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the ACC, Sam Hartman, Baker Mayfield, and Duke's upcoming football season

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 22, 2023 3:34 pm

the ACC, Sam Hartman, Baker Mayfield, and Duke's upcoming football season

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 22, 2023 3:34 pm

ACC Expansion

Sam Hartman is the Oprah of Notre Dame

Jonathan Taylor to ...Miami? 

Duke's lineman and their upcoming season

And then there was Baker Mayfield. 


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Specifically the distance from you to your remote control. NFL Sunday Ticket, now on YouTube and YouTube TV. Go to slash presale to get $50 off. And we're right out of the gate here as we begin the Adam Gold show here. Thanks for hanging out. Baker Mayfield is the big story. Y'all Panthers fans remember him. Open the season is easy, easy, easy now.

He had probably one of the leakiest offensive lines in the history of offensive lines. Okay, I know. Small excuses. But Baker Mayfield today announced as the opening day starter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ushering in the post-Tom Brady era. And for Baker, it's his third, third, right? It's his third starting opening day start. Third opening day start for his third team.

Yeah. It's big shoes to fill too. Tom Brady. So you guys step in for Tom Brady. He was duking it out with Kyle Trask.

Just a one year deal, kind of a prove it kind of thing. And then he had that loss. Everyone loved him because he went to the Los Angeles Rams after he was traded. I say everybody but Victoria and other Panthers fans. Sorry.

Did not mean to strike some really raw nerves. Yeah, seriously. Matt rule both like bye. We have Bryce Young. We have Bryce. You're good now.

Okay. I'm actually really glad that he's with the Tampa Bay Bucks. He can go mess them up for a little while. It's it's a it's an in division opponent.

Yeah, you know, Panthers Tampa Bay. See, he'll come. He's sneaky like that where he'll come out and throw bomb and it'll be a great, you know, pass for a touchdown and everybody's like, Oh, Baker is amazing.

And then he flops. That's it. Todd Bowl said he had a little bit more experience, which is why they're going to Baker Mayfield. So Panthers fans mark this on your calendars. December the third. December the third Panthers at the Bucks. If Baker is still the starting quarterback at that point. Let's just put that out there and then they play again.

It's the season closer actually sees the season finale in Carolina, Tampa in Carolina. So Baker Mayfield starting quarterback. What could have been Panthers fans? What could? What was what was done? Also with this, Sam Hartman is the Oprah of Notre Dame.

Oprah Winfrey of Notre Dame. How about that? So Sam is getting some NIL deals right now. He is rolling in some money. His latest one.

He just did one a couple of days ago with Under Armour. So Sam Hartman, for those of you just joining the college football atmosphere, Hartman spending his entire career with Wake transfers in the off season to raise his profile. Go make some NIL money. Like, go get it.

Go get yours, Sam Hartman. And he did. So he lands at Notre Dame. His first deal is with Under Armour.

That's a good one with Under Armour. What does he do for his entire team? His entire team?

He gives them a pair of shoes. Yeah, every every guy. So Notre Dame, if you're like, I'm the walk on it, Notre Dame. Like I'm Rudy. Rudy. Right?

Yes. I just got a pair of shoes from the quarterback who has yet to take a snap in an actual game. Now, that'll happen this Saturday against Navy. He has yet to take a snap. So this is all about high hopes, right?

Like, his NIL value right now, a million plus. Wow. Is it too late for me to make NIL money? You're still eligible, right? I mean, you haven't used any of your eligibility. Never.

Not once. Is there an MMA? There should be.

There should be somewhere. Like, go get it. Go get it. So the Oprah of Notre Dame, Sam Hartman, which is now what we'll call him. So he does the Under Armour deal. Now he's got a Beats by Dre deal. Wow. You know who has a Beats by Dre deal? Who's that?

Like, nobody. Like, Brawny James. Wow. That's like it.

I think Libby Dunn, Angel Reese. Like, it is the crème de la crème who's got Beats by Dre deals. Those are some killer deals. Like, wow.

Good for you. So Hartman's got Under Armour now Beats by Dre. What does he naturally give to you?

What does he naturally give to everybody on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish team? Oh, yeah. Headphones. Headphones. Yep.

Or earbuds or whatever. So, dude shows up at Notre Dame Transfers and starts handing out gifts. Wow. Buttering them all up.

Legit. Just make it happen. Have all of it. He's making friends fast. Have all the cool things.

And for Sam Hartman, listen, man. I'm like, go get yours. Yeah.

Go get it. Because next year, like, again, he has yet to take an actual gift. To take an actual meaningful snap at Notre Dame.

It's crazy. He'll be playing against Navy. Unfortunately, he's on offense, not on defense with a triple option. And then Notre Dame, of course, is coming here to the triangle for two games with NC State on the ninth and then Duke later on in September.

So they got two trips here. Maybe he's the quarterback. Maybe he's not.

I hope you. Maybe he's bringing some Beats in sweatshirts or something. This is just one of those things where it's all based on potential. All potential.

And this is the guy who's rolling the NIL that's actually being reported. Like, you know, there's Alabama, Georgia players. You know, Drake May currently has a commercial that you can hear across the state. But Hartman's like, he's banking. Like, making bank.

So congratulations to Sam Hartman, the Oprah of Notre Dame. I'm guessing you get some beats and you get some. Right. So is it, you know, maybe the next one's pizza or something.

But apparently he's working with working with national brands. So this is the this is the temper point that as someone who's coached youth sports from time to time, I remember one of the first speeches I ever gave to a team where I was like, listen, this is baseball. Like, listen, your kids are not going to play in the major leagues.

No, they're not. If they do, congratulations. I will help them get whatever you think they're going to get out of this. But it's a minuscule amount of kids that get to play.

I go, we're going to have fun here. But what deals like this do, and I do not blame NIL, I just go get yours. But this man, this plants a lot of magic, magic beans.

It does. And a lot of in a lot of heads of parents going, man, you know what, if I get my kids started in, you know, we're going to raise this generation of quarterbacks where no one's going to be able to catch the ball, but they're all gonna be able to throw the ball. Oh, yeah, all of them. There's only so many around. And I believe in the NIL era, there were 60 quarterback transfers in the offseason. Like, they keep announcing new starters with all these guys that have gone in all these places.

But for Sam Hartman, go get yours, the Oprah of Notre Dame. Love it. All right. Jonathan Taylor is on the trading block, which shows you a couple of things about what's happening in Indianapolis. And I'm getting a little bit worried about that franchise so much that they are replacing the commanders worry. Like, I was worried about the commanders for a long time. Yeah.

Worried about the cults a little bit. Jonathan Taylor has been given permission to go out and grab it. Go out and go get your deal.

Find a deal that we can that we can line up behind. It's got to be number one pick they're looking for, or some sort of equivalent of number one picks, which I'm not sure there is such a thing as an equivalent of number one picks. It's a number one pick where he can be traded and go wherever you want to go.

Now, there are a lot of rumors of where he might land. Apparently, the Miami Dolphins are looking to give Tua some help along with Jalen Waddle and Tyreek Hill. The rich would get a little bit richer in Miami if they could get that deal done, but they would have to give something in exchange.

But Jonathan Taylor, that's quite the prize if you can put the package together. So Miami is part of that. Why I'm worried about Indianapolis now is Indianapolis has done a couple of things in the last, oh, less than a season, which leads me to believe that the Colts are in incredible disarray.

To where even Lucas Oil Stadium, I believe in the athletic, Lucas Oil Stadium, which is this nice downtown stadium in Indianapolis, was kind of voted towards the bottom of NFL stadiums. And of course, in-depth looks at all of the Panthers wins. Touchdown Carolina!

Panthers Playbook, download and subscribe today at or wherever you discover your favorite podcasts. One of the strangest situations in the situations where you gave Frank Reich like six different starting quarterbacks after Andrew Luck, and then you let him go and you replaced him with Jeff Saturday, who had zero coaching experience whatsoever. But everyone tried to say, oh, he has coaching experience. Listen, I've simulated enough Madden and NCAA football on PlayStation and Xbox to say, I'm not a coach.

I can't even fill in for one game. I'm like, I'm okay with the little kids and little leagues. Listen, alligator.

Alligator. Yep. You know, catch, catch with two hands, you know, swing all the way through kind of thing. I can give you enough instruction, but I cannot get 53 grown men who are being paid millions and millions of dollars on one page to run a couple of plays. I mean, I might be able to do it for one series, but it would be a three and out. Let's just be honest with each other.

Okay. Jimmer say now hired made some weird hires trying to put trying to put the right pieces in place. But he now has Anthony Richardson as a starting quarterback who did not play in the last game, which I have major concerns with with a rookie quarterback who's not getting reps in actual live fire situations. Shane Steichen is a fine head coach. I remember him at UNLV when I was out West. He's, he's, he's an offensive coordinator. Great mind, but now they're trying to pull one of these pieces off and he's just asking for a first round pick.

Mike, you need to go get a Haas first of all. Absolutely. But now you've kind of, you're not kind of, you have wasted this. You have wasted everything that you put into Taylor, a guy who was willing to stay. He would stay.

Yeah. If you were willing to let him stay, Colts fans are going to be the new commanders fans. I think they're just going to get so frustrated with all these bad moves year after year. I feel for them.

That is my genuine concern is that it's not, it's not concerned. It's probably a good thing for the NFL that there's something new to focus on based on the feel good. Oh my goodness.

It was like, I'm not sure I can say that word. Let's just call it. It was just this big, big, warm hug last night during the preseason game between Washington and Baltimore. That it was such a warm and fuzzy moment that all of a sudden, now that we're talking about Indianapolis, it feels like, oh, we'll just shift the dysfunction one time zone to the West.

Yep. And what goes on in the Colts and if the Colts come stumbling out of the gate and Taylor gets the opportunity to do, I told you so, I told you so. Where does that leave the Colts?

And for that roster in general, like the glory days are gone. Like we could only write and report and talk so much about how Andrew Luck was the prototypical quarterback. And now he just fishes in his wonderful designer home outside of Indianapolis and goes to the training camps and just waves high and things like that. And how they parted ways with Peyton Manning in the most generous way possible. And they still love him and honor him, even though he went to go win a Super Bowl in Super Bowl 50 with the Broncos. Although that was a defensive one Super Bowl, not an offensive one Super Bowl because Brock Osweiler actually won a playoff game with the Broncos.

I digress. Indianapolis, for a franchise that fans are like, it's a really great fan base, like the Colts fan base, it is the most Midwestern fan base you can think of. Like they go there to watch football. It's kind of like Vikings fans. Vikings fans go there to watch football. Like, you know, like if you're in Minneapolis, you're in Indianapolis, if you go to the Applelises, if you go to either the big Applelises and you go to something at either one of those stadiums, you are going there specifically for that event at the stadium. Like, I am there to watch football. I am there to watch the ghost of Prince resurrect himself. This is what we are going there for.

There are no diversions whatsoever. This is what we're doing. And for Colts fans, I'm starting to feel for you a little bit.

I really am. Like, I'm getting in the feels here. Like, not so much for Commander's fans because it's the NFC East and Dallas and the Giants and the Eagles.

You all have your kind of, eh, that we all have to kind of get over. They definitely have it. And Commander's fans have just a god awful stadium. Can I say that?

No, you can. It's an awful stadium. We've talked about that before. I have friends who are Eagles fans and they're tempered Eagles fans, but for this to go so sideways in Indianapolis, I'm struggling with how that is coming about. And for them, I feel for you, but for NFL teams that are in the market for Jonathan Taylor, let's, you know, could the Panthers part ways with a pick and we could have a two-headed running back in the backfield? Are we okay with Chuba Hubbard as the backup with Miles Sanders? Hey, I mean, there's somebody who can fill those shoes and make stuff happen.

Jonathan Taylor would be a heck of a prize to grab. Yes. So what else do we got here as we kick things off? Oh, yeah. Let's talk about ACC expansion just a little bit.

And so there's all this hot steaming breath that's coming out there. Still, there was a report this morning at ESPN that didn't happen. The ACC presidents canceled their meeting.

Lots of smoke, no fire. So we'll push on from that. But they were going to meet this morning. Allegedly, Cal and Stanford were going to come up again. So it's just as we continue talking about what the ACC shouldn't do or should do.

If that was actually going to be a thing, this should have already happened. Like, at some point, you just have to give. There's not enough.

There's no more pushing and shoving to go between the two. Now, having said that, there is an North Carolina legendary coach who is not a big fan of the idea of ACC expanding. And that is the soccer coach for Carolina, Anson Dorrance. Hey, Carolina Panthers fans, Chris Lee and Dennis Cox here. We're excited to offer you all the inside information on your team with the newest member of the Capital Broadcasting Podcast Network, Panthers Playbook. Twice a week, we'll keep you updated on your Carolina Panthers. We're talking about locker room insight, exclusive interviews, and, of course, in-depth looks at all of the Panthers wins. Touchdown, Carolina! Panthers Playbook.

Download and subscribe today at or wherever you discover your favorite podcasts. These are phenomenal schools academically. But also they have great sports programs. If you look at the Director's Cup, Stanford dominates it. So you're bringing in a truly elite combination of academics and athletics with those two schools. But Stanford, extraordinarily. I mean, they're on the top of everyone's academic list and also very high with almost every sports team on campus being in a position to challenge for a national championship. So that would be a wonderful, you know, I guess, feather in the cap of our commission.

But for us, you know, with boots on the ground, now, this is going to be horrible for us because then, of course, our budgets aren't extraordinary as it is. Now we would try to add in, you know, flights across the country to play these two schools, which will be incredibly expensive. And then the fact that now we're exposing the whole country, not that Stanford and Cal don't have a national recruiting platform.

Of course they do. But if you put those two schools in the ACC, it's going to be so easy for them to recruit nationally. So it'll just benefit them, in my opinion, not us. We've built the best women's soccer conference in the country. And there's no way I want to share the glory of our conference with two schools that could do a very good job recruiting against us.

And so basically I want Cal and Stanford to die on the vine. I look forward to, you know, seeing Stanford, which is a very difficult school to recruit against, I would look forward to them basically having it be so difficult for them to recruit the elite soccer player. And then we would be in a position to obviously gain those kids and, you know, put the ACC in an even stronger position.

So I think in some respects I can see why Jim is interested in this, you know, as our commissioner of the ACC. But for us that, you know, have to basically do the work and have to pay for it, no. And these are schools that, you know, yeah, they're in trouble. They're in trouble.

It's going to be harder and harder and harder for them to recruit. And that means that benefits the rest of us in the ACC. Die on the vine.

Just die on the vine. He doesn't want to share the glory of the ACC. The glory of the ACC. You know what? I'll buy it in the sport that he's in and I get it.

Recruiting for top players, trying to stay ahead of the game. They do gain. He is correct.

I absolutely agree with him. Stanford and Cal get all the gain if they get to recruit an ACC country. They do get the opportunity to be in a larger platform. They do get to be on the east coast. Academics set aside. The financials, yeah, it's kind of squirrelly as whatnot. I'll buy it with him.

I do. I think Cal and Stanford, to be honest, their best role as opposed to dying on the vine would be to go completely independent at this point. And just run it back that way. That allows them to spread their Olympic hopeful wings and the Olympic sports and things like that. They could still play football, of which they have an unproven coach in Troy Taylor right now. He was the coach at Sac State last year. Cal has Justin Wilcox. They also have you NC State fans, Ben Finley, as one of their possible starter quarterback. They haven't announced their starter yet at Cal.

So that's a name that will ring a bell for you. But for the ACC to expand, I'm not quite sure of Stanford and Cal. In fact, I'm sure Stanford and Cal are not the right choices for this conference. It doesn't give you any sort of advantages whatsoever. I'm not even worried about slicing the pie at this point.

Set the finances aside. It's not good business. I agree with them about recruiting. All it does is open it up for other schools to come in here.

And especially in a sport like soccer where North Carolina and the Carolinas are certainly a hotbed, the east coast. Definitely you could see a few people going that way just to go, hey, you know what? I want to see Alcatraz. I want to sip the fruits of wine in Sonoma.

I want to have these things. Again, I'm all about it, but die on the vine. I'm sure that was a poke at the wine country thing, die on the vine.

But he definitely was kind of aiming that one straight at the crosshairs. And I don't blame him for it. I really don't. That's where he needs to be. As for the ACC expansion, meh, SEC expansion, we'll get into that a little bit too. And for the remnants of the Pac-12, if the Oregon State, Scott Barnes is the athletic director of Oregon State. If he thinks he can get the Pac-12 back together again, that is a Humpty Dumpty situation to where it might be best to kind of put everything on eBay at this point. See how much money you can get out of that because certainly the college landscape changes after this year, especially in football.

But when it comes to all these conferences and moving around, everything turns over pretty quick. I need to reintroduce myself. Paul, I hand her in for the Adam Gold show today. Adam's back tomorrow. Victoria is still here.

Her ever-present smile and wit will be here in place. And you can expect all the slightly less than amusing things that Adam does during his show to be even less, even more less amusing. Just say like, wreck some. Let's just say wreck some more often. It's like saying wreck some.

You know they're doing a season two of that show. Oh, wow. I don't know what more can you say. It's more Ryan Reynolds soccering. Right.

It's not him, you know, being Deadpool. It's a great popcorn crisis of wreck some. What will they do? Will they charge more for popcorn? Right. It's a great debate. Yeah, there's only so much to go around. I love the town. It's great.

Thank you for introducing us to this great town. But you can go soccering. But I'm sure Adam Gold and I can get into a parking lot fight.

What were the undercard to Zuckerberg and Elon Musk? What's the real football? Yeah, there you are. You can officiate. You can officiate that one, Victoria. You can absolutely do that.
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