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Bucks In-Season Tournament dreams come to an end, Week 14 NFL Picks with Ryan Horvat

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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December 8, 2023 6:00 am

Bucks In-Season Tournament dreams come to an end, Week 14 NFL Picks with Ryan Horvat

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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December 8, 2023 6:00 am

Bart is taking the Bucks loss to the Pacers in the In-Season Tournament harder than he thought he would, Ryan Horvat is back with picks against the spread in the NFL for Week 14

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler.

This is The Bart Winkler Show. It is Friday, the 8th of December. I'm upset. I'm upset about the bucks. I'm upset about the loss. It was not a great loss. I don't want to overreact to it.

I still think we do a really bad job of that. The Pacers won 128th. 128th to 119th in an in-season tournament game that was at a weird time, but the Bucks lost.

Again, I don't think we need to react a lot to the individual games as they come. I really don't think Bucks fans should be tweeting before the fourth quarter. Really good third quarter. Now, the fourth quarter is ripe with criticism. Team got a little lazy. Dame was hot in the third. Pacers take a timeout, then like, what, he shoot one more time that quarter? The team was lazy, chucking up shots, not rebounding well.

That's fine. I feel like I push back on Bucks criticism so much that I'm like, never criticize the Bucks. I'm totally fine with criticizing the Bucks when they deserve to be criticized. I think that after a game, you can see the completed product and figure out what to criticize or what to give good marks to. I think one of the things I like following is the guys at GSPN, Ty Windish and Rohan and those guys, they do this stock market thing where they treat the Bucks as... They treat the Bucks as things that are in the stock market and you get a good read on who played well and who didn't. After every game, you can say who played well and who didn't. You have that in front of you. You can know who played well and who didn't. You can know. I think one of the things that I push back on is firing the coach when they're still figuring things out. As Dame told Eric Naim, it could be scary. We're still figuring things out here and we've got this record.

So if you want to criticize Adrian Griffin, and trust me, I know that there's criticism to be had, but the firing thing is too far. I think we're past that, I hope. It's in the watching of a game and I'm just going to flat out get off Twitter. I'm closer every day. But I need it. I've got to get the link out there. I've got to get my shows out there.

I'm working independent. I've got to be on Twitter. I've got to be on Twitter. I don't need to be on as much as I'm on, yes.

I don't need to be retweeting Jordan Love shit from Bears fans two summers ago. I don't need to be answering everyone that tells me I've got a fat face. I don't need to be doing that.

So there are things that I can control within my control, sure. But I go on, I'm looking, I'm scrolling and people, you know, down 9 to 4 you're freaking out. Or down 20 to 12 you're freaking out.

Down at halftime you're freaking out. I don't know. Maybe it's just fandom.

Maybe I'm trying to change the way that fans are. I've got to remember, and somebody just told me this this week. I was at the gas station and I was pumping gas. And they go, hey, are you Bart Winkler from the Bart Winkler show? You sometimes do CBS.

I go, as a matter of fact, I am. And then the guy goes, trivia question for you. Do you know what fan is for?

Do you know what it's short for? And I go, fan? Fan is just fan. F-A-N. That's what it is. I'm a fan of a team.

He goes, oh no, sir, you're mistaken. And this is a common mistake and misconception. Fan is actually short for, say it with me, fanatic. So fan is short for fanatic. Oh, wow. Well, that makes sense. And that justifies why we act the crazy way that we act just because fan is short for fanatic.

I get it now. So that's my dumb diatribe speaking to, I guess, I mean, I don't know. I think a lot of people that I'm speaking to aren't going to hear this.

So I should just kind of move on with my own life and again, control what I can control. But criticism be damned. This was a bad performance by the Bucks. I really felt like momentum was on their way, even though the Pacers seem to be a team that I saw one article that the Pacers are a team of destiny in the in-season tournament.

I mean, I don't know. I don't know if that's even possible in this tournament. Tournament's been a success.

You know, you can't say that it hasn't. You wish next year that maybe they played these games on a Saturday championship on a Monday. This court's awful. I think people clowning on the crowd was really dumb. It's like, haha, Bucks fans.

You haha, Pacers fans. You can't fill a tournament game. Well, yeah, because it's at Vegas. We found out we're playing there literally 36 hours ago. It's 500 bucks to fly there.

They're not going to pay for a ticket. How in the shit do you expect me to get out there? How?

I tweeted this. It's easy. I mean, you might as well set the games on the moon to get us out there.

How are we supposed to get out there? It's just, just wild. So, Bucks lose. I am kind of bumming about it. I wanted to win. I wanted to play Saturday. I wanted to see what we would treat it as. I wanted to do a live stream. I will not be doing a live stream Saturday. Tyrese Halliburton is very good.

He's from Oshkosh. We can celebrate that, I suppose. But man, I am pissed.

I am bummed. This is the most upset I've been about a loss this season. Even with the Celtics. They came back and showed some fight. I thought, dare I say the Pacers wanted this more? Is that phrase allowed for an in-season tournament?

I don't know. But I know that I got into this tournament in a way that I don't think was a joke. I got to go on a lie detector test to prove myself right on that one. But I wanted to win. I'm bummed. I'm bummed. I wanted to win. I am bummed.

I am bummed. Is it worth throwing out some stats? Do any stats jump out at me? Let's see. I'll tell you what jumps out at me. 27 points, 15 assists, no turnovers.

That was Halliburton. Giannis at 37. Brooke 3 for 10 from 3.

Dame came alive in the third, but that was about it. My good buddy Chuck Freeman, who I'll bring up because I love the man and I know he can handle it. I would talk about this with him on the show if we had one in the morning.

I would say, Freems. What the H? He tweeted in the first half, maybe Damian Lillard is just one of those guys who should play on a mediocre team like Portland where he can put his points up, get 60, and his team lands an 8th seed. What?

Chuck. That is reactionary. And then he tweeted later, obviously a different Lillard than the disinterested one we saw in the first half.

That's like how the wrong headline gets the top page and then the retraction gets D6 on the Saturday afternoon edition that nobody ends up reading. So, I am mad the Bucks lost. I am mad the Bucks lost. I'm with you. You want to complain about rebounds? I'm with you.

You want to complain about hustle? I'm with you. Maybe did they take the Pacers too lightly?

I'm with you. I mean, there was that inbounds play where the bench on the Pacers was laughing. I mean, we got straight clowned.

So, yeah. I didn't like it. I am upset that they lost.

Tyrese Halliburton does the Dame Time Celebration. That sucks. I'm upset that they lost. And I'm also sad they lost because I wanted them to win. I wanted this tournament. I wanted this tournament.

I know that seems weird. Fuck, I didn't want this tournament. Alright, Bucks next play now on Monday. They will be playing the Bulls. I'll do a live show that night after the Packers-Giants game. I'll be on CBS that night, but I will be home in time to do a live show. We can talk about the Bucks.

And mainly it's going to be a Packers show. Unless the Bulls beat us and we suck ass again. Wherever you guys want to talk, I'll dance.

I'll dance wherever you lead me. But that will be on Monday, their next game. So, a weekend to come back from Vegas and recover. Ryan Horvat coming up with the picks. We'll do the Sunday picks. Monday's Packer pick will be on Monday's show.

Along with some voicemails and then we'll figure it out. I was going to try to book a Giants guy for Monday's show. Maybe I'll just do a pick with Horvat. Something will come up. We'll see. Maybe Shohei will sign with the Cubs and I can go on live and react like a bitch and get number one Twitter Reddit Cubs fan of the day.

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Promo code Bart, 25% off each and every order. Ladies and gentlemen, the return of Ryan Horvat to this show. The man had COVID, okay?

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You need Indeed. And making a return to the program is Ryan Horvat. How you been, buddy? Well, not great. I had COVID-19, unfortunately. I didn't even know it was still a thing until.

So really quick on that. Growing up, everybody would always give me shit and treated me like I was a weirdo, which I'm a little weird, I guess, but like, because I would never want to share. Like, like, you know, like my buddies like it, like practice and shit. You know, like if they if somebody had a Gatorade or a water bottle and be like, hey, let me get a sip and like they throw it to each other. And I'd always be like, no, or like somebody be like, hey, let me get a buddy your burger. And I'd be like, no. And people like even in my family with my parents, my dad was the same way.

And everybody always treated me like I was a freak. Now that I have a child, like I'm not like weirded out by him, of course, like we share stuff all the time or else I get guilt tripped. Right.

So the problem is, and here's what you want to do when your son gets older. Yeah, you can't use the same germs. It don't matter. Well, no, no, no. But yeah. But here's the problem.

Right. Like I was walking him to school two weeks ago and I heard a mom, these hillbilly parents walking back with each other. And the mom goes, yeah, Danny tested positive for covid two days ago, but we don't have a babysitter and I got to go to work and it's pretty much a cold. And I was like, I am so fucked. I'm going to be fucked for Thanksgiving. And I didn't get sick for Thanksgiving. My kid was coughing the entire time. And I got the night before I got one of those big like Oreo shakes. And here's the here's the thing. My kid, I'm like, hey, buddy, I'm going to get an Oreo.

What flavor do you want? You should get an Oreo because when it gets here, you're going to want what I want. Your kids always going to want what you want. Just like when me and Amanda go see Dave Matthews, even though Nate's going to be miserable the entire fucking time with the music blaring in his ears, he has to go.

It's like FOMO. You don't want to miss out on anything. You know, he wants what you want. But he was like, no, I want mint chocolate chip or no, it was like peppermint, you know, because it had like it looked cool. And I was like, you're not going to like this. Like it looks cool, but it's going to taste like shit. It's going to either fucking melt or I'm going to have to eat it.

And this always happens. You know, my wife gets a cheeseburger. He wants chicken tenders. Then she has to give the cheeseburger. She's eating shitty chicken tenders. This is always how it goes with this kid.

So you always just order something aside to didn't do that. We share the same Oreo thing. Next day, he tests positive for. I'm like this little fucker who I do love.

Of course, he's my son, my flesh and blood. But he gave me covid. That motherfucker bounces back the next day. He has a cough for one day. The next day.

It's like, but he can't go to school because I'm not a hillbilly and I'm not going to infect somebody else or kill somebody's grandma for Christmas. The next day. Bam, bam, bam. All around the house. And I'm sitting there like I got the original batch from fucking China. You know what I mean?

Like the lab like implanted it. I thought it was going to be like the original days. Remember when they were like burning bodies on the street in China? That's what I thought that they were going to do to me. But I lived. I'm good. I was so pissed. Remember that? I mean, obviously, you and I bring it up all the time and I'm still very bitter about people that are still mad at me to this day. But I don't ever wanted to get it.

Almost killed me. If we were to say in 2020, like, guys, this will be around still in three years. People will be like, oh, fuck you, Lib. Yeah, it's not. It's just there's a there's a new virus. We're just like, can we get rid of it? And I guess we can't.

So it's here forever. I probably have it, but I can't get a babysitter and I got to go to work. So I ain't testing my kid either. Well, you're going to infect somebody anyway.

Nobody cares about covid. I'm back. I'm ready to roll.

Also, I don't know if you've heard. I'm all in on the Jordan Love Express. I do. I told Sparky on the latest and everybody check out the latest curtain long, especially because I really still want that bonus.

Even if I probably hit the views, they won't give me a bonus. Fucking cheapskates. But we're not we're not taking that out either. But so I I said I owe Jordan Love an apology. I'm not giving good an apology yet. And also, anytime anybody is like one last thing, everybody's always like, hey, Horvat, do you still want T Higgins and Patrick Queen?

And my answer is yes. And both are about to become free agents. Give Jordan Love T Higgins for a red zone threat and give us Patrick Queen. He's having a breakout season. He's got one hundred and five tackles, like three and a half sacks. He's playing awesome right now.

Maybe it's because he's next to Roquan, but he's been really good. And I always want that Super Bowl like the NFC. It was it was still a bad pick. They they potentially cost themselves a Super Bowl. And so when they made the pick, my initial thought was to to to justify this. Not only does Love need to win a Super Bowl, but they need to win a Super Bowl before he takes over because you're like.

And so that's the that's like the counterbalance. If you're going to keep doing this, which I think they got lucky the first time. And this is just like there's no way they're going to keep doing this. People aren't going like you ruin three years, basically.

Yeah, you want MVPs, but they win shit. So if you're going to keep doing this, you're going to you're basically sacrificing the chance, a better chance at a Super Bowl to ensure long term success. And that's like that's the tradeoff that I guess you got to do. Yeah.

And I mean, and the other thing is, well, really quick. So I yeah, I mean, I've always been like Jordan Love's a good kid. I don't know if he's going to be any good because he throws the football to the other team way too much. But the thing for me was like, Oh, Utah State.

He was awful. Yeah, no, no, but whatever. But everybody knows I've made these points a billion times anyway to apologize to Jordan Love. I told Sparky that why I already bought all the Jordan Love apparel. We got the green jersey, the white jersey, the throwbacks I don't even like. I just found a Jordan Love on the pro shop, a koozie for six ninety nine, a Jordan Love koozie.

And I said, if Jordan Love has a charity, which somebody's got to get back to me on, I'll even donate some Christmas money to the Jordan Love charity for my apology. But here but here's my thing. Right. I love and I still love Aaron Rodgers. I know Farve is a terrible human being.

This is going to be a hot take. I don't love Brett Farve the person. But Brett Farve, those years I would never take back. And I'm going to admit, man, like I don't have like favorite pro athletes anymore. Like, yeah, I like Giannis and I like Jordan Love, but they're kids like they're younger than me. It's like weird.

I'm not going to buy their jersey. Rogers is older than me. You know, like and I grew up and it was Farve and then it was Rogers and they played with broken bones and cold weather. Yeah, they shit the bed in the playoffs.

But like, you know, it's like when my son like would paint on the walls. It's like, yeah, he's a shithead or gives me covid, but he's my shithead, you know, and I forgive him. And it was hard for me to say goodbye to Aaron Rodgers, especially after he won back to back fucking MVPs. And I felt like, you know, the organization did let him down a little bit just because, I mean, it sucks that Bakhtiari gets hurt the NFC Championship game year against the Bucks, because that was the best team I think Rogers ever played on. They should have won that game. And again, like if they had T Higgins, I think that helps them.

Anybody other than Devontae, because the reason he's forcing the ball to Devontae is because he got E.Q. I'm saying, Brian, he dropped a two pointer. Well, and I would have thrown the ball to Tanya and I would have trusted him. I thought he should have earned your trust. But what I'm saying is, like, I wish they would have added pieces for them, because that was a really good fucking team.

But now I'm happy with Jordan Love. Do you think Tampa loss was worse than Seattle? What did you say?

Is it possible Tampa's loss was worse than Seattle? Which, which, um, I think. I think I think like, you know, it's like you, you know, when you I've never broken a bone somehow, because I'm not I never do anything active. But when you break your first bone, it's like tragedy. And then when you break your second bone, you're like, fuck this again. So with twenty fourteen, there's like tragedy in twenty twenty two is like, yeah, I mean, I've been here. You know what?

I don't know. OK, so I'm going to remember that year that they lose the Seattle. So Seattle goes on. They play New England in the Super Bowl. And that's the year where Pete Carroll loses his mind in New England wins. Remember, Green Bay played New England earlier that year and it was a fucking awesome game and we barely beat them at Lambeau Field. So I think we beat them. But it's fucking Tom Brady, dude.

And so I don't know. I feel like it's 50 50 that game. We would have beat the living shit out of the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes.

Remember, that's the game. He didn't have an offensive line. And everybody's like, yeah, Mahomes is the greatest ever. Did you see this throw we made while going back 80 yards? And so I just I'm going to say, yeah, maybe because that team was so good.

It's all the back. The injury sucks because I go back and I watch that NFC championship game all the time to punish myself, just because we got completely hosed on the holding calls and shit to like the interception. Rogers Rogers was perfect in that game. You can't bring up the interception. Lazard's fucking jerseys being yanked. I found one of the officials on Facebook.

If I ever I think I showed you the photo and he's a lawyer in like Florida or something. And I was like, hey, motherfucker, like you cost me a year of my life because now if Rogers would have got that second ring, I would have been just like, all right, see ya. Jordan Love era. But I just I really wanted him to get it because now I feel like he's always going to be known as a regular season quarterback. And there were so many times he was left out the Seattle game.

He wasn't healthy. But anyway, I'm all in on the Jordan Love Express. So people stop tweeting me every time he has a good game because I want him to have a good game. I love this team.

I bet him to win the Super Bowl. I was drunk, but I did it. So let's roll anyway. Before the picks, I do have a message for you. Last time this did not go well.

We'll try it again this time. I think you'll be more accepting of the voicemail that was left specifically for you. This is from Dan and Muskego on the Carl's Place voicemail line.

Carl of ET dot com backslash Bart to check out some golf simulators. Here's a quick one from Dan. Just a quick voicemail.

That I have saved for several weeks and now my phone's like, OK, here we go. Here's Dan. This is Dan and Muskego with a message for Ryan Horvat. I downloaded the curtain long podcast and I want my free drink in December. OK. You offered free drinks to people that download the show. Yeah.

So that's from Dan. All right. Well, I'll be in town. I leave on December twenty third. We got to make something happen because Toby is going to be here around that time, even though you see him like every fucking day. Yeah. I want to see you guys.

Yeah, I want to see you, too. All right. Well, we'll work on that later. Maybe you can come to my kids swimming with me.

It might be canceled that week. All right. Let's start. Let's do the Sunday picks. A bunch of games. I think some of them might be OK.

I don't know. NFL is weird. We're like all the games are asked. Sunday Night Football should be interesting. But let's start with the I call them the noon games.

You East Coast elitist call them the one p.m. games. But where do you want to start? Let's go with.

All right. I want to start with my favorite game of the day, actually. My favorite bet.

I have way too much money on this game. I want to go out to Chicago. Right. My favorite city. I know it's I know I'm a scab or what am I. What are we in Illinois? We call it. We don't call them fibs anymore. We call them council lights.

Yeah, what a beautiful city, though. Anyway, the Bears. I bet them at plus five. They're down to three and a half. They are going to beat the Detroit Lions and help us out on Sunday. And let me tell you why.

All right. Are you saying there's a chance the Packers can backdoor an NFC North title? I hope. I don't know. I may have bet that, too. They could.

I mean, you you you go eleven and six, ten and seven. Detroit's going to need to lose a few games. I'm not really considering it, even though I just clearly did.

I mean, now, how do you like Chicago? If you could enlighten me. Yeah, I got you.

I got you. OK, so at least to cover the number here. You know, I I think Dan Campbell. So he's going to want to run the ball, obviously. Bears are pretty good against the fucking run, dude. Like the Bears aren't a terrible football team.

Right there for Nate, I get. But against the run, there are top ten run defense. They're not great against the past. They've also been really beat up in the secondary.

Like I don't love Eddie Jackson, but he missed some time when they got all their pieces. They're not all that bad. The reason I like the defense to hold their own against Jared Goff, that electric offense, the run game, the revenge game for Montgomery is this game is in Chicago. Chicago on one of the shittiest fields ever.

Soldier Field, that toilet dump. Jared Goff. One thing about Jared Goff, he hates being pressured. One thing about Jared Goff, he doesn't play really well in cold weather. We're going to get for week 18 at Lambeau. He does except for a week 18 at Lambeau. Yeah.

To screw our world up. But it's going to be rainy. It's going to be really windy. So it's going to be Jared Goff throwing into the wind. The Bears are pretty good against the run.

And the Bears on offense have figured some stuff out, man. Justin Fields. I know everybody hates Justin Fields. It's like you got to love.

I'm still a believer. You could like Jordan Love and Justin Fields. I mean, Justin Fields hooked up Jordan Love's mom and his girl with some tickets at Soldier Field, so they didn't have to sit up in the rafters. Not every conversation with one of the guys has to feature the other. Right.

Exactly. For separate teams drafted in separate years. I kind of want Justin Fields to end up in Atlanta.

That's what I've talked myself into. Like if the Bears give up on him and get Caleb or Drake, I want Fields in Atlanta with all that speed, because I think he could be good. I think the Bears are a cursed organization.

It's a fucking dumpster fire. But I think they help us out. They beat the Lions because I think Justin Fields, D.J. Moore, you know, Lions are good defensively. I think the Lions are a little overrated, though. So give me the Bears, at least to cover the number. I don't love the money line. I didn't play that, but took the plus five.

It's down to three and a half. I like anything over a field goal, and I kind of like the under in the game with the weather elements. So that's my favorite game of the day.

The Bears, they help out the Packers. I'm still going to, that's very compelling. I almost want to take it based on that. So I will. You're a smart guy. You've got a nice Nike sweatshirt on that reminds me of something Grayson Waller would wear. So I'm kind of digging that.

Thanks, Mitch makes fun of it. He's like, what the fuck are you wearing? It's like, what the fuck are you wearing? I like, you know what, my wife.

So like, I like like crazy shit. I'm always like, when we go to the mall, I'm like, babe, what do you think about this? And she's like, no. And I always buy it anyway because, you know, I'm going to show her, right?

Like, no woman's going to tell me what to do, dammit. But so she bought this one for me and I looked at it and I was like, man, this is kind of fucking ugly. But I've got a rocket now. So I figured this is a good time for it. You can see the shirt on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream and I'll link to it where you can buy it on my Amazon. I'm just kidding.

I don't do that part, but you can see the shirt. So I'll ride with you. I'll ride bears because you do it for a living. So I'll do it for you. All right. Hey, Siri. Oh, wait, no, no.

Here's the I couldn't find bear. Oh, shut up. Anyway, I think we might get in trouble for this. Hey, Siri, stop. You turn it off. You stop. Thanks, hon. Anyway. All right. So we both like the bears. I'm going to circle it, circle it in.

What's next? I think the line like Dan Campbell's the favorite to win coach of the year. How is D'Amico Ryan's not coach of the year, dude? Well, there's a lot of action coming in on the floor. Even even our guy Nick Costas put a nice bet on the floor who was off the board for like seven weeks. And then all of a sudden he's back on at 16 to one.

Yeah, but I got to be honest with you. I don't think he wins, even if like the Packers went out because the Texans had two top five picks. And now there are seven and five football team. And I know Trevor Lawrence is coming back.

It sounds like with this high ankle sprain, but I don't know that he's going to look like Trevor Lawrence. And even if he does, dude, the Jags defense is shit. They gave up 400 plus yards to the Joe Burrow list Bengals. I don't really like the Jags in that division. So let's go to that game.

Let's go out to the Jets. Dude, the dumbest thing I've ever done with my money. You know what I was just realizing? I was saving a prop, some prop comedy on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream, but they played Thursday.

I wanted to show you my terrible towel I bought. Oh, I like that. Yeah.

It's the official one. How about that game on Thursday? What a shit show.

Well, we knew it would be. Can you believe Al Michaels just left the booth in the third quarter and made Herb Street do it all by himself? Herb Street, who is one of the best commentators in the sport, but an absolute fucking menace.

When he goes on the couch football playoff show shilling for Alabama for some reason. Why were they so mean to Booger? Did you see Joey Galloway like he was being an asshole? He's like, why are we talking about we in Booger's face?

Was that clearly? Clearly he had a nerve because Booger was right. Booger was like, motherfucker, if we weren't on set and you talk to me, I love Booger, by the way. We've all in on Booger. I love him. I wish I could do a show with him. Ryan and Booger. He's the GOAT.

And we just have an idea. I'm going to start campaigning for the Bob and Brian show. I'm going to start DMing him and shit. He's not a fucking he belongs in like on a radio show or in a studio. He doesn't belong in a broadcast booth. He definitely doesn't belong in a tractor or whatever they had him in that year. Why did they treat him like a prop?

I don't know. That was fucked up. So here's what they did on second and three. They ran a half.

He was so obvious. But anyway, Texans are three and a half point favorites over the Jets who go back to Zach Wilson. Jets call Zach Wilson. They're like, hey, man, time to work. And he's like, no, I'm good.

What do you think about this one? I like the Texans. I will never bet the Jets ever again.

Well, they got Zach Wilson back. Which if I was Zach. I wouldn't play. I'd be like, fuck you. You bench me several times over several years. Yeah. But I guess, you know, you got to be a good soldier.

But at what point do you like say stop treating me this way? Also, I think the Jets the Jets biggest mistake and there are many was still having Zach Wilson on the roster. They thought not only not only were they throwing like a dart and hoping to hit Rogers being good for them, getting in the playoffs, which was a tangibly reasonable thing that could have occurred.

But then they're like, oh, and he's going to salvage Zach Wilson one. Don't get greedy. They got greedy. They're trying to do both. Stupid.

I don't know. Some part of me thinks the Jets are going to win. I know I kind of do, too. I'm going to change my pick. Like this is a game I'm not going to bet, but I'm going to take the Jets, too.

I feel like it's such a fucking disaster and Houston's getting all the love. Maybe my Titans theory, which is dead now without Tannehill, turns to a Texans theory. Yeah. So I'm going to take I'm going to take the Jets. Yeah, I'll I'll actually agree. I'm going to go with the Jets, too. All right. Here's let's move on. Let's go out to Cleveland. I bet the Browns plus three because Trevor Lawrence playing got hurt.

We have no idea. I mean, Doug Peterson the other day was like Trevor Lawrence isn't going to practice today. I was like, no fucking shit. His leg went the other way. So I, I, I wouldn't play. I have to play because C.J. Beathard's hurt, too.

And he's bad. And so I took the Browns plus three. I also like the Browns money line. I don't know about the Browns. This three point favorites because they're starting our guy, Elite Joe. So I did take I guess I think that if you think if you like the Browns, take them now. Because once the Lawrence news hits or whatever, I'm sure the spread will go up.

I mean, he could play, but I don't know what kind of Trevor Lawrence you're going to get. So, yeah, I'm with you. I'm with you on the Browns.

Too much unknown in that game. But yeah, Browns, I think of the side for right now. Atlanta, one point favorites over Tampa Bay. And I need Atlanta really bad in this game. So I have to take Atlanta. There's six and six. I bet their win total over eight and a half.

So we've got to get busy here. I do think that they're I mean, they're the favorite right now to win that division. Tampa has, I believe, the second best odds. And then the Saints have the third best odds, even though they are huge favorites to win that.

Tampa is so disappointing, though. Derek Carr sucks. David Carr is an idiot. Like, what the fuck was he talking about? Jalen Hurts getting benched for Marcus Mariota. I don't know, but it's the most you've heard about him in two years. So he's doing something right. That's what happens when you don't invest in an offensive line for your number one overall pick.

His brains get fucking beaten and he starts saying insane stuff. I like Atlanta. I think Tampa sucks. I think I think Atlanta has less chance to lose than Tampa does. I think Atlanta's dog shit. I don't think their coach is smart, but Tampa physically like they can't win. I don't know how they're five and seven.

Honestly, I don't. They all they beat Carolina. Tennessee, the Saints, Bears and they can't. They suck. Tampa fucking sucks. Give me the Falcons. The dirty birds.

Yeah. How about we go out to Cincinnati with the Joe Burrell list. Bengals were taken on the Indianapolis Colts. And you know who I like in this game, even though the Colts are playing good football and they're seven and five. I like the Bengals the way that they're playing right now with Jake Browning. Zach Taylor.

He actually did something smart. He put Jake Browning under center a little bit more because, like, if you remember when Zach Taylor first got the job, I hated him and Joe Burrell was under center and you're going to draft Joe Burrell. He's got to be in shotgun running the offense. He ran at LSU where he's getting the ball out quickly. All those receivers not taking a beating with that shitty offensive line. But with Browning, he's getting rid of the ball quickly. Joe Mixon is washed, but he could still give you a little something.

And I love Chase Brown out of Illinois. But he's been on the IR. He was averaging like nine yards per carry.

So I know it's Jake Browning. I don't think the Bengals are going to make any noise. Well, let's not disregard Mixon. Mixon's been playing well. Mixon's fucking dead. He's all right.

Get the jackass dance. I liked it. I'm taking the Bengals here. I think that, I mean, you got a healthy T Higgins.

So, yeah, I still would have drafted. You got Jamar Chase. You got Boyd. And they're at home in this game. And fuck Indianapolis. So, yeah, I'll take the Bengals. I kind of do like the Colts, though, in this game.

So, I don't know. I just think there's something more cultsy going on here. Bengals got the nice win the other night. I think the Colts on the road get it done. Plus, I'm mad at Cincinnati if you saw that picture going around. The stadiums by the ballpark are all, or the area by the ballpark is all like highways. And it used to look like fucking Soho in New York. But Cincinnati, another one of these cities that cleared the way.

People don't know this about America. We had some great infrastructure and architecture in this city, in this country. And we destroyed it all for cars.

And so, once again, I'll say fuck cars. Even though that's a big part of my wife's business and my income. I hear that.

I hear all that, actually. I want walkable communities. Although, I live in a walkable community. And guess who drives their kid to daycare, even though it's within blocks?

Me, still. Why? Because I'm a lazy fat. I walk everywhere. It's actually a beautiful thing. It's good for you, too.

You get mental clarity out of it. You know, walking is actually the best exercise for you. Yeah, well, we're good. You know who does some walking? Lamar Jackson. You know who's coming to right down the street?

It's going to be rainy and windy. And you have Matthew Stafford and that offensive line coming to Baltimore. This spread is a joke. You like the Rams? No.

What is it? Like seven and a half? Seven and a half. I like the Ravens.

It's going to be 13 and a half. Yeah. NFC teams have come to Baltimore twice. You saw the Seahawks there.

You saw the Lions there. They're a decent team. They got their ass kicked in Baltimore. They don't lose to NFC teams. They don't lose to NFC teams at home. They will get destroyed. The Rams will get destroyed. How do you like this scenario?

There could be, there could be, depending on how it shakes out, a week one playoff game where Matthew Stafford and the Rams go to Ford Field to take on the Lions. Ooh. How about that?

The Lions, who before this year, their greatest franchise win was when Matt Stafford won a Super Bowl with the Rams. Yeah. Yeah. How about that?

That'd be something. But Baltimore is going to beat the shit out of the Rams. Oh, and they're just going to punish them.

I mean, it's going to be very submissive, yes. I think the Panthers are going to cover the five and a half against the Saints. I'm going to bet the Panthers.

I was just waiting to see what the number would end up at because it opened at three and a half. We're out to five and a half. Panthers aren't good. In fact, they're one of the worst teams ever.

Bet them last week they covered. They're figuring some shit out now that they made the change at head coach. I know the Saints are at home. Saints aren't good, man. I mean, Carr sucks. I love Jamis.

He should have been the guy from day one, in my opinion. Yeah. Five and a half. Way too many points. Even with the Panthers. I'll take the Panthers. Saints are not good. Saints are dead to me. You notice I haven't brought up the Survivor pool yet since I am out.

There are two people left in the Bart Winkler Show Splash Sports pool. And there are only about 57 left in that bigger one I was in. And I'm out. I had the Saints against Atlanta. And in that game, I'm watching it, feeling pretty good. And then the Saints throw a pick six in the red zone. And then they keep getting field goals and I'm like, ah fuck, we can still win this week. And then Taysom Hill, what a great carry he has.

He fumbles at the goddamn five. So the Saints could have won that game. The logic was sound. They fucked me. They are dead to me. Fuck them forever. And I will take the Panthers.

Absolutely out of spite. And I'll put money on it too. I don't mind being emotionally swayed by my picks.

I also want to give myself a shout out for nailing the parlay of the conference championship games last weekend. Even though I only put five dollars on it. Hey, still happens though. There's still hits.

It's a beautiful thing, right? How much money did you win? Eighty dollars. Should have put fifteen on it. I only get five dollar bonus credit from the site I used. Hey, what did you do with the eighty dollars? Did you get some gummies? I could have., promo code BART, 25% off. That eighty dollars, what I do with my play money, I put it back in the DraftKings and lost it immediately. If you were to take it out, would you bet it on the Las Vegas Raiders who are three point dogs in Vegas? Or would you bet the Vikings?

I would personally bet the Raiders, plus three actually. Dobbs is going to get the start for the Vikings. That honeymoon's over. And I think Kevin O'Connell's a good coach. Vikings defense somehow went from one of the worst in the league. Your guy Jefferson's back though.

Top ten? Yeah, I know. I know. And I think a lot of people are going to bet Minnesota. I'm going to bet the Raiders.

I kind of like Aiden O'Connell, man. And since they made the change at coach, head coach, you know, McDaniels is gone. They've been a little bit better, more competitive. They got some weapons. Defense stinks.

But I think they at least cover three at home. So give me the Raiders. The Raiders had to do it. I will take the Raiders with you. I'll take the Raiders. Yes, Raiders.

What about the San Francisco 49ers, ten and a half point favorites over the Seahawks? So I fucking hate the Niners. I hate them. I hate everything about them.

I hate that they exist. I hate that they lost three games in a row and nobody cares. I hate that they traded Trey Lance and people were mad at Dallas. I hate that Kyle Shanahan actually was going win-loss, win-loss with his record and they think he's some sort of genius. I hate that John Lynch got in the Hall of Fame before Leroy Butler only because he was on TV. I hate that Jerry Rice fumbled. I hate that Terrell Owens cried.

I hate everything about him. I can't, like, they're going to kill the Seahawks. I can't lie anymore. They're good. Yeah, I mean, they're awesome. If you were to college football playoff style, make a playoff out of the NFL, they would be the one seed, right? San Francisco? Yeah, I think the Eagles would have been Georgia. They lost to the Niners, so they're out.

Yeah, dude, I think it would be San Francisco. I mean, they have the best quality. I still think, we'll see what happens Sunday night, but I think right now it'd be Niners 1, Ravens 2, Dolphins 3, Eagles 4. Yeah, about there, I would agree.

I mean, they have the best quality. Although, that might be a bad game. You don't want San Francisco and the Eagles.

Eagles would get them out of there. God forbid you have bad games. And that's the main thing I'm pissed about with college football is, because we're catering, all these fucking people are telling me, but the game's going to be bad. OK, all right, you want a good game? You better on New Year's Day not be hungover. You better fucking not take a nap during the game. You better watch that game as if it's the last, because we're treating these games like it's our last fucking meal. It's OK. Sometimes games can be bad. I'm so fucking mad about it. Yeah, I'm with you, dude.

I hear all that. But anyway, yeah, I'm going to take the Seahawks plus 10 and a half, even though this is a terrible matchup. They're desperate. They need to win. I don't think they will. But yeah, San Francisco has the best quality wins this season. They beat the shit out of the Eagles and the Cowboys. So, yeah, I'm going to take Seattle, though, plus 10 and a half. What are you taking in this game?

I'm so confused. I regretfully took the Niners. OK. What are you going to do with the Chargers, who stink in their three-point favorites over the Denver Broncos, who are now six and six since they beat the Packers playing really good football? Let Russ Cook, three-point dogs with the Broncos, three-point favorites with the Chargers. I'm actually going to take the Chargers in this game. I know that they look like shit against the Patriots. They only won that game six-nothing, but they're desperate.

They're five and seven. Staley's coaching for his job, even though he's no good. I'll actually take the Chargers here.

Chargers are awful. You know, Herbert, his record, it's below 500, isn't it, as a quarterback? Or is it 500 now because they beat New England? I think it's below 500.

That's weird. I blame Staley for that. I'm going to take the Broncos. You're going to go with the Broncos here? Yeah, somehow I think, I don't know, I thought they were shit and then I believed in them and then they lost to Houston.

I think they're going to bounce back. I think Sean Payton's a moron, but maybe he's not. Brandon Staley's a bigger moron.

I'm so tired of the Chargers. I hate them. I hate Brandon Staley. He's so bad. He does suck. He's awful. I'm going to take the Chargers.

I hate Brandon Staley so much. I forgot. I was thinking there. I bet them to win the division. Fuck. You were so in on the Chargers. I forgot about that. The Chargers was your most in thing.

You loved them. Shit. Yeah, you fucked up, dude. Anyway, another team everybody was in on, the Bills, who are now six and six, also desperate. This game sucks, dude, because I wanted to bet both these teams this week because you have the Chiefs at home and Arrowhead off a loss outright as touchdown favorites to the Packers, and then you have the Bills who are desperate right now, right, with extra time to prepare, but that fucking defense for the Bills isn't very good. I'm worried about Kansas City's weapons other than Kelsey, who kind of looks washed, to be honest with you. KC's defense is what's keeping them alive right now. I mean, Mahomes is great, but MVS stinks.

Oh, this one sucks. Give me... What are you taking? Well, I don't think anyone circles the wagons quite like the Buffalo Bills. I'm taking the Chiefs. I'm going to take the Bills. I'm going to take the Chiefs. I think we're due for an are the Chiefs fucked narrative, which they won't be, and then the Bills are getting in the playoffs somehow, some way.

Yeah. I bet the Bills in this game, it opened at three and a half. It's down to one and a half, so they were clearly the side over a field goal, but now with a pick, Mahomes just to win the game. I'm going to take Kansas City to win.

Yeah, I'll take KC here. All right, Sunday Night Football, here's the game. Dallas, three and a half point favorites over the Eagles. I think Dallas wins the game, but I think the Eagles cover. I think Dallas wins off a walk-off field goal, so if I'm getting anything over a field goal with the Eagles team coming off a loss, I'll take the points, but dude, Dallas needs a big signature win.

I love McCarthy, but he needs one, man. They got fucking curb stomped by the Niners, even though they barely lost to them in the playoffs the last two years. They didn't show very well. They should have actually beat the Eagles, man, that last game. Dak steps out of bounds on that two-point conversion. Dallas wins, Eagles cover. Eagles plus three and a half is my pick. I'm going to take the Cowboys.

They're wearing those icy helmets, icy whites. They're at home. I think the Eagles could have beat the Niners, then I would have taken them again, because they would run away. They would just run away with the NFC. The Eagles have played a lot of close games. Some of that's going to catch up with them. I still like them to score.

I'm with you close game, but I'll give it to the Cowboys, who will be playing for the Gipper with McCarthy having surgery this week. Oh, yeah, dude. He's going to coach right though. He's coaching though with it, right, last I saw? Yeah, I think he's going to plan to coach.

That's a football guy right there. So, that wraps up our Sunday picks. We will have the Packers pick, and there's two games on Monday for some fucking reason. We will have those on Monday's show. Horvat, always a pleasure, and I will see you, well, whatever. I'm ending the show, but talk to you later, bud. See you, buddy.
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