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The Canes are coming off of a couple losses to take on the Tampa Bay Lightning

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October 24, 2023 3:22 pm

The Canes are coming off of a couple losses to take on the Tampa Bay Lightning

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 24, 2023 3:22 pm

Rod Brind’Amour, Carolina Hurricanes head coach, on the team’s adjustments after their losses and where they can improve as they head back towards the east coast.

Does the video work that they do make it easier for the guys to see what’s going wrong? Where does Rod feel the team needs to improve in the upcoming games? Is there a stretch where Rod believes they’ve been playing like he wants them to play? Aho isn’t playing tonight, so who’s stepping in until he’s back on the ice? Which goalie does Rod plan on using tonight?


We just stumbled on the solution, Shohei Ohtani, to the Carolina Hurricanes. Let's see if we can make that happen.

The head coach, Rod Brindamore, is joining us here. It's not too late. Teach him to skate, get him in there. I know he can't pitch right now, but maybe he can, I don't know, maybe he can play goal. Yeah, well, if he could, I'm sure he'd find a way. But this was sport, you can see what happened when he went, what, now his arm's all messed up.

So, maybe it's not a good idea. They were headed in a bad direction, the Angels anyway. Alright, the defensive issues are so uncharacteristic for you and for this team. I mean, for years, everybody kind of sweats out, well, will Carolina find the goal? That one big goal that they haven't been able to find. And I always keep saying that the Hurricanes are more of a goal prevention team than a goal scoring team, not that goal scoring's a problem. But how have you guys handled the, just the massive amounts of goals that you guys have allowed? Have they, have they emotionally handled this?

Yeah, that's tough. Cause it's like you said, it's not, it's not how we kind of draw it up and certainly take pride in shutting teams down. And we haven't done that, you know, really at all yet. So that's been a concern. I mean, we, it's pretty obvious what's going on.

Not necessarily the whole five on five kind of game and certainly been okay in spurts there. It's just key times. It just seems to give up that grade eight chance. And then as you know, first, what are we, six games in, it seems like every time that it happens, it's in the net. So we're, we're, there are a couple of things that are piling on and we just got to eliminate one of them. Maybe not too many chances or get a key save at the right time.

I think it would be a little different. Yeah, it's not just the penalty kill. I mean, the penalty kill obviously of four of the last six games, four of the first six games, multiple power play goals allowed, but there are other things, only nine of the goals of the 30 are power play goals. But Tampa is not the place to go to get your penalty kill fixed because their power play is absolutely elite. Right now, I mean, that's, we just came off of the Colorado game and it's very similar team, you know, in a lot of ways with the talent level of a couple of guys that are kind of the, the top of the league.

And then, you know, they have a lot of other good pieces too. So that's where the power play really can affect you when you're given those top guys. Does the video work that you guys do make it easier to explain to players who have maybe, I knew you use the phrase, take a breath.

Does the video work help explain what's gone wrong? Oh yeah, for sure. I mean, that's, that's easy. I mean, watching on videos, you know, you can stop it, talk about it and look at it 10 times, but when it happens live, it's obviously a lot different. And you know, that's what, but, but that's where we use our teaching, you know, get that system or get that. You said, well, why are you taking that breath here?

It's clear on the video. And if we can, you know, keep teaching, we've got a couple of guys are still new to it and it's clear they're, they're a little behind, I think on how we do things. So it'll hopefully doesn't take too much more a long time, but definitely need to get them dialed right in. So, you know, we don't have those little mess ups at the top right now. Is there a stretch in which you feel like you have played the way you want to play in terms of four check hemming a team? And I know San Jose looked great. And I thought for what were the, the last two periods of the Anaheim game, even though you didn't come all the way back, that one looked like you wanted to look. Have there been periods other than that? With Sotictu for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, you could show off your skin again.

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Call 1-888-SOTYKTU to learn more. So that's that's what's been kind of happening right now. There's been a lot of good. I mean, there's a lot of players are individually playing pretty well. But it's collectively right now.

We're just a little off. Health wise, Sebastian Aho, I know he's he practiced yesterday. He I know he was out there this morning. What is how much can you tell us about whether or not he's going to play? Yeah, I think he's well, you know, he's getting close.

I think you're going to take warm up. You know, I hope he gives us, you know, that he can that he can go kind of thing. And that'll be huge.

I mean, that is another big part. Nobody talks about, you know, why are you giving up so many goals? We haven't really had it. We have not had our team together yet and get some big guys missing.

I mean, take that that kind of talent out of your group. You're going to have some, you know, some little gray areas. So hopefully you back get back in there. Especially keep families around the corner waiting on that.

But I think you won't feel you'll be seen. Get those guys in. That's obviously a huge difference. Brendan Moore is with us here for Svechnikov could soon be Thursday night against Seattle. Also, but we've been saying that for a while.

So I want to, you know, put a date on it. I think when he gets another practice under the belt, maybe feels a little more comfortable. We know because we wait for 10 days and he wasn't with us. Right. And hopefully Freddie gives us a nod here soon so he can get in the game. And, you know, we're we're missing all those a lot of key guys at present. Well, you said Freddie soon. Does that mean Freddie is not going to play tonight?

Right. Who is who is in net tonight? We're going back with coach.

All right. For me, he was really good in the first period and really good in the third period. Second period, I'm sure he would like to erase from his memory. I mean, that's that's the game, right? I mean, we got back into it and then we get, you know, we definitely can't give up those chances. But when when you do, you want to you need it. And that's when you need to say that right time. And, you know, obviously we didn't get it. But it's not for lack of effort.

I could. He cares and he certainly, you know, gives us a good chance. Yeah, I thought he played well in relief of Auntie in the game in Seattle. And I thought he again, I thought he was excellent in the first period. And I think everything everybody was deflated by the goal at the end of the period. And the and I know you said that there could have been maybe that penalty was called because of something else. Or there was another play that could have been that could have changed the trajectory of that game.

And then the shorthanded goal was a killer. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, we can't give up those nuts and creeping in a little here. So, yeah, I mean, listen, there's a lot of areas that we're not happy with. But we're early in the season and said yesterday when I got asked a bunch of questions about him and it shouldn't matter who you have in the lineup. It should look a certain way. We haven't seen that yet. But we do have, I think, yes, last game there was over 20 million dollars out of the lineup.

So it's going to look a lot different when I think we get all these guys that rod Brendan Moore. I appreciate your time. Good luck tonight. I'll talk to you Saturday. All right. Thank you. You got it. Rob Brendan Moore here on the Adam Gold Show.
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