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Canes heading into the playoffs and the Carolina Panthers and Belichick are in the same story

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 17, 2024 3:26 pm

Canes heading into the playoffs and the Carolina Panthers and Belichick are in the same story

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 17, 2024 3:26 pm

Luke DeCock, News & Observer, on NC State basketball, the Carolina Panthers, and the Carolina Hurricanes.

Luke’s been covering NC State for a long time, so what does NC State’s run (on the men’s and women’s side) mean to this generation? Also, there was a recent article about Bill Belichick potentially going to the Carolina Panthers but David Tepper and Bill would likely not mesh well. Is Bill Belichick that difficult to work with that NO team wants to bring him on? Who is the one player that will be key for the Carolina Hurricanes success in the playoffs?

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For the ones who get it done. 82 games just flew by for the Carolina Hurricanes. Game number one is sometime this weekend. The NHL just refuses to tell us which half of the weekend. Is it the first half of the weekend? Saturday. Or the second half of the weekend?

Sunday. NHL, they'll get to it. I mean, just that they can't be bothered at this point. They've got other things to deal with.

I'm not sure what those are. But anyway, we can talk about the Carolina Hurricanes. We can also talk about the Carolina Panthers based on the ESPN article about Bill Belichick.

Wait, how do the Panthers play into that? We might even start there with my friend Luke DeCock of the News and Observer, columnist, man about town. And he's going to join us here. And here he is. Hello, Luke. How are you?

I'm good. Are you still tired from Phoenix in the Final Four? Yeah, probably.

I think it's I've had a little time off, but that was a that was a lot. You know, everyone was a lot of people. Yeah. Are you going to the Final Four? I was like, Well, I was going anyway.

Now I have to work. Yes, I was. It was cool.

Very good for business. Actually, probably one of the more memorable ACC tournaments that I've covered. And then certainly NC State's run through the NCAA tournament. You know, having a court side seat to watch Jack Golke beat Kentucky and, and then say playing Duke in the regional final. It was all pretty, pretty exciting and then stuck around to watch UConn finish the job in the single most boring fashion possible. Which is a tribute to the Huskies. So yeah, no, I'm, I'm, I'm recovered and ready for some playoff hockey.

Yeah. Before we get to the Panthers, a bunch of things I want to get to you. People asked me why was we were, we were, you know, they, they claimed it hyping up. And I'm like, do you understand that NC State is a fan base? Have they have all this history? And I realize history goes back a long way.

And history and programs change. Indiana basketball is no longer carrying college basketball's flag. They're not a flag waver for the, for the college world anymore.

Nor is UCLA. That's, you know, 50 years ago. And I get states history goes well back before a lot of people who are listening right now are even born. But that history is still real. And this fan base has been dying for something great. And man, they had all of it thrown on them. And the women going to a Final Four, beating all the teams they beat to get there. And then the men doing it, doing a double, beating Duke and Carolina in Washington at the ACC tournament.

And then beating Duke again. And it was, it was fun for them. I loved it for state fans.

I don't often root necessarily for fans usually root against them, but I rooted for those people because they deserve something good. I think in this business you always root for whatever the best story is right and state finally winning an ACC tournaments, a great story state going to the Final Four in the year when Carolina and Duke were sort of expected to or at least come close. And it's a great story and I go back to, you know, the whole when when Steve Smith said NC State's a basketball school and people were like reacting to that is if that were some sort of insult but that's not and we're not. I wrote this there's not a state fan over the age of 30, who wouldn't trade the entire football program lock stock and barrel for one more ACC title and basketball or one more Final Four basketball, and they end up getting both and they didn't have to give the basketball team to do it as he says always been a basketball show that is what is the NC State's DNA. So for something like that to happen. This this this you know really a generational moment for the basketball program in the school in general and then you throw in the women which to me, they got the Final Four they earn the Final Four that they deserved in 2022 and they got absolutely the NCA.

It's, it's a great story it's a great story on both fronts, and you know obviously the fact that NC State lost Purdue and NC State lost to South Carolina although certainly look good at halftime. You know that that doesn't really matter in the end. This was. Whoops. Oh man.

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The goblins got him right after that. We'll, we'll pick it up with with the Panthers and I will set it up this way. There's a really in-depth article on about why Bill Belichick has not been hired. For any of the openings that were there going into this season.

We've talked about this before. I think there is one spot that Bill can be the head coach and that is Dallas. And I won't be surprised in the least if that's if that happens next year after Jerry Jones once again watches Mike McCarthy fall short. That's where I think ultimately this story continue for Belichick if he coaches anywhere.

It'll be there. But tucked inside this, I don't know 10,000 word article about Belichick and how it all kind of fell apart with the the interview with Arthur Blank of the Falcons is this line. The Carolina Panthers briefly discussed Belichick before he signed his two-year extension with New England a year ago. But this offseason Carolina decided to pass a source said Panthers owner David Tepper often sifts through data to critique his coaches play calling. And I'll just stop right there.

That ain't going to work with Bill and ultimately that ain't going to work in any functioning organization. You're the owner. You are not a football guy.

That is the problem. Look, did I know you read this Luke because you're a smart man. Did you find that as hysterical as I did? I mean, as I tweeted earlier today, I literally laughed out loud when I got to that point. I mean this guy. I mean, I feel like we kind of said everything there is to say about David Tepper. He's just a bad or and for a lot of reasons and it's not because he doesn't spend enough money.

But you know, this guy's a bigger message border than the lawyers who wrote the Florida State suit against the ACC. He's just completely lost the plot and the suit, you know, I my argument on the Panthers. I didn't think the Panthers should hire Bill Belichick, but if they did, I would say it was a positive sign that the owner was finally willing to relinquish control of the operation to someone else. Which which is what really needs to happen is the owner needs to stop micromanaging needs to stop, you know, nitpicking every decision needs to sit back in his suite and watch and watch the money roll in because you can't lose money running an NFL franchise.

And let the football people do football things which he has yet to do in the entire time. He's on the team and really all of the Panthers bad decisions have his fingerprints on them. And until that changes, they're going to be a laughingstock.

And this is just another day where we wake up and laugh at the Carolina Panthers the worst franchise in the NFL. You know, it's interesting because I have drawn this comparison and the two men basically took over about the same time with franchises in similar positions Tom Dundon and David Tepper both assumed control of these franchises. And one of the things about Tom Dundon is that he's had a philosophy.

It's been a collaboration philosophy and he has exercised discipline within that philosophy and hasn't strayed from it. Unlike David Tepper who has exerted or exhibited no personal discipline in all of this and maybe that's why the Carolina Hurricanes are where they are. Yeah, I mean you certainly wouldn't say that Tom dungeon is a hands-off owner or hockey people do hockey things, but he's he's put in place an apparatus where even if he's the ultimate decision-maker, they're making decisions from places of you know, we want to have as much information as possible.

We want to make the smartest decisions possible. They don't get caught up in irrationality, you know, that's if a guy like Vincent trochek or you know, whatever happens with the defenseman this summer, you know, we've crunched the numbers and you know, if you think you can do better go ahead and that's to me. That's that's a lot of what running a professional franchise is these days too many owners and this is this is not just David Tepper. There's a lot of them want to run the franchise the way they run their golf club or their yacht club instead of as a business and and you know a business has has to Ames, you know, it's it's to make money and it's to grow and you grow in professional sports by winning and then you make money by winning but doing other things and the Hurricanes have done both and they've you know, they've had a you know, you look at every aspect of that organization from the draft to their player acquisitions to the trades. They make to their cap management. There are very clear through lines there that explain pretty much every decision.

There's very rarely a decision that if you understand what's going on doesn't make sense. They're going to trade down and get more draft picks because the marginal value of moving down spots is not as big as the value of having another draft pick. They're going to draft skill oversize because other NHL teams overvalue size and you may have to draft five guys, but you hope you get a Jackson Blake right out of it, which is you know, what's happened. They're going to draft Russian players to the NHL teams are scared to draft Russians because they don't know when they're going to be able to come over and certainly about the war and all those things and they've done that. So, you know, and they and they're going to use the cap as a weapon. They're going to keep cap space available so they can weaponize it when necessary whether that's Patrick Marlowe or being able to, you know, make the move they did for for Jake Gensler and if any because that's off.

So these things are and they've been doing these things since he got there. So it's very easy to understand what the Hurricanes have done and what they're going to do in the future does always work. But when you look at the signing of Jake Gardner, which didn't work, it's fit all of those criteria.

It was a risk on a guy who'd been injured and they thought they could get him cheaper and it could pan out great. You know the in the end it was the great Tom Dundon, you know, for the ones who work hard to ensure their crew can always go the extra mile and the ones who get in early so everyone can go home on time. There's Granger offering professional grade supplies backed by product experts so you can quickly and easily find what you need. Plus, you can count on access to a committed team ready to go the extra mile for you.

Call click Granger com or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done. Global philosophy beyond hockey, which is, you know, acquire distressed assets. Yeah. And Jake Gardner was a distress that didn't work, but neither did the American League of American football or whatever. So take those shots to see what happens and some of them pan out and some of them don't but more of them for the hurricanes have panned out and that's why they're one of the top two or three teams in the league heading into the class. You can see what the Panthers have done and it's all over the place. There is no defining philosophy. There is no through line to any of these decisions. They veer from rebuilding to winning now to this to that and that that all comes from the owner.

You've got to set that philosophy at the top and he hasn't he just doesn't know what he's doing. A couple of more minutes with Luke to cock of the news and observers joining us here in the Adam Gold show. So AG just to follow up where I got cut off.

It's fun. I could still hear you arguing with me on the screen. The no, no, no, no, we're on the same page here. My point was merely that it didn't matter that NC State lost producer. NC State lost the South Carolina. The point was going on those kinds of runs is something that hasn't happened in 40 years and NC State needed it. So, you know, you don't win it all.

That's fine. But to win an ACC title, which the women have done a lot lately, the men finally do it to go to a final four, which, you know, neither team had done that. That's a big deal. That's a good story. And you know, I'm not rooting for NC State. I don't really care one way or the other, but I love the having that story to tell over a four-week period in March.

Yeah. I mean, and getting to a final four is a championship in and of itself that I don't think people really sometimes recognize. You've won. You've you're hanging a banner for going to a final four. You don't I'm saying you don't have to win a title, but you are hanging a banner for getting to a final four.

They measure coaches, you know, nationally by how many final fours have you been to? Well, Kevin Keats has won, you know, Wes Moore's got one. Good for both of them. I'm thrilled for both.

All right, let me get to. And to that point, Adam, this just to spin it a little further regionally. Think how different the narrative is at the end of Mike Krzyzewski's career. If Grayson Allen's layup goes down in 2018 and Zion Williamson gets the ball in 2019. Now you're talking about a guy who's been to whatever it is, three final fours in five years, right? Not a guy who desperately needs to get back to a final four for the first time in seven years in his last season.

And now what is that? It's one shot, one game, one win, you know, if NC if Duke had gone out in the sweet 16, one year in the final for the other year, they've won the same number of NCAA tournament games, but the narrative is completely different. So, yeah, I got 100% final fours matter and they matter. Great.

You and I are going to talk a lot more about the hurricane. So I'll ask you one question about them. Give me a player.

I've been asked this question a bunch. Give me a player, not, you know, Ajo, Genzel Jarvis, who you think is key to Carolina making a long, long, like 28 game run. Yeah. I mean, I, I would say the same, I could say the same thing I said last year, which is they need playoff Martin ages to be regular season, Martin inches, um, which we still haven't seen in the post season from him yet.

But I'll, I'll switch it up because I think most people say that. I mean, I think it's, what's the difference of having a healthy, fully fit, you know, uh, Andrei Svechnikov in your lineup, um, which obviously we've talked a lot about what not having him there meant last year, but he's got to play well too. You know, it's not just presence, although we certainly saw it. Um, you know, his presence in the Boston series when he laid out hampus Lindholm, that that's not scoring goals or taking shots, but he's got to have a shot that people honor on the power play to open things up for other people. And he's got to make a few goals out of nothing. Because when you look at the hurricanes eliminations, the last three years, they were in situations in all three playoffs where they needed to come up with some kind of goal out of nothing, whether it was Tampa, whether it was the Rangers, whether it was the Panthers, they were in series where they were actually not giving up a ton of offense, but they could not get over the hump. Um, obviously goaltending was a huge issue, but they're going to have to outscore the lightning and they didn't, but against the Rangers, one or two goals makes a difference against the Panthers. One goal would have made all the difference in the world or at the right time.

So it's not just having Andrei Svechnikov available in the lineup on the ice. He has to be an impact player. He can, but he had to watch last year. We all saw what happened this year. This year, it's not just sounding the siren for game one.

He's got to go out there. Um, and, and especially as the playoffs go on, assuming the hurricanes advance Andrei Svechnikov has to score goals. They have more guys who can do it this year than they did last year.

There's no question. And their goaltending is in better shape. So they come into it within a much stronger position than they did a year ago, but Andrei Svechnikov has to score goals. That's this team is not built to win a Stanley cup without that. It's not built to win the Stanley cup without Marty nature's contributing either, but I think Svechnikov gets his chance now. He's healthy. Um, he's got to make the most of it.

Luke to cock news and observer at Luke to cock on Twitter. I'll see you out at the arena at some point this weekend. We just don't know when yet.

Uh, I'm sure the NHL get around to it very soon, but not yet. Thanks man. Talk to you later.

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