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REShow: Tracy Morgan - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 7, 2023 4:02 pm

REShow: Tracy Morgan - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 7, 2023 4:02 pm

Rich and the guys reveal their predictions for NFL Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year awards, and who wins the Super Bowl this season.

Actor/comedian Tracy Morgan and Rich discuss his new MAX stand-up comedy special ‘Tracy Morgan: Takin’ It Too Far,’ his adoration of Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame RB Tony Dorsett, his high school sports prowess, colonoscopies, how he ended up with one of Michael Jackson’s sequined gloves and a wine glass from the Titanic, why he (a New York Giants fan) isn’t buying into the Aaron Rodgers/Jets hype, and names his top 5 comedians of all time including Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin and others.

We let call screener Adam out of the show’s dungeons to come on-set to play the “Win-Loss Game” for his beloved Chicago Bears. 

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Subscription auto renews. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Rich Eisen Show.

This is it bro. Here we go. Earlier on the show, SEC Commissioner Greg Senke, ESPN senior writer Seth Wickersham. Still to come, comedian Tracy Morgan.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of our show on the air. It is NFL kickoff night on NBC. I'll be in the Westwood One Studios prior to Thursday night kickoff. I'll be in the Monday night studios all year long. 844-204-rich. Number to dial.

Lions and Chiefs tonight. And I cannot wait for that. Oh my goodness gracious. Tracy Morgan's going to help us get through the hour.

Things are going real fast around here. Greg Senke hour one. Seth Wickersham hour two. We re-air on the Roku channel if you missed any of those first two hours. There's our YouTube page slash Rich Eisen Show.

Over 600,000 followers there. You can get all our podcasts there as well that we're doing outside the Rich Eisen Show. You've got to get that through the traditional podcast portals. Apple, Spotify, Amazon and what have you.

All three hours every day. Overreaction Monday still sitting there for you to listen to every single Monday. Our season preview has been out for a few days. Please hit the follow button where you get all your podcasts there. Then starting Tuesday, Susie Schuster and Amy Trask with What the Football. These two podcasts along with the Rich Eisen Show part of the new, as announced yesterday, Rich Eisen Podcast Network.

We're expanding our brand here as best we can. Susie and Amy will have a guest on Tuesday named Charles Woodson. And I think you heard him. So he will be part of their show on Tuesday.

Overreaction Monday on Mondays. Hit both of those with a follow. We'd greatly appreciate that. 844-204-rich is the number to dial. We'll take your phone calls in a matter of moments on this Rich Eisen Show Thursday. Hey folks, this is it. The last day where predictions can be made.

Well that's not true. We'll play win-loss game tomorrow. Julian Edelman's in studio tomorrow. I think you should do the Patriots win-loss game with him sitting here and phone it like and have like a 50-50 or phone a friend across the studio with him. I think you should do that.

I think that's a great idea. Also on tomorrow's show, Arthur Smith and his mustache. And his mustache?

Yeah, together. I assume unless he's shaving it off. He might shave it.

What if he shaves it? Remember we had to bet whether he let it last through the season? Oh he's definitely gonna.

I think he's definitely gonna. And at present we've got another big huge name guest to add in short order. I don't believe if I can promote him yet. Oh I don't think so. So it's a him. Okay.

Yes it is a him. He knows it down. And we'll be able to hopefully get that to you by the end of the show.

How's that for a tease? Trying to see if Arthur still has a stash. He does. Is it Martin Lawrence? Don't waste your time.

Is it Martin Lawrence? Don't waste your time. There it is. Let's do a win-loss game. Who's been waiting the longest? Tony in Michigan's been waiting the longest. What's up Tony? How are you Tony?

So good guys. What's up? What's on your mind sir?

Man I'm so excited for the Lions. Yeah I just wanted to shout out to Chris actually. I used to work at the Comedy Store so I've worked with Sarah T. Nice.

What's up man? Yeah I've met you one time. Didn't really remember who you were at the moment but now I love you. Oh what a story. What a happy ending to that. I think Sarah feels the same way.

Yeah that's right. I didn't know who you were. Now I do and I love you.

Okay. We're in the great state of Michigan you're calling in from Tony. I'm actually in Los Angeles. I've been here for about seven years but I am from Lansing Michigan and I do love the Michigan State Spartans. All right so you snuck in with this whole Tony in Michigan thing. You're Tony from Michigan and you root for the wrong team in Michigan but you're here talking professional football and you used to not really know who Chris is now you love him. So now that we're completely up to speed on everything. Oh wait they were changing Tony and we just changed the great look at the our new graphics package. We are on it. It just changed to Tony in LA from Michigan. So now that we're completely buttoned up and accurate you want to play the win-loss game is that what you'd like to do Tony?

I am so ready to protect the den baby. Okay this is the third Detroit line for that's how crazy people are right now. Jeff in Detroit Quincy Isaiah of Winning Time and now Tony Tony in LA from Michigan. I was hoping I was the first I guess I don't remember the other one.

It's okay man. What's happening tonight? Tonight we're shocking the world. That's a win. Home for the Seahawks.

That is a loss. One and one. Falcons at home. Falcons victory quick easy. Two and one at the Packers on a Thursday night. Sweep in the Packers. Okay three and one.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Home for the Panthers. Panthers are tough defense.

I'm not sure about their offense. I'm gonna call it a win. Four and one at the Bucks.

That's a victory. Five and one at the Ravens. At the Ravens that's a loss. Five and two home for the Raiders on a Monday night. Home for the Raiders Monday night.

That sounds like some fun. I would say that's a loss. Oh gosh uh all right uh so then uh that's one two five and three off the bye at the Chargers. At the Chargers. Here in LA where you're calling from. I do and I will be at the game um so I will definitely go for the line.

So I will definitely go for the line. Six and three uh home for the Bears. Home for the Bears victory. Seven and three home for the Packers.

You already said that's a win. Eight and three off of Thanksgiving at the Saints. Saints um we're gonna be the Saints. Nine and three at the Bears. Beaten the Bears. Ten and three for the Broncos at home. Beaten the Broncos at home. Eleven and three at the Vikings. Now this will be weird I would say uh we lose this one. Eleven and four at the Cowboys on a Saturday night.

Lose that one. Uh and then eleven and five for the Vikings at home. Taking Minnesota last game.

Okay so you you uh you're you're 12 and five. All right thanks for the call Tony in LA for Michigan. You want to say goodbye to your new friend? See you Tony. I love you Chris. I love you Chris. I love you Rich. Eyes and you guys are the best. Thank you sir.

Tony in LA from Michigan. It's a large piece to write down. I did it.

844-204 Rich number the dial. We got something open right there and we'll get to you uh in a minute but it's time for our predictions. We are going to predict the offensive and defensive players of the year, the coach of the year, the MVP and who is in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas next February and who wins it?

I need the music again. We're gonna go first one by one. Offensive player of the year Chris Brockman. Who is it? Bijan Robinson. Yo you going with a rookie? Okay.

Get a special. 2,000 plus yards. Total offense. He's gonna do it. Falcons make the playoffs.

Let's go. TJ Jefferson your offensive player of the year is? It pains me to say but he's coming from my division.

You know the calls come within the house as you always like to say so. Jalen Hurts. Jalen Hurts is TJ Jefferson.

Pick up where he left off in the last game of the year. That's your offensive player of the year is Jalen Hurts is it? Okay. And I'm not happy about it. Okay. You know. Okay um next oh are we going around the room or we're just going down the list?

Uh Mike Hoskins. I like going around the room. What do you want to do here? We'll go around the room. My bad.

I think I might have just Omaha'd the uh the whole uh situation here. My offensive player of the year is I'm going running back as well. It's Christian McCaffrey. I can't wait to see what this guy is going to do in a full-on season with a full off season of prep and I'm you know he's he's gonna dominate.

I can't wait to see what this happens with him and Kyle Shanahan's offense for the full season. He's my offensive player of the year. Chris Brockman your defensive player of the year is who? He's gonna set the sacks record single season Dallas Cowboys Micah Parsons. Okay you like Micah Parsons for the defensive player of the year. TJ Jefferson I'm just wondering if they just change the name of who's making the pick not who is the pick. I mean TJ Chris Brockman knows what he's talking about. What's up TJ? Micah Parsons.

Okay and that's a clean sweep. He's my defensive player of the year as well. The lion of Dallas. I think he's set for it. I think he's ready for it. I think he's defensive player this time for sure for sure. All right so it's a clean sweep right there coach of the year Chris Brockman.

This is going to be fun. Who do you have right there coach of the year? It's high on my damn agenda Mike Tomlin. Mike Tomlin for coach of the year? Steelers win the north. Mike Tomlin 12 and 5 Pittsburgh Steelers let's go. Yeah but coach of the year for Mike Tomlin that's one of those deals where you don't give it to somebody who's been around that long. You know what I mean?

You always got to give it to somebody. Nobody is expecting Pittsburgh to win the division. It doesn't matter how many times did nobody expect the Patriots to do anything.

Stop criticizing this is my pick. No I got it I'm just saying I I I think he's worthy of it. He deserves it. Okay I just think straight winning season.

I just know the way voters go like that Tomlin's going to the hall of fame in many people's minds like you don't need to make it. How many times does he want coach of the year? Is it zero? Okay maybe one.

I wouldn't know. What do you got over there TJ? Who's your coach of the year?

This guy inherited a dumpster fire but he um he came in and he he put the fire out he rebuild what was on its way to getting torn down. Yes sir. And now I feel like this squad has a chance to really make some noise so I'm gonna say Peterson. Doug Peterson of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Really? Like that one? My coach of the year.

Really? Because he's not urban? It's that it's the it's the annual not urban award for anybody in Jacksonville? Well look you know I we were doubting at least I was doubting Trevor Lawrence after that first year.

I was like this guy for years we thought while he was in college he was the next big thing. He works well with it listen he didn't work out he is a terrific communicator the players buy what he is selling and he's not urban those are three things if you're a coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars forevermore. I'll give you one you're seeing him tonight I think the Detroit Lions have the season that everybody believes they can have and Dan Campbell's gonna go from everybody making fun of his first press conference to at the NFL honors accepting the award for coach of the year.

Wow. That the Lions are gonna go ahead and do it do it do it and um an 11-12 win season for Detroit their first conference their first division championship since 1993 the roar being restored I think Dan Campbell's gonna be coach of the year. Chris Brockman it's time for the most valuable player of the national football league of the 2023 season in your estimation it is I've said this a couple of times it's Jalen Hurts baby. So the offensive player of the year for TJ Jefferson in your mind is the most valuable player 100 percent could have been last year if it wasn't for Patrick Mahomes. Jalen Hurts. Jalen Hurts who do you have as your most valuable player TJ Jefferson. All right full disclosure guys I apologize I screwed up I in my quickness to write this down when I said offensive player of the year I said Jalen Hurts I read the wrong thing my offensive player of the year is the cheetah Tyreek Hill okay so I just want to apologize I messed that up okay I have him as offensive player of the year that's a correction in the middle of the segment it's my MVP was Jalen Hurts that's the guy who I'm picking for most valuable player I got excited I was flustered my bad I apologize there we go the MVP Jalen Hurts offensive player of the year the cheetah the guy says he's going for two grand two thousand yards who am I to say he's not gonna get it okay Jalen Hurts and um I am going to tell you what you already all know we are in the midst of a moment we're in the midst of a rare moment we are all rent payers in the world of one Patrick Mahomes he's going to do it again I'm not gonna certainly if they win tonight without Chris Jones and without maybe they banged up Travis Kelsey and now it's I don't know how safe it is everybody's already talking about who's he gonna throw to this year you me Chris my guy more don't matter Patrick Mahomes is the most valuable player we're gonna go back to back wow after a back-to-back Super Bowl prediction Chris Brockman go for it what do you have over there here's the deal last year remember we were talking about this like all the things happening Bills and Eagles fans meet in Phoenix with the waste management going on it could implode well this year the Super Bowl is in Las Vegas Bills fans Eagles fans in Sin City I don't know if it could contain it but I'm taking Eagles over Bills let's go okay Bill's winning the AFC now's the time for Josh Allen it's now or never I mean this by the way is maybe the greatest AFC championship in the history of championships of how deep the AFC is this year anybody who gets out of the AFC will be battle-tested and you think maybe a little too battle-tested Eagles over Bills what do you have over there TJ Jefferson this one was tough because there's a lot of ways you could go with this on one half Brockman I kind of agree with you I agree with one of your teams is going to make the Super Bowl than any Eagles the other team the other team I'm going to say this man I've been very quiet all off season just do it the Jets have taken the pressure off but I'm a fan all right so if you don't believe that your team has a chance then why are you wasting 20 weeks of your life Cowboys over the Bills for the Super Bowl let's go let's go I've been quiet all season oh my god I've been very quiet I've been very meek I've been in the corner like I don't know I don't know not forget all that we're returning the glory we're bringing back the glory okay we're getting our sixth ring let's go Cowboys over the Bills let's do it and uh what James Cook will be looking for his helmet how about them Cowboys no that's not the one that's not the one you know the one you know the one he doesn't have that one he gets that one I have it I got to move to the real one yeah he moved it there it is that's the one he wants okay I just got him uh here is my prediction I gave it last night on NFL network or two days ago whatever it's all right it's all right you don't have to watch everything I do we try to though but here is my Super Bowl prediction for the 2023 season I said it before I will say it again I will say it again we are in a special time we are paying rent in his world at your apparel after you just saw the quarterback series where you saw he's so nice and everybody thinks is he really that tough of a competitor is he really chirping is he really just like you know such a complete total red ass that you need to calm him down like people say that you have to do about Patrick Mahomes we are living in a special time guys made the Super Bowl three years in his first five he's won two of them and the other two that he didn't make the Super Bowl he was on the doorstep he's going to do it again he's going to go to Las Vegas where the Chiefs have yet to lose in this building it's kind of their home and he's going to take on the 49ers again a rematch of Mahomes first win okay will be his latest as well and that is my Super Bowl prediction Chiefs over the Niners we're going to see our first repeat winner since the first two years of NFL Network in our 20th season will have waited a long time the longest drought between back-to-back champions in the history of the NFL I do believe ends now 844-204 rich numbered adult tons of calls we will take them when we come back though we take the zoom call of the one and only Tracy Morgan here on the Rich Eisen Show let's talk about AG1 people a new partner of the Rich Eisen Show a daily foundational nutritional supplement that helps support whole body health and if you're like me then it's so hard to keep up with a supplement routine throughout your busy day when it comes with a bunch of products on top of it so when you drink AG1 you notice an overall feeling of health it can help support your mental clarity improve digestion focus drink it in the morning drink it in the afternoon before working out in the morning before making your coffee starting your day makes you feel unstoppable ready to take on the day and anything that comes your way if you want help taking ownership of your health and of course you do try AG1 and get a free one year supply of vitamin D and five free AG1 travel packs with your first purchase go to isin that's isin take ownership of your health right now check it out isin hey it's Rich Eisen you want an exciting and fast-paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of the Rich Eisen Show well you got it overreaction Monday hosted by me Rich Eisen and my compadre Chris Brockman and every Monday we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact are you ready Chris Brockman yay or nay yes Rich no holding back buddy I'm coming for you absolutely what you need to hear overreaction Monday every single wait for it Monday wherever you listen we are back here on the program uh phone calls galore um it'll be it'll be a sprint here man I just love how how everyone wants to play the win-loss game yeah of course yeah I mean yeah of course I mean people love to have their opinions heard more than ever honestly this is the best the most calls we've taken for this game but we've never really pushed this like we're pushing it they should we do it and then someone will hear one person do it and then they'll call in and want to do it you know we used to get a couple a day but not six for six every single day it's been like this for two weeks no one did the rams right no one did the rams like you do the rams it's we got tomorrow who needs tonight I know we've got um I know it's the other way around I know we have an instagram phone tonight who needs tomorrow needs baby that was my song the uh the bruce springsteen of uh of michigan i swear to god that was my wow good job you know bob sieger is like bruce springsteen in michigan right you're aware of that right he got rocks have we done the broncos yet I think he's in anna arbor guy yeah what do you mean that guy that dude was like I think you know I think that dude put put the win-loss game on the map this year for us that's right I wrote it all down because I'm uh I'm a note take nick and corona made it at 15 and two uh my man one of our friends on instagram hit me up and asked me about it and then martin and pueblo went 12 and five which is also uh there's a pie in the sky nobody went full tapper though but tapper what are you smoking bro give me some 16 and one wait till tomorrow boys and then the only bill the only bill chris in south carolina called in I don't think he was a bill's friend he said nine and eight for the bills that's insane that's that's not insane it's insane that's insane come on first of all that's insane that team's going to the super bowl there's a path to every team it's called insane stinking come on obviously you guys know that right I mean that's drew what drew um magary right oh yeah it's like why your team stinks oh right yeah pretty much so I hear you back on the rich eisen show radio network sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call or just stop by just as tracy morgan's doing right now I'm so excited the new max comedy special already out there on max which you can get on roku right here tracy morgan taking it too far the great tracy morgan back on the rich eisen show how are you sir good rich how you feel baby I am doing better for seeing you on my screen I'm not gonna lie how are you doing what did you like taking it too far you know what I didn't think you took it too far at all quite frankly I thought you took it just right where it needs to be you know cool man cool absolutely how did you how did you feel about it well at the time to be honest I've never told this to anyone besides my writers okay during the whole tour and during the taping I really couldn't feel it okay because I was going through a divorce it was a dark time in my life and um I feel much better now and I really am appreciative of everyone looking at it I looked at it and it said 75% on rotten tomatoes and I was really happy that everyone dug it I was coming from a place I was coming from a place man that I felt it would be funny and now that you watch it back do you find you now now do you feel better about it now that you've actually seen it and I really believe it's funny I really believe it's funny well you are funny tracy morgan I believe it's funny you are funny I just said what I had what I felt and it's all out there now on max for everybody to go ahead and in stream and you know but you are funny tracy everybody loves you man everybody loves you thank you very much man I thank god for that well and my dad my dad did comedy in vietnam so I'm just mimicking my dad and my dad had more talent and in his one pinky than I got in my whole body he could do dialects and everything and I I'm you know my father was funny in german well in terms of your father interesting that you bring that up tracy last time I saw you I was sitting directly in front of you at the nfl honors in arizona and I snapped this selfie because I was overhearing what was going on behind me between you and tony dorset um and it's we're putting it up on a screen right now what were you saying to tony dorset I think I overheard this uh correctly but go for it tracy what are you telling him finally I found my biological father daddy I love you daddy I watched you my whole life dad that's what I thought I heard I thought you when I was about 10 years old my my mom 10 or 8 years old my mom bought me a football suit a football a uniform and my first number was 33 and then my uncle showed me who tony dorset was um I fell in love with his slashing style when I played high school football I don't know if you guys have a picture of me running back a touchdown against kennedy high school I posted it okay it's me running back my first bar city high school touchdown against kennedy high school I'm pretty good I ran a four I ran I believe I ran like a four five forty in the junior high school okay it's 500 I ran a 21 21 point in the 200 so I was pretty good in high school and football and track okay picking up kicks who did you who did you pick up kicks at the expense of who kenny what the icicle what did you say was that tracy absolutely absolutely who is this that was my deal in high school hustling lunch tickets what do you scout tickets at yankee stadium my youth and I sold lunch tickets in high school lunch my girlfriend my girlfriend never ate school lunch I always sent my daughter my girlfriend up to the avenue to get mcdonald's I was given ten dollars plus some big mac coupons my butt hurts I just got a colonoscopy when I was talking to the doctor I was dealing with one black African doctor one black African doctor just before I went to sleep I seen him call another room hey yo y'all need to come here and check this out that's not good I came through was five dudes in the room being the ones and doctors everything's all right all smoking cigarettes I feel pregnant like I'm oh my god pregnant I feel violated and one of the dudes winked at me and said good morning puddin chacey morgan here on the rich eisen show all feeling good all right so I love you rich I love you know I give you my funny I'm comfortable with you I love that I'll you know what and that means the world to me because I am so uh comfortable chatting with you too I feel like I'm you know I'm from Staten Island you know so I I feel like I've known folks like you my whole life you know what I mean and you know New York that's right we from we from the capital this right here New York City is where the monkey fell off the building baby oh my gosh city is so lovely they named it twice New York New York that's right the city's so nice they named it twice fantastic yo yo listen listen yes start spreading the news I'm leaving today Frankie blue eyes didn't make no music about LA what's behind you is that do I see some uh what what's happening what is that painting yeah there's something different for me I commissioned I paid 75,000 for this and it says rumble young man rumble it is Muhammad Ali's life wow that looks so cool behind you I also have a painting of me my son and my daughter right off that right after I got on stage after I did taking it too far can we can we turn this around so you can see that picture I just got it there's a picture and this guy also did a picture of Clyde wall Frazier at the garden look at this picture okay here we go we're moving the camera for those watching on the whoa look at that that is so cool fantastic so when what did you ever get no I want to take this over there and show Michael Jackson's glove okay there we go okay Michael Jackson's glove that's right oh that's in case the real deal that is in that that's in the case where'd you get that Tracy I bought that when I was on 30 rock for $50,000 okay hold on a second your camera's coming back so you're near your microphone we'll get that set up again so where did you get that in the auction yeah when I was on 30 rock for fifty thousand dollars also go get my glass that was on the titanic what did he just Tracy did you say titanic the glass a long time ago on the titanic hold on a minute do you ever drink anything out of that glass oh this is this is in my case okay it's in the case as well this is Tracy Morgan showing off what's in his house that's on the time that's looks very nice wow okay do you ever drink out of it you don't drink any no you just look at it you don't drink anything no you just look at it yeah I just put that up with the rest of my trophies you know we had we had Alfonso Ribeiro on the show Tracy he told a story about because he was he was with Michael Jackson on a tour because he did the Pepsi commercial with him years ago he said that there was a moment where Michael was freaking out because he dropped his glove in the toilet before he went go out and performed I don't know if you've ever heard that story Tracy I was with Eddie Murphy last weekend at his house okay I spent the weekend with Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy and I stayed in Martin Lawrence's mom's house okay I love Martin I love Martin and Eddie on a human level to get to celebrity I love them on a human level and Eddie Murphy was telling us the story about going to Michael Jackson's house and bubble was bubble now was big he was in the cage and Michael said Eddie don't go near the cage Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence are still some of the funniest people on the planet sure you don't lose the funny that's for sure wow absolutely that is fantastic don't go near the cage Eddie and he went near the cage I was dying you went near the cage when did you when did you first do stand-up Tracy when was your first time doing stand-up people ask me this all the time Tracy when did it start it started in 1968 at 525 in the morning when my mother's water broke that's when it all hit the fan I was born this way man oh so then when did you realize you could use it as a gift then they call my father super sperm again that's not Tony Dorsett right that's when I referred yes I'm telling you guys I'm sitting at the NFL honors and Tracy Morgan just walks right past you were in a zone because you saw you saw Tony Dorsett and all I heard was you say Tony Dorsett you are my biological father and I'm like I just grabbed my phone how did he respond to that when you when you told him that he loved me I love this there he goes right there you right listen Rich yeah you're right in front I'm looking at the picture right now yeah yeah yeah I snapped it was talking in the back do you have a favorite football team or no not really what do you got giant the Giants your team you got to understand in my house they corn ate dinner with me a few times and Kayvon is my he ate dinner in here too you had tibid over for the Dallas game this Sunday you're going to you're going Sunday night I'm going Sunday night what do you what do you think the Giants are going to do this year what do you think Tracy we're going to get a chip I think it's going to go down to us in Philly we're going to get a chip come down to you and Philly and then you're going to go shock the world go get a chip how come you haven't had Daniel my New York teams I love my Yankees I don't care I love my Yankees I love my Knicks I love my Rangers and I love my Giants when you're not a fan I'm not a net met fan and I'm not a net fan anybody who's a jet fan that fan or met fan has low self-esteem well hold on a second hold on a second you're used to losing by the way you're not wrong but Aaron Rodgers is here now Aaron Rodgers is going to change it doesn't matter why not what there's still the Jets oh man thank you Tracy Morgan two weeks ago because we had our first string in oh you're talking about the preseason game that means nothing nobody cares about that that means nothing but you know that does hold on man this happens are we maybe because again I'm a jet fan what are we going to do for the best rich week eight week eight Jets and Giants this year for real what happens what can we do what what can I do for you or you maybe come back on if can we put something like a friendly friendly something on this thing or what the game I'm on this show okay you will do some talking but this is pride at stake baby all right here's the thing uh we gotta figure out there's gotta be some something on the when are you having Daniel Jones over for dinner Tracy when's that happening DJ DJ yeah me and him sitting next to each other at the nickname so he's family he's tight with my daughter what's he like what's he like quiet he's cool dude open funny he has a sense of humor he laughs a lot okay cool okay all right and he's cool all right he's like Eli him and him and Taylor over okay quarterback okay all right this is fun all right so week eight we're gonna have this again we're gonna have this conversation again you gotta do it Tracy Morgan taking it too far available now on max it's been out there for a couple weeks now so where you been you're rich you're rich yes sir people would see taking it too far but I just gave you about 15 minutes on this show that's it because you do you stop you do you TJ you want to ask you said you wanted to ask him something before we let him go go ahead TJ Jefferson yeah quick question what's up Tracy how you doing brother what's up baby what up a real quick question though top five we talked about your top five favorite rappers I'm just wondering since you were talking about Martin and Eddie who are your top five favorite comedians favorite comics because of the same conversation you know my top five you want me to run it down it's about comedians comedians comics it's comics yeah yeah since we're talking Martin Eddie I know I know you love them top five comedians Richard Eddie George Garland Bill Mobs Mabley that's it right there okay you went you went all over you and you went you went many decades right there I just went there okay I gave it to you mine okay and Tracy I think the only person who thought you might have taken it too far was homeboy in the crowd that you yelled at because he can't be yelling while you while you're trying to you know do your thing on stage oh and taking it too far yeah the guy in the crowd they're just so happy to see me I watch every special I ever did to help myself now my sixth man goes to yes they gotta have a sixth man goes to Red Fox okay I once saw him with uh in Vegas Tracy when I was in college I saw him Slappy White open for Red Fox it was one of the funniest nights I've ever had my entire life until you come see me live when does that happen when are you gonna come out to LA Tracy when you come back on tour starting this next Saturday okay you're back on tour we're like I'm in I just said the thing about the colonoscopy and you was rolling I've had a couple of those Tracy I've had a couple of those so oh grown people I don't like to tickle I go for the gut I go for the gut check okay well enjoy Sunday night against the uh the Cowboys Tracy what's the final score of that you want to predict it what do you got final score 17 24 17 all right so it'll be a tight a tight affair uh okay 24 17 thanks for giving us a tour of your spot I love you TJ I love you man I can't wait to come back let's do it again Tracy Morgan at Tracy Morgan on social check out taking it too far with Tracy Morgan right now on max which is available right here on Roku I think I think a colonoscopy is when they stick a camera somewhere to look for a contraction right so the colonoscopy is whatever he says who's funnier than Tracy man low self esteem if you're a jet or a met or a net I didn't know I didn't appreciate that you know you and I resemble those remarks hey we do all right one last segment until we're kicking it off baby we have got some news out of Kansas City I just saw on my phone Sky Morgan white receiver one no no no that's coming up and then a little bit more win-loss game before you go out the door for kickoff tonight it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting my guest is Kim Zachman she is author of the book there's no cream and cream soda I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs there is so many legends about the name of the hot dog when the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages they also brought their dachshunds it really is because they kind of look like dachshunds something you should know wherever you listen Mike Del Tufo are you out there Mike yes I'm here rich how you doing today I'm doing great so what are you revealing you've got right here you got right up here above me is a brand new rich eyes in show sign a new rich eyes in show sign am I gonna do it now you see this yeah here we go here we go god it's gonna be fun all right just hope it doesn't come down in your head I can't do it because the way it's just set up to put down the microphone dude I can't this is the worst reveal ever take down just put the microphone down this is good this is good he's gonna bring down the whole thing yes pull both no we cannot have this as the reveal he he does not be the reveal he does audio he does not do it's messed up up there I can't look I can't walk up the stairs okay the not reveal oh no I can't because I can't climb to where that is yeah you can that's up no you can't it's you gotta have a cable you guys don't know OSHA rules see they screwed me they did this on purpose I'm convinced yeah it's against you Mike I'm telling you Del Tufo just tell everyone out there you don't have any change for them just pull it give them good jersey pull put them down and pull it pull the other one you're a big man yank it is so much all right come back in here and screw off the audio that by the way just look at the date there seven years ago tomorrow wow yeah the anniversary of that fun moment look at us we're in better shape all around back here on the rich eisenhower we are we are we are we are uh big news out of kansas city the chiefs have elevated matt bushman from the practice squad why am I saying this it's not like you know i'm not doing the whole hacksaw rancho cougar that newsmaker line the assistant general manager has just been hired of the miami office this is he's a tight end he's a tight end insurance in case travis kelsey can't go according to ian rapidly true game time decision happening tonight i'm gonna say he does not play stream the nfl and westwood one for free sponsored by autozone all season long you can listen to every westwood one broadcast on the nfl live on the nfl app by asking alexa to simply open westwood one sports or on your westwood one affiliate stations digital platforms that's right you can stream kevin harland kurt warner and me all season long for free and get in the zone with autozone the free autozone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free get in the zone autozone restrictions apply all right pete walla walla washington pete i don't think i've ever said those words and no microphone ever but pete are you on the program are you there pete i am rich great to be with you thanks for having me great to have you from walla walla washington what do you want to do from walla walla washington pete i i would like to make my predictions for the wonderful seattle seahawks in the 2023 season i'm not even going to ask if you're a real seahawk fan you're calling from walla walla washington for crying out loud i need music i need music for pete here we go no relation to carol pete and walla walla washington home for the rams this weekend what happens pete that is going to be a win at the detroit lions week two tied home for the panthers win uh at the giants win coming off the buy at three oh and one at the bangles lot three one and one for the cardinals win four one and one for the browns at home uh win five one and one at the ravens lot five two and one for the commanders at home win six two and one for at the rams uh that's gonna be another win and two and one for the against the 49ers at home on thanksgiving night that is sadly a lot seven three and one at the cowboys on a thursday night a lot seven four and one at the 49ers a win eight four and one home for the eagles loft eight five and one at the titans win nine five and one for the steelers at home ten five and one at the cardinals finishing out strong with a win 11 and five and one according to pete in walla walla washington we had this it's two times that we had today i like it okay okay how many fans have said their first loss of a team is either against the chiefs or the ravens honestly the ravens should be 19 and 0 in his 17 game season everyone's beating the cardinals and everyone's losing to the chiefs or the ravens yeah right pretty funny yeah why not and then let's just let me just have my say here tonight's the night not just for the start of the national football league season but tonight is the night that we find out if the national football league's trust in the detroit lions organization and the direction they feel that they were going in at the end of last year and with the everything going on in detroit if they were the worthy opponent for the kansas city chiefs tonight the whole country is going to be watching this is maybe one of the honestly this is the biggest detroit lions game since uh matt stafford took the lions into dallas for their playoff appearance that's it this is it and tonight is the night for the roar to show that has been restored or how many people think they're going to get blown out tonight i think more than 50 percent of nfl fans think this is a blowout that the chiefs are going to blow the doors off these guys and obviously if kelsey kelsey was healthy yeah i think more people right probably thought it two days ago maybe but tonight is that night for the detroit lions to show off that this hype train that's left the station is worth it there is a large section of people who do not believe the lions are worth it in that group is a pro football hall of famer named dick butkus who tweeted this out moments ago i got excited that the nfl starts today but then i realized it's the detroit lions wow that's real wow and i have been told that butkus tweets for himself up there in malibu where he lives but dick butkus okay oh goodness okay so everybody in chicago and green bay and minnesota probably like yeah right okay it's your time because rogers gone got it tonight's that time tonight and i know it's a long season but if they come out the gate and they show off what they can do the hype train will be really leaving the station not like deon colorado hype train that train has left the station and it's real just like i think the lions are real i said that they're winning the division i believe it and if kelsey doesn't go i'm gonna choose him tonight no chris jones no travis kelsey will be a tough order and i still think the chiefs win the super bowl they're not going 17 you know so i'm throwing that out there as we have one last win-loss game to play joining us here as promised rich eisen show call screener so if you're calling right now nobody's answering there's literally nobody home nobody's answering adam chudwin our call screener is here die-hard bears fan how are you adam i'm feeling cautiously optimistic about this bear season make or break year for justin fields right here um you know i think we're gonna see a big improvement so yeah i'm like cautiously i'm not like super optimistic okay you know cautiously cautiously cautiously not like kyle brent okay kyle brent what do you do with this win-loss game what do you do with the win-loss game for the bears i have it 12 and five or something uh he went no he he went eber flus for coach of the year justin fields for mvp with dono right for rookie of the year yeah went right down the line he went right down the line and having the bears go 13 and 5 all right music please adam chudwin in person fresh out from the back let's go adam what happens against the packers this weekend bears haven't beaten the packers since 2018 we're one in 13 in the last 14 games against them this has to end this sunday it will end bears get the big victory justin fields statement game dj more two touchdowns let's go okay uh win loss at the tampa bay buccaneers unfortunately i believe that will be a letdown after the big week one win uh baker mayfield throws a couple touchdowns and okay yeah it's a loss at the kansas city chiefs this is a game where bears fans think what could have been we could have had patrick mahomes and we chose mitch trubisky instead unbelievable so yeah that's a loss a loss to matt naggy that's gonna hurt yeah home for the broncos that's a bounce back win that's two and two at the washington commanders on a thursday night if we can't beat sam howell that's pathetic three and two home for the vikings that is a win against kurt cousins four and two like feel the flus you like that a home for the raiders jimmy g is coming back to his hometown same place as sebastian maniscalco arlington heights illinois look at you but instead he comes to a loss the bears win that game a four game winning streak five and two at the chargers here in la you're going to that game i would live any connections that's that's that's gonna be difficult i think that's a loss okay that's five and three at the saints that's another difficult game in new orleans home of the place where the bears won their only super bowl that's a loss five and four for the panthers on a thursday night at home that's the game we have to win because we get to the panthers first round pick next year so we need them to be really bad nicely done no a little wrinkle to that six and four at the lions lions are gonna be really good that's a loss six and five at the vikings on a monday night i don't like the vikings i just don't like that team but unfortunately i think they're gonna be pretty good this year six and six going into the buy coming out of the buy six and six home for the lions that's that's a loss six and seven now a three-game losing streak at the browns last time we played the browns miles garrett i think he had like 10 sacks against justin fields he traumatized him i think that's a revenge game for justin fields and we get the win actually seven and seven home for the cardinals come on that's a win let's oh my god seven home for the falcons i don't understand the falcons hype i feel like their fans are getting a little too cocky now that's a win nine and seven at the packers the packers got a revenge game and we ended up losing that game all right nine and eight that's what we call reasonable oh what what is what is the the hometown of the super bowl say on that one oh i think the bears win total is seven and a half well there you go all right okay nine and eight playoffs well done nine and eight i don't think maybe it does i don't know that'll be great this weekend against the uh against the packers with a win kyle brent thought the same thing with a win playoffs it's tonight baby what are you thinking tonight what do you got you're taking kansas city aren't you uh i i would put the i would put the lions in a tease i think it's gonna be a close game uh chief's money line though i mean they're not gonna lose at home with my homes and the banner going up and loses come on who wins and loses what he's win the game what do you got for me tj what do you think guys remember what happened the last time jared gough and patty 54 51 right here in la as they say a little back and forth we're not going to see that my points we're not going to see that many points why not man let's say the lions win the game okay there you go tomorrow's program josh allen first up hey julian edelman last up jules kid arthur smith right there in the middle just like a muck just like the hair in his face right in the middle i see your license and insurance please that's right is this the man the body cam foot thanks for coming on i think you're back to wrap up the show in a moment hey guys it's susie schuster and i am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall it is called what the football with susie schuster and the princess of darkness amy trask if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon heavy-legged wastebenders this is not for you we're gonna have big girl conversations we're going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else it is what the football with susie schuster and amy trask wherever you listen
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