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Panther fans shouldn’t get frantic just yet

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 14, 2023 3:14 pm

Panther fans shouldn’t get frantic just yet

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 14, 2023 3:14 pm

Darin Gantt,, on the Carolina Panthers first preseason game. Jets shut the Panthers out at home, 27-0, but why shouldn’t fans get too bent out of shape just yet? Where did Darin see positives in their loss? Are there any areas Darin sees concerns? “The problem is the problem, not the result of the game.” Which players weren’t on the field last Saturday that Darin believes will be beneficial to the team? Overall, what did he see from Bryce Young?

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Discover more at for Star Rewards. Now, over to Pecos en Oportunipidación. Panthers fans are losing their minds. 27-0 to the Jets. Did Panthers fans forget, Darren, that the Jets are the exhibition season champions again? Coming into this season, they were 5-0-1 in the preseason under Robert Sala.

It matters. It just means more. It's like SEC football, the preseason for the Jets. Talk us off the ledge, Darren.

He's like John Harbaugh Jr., the Kings of August. And I do think, depending on where your team is at what phase, there's something to be said for attaching a lot of importance. I remember back in the old days a Dom Capers line about the Jaguars broke out to find China while we were using paper plates.

You don't want to get caught in one of those. I just think it was a combination of a couple of things, probably. Number one being the Jets are really good and really deep on the defensive line. So the thing they're best at was being able to shine a light on some potential problems with the Panthers. I don't even think they're gigantic problems because I do not believe, based on what I watched all last year, that Iki Iquanu was going to play as poorly moving forward as he did the other night. It was almost as if they were kind of expecting to roll it out, play a series, put the hat on, and get out of there. But the Jets got after it.

They are good and talented and very deep. They used a first-round pick on Will McDonald. I don't know how often he's going to get on the field. He's pretty good and anywhere else he walks in the lineup as a starter. But around there, I don't know how many snaps he's actually going to get.

Darren Gant, we're asking the old guy,, based on the 27-0 shellacking by the Jets in the preseason, which again, doesn't count for anything. But really, that was the issue for me. And really, nothing is an issue. I want people to understand that.

I assigned exactly zero importance. They got out of this without any major injuries, right? Well, listen, the score of the game is unimportant. The relative health of all the people involved is obviously the most important thing. I mean, it's not great that they let Bryce get chased around and hit a couple times the way they did.

And poor Matt Corral took a beating also. And I think the problem is the problem, not the result of the game. So, you know, they'll work on that all this week. And listen, James Campin is a guy, I mean, he's one of the better offensive line coaches in the NFL. They're paying him a lot of money to hang around on this staff when it would have been easy for Frank Reich to bring in somebody he knows a little better.

But they kept Campi for a reason. And he has made a name for himself in the past by, you know, putting together great lines in Green Bay out of a bunch of fourth, fifth, sixth round and undrafted guys. And, you know, they've got some young people that I think are going to play roles who aren't out there playing right now. Chandler Zavala, as you guys know, from down at NC State, he hasn't been on the field terribly much this preseason.

So once he's well enough to get back in the mix, I think he's going to be part of the mix there for one of the starting jobs. And there's an undrafted rookie that has caught my eye, a young gentleman named Nash Jensen. I have I have decided the undrafted rookie from North Dakota State reminds me an awful lot of a young Andrew Norwell.

So I've known him the young white Buffalo as opposed to the great white public Buffalo, Andrew Norwell. But once the young Buffalo is back on the field and Zavala is back on the field, I think some of this stuff will get a little more interesting because the thing those two guys have in common is they're bigger bodies. And you're talking 330 as opposed to some of the smaller frame guys. I mean, not that not that any of them are little, but I think if you're trying to project power into a certain spot while you're waiting on Austin Corbett to come back, I think sticking to 330 in that spot might be something they're interested in.

So let's get to Bryce Young. Sacks are more of a quarterback stat than an offensive line stat, in my opinion. I don't think I don't I don't think that that's breaking any major news. He was sacked. I don't know if he was.

Was he sacked once? He was certainly hit. And he was hit pretty, pretty heavily a couple of times. He said he was fine.

He bounced right back up each time he was hit. But obviously they don't want him getting hit, especially in the preseason. Overall, what did you see from Bryce Young?

I thought it was OK. I mean, it was kind of an extension of what we saw throughout the preseason or throughout training camp, which is he gets the ball out quick. And I mean, he needed to get it out quick. You know, he missed a couple of throws the other night.

The one that love this guy, I think he would probably like to have back, you know, missed chart down the sidelines. But, you know, on the whole for six passing, I mean, they didn't ask him to do a whole lot. So, so I think he, you know, if this was a H.R., you know, exercise where you had to fill out forms on somebody, I would say he met expectations. You know, maybe not got all the way up to exceeds expectations or over the top or whatever a five is. We don't give fives out. Nobody gives fives out there. No, you can't give a five. None the first preseason game. It was a gentleman's three for that first game.

So, yeah, he was fine. He didn't they didn't ask him to do a whole lot. And that's always one of the things that's tricky about the preseason, too, because there's a fine line of, you know, you don't want to show your first two opponents anything.

You want to be vanilla. But at the same time, they need all these people are new and new together. So I think there is something to be said for wanting to play him a little more this week against the Giants and hopefully with a little different result. But, you know, I don't think anybody's freaking out about the Bryce Young game based on his quarter of work against the hated New York Jets.

Darrin Gan, Panthers dot com. We're asking the old guy here. My read on this is is simple. I thought the first drive was going well until the false start on hate. That didn't help. It put them back in second and 10. So and they were they looked to be pretty conservative, to say the least, in terms of their play calling.

And I think Frank Wright called it vanilla. And the other part of that is the Jets were clean on their first drive until the tripping penalty put them in first in a million. And and then that ended up forcing a field goal. But for the most part, the Jets stayed ahead of the chains. They put themselves in third and one and third and two. And that second, I guess it was the second set of downs.

That's where the Panthers that's where that drive kind of disintegrated. Yeah, I agree. The one thing I take objection with and this is not with you, this is almost with Frank Wright. Why does vanilla get such a bad rap? Vanilla is an actual flavor. Describe the absence of flavor. Vanilla is delicious.

It's very sweet. Your whole kitchen smell great when you walk into the house baking something. If your kitchen smells like vanilla, that's a good thing. And people make it a bad thing.

And I've never understood that. Well, I mean, when there's so many other options, vanilla is bad. You know, when there's when there's when there's chocolate and there's death by chocolate and there's chocolate with graham cracker and peanut butter and you go vanilla.

I just think it leaves you a little flat. I would think after the last five years of the Carolina Panthers quarterback experience, people would be just fine with vanilla right now. It's better than pistachio. Hey, now I actually like pistachio.

Oh, come on. Nobody likes pistachio. Pistachios I think people do like.

Pistachio ice cream I just don't get. I do believe that there's a segment coming. We're going to describe each game using a flavor of ice cream. I think that's a brilliant marketing opportunity. Make sure I get a cut out of that.

You will get twice what I get for that if that works out with you. But defensively, I mean, certainly the first first team defense, first, you know, four or five series. I thought Carolina looked pretty good defensively. Jets had the one drive and then they were a series of three and outs. Yeah.

OK. I think that the one thing that I think I as I went back and watched parts of it again, I mean, I didn't necessarily love. It's like the Jets got a little more push up front and they're still trying to figure out what that defense is going to look like. And I don't know, you know, when you shift to a three, four and a lot gets made out of that. But they open the game in nickel and they're probably going to spend most of their time in nickel to put Jeremy 10 on the field instead of Marquand McCall. I don't think they're going to spend most of their time on the nose or anything like that.

I mean, I just think that's where they're going to spend most of their time. But if you look at the linemen, they have. I mean, really, other than McCall, who's another big wide body guy, one of those true nose type. I think other than him, they've got a bunch of smallish guys. I mean, Deshaun Williams is a good player in that system, but he's six one to ninety five and and not six four three thirty. And it's also worth pointing out, hey, they're out there running around without Brian Burns and Justin Houston.

So that that makes a big difference. And they're playing a bunch of guys who I don't know what their role is going to be once the regular season comes around. Because in addition to Burns and Houston, Marquis Haynes isn't playing. And I don't know that we're going to see him this week. He's coming back out small back stuff. And, you know, they think he's going to be all right. But, you know, your first three edge rushers are not out there on the field.

So I think there's a little bit of a question of expectation to Darren Gantt. You get a night game on Friday against the New York football Giants up in New Jersey. I don't still don't understand why the Giants and Jets are called New York. They don't live or practice in in New York at all.

They're just using their media market and the choice. Which would you claim? I have no problem. I grew up in Jersey. I have no problem with Jersey.

I know I was just I was lobbing a softball up for you. No problem. I do it for the people. They make great subs in Jersey. All right, sir. Where should I go acquire a sub on Thursday when I arrive in New Jersey?

Oh, you know what? Go to any Italian deli in Bergen County and they will they will knock your socks off. Don't don't go to a chain.

No offense to to to Mike and his friends. Go to any Italian deli in Bergen County. Go to Wallington. Wallington. I'm writing that down in my notebook.

Rutherford, Carlstadt, Hackensack. They're all good. Go.

We've really taken this segment in an unusual direction. Just try to help you cream flavors in Italian deli. Just try to help out.

There you go. Or go to a diner. Go to a good Greek diner. Go to the Forum Diner on Route four in Paramus and thank me later. All right.

This is great. I'm going to listen to this segment back in your podcast later. So I get all this stuff down.

I don't want to miss anything. All right. And Forum Diner. I got one more for you. Forum Diner.

It's right on Route four in Paramus. I'll give you one. I'll give you one more. One more. And I know the people back in the office are going, why is Gold keep talking about this? If you can make your way to Ruts Hut in Passaic late night.

And get one ripper and the coldest Miller Lite you could ever have in your life. You will thank me later. I don't know what some of those words mean, but I'm taking your word for it. There you go.

Darren Gantt at Darren Gantt on Twitter asked the old guy to tease for extra talent. Certainly, sir. I appreciate your time. We will talk again. Very good. Thank you, sir. I apologize. I apologize for the for the food references, but they're just triggered something silly.

So there you go. For those people who grew up in that area of Bergen County and where the last place I mentioned Ruts Hut, it's sort of right where Bergen, Essex and Passaic County kind of all can converge. And it's impossible to get to from the highway. We have no idea how to get there from the highway.

I couldn't give anybody directions there even when I lived there. Those people have heard of Ruts Hut. So if you're if you're a Bergen County, New Jersey guy or an Essex or a Passaic and I have lived in each of those counties at one point in my life. So, you know, I know. Oh, yeah. No, I mean, you are saying it with conviction. Yes.

You really should try this. So you convinced me even though I'm not going. Now that I'm thinking about it, if you're going to MetLife Stadium and you're looking for a good diner, I believe the Candlewick Diner is in Rutherford. OK. And the stadium is in East Rutherford. So, yeah, that's that's the place to go.
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