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The man who IS NC State/Fall World Series

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October 19, 2023 3:35 pm

The man who IS NC State/Fall World Series

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 19, 2023 3:35 pm

Elliott Avent, NC State Baseball Coach, on his thoughts regarding the club right now and the Fall World Series.

How many guys are returning and how many are newcomers? What did he think was only a college thing, but he’s now seen even in the pros? Elliott also has a great relationship with Carolina Hurricanes head coach, Rod Brind’Amour. One thing Rod does with his guys is gets them to care about the game and each other, so how does he go about this and how valuable is that? What other sports does Rod follow and support at NC State? Even though he’s a baseball coach, why does Elliott love hockey as a sport?

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Elliott Avent is NC State. I'm not even going to say he's NC State Baseball.

He clearly is. He's not even NC State Athletics. There is nobody who is more NC State than Elliott Avent, the baseball coach, over for the Wolfpack who joins us on the Adam Gold Show.

We're going to talk about Trey Turner. We're going to talk about our mutual friend, Rod Brindamore and the Carolina Hurricanes and who knows what else comes up. Coach, how you doing? I'm doing great, Adam. How are you doing? I'm doing very well. I know you were in the middle of fall. I know you guys had a series with Duke over at DBAP. So it didn't go well yesterday in your scrimmage, but overall, what are your thoughts on your club as we, I guess we're not that far from everything really starting after the first of the year, but what are your thoughts on your club now?

Yeah, you're probably, Adam, you're right. You're not that far from starting because we end up next Wednesday and the next thing you know it's Thanksgiving. The guys go home after exams. They come back and you're playing when they come back, you're playing in a month. So what you see now is very similar to probably where you're going to get, but like we got 20 new guys joining 20 returnees. And so trying to mesh those guys together in a short amount of time is what every coach I think in every sport is trying to do now with so much transition in college athletics.

And it's been a good fall. We've gotten a lot of things done going over the Durham Bulls, which is such a great venue and playing Duke over there was, it was a fun night. We played 16 innings yesterday. We played 14 and so we got our, we got our fall world series going to be, they got to pick teams today. We got captain's picking teams today and over the medios. And then we're going to play a scrimmage game one Friday, game two Sunday, and we'll end up.

Next Wednesday with game three, and that will end the team portion of the fall baseball. And, you know, we've seen a lot of good things. We've seen some things we certainly have to get better at if we're going to be able to compete in this league. But anyway, it's always fun and it's fun coaching the guys and trying to get them to come together and teach the game. And it's just been a lot of fun. We didn't have that much of a NC state venue that a medios for your fall world series draft Elliott.

Avid is joining us here. There's also nothing more NC state than watching Trey Turner. Absolutely.

Break. He did not have a good season. He finished well for Philadelphia. Philadelphia this past year, but he was struggling for almost all of the year he was open about it too, but man he has not struggled in the postseason 15 for 33 homers, 5 doubles an ops of 1526 that looks like a misprint eyes only struck out 4 times after a 150 strikeouts over the course of the year, I know you're not surprised that this but then some of the stuff has to be surprising. Yeah, you know this game is not that easy and certainly he's getting used to a new city new environment that stadium is absolutely crazy shows. Yeah, the town's like Detroit Pittsburgh, obviously New York City, Boston, and I was in Philadelphia last Thursday when they clinched the series to get some Braves all those cities. I didn't grow up in a city like that. So all those cities to love their sports teams and I saw first hand in Philadelphia last Thursday night. It's when they love you.

They love you and I'll tell you what it it's kind of neat for that City to have that like that. He did get off to a soft start, but I think his honesty when he just came out and said hey, I think right now, I think especially the blue collar City of Philadelphia appreciated that honesty understanding how hard the game is and he wasn't making excuses which is who Trey is and second half of season. He really turned it on and and him and Bryce Harper and they just got some real Moot Muto. They just got such a talented team and and I got to witness last Thursday how close they are as teammates. Yeah, and I think that goes a long way at any sport.

I think you mentioned Rod Brenda Moore. I think that's what Rod Brenda Moore has done with the Hurricanes as he's such a tangible chemistry. He believes in that so much. That's who he was as a player blue collar. He has brought that to the Hurricanes and we follow the Hurricanes pretty closely in this office. Two of our guys have season tickets and we follow pretty closely and I know our shitty the City of Raleigh.

So lucky to have a guy like Rod Brenda Moore and the notoriety that he brought our city with the Carolina Hurricanes and how those guys play and I think Philadelphia from what I saw is very similar to that. And so it's just neat to see trade doing things. He's doing Trey. I mean, he's he has been great.

You know, it's funny. I remember when he when it came public with House how much he was struggling and he felt bad about it and the next night in Philly, even in the midst of again a slump. They were I mean they were given him what ovations as though he had just hit game-winning home run. So they actually showed him the support that they might not have shown somebody else who wasn't as open with it. I and I agree man. I think the honesty honesty will always sell in a city like Philadelphia.

And if you deny your struggles, I think people see through that and I think that that is certainly worked to his benefit. But I mean, he is just scalding hot. The whole team is hot and like it almost feels to me. I want to ask you a couple of things about Ron and your relationship with him in a second, but it almost feels I know there's a long way to go and one moment can flip a series but it almost feels like this is a coronation for Philadelphia the way they're playing.

They got close last year and fell short. This just feels a lot different. It feels a lot different is always nice to be playing your best baseball the season and you look at like the Dodgers that won so many games and quenched early the Braves.

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There are contracts which admit maybe that's what college needs to they maybe they need contract. But I want to tap into your relationship with rod. And as much as I can have a personal relationship with rod. I do and it I wrote this of in year one of the rod Brenda Moore era is that he gets his team his players to feel the same way he does like it met everything matters to him the team matters to him the city matters to him the relationships matter to him and he gets his players to care like he does that is a unique quality. Yeah, it really is but I and I I know he has been but I know what Ellen and the owner they are obviously they're making trades and who they keep and but I'm sure they give rod Brenda Moore. You know input on that because he does coach that way and obviously he did it for so long as a player and I'm sure the players respect the fact that that's who he is and but I'm sure they value who rod wants to bring in there to fit in with the hurricane because that's been so much a part of their success like the fans love hockey here now, which is if you go back to bring in hockey. I think it was a 99.

I can't remember. I'm sure you do. But when they brought hockey or so many naysayers like how is hockey going to fit in in the South and Raleigh, North Carolina, and now it's probably the biggest attraction here. It's hard to get a ticket and they love a winner America will always love a winner and they very rarely tolerate a loser, but they love the way the hurricane play and they love the energy in that building and this whole town is wrapped his arms around the hurricane. But Rob and more it's a big reason that yeah, he is a good friend of mine, but I'm actually more of an admirer him than anything. I just admire everything he does in the way coaches the way traces players just who he is the person matter of fact when I went to his wedding, I think I said stuff. That's what I fell in love with honey when I got to know all the hockey players and I think I asked Ron Francis Ronnie is everybody from Canada a nice person seems like everybody I meet is a nice person than just a regular guy, but the more I want hockey the more I think it's the best sport out there for getting blue-collar regular people who play the game with a great energy and and then just become a regular person after that and I've become just a big fan of the whole for hockey.

You know, you're right. I've spent a lot of time in hurricanes locker rooms over the last 25 years and they are I mean they're the most down-to-earth professional athletes are going to find because this you can't get to where there's a lot of guys with ridiculous talent of like unbelievable ability. But you can't get to where these guys got to without incredible work ethic. And it's it goes it permeates to every player in the league I in my opinion and yeah, I think the hurricanes of also had a collection of really really great people and I've got to know a lot of them and again as much as somebody in my position can be friends with these people. I've got a lot of great relationships with canes current and past and I think it's it's an awesome sport.

I think rods are also a big deal has a lot to do with all of that. And of course it doesn't hurt that he's a state guy to write Elliott. No, it doesn't hurt that doesn't hurt he. And he loves he loves baseball and he loves that he loves to walk by he doesn't fall. I'll take some of the as the craziest times, you know, just when something happened great for the hurricanes are, you know, kicking off the season this year and he knows exactly what's going on with our baseball team and and what's going on with NC State.

So he follows us as well, but he's just a good good person and like I say those guys are so blue collar. Yeah, and they is such a grind their season is such a grind for it is so physical and it's so taxing and they the season is so long. I can't believe how many games they play. Those guys are not only I remember Rod and Ron Francis told me this one time they're not only tough physically, but you have to be tough mentally. They're so tough minded.

It isn't the physicality that gets them. Sometimes it's the grind that they have to be so tough minded that goes back to them being so blue-collar and such good people and I just got such an admiration for the whole hockey community. And like I said, what they've done for this city and the state of North Carolina. I think I think when you say Carolina Hurricanes, I think people know exactly what you're talking about nationwide and it's just been so much fun and such a great great asset to our city. All right, then now on my bucket list is watching a game with you, Elliott Avent. We're going to have to do that very soon. Enjoy your fall World Series.

Enjoy watching Trey Turner, hopefully win one for him and I will talk to you very soon. Hey Adam, let me tell you, you got to go. Let me tell you one quick story you got to love. Okay, you talked about the ovation they gave the Phillies. Yeah, that was a radio to show you the impact that y'all have on communities and on cities and on state.

That was a radio, the radio announcer. They got that done. And when I was in Philly Thursday, I got a chance to go meet him and be around him. And I said, hey, you know what? You you not only turned around, you know, help turn around trade season that ovation that that he suggested the city and the stadium do. It's almost like Philadelphia had an image that they booed their players out. They're not doing great. And he he almost changed the mentality of how Philadelphia's looked at.

So I thought that was interesting. They showed you the impact that y'all have through the venue of a radio. They booed Santa Claus. They booed Santa Claus in Philly.

It is a complete turnabout. So, hey, good for y'all. Good talking to you, Adam. Thanks for everything you do. And and thanks for what you do for the city of Raleigh and the Wolfpack. You're the best.

Elliot Avin. I appreciate your time. All right. That's maybe more responsibility than I need. I just say it. I don't need that kind of right. I don't need that kind of pressure, right? We're trying to be we try to be fair. It's you know, we're not. I don't I don't carry pom poms.
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