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Carolina Panthers Recap: preseason Game #2 vs the NY Giants

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August 21, 2023 3:14 pm

Carolina Panthers Recap: preseason Game #2 vs the NY Giants

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 21, 2023 3:14 pm

Tim Donnelly, The Drive, analyzing the Carolina Panthers performance in preseason game #2.

One thing Tim has noticed is Bryce Young doesn’t get “crazy eyes”. What does that mean and is that a good thing? What were some positives Tim saw and what were some negatives? Which players weren’t where you’d hope they’d be? Does it cross Tim’s mind that there’s not ENOUGH talent on the field for Bryce to be successful? What does Tim think will happen first, before Bryce gets frustrated from being hit so much? At what point should we be concerned for Bryce Young and his health? What’s it like being a QB, especially in the NFL?


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Go to slash presale to get $50 off. You play quarterback at the University of Delaware. You and I actually were talking well earlier this morning about Bryce Young.

Because some of the things that I'm seeing, because you have a different perspective from being a quarterback, some of the things I'm seeing may not be the same things that you are seeing. But I think you and I are on the same page of this guy really does go through his progressions and just has the poise of a guy that's normally like 3, 4, 5 years into the NFL. Heck, there are times where I wonder if Josh Allen is actually seeing through his progressions. And we know how talented that guy is, but it seems like Bryce Young really does sit back there and really does read a defense quite well and knows exactly where he needs to go from one step to the next. It's exactly what everybody said and what all the analysts said. It turns out if you watch every bit of film, everything this guy has done since he was 12 years old is somewhere on YouTube.

It sounds like they hit it pretty well. He was the most polished. He has this savant-like ability to process what the defense is doing and get through his progressions. We also knew that he was a little undersized, and it's all showing up through the first two preseason games.

It's really shown up, and now it's about solving all the things around him to allow that savant or genius, whatever you want to call it, to shine through. There are a couple plays that impressed me a lot from this Friday. The time where he actually, I don't know if his feet got tripped up or something like that, but he fell to the ground, got up, knowing like, oh wait, in the NFL, I'm not down. This play continues. But gets up, scrambles, but immediately has his eyes downfield. A lot of people in that situation were just like, I just gotta find a place to run just to get yards, and if I can get two yards or back to the line of scrimmage, then fine, we'll call it even. But he gets up, scrambles, immediately has eyes downfield and starts directing traffic.

That stood out to me a lot. I'll get to the second play here in just a moment. That play, I just want to jump in, and I even love the throw that he makes, right? So he falls over, which immediately puts you on fluster mode, right? You're immediately scatterbrained, oh no, what's going on, right?

Like after an earthquake or something like that, you just want to check everything. A lot of guys do, you brought up Josh Allen, one of the things I say about Josh Allen is he gets crazy eyes. Like, big games a few times, we've seen him pitch it to nobody, we've seen him get skittish, and I say he gets crazy eyes.

It would be very, very understandable if after you fall down, if you got crazy eyes. But instead, he was unbelievably calm, and the ball he threw to Adam Thielen down the right sideline was one of those where it probably wasn't going to be caught, right? Because it was kind of deep outside, deep ball obviously, but I could guarantee a defensive player wasn't going to catch it, and Adam Thielen might have made a great play. So after things go crazy, he was like, let's not compound errors, right? So something happened up front, whatever scared me, I trip, I stand up, let's not turn those two mistakes into a bigger mistake. Let's give Adam a chance to make a play, but if not, it's an incompletion, we live to play another day, right?

You end in a punt, you end in a field goal, whatever it is, that's better than turnover. So I loved his composure on that play, just like what you said. Tim Donnelly from The Drive on 99.9, the fan in Raleigh joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. The second play that really stood out to me, Tim. Hey, Carolina Panthers fans, Chris Lee and Dennis Cox here. We're excited to offer you all the inside information on your team with the newest member of the Capital Broadcasting Podcast Network, Panthers Playbook. Twice a week, we'll keep you updated on your Carolina Panthers. We're talking about locker room insight, exclusive interviews, and of course, in-depth looks at all of the Panthers wins. Touchdown, Carolina!

Panthers Playbook, download and subscribe today at or wherever you discover your favorite podcasts. Third and one ended up being the third and six on that long field goal drive, the 15 play drive. Third one because Hayden Hurst jumped offsides, the false start I should say. Goes from third and one to third and six. And speaking of Adam Thielen, from the slot runs an out route. Bryce Young put it in the exact spot where Adam Thielen can catch and turn up field.

So this is where we talk about accuracy versus just a completion. So sometimes a quarterback may have put that a little bit on the back shoulder where in this case Thielen would have had to have turned around. The defensive back that's right there could potentially break it up or is able to make a tackle because Thielen has to break stride.

He didn't have to break stride. It was perfectly in front of him where he can catch, full speed, continue going, turn up field, stretch, gets the first down. To me there's a difference between completing a pass and throwing an accurate ball. On an out route to the opposite side of the field, having that little, not just the accuracy but the arm strength to do it.

That stood out to me. It's just a six, seven, it's a seven yard completion. But not everyone can make that throw. It's a lot harder than people think. It's that throw and what you just described right how Thielen got exactly what he should get off a throw like that.

There's no reason not to. It's actually one of the concerns I have is we still have yet to see someone make a play beyond, for Bryce Young. We've seen Bryce Young do it. Before Bryce Young, see someone make a play beyond what it should have been. The closest thing would be Mingo where he caught it and then bounced off a hit, actually retreated on the other side of the first down marker and got four or five more yards. But I was actually terrified when he went back beyond the first down marker.

I'm like north, south, north, south. It worked out. But it seems like everything that they've gotten on really any of Bryce Young's attempts have been because Bryce Young almost gave, Adam Thielen had no choice but to catch that ball because it was perfectly placed. No choice but to get those two, three yards on the way out because it led him that way. Hayden Hurst had one where he made a great catch on the sideline but it got called back for the hole. That was a great throw and catch.

It absolutely was. I'm waiting for somebody to make a play so Bryce Young doesn't have to be perfect. His first attempt at this game, it was to Mingo. Mingo kind of throws the brakes on. It could have been a 30 or 40, depending on what he does after the run after the catch.

I was like, why did you stop running? But it's all hard won by him. If Thielen's going to get that first down, it's going to be because he puts it on him in a way that Thielen had to get that first down. And that's not a great way for a rookie quarterback to live. You almost want to help and be able to throw it behind Thielen and Thielen gets the first down.

Or gets a little happy feet and someone makes a play for him, whatever it is. And we have yet to see that. And again, it's only a couple series. It's still a preseason. The hope is that eventually he's going to get some help because he really hasn't gotten much other than the exact amount that they should be getting with how well he's playing. Does it concern you that there might not be enough talent on the outside? Because we haven't really seen them unlock any deep ball.

I'm sorry, I still want to see DJ Chark on a deep post, please. I really wanted to see that in this game. I really wanted them to see, hey, play action.

Let Bryce unleash the ball a little bit. I understand that they're saving things. We'll get into that in a little bit. I understand that they want to save stuff for the regular season, but do they have enough? The short answer, well, I'll answer both of those questions.

Am I concerned? Heck yes. That's the easy answer to that one. Do they have enough is interesting because they do have talent. And I've had a couple conversations where you have to remember Adam Thielen's been a proven guy. You have to remember DJ Chark has a thousand yard season. You have to remember Jonathan Mingo is a second round pick.

It's figuring out the best way to use them and it's having those guys play above their talent level occasionally. Adam Thielen is probably not the deep ball threat that he once was. That's not to say that he can't come down with a, kind of like we talked about with the play he fell down, like a scramble, drill, go deep, come up with a big play. I just, I'm not sure if they have, or I'm very sure they don't have that number one that you're just going to throw it up to.

And, you know, safety blankets, number ones you can throw it up to even when they're covered. That's good for a rookie quarterback. So he might not have that this year.

So, you know, beat him with your mind rather than just being more physically gifted on the outside. Tim Donnelly of The Drive on 99.9 The Fan and Raleigh joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Dennis Cox sitting in for Adam Gold The Drive. If you're in the Raleigh area, you can listen to The Drive from 3 to 6 on 99.9 The Fan. Alright, Tim, you and I were talking about this earlier before the show. Is there a point where Bryce Young...
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