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Canes Training Camp and another weekend of ACC football!

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September 22, 2023 2:45 pm

Canes Training Camp and another weekend of ACC football!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 22, 2023 2:45 pm

Luke DeCock, News & Observer, dives into what he saw at the Carolina Hurricanes first training camp practice, as well as the one from this morning. Also, just how big is the NC State vs Virginia Cavaliers game tonight?

Who’s going to be playing these preseason games, since the Canes aren’t wanting to wear out their main guys? Is this a “must win” for NC State to beat Virginia tonight? Why does Luke feel so passionately about this? Is the Pitt vs UNC game another one where UNC needs to prove who they are by winning this matchup? When it comes to Duke vs UCONN, are they going to play with their food and let UCONN win this weekend? After FSU, who are the next 4 top teams?

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Wait, are you gaming? On a Chromebook?

Yeah, it's got a high-res 120 hertz display, plus this killer RGB keyboard. And I can access thousands of games anytime, anywhere. Stop playing. What? Get out of here. Huh? Yeah, I want you to stop playing and get out of here so I can game on that Chromebook. Got it.

Discover the ultimate cloud gaming machine, a new kind of Chromebook. So let's start with what we saw yesterday, I guess. I mean, it doesn't really matter. But the full complement of hurricanes were there, all seven NHL defensemen that will vie for spots in the opening night lineup. And maybe one spot available on the opening night roster at fourth line center. Does that seem like a fair assessment to you? Yeah, I mean, it depends how you look at sort of Jack Drury, whether you think he's a lock or not.

I think he probably is. And I think the only thing that was really notable from yesterday and the practices, I wouldn't stick around for the second practice, the first practice anyway, was that Caleb Jones is in the second group, which indicates that Tony DeAngelo is some distance ahead of Caleb Jones, sort of shaking down the blue line. And look, I get it.

Rob loves Tony. We've been over this. But given the fact that Tony DeAngelo is coming in here off the ninth buyout of his career, I might have started him in the second group just to light a fire under him. I mean, I think you want to make it clear that he's not coming in here with everything assured that he still has to earn something. But it's fine. It's a minor. It's what I would have done.

It's a minor issue. I've spoken to Tony enough. I don't believe Tony feels like he's owed anything. I think I think Tony feels like he personally he's got to beat out Jalen Chatfield for that spot. I mean, the other five are all going to play.

You didn't pay Dimitri Orloff seven and a half million dollars or whatever it is. No, no. And yes. Yeah. No, this is this is very far down the depth chart. And I, you know, I don't think there's any question at all that Jalen Chatfield is, in my mind, an NHL regular on this team. So we're fighting for table scraps here, essentially. But, you know, I think I was just I just found that interesting that Tony DeAngelo is in one group and Caleb Jones is in the other.

OK. This is our, I guess, differing view of Caleb Jones. I think Caleb Jones is going to go to the minor leagues. I think the plan with Caleb and I think the same thing will happen with Dylan Coughlin is that at some point after all the preseason games are done, they'll be placed on waivers. They'll both go unclaimed, although maybe Coughlin won't go unclaimed and they'll go to the minor leagues wherever the Hurricanes are going to stash minor leaguers. And they'll be able to call them up if they need them in case of injury. But I think the other seven are going to make the NHL roster. Yeah, I mean, the other fair question is, is Dylan Coughlin over Caleb Jones? The Hurricanes know what they have with Coughlin. They did not use him a lot last year, obviously, once once the season got deeper. And yeah, there's no question that you sign all these defenseman because you are concerned or not concerned, even you are aware of the possibility that you're going to lose some or all these guys on waivers, which is, you know, the sort of meme out there now about the Hurricanes and their 38 defenseman has always sort of been a let's get through camp.

The other part of it is, Adam, that people are forgetting here and it's why there's so many guys on PTOs in that second group. Yeah. When you don't have an AHL team, you don't have a bunch of veteran AHL guys who randomly show up in camp because they're on AHL contract. Somebody's got to play in these preseason games, right? Sebastian Aho is not playing five preseason games.

You need like, quite frankly, you need some cannon fodder. Yeah. And so, you know, signing a bunch of defenseman, bringing in a bunch of forwards on PTOs. Yes, you're giving someone a chance to earn a spot. But yes, you've got to make it through the preseason without killing your guys and the Hurricanes in this very weird one year without an AHL franchise. And we'll see what happens next year.

There are some interesting things afoot, but I think, you know, there's, there's going to be a lot of guys in camp who are here to fill out the numbers more, way more so than in any typical training camp. Let's go to NC State's trip to Charlottesville. I mean, I don't know if it's a must win, but it's a, you better not lose type of a game. Virginia is terrible. No, it's a must win.

It is a 100%. No doubt about it. If you can't beat this Virginia team, which look, part of it is talent.

There's no question about it. It's not a good football team. The other part of it is these guys are still traumatized by what happened last year.

It's pretty clear that they're still dealing with that, and that's fine. Playing football is clearly part of the healing process, but that doesn't make you any better of a football team necessarily. And if you can't beat James Madison on the day you honor the three guys who died, you've got to be, you know, the NC State's guy to approach this game is an absolute. If NC State loses this game, it is inexcusable. There are very few ACC road games you look at and say, this is a 100% no doubt about it, must win game. There's no doubt in my mind that this is one of them, especially when you fold in Brennan Armstrong going back to Charlottesville with everything to play for. You know, like, let's face it, the Brennan Armstrong, Robert and I, offensive wizardry has not really been on display in the first three weeks.

You know, we talked about it. I thought maybe they were hiding some of it against Yukon for Notre Dame, but looked pretty much the same against Notre Dame. Now that has a lot to do with NC State. Skill players are not good.

Yeah, that's the problem. Jordan Houston is gone now and the receivers. I mean, Porter Rooks dropped two passes in the first two or three drives and didn't play again till garbage time.

And that's a guy you're counting on now. Bruce Vereen came in and played well, so opportunity there for him. And then, you know, the VMI game is the VMI game.

You kind of throw that one out. That's a controlled scrimmage. So, you know, you get back to an ACC game with a lot on the line here against a team that's just reeling physically, mentally, all these things.

Absolute must win for the Wolfpack. There's nothing you can take from the VMI game. The only thing you can take from it is that you hope that whatever confidence players take from it, they carry over to the next game. Because if you are a confident player, you'll be a better player because you won't be thinking as much as you'll just be doing.

So that's, to me, the only thing you take out of a game like that. I didn't learn that, oh, look, the Wolfpack have a better offense. No, because this isn't going to tell me anything. This week will tell us something.

I don't know how much. Next week against Louisville, we'll learn a lot more about what the Wolfpack are. But, yeah, I'm not blaming Brendan Armstrong or Robert and I.

You can only, you can't throw and catch. Yeah, I mean, the Wolfpack have not been good, you know, catching contested balls. They have not been great running. I don't understand the Jordan Houston thing. It's clearly either he said he wants to leave or they said he wants to leave. You want to leave or I so because you don't say he's redshirting and then wish him well in the future in the same tweet. I can't imagine Jordan Houston is going to be back, but I could be wrong.

That could be an incorrect read in the situation for me. But to me, Jordan Houston is no longer and he's been here since twenty nineteen. Tar Heels, different situation going to Pitt. Pitt has not looked good at all. Phil Jakovich has been terrible. What was it that one of the players for West Virginia said after the game that quarterback is not good at his job? That's a terrible thing to say about the opposing quarterback, whether it's accurate or not. This is another case where if North are you real, then you beat Pitt.

Yeah, for sure. And you know, the Pitt's offense right now looks like Matt Canada's coaching it. It's that bad.

He's doing double duty across town. No, I mean, you know, but Pitt has obviously been a team that's given North Carolina its issues over the years. There's some history there.

Yeah, a lot. But yeah, I yeah, I think that there's this is again, if you're the team that North Carolina says it is, you go up there and beat Pitt. Doesn't mean it's going to be easy. I mean, I think Pitt's going to be angry. I don't think Pitt's as bad as the team as it's shown. I mean, you look at the two take out the two Virginias and Pitt from the ACC. ACC is killing everybody. You throw the two Virginias and Pitt in there. The ACC doesn't look quite as good. So, you know, I think it's hard. It's hard.

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See website for details. North Carolina's got to win this one. I mean, I think Pitt can play well and give them a game. But if you want. Yeah.

Yeah. You said if you're the TV think you're going to win this one. I'm trying to talk my way around. There's no way. If you're real.

If you're real, you win the game. Even with Virginia Tech, Virginia and Pitt, the ACC has a winning record against the SEC and the Big Ten. So go Syracuse.

Who figured that with the win at Purdue? Is Syracuse good? I have no idea. They're Syracuse. I don't have any idea. But it's like, is Syracuse good?

Maybe. They've had good records without being good before. So I don't know if they're good or not, but they won. And that's really all that matters. All right.

After loop to cock. But real, real quick. Duke going to UConn. UConn looked like they were at least put up a good fight in week one against NC State. This is also a same thing I said about North Carolina. If Duke is real, I think they are.

Then they go to UConn. It's a big spread. Duke's a twenty one point favorite up there.

Yeah, that's crazy. And I wrote about, you know, the Northwestern game. That was like the third time since David Cuckloaf arrived that Duke had been a 16 point or better favorite against a Power Five opponent.

It just doesn't happen. Now, UConn obviously not a Power Five opponent, but not yet. I thought NC State's opener yet. NC State's opener at UConn, I thought, was a sneaky tough game because that was a team that got better over the course of last season with a new coach.

Jim Moore knows what he's doing. A game that NC State should have won and did win. But Connecticut could give you trouble. And I think the risk for Duke, same as it was against Northwestern. You know, do you let an inferior team hang around and mess around and find out? The thing about the Northwestern game is Duke did not. I mean, Duke just crushed Northwestern. Again, another program in some disarray, obviously, with some talent deficits and whatever. But they gave a big ten opponent. Pretty big team. Tough team. Not very fast, but credible.

Absolutely no oxygen. And they've got to do the same thing at UConn. A little tougher because UConn, I mean, I think we can expect UConn to be better than it was against NC State, given their history last year.

Sort of consistent week to week improvement. But again, that's a game that Duke should go up and win. The spread seems a little big to me. But if you look at Tuke's results, they're just, they are, they're killing people. So if you're Vegas, why would you expect them to stop now? I mean, that's a crazy thing to say about Duke football. But, you know, they're plus minus this year.

It's pretty good. I mean, they're killing people. So maybe Vegas knows what it's talking about again. All right, final thing for Luke Tkach of the News and Observer.

You can follow him at LukeTkach on Twitter. Florida State's the best team in the ACC. I can't wait to watch the game at Clemson. It's a last hurrah for Clemson, too. I think Clemson either wins this game or the competitive part of the ACC season is probably over. Rank the next four teams for me in the ACC after Florida State. Who's two, three, four, and five?

No, that's a good question. And I just want to say for the record that I, fool me twice on Florida State. I still think the Seminoles have the absolute and expansive capacity to disappoint over the next two months. So I'm not, I do think it would be tried very hard last week. I would, you know, I don't think Clemson's any good by Clemson standards. I think it's a fine football team, but a very ordinary one.

I'm going to, it's hard for me to do this off the top of my head. But I'm going to say that Carolina is number two. Right. And I'm going to take Duke three. Because the speed and physicality of this Duke team is it jumps out at you. Not buying Miami, I guess. Dude, have I ever bought Miami? I could sell Miami short. I wouldn't be working because I'd be a billionaire. That's true. I guess you technically you can. Gambling.

Yes. No, I'm not buying Miami. I think I would probably have Clemson or Louisville in the next spot. I like Louisville. I think Louisville is going to give state a heck of a test. I think Louisville is legit. I have Miami, Miami number two, Duke number three, Carolina number four, Clemson number five.

But that's pretty good. And I'd love to see Louisville be good again. And I'd love to see NC State do something this week and maybe get on a little bit of a roll.

Luke DeCock, I appreciate your time. We will talk again. I'll see you. I'll probably see you Tuesday for the for the big show at PNC Arena. The big preseason opener. There's nothing that gets the blood, nothing that gets the blood pumping like some early preseason hockey.

Can't wait. I want to know, Adam, here's a question for you. Where is Jesper Selgren, the single most exciting prospect who never, never materialized? That dude was awesome in rookie camp. His first year has never come back over. Everybody who saw him loved him.

It just proves that none of us in the media know what we're talking about. I think he's playing for Lulea in the Swedish Elite League. Going on to have a nice career in Europe. But man, everybody who was at those those rookie camp practices was like, this guy's a dude. Oh, smooth.

And then smooth. Yeah. I mean, just looked like a player. You never know.

We never know. All right, man. I'll talk to you later. See you, bud.

Luke DeCock here of the NNO. From I Heart Podcast, Supreme, the battle for Roe tells the story of the unlikely champions behind the landmark case Roe v. Wade. Starring Maya Hawke as 26 year old lead attorney Sarah Weddington. We're challenging the Texas abortion laws in federal court. And Academy Award nominee William H. Macy as Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Time is not the most important factor.

Getting it right is. Listen to the podcast Supreme the Battle for Roe on the I Heart Radio app or wherever you get your podcasts.
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