of voting. Voting is more than a privilege. It's more than a right.

This is a duty. It is a duty to be involved as a citizen. The one thing that that the vote does in this country. It makes us all equal at that one moment, at that moment of voting in a in a voting booth.

Right. Where the guy or gal who's the richest person in this country stands there with the person who has the least of means. They are equal. That's the beauty of the United States of America. No other country on the planet has ever done it like that. So we we create an equality the moment of the vote.

And if you decide and I'm telling you, you're not alone out there, buddy, but get, you know, get over it. You know, if we have got to get people to vote, we should not have this. It embarrasses me to say that we have sixty five percent turnout in the in the presidential general election from nineteen ninety two to twenty twenty sixty five percent turnout. You know, if we had seventy five, eighty five percent, believe me, the majority of Americans that love this country, that know things are going this way or that way, they're going the wrong way.

If they if you stood your ground and you went in there and you understood what was behind you and what's behind you, this to everybody, what's behind you are hundreds of years of sacrifice, of blood and treasure that has been given up and families that have been destroyed because of wars that we've been involved in to protect that right that you have right now to go out to get out there. And one number one register and number two vote and get off your rear end to get out there and vote. There's too many people that have sacrificed their lives that will never have a chance to vote, that will never see their children, you know, that won't know the beauty that that you're able to to see in our country when you go outside your front door. You know, so take the goddamn responsibility and vote.

Take it seriously. It's so it's so vitally important and it's the one thing that we all still have the ability to do. I mean, you may not be able to go yell at the speaker of the House or go go to talk to the governor or whatever, but you can go and vote. That's the that's the beauty of a constitutional republic. That's the citizenry that we have to me.

Oh, my God. I mean, what a what a sense of of of satisfaction that you have to be able to say, you know what? I voted for that guy or that gal, and I'm glad that I like what they're doing. Or when somebody is in there and they're doing a crappy job, you know, you know that that you didn't you went in and you voted for the other person. Right. And you said, well, I didn't vote for that SOB. Right. And so you can at least complain about it. But if you complain, you complain, don't complain to me if you didn't vote. I'm I'll let you have it, you know. Sorry, General. Thank you so much.

No, don't don't apologize. I think if you don't vote, you might as well spit in the eye of every veteran. Yeah, I don't care if it's stolen or whatever.

It takes five minutes to vote. That's such an inconvenience. I have no sympathy for that. By the way, work to fix it. We're Americans. Get involved in some way.

It is a defeatist, non-American attitude. And we can outvote the fraud. I really believe that. Lieutenant General, thank you so much. Check out Flynn movie. God bless Charlie. God bless. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us is always freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to Charlie Kirk dot com.
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