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What’s the state of the Carolina Panther franchise?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 14, 2024 3:23 pm

What’s the state of the Carolina Panther franchise?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 14, 2024 3:23 pm

Sheena Quick, covers the Carolina Panthers, on what the Panthers have been doing in free agency and what the 2024-25 season might look like.

Where does Sheena think the Carolina Panthers are right now in free agency? Which gaps are still left to fill on the team? In terms of the moves they have made, are there one or two that jump out as good moves? What have the Panthers historical NOT picked after round 1 in the draft?


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Equal housing opportunity. It's very popular to take shots at the Carolina Panthers. That's why we do it.

No, I'm just kidding. But sometimes they stumble upon doing things the right way. I think it remains to be seen. You know, we don't know how it's all going to work out. I think a lot of us were pretty positive about a lot of the moves they made last offseason. None of it worked out because the offensive line was trash.

And they have certainly tried to address that. And well, let's talk about what the Panthers have done so far. Sheena Quick, beat reporter for the Carolina Panthers, is joining us. By the way, first time on this program. I appreciate you lowering yourself and your standards to come on. So thank you very much. You are silly. Thanks for having me.

Appreciate it. Let's just broad brush it. You know, I know Brian Burns is out and a popular player like Frankie Louvou is out. But how do you assess what the Panthers have done now through, what, four days of free agency? I feel like they're still sorting through the mess from the last regime.

Well, yeah. And starting with the Brian Burns situation, which should have been handled two seasons ago. And honestly, when I said on Pat's show that they got fleeced, they did, but they fleeced themselves. They fleeced themselves when they turned down those two first round pitch and did not pay him immediately. So as the time went on, as it struck out, it was lowering his draft value as far as getting picks in exchange for him more and more by the week. So getting only a second and a fifth for Brian Burns is definitely like bargain bin type situation. Yeah, I know a lot of people know that.

No, I was just going to point out they gave up more for Sam Darnold than they got for Brian Burns. That should answer any questions. Adam Gold here with my man coach Pete DeRuta, Capital Financial Advisory Group. Are most of your clients hands on or they just give you their money and let it work for them? About 90 percent give the money and then we meet every year and go through status reports, have a financial pit stop, make sure everything's fine. It is like a puzzle, Adam, but for the next 10 of you will solve your own retirement puzzle at no cost or obligation.

Call and claim your comprehensive review with Coach Pete and the team, 888-843-0013 or text ADAM to 600-700. Adam Gold is a paid spokesman, investment advisory services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. Exactly. And that just tells you just kind of the state that this franchise is in. They didn't get a first for Christian McCaffrey either. So, you know, you have two first round picks who were traded away for basically pennies and to take the CMC picks and trade up to get D.J.

Johnson. I mean, it's just head scratcher after head scratcher. But I think that Morgan and then Morgan and Dave Canales are in the first stages of trying to kind of sort through the mess and put bandaids on some of the things that some of the wounds that have been created in season's past.

Sheena Quick is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. She covers the Panthers just to kind of dig down a little bit more on the burns thing, because you raise the point that maybe not a lot of people will point to in that when you turn down and Joe Person from the athletic consists that it was two ones and a two, which makes my brain hurt, thinking that you could turn down that for somebody who's not a quarterback. But you turn down two ones and a two. And if you're going to do that, then your obligation is to sign burns long term at first opportunity, which they did not do. So certainly they'd be in a lot better position now if they had traded burns the same time they traded McCaffrey, the PR hit of trading, arguably your two best players at the same time is a little bit difficult to overcome. But they made the decision to not do that. They probably should have should have done that in terms of the moves that they have made so far. Are there is there one or two that jump out to you and say, yes, they are doing the right thing now. The signing of the two guards interior, not just interior, but the entire offensive line was a liability last year. So it's good to see them be serious about addressing that.

After all, you have so much hiding. You want to give him the tools that he needs to be successful. Getting hit as many times as he did last year started to affect his fundamentals down the road or down the line a little bit as the season went on, as he was anticipating being hit within a second or two of the ball being snapped. I do like those two guard signings. In addition to Brian Burns, you lost another four starters on Everose defense.

And it looks like they're starting to try to address some of those concerns as well. They did bring back cornerback Troy Hill. They signed another quarterback from the Bills and they have three edge rushers that are visiting with the team today that if they're able to come away with one or two out of that group, that would be a step in the right direction. Jadaevian Clowney is one of the edge rushers who is visiting. Do you have an idea of how interested Clowney is in the Panthers?

I do not. That's something that everybody on Twitter is waiting for. Nobody really knows what's going on, how serious or how realistic it is for him to actually come here.

It's amazing. He was such a great player coming out of South Carolina and now he's on like the NFL tour. How many teams can he play with in successive seasons? He's on the one-year deal tour. I also think that the fact that they turned Donta Jackson, who they were going to release, into a really good wide receiver option for them is borderline illegal. Yeah.

That's amazing. In addition to the offensive line, they need to get Bryce Burns some weapons. And Donta Johnson is definitely going to make that wide receiver room better. He can get open.

He's got a little bit of baggage from what I hear. In many ways, he's kind of like a modern wide receiver. It's not always awesome, but he had problems dropping the ball in the past, but he's I think at a 5% drop rate, which again is not going to put you among the elite players in the league. But is also not going to put you among the worst.

His worst season, I think he was 8 or 9%. But look, I just think the fact that somebody can get open and that's what he is great at will certainly bode well. He's smaller though, so they still need another wide receiver.

You alluded, Sheena Quick is joining us here. You alluded to trading packaging picks and trading up. I'm begging the Panthers who have now two picks in the first seven of the second round. I am begging them to not be tempted to trade up. It has been a problem for this franchise going back, I don't know, 15 years. Like doesn't make a difference who's making the selections here.

It seems like everybody wants to do it. Yes, the thing about it is they have not historically hit on those picks after round one. A large part of last year's class remains because it was just last year. But if you look all the way back to 2019, Brian Burns' entire draft class is no longer there. And of the 2020 draft, when they drafted all those defensive players, Derek Brown is the only person that remains. So between 2020 and 2022, the Panthers drafted 24 players. Only nine remain on the roster and Terrace Marshall Jr. could be on the move also, and that would bring that total down to eight. So it's just going to be very interesting to see how the scouting department builds this draft board with only later round picks. Well, at least you've got three picks of the first 33 that are going to be selected on day two, and there should be some good value there. Another player that they traded up to get and they no longer have is Matt Corral.

Exactly. Oh my gosh, they do that with quarterbacks. Every second rounder is gone, except for when they didn't have a second round that year, but they did trade up to take Matt Corral into third and he's no longer with the team. You're absolutely correct. I don't even know if he's on anybody's practice squad anywhere, I assume he is.

Sheena, quick. No, he's in the, I think it's the U.S.L. or A.F.L.

Oh, man. The arena league or something like that. Yeah, he's in a different league. Perfect. I just don't know exactly which one it is, if it's U.S.L. or A.F.L. My gosh.

Well, it's not the NFL, so he's in a minor league either way. Sheena, quick. I appreciate your time at Sheena underscore Marie three.

If you want to find her on Twitter, she covers the Panthers. Thank you very much for doing this. We will do it again. Thanks for having me. Take care.

Sheena, quick here on the Adam Gold Show. So interesting point that she raises about because that's something that we haven't even discussed because the mistake with Brian Burns really goes back to the time that they decided to not trade him. Because if you're going to do that, then you are committing to him. If you're if you are offered all of that and turn it down, that means, no, he's our guy. We're not getting rid of him.

So the next opportunity to tell him that he's your guy was last offseason when they couldn't sign him to a contract because they didn't want to pay him 30 million dollars a year, which I don't disagree with. But you already showed your hand. Like, here are all of my cards. Look at them.

And then he looks at them and go, well, I think I can beat you. Yeah. So you either have to call.

Or. You should have moved him in the off season and they didn't do either of those things. They didn't sign him. And they didn't trade him last offseason when they could have gotten a lot more than a second and a fifth. And again, the glaring mistake is or the the thing that should make all Panthers fans just kick themselves. How did we pay more for Sam Darnold than we got for Brian Burns? It's so bad. How is that even possible? Is getting your CPAP supplies a real pain?

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