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“InTEPtitude” is a term used frequently for the Panthers season

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 4, 2024 3:30 pm

“InTEPtitude” is a term used frequently for the Panthers season

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 4, 2024 3:30 pm

Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer, on where he believes this Carolina Panthers team is right now and what their possibilities are for the future.

Would Scott say that this is rock bottom for the Carolina Panthers? What would Scott consider a bigger circus off of the field than David Tepper’s latest drink throw. Scott made a lot of headlines by not getting called on during a Carolina Panthers press conference a few weeks ago, because David Tepper allegedly didn’t want to answer his question regarding himself. What was THE question Scott wanted to ask David Tepper, that David completely avoided at a press conference a few weeks ago?


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VTW, void and prohibited by law. See terms and conditions, 18 plus. Spending a fair amount of time talking about the Panthers doing the post-op even before the season ends and it's almost over. We'll talk rock bottom and all of that.

There's no better person to do it with than with Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer and I know Scott who joins us on the Adam Golter. You've been making the rounds lately and I know you're on with Dan Patrick and I wanted to talk about nicknames and I loved your nickname for him. You called it Inteptitude. I think that's great. Yeah, that word Inteptitude, which means of course Tepper doing something inept, came like I guess right after Frank Reich was fired and I wondered if I was going to get to use it again.

And in fact, I've gotten to use it many times, including the drink toss incident. So yeah, it's there has been a lot of fodder there for radio talk show host and sports columnist and everybody else and a very dysfunctional year. At least they've been a little bit entertaining off the field.

Well, that is it certainly has given us things to talk about beyond 2 and 14. And as I said on our first day back on Tuesday, they've had worse years. They've had worse teams than this. Although I think it would be, it might be a stretch to find a worse team than this, but they've had worse seasons. They've played worse games, but I don't know that this isn't rock bottom for the franchise. You've been there for the whole franchise.

Is this it? I felt worse, a little bit more hopeless for the franchise in 2010, when Jimmy Clawson was the quarterback for most of that season. And that offense was even worse than this one, as hard as that is to believe. But the thing is then you knew they were, they were going to have the number one tick the next year. And so there was hope there. So I think this is right at the edge of rock bottom. I would certainly think it was in the top two or three of those, you know, of those spots.

Scott Fowler is joining us here from the Charlotte Observer. But the reason I thought it was rock bottom was more about the other stuff was even then when they were bad as a football entity. Yeah, you had the prospect of the number one overall pick and we, I guess most people thought it might be Cam Newton, but there wasn't necessarily the circus in town all the time. And this has become like, I've always tried to give David Tepper the benefit of the doubt that it takes time to learn how to own, but I'm not sure he's ever going to get it based on his own behavior. Yeah, I don't know either. I, you know, I don't see a whole lot of change going on there. I mean, we're not into the first or second year of this now. This is year six and the product on the field has been bad.

You know, I think they're 31 and 67 under him. As we think about, uh, like off the field circus is the biggest one I've ever seen. Honestly, Adam was the Ray Carruth murder trial, which was occurring during the NFL season, the Panthers were playing. So that's a long time ago, but certainly, uh, you know, people lost their lives in that and that was way bigger than a, a drink tossed. However, um, the team wasn't as bad for sure that year. And then they've rarely ever been this bad.

I mean, last week was such a hopeless looking nothing. I'm working on something right now, really on what went wrong, really, uh, the entire, uh, season. And as you can imagine, it's a pretty long story because there have been so many twists and turns and they've all almost led to dead ends. Scott Fowler is joining us here on the Adam Gold show.

Yeah. I meant to ask you this when we talked last time and I don't want to forget. So I'm probably going out of order here and what I wanted to get to. Uh, but when you were snubbed at the Frank Reich press conference, and I said this the day, the day we talked to, I think the next day, but I said the day of Mike, how does Scott Fowler not get a question? And I said, I want to ask Scott what the question would have been.

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No purchase necessary. VTW reported prohibited by law, C terms and conditions 18 plus. The question, uh, to shorten it a little bit was basically, look, you, this is, you're about to go into your sixth head coach here.

If you count interim in six seasons, you're going to hire your seventh in January and six seasons. Do you ever just look in the mirror, Dave Tapper and say, is it me? Am I the problem? That was more or less the question. Uh, and so perhaps they did the right thing by not calling on me. I'm not sure he would have wanted to answer that.

Well, he definitely wouldn't have wanted to answer that because I think, and the reason I called him Daniel, I referred to him as Daniel is because we've, I mean, now six years and a lack of accountability. And I think the, what people look for in leadership is, you know, being accountable for your own role in the situation. And he acknowledged that maybe he shouldn't have hired Matt rule. Um, but like, I don't know if Frank Reich was a poor hire, but I think Frank Reich got poor direction in terms of what David Tepper wanted from Frank Reich.

I'm not sure that Frank Reich's firing wasn't the right move, but he is, but Tepper has taken essentially no responsibility for the product, the mood. And then he blamed his first statement after the drink toss was about I'm passionate. Like, no, you're not passionate.

But my kid, when he throws a, an Xbox controller against the wall, he's not passionate. He's a child. Right.

Yeah. I thought the statement was lacking to Adam. I just, how hard is it to say you're sorry? I think, and just, I apologize.

So you can, yeah, he said he regretted his behavior, but that just fell short to me. And yes, the deeply passionate part reminded me of a lot of situations in life where somebody gets really angry and they're like, well, I'm so mad at you and I did this really bad thing, but that's just cause I care so much about our relationship, you know, and that's, that's not the way to do it. I mean, you're, yeah, I'm sure this is, some of this is legalese and, you know, maybe there's another shoe to drop on and the legal aspect of what happened, but it just could have been worded better. And also it, you know, they waited 48 hours. I didn't like that part either. Uh, there was a cone of silence that didn't need to happen there.

It just, it was silly, a completely avoidable situation that instead they just ran into another brick wall. What did it say that Scott Fitterer did not move a muscle? He did not flinch. He did not glance back. What does that say?

I don't know what it says. I think Scott Fitterer, uh, has probably just was, you know, it was right after that interception and at that point it looked like, yeah, they're definitely going to get shut out for the first time since 2002. I think he was looking a little bit on the field and just going, I cannot believe everything that possibly could go wrong has gone wrong. I'm not even sure if he registered really much what was happening to his left there. I think he was, he was at the thousand yard stare there literally because, uh, you know, they, nobody at that building ever expected this. No, they did not.

I mean, you couldn't, right. You're never prepared for two and 14. And, uh, and it's just been a, you know, it's felt like probably 10 years over there instead of one, two and 14 is one thing, but the way they have looked getting to two and 14, because that more often than not, they have looked like they have not, not, not a clue how to go about fixing the problem. Although it did for a couple of weeks, looked pretty good, uh, with the, you know, with the win over Atlanta.

And then, uh, at least the offense performed very well against Green Bay, Scott Fowler. I guess this is the final part of this whole equation in that David Tepper's actions, and we can all joke about $300,000 fine and what the overall meaning is to somebody worth $20.6 billion. Um, but what does it mean in terms of finding the next head coach? I think, uh, yeah, I don't think the drink toss is going to influence that, uh, as you know, it's kind of funny as the whole, uh, incident is as much as it is that he's fired three guys in the middle of a season, Ron Rivera, Matt rule, and now Frank Reich. And he's only been there six seasons.

I think that is more what would give people pause. Uh, they have to, they have to buy into the fact that Tepper this time. Oh yeah, he was supposed to do it last time.

I know this time he really is going to give you time to fix it because it's a mess. And also you have to buy into Bryce young because that is your quarterback. You know, he's on a Ricky contract, so he's a bargain, but you're going to have to make him better. And you have to believe that Bryce Young can be a good NFL quarterback.

And that's where I think. You know, that's where that's where some coaches are going to find the Panthers lacking. I think the plum out there is the Los Angeles Chargers job with Justin Herbert already ensconced as a clear franchise quarterback. The other jobs that'll be out there and they'll probably be, you know, half a dozen, maybe, maybe eight, maybe six or seven by the time a black Monday rolls around next week. Uh, you know, the Panthers probably are in the mix on some of those.

I mean, they do have a lot of salary cap around to, to move around in and they're not, they're not like a super old teams. There's some, some good stuff, but I think the next guy, the good, the only thing they really have to sell is it's been such a disaster. The next guy, I think we'll get a pretty extended honeymoon period. People will want so desperately for it to work out that I think he gets a little bit more like, ah, yeah, well, yeah, but we're not doing, we're not two and 15, are we, you know, if they end up six and 11, I mean, that's like a cause for celebration when coach of the year, you can, uh, if you can get some votes, probably do you believe in Bryce young, uh, as a mid-level NFL quarterback? Yes.

I think he's, uh, I think he can be mid-level. I think they've, you know, they've set him up to fail this year. They didn't mean to, but they did. They set him up to fail. Um, but high level, uh, no, I don't believe that yet. I got to see it as you probably do too. You know, I, that's what they thought they were getting.

And I still think mid-level is there. If, if they, if they, you know, they got to fund a number one receiver don't have one many other things have to happen on offense this off season. Uh, but if you give them other people, I want to see him with better protection and better playmakers.

And then I think we all can make a better judgment. Scott Fowler, uh, appreciate your time. Uh, by the way, the, uh, the, the series, you can get them all on YouTube, uh, sports legends of the Carolinas.

Uh, the Steve Spurrier one. I got to go check out, uh, because that guy's just super entertaining. I appreciate it. Scott, uh, happy new year to you. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks. Happy new year.

Appreciate it. Scott Fowler of the Charlotte observer. Who's been around the Panthers really at the big, from the beginning. And again, I, I do think that this is in if when you take everything into account, like we're, we're just not even having football discussions about the franchise.

It's all about, it's all about the owner. Okay. Round two, name something that's not boring. Laundry.

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