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ACC Football schedule for 2024-25…?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 24, 2024 3:39 pm

ACC Football schedule for 2024-25…?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 24, 2024 3:39 pm

Chip Patterson, CBS Sports, on the ACC football schedule and his thoughts on how it’s laid out.

What does Adam consider the “weakest rollout ever”? What is the schedule reveal about, in Adam’s opinion, and is it living up to that this year? What is Jim Harbaugh doing and does Chip believe he’ll stay a college coach or go to the NFL? How complicated is this whole procedure? Will the NCAA put the hammer down on Jim Harbaugh and/or Michigan?

The Adam Gold Show
Adam Gold

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Patterson cover three podcast moderator. What's up? I am doing extremely well though I am feeling slightly bad and I'll tell you why.

Why are you feeling good? I realized as I was preparing to join you something I'm always excited to do. Right. I go back and I you know look back over our last interaction.

I was like you watch film. I I was not able to tell you when you requested how we got to a ninth year of eligibility for Cam McCormick so if you've got the next 30 minutes I can detail you and it starts with the pandemic. It's right it does start with the pandemic obviously gives them that was a free year uh but the way I look at it it's he had three years lost to injury. Correct. That were that gets us plus the the covid year gets us to he's able to play a ninth year it's amazing 25.

Get a job. My favorite thing about the whole uh uh uh was it Cam McCormick because it would be tight at Miami uh is that he wants to play in the NFL like he's gonna be like already qualified for his pension. No I mean I haven't checked life wallet stock but I would I would guess he might be making more at Miami than he's going to in the NFL. It's just good good luck. I mean you know what good luck I got no problem with that there I think the biggest upset was that there was no uh two-year mission because a lot of times you'll do a two-year mission but you're not like there you're not playing or you're not even on the roster for a couple years somewhere like in a foreign country. He has had team issued sweats for now eight years and he will have team issued sweats for a ninth year but you do you every I don't want to yuck his young.

I'm sure he's loving it. A couple of things I definitely want to get to I yeah Cam McCormick um the Atlantic Coast Conference and I believe we have more to be released today uh doing the slowest roll out of a football schedule in the history of roll outs of football schedules. On I think it was Monday night we released just the opening week and then Tuesday night I guess that was last night or yesterday they released the Thursday and Friday games. Maybe it's just me and I do pay attention to schedules uh good and bad but if you're going to have a schedule roll out maybe there should be more than three games worth highlighting in all of the games that you are rolling out. Is that just me being a little harsh on the ACC because other than Clemson Georgia, Miami Florida, Florida State Boston College, we have a hostile team and we're shipping the game to Dublin. None of the other games matter. They're all throwaway games no offense to Carolina and Minnesota.

That is the weakest rollout ever. I so why do you do it like I it's content right right if we spread it out over three days then guess what we are talking about it for three straight days. Personally my content decision making on the cover three podcast yeah yeah you give me the full schedule we'll talk about it Thursday right off the top but we ain't doing it on Monday we ain't doing it on Wednesday you give me the full schedule I'll be able to have some big time takeaways. I will push back on the North Carolina at Minnesota and that's where I am I am prepared to put way too much meaning into that game okay because going away is going to give that team an opportunity to start a year with a a year with a lot of uncertainty away from everything and you weren't away from everything when you were in Charlotte you're still surrounded by everything if you're in Chapel Hill you'll you're still surrounded by everything. I think it will be very interesting to take the temperature of the 2024 tar heels in an uncomfortable environment because what has been you know a popular refrain if not totally factually true is that North Carolina when things get uncomfortable doesn't always have the best response right so we could have one side of it which is they respond very well no there's nothing about Minnesota that says that Minnesota is an unwinnable game and there's nothing about playing at Minnesota that is so hostile that you don't think that North Carolina should be able to overcome it so you if you win it you're like okay this is a good way for a team with a lot of unproven players and new roles to be able to respond so I if they lose then of course you're checking out on the season right you overreact all the way the other way right but I would say that in that opening slate is all the you know the few details that we have gotten have come out just the fact that North Carolina in its first year of the Mac Brown era without a surefire NFL quarterback under center just to see that that's going to happen on the road I think is an uncomfortable environment and one that could be revealing in terms of what the Tar Heels expectation should be during the season see that's very footbally right and and it's it's it's smart you're 100% right all of those things that you said about um you know indicators about what North Carolina may be and all of that but the schedule reveal is about sizzle right that's what I look at the schedule reveal for because even if let's just say Notre Dame is going to be bad all right just let's just we'll pretend that Notre Dame is going to be bad North Carolina playing Notre Dame in the opener even if it's an 0-12 Notre Dame team that game's got sizzle so hey we got that there is virtually no one other than North Carolina fans and people like you who are into like this this game might have you know be a big indicator of North Carolina there's just no sizzle about unc Minnesota uh there is sizzle between Clemson and Georgia obviously between Miami and Florida for not only Miami whether they're good or not isn't it as a TV attraction Florida whether they're good or not that's an in-state rivalry and it's ACC SEC those games have sizzle Florida State Boston College doesn't have any sizzle but at least it's a league game and they're shipping it to Dublin and it is Florida State who doesn't want to be here uh they're like Dante in uh in clerks yes not even supposed to be here today but you and Danny Kanal and everybody else that loves to keep score of the ACC versus the SEC you've got to be dialed into Virginia Tech Vandy you know that's one for the scoreboard all right you know we'll be looking at Miami Florida but if you get the Virginia Tech Vandy win then you're coming out undefeated that says the ACC needs three teams in the playoff that's your overreaction right I can't wait for that and a North Carolina win over Minnesota would be we're better than the big 10 too I mean we have the table yeah Stanford beats TCU and now all of a sudden you're better than the big 12 too but it won't matter at the end because Florida State will be down to their second string quarterback uh and they won't go to the playoffs even if they're 13 and 0 uh because Boo Corrigan uh will never mind I don't want to blame everything on Boo Corrie's wasn't the only voter uh in that room um yeah I just wanted more out of that schedule real reveal but you know my feeling about it is that the ACC over schedules anyway and we don't get anything for over scheduling even if you do well against it apparently you don't get anything there's no prize for having more non-conference games against power five leagues than any other league and the ACC has proven that over and over and over again but we pat ourselves in the back you get that and all of the academic honors that the ACC trots out in press releases ultimately don't mean a whit when you get when it 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ever at no purchase necessary BTW void prohibited by law C terms and conditions 18 plus you play one one power five non-conference game and it doesn't even have to be a good one that's what did Michigan do in the non-conference this year didn't matter I'm not saying it should have mattered right but the teams that it the I think you're looking at a league-wide approach where you're the Virginia Techs the Syracuse's like those yeah those are the teams that you I've always understood you are encouraging them to play cupcakes because then it you just naturally by having a zero in the loss column show up in the rankings and if you show up in the rankings heck we've got four teams in the rankings and only two of them are really you know in this big national picture of being in the playoff race but because they're five and oh they're six and oh then they are just getting boosted it gives an overall reputation that ends up helping that one or two team if they are a conference champion like that's the reason why I say Iowa State men's basketball is that's the allegation is that they play a bunch of Ken Palm number 315s and they're non-con they beat them all by a bunch so all their efficiency numbers are really good all their computer numbers are really good and then they enter the big 12 where everything's a q1 game and it's like what could go wrong so right wait enough of them and you look good right yeah if you're if you're the ACC then you know you just you fluff it up for everybody but those teams that you think that are going to be playing for the big big spots at the end and those teams like Clemson for example will be playing Georgia and they will my prediction is that Clemson will lose yeah but then we'll have an opportunity in that game to at least make a statement on what it can be in a way that could help the Tigers down the line other teams that are not named Clemson or Florida State should not be seeking out those kinds of opportunities no not not against not against those teams uh you know Virginia Tech Vanderbilt that's ideal that should be Virginia Tech's only power five non-conference game that's it satisfy the requirements do the least you possibly can uh that ultimately makes the league uh look better whether it is or isn't so Jim Harbaugh while he is actively pursuing NFL gigs is also looking for a contract extension with Michigan but it's a weird negotiation Ward-Manuel the AD at Michigan wants Harbaugh back like or either he wants him back or he would willingly accept him back based on the way they have played uh over the last several years and obviously they just won a national championship how how complicated is this based on what he may ask the two the the NFL you know does the desire to get back to the NFL and the potential sanctions from the NCAA yeah so we are looking at potentially a 125 million dollar contract it would be an extra nine years uh at about 11.5 million dollars per year according to reports um I think you and I have had discussions where your belief is one that has echoed a lot of places which is that well the Chargers have been cheap Michigan might be able to win a bidding war they could like if there's any college if there's any university athletic department and also NFL franchise where you might think the NFL franchise would lose a bidding war it's the Chargers and it might be Michigan but Jim Harbaugh is requesting and Dennis Dodd uh put together some reporting for this that's available on right now he is asking for something to be put in this contract before he signs it which would permit him from being fired for any penalties that come from the two active NCAA investigations into Michigan football the first of which being from uh recruiting violations during the dead period for COVID and the second being the uh the allegations of illegal sign stealing not sign stealing it's not illegal but illegal methods of obtaining signs so you know the way the NCAA rules are written with the head coach responsibility clauses it's it'd be very easy for Jim Harbaugh in either one of these cases to end up with at least one level one violation what Jim Harbaugh is trying to get into this massive massive contract is language that would permit him from being fired for cause as a result of these investigations I have gotten have gotten the sense that Michigan probably I think a lot of Michigan would be okay with that whatever he just delivered a national championship he just delivered three straight Big Ten titles this is a peak in our history and we haven't had many of those since World War II right right seriously we have not had many peaks like this since World War II so sure whatever he can have whatever he wants but I don't know if all of the Michigan leadership is on board with that I think the power struggles between Jim Harbaugh and Michigan leadership over the last several years might be coming up again and um I'm curious about whether they really are just willing to totally bend over for everything that Jim Harbaugh asked for so those are the discussions that are happening literally right now so here's my my big picture question about this is first of all he served a three-game suspension at the beginning of the year for the first set of problems right and he served a three-game suspension at the end of the year for the second set of problems not that that was would ever be enough necessarily but what is the appetite with the NCAA to really put the hammer down on Michigan now I could understand if uh if this were I'll just use Iowa I could understand if it was them we ain't losing if we eliminate Iowa from the equation again NCAA different than because they don't really have a dog in the football fight uh I just feel like the stomach the appetite for really hammering Michigan they might take some scholarships away and even if they took them out of postseason play for a year I mean honestly Michigan can survive that uh but if they keep Harbaugh for nine years don't you think that a lot of what we have seen over the last several continues all right step one Michigan uh NCAA might not have the appetite for hammering Michigan in the way you're talking about it I do think they have the appetite of hammering Harbaugh I think the enforcement department is annoyed ticked off and insulted okay seriously I mean he was misleading investigator totally he lied he lied in he lied in an NCAA investigation yeah allegedly so I think do you know why I know this because the initial plan heading into the 2023 season that Michigan and part of the NCAA had sort of agreed to was like a play deal all right we'll uh we'll we'll sit for a game and then the NCAA enforcement was like nope you can sit but this we do not agree to this we're going to adjudicate this all the way I think they're going to put more if Jim Harbaugh's back at Michigan I think he will face more games for the first set of violations and I think that whenever the second investigation comes down I think he'll he'll face more penalties for that I don't think they're going to hammer Michigan because the NCAA enforcement department is not into bowl bans right vacating wins or you know they might take some scholarships but it's more likely they'll take away the number of recruiting days that a staff can have they are not into punishing players but they will hammer coaches and I think the NCAA does have interest in trying to apply pressure and punishment on Harbaugh uh given how defiant he was um for them uh over the last couple years chit patterson cover three podcast uh I'm gonna I'm gonna tee up next week right now okay we're going to talk Drake May and Jayden Daniels we're going to talk about Dion year two in Colorado okay and we and we might we might even branch out onto the PGA Tour we're here we're here wow so hey listen I was looking at the CBS golf schedule yeah pretty good CBS has got I mean like outside of the players when isn't it good because the contract has them 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