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David Tepper is an embarrassment to the Carolina Panthers franchise

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 2, 2024 3:20 pm

David Tepper is an embarrassment to the Carolina Panthers franchise

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 2, 2024 3:20 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, on David Tepper’s most recent way of making the news and other analysis on NFL games from this past weekend.

David Tepper threw a beverage on a Jacksonville Jaguars fan and still on Tuesday morning, has yet to address it. Detroit Lions tried to play a sneaky move during the Dallas Cowboys game, but Adam believes he should’ve played it straight out and ended up paying the price for it. Why does Will say the NFL “can’t get out of their own way”? Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins? How does Will feel about other teams like the LA Rams, Cleveland Browns What hot take does Will make regarding QBs and wild card teams?


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Again B-O-D-I dot com. The National Football League is heading into its final weekend. It's the shortest of all of the major sports seasons. The NFL only goes for four months. September, October, November, December, we bleed into January by about a week. But again, we start, you know, after the first week in September anyway. So it's a four-month endeavor. It's 18 weeks.

That's it. Major League Baseball's 26. Hockey goes for six months. Same with the NBA. These sports go forever. Football's a sprint and at the same time it's a marathon. And we are finally at the final week. We know who the two number one seeds are.

I'm not sure that the second best team in one of the conferences is even going to make the playoffs at this point. And we got to talk about it with my man, Will Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS Sports dot com, pick six podcast moderator with a red football club hat on today. Is there a story? You always have interesting hats. Is there a story behind the hat before we start?

Yeah, I actually made these hats for football club, which is our group of sophisticated gentlemen who tailgate before games that occur at Carter-Finley Stadium. Excellent. Excellent.

And now you may be asking if you're, because you can see me, if you're watching on YouTube, get this. Yeah. Right.

On YouTube or wherever you get your own on the alternate channel. Right. It's true.

We tell people, I tell people on local television too. Very good. The hat, the hat did come out in a more familiar style than I anticipated when I made them. It didn't occur to me at all, Will. Okay, good. Well, I just want to point out that anybody should be able to wear red hats, Adam.

That's not fair. Yeah. Totally understood. Totally understood. All right. So Daniel Tepper or David Tepper? Oh my God.

Well, can you find the lie? Is there, if I refer to David Tepper as Daniel, tell me where I'm off base based on events of this weekend. I mean, why, why are we, why are we calling him Daniel? Just cause he's like a little boy. Because he has a lack of accountability. He's petulant. He is mean spirited.

Other than that. I don't think, I don't think I've ever seen. Yeah.

I saw my buddy Grant Paulson who does radio up in DC on one of five, six, seven, the fan, or one of six, seven, the fan, excuse me. And he noted, he's like, you know, it's pretty telling that David Tepper is managing to do stuff that is one wildly offensive to his own fan base, to the Jaguars fan base who was there, to the NFL as a whole, the league office. I mean, obviously frown. And I mean, are we still using alleged? Cause they haven't even said.

Yeah. I mean like, but I mean, like we haven't got an apology. We haven't got the statement. The Panthers are like the, I think it was very telling that the Panthers are, you know, sort of just hiding behind this.

Like, nah, we're just like, everyone's scared. Apparently anybody who's going to tell David Tepper to do the smart thing about anything these days has been removed from the building. And you know, Scott Fowler read about this with the Charlotte Observer.

And I think one of the lines was everybody who's not a yes man has been tossed from the building. And that's, look again, you go back to how poorly this franchise has run and the state of the affairs for the Carolina Panthers who are handing the Chicago Bears the number one overall draft pick in this year's draft. An unfathomable situation to be in when you trade up, like from the previous year, you know, if you give away a top five pick, it's really bad.

If you give away a first overall pick, it's real bad. I think it's not unreasonable that the, that so, but Adams gave the double birds to Titans fan or to, to Houston fans when they were booing him. But he moved the team out of Houston and moved into Tennessee and cat oilers for a while.

And then they changed to the Titans. Like there's some personal beat there, right? Like he was in Cleveland type thing. He's like, they're like booing him. He's like, bring it on. He's double birding him.

I remember blogging about that back in the day. Shout out, uh, senior NFL blogger, Will Brinson. Um, I, uh, this is different because this is not like, he's like, F you to the fans who hate him. And he hates those fans. This is David tempers on the road against Jacksonville, a team with no connection whatsoever to the Panthers. He's got the window to his owner's box that he's using, um, at another stadium open. And he gets so peeved off that his team's losing 26, nothing or that they clinched the number one seed. Like he probably found that out as they're like, he might've thrown the drink because it's like, somebody said, Hey buddy, Arizona's beating Philly. He gave away the one pick, but who knows?

It doesn't matter what was said by those fans. That action is unacceptable. I think the NFL is going to hammer him with a fine. He can pay and he doesn't matter.

It's pocket change him. And the papers are lucky. They will suspend David temper from football operations for a full year. And maybe the team will do good.

See, that is the benefit for the Panthers. Uh, and I I'll go back to this and then I called him Daniel temper for a reason, uh, because of the lack of accountability, he will not, he will not answer for this. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, pretty low level, what he did, he should just come out and say, I apologize for acting like a child. Uh, there's no excuse for it. Not that it would be over. He'd still get a fine, but maybe it wouldn't be as bad, but we're still, we're now two days removed from it.

We have not heard a thing. Um, uh, when the Yankees had their owner, George Steinbrenner suspended, they became a quality franchise. So it happened. Steinbrenner got suspended. He couldn't run the team anymore. The baseball people had to do it. All of a sudden the organization became basically a model.

It really did. And maybe the Panthers will benefit from a suspension of David temper, although it didn't help Washington when Daniel Snyder was spent. All right, let me, uh, let me move on to actually by the way, uh, uh, by Florida pro football talk reached out to the NFL and the Panthers on Tuesday morning. Um, and still nothing, nothing back from there, nothing new back from them, which no, no surprise, but, um, you know, like, uh, I'll be curious to see, I think it'd be telling to see how both parties handle this because nothing said by the Panthers is just a real, real indication of where things stand in terms of what you can do in that building and whether anybody has any ability to give David Tepper advice, contrary to what he wants to hear. And then, you know, if the NFL don't do anything, I'd be, I'd be really shocked. I think they'll hammer him. I think they'll probably hammer him on like Friday afternoon or something. Oh, it should be a million dollar fine. I mean, basically, and then whatever they want to give him in terms of a suspension, I don't think it'll cost him.

He has to play left tackle for, for three weeks. Would we notice, would we honestly notice? All right. So shout sticky. All right.

Dallas, Detroit, which an outcome in the game that matters because, uh, if the touchdown is allowed to stand Detroit is the two seed and Dallas is the three seed. And that is, I'm going to say fairly significant, uh, in the grand scheme of things. Uh, so, but here's my, uh, my overall take on this. Do you remember the scene in clerks when Randall is running the, uh, the video store and the woman comes in and she's like playing a trick on him and he says, I didn't appreciate your ruse, ma'am. And they have that conversation like you know, you get to feel intellectually superior to me.

Um, I think I wasn't expecting a clerk's reference. There you go. I love to work that in whenever we can. Um, in my opinion, Detroit tried to play a sneaky underhanded move by kind of tricking Dallas as to who was going to be the ineligible and eligible lineman on that particular play. And I think they get what they deserved here because just play it straight. Just come in and declare those players who are eligible receivers eligible and move on. But it was pretty clear that they tried to trick Dallas and they paid the price for it.

Yeah. I think it's one of those things where when you get too cute with stuff like that, even though you, even if you believe that you can effectively, you know, manipulate the other team into, into said ruse, um, you're, you're putting yourself at the hands of the officials, right? Like inside, in the hands of the officials in terms of what they're going to do and whether they're going to get stuff correct. And I mean, I think we've seen enough of the NFL officials this year to know that you don't want them to be deciding your fate when it comes to a big place, like just have a play that's ready to go and just run the play, you know, or declare the guy that's declaring guy eligible. I don't think Dallas is loading up to stop an offensive lineman in like a massive, you know, like, I don't think they're, you know, even if you just declare the guy eligible, I don't think they're expecting it in that spot. They're still going to be way more worried about Omron St. Brown and Sam Laporta than they are, you know, Taylor Decker or any other offensive lineman who's declared eligible.

So yeah, I can see that point. Um, it does stink though, that you just want, it's just the NFL just cannot get out of its own way when it comes to, um, how it wants to like, just figure out a way to clean up these mistakes from officials. Or like, like have that play reviewable. I mean, um, I don't know what you do there, but it does look like Taylor Decker runs over the official.

It's like, Hey, I'm eligible. Right. No, no, I look, I said this before about two things can be true at the same time, Florida state could have gotten screwed. And we had two great national semifinals last night, right? Um, Brad Allen probably screwed the situation up, right?

He knew, he, he knew who was eligible and who was not. I think they screwed it up. And that, that, that is what it is. But part of the reason they screwed it up was Detroit was trying to play a little games there. And frankly, just run the, the play itself is the ruse, right?

You don't have, you don't have to go beyond that. Um, yeah. I mean, I just think, uh, yeah, it's, it's, the other thing is, uh, once you get to the seven, they got the offsides of them winning again on the three, once you get to the third, the two, kick it, kick it from the seven, man, like that's once you don't, once you're on the seven, you don't kick, even if you draw them offsides, unless, unless the plan was like, like a hard count to draw them up, but they just, just kick it, just kick it. It's okay. It's okay to take your shot in overtime.

Uh, yeah, I think there was a, there was a lot of, uh, a lot of mistakes made. So how do we look at the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles who are on the struggle monorail? I just came back from, uh, Orlando, uh, the Eagles, especially defensively are really fighting it right now.

How do we look at those two teams? Is Dallas better than Philly? I would much rather play Dallas right now. I'd be much better to play Philly, excuse me, than play, uh, Dallas.

Especially if you're playing Dallas at home. I mean, the thing about, the thing about Philly is if you go and look at the Eagles since the buy, the pack therapy podcast is in session. Tim Donnelly here, host of the drive in your guide for pack therapy. Every episode is your chance to score inside information on the pack. We set you up for Wolfpack games all season long, and we break down the ACC competition. What to watch for as we roll towards the tournament madness, plus special guests to keep your Wolfpack hope alive.

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No, purchase necessary 18 plus terms and conditions policy website for details. And I'm bringing it up slowly as I pause. I think you can go back all season long with Philly. Yeah, for sure. I mean, they started they started eight and one before the buy, and there definitely were some people had the best line. I thought they were wobbly, right?

Always. They had a bunch of one score games, but they were fine. And they're also they're finding ways to wins or stacking wins early on in the season.

And when you do that, and you start out to that, you get to that great, like you get out to that great start. It's very easy to say, okay, this is the team who was in the Super Bowl last year. They have talented quarterback, a very talented quarterback, they have a great offensive line talent, the skill positions, maybe the defense coalesces, the passing game kind of comes together, they stack their wins, now they can get hot in the second half of the season.

Well, the total opposite has happened. They beat the chiefs of the bills coming out of the buy and should have lost both of those games. I mean, they could very easily be nine and seven right now. And like fighting for the or 97 fighting for the playoffs to a degree. They lose to the Niners and just just get smashed by the Niners at home. Yeah, now.

Yeah. And so when you're wobbly, like you've just been just wobbly all season long, then you get you go get smashed by the Cowboys on the road. You give up the game winning drive to Drew Locke in a fashion that you just can't do. You beat the Giants on Christmas Day, but you don't do it easily. And that's a bad Giants team. Even if Tyron Taylor's an upgrade of your time, Danny DeVito, Tommy DeVito, and then you lose like that to Jonathan Gannon, your old DC unable to stop the Cardinals whatsoever on offense.

It's to me it is a it is the worst possible space to be in. If you think about teams, for instance, you mentioned the Cowboys, the Cowboys are playing good football. Of course, they lost two games to the bills of the Dolphins before beating the Lions. It could easily be on a three game losing streak. Yeah, but they've been playing well for the most part of the second half of the season and you kind of trust them, especially at home.

So. I think it's a massive, massive swing because now the Cowboys are the favorites to win the division to beat the commanders. Albeit on the road, but I mean, they've they've been some bad teams on the road. Go beat Washington. You win the division.

You're guaranteed at least one home game. And now Philly instead of having this great home environment, and we thought they were cruising to the one seat in their 10 and one is now looking at, you know, the five seat and. Having to go on the road against like you have to play Dallas on the road, you know, it's just not a it's not a good San Francisco or Detroit. It's just not a good path to make it back to the Super Bowl if they get better.

That's the problem. The defense isn't very good. And if they do get through the champion of the NFC South and I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that they will. New Orleans or Tampa Bay will be at least somewhat of a roadblock for them.

Then they have to pick. I think I'd pick Tampa Bay to beat the Eagles right now. Well, chances are that's who it's going to be unless the Panthers show up on on Sunday. Do you think that do you think the Panthers will be capable of dousing the Buccaneers hopes?

I didn't see what I did there. Oh, yeah, I do. I think they're capable of it.

All right. Final final thing. The Buffalo Bills might be the second best team in the AFC. Heck, they might be the third best team in the NFL. Behind the Rams and who else? By the Rams. The Rams have played well. I wouldn't be shocked if the Rams I would be shocked to the Rams and the bills played the Super Bowl. Rams and the bills. Yeah, I mean, Bill said to win. Obviously, the Rams are in. Yeah, I think Matthew Stafford deserves some MVP, MVP attention. Not like he's going to win.

Lamar is going to get Jackson is the average. Of course, but Stafford should be on some ballots. I mean, he played great football this year and got the Rams kind of routine that everybody thought was going to win seven games in the playoffs. I my hot take for right now is that this is the year where chalk breaks and we get some elite quarterback play like Eli Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben style from a wild card. Tom Brady was a wild card. There's some wild card team that just gets a nuclear hot quarterback, maybe two. And it makes it the Super Bowl and wins the Super Bowl. Joe Flacco. Maybe Joe Flacco. I've been kidding.

No, no, I totally understand. So Buffalo and Miami. In Miami, is Buffalo going to make the playoffs and be the number two seed?

Or are they going to miss out? They're gonna make the playoffs and be the two seed. They've been amazing. Miami's banged up. Buffalo's playing great football.

Miami's got no confidence either, I think. No, no Bradley Chubb either, by the way. Chubb out for the year.

And look, I get it. You can't, you know, you lose Jalen Phillips in a blowout too. You can't just bench everybody because the games will blow out. That's not how it works. Bradley Chubb, Terry is ACL when you're down 49 to 16 is not great.

Nope. Not great. All right, man. Nice hat. Nice hat. Make red hats acceptable.

Make red hats wearable again. Will Brinson. Shout out to the ATW. Shout out to Football Club. Talk to you later, man.

Well, friends, pick six podcast, moderator, senior NFL writer, CVS Oh, it gets smoother. It's getting delivered tomorrow. Visit or download the app to get pre-qualified today.
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