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Chris Long: Justin Fields deserves to stay with Bears

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 18, 2023 2:01 pm

Chris Long: Justin Fields deserves to stay with Bears

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 18, 2023 2:01 pm

12/18/23 Hour 1

Rich and the guys react to the Buffalo Bills utter domination of the Dallas Cowboys in Week 15. 

Two-time Super Bowl champion/’Green Light’ podcast host/’Inside the NFL’ analyst Chris Long and Rich discuss if the Chicago Bears should stick with Justin Fields or draft a QB, what the Bills did right and what the Cowboys did very, very wrong in their Week 15 game, the issues with the Kansas City Chiefs’ inconsistent offense this season, Lamar Jackson vs Brock Purdy as NFL MVP, and why the Rams could be a dangerous team if they make the playoffs.

Rich ponders the possibility of the Cowboys having to travel to Tampa to face Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers in a Wild Card playoff game, and react to the lowly Carolina Panthers beating the Atlanta Falcons in front of a sparse home crowd. 

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I think now what the Spanos have to do is take a monster swing at this position. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Can we get an ankle bracelet on Jim Harbaugh when he's out here with the Wolverines for the Rose Bowl, like to see where his whereabouts are? Today's guests, two time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight podcast host Chris Long, 49ers tight end George Kittle, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We are live on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show, terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM, Odyssey and more. What a weekend of National Football League action to take in a whole bunch to talk about on this show, which is maybe why almost every darn phone line we've got is lit right now. And we just came on the air where this show is only forty five seconds old and people want to talk to us, which is awesome. Eight four four two oh four. Rich is the number to dial. We're going to talk with Chris Long of Greenlight Pod in this hour. Our number to George Kittle of the freshly minted two thousand twenty three NFC West champion San Francisco 49ers.

He's going to zoom into this program. You're going to be with us all three hours. So much to discuss here. Good to see you over there. Christopher Brockman, how are you? Rich, what's up? D.J.

Mikey Diaz. Good to see you. Good morning. T.J. Jefferson, it's the it's it's the it's the wrong version of your of your cowboys. There you go.

I mean, I mean, hey, listen, listen, listen, listen. As you as you unfortunately learned, T.J., this weekend, firsthand, there are two teams you do not want to let in the playoffs. And they are the Buffalo Bills and my fantasy basketball team that beat T.J. Jefferson this weekend. Four in a row started all three and one.

I'm now four, three and one. Don't let me in the playoffs. I'm just giving everyone a warning. Well, and then the Buffalo Bills. That's the other team.

He won because of a glitch in the matrix. That's all suffered. That's all suffered.

Check your team. So it's just like it's just like a lot of kids in this generation. We're not going to apologize for winning. Well, we'll talk about my time. I'm just saying. So Mike Tomlin over the weekend called the Steelers game. The Steelers fans love me.

Hey, Pittsburgh, good to see you. So we'll discuss that on this program. The Chiefs taking care of business, although still getting a little case of the Tony dropsies. And and so we'll discuss that. Come on.

We'll discuss that on this program. The Sunday night victory of the Baltimore Ravens. They are looking incredibly impressive. And my jets got eliminated. And it's not even the end of week 15 yet. We'll talk about that on this program party, pal.

It is Christmas time. Yeah, we all tails this week, OK, so. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, Chris Brockman and I started dancing around the subject about three weeks ago on overreaction Monday podcast, which we're going to record as soon as this show is over and put in your podcast, Irgate and on our YouTube page. The Buffalo Bills do not let them into the playoffs, do not let them in the tournament.

Don't do it. Because they are playing like the best team in the American football conference. We've seen it ever since they made that move with Ken Dorsey out, Joe Brady and in the offensive coordinator position, and at the time we were all saying, and I believe rightfully so, rightfully so, Marshall Faulk said it on What the Football with Suzy and Amy, that Sean McDermott was running out of people to just throw to the, you know, meat grinder to keep switching things out and maybe save his own skin.

In western New York. Swapped out defensive coordinators took on the defensive play calling this year, Leslie Frazier's walking around NFL Network while Sean McDermott is fully in charge of that side of the ball that made him a head coach. And then Ken Dorsey out Joe Brady and you started seeing some changes, but the first game was against the Jets. OK, let's throw that one out, because that's the way the Jets were playing and have been playing most of the year. Then after that, the Buffalo Bills after dismantling the Jets, what did they wind up doing? They went into Philadelphia and took the Eagles into overtime and should have won the game. Gabe Davis goes one way, Josh Allen throws another, and then Jalen Hurts takes the ball down the field after the Bills settle for field goals who are touchdown, but the Bills look different. They looked like the Bills teams that we've been seeing making the playoffs. And then the Bills went into Kansas City. Say what you will, folks. Kadarius Toney lined up offsides and the Bills still had time left on the clock to potentially win that game anyway, and it was more than 13 seconds.

All right. And then what they did yesterday was eviscerate the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, take the hottest team in the NFL and take that five game win streak and not just snap it.

I mean, break it up into kindling and lighting a bonfire outside of Highmark Stadium. And then pulled up a van and then jumped on a table and took that out, too, and threw that on the fire. And this kid, James Cook, I had a very, very long New Year's Eve a couple of Orange Bowls ago when he in Georgia took apart the Michigan Wolverines and I saw this kid for Georgia and I'm like, he's unbelievable electric. And what he has done since Joe Brady took over, I'm wondering if Ken Dorsey sitting at home right now saying, maybe I should have dialed up number four a little bit more because Joe Brady is dialing up four and dialing up four. And at one point he came out of the game yesterday and Greg Olsen's like, they're giving him a blow, but don't worry, he's going to be back on that field in two seconds because Greg Olsen is seeing what we're all seeing. That kid is a difference maker. And that kid is the one who's taken the pressure off of Josh Allen more than anything else.

That kid on the screen, he is unbelievable. And what's happened since Joe Brady started dialing up is he's turned James Cook into Christian McCaffrey. Run it, throw it.

He's not guardable and he's unstoppable when you block it up properly. Buffalo had 266 rushing yards yesterday. James Cook had 179 of them most since Fred Jackson in 2009. And they possess the ball 10 minutes longer than the Cowboys. Four out of their first five drives in the game lasted longer than four and a half minutes. So they're chewing it up and spitting it out right now. They had 28 first downs, 28 first downs, 20 of them rushing it.

That's the second most in team history and the most since 96. That's what the Bills are doing right now. And they didn't look anything like this team when I saw them in London, when they lost to Jacksonville back in week five, they didn't look anything like it when they were going in that win streak in the beginning part of the season and they were boat racing people, it was all Josh Allen. And the Josh Allen that steals your soul and comes for you has arrived back again in the NFL. You can't put him on the ground. And guess what? You didn't need to yesterday because he didn't do a damn thing with his arm it felt like.

He even was sheepish about it after the game saying this about his passing day. Just get it done. Just find a way to win and felt like the kid that didn't do anything in the class project but got an A. But again, I'll do this 10 times out of 10 times man.

Just keep going. TJ if I told you going into that game Allen would be 7 of 15 for 94 yards in just one score, you would have said what? I would have said for one thing I'm winning my fantasy matchup because the guy I'm playing had him in two. The Cowboys are going to stomp the building. Correct and it was the exact opposite. It's so fitting that in Buffalo they play that freight train whistle all the time when it's third down right? They play that freight train because when the and it kind of it's like a stampede like their logo matches the freight trains coming and you better get out of the way because they are coming and they build steam on the tracks and keep it going and the most incredible thing about it and you got to give the flowers to McDermott is this defense. I watched Matt Milano get carted off the field in Tottenham and that was after Trey White went down for the season the week before and then they didn't have AJ Epenesso who had a triple crown play, a trifecta when I called that game in London where he picked one off.

He created he picked one off. He also caused this sack fumble and then recovery right and Micah Hyde wasn't there either and what they did to the Dallas Cowboys offense which was again red as red hot as you can get. They had again 266 rush yards as I mentioned Dallas had 195 total yards. Dallas had 14 first downs in the game but six in the last garbage drive in which they scored to make it a little bit closer 31-10 was the final. They had only eight first downs before that last drive that's it. Dak couldn't do a damn thing. CeeDee Lamb non-existent the run game non-existent they steamrolled him. That thing was over there and it was interesting you got you kind of got that sense early on certainly when you saw the stat on the screen that they were held scoreless in the first quarter for the first time since their loss in San Francisco which was again supposed to have been the outlier of the Cowboys season. But now here we are with Dallas going into Buffalo and getting absolutely manhandled by the Bills and the narrative of the Cowboys season prior to beating Philadelphia was yeah but who have they really beaten and then of course after they beat Philadelphia at home to go 7-0 at home and winning 15 straight at home gating back to last season it was like yeah but who have they really beaten on the road having lost at Arizona to the Pastronaut and then at San Francisco in a game that wasn't even as close as 42-10 and then they lost in Philadelphia and the Cowboys fans rightfully were saying hey you know if we didn't step out of bounds here and we actually had our tight end in the end zone instead of on the one inch line we could have won that game well guess what they go into Buffalo and they had an opportunity to show everybody put their card on the table saying against the red hot Buffalo Bills we're just as hot and even hotter and we're gonna show you and instead it was the exact opposite they got smoked they got crushed and next week they've got to go to Miami which has their own narrative of yeah but who have they really beaten period that's for Christmas weekend but for the moment the Dallas Cowboys had that golden opportunity to go into a tough place to play against the team that is playing as tough as they've played all year long and say not today this is a different cowboy year and instead they didn't even show up and you got to wonder what's up with that especially since Cam is calling a deck a game manager they couldn't even manage the game I mean they're gonna get assistant manager couldn't even be assistant crew chief that was all about James Cook and the Bills defense and Josh Allen just sitting back and saying everybody else I mean they Josh Allen could basically took the night off Micah Parsons after the game left completely mystified there was one run I believe it might have been by Ty Johnson where he came around the left edge and gained another chunk play on on I think a first down converting play and you could just see him throw his arms up in the air like I don't know what's going on here and he still was doing that after the game yeah honestly it's just unacceptable at this point there's no excuse for it it's mind-boggling I don't understand why we're not playing well and we're not coming together on the road it's something we need to look at and get better because we got on the road next week radio audience the bills of visiting locker room it does it doesn't strike me as you know there's a fancy it's like a Maserati there yeah you go yeah that's just like okay cinder block here's some pieces of metal put your crap in there like you probably had a you go there's some wood you know rich they is the bills man the way they opened up the holes for cook in that running game they completely took Micah out of the game they took every everybody out of the game particularly the way they they they made Randy's plays they got him out the way they opened up I was very impressed with with the way that they just and what the Buffalo brothers let me tell you what the Buffalo Bills are are common for you again you thought they were out I never thought everybody thought they were out we spent some time here thinking they were out for sure and I was I was so tough from I was never out on Alan I just could never be out on the he's just you know regressed can't be oh but as for the bills chances they were they were a 12 seed they are now a nine seed by the way the Texans with a stones W on the road in Tennessee okay and we'll talk about that later on and I saw what the Colts looked like personally and Jake Brown he's got the Bengals where they're where they are and Joe Flacco is having a what do we call a flakka sounds like a sound okay okay there's a there's a flakka sounds going on right now I totally get it but the Buffalo Bills are better than all of them all of them okay and they're better than the Jaguars right now they've already beaten the Chiefs and look who they are coming for in the final week of the season because right now they're two games behind the Dolphins and while the Dolphins host the Dallas Cowboys and then visit the Baltimore Ravens Josh Allen and the Bills are flying out here to visit Easton stick maybe or what do you got Chargers sign will Greer practice squad good good enough for their their now interim head coached team coach gift I believe it's not Jeff is it Jeff no no it's good coach gift and the Chargers and then after that the Patriots visit Western New York and if there's any team that wants to completely disintegrate another it's the Bills of the Patriots and Bailey Zappi and so that's all the Bills need is for Miami to lose against the Cowboys or the Ravens that's it and they take care of business against Easton stick gift coach gift and Bailey Zappi and they will have an opportunity to go into Miami in week 18 and win the division and put a home game in the spot where they just steamrolled Dallas that's coming folks that is absolutely beyond possible it's actually likely how does that sound and then let's just see this let's say the the Dolphins beat the Cowboys right very possible okay and then the Ravens lose to San Francisco right or the Cowboys beat the Dolphins right and the Ravens lose to San Francisco and then the Dolphins go into Baltimore and beat Baltimore so the Baltimore Ravens lose two in a row the Bills have a shot at the one seed folks as we're sitting here so forget about them being so deep in the sniffing it category right now and so deep down and have been around the 11 seed and 12 seed and 10 seed they can be the one seed a million percent right now the Ravens are playing terrific football I'm just pointing out the facts and the Cowboys one seed is history the Niners are the best team in the NFC period the one seed is gone that thing is gone I believe because they got to be two better than the Niners and they're now one worse than them gone and you just better hope that the Seahawks show up tonight and face either a un-Jordan-like, fluish Jalen Hurts or Marcus Mariota because I think the NFC East is gone too because the Eagles have the Giants twice and the Cardinals left and the Eagles should win all three of those games Tommy Cutlets aside I know that pumpkin cutlets have spoiled so the Saints took care of that business and we'll talk Rams and Saints later on that's your update let's take a break here Greenlight podcast host Chris Long will join us next and George Kittle in hour two and you throughout I love seeing the phone lines lit up like a Christmas tree since it is you know Christmas week coming up let's talk audible people audible lets you enjoy all of your audio entertainment all in one app titles in every kind in all categories wellness bestsellers and new releases as well as podcasts and originals and audible members can keep one title a month from the entire catalog you keep it you'll 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and die with your bed on the chicago bears did you push is that what ended up happening i pushed i pushed mercifully but i mean it was right there it was right there quite a bit yeah it was right there i mean and and not just that the drop uh early in the game too you know there's some really costly drops including the one in midfield in the two-minute draw i still think i'm on the right side there well i mean and and justin fields had a clear first down right in front of him and he got tripped up and he fell about a half yard short if he picks that one up i mean that's that's the nfl for you isn't it you know yep no question when you're watching the bears third and one two yeah i go on all day about how the bears uh wound up losing that game 212 the flaco in the fourth what's going on i mean 2023 but the bears defense is definitely playing better don't you think i mean that's for sure you know yeah the bears defense is awesome i mean tj edwards made a couple big plays late night game stevenson um all those guys i've i've been singing their praises uh you know the the thursday night game that they won against the vikings i thought they really put it all together and they just keep playing well but like that's the difference right there i think if they catch that hail mary they might be going on a run here do you think justin fields has proven he should stay what do you think yeah i mean there's no right answer here i think it just comes down to if you prefer the quarterback that's making a bunch of money or a guy on a rookie deal um but in my opinion justin fields is a known commodity and and i like the commodity um you know somebody like atlanta you maybe see what atlanta is willing to send uh up your way for justin fields but but i like justin fields i'm a justin fields fan i people want to argue with you all day on it um but you know evaluating quarterbacks as we've seen is is the most inexact science in the world and it depends on context so you know you got bears fans asking to fire the coordinator that's not a perfect situation for justin fields i think it's a pretty good situation uh but the bears are moving in the right direction rich isin show radio network just returned to the roku channel feed i'm talking to chris long and i'm sitting at the rich isin show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by i will ask you a uh an old school sports talk uh um constructed question chris did we learn more about the cowboys or the bills on sunday we already knew that about the cowboys like i'm not i'm not anti cowboys i'm not one of these all or nothing people where it's got to be the best team in the world or they're terrible like they're good football team but but you can run the football in this team and coming in this game i like the bills because of cook and because of the tight ends and i thought the middle of the field was going to be an issue for them in the run in the past game but for the bills to feature this offense uh you know where josh allen doesn't really have to go back and and drop back and do much uh that's not to say he didn't do anything there's the occasional third and nine where he rips it to digs and he catches it with one hand and you're like oh these two guys um you know they softened you up and took the shots when they had to like the i think it was maybe the first drive on that deep over to digs they just pounded the ball and that play where cooks got the ball in the scrum and he goes for like 10 yards after contact i've been in that situation when you're a defense and it dawns on you that oh actually like it's not just they're going to feature the run the run game in the game plan it is the game plan and it's loud here and they're committed to it and the very next play they hit that deep over and i i think not having a james cook in the past or having a james cook in the past and not using him is a huge indictment on the last guy but also uh you know it goes to show your answer was there all along and in the biggest spots josh allen has never had a receiving back like this nor has he really had a ground attack like this some of the cuts that he made in the middle 15 minutes of this game before the half where they really took their soul on that drive and then they come out in the third quarter and run the ball 11 out of 15 plays i mean that just tells that team on the other sideline like this game is absolutely over and if they can do this and feature it they are uh possibly the most dangerous team in the afc i mean you watch the other teams um and one of the reasons i've been standing on the table for kansas city is because the field is down too and as the bills ascend you look at some of these examples in the past of new england making a run late in the season in their first championship uh season i think they lost their last game to the rams eerily similar to the way that the bills lost in overtime close ball game to the eagles a team they could see if they get that far um and then they go on that long run the giants too you know that wild card run i think they're seven and seven at that point so there's reason to believe if you're buffalo and a lot of it has to do uh with the fact that the afc is including baltimore they look beatable yeah and and baltimore it looks terrific as well and i i i painted a scenario you know obviously baltimore would have to lose out and they do have some difficult opponents um san francisco in san francisco and then miami at home and then they play a stealers team that who the heck knows would show up it could be one of those throw the records out things but i i i don't think the bills can be a one seed i kind of threw it out there as a possibility but them as a two seed and an afc east champion two seed is a million percent possible yeah they're absolutely going to have an opportunity to host a playoff game i mean that that's going to be within their control and last night was the reason you know that was like if you can get this game i know you can beat these next two teams but the problem with the bills are they the new bills or the old bills earlier this season where you lose to the patriots um you know the chargers they're 2.2 two touchdown favorites uh you know like i feel like you can never say anything for sure in the nfl but you feel good about this one the pats that's going to be built with his back against the wall he wants to beat the bills uh maybe one last time and then you go down to miami and i watch that team and they're they're very good right they've yet to beat a winning team since last september and you go to miami and i feel like all the pressure would be on miami in that scenario because that would mean that they're playing for everything and you saw the first matchup went it'd be a little different but this defense is playing really well last night i thought john mcdermott that run blitz on second and one in the red zone early in that game that was dallas's last chance to get a touchdown there and keep up but he dialed that run blitz up and dallas was running the football timely blitzes timely pressured pressures sat back there played zone and in the second half it was like dak had nothing downfield and the rushers and the guys on the back end playing downhill all of a sudden this looks like a pretty good defense again they might not be what they were before trey white uh before you lose milano but they're still pretty good chris long here on the rich isin show i feel like uh instead of you know level of concern segment we should uh do a segment called how do we fix it uh so how do we fix it with dallas right now how do we fix their inability to play on the road like they do at home how do you fix that well um they got a big guy down up front you get him back you'll be better um you're not going to be able to host a bunch of playoff games in the playoffs obviously this was a big one now the eagles monday night i worry about them they changed their defensive coordinator that sort of thing they could still be they could still win the east but it's kind of in phillies control i think for dallas it's try to closely follow a game script where you're not down two scores because um i just don't like them in that scenario i know it sounds simple but they can't really fix anything they're they're gonna be a little bit suspect in the middle of the field and up the middle in the run game and you know you can slow these rushers down i mean we've seen it happen before with mica he's incredible but when you throw enough things at him in the run game it's it's hard for him to play fast and he does honor his keys and that sort of thing so um i think for dallas it's just got to be a situation where you got to get in the right matchups in the playoffs and hope for the best like most teams and then i guess let's move to the kansas city chiefs how do you fix cadereus tony because you don't fix cadereus tony and i feel like they're banging their head against the wall trying to fix cadereus tony it almost felt like hey we're in a three touchdown ball or a three score ball game late in this game we feel like it's in hand maybe that's why we're throwing him the ball but i don't like him touching the ball at all and maybe in that situation they're trying to work him into you know some confidence a rhythm or whatever they're doing but you see patrick mahomes on the sideline it's a look of a guy that i don't know if it's him but somebody's sticking their neck out for this guy in that locker room or in that building and it just the look of disappointment like we've given you so many chances and i kind of i i don't want to be careful saying this because andy reed's one of the best to ever do it but eventually it's just his fault it's the coach's fault um because we know exactly who cadereus tony is why is he on the field like why is he even getting a jet sweep you know it goes for two yards the top end uh returns aren't even there you know and i i would extend it even further to when you're first and four at the goal line in a zero zero ball game i think it is you're not in position to play with your food and i know they love creative stuff but you got mahomes in a three-point stance mckinnon taking a snap and you're doing a shovel pass through she rice who's great but it's a i think it's a running back pitching a ball to a wide receiver and he almost fumbles the ball they score a touchdown everybody's like oh great look how creative they're on the red zone but it's like why are you why are you living this way well did you hear the backstory behind that one chris is that rishi rice needed that um score to set a rookie receiving touchdown record and they talked about it before every single time they practiced it it was a handoff from mckinnon to rice and they decided okay you need a touchdown reception i'll flip it to you and that's what happened that's the story behind it apparently it well after hearing that it strikes me even more you know as as a group playing with their food a little bit there and i do think they have this championship dna and having patrick mahomes and i've been pounding the table saying they're gonna turn it around when pacheco gets back if you watch them you know that first snap in the red zone after they took that shot uh off the off the rip they're they're moving bodies like you know you wise is going for a ride they're moving lawrence guy you know trace miss snap and devise neck back like that's who they need to be when pacheco gets back i know they can't do that right now but i would just say like i know you're the smartest guy in the room but maybe sometimes act like you're a rock head and and play bully ball um because you're not going to turn into a 40 point a game outfit let's let's control the ball let's let's convert when we can and travis kelsey he might not be catching balls yesterday is a perfect example of like it's going to be hard down the stretch to get him the ball the chess match between andy reid and bill you know andy trying to release him in line motioning him screening away from him even if he's not catching the ball he's making plays for you the other guys just have to make the layups like there's two guys in the flat on that first shot of the game and that's because of travis kelsey so find those opportunities and the guys have to make layups well the last one for you on this maybe tony's out there because he's still better than the one that's the next man up how about that as an idea yeah but there's better than but are you more dependable i don't know the answer to that and you know on defense if we used to have you know offensive line you have a fish you try to protect around that guy you don't have another choice receiver is not usually a position i think about as like costing a team games you know because you can decide to throw that guy the ball or not even if he's out there doing cardio or you can put richie james in there somebody else like i don't know the inner workings of what's going on in the building but i see what's happening on the field and to me there have to be personnel decisions you can make by by that i mean like getting 12 personnel take a receiver off the field uh you know or put a different guy in you know get a different guy for your gadget plays or take them out for a little bit because it's not like they're yielding big returns two more for you chris long co-host of inside the nfl and also green light pod right here on the rich isin show you already heard the narratives being set up for the finale of week 16 on christmas uh night between the ravens and the niners uh toriko and collinsworth were already chopping that up as the ravens were done chopping up the jaguars that this is for maybe a playoff a super bowl preview that uh the team that's maybe best equipped to beat the niners is coming into the niners house and the ravens you're already shaking your head no and that uh the mvp is up for grabs too whoever wins this game that's true i think the mvp's kind of become like the heisman and we know like hey most valuable player different years we'd be giving it to different people but we basically give it to the quarterback that has the best year and finishes the strongest okay right and like purty is what minus 200 or something like that lamar's second behind him and you look at like the two different ways that they're the most valuable players like purty's got these incredible stats he does make great plays off platforms so he's like a point guard i liken him to an elite point guard that can actually score you know he's not a game manager i disagree with cam on that one uh and i disagreed on the the dak thing uh but but you know like when it comes to purty he can actually make those plays off schedule so i i don't think he's a game manager um and i think lamar when you watch him last night the reason i'm concerned about the ravens is yeah the defense is really good right but i really think lamar has to do so much right now with mark andrews down and now with keaton mitchell down that i was worried about the offense had keaton mitchell come out of the game healthy i know they ran for like 200 yards i looked up at one point i'm like wow they ran for 200 yards it felt like 98 you know it just creeps up on you but i do think against better defenses and i'm not talking about the run game because jacksonville's been solid there but it's it's hard to make that big adjustment and they were trying to be more explosive and now you lose keaton mitchell i do worry about that situation in that game i leave i lean san francisco i mean like and if you're asking me who actually poses the the niners the biggest threat in the super bowl i think that list is short like that list is very short i you know i could see if if kansas city turns it around in a way that i'm not anticipating kansas city could be tough sure baltimore could give them a game but i also think buffalo we just talked about them if they slot in the dance they actually pose uh to me a bigger threat than the other teams in the afc to beat san francisco so then last one for you chris is the team we're not talking about because you know again we're we're talking about the big four in the nfc as the lions got back on track against the broncos on saturday night and we're talking about bill the bills now in the same breath as the ravens and the dolphins uh obviously you've got the chiefs who are we not talking about in either conference that you think can make a a run here a run i mean like okay in the nfc asterix like it's gonna be hard for anybody to beat san francisco you know no i mean a run makes the final four then i mean yeah yeah yeah the rams are two in the nfc right now or rams to me the rams to me are a team that could get hot and if if the texans hadn't had all these injuries and i mean they're gonna get get guys back can they slide in you know if they still had tank dell i feel like hey look at the way the d-line closed that game out yesterday that was awesome like they are a dangerous team but i think the rams doing what they've done is incredible and because matt stafford a guy that some of us wrote off a little bit because of his age and you know projecting injuries and just where this team is going to be they are doing this with a bunch of just guys on defense and aaron donald but they're doing it and i got to give sean mcveigh a lot of credit um i did not anticipate them being here so i think those teams and then the bucks the reason that game's so interesting to me is the cowboys and the eagles are watching that game getting ready to go and they're watching that game and they're saying like damn we we might have to one of us are going to have to go down to tampa you know and play a football game and i know tampa probably doesn't match up with the cowboys so well um in a lot of ways uh and the eagles in a lot of ways either but that's that's a lot worse than going to atlanta um and that's a lot worse i think than going to new orleans at this juncture so you know tampa could make it interesting for somebody one weekend in january chris you're the man have a great green light pod oh who's on it you got anybody for the uh we have i got my brother in here today uh we we've got stanford steve this week pretty usual cast of characters i wish i could report more okay you can talk about aircraft what was your brother tweeting about what the heck was that oh yeah he has a flight simulator what was that so he thinks he's sully uh and minus the minus the seagulls i hope well yeah no seagulls but he's flying his cessna over all of our houses and taking pictures and sending them to us it's kind of creepy so well happy holiday to the long family happy holidays take care take care of yourself you're good buddy it's chris long everybody kind of 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you really george we saw your instagram george we saw it we saw it i don't mean to interrupt what's going on you know you're on vacation with your wife right there in cabo is that what's going on right now did i see that hey between you and me and don't tell anybody else i am actually back in nashville that's that's from last week i wasn't don't tell anybody and here i was you know say say go say hi to mcveigh and uh go say hi to you know stafford but there you okay so this was last week you ran the okie doke i was saying i was kyle shannon instead that's kind of my that's your speed okay well okay good now i don't feel as bad i don't feel i don't feel like i'll go to cabo with you too man you look like you know how to have a good time well here's my deal george george here's my deal um and this is it's not just because i'm a 51 year old man this is the way i've been my entire tequila is a night ender for me like literally if it's two in the afternoon which i would never really do these days anyway it's over my my night's over finished i can i know it's something like a blast but you know it's true tequila and i i just don't mix with tequila never have rich you should see the look that my dad just gave the phone after hearing you say that that tequila's my day started when i'm what are we doing all right you should just come to tennessee and we'll get that fixed for you okay so what is your thing it's a mindset and you just power through it okay it's a mindset i never really thought about that so what's your what is your libation of choice uh when on vacation george what is it oh what's your goal besides bud light i'm a i'm a big pina colada guy and i uh absolutely uh i love uh tequila just in general okay i'll drink that about anything rich kittel his latest coming up back here on the rich isin show interesting what chris long just said you know um so he just mentioned chris long just mentioned how um about a possible matchup in the first round of the wild card all season long as we've watched your cowboys struggle and then get behind the eagles the sense was whoever loses the nfc east most likely the cowboys their first round game instead of hosting a game which obviously you want to do and maybe a one seed which obviously definitely want to have right you're just going to go on the road and take on the nfc south champ that's not going to have nearly as good a record as you so it's it's kind of the best possible consolation prize you know in which you know all about consolation prizes tj wow really wow no you do you know rich see you see that ping pong table in your house every day poking you want me to start you want me to start poking on january 1st so here's aren't going your way well here's thing it's okay that's fine it's understandable that would be a response but my point is this so the cowboys go to tampa maybe what it looks like right now that's okay if the playoffs started today started today and you'd say okay they did that last year and won last year how about this you ready for this take against the goat the grace of all time how about this take different could you say that this tampa team is better than last year's tampa i would say that wouldn't you i would and i understand i'm talking about the greatest of all time and tom brady tom brady's having a better year than baker is this year but the offensive line is healthy the defense is better rishad white has come around hold on a second baker mayfield has found mike evans way more than tom brady did last year well tom way tom didn't have time more throw so i'm not blaming i'm just saying that the offense is far more efficient and successful right now rishad white last year was just a kid who was just trying to figure out how he can get in the game right with leonard fornett not performing as well i mean the run game this year is so much better and rishad white is coming into his own in a way that the bucks prior to the season had hoped he would godwin is doing all sorts of stuff that we've used to godwin doing right could you make the case that this bucks team this year is better than last year's that won the division and welcomed in the dallas cowboys i think you can make that case can you make the case that this year's cowboys team is better than last year's i think you can make that case as well and no doubt and i think they are they are better than last year's thousand percent at home so don't sleep on that game at home at home at home you got i mean and unfortunately for your cowboys that is the narrative that is roosting and some narratives are real yes narratives can be changed no doubt yeah that's true any given sunday or saturday night or monday or monday depending on any super wild card weekend so just put that because there are in the history let me cape for your in the history of lambo field lambo third son there are many great players who have come in and won and lost more often lost but there are many who have come into that building in the history of the vaunted lambo field only one quarterback has ever had a perfect passer rating in that game his name is baker mayfield now he lit it up yesterday and this is a guy who's come in before and come close and lost as he said yesterday it was a charming moment third time's a charm um that's for sure uh no but i just our team was really prepared to come in here just like we talked about that mentality the playoff mentality to come in here um with one job in mind and just to find a way to win and um we did that so um just couldn't be happier this group and so we'll enjoy it but then hit the reset button on the next week they're a different team coming into lambo and it's a charm they lit it up oh the packers past defense was awful what are they doing on awful awful awful there's only i i said it three times and the packers have now suddenly taken a step back yeah they're out you know i don't they're not out you're not out come on they're not out you know they're out i don't know they're out you don't know and this crazy well it does look like though that nine wins may not be enough to make the playoffs in the nfc all of a sudden we'll see how the vikings finish up the rams are now seven and seven they look much better than green bay all of a sudden but baker mayfield wild atlanta falcons go into carolina i don't care the weather was bad you know what it might have been really weird for him playing outdoors and it being rainy and should have helped by the way with how good their run game is there were more people they can't as a road team you can't say that they you had to go silent snap count when the crowd is silent because there was nobody there there were more people in this room now than in the third quarter of that game in carolina on sunday look at that photograph florio posted it saying this is really amazing an absolute complete referendum on what the panthers fans feel about david tepa and what this team is doing or has done or what their future may be nobody showing that's a ted lasso open shot except there's one more person in this photo than the ted lasso open that looks like it's afc freaking richmond i know that was from 2020 look at that photo on the screen i heard tickets for four bucks and the falcons go into that building and lose to the one win panthers and this team that has got a whole ton of talent on the offensive side of the ball score once bijan puts the ball in the ground and then doesn't see it out there get over it man arthur smith man what are you doing i'm i'm assuming look he's the coach of a team that we don't know what's going on in his building we never know what's going on in anyone's building and this is a smart enough guy to know that you know his wagon has got to be hooked to bijan right i cannot imagine i tweeted this out what that what the meeting between the arthurs is like it will be very uncomfortable for one arthur because i'm sure blank is livid steam was in first place and now the bucks with baker mayfield they were supposed to be in the post brady total reconstruction year and atlanta was totally reconstructed from the ground up in a way where they don't even look at lamar jackson we're gonna stick with desmond ritter and it's been a total disappointment at this point in time and they've got a couple more games to go not over yet but one team has got baker showing up in lambeau field and planting the flag like he's showing up in columbus ohio and turning down handshakes with hugh jackson and the other team loses in front of three people to the one honestly the panthers have more wins than fans it feels like i know i ripped it up but uh where's the memo because the panthers got the memo got it got it panthers got it they're one they're one win only ahead now i never throw anything out somewhere ahead of the past did you get the memo let's go look at you let's go i still got my memos somewhere around here memos there you go lc the panthers the panthers won a game so the first overall pick still up for grabs going in the final three weeks let's go again that's fans there's as many weeks left in this mystery as there are fans in carolina george kittel coming up in hour number two your phone calls eight four four two oh four rich will talk ravens and nonners coming up you were scared zappy was pretty good at the start of that game by the way zappy's had great first halves and then the second half poof disappeared the steelers were unable to overcome in the way that uh let's just put it this way mahomes was able to overcome in a way the true bisque couldn't this just in well this just in did you see the news but mason rudolph this week okay oh yeah so rich are we sure it's him because they were telling me it's possible pickett could come back oh tomlin said that mason's gonna get the opportunity to play okay well i mean that might mean he practices this week but if pickets what if if if pickets walking around and is able to basically get from my part of the desk to yours and make a cut or two they're gonna play him well we'll see he said mason's gonna start this week he did say he's gonna start this yeah okay after said so we'll see so rich you're saying that philip rivers has more children than the amount of fans yes we could keep doing this that's not a bad one though okay good one i'm seeing them i'm just picking up which that's a good one there were more people left on your fantasy bench last one of last night or this is saturday you don't have to make it personal did i yeah all right yeah i have more fantasy championships than the amount of things hey tj jefferson is here i definitely have more emmys oh see there you go mike's true i mean he does see i gotta hit it all right suddenly i don't like this anymore suddenly it's rubbing me the wrong way look at that honestly where's roy kent you love lala kent on vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them lala i don't know that i would call it respect that i have for sandoval but the world hated him he still went out performed shows with his head held high he showed up to the reunion when we all were going after him like he didn't skip a beat the way he's handling it if i were in his position and i said it straight up to the entire audience thousands of people i would tell you all to and the room was dead watch what lala is talking about on youtube or search for give them lala wherever you listen
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