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Marc Jackson, NBC Sports Philadelphia Sixers Analyst

JR Sports Brief / JR
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May 1, 2024 7:09 pm

Marc Jackson, NBC Sports Philadelphia Sixers Analyst

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 1, 2024 7:09 pm

Marc Jackson joined JR to discuss how impressed he was with Tyrese Maxey's Game 5 performance and Joel Embiid's biggest issue with staying healthy. 


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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law mark thank you for taking the time to hop on man my pleasure how are you i am very well i appreciate that how are you i mean you get a you get another game to cover huh absolutely keeping the fun rolling not sure now we saw what tyree smacks he did last night seven points and 25 seconds uh he has certainly emerged without james hardin in his way quote unquote should we have seen this coming was this like the breakout moment for him in regards to the entire league finally paying attention no i think he has done that all year he's had some spectacular moments like this since the beginning of the season and even going back to last year but now with the ball completely in his hands he's able to really showcase his skill on a consistent basis and mark when you think about the big man who is his uh i guess co-star former mvp uh joel mb what can we expect from him the rest of the series we see that he's battling it looks like the knee brace gets bigger every game yeah what do you expect from him you know i don't know what to expect from i expect you know i'm hoping to get a little more from him for the sixth estate um and throughout the course of the game so as the seat the games progress he's able to maintain and keep some kind of strength and in his body because i i think you know as you know as the game wears on we all fatigue i think that happens at the game but the thing with joel is is like you're injured you're not 100 that fatigue amplifies so i think it's very important that these other guys get going to kind of let him kind of cruise until they really need them well mark man you you played in the league for 13 years you were down low getting the rebounds playing defense you were you were out there getting it when you look at joel mb and and his body and granted yes he's been hurt since he's gotten into the league are there not improvements that he can do to maybe limit the injuries a little bit he just always looks heavy or out of shape you know i don't know i think he's a big born of god because he's not fat that's not something we can say about him he is he is built like a a specimen it's it's just that and he's also has his private shifts he has all that i don't know if it's that over just the timing of his injuries when you get hurt almost every single playoffs or going into the playoffs i mean i don't know what kind of shape can you be in or expected to be in so but i truly think that he he's given the fixtures a boost on defense when it's time but i tell you up until the last quarter of that overtime you know my young guy jellen brunster was going at him every single play and jellen realized that he couldn't move and he kept calling that number and he kept coming through so hopefully joel get some rest be ready to go tomorrow and give sixes something good for 48 minutes when when you look at what they did last night coming away holding off elimination do you now have the sixers winning this series against the nicks i think the momentum has changed to the sixes favor now with that being said they gotta win two nicks gotta win one so the odds are not in their favor but i think momentum wise i think that the new york nicks and their fan base should be a little concerned because you let the sixes get some momentum and win a game like that understanding they should have won game two they should have won game two you know and understand they should have won the game prior to that so with that being said the nicks have to be nervous i think if you're not nervous you're not being honest with yourself nba analyst nbc sports down in philly mark jackson is here with us the jr sport re-show on the infinity sports network mark you have been fortunate enough to be from philadelphia to play high school in philadelphia to play at temple to play for the sixers you have hit the the trifecta you've hit the holy grail here what's what's up with philadelphia fans and the bad rap like what's the deal you know i think it come a time man where where people think they have to live up to a certain name like when they call you the bully philadelphia to live up to that you know i think that's what philly fans you know have you know they've been called mean or physically through stuff at santa claus and that has never escaped them ever and i think they said we might as well live up to it but you know when you come here when people come and they see philly fans they come experience worth it's not as bad as other people say now with that being said it is different fan bases you got the sixes fan base you do got the eagles fan base now i can't speak for the eagles and that's a different story but with that being said it is very passionate about these sports they really are but sometimes they do get a bad rap well mark i i'm glad you uh you separated the eagles fans from the sixes fans i saw an eight-year-old eagles fan kind of hey reached out to give somebody a five and he ended up flipping the guy a bird this is a grown man an eight-year-old flipped the grown man a bird no i think some things are just coming because they want to see parents do certain things but you know but i can't speak for that gentleman but if that was my kid it'd be a problem so i i understand i wouldn't tolerate as such as well mark jackson is here with us the jr sport brief show when you think about the the league at hole or exactly what we have in front of us with the uh the playoffs what team is really standing out to you as an overall to to maybe go out and win it all you know i know everybody's speaking so highly on boston because if you're on the east coast you've been here in boston boston boston but for me man i'm looking at that denver nugget i'm looking at that okc team you know last year we everybody thought it was a year away but i'm looking at them and looking at the how they're playing and chilling and playing together as a unit they are a very a very good team but then i also look at uh i also look at what anthony edwards is doing he is doing some spectacular things at a high level and he's got the attention of everyone in the league and everyone out the league that's looking in so i think the onus is on those teams because people are watching them watching f.e. everts watching seagulls out of janet who may may end up getting ndp this year watching those guys go to work as in who can slow these teams down well mark man in your career in the nba you played overseas like you played all over the world and we see anthony edwards's he might be the youngest star that the united states of america is producing right now what makes the international game so much different from things domestically well it's that's a whole different episode brother you know the way they do things in europe you know it's a lot different like you you i know people used to call people certain guys saw but what i used to tell guys i said the guys you see here is from europe they beat a thousand people at their position at their heights out to get here so there's nothing soft about them and i think people look oh they're soft they're not soft they've been through the ring or they've been towards skill everyone from the height of five foot to seven foot they all have the same uh same base and even toward the same thing they all been taught the same thing so it's it's they have skill and it's not necessarily about position it's about what kind of skill you have so with that being said also what they do is they also they develop this sense of and they don't have a sense of entitlement you know we are so in as american i'm american i love being from here but when it comes to youth sports you know it's so much my my mind they don't care if you average 20 something points they're looking at if you got skill if you're helping your team win they don't look okay who averages this it's not about how many points you can play can you play the game the right way that's the oldest in europe if you're not playing the game the right way you average of 20 points you get cut they don't let you progress to be on that team they cut you immediately that self is play here in america we're all about the 20 point scores and europe's are totally their philosophy if you look at the euro league which is the top you um basketball division in all of europe most teams they top score they have been 13 14 points for them the highest paid players number one is paid like lebron is paid like luca they have been 13 14 maybe 15 points with the teams are losing i mean winning and competing for championships every year but you know if you take them off their team that team is not as good they get rewarded for winning there they'll get rewarded for individual accolades well mark having having said that we know jokic has dominated and between him and shay gilgus alexander jokic may certainly win mvp do you think that we have a player in america who could kind of grab that mantle away from the mb's the jokic's the antero cumpos it could it be edwards or is it somebody else i'm telling you man i'm riding the anti-average train brother i mean that that man that that young man is he is the face of this league he's taking that mantle from a luca he's taking that middle mantle and you look at shay gilgus alexander but he's canadian do you count him but like these guys are coming to take that mantle you don't have lebron steph curry or kd advancing to the next round that tells you a lot about these young guys are coming and look at the way ampere was did it he did it loudly he did it proud he wanted to make sure the kd and devin booker understood that he wasn't coming that he is here and while he's here he's taking everybody's he's taking everybody's gear and then he's doing a good job of that hey it's certainly entertaining well mark i i hope that the sixers can provide you with some more games over the next couple of weeks i i think they might i don't know how far they're going to go but i think they will where can people keep up with you and all of your work down in philly mark i appreciate that man they can follow me on instagram it's the mark jackson t h e m a r c jackson i've got my name with a c the mark jackson on instagram and on twitter i'm sorry x is jacko 25 44 j a c k o 25 44 that's jacko 25 44 on twitter or now we call it x now mark i i gotta this might be a request this final question let's do it buddy listen man you you are a bruiser i watched you play all years man if i need somebody handled can i give you a holler or some days over brother give me a holler but i'm past that now i'm over uh let's talk with my voice let's express our feelings okay father three future mba players so i need to teach them how to live the right game right and live life the right way okay i i appreciate that mark listen man we gonna catch you on down the line and i'll catch you next time i'm down in philly okay mark let's do it man let's do it hey everyone boomer asiassen here the nfl draft is behind us and your favorite team is now gearing up for week number one the free odyssey app puts you right in the middle of the pro football conversation with the biggest sports radio stations from across the country the local voices who know your team the best giving you their unfiltered takes on the current state of your squad it's always football season right here on the free odyssey app okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can hop into my all-new hunday santa fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit or call 562-314-4603 for more details hunday there's joy in every journey
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