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David Tepper press conference post Frank Reich firing

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November 28, 2023 3:31 pm

David Tepper press conference post Frank Reich firing

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November 28, 2023 3:31 pm

Chris Lea, WRAL TV, on how Tepper was in person, his impression of everything, and what people may not have been able to catch on the taping.

What happened when David Tepper tried to leave the first time, that people may not be able to hear? Was he avoiding questions about Scott Fitterer? David Tepper says he is a patient man, but he’s been quite the opposite since coming to NC. And here’s all the examples as to why…


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That's right. has over 100 casino-style games. Join today and play for free for your chance to redeem some serious prizes. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chumba. All right, how was, uh, from your perspective, how was the David Tepper show today? Uh, it was a poop show in my perspective.

And that is the, uh, the FCC friendly show that I could say right now on the air. Um, it was very interesting, man, because, you know, you're expecting this to get people, um, kind of some contracts as to why I felt this way. And a lot of folks, a lot of the media felt this way. I think we were kind of all coming in and thinking that we're going to get maybe 20 to 30 minutes of, of times to, you know, time to question, um, you know, David Tepper to get some answers, kind of see where, where everything kind of falls. Uh, they tried to cut it short. Yep. We turned it out like right at 11 minutes. Yep. And, and so we kind of forced one more question. So it ended up being 13 minutes with some change and he was out of there. And the reason why that's weird is because that's more like post-game press conference type of material.

That's not, I just made a big decision on the future of this franchise. And I need to answer questions about this type of material. And with the way these things usually work, usually we're able to kind of just blur out our questions.

Whoever gets to it first gets to it. Right. They specifically made us, um, raise our hands, which is fine because some press conferences run like that. But it was clear that David Tepper and the Panthers PR staff really wanted to ice out a couple of reporters.

One being Scott Fowler from the Charlotte observer specifically, uh, because of their, um, because of their, I guess, run-ins in the past. And then the questions that he's asked him before, uh, in the past. So it was, uh, this was a poop show all around and it just, uh, I think it left more questions than any type of answers.

Yeah. The one thing I do think that he was specific about, it took him a while to get there. It would have been very simple to simply, when he was asked the question about, uh, the rumor was that Frank wanted CJ and you wanted Bryce and he could have simply said, no, we all wanted Bryce. So maybe there is some truth to the fact that Frank wanted CJ Stroud. Um, but he eventually roundabout, it took about a minute and a half, but he got to, we were going to trade from, we were going to trade up to number two because, uh, to get CJ because we thought Houston was going to take Bryce. And that, but he did eventually say, I think it was unanimous that we all wanted Bryce Young and he gave Bryce the vote of confidence.

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See website for details. Yes. That's, that's what he said. Um, and, and it kind of contradicts what, uh, folks kind of thought before, because a lot of the talk around here was that basically we know what Frank Reich has said before in the past. And, you know, Dennis and I did an interview with a boomer size and before the draft, um, where he was saying, Hey, you know, Frank is my friend. We were in college roommates and talk all the time. He likes big quarterbacks.

I can't see him taking Bryce young. So people around him were saying things like that. Uh, so a lot of folks kind of felt like that was where Frank was at. So, uh, but, um, and that he had to be, um, talked into it by David Tepper. David basically said today that, Hey, other people made the decision.

They came to me with it. I could have vetoed it, but I didn't. I was comfortable with the decision. So, uh, because everybody else was comfortable with the decision. So he basically kind of, um, made it seem like he wasn't directly involved with, uh, or pushing Frank Reich towards, uh, selecting.

Chris Lee WRAL TV five, who was at the David Tepper dog and pony show today. Uh, and it was, I, it was, it felt short. I kept waiting for more. It felt short. You say clocked in at 11 minutes.

Uh, there was, it was 11 unfulfilling minutes, a lot of empty calories. Uh, it did seem he provided some cover for Scott Fitterer because when asked the question about, did you, is there enough talent around Bryce young? Uh, he really didn't answer the question.

No. And a lot of the questions he didn't really answer honestly, but, uh, that's, that's something where he did kind of provide some cover there for, for Scott. And then also, uh, you know, first off, like, this is probably something that you can't pick up. The mics didn't pick up and you probably couldn't tell, but, um, when he tried to leave the first time and then we are squeezing that question when he started answering his stuff about Bryce and then, you know, like the, the media was kind of grumbling, like, you know, one of them, uh, one of them for the athletics, he was upset. And so when Tucker walked off, I don't know what the live feed had, but he asked them out loud as he was walking off, like, Hey, what's going on with, uh, Scott Fitter, are you happy with this job?

And, um, you know, he kind of did a quick glance and, and kept walking. And so, um, you know, there's, there's still a lot of questions to be, um, to be answered here. And that's one of the main ones.

We don't know what's going on. Uh, with Scott Fitter, his job is safe and he feels like he's still going to be here next year. So, uh, that's, that's a real burning question. Yeah. Um, and nobody really cares that he's, he exhibits patients in other aspects of his life or that nobody leaves him. His head accountant for Tepper Inc, uh, has, uh, has been with him forever.

Nobody ever leaves him. Nope, Nope. Panthers fans don't care about that. Yeah. Adam, you know, like if you're, you're trading stocks, you got to wait for the right indicators when the, when the flag hits and you got to be patient when it comes to that. Right. So that's what he said he's facing with, um, you know, hitting those trades. Uh, other than that, you know, yeah, he, he's had, he has exhibited in patients and if you don't, don't even just look at the Carolina Panthers, look at their MLS team.

That's right here in the same building. Right. It's been around for two seasons and he's already fired two head coaches. And you know, with the Panthers, you have three, um, head coaches that you fired since, uh, 2019 and now you're on your third interim head coach. Um, and more than likely Chris Tabor is not going to be named the head coach next year. So you're, you're going to go through a full three of those.

So it's, there's so many different people that's been here through this building. And let's not even start talking about the cycle of quarterbacks he's going through since 2019. Um, right. You know, he's not the model of a patient as he, as he may think maybe he is outside of football, but inside of football, he has not been that guy.

Yeah. You know, when it comes to bowling, if he doesn't get a strike the first time, he'll be okay. If he, you know, wait, maybe the fourth frame, he'll get a strike. Uh, he doesn't, he doesn't throw out the bowling ball right away. He doesn't get new pins right away.

He's willing to exhibit patients in bowling, just not in football. Um, but I, I he's trying too much to avoid bad, uh, PR and bad press. And I think in, in the, in trying to avoid it, you're, you're just walking in a little bit more. You know what I'm saying? Like, and you know, this from your time in media and anybody who opens out there working, you know, who has to answer questions to the media, or if you're a PR person that's never actually worked in media, don't, don't try to avoid what people already know. You know what I'm saying?

Like that just makes it a little bit worse. Like we're, we're smart people and, and the, the, the fan base, they're smart people. They, they know what's going on.

They want to have actual real answers to things. And it's just, it wasn't smart. And, uh, he just hasn't ingratiated himself the way that he's, he answered that. And I'm sure you heard this too is like his reputation, but he's like, Oh, but you know, before I was here, this building only had 10 events a year.

And after I got here, there's 42 of it. My favorite part of the press conference. Thank you so much for bringing more events to bank of America stadium. However, we come to bank of America stadium to see a winning football team and that's what we want to see. So that's, that's one of the things that, uh, he's got to get a grip on really, honestly, like don't, don't give us the PR Smith, give us the real Panthers. Panthers fans don't want 10, you know, nine game, one preseason, eight regular season or nine regular season. They want playoff games.

Those are the only extra events they care about. Chris Lee WRL TV five. Thank you very much, my friend.

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