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NFL coaching search, Carolina Hurricanes goalie issues, and UNC getting an uglier win than it should've been

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January 18, 2024 3:28 pm

NFL coaching search, Carolina Hurricanes goalie issues, and UNC getting an uglier win than it should've been

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 18, 2024 3:28 pm

North Carolina, like a lot of us on a cold, winter night, went to sleep a little early….


-They were in the process of blowing out Louisville, twice, but did enough to allow the Cardinals to hang around frittering away big leads.

-In the end, it was a comfortable, 17 point win.

-Make no mistake, the Cards are bad and the Heels are a FF caliber squad, so if you want to read into all of that, I think it’s a mistake.

-But, it’s a lesson at the least.

-Davis, 21-6-6 4/7 3s

-Bacot 19-7-5

-Jaylen Withers, 15-10 in 24 minutes

-Carolina shot 10/22 from deep and 48% overall with 19/29 assisted fgs….so?

-Cards shot it well, and if they didn’t commit some careless turnovers maybe we have a different story.


 Bacot had three blocks. He passed Warren Martin for fourth most by a Tar Heel with 191.

• Bacot passed Virginia’s Ralph Sampson for fourth all-time in ACC history in rebounds. Bacot has 1,5  


Bill Belichick is heading into his second interview with the Atlanta Falcons…

-Can’t decide if it’s more odd that he’s going in for a second interview or the state reasons why Atlanta is looked at as maybe the second best situation behind the Chargers.

-It’s an easier division to win.

-Excuse me?  

As expected, the Dallas Cowboys are staying the course and keeping Mike McCarthy as head coach.

-On one hand, they’ve won 12 games in each of the last 3 years and twice won the NFC East.

-On the other hand, they’ve not advanced past the divisional round and are 1-3 in the playoffs under McCarthy.

-But, Jerry Jones’ history has been patience when it comes to the head coaching spot.  Jason Garrett got 8 full seasons.


I don’t know what the Eagles will do.  I think there’s enough good from Nick Siriani to keep him, though the assistant coach drain might have been an issue this year.

-Decision-making was suboptimal Monday night

-But, coming out of their locker room now are comments about the switch of DCs mid-stream and how difficult it was to deal with.  Like having two marriages.

-That second one, especially since it made them worse, is the fireable offense.


Hurricanes back on the practice ice today….everyone but Pyotr Kochetkov (and Freddie Andersen, of course)

-Two more home games…



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See terms and conditions, 18 plus. North Carolina, like a lot of us did on a cold winter night. Went to sleep a little early. I mean, actually it started in the first half.

Yeah. They had some sort of like ridiculous lead. It was like 27 to, I don't know, 27, 6, 27, 8. They were up huge.

And all of a sudden it's, wait a second, how did this get to single digits? And then they pushed it out. They led by 20. Right before the end of the half, they led by 20.

Like, all right, that's fine. We don't have to watch anymore. I had it on.

And then I looked down and like, what's going on here? Why is this still a competitive game, at least in terms of the scoreboard? Look, the way this game was played, as long as North Carolina was awake, they were going to be fine. Unfortunately, they kind of took naps and that's, I mean, that's fine. A nap is great for a lot of people. I personally am not a napper. It doesn't help me. Yeah.

I don't do it. There's a sweet spot with naps for sure. Four minutes. Yeah.

If I could get like 90 seconds of shut eye at a red light, that's good. Yeah. Oh yeah.

That's basically it. In the end though, it was a comfortable 17 point win, but Hubert Davis was asked like a 20 point lead all of a sudden became 55-50 in the second half. And he was asked about it. Well, I know how it got to 55-50. We weren't playing any defense.

We were in the huddle. I told him, I said, they're shooting 90% from the field. I said, it's hard to do that by yourself in the gym.

Like nobody to argue. I said, this is the reason why they're in this position is because our lack of commitment on the defensive end. I said, if you want things to change, then we're going to have to defend. We're going to defend without foul and we're going to have to rebound the basketball.

But one of the things that always tell the team is, you know, whether it's something good or bad happens, it, the only thing you really have control over is how you react and how you respond. And so when they cut it to five, I loved how we reacted and how we responded. We got stops. We didn't put them on the free throw line. We rebounded the basketball and we got good shots on the offensive end, got to the free throw line, got into the penalty. And we played the type of basketball that got us the 18 point lead in the first half.

And then we were able to extend the lead and come away with the win. Yeah, it really was about Carolina's defense. I mean, Louisville shot almost 50% for the game. They made a bunch of threes.

They scored 70 points. Carolina, I think, would have held their last four opponents to under 60 and Louisville of all teams hit 70. So that was an atypical Carolina defensive performance.

And that really was the reason for it as you're watching it going. Yeah, I mean, Carolina just kind of lost their edge. Uh, they knew they could score.

They knew they could score when they wanted, but you still have to commit on the defensive end. Uh, I'm not going to read a ton into it. Well, let's call it a learning experience for North Carolina. This is what can happen if you lose your edge. Maybe this is a kind of a more narrowly focused big picture topic for the number one seeds in the NFL who haven't played in a couple of weeks.

Uh, this is what happens when you lose your edge. All right, let's, let's just go through some of the players. Uh, RJ Davis, 21.6 rebounds, six assists, four of seven on three. Again, he and Kyle Philipowski are the only candidates right now.

I don't care who you are. There are two candidates for ACC player of the year. It's RJ Davis and it's Kyle Philipowski and that's it.

That's it. Uh, Armando Baker had a good game, 19.7 rebounds, five assists. We'll get to, uh, who he passed on the all time list of the second Jalen withers who came from Louisville transferred from Louisville, 15 points, 10 rebounds, 24 minutes.

Here's Davis on withers. No, I got, you know, he was just terrific tonight out in every area on both ends of the floor. I mean, it's just, you know, one of the things for Jay would is, you know, he brings things to our team that we just, nobody else on the team can do. He just has size and athleticism. Some of the plays that he made, we just don't have anybody else on the team that can make those type of plays.

And so, you know, we needed him tonight. Louisville is this, you know, they've got a big team. They're very athletic. And when we have Jake went out there, you know, that helps us be more athletic and we needed it tonight. Jalen withers and Seth Trimble, I think are part of Carolina's defensive identity. And it's been actually, and so is Cormac Ryan, who is a sneaky good defender.

I think at least as far as I've seen, I like what they have brought defensively to the team. Just to Armando, bake out real quick. He passed Warren Martin for fourth all-time on the North Carolina blocked shot list and he passed Ralph Sampson of Virginia for fourth all-time in ACC history in rebounds and Huber Davis. I think joking around a little bit here. Not sure Armando understands the gravity of all of that. You know, these kids, they know LeBron, you know, they know Katie. They don't know Ralph Sampson, you know, and it's like one of the classes. I wish you could take is the history of the of the ACC and just look at, you know, just unbelievable players and coaches that have been a part of this conference. I think Armando understands that significance of what he's doing, but fully in terms of knowing the names that he's passing and how significant that is. I don't think this generation really gets it. You know, I do because I grew up watching Ralph Sampson, all those guys.

And so it's pretty cool. I would like to give Armando, bake out a quiz. I would like to get I'll bet. I will bet Armando bake out would pass an ACC history quiz. Yeah. Well, he's real good at astrology.

So funny. Never forget. But look, he's a smart guy, man. You know, it's one of my one of my favorite things are for a friend of ours, former NC State's legend, Julius Hodge. I remember interviewing him when he was a player and that dude was into the history of college basketball. I'll bet Armando knows who these stars are, the Warren Martin thing, because Warren Martin was sort of he was a very good player at UNC, but he was not wasn't one of their star players like Ralph Sampson. I mean, we're talking about college basketball Hall of Famer, the one like literally one of the greatest in the history of the ACC.

I think Armando probably knows who Ralph Sampson is. All right, moving on. NFL stuff. Bill Belichick is heading into his second interview with the Atlanta Falcons. All right. So when I read this, I can't decide now what's more odd that Bill Belichick has a second interview with the Atlanta Falcons, or the fact that the reason they believe that he is attracted to Atlanta is because it seems to be the easier path to winning.

I'm like, wait a second. No, neither of those two things compute for me. And for these reasons, the first part, why is he like he's interviewing a second time? What could possibly have not been discussed in the first interview that you were going to tackle in the second interview?

Unless Bill said, uh, we're on to the second interview. Yeah. Right. What do you have to clarify?

I don't understand. Like, to an extent, or did Bill ask for the second interview? Like, why the hell you talking to Jim Harbaugh? Well, you just talked to me. Let me solidify it. So I don't really understand the second interview for Bill Belichick.

You either are desperately trying to hire him or you're not. Yeah. You don't need a second interview. I remember. So there's, there was that. And the other part, so there's second interview. I remember.

So there's, there was that. And the other part, so he needs 15 wins, I think, to tie, either to tie or pass Don Shula, uh, the all time wins list among NFL head coaches. This is all regular season.

It's nothing to do with the postseason. So on what earth would we assume that Bill is looking for the easier road? If Bill Belichick isn't looking to win a Superbowl. Right. Then what are you doing? That he's not coaching. Exactly. Look, I can't for the life of me, imagine Bill Belichick is coaching for 15 wins.

I mean, you could be the head coach of the Panthers coach for four years and probably get to 15. Maybe hopefully. Lucky land casino asking people, what's the weirdest place you've gotten lucky, lucky in line at the deli, I guess in my dentist's office more than once, actually. Do I have to say, yes, you do in the car before my kids PTA meeting. Really? Yes.

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Well, there you have it. You can get lucky anywhere playing at lucky land Play for free right now.

Are you feeling lucky? So the whole mission's got to be to win a Superbowl. What's the best opportunity to win a Superbowl? Does Atlanta have a quarterback? No, they don't. Do they have a nice offensive line? Some pretty good weapons, right?

They do. Absolutely. But without a quarterback and the eighth pick, can you get into the top three to get one of the top quarterbacks? Could you trade for a quarterback who might be able to help you?

I don't know the answer to that, but to be honest, I don't see the Falcons as being that greatest spot now, but the notion that he would take it because it's the easier place to win. Like, wait a second. Doesn't make sense.

That's not him. Anyway, that, that whole, this whole narrative runs just kind of rubs me the wrong way. All right, as expected, the Dallas Cowboys staying the course, keeping Mike McCarthy as head coach. When I say as expected, somebody hit me up on Twitter yesterday. Adam, I thought, I think you were the only person who thought that Mike McCarthy wouldn't get fired. Well, thank you for saying that.

I mean, I'm sure other people did. I have no idea, but all you have to do is look at history because Jerry Jones history, when it comes to head coaches has been patient. He led Dave Campos terrible last three years, Jason Garrett, who was occasionally good, but for the most part, mid he gave him eight full seasons. Yeah. Us in North Carolina, no impatience.

That's not impatient. No people have been telling Jerry Jones to fire Jason Garrett for like six years. Yeah. And he never did it. And finally he's like, well, let's move on. And then he went and hired Mike McCarthy.

And most of us went, really? Yeah. That's what you're doing. Anyway, McCarthy has won 12 games in each of the last three seasons. So there's that, but on the other hand, by the way, two of those, I think he won the NFC East. NFC East.

On the other hand, they have not advanced past the division round and are one in three in the playoffs under McCarthy. Here's Adam Schefter from ESPN reacting to the news. The more time went on, the more you thought this is possible. Like if Jerry Jones was going to make a change, he was going to do it right away.

I would think. And he didn't, he didn't do it Sunday night. He didn't do it Monday. He didn't do it Tuesday.

He didn't do it today or later in the day. And I think with each moment that passes, there is a situation where you have a team that obviously isn't ready to make a change. And I think they viewed it as him winning 12 games in three straight seasons. And even though there's only one playoff win to show for it, they thought, you know what? We're going to run it back and we're going to take our chance again, roll the dice here, see if we can make it work. And that's obviously what they've decided to do here.

All right. Now, Dan Orlovsky of ESPN was asked if it was the right move. I think it's the wrong decision by Dallas. We'll find out next January who's right. Jerry Jones said, well, Mike McCarthy's got the highest win percentage in the history of the Cowboys for a regular season.

Stop right there. Don't talk to us about Super Bowls anymore then. Don't feed us this lie that there's nothing on planet earth that you'll do more than try to win a Super Bowl. You, you are literally keeping a coach. And in your words, because he wins in the regular season, he doesn't win in the playoffs.

Certainly not with you guys. The second thing is, well, Mike McCarthy doesn't deserve the blame. Well then who does, who, if you just witnessed and watched one of the worst playoff losses in the history of your organization and absolute claps, where does the blame fall?

I mean, some, some of it falls on your quarterback, but that's, that's another, um, conversation. Um, I don't, I wouldn't dismiss what Mike McCarthy did during the regular season. He put them in a position to succeed in the post season. Now, did he succeed in the post season? No, but you have to give credit for what they did during the regular season. Cause that's how you get into the post season.

If you're mid in the regular season, but just have this knack for winning post-season games, like what are we doing? Yeah. Right. You got to get in first.

You got to get it. Uh, so look, I think he did a good job and he's done a good job for three years. I wouldn't have hired him to begin with and I would have fired him, but I just never thought that Jerry Jones would have. So now this is an interesting question for me.

And it was posed, uh, Chris Canty and Evan going on on sports and like, we're talking about it. Was this the easy or the difficult decision? The pivot to Belichick, having a coach that over the last three years won 36 games. Yeah. I think that is the harder of the two decisions. Staying status quo is not a hard decision for Jerry. Oh, I think it's exact opposite. Honestly.

I think that the outrage today is going to be in shock and people cannot believe that you actually did this. If you're Jerry Jones, I think the harder he made the harder decision. Staying status quo is not harder for Jerry. The hard thing for Jerry is to do it somebody else's way. That is the harder decision. They're both hard. I think they're both very hard.

I think doing it somebody else's way is something that's hard. And I think the idea that I would say 99% of the fan base wants McCarthy out. Would you agree? Yes.

Yeah. So I think it's hard to go against 99% of your customers. Evan Cohen is 100% correct. The harder decision for Jerry Jones is to keep Mike McCarthy because again, his fans want him out.

It's so easy to just play to your base. It's a, it's a no brainer. I don't think it was the right decision. I do think it was the harder decision. Mike McCarthy. Think about this.

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I lost the terms and conditions 18 plus. Yeah, he won one soup. I think he got to one. So they did right.

Just getting there once. And maybe some of that is on Rogers, right? By the way, some of the stuff you hear at a Green Bay and how why their offense has clicked this year. Oh yeah, is not flattering to Rogers. Not in a personal way, but in a way that Rogers would freelance the offense. So stuff I'm reading about Jordan Love and why it's clicked with the young receivers where it didn't with Rogers a year ago was that we know exactly what's about to happen. That Jordan doesn't go off script as much as Rogers did. And they said like half the time Rogers would get to the line of scrimmage and all of a sudden we're diagram in different place, which it works well when you've got veteran players who have been together for a long time and know everything.

I read a read a piece for those people. One of Dallas's losses in the postseason, not under McCarthy. This is under Jason Garrett was to Green Bay when Rogers completed some crazy pass to Jared cook, the tight end to set up a, I think a game-winning field goal.

And it was a play completely designed in the huddle by Rogers. He basically said, you guys run there. You guys run that way.

Oh wait, you just run long, right? He was just sending people all over the place, but they all knew they were all veteran players. So they all knew what they were supposed to do, what he was expecting. So that doesn't work when you've got younger players who are not familiar. Jordan love. And these young receivers have kind of connected because everybody knows what everybody's going to do.

And this is why I think you see Matt. LaFleur is so much more at ease with what he's seeing. LaFleur like a lot of coaches today, kind of a control freak didn't like it when his quarterback went off the reservation sometimes, which Aaron Rogers is going to do that. All right.

All right. The other core, the other team that hasn't yet figured it out is the Philadelphia Eagles. And I will simply say that I have no clue what they're going to do. The decision-making for Nick Sirianni in the game Monday night was, I thought I thought curious, to say the least. But the bigger decision that he made and the damaging decision he made was to change defensive coordinators midstream.

That was the damning decision that he made. So for me, that is a fireable offense. And I won't be surprised at all if Philly moves on. But if Philly moves on, they should be on the phone with Bill Belichick yesterday. Because they've got stuff in place to win. They absolutely do. All right, real quick, Hurricanes back on the practice ice today.

Everybody but Piotr Kuchetkov and Frederick Anderson, of course. They've got two more home games before they head to Boston. Minnesota and Detroit are the two games. The Wild are seventh in the central. Detroit is red hot right now. These are not going to be easy games. I think Minnesota is good.

I know Detroit is good. We'll talk to John Forslund coming up in about five minutes or so. I have two things I think the Hurricanes need to address. I've been saying it all year. They still need another goaltender.

I don't care. Frederick Anderson is coming back. I said from the beginning, they should assume that he won't be. And now with the injury to Kuchetkov, he wasn't on the ice today.

Hopefully he won't be too much longer. But you cannot risk your season to a goaltending deficiency. Kuchetkov has played well of late. Ronta has played well of late. So maybe the performance isn't the problem.

The availability might be. And the other, they need a right-handed center. In the worst way, they need a right-handed center. Rod Brind'Amour would probably give his left arm for a right-handed center. Elias Lindholm sitting out there. Calgary wants to trade him. Please. Let's make it happen.

Well, there you have it. You can get lucky anywhere playing at Play for free right now. Are you feeling lucky? No purchase necessary. 18 plus terms and conditions.
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