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Ranking NFL Teams using CFP standards

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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December 21, 2023 2:12 pm

Ranking NFL Teams using CFP standards

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 21, 2023 2:12 pm

Ranking NFL Teams using CFP standards

  1. 49ers - quality wins

  2. Kansas City - because we WANT KC to do well

  3. Dallas Cowboys - they play in a tough division, and you only have one win over a team with a winning record, and some BAD losses, but you’re DALLAS, how can we not put you in there?!

  4. Buffalo - even though you just blew out the team ahead of you, and you’re only 8-6, but you’ve been good lately!

  5. Baltimore Ravens - yeah, tied for best record in the NFL, but your QB hasn’t gotten the job done ever in the playoffs, so you’re not worthy

  6. Eagles - their QB was sick in their last game

  7. Miami - We get it, you have the 2nd best record in the AFC, but do you actually have a quality win?

  8. Detroit - because you’re Detroit


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Offer valid for a limited time, $10 minimum per order. Additional terms apply. Speaking of the college football playoff, imagine if the NFL, I'm gonna do a little fun right here, Victoria. I'm excited. It's holiday time, let's have a little fun. Right, holiday season. So what if the college football playoff, because you know the NFL playoffs are approaching, there's three weeks left in the regular season, what if the CFP was doing their rankings of NFL teams at this point? So you know how they do their rankings?

Well at this point in the schedule, this point of the season, this are the rankings right now, but obviously things can change. So what if, Victoria? Yes. Got a little music here?

I do. Let's hit it. So this is the CFP rankings of NFL teams. Okay, I'm excited. I'm gonna give you eight. I'm gonna give you the top eight here. Okay.

Top eight. You wanna go from eight to one or one to eight? Ooh, let's build up to it.

Let's build up to it. Yes. Hey, eight. Detroit, hey Detroit, you're one of five teams with double digit wins this season, Detroit Lions.

But you know what, because you're Detroit, you're eight. Yeah. Again, CFP, we're only going top four here, right?

The last few that they've been playing to have been garbage. Exactly. What have you done lately? Yeah. I know, and look at the season as a whole, but what have you done lately?

Short memory. Okay. Number seven, Miami, the Dolphins.

Hey, look, we get it. You have the second best record in the AFC, but do you actually have a quality win? Right. Do you actually have a quality win?

How many opponents have you beat over 500? Your best wide receivers hurt, so you know, we can't rank you higher, because sorry. If Hill's not there, then you guys just stink.

Exactly. Even though you just won a game without him, he's still your best offensive player, and your offense looks a little different without him, so we can't put you up there in the top four. Obviously you're bad. Sorry, you're seven.

Number six, the Philadelphia Eagles. Hey, we get it. You got double digit wins this season, but your quarterback was a little bit sick this last game.

He was kind of under the weather a little bit. Sorry, because you're a quarterback. Sorry. Not in the top five. Not top four. Not even in the top four.

Nope. Hey, number five, Baltimore Ravens. Hey, we get it. You're tied for the best record in the NFL with 11 wins, but you know what? Your QB in the past, I know we're only looking at this season, but in the past, your QB hasn't gotten the job done ever in the playoffs. So sorry, you're not worthy, despite having the best record in the NFL and the best record in the AFC. So sorry, you're not worthy. Nope.

Number four, the Buffalo Bills. Hey, we get it. You're only eight and six, but you looked good lately. Right. The eye test, you looked good lately. So you must be on the winning path. Your top four, because you looked so good. Yes.

So good. Number three, it's the Dallas Cowboys. Hey, because you know, they play in the NFC East. It's a tough division. You know, Granny, you only have one win over a team with a winning record, and the team that's below you in the standings, number four, beat you last week badly.

And you have some really bad losses, like at the Arizona Cardinals. But you're Dallas. How can we not put you in there? And you like to jump into a Salvation Army Kettle. Exactly.

So, I mean, why not? You're Dallas. How can we, as a CFP, ranking these NFL teams for playoffs, how can we not have you number three? Exactly.

Number two. Them boys. The Kansas City Chiefs, because, well, let's be real, it's, you know, if you look at the history of what they've done recently with their quarterback and all that stuff and the championships that they won, how can you not put a nine-win Kansas City team in your top four? Yeah, this is the one team we can have long-term memory. But, you know, it's the reason why we want you at number two, Kansas City. It's not because you've, you know, you're winning these good games or you're, you know, you're fumbling over yourself or you're dropping a bunch of passes or, you know, you can't get out of your own way.

It's because we want you there, Kansas City, because of your quarterback. Yeah, and they're really big Taylor Swift fans. Yes, exactly. Exactly.

Because Taylor Swift. That's the justification. And number one, it's the 49ers. Because, let's be real, the 49ers are the best team. Yeah, that one actually makes logical sense.

The one that actually makes sense. So, again, if the college football playoff committee were to rank NFL teams for the college football playoff or the NFL playoff, again, only four teams getting in, they would do eight Detroit because, you know, even though you have double-digit wins, you're still just Detroit. Miami, your best player, your wide receiver has been hurt, so, you know, he can't put you higher, even though you also have double-digit wins. The Eagles, you have double-digit wins, but your quarterback was sick last week, so, you know, because of that. The Ravens at number five, again, because your quarterback hasn't gotten the job done in the playoffs in the past, even though we're only going off of this season, and the past doesn't matter, quotes, you know, you're not worthy because of that. Number four, it's the Buffalo Bills, even though you're eight and six, you have looked good. Right, and disregard all those interceptions from Allen in the previous weeks. Exactly, you still look so good.

It's fine. Even though you're only eight and six, but hey, you know what, the team that's ahead of you, you just beat them, the Dallas Cowboys, you know, we're not gonna give credit for the Philadelphia Eagles for playing in a tough division, or the fact that they split with you, but because you are Dallas, even though you just got trounced by the Buffalo Bills last week, but hey, you're Dallas. Yeah. Who doesn't love the star power?

I like stars. Number two, Kansas City, because we love your quarterback and we love Taylor Swift. Yeah.

And number one, the 49ers, because it actually makes sense. Uh-huh. You have to have the one. You at least have to have one.

You have to have, like, the one that makes sense. Yeah. Like, okay. Okay, obviously they know what they're doing, because- Do they, though?

Do they? Dot, dot, dot. Gosh. It's crazy.

Could you imagine if it was 12 teams next year? Wow. Now we're looking at something a whole lot different. I know. That's one thing I wish Florida State wouldn't understand is, like, you do realize that starting next season, the CFP expands to 12, right? Exactly. Yeah.

Yeah, you got screwed this year. Then you have a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars. They would definitely make the top 12 if we were to expand. That'd be the group of five.

Yeah. The group of five team that gets in. The highest rated group of five that gets in. That's the... Actually, that might be the winner of the NFC sale. Trevor Lawrence loves Waffle House. We've got to. Oh, we got to put that guy in. Smothered and covered. Let's go.

Got to put that guy in. Hello. It is Ryan, and we could all use an extra bright spot in our day, couldn't we?

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