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Canes head coach on the upcoming game vs the Edmonton Oilers

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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December 6, 2023 3:32 pm

Canes head coach on the upcoming game vs the Edmonton Oilers

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 6, 2023 3:32 pm

Rod Brind’Amour, Carolina Hurricanes head coach, on their next away game tonight and what he thinks the team needs to do to close out with a win.

The NBA started a new In-Season Tournament this year, does Rod think the NHL should adopt that idea? What Rod take a repeat of the style in which the team played in their last game against the Jets, in this game against the Oilers? How impressed was Rod with Antti Raanta and how he played, especially after having some time off? 


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I want to start off with a thought exercise if I could, Mr. Brenda Moore. The NBA is doing an in-season tournament. They're giving out something called the NBA Cup. Some regular season games go into a separate category. They go in the regular standings as well. They go into a separate category and by the before Christmas, as a matter of fact, by this weekend, they're going to give out an NBA Cup. It is just something else to play for. Would you be in favor of an in-season cup style tournament?

No. Doesn't make any sense to me. We play 83 games for a reason.

Best to get the chance to play for the cup. I don't know why you diminish that and try to make something up. What do they get out of it? They get money. The players get money. The players get extra money? Yeah. They need more of that?

No, I'm not. That doesn't make sense. Do the fans want that? We'll find out.

It's very popular in soccer all over the world. It doesn't make any sense to me. Then we should just move on. I kind of dig it. Is there a monotony at all in the schedule?

When you were a player, even now as your coach, is there a monotony game to game to game to game? Yeah. That's part of it. But putting a fake tournament, that actually doesn't mean anything in the middle of a season.

What is that doing? If you win that, the points count more. Maybe instead of two points, you get three for winning that tournament.

Something that actually helps you, then I would think that would be huge. Now you've got some incentive. But I don't really get that either way. By the way, I kind of dig extra points to make them worth a point and a half.

Multiply by a factor of a half. Let's get to the game at hand. Would you take a repeat performance stylistically like the one you had at Winnipeg? Yeah. It's tough.

Those are tough. Fortunately, this year when I was looking at it, I think I had one game where I was really disappointed in Florida way back when. The rest, I think we played well. Well enough to at least get points out of it.

We just haven't been able to. That was the case the other night. It came out great.

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See website for details. Weren't able to, you know, we're able to get the goal. We've heard that enough, unfortunately, but and then we gave up 92 to scoring opportunity. There's a good one, but, you know, that's that's not much better you can do. It's unfortunate that they they're exploring.

Chances went to their guys that you don't want to get to. Right. He's going to put it in the bag and that and that's you know, that's what it is what it is and then play a real good game. Really the rest of the way.

I like everything you're doing. Just know their goalie got the better of us. Yeah, and your goalie also played well. How impressed were you with the way Ronta played based on not having played in almost two weeks and having been on the hook for eight goals and 14 shots against the Lightning?

Yeah. No, he was he was good. I mean, I guess and we didn't we gave up a couple of early ones or not early like chances and and then the rest of the game. I thought we were fine. I thought when we did have a couple he kept us in the game. I know in the late in the third. There's a breakaway and made it stay long again.

I think it was Connor. But yeah, like that kept us to give us a chance to win and we had plenty opportunities. We probably chances to get that game in our favor just didn't go away. Normally when things are look the way they did you don't really make any adjustments to the lines, but you did you flipped Jordan Martinuk and Michael Bunting and I for whatever reason it improved both lines because in terms of possession and shots and things like that. I even thought the stall Fosse line got better with Bunting and what Jordan Martinuk did with Ajo and Jarvis. I mean, they they became like incredibly good in terms of scoring chances after that.

Are you going to stay with that? It might happen, you know that you're making that little adjustment based on their matchup who they were playing us the game the speed and all that. So there's just a lot of things that go into it.

Not so much, you know, how we were playing. It's just maximize it and you know tonight you're going to kind of get the same thing. You get to the best players in the game and they play all night and they're together not together.

They're all over the place. So, you know, it's you know, you don't want to worry about it too much, but you definitely have to sometimes make those little adjustments just to you know, give yourself that best chance. So how do you address because I'm assuming McDavid and dry sidle will not be together tonight. How does it change how you deploy stall Fosse and Martinuk? Yeah, I mean doesn't really because I couldn't mean I'll you know, you're going to have more likely to get those guys against one of them and somebody else has to deal with the other guy, right?

Basically how that works. So yeah, I mean in the end because they play a ton. I think we're generally the whole group's going to have to handle but we always talk about the floor. There's a matchup but at the end of the day, it's really the back end right that deals with them the most so long as we can get, you know, the majority of the ice time when they're out there with our top top d-man out there. Then we're not to use the word who will be in in net tonight.

We're going to choose tonight. He's been we got the back-to-back. So it's you know, we got so many games coming up. We really need both these guys to step up and you know, give us good efforts based on their last each of their last outings. You have to feel pretty good about things. Yeah, we know they're capable. It's just to get my consistent game out of them and give us an opportunity like we had the other night if we can get that. I think we're all we're asking. All right, sir.

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