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Eric Metaxas's Powerful Response to the "Christian Nationalist" Slur

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December 19, 2023 5:09 pm

Eric Metaxas's Powerful Response to the "Christian Nationalist" Slur

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 19, 2023 5:09 pm

The left's go-to insult for 2024 is to equate America's churchgoers with the supporters of Adolf Hitler. Christian author Eric Metaxas is at Amfest and joins with a devastating rebuttal to this attack. Plus, Brandon Tatum joins to lay out how Marxism and transgenderism are paving the way for a black exodus from Joe Biden's failing coalition.

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Go to, Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA.

We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at I found this guy, Eric Metaxas. Oh, hello.

How are you? Eric, look at that height differential. Isn't that great?

I didn't used to be this tall. Yeah. You need Ron DeSantis shoes. Oh, that's just that's just true. Come on. So, Eric, you are you are the author and, you know, I don't BS. You're the author of one of the most important books that has come out in the last decade, Letter to the American Church.

We haven't announced this yet. Yeah, well, we sort of have. But TPUSA faith, we're helping produce it, get it out for millions of Christians. Tell our audience about the book, because it's a great segue to what I want to talk to you about. Well, first of all, Letter to the American Church is the antidote to the garbage Christian nationalism stuff you're hearing. It is such foul garbage.

You have to mock it. But if you want the serious antidote to it, Letter to the American Church is my book. I beg you to read it. Shortest book I ever wrote.

We made it into a documentary film, which is launching February 8th. What is it about? It's about the fact that God demands that his people take him and his values into every sphere, into the political sphere, into how you deal with your government, your culture and everything. So when you get these people who are saying Christians shouldn't be involved in politics, it is utterly unbiblical.

And of course, it's a joke. It was Christians that abolished the slave trade through politics. It was Christians living out their faith to abolish slavery. Christians living out their faith who brought about the civil rights movement, which ended up as legislation, which is political. It was Christians getting involved against Roe v. Wade. If you don't bring your faith into politics, you allow satanic ideas to rule and reign in your world, which, if you don't care if it hurts you, it's hurting other people. So Christians must be involved.

And the only response they have is to call it a name. They say, ooh, it's Christian nationalism. You know who was a nationalist?

Adolf Hitler. Yeah, well, Hitler's idea of a nation is different from George Washington's idea of a nation. And shame and Michael Beschloss and all of the buffoons who are out there talking as though there's some comparison between loving America and saying Heil Hitler. What a joke. They need to be mocked and not taken seriously.

So I hope everyone understands. Give it up for Eric, everybody, is that going into 2024, we see this with the Rob Reiner film and Russell Moore. Yeah, we see this with Tim Alberta, who is doing the media rounds out of nowhere. Yeah, he has this book all about this and he gets like 10 minutes uninterrupted on Morning Joe.

And so this is obvious. Morning Joe doesn't want to talk about his own adultery, so he'd rather talk to Tim Alberta. Amongst other things that he's been accused of. But there's obviously a war room where one of the things that they are trying to do is they're trying to set a narrative coming into 2024 to weaken, maybe by five points, maybe by ten points, Christian enthusiasm.

And they're doing it with allegedly high brow Christian intellectuals. Yeah. So Russell Moore, you've met him before, right? I think you used to know him, right?

I embraced him and told him Merry Christmas at Mike Pence's Christmas party, which tells you how far I have come in a couple of years, right? Your sins are forgiven. I know. I mean, I want to tell you something. These folks have revealed their true colors. They are.

Let's just be real clear. If you're a Christian, what they're saying is not biblical. If it's not biblical, it's from the pit of hell, okay? It's from the pit of hell. The devil quoted scripture to Jesus.

You can quote scripture and twist scripture. What they're doing is monstrous, and it's going to harm millions and millions of people. So whenever somebody says Christian or Christian nationalism, laugh in their face and walk away. Don't have a conversation about it. And what they're really doing, everybody, is they're trying to call us Nazis.

Of course. But they don't have the chutzpah to do it. Well, they don't even understand the history. So when they hear Donald Trump, you know, use a certain word, they go, I think Hitler used the word the and Donald Trump used the word the. So that's, you know, he needs to be more careful because he's like Hitler.

Or they say, you know, Hitler had a dog. Yeah. And therefore.

Yeah. Therefore, Biden is Hitler. And guess what?

In that case, it's true. You know, they had the same dog. And that's it. It's unbelievable. Joe Biden and Hitler had the same.

No, no, I don't know that. But the point is, the point is that they have no arguments. The facts are against them.

Logic is against them. So what do they do? They immediately go to calling names. They call you Christian nationalists. They go. I mean, they're constantly inventing terms.

But I want to dive into this. So so Tim Alberta said something. Yeah. He said our citizenship is not here on Earth. Yeah. Our citizenship is in heaven. Beautiful. How does a rank and file Christian respond when I hear that? I want to respond.

That is Marxism brought into reading scripture. Why? You are not supposed to choose between citizenship in heaven and citizenship in America.

You're supposed to have both. Right. My citizenship in heaven strengthens my love of a godly country. It makes me want to make the country even more godly.

OK. It's like this is when people would say, like, oh, you love your wife too much. You have to love Jesus. And you say, wait a minute. My love of Jesus makes me love my wife more.

My godly wife makes me love Jesus more. The idea that you have to choose. They're saying it's a zero sum game. Your love of America lessens your love of God. And that's that's a Marxist view. But we are also called to do things while we're here. Well, that's the whole point is that there are action items for us Christians.

I think that some of these pastors either miss it or they're too cowardly because they want to go on MSNBC like Alberta. Yeah. And they don't say it. Hold on.

We're required to be really active while we're here. Well, isn't that the point? The point is, if you have citizenship in heaven, if you've been born again, if you love Jesus, it makes you want to work in this world for God's purposes, not to check out, not to go to your root cellar with the Slim Jims waiting for the rap.

But you think about it. What Tim Alberta is saying is the easy way out. If you get on MSNBC as a Christian author, you're doing something wrong. Well, there's no doubt at this point. If you get 10 minutes of favorable coverage on Morning Joe, look, you are way off base. Russell Moore, David French, Phil Vischer, all these guys, they will they will certainly not ever get any attention. They're dying to be in The New York Times. They're dying to be in The Atlantic.

You know, I used to be like that many years ago. And I got to tell you, we've come to a point, you got to be honest. These places are dead. The New York Times, The Atlantic, MSNBC, CNN, they're dead. You cannot take them seriously. And so these sort of Christians who are trying to get attention there, they've turned their back on the actual gospel and the actual scripture. And there is a snobbery, though.

Oh, yeah, of course. That where they look at us and they write in a way where they say we're not real Christians. They have nothing else but to call us names, Charlie.

And listen, let's be honest. They're scared to death. They see that the lies have been exposed. People across America are waking up to the lies that have been pushed and pushed and pushed. They're scared to death.

So they're in absolute, you know, Def Con five mode, throw names, use just whatever you can do. They simply want to let's be clear. They want to shut down the voice of God. They want to shut down the people of God. They want to neutralize the church. That, by the way, is precisely what Hitler did.

He succeeded in it. And the reason I wrote Letter to the American Church, which we've made into a documentary, is to show the parallels. The Nazis wanted to silence the church because they knew the church was the single threat to their power. They knew that and they had to silence the church. And these guys are like, you know, like like collaborators like the Vichy French collaborating with French.

That's right. But I want everyone to know this. They would not be putting out this. Rob Reiner, who, by the way, is an awful person with Russell, Russell Moore, who calls himself a Christian.

Imagine that they appeared in this documentary. Russell Moore, who's supposed to be this theologian. Yeah, I am so disgusted by him. And by the way, some people for years say, oh, Russell Moore.

No, he's a disgusting person. He's going with CNN and Rob Reiner. Well, what are you doing? It's called desperation. It's called wanting to be relevant.

That's the point. They would not be doing this preemptive strike if they did not see that the church was the reason why 2024 is going to go in the proper direction. They're trying to preemptively strike the Christian base. Are you tired of progressive companies and exhausted at trying to keep up with all the virtue signaling when you're simply just trying to buy products? Progressive corporate America continues to push messaging that further alienates conservative Americans, all while eroding the future of the American dream. It's prominent all over the country.

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Financial services like PayPal are canceling customers for their political views. Thankfully, we don't have to fund these companies any longer with public square. We have a solution founded by Michael Siefert, an amazing company. I think so highly of them.

We do a lot of work together. Join the movement of millions of patriotic Americans who love truth, our country and our Constitution at public askew MOB Charlie Kirk. Public Square is an app and a website where you get connected to tens of thousands of businesses from all different industries that share your value for life, liberty, family and freedom. Public Square is free to join and you get started today at public askew MOB Charlie Kirk or just download the public app now. That's public askew MOB Charlie Kirk. That's public askew MOB board slash Charlie Kirk.

Check it out today. We are here with Eric Metaxas, author of Letter to the American Church. The height differential is hilarious. So, Eric.

What? You know, people don't know that you are freakishly tall, unpleasant. Am I freakishly tall?

It's true. I'm six foot. All right. What are you? You? It's weird. If you're six, you are weird.

You're a you're a gentle giant. Yeah, I'm part of the Nephilim. So the they know that the church is a threat. Yeah. They know that there's something ascendant in this country. Yeah. And they're trying to preemptively strike it. Yeah. They're trying to.

There's other imagery I could use, but I don't want to. Yeah. They're trying to make sure it doesn't get out of the gate. Yeah. Because in two thousand twenty four, if the church becomes ten to fifteen percent more motivated, they're done. That's right. That's everybody. If the church gets ten to fifteen percent more motivated, they're done to become fifty percent. Yeah.

Ten to fifteen percent. But they're trying to say, oh, no, no, no. Spooky, wacky. Oh, yeah.

Dictator. No, look, it's just it's a joke. I think we have to be honest that the facts are on our side and they not only don't they care about the facts, they have doubled down on evil. They're willing to lie. All they care about is power.

They don't care about preserving America on the founders model. And so we have to understand we have to be wise as serpents in what we're dealing with. They will lie. They will cheat. They will steal the election. They will do anything they can.

If you're not wise to their tactics, you will lose. And there are many in the American church who are not yet awakened. And that's part of what we know.

But I will say yes and no, Eric. I agree with you. But I think the rank and file are awakened. Oh, of course.

Pastors are the ones that are not yet awakened or because I this I I think the people are there. Yeah. No, I'm with your kids being trans. We're going to have a young lady in the next segment where she goes to public school in Oregon and in high school and men watch her undress. And there's nothing that they can do about it. Men who say they are women go into the locker room.

And while she undress, she's going to come up in the next segment. And what is the local church doing about that? Yeah.

What is the local? Well, that's the whole point. I this is what I say over and over. People say, Eric, what can I do? Here's the number one thing you can do if you are going to a church that is not awake to these issues. If you're going to a church where the pastor is timid on these issues, for the sake of your soul, get out of that church. For the sake of your soul, take God's money out of that church and tell your friends to get out of that.

And guys, we're changing our messaging a little bit for a couple of years. We said, you know, challenge the pastor, challenge the elder board. That window's closing. That's correct. That's correct. If you guys did that and nothing has changed, you need to go rebuke that pastor and say, I warned you, I am going to now take as many people as possible. And this church might turn into a Denny's. That's right. I hope that doesn't happen. But you will be responsible and you're going to have to answer in front of an almighty God for being a secular pastor who doesn't care about.

Okay. And that's exactly the parallel to Nazi Germany. There was a window.

There was a small window. Bonhoeffer was begging Christian leaders to stand up and to fight against the Nazis. And they said, not yet, not yet. We want to see which way the wind blows. We're not ready. We're not ready. When they finally figured out and said, oh, okay, we get it. It was too late. And I want to be very clear.

That is exactly where we are in America today. The window is closing at starting in January, February. I never want to hear again. Well, my pastor, we're working on him. No more working. No, we've had the working on. If your pastor doesn't get it now, after confrontation and meetings, that's right. Have to vote with your feet and truly allocate your ties, offerings in your time. And I want to be clear. If you don't, you're under judgment. It's not on your pastor. It's on you.

It is on you. God will judge you for singing while the trains are going to Auschwitz. And I got to be honest. Some people say, but the music is so good. Yeah. You know, I music in hell will be even better. I mean, can you imagine people say these things? Oh, the music's good.

We've been going there for 30 years. What about your eternal soul? What about the people whose lives are being destroyed because you go to a church that doesn't address this stuff and it's not in the battle? Shame on you. Shame on your pastor.

God is a judge. Yes. And this is the opening in 2024. We need to reward the good churches and the bad churches say, you know, have a nice day.

Letter to the American Church is the book. Yes. People can see the trailer. Did you anticipate the success?

People can see the trailer at Did I anticipate the success? Frankly, no, Charlie. But I'll tell you what, we don't have time, but I will simply say, I know, I know God called me to write the book. I don't say that kind of thing lightly. And when God calls you to do something, he has a purpose. Since the book came out, I have been staggered at the response.

Everywhere I go, people say, I bought 12 copies to give to every pastor in my area. I'm telling you, something is happening. I never anticipated it would be turned into a film.

Thanks to you and others. It is now a film. TPUSA faith is produced in the movie. We're really good.

TPUSA faith. Amen. Eric, you're really special. I give you a hard time, but Eric is really, really moving the dial for Liberty and for the kingdom.

And I think we've known each other for a long time and we always appear at all these different events together. Yep. God is really building this remnant. Amen. And the enemy is broadcasting their plans. They're nervous that the church is going to tip the scales in 2024. So it's time for us to play offense. God bless you, Eric. Thank you so much.

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Go to Brandon Tatum, welcome to the show, man. What's going on, Charlie? So Brandon, you're doing a great job on radio. How is that? Three hours a day.

I would have no idea what that's like. Oh, it's out of control. It's making an incredible impact. So I'm blessed that God has given me that opportunity. But I'll tell you what, three hours of radio is a lot of work. So when y'all listen to me, I'm working hard to make that happen. Yeah, it's more than I think people realize because when you get done with one day of three hour radio, you got to do another day of three hour radio.

It's a ton. So Brandon, a lot to talk about here. We're honored now that Blexit and Turning Point USA are back together. The Blexit team is doing amazing.

I mean, the energy, the passion, the spirit. Kind of walk our audience through the vision of Blexit. I see such amazing things happening.

Yeah, we started Blexit a while back, me and Candace Owens 2018. One of the biggest decisions, the best decision we made is to partner with Turning Point USA. We have just exploded in the last year. And our vision is to change the mentality of a culture of people. And it's not just black people, it's all minorities and anybody who want to participate. But we want to change the narrative by educating. We don't want to force you to vote for a certain person and think a certain way. We just want to open up people's understanding to be educated with the truth and allow them to make the decision on their own. We want to expand it all across America and be able to see a significant change in American culture.

I see a huge opportunity here. When I meet, you know, young black students, they actually are more open minded than I would say young female white liberals. Would you say that to be true? I mean, they're open to at least this idea of the trans thing being a cancer, the pro-life message that the black community has not necessarily improved through left wing policies and ideas.

Are you seeing similar things? A hundred percent, but I think it's easy pickings to a certain degree because growing up black in America, most of us go to church. When I was growing up in Texas, we played football and went to church. And with the biblical worldview, it's easy to tap back into it. Sometimes we get allured by political, you know, foolery, leftist lunacy.

But when you start going back to the root of what the foundation is, going back to your church roots, which your parents have taught you all these years, black people are inherently more conservative. It opens your mind up and people are more susceptible to listen to what do you think that Donald Trump needs to do to do better with black voters and or improve his margins? Well, let me say this.

I know people may be mad at me. I think a lot of things that he already does is incredible. What he's done as the president was incredible. I do think that Donald Trump, if he can just focus on the message of truth and leave out criticizing some of these black people, I think it'll help.

And let me say this, LeBron James, let me talk crazy about LeBron James because I'll dog him out 24 hours a day. But I think with Donald Trump, he doesn't have to get into that dog fight because at the end of the day, he really want more people to understand him and listen to him. You start talking about the beloved Cardi B and all these other people that somehow have a stronghold of influence. It turns people off to a certain degree.

So let people like me and others do the talking and I want him to stand up and just continue to tell the truth so he can be more received. There is a prediction from the New York Times says that we're headed for a sizable realignment and how non-white voters cast their ballots. Do you think that's going to materialize?

A thousand percent, man. I don't know a single person that is looking at the economy right now and saying, look, this is the best time of my life. My 401k is doing good.

I'm excited about these interest rates. There's nobody in the world that thinks like that. Nobody, Charlie. And I know a few that voted for Biden last time.

Not one person is enthusiastic at all about supporting Biden. And that's including people in my family. I was just at an event. I had my son's birthday party, went home.

All my uncles are there and it was hilarious. They said, I never vote for Joe Biden again, never vote for a Democrat again. And the reason is because they can see the proof in the pudding.

This man has done a work on our country and America can see it. They can't push the rhetoric of Donald Trump anymore and say he's a racist because now that they're in power, we can see what the true colors are. So kind of diving into that, the trans issue. Is the trans issue something that can open black voters eyes? It seems to be deeply unpopular in black America.

I'm hoping that it will. Like I said, my uncle was an example of this. They had to do some trans training at the job and he was infuriated because there's nobody trans on the job. So I think that this is an opportunity for all of America to see how crazy, ignorant and foolish these people are. There is no way whatsoever that we should be having conversations about a biological man participating in women's sports. It's unacceptable.

I don't care if you're black, white, green or orange. It is complete foolery and I'm hoping that America stands up and realize the Marxist agenda of the left. Yeah, so we're going to have a young lady on the program. I keep teasing it. She's a turning point USA chapter leader and she has to, she goes into a locker room and men just, you know, are allowed in. And no one does anything, right? She's right here.

She'll tell you the story in a second in Oregon. Parents don't do anything. School board doesn't do anything. Teachers don't do anything. And these girls are bait. And by the way, they have their phones out recording them.

No one does anything. And the men just watch the girls undress 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 year old girls. Brandon, how should we handle that? Well, I can't tell you how I want to handle it without going to jail.

But I will say, I will say that the fathers, I look at the, listen, y'all, there is no way whatsoever that I would allow a man to go in a locker room with my daughter, not over my dead body. I totally agree. Like, why are we putting up with this? I don't understand. It's not school board meetings. It's time to do something else. It's time to do something else. And I'm not asking for anybody to be violent. I'm against the violence unless it's absolutely necessary.

But in this case, I don't think it's necessary. Just take a doggone stand. There's nothing wrong with you standing in front of that locker room, standing in front of that bathroom and saying, you're not coming in here if you're a biological man. Honestly, if a thousand men from that community just sat in front of the school, they're like, no, school's closed today. No, school's closed. Yeah, if 10 men did that, they're like, no, school's closed.

And by the way, no, you're not allowed into school. What's going to happen? They're going to arrest all a thousand men in the community?

Not doing it. A thousand high teen men. But no, they're like, oh, well, let's go write letters to our school board.

You are a beta male, honestly. See, look, the left goes out and they cry and they scream. I think we had somebody here the other day screaming on the escalator. When are we going to finally take a stand and say enough is enough? Do y'all really want us to get active?

I think that we should. And it doesn't have to be violent. Just take a stand. You know, if my daughter was on the podium, I'll tell her, get down off the podium. You're not standing next to and glorifying and supporting mental illness and a man cheating you out of your victory.

It's not happening. I hear these stories. You know, someone emailed me recently. I said, yeah, you know, my daughter is a really good soccer player. And, you know, she had to play against two men.

And how should I handle this? And I got really angry. I said, are you, are you a man? And he's like, well, how dare you say that? Like, why don't you just march on the field like you're not playing and you're a freak and you're a freak and you guys are supporting freaks.

This is female soccer. Like what? I don't, I don't understand why we won't take a stand now. Look, I don't think, I think it's because we're a nation of cowards and low team men and beta males that just put up with these deranged lunatics that call themselves trans. Well, I will say this, Charlie. I think that when you look at the totality of people, not everybody has the strength and courage to do it, but the men who do need to step up and the rest will follow.

It's just like you and I and Candace and others. It took us young people to stand up and make a stand. And now you see there's thousands of people that have the courage to stand up just like we have. So Brandon, we're going to bring her on. I want you to hear this story.

I think it's going to be really powerful here. Give it up for Maddie everybody. This is great. So Brandon, stay here.

So Maddie, thank you for your courage by the way. So you're in high school, right? Yeah.

I go to Camby high school in Camby, Oregon. So you said men are allowed in your locker room and you've had to undress in front of men. Is that correct?

Yes. We at Camby high school in Oregon, there was a title nine law that I'm sure that has been talked about and whatnot, but we have tried, we've talked, tried, I've spoke at board meetings and whatnot. You go in the locker room and there's a guy sitting there in sweat pants and a hoodie with a hood on just watching girls change, not changing himself, just walking around with his cell phone, knowing, doing God knows what, but just walking around, just watching people change. And it's really uncomfortable. Many girls were so, so sad and so uncomfortable by it. And I was the only one who was really comfortable speaking out and putting my name out there. I mean, I'm kind of speechless, like, I mean, so can I ask how old you are? I'm 16. So you're 16 years old and you speak at these school boards. Is there a female teacher that has actually talked to my, so there's a female teacher that needs to stay inside the PE locker room with us. And I asked her, I was like, all of these girls in here are feeling so uncomfortable. And you know what she said?

She said, you know, because of the title nine law, we can't do anything about it. If you feel uncomfortable, you don't need a change in here. So you can go to run a mile in your jeans that you wear to school. And if you feel so uncomfortable, you can go change in a bathroom stall at that point. And it's so. Brandon, what's your reaction to this? I think we need to go to that school. Charlie, you and I, I know there's men in the community and we need to go take a stand.

I totally agree. I mean, if this is not, I mean, like all the people say, Oh, civil rights act energy and all this, like, I'm sorry that biological men in hoodies watching like minor girls, by the way, these are minor girls trying to change. This could be trauma for the rest of the girl. By the way, the left is so big into trauma. Like this is actually trauma.

Yeah. I've had, there's been only a select couple of parents. There's only been like a couple of parents. We had one submit a story to, um, a really famous, uh, talk show host. And even after that, nothing happened.

We had one, that was it. Just a couple of parents sit down with a principal, but I was the only one that took a stance at the board meeting besides my advisor for turning point. I just want everyone to like, this is why turning point matters so much. And I'm, I'm not here to insult anybody, but the adult generation in some communities are a bunch of cowards and kids are the ones that are now stepping up to fight back against this. It shouldn't have to be that way. And I know there's a lot of great passionate and patriotic adults, but a 16 year old has to say, yeah, I don't want to have to change in front of men. And she said something so important and we're going to be, if there is a focus of some of our programming, the civil rights act that we worship as conservatives has done so much damage to this country in a way that you don't understand.

They're now using title nine as a way to allow biological men in locker rooms to watch 16 year olds undressed. Brandon, I'll just say, y'all need to give this young lady a round of applause because it takes courage. You know, you have to stand up for yourself and do not stop. You got all these people that support you and Charlie and I, we may have to try to arrange this. We're going to come down there and we'll make a difference in that school.

I really appreciate that. It is, yeah. Get Victor Marx to come, right? Oh, oh, that's a great idea, Caleb.

Oh, they in trouble with Victor Kong. So, Oh yeah. By the way, and I see Sam Sorbo here. I just, there's so many great patriots out there.

If we can't say that biological men are not allowed to stare at teenage girls dressing, then the civilization is dead. This is the line, everybody. Christmas and big family feasts are upon us, but in Washington, there's no bigger turkey than Senate Bill 1339. 1339 is Bernie's latest attempt to sneak in a backdoor takeover of more of our healthcare. It'll handcuff the pharmacy benefit managers who are currently saving millions of Americans, an average of $1,040 a year. Bernie is hoping that thousands of your fellow Americans already going to to stand up against S1339, that you'll be too busy making holiday plans or getting ready for your end vacation. Don't let this happen. I'm urging you to keep up the pressure against the passage of S1339 by going to

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste says if you don't want a socialized system that takes away your personal healthcare choices, increases cost, and makes you wait longer to see the doctor that is chosen by the government, go today right now to to stop the Senate from passing the Sanders bill. Remember, we have the momentum, but we need your help today. Portions of this program of the Charlie Kirk show are brought to you in part by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. We got Officer Tatum, Maddie, who is a Turning Point USA leader. That is what Turning Point is all about, everybody. That is what Turning Point is all about. And Sam Sorbo, Sam, you said something interesting.

Tell us about it. Yeah, I think that the reason that we have so many fathers who refuse to stand up for their daughters is because they went to school, and school is emasculating for young men. The whole system emasculates young men. So they are taught to sit quietly at their seats, don't talk out of turn. They have to raise their hand, they have to ask permission to even ask a question. They're just standing on the sidelines waiting to be told that they have permission to speak on behalf of their daughters. And meanwhile, their daughters are being abused in the system. And parents, I wanna tell you raise your kids so that they won't put up with some guy sitting in your locker room watching you change with his cell phone handy.

Like no way, no how, that's absurd. So Maddie, you are fighting, you're called names, they call you transphobic. You've had biological men watch you undress in the locker room and your colleagues.

Do you feel as if you say where are the adults fighting along? Certainly, I've talked to many, I've talked to the PE rep who is supposed to be in there to facilitate us in the locker rooms. I've talked to the principal, I talked to the vice principals, I've talked to the superintendent.

And even then I sent emails, I have emails back and forth. I have a video of me speaking at that board meeting. And to this day, nothing has been done. They made me false promises saying that they're gonna renovate the bathroom so everybody has to do stalls. Yeah, and I'll be honest, I don't think you should take renovation as a win. The only win is that biological man goes back into the male's locker room. And by the way, this is why the tyranny of the radical minority has to be stopped.

Feelings do not matter, your own mental delusion does not matter. So can anybody in the trans world answer me this, why can't that biological man still have the opinions of himself that he has, and still change in a male locker room? The answer is because it's not enough. It's about conquering. It's about imposition. It's about making you submit.

It's not about somebody's feelings. And understand you're submitting to a lie. That is the agenda, is to get you to submit to a lie. But here's the thing, if you are trusting an institution that purports to educate your children, that is willing to lie to your children, that is no longer an institution of education, full stop. We should change the name of the Department of Education to the Department of Schooling because they are no longer engaged in education.

And frankly, I don't know how you can call somebody's education an education if it ignores the most important book to humanity. Brandon, just kind of generally here, we talk about the masculine part of this. This is not gonna change unless we do something about it. It is getting wildly out of control. We know in Loudoun County, a trans individual raped girls twice after getting relocated. But I don't even wanna talk about that example.

It is traumatic for a young woman. Again, the left is all about feelings and protecting women and all this, that you have to sit there and undress while some perv looks at you. This is where we're at in the name of progress. Right, and I have to point out, Rhonda Santas in Florida has done an incredible job putting it into this stuff and not allowing them to have children or having grown men going to the locker rooms of children.

I think that this should be spread across the country. We should look at the examples of politicians who've done it the right way. And I'll say this again, we said this a thousand times here. Men look in the mirror and say, well, what am I gonna do about this? You have the power to change this.

The founding fathers of this country were men who stood on principle enough to die for it. And so we have to put a stop to this immediately, because if we don't, we're gonna have to be put in a position to do something extreme. We can mitigate it today by taking the short victories and saying, look, my daughter will not participate. We will not accept this.

There will be no renovations in a bathroom. If you are trans and you're questioning, you are the outlier. Maybe you should use the restroom at home. Maybe they should do something different about what you need to do and not do, I would say, not harm or hurt young women who are just trying to exist as women.

Let me just say this real quick. This is crazy to me. What did trans people do a thousand years ago if they somehow existed? They didn't have hormones. They didn't have any of this stuff. What did they do? Was it just a man with a delusion?

This is brainwashing. They did not do any of these things. There was probably a very minimal amount of trans people that existed. Now they're flourishing everywhere. Now they are confused. Young men are emasculated. Being gay isn't enough anymore. They got to transition to being women. We got to speak out against this and it starts at home raising your children. It's easy to point the finger at somebody else, but make sure that you're raising your young men to be men. It's okay to raise your young men to be masculine. It's okay for your young boys to wrestle and fight. Stop raising chumps. But Brandon, you know, they take boys at the age of four and five and they make them sit quietly in a classroom. And if they don't sit quietly in a classroom, they drug them. That's right. Well, and they're poisoning our men, by the way, with the food, with weed, with porn, with alcohol.

Testosterone rates are down 75%. Okay, Maddie, final thoughts. You're going to keep fighting. Oh, of course, I won't go down for nothing.

I've had three officers leave because of harassment and I'm not going anywhere. She is 16 years old fighting for all of us, everybody. That's what Turning Point USA is all about. Sam, thank you. Brandon, thank you. And Maddie, we have your back 100%, okay?

Keep fighting. We might just come to that school, right Brandon? Yes, that's right. We're going to show up and show out.

We will not put up with perv men looking at females in the locker room. This is disgusting. All right, thank you guys so much. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at

Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to That's right, Santa. is America's Woke Free Job Board. Every day, we help good companies find reliable, motivated job seekers without all the woke nonsense. And our new Red Balloon Recruiter Service is turning traditional corporate recruiting on its head, delivering high quality employees for a fraction of the price. Give yourself a Christmas gift and post your jobs on today and use promo code Salem to get 10% off your first month's job posting because life's too short for a bad hire.
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