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The Sweet 16 officially started yesterday

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 24, 2023 4:09 pm

The Sweet 16 officially started yesterday

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 24, 2023 4:09 pm

Victoria, Dennis, and Louis made up categories that we can all relate to. What's your rankings, who's the big upsets, and what would you add to the bracket? 

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2016 got underway yesterday, continues today. A lot of good matchups. I'm looking forward to the Texas Savior matchup. I think it's actually gonna be a pretty good one.

High scoring. I really, I will be all eyes glued on San Diego State and Alabama because like I said, my bracket will, if San Diego State gets the upset, I'd be good. And then if I don't, then, well, you know, it was a nice run. I hope we had a good time. You know, I'm doing the bracket challenge at WRAL.

As am I, and mine stinks. I can just tell you that right now. Yeah, my national title game. Completely shot. I had Kansas versus Duke with Kansas winning it. How'd that work out? Oh wait, it didn't. It didn't.

It didn't work out at all. Now, no North Carolina teams, men's or women's, are in the national championship or in the Sweet 16, competing for a national championship. So guess what? Lewis, Victoria, myself, we actually created our own Sweet 16 under the guise of things that just, that can be quite annoying. So we're going to name, we have four different regions. We're going to seed things one through four, and we're going to determine who's going to come out of each region. We'll pick a winner, but the four different, four different regions. So one region is going to be the stuff that annoys us more than it probably should region. All right. One that I'm putting together is the, why am I interacting with this person region?

I have a grinds my gears region. Yes, very much so. And Victoria pet peeve parkway. Sounds like a monopoly section.

It's your birthday, Victoria. Let's start off. Let's go with the four seed in the pet peeve parkway region.

Okay. I'm going to say not putting your cart or buggy, whichever one you go with back and leaving it in a space. And you know what? I'm going to even up it.

It's like close to the carrier section. That's the worst. That's a four seed. Wow. That is, that is like, like absolute psychopath behavior.

Like that's the kind of thing that like makes me know, like that's immediate litmus test as if you're a good person or not is what you do with, with the grocery cart. Yep. I know. All right.

Oh, next for me. So, uh, you know what I'm, this one probably should have been four, but loud chewing. No, that's, that's fair. No, that's fair. That's fair. It's just, I mean, coming out of a mid major, but yeah, like sometimes things like popcorn is crunchy and, you know, you can't help it, but there are some people who are exaggerating. Yeah.

Like, Hey, your breakfast sounds delicious. Yes. Uh-huh. Yes.

Okay. My next one, I'm going to say I couldn't decide between cause it's both, both involves being in a car. So I cannot stand it though. When someone pulls out in front of you on the road and there's no one behind you for days, like you're driving it's a long stretch of the road. I cause I'm out in the country and I'll have these long stretches where someone will pull out right in front of me and there's no one behind me.

They could have waited two seconds. It's, it's one thing if you know, it's, it's tight and you know, Hey, sometimes you got to take risks. Sometimes you got to just do what you got to do to get out there. I understand that not going to hate, but when there's no one else around. Yeah.

Why, why are we doing this? It was between that or not using your turn signal when you're actually might show up in a different region. Yeah.

Nice. And my last one, I'm from the South. Y'all I love manners. Opening a door for someone and them not saying thank you. Especially, well, me being a female, if I open a door for a man, I just, I'm being polite. At least say thank you. Say thank you in general.

I don't know. I just, I think that's, I think that's fair. Proper man. I think, I think that's fair. That's a good region.

That's a great start for seed again, was that was the cart slash buggy, not putting it back. That's a, yeah, it was a solid one that might stand that we're going to pick a winner of each region here coming up here in just a bit. All right.

Let's go to Louis's region. The grinds my gears. My four seed takes themselves too seriously. A person that takes themselves too seriously.

I saw a lot of that in Greensboro amongst media. It's a joke. Hey, no one gets out of life alive. So just have some fun. You know what I mean? That, yes. I hate it when people take themselves too seriously. All right. Number three, passive aggressive behavior. Just say what's on your mind.

That's a three seed. Say what's on your chest. Like, you know, if you have a problem, just say it. Don't don't like, you know, as was said in my last email.

No, just say, hey, you didn't read my last email, did you? Just to have a conversation. Be real.

Be people. OK. Number two, people who drive too slowly in the left lane. Oh, I. Yeah, OK.

I do not have a leg foot. I have gotten speeding tickets in the past, but I've gotten better at driving the speed limit. But what is more dangerous than driving too fast is the constant changing of speed in the left lane.

Yes. Brake going over. Listen, if you want to drive the speed limit, if you want to drive forty five or like fifty in the forty five, totally cool. But get in the right lane. That's that's what the left lane is for passing. You didn't go to driver's school. And honestly, I don't think you should have a license. That's I will go that far. Maybe their cars should get towed. Yeah, they should get towed and we're full circle, full circle.

And number one in the grinds my gears region. Drumroll, please. Athletes who think people don't believe in them when they're actually the favorites.

I will use some current examples or some recent examples. Georgia. No one thought that Georgia was going to go seven and five this year. No, everyone.

Worst case scenario, they just barely miss out on the playoffs. But you heard a lot of the Georgia athletes talking after the game, saying after they just dominated you. Oh, no one believed in us.

No, you point out someone who said you didn't. They didn't believe in you. Tell me. Tell me one person who thought you would finish any worse than second in the SEC, any worse than, uh, you know, sixth in the college football playoffs.

You find me that person because and I'll tell you that they're an idiot. I just though I oh, I can't stand it. Okay.

All right. So that's your one for four regional there. Let's go to the stuff that annoys us more than it should.

Region number four seed in this one. Rainy days while you're at work and just the day feels really long and slow. And sometimes you just want to eat soup and watch television.

Yes. So, yeah, number four seed number three, waking up when you just feel really hot. Oh, it's just kind of sweaty, kind of clammy, like I got to take a shower and it just happens to me all the time. It's terrible.

The number two seed in that region. Forgetting you have clothes in the washer. Then they smell.

You got to rewash them again. Where's that shirt? Oh, it's in the wash. Dang, it has been there since Tuesday. It's Friday.

Maybe not that long, but it happens. Some of us have busy schedules. Number one, not using your turn signal that is annoying.

It's like, hey, you know what? If you want to merge into my lane or something like that, just let me know. I'm noticing a lot of automobile related ones.

Well, yeah, there's some definitely some automobile ones. All right. Let's get to the final region here. The why am I interacting with this person region? A long name. Number four, angry sports fans on Twitter. Why am I interacting with these people? Like, hold on. Like, why am I responding? Why am I whatever it is?

Why am I actually looking at my notifications? No, no, thank you. That's number four in that region.

Number three, the person who doesn't get sarcasm and starts to explain the reasons why something should or should not happen. Yep. For example, I joked one time a while back, there's a bad storm stuff coming through. It's like, you know what? I kind of like it sometimes, actually, when the power actually goes out in the station here because all the overhead lights go out. But everything that operates the consoles, the boards where Victoria is, everything's still lit up. And it actually kind of looks cool for a moment.

Christmas tree. It really does. It's a nice little ambiance. It actually is kind of a cool look for a moment. I joked like, yeah, you know, be kind of fun. I kind of like how the boards and all that stuff look.

And then I got the, well, I have all these satellite signals I need to send out to all these places and all these things that I have to do. Like they like went on for like seven minutes about like, I was, and I just said, I was kidding. Cool.

Again, don't, if you don't get sarcasm, eh, stop that. Number two in the region, the one up your story guy. That's just a bad person. Hey, you know what? I'm going to one up your story. Like, oh yeah, this weekend I went camping at Falls Lake.

Oh yeah. Well, that sounds cool. I remember this one time I went backpacking out in the Grand Tetons for four days. Didn't have cell service. Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I went backpacking for four days in the Tetons. It was great.

We caught our own food. Cool, buddy. Didn't ask you about that. The number one in this region, the why am I interacting with this person region?

The person who takes someone else's opinions or what they read online and makes it sound like they're their own and that they came up with it all organically themselves. Yeah. Needs no more explanation. Needs no more explanation.

I'm looking at you a lot of sports media. Oh, that's rude. Just saying.

It does happen. All right, let's go to Victoria's region, the Pet Piece Parkway. Yes. I'm sorry. That number four, the buggy carts. I know. I'm putting that back.

I'm sorry. I think that's an upset. Oh, that's a four seed. That's seeded way too low. It's like a really strong, like Big East team that for some reason got a six seed like Creighton. And guess what?

They're probably going to be way the lead eight. Blame it on the net. What was the one? Exactly. What was the one scene in that region?

Opening a door for people and not saying and them not saying thank you. I understand that. But to me, this is our Purdue Fairleigh Dickinson. Yeah. Yeah.

Out of that region, we got to go with the buggy carts. I'm sorry. That's a strong thing because you're lazy. Well, and especially if it's a windy day and you know that it's got wheels, people that could damage cars. That's I know.

And then your car gets towed. Don't get me started. Don't get me started. All right.

Let's go to Lewis's grinds my gears. Region recap real fast. Again, takes themselves too seriously. Drive slow in the left lane. Passive aggressive behavior. Players who think people don't believe in them.

I think to me, I think it's either the I think mine's very top heavy. I think it's either two seed or one seed. The player, the people driving slow in the left lane. That's for me. Yeah. Yeah. I, you know what?

I drive a lot. And so that one gets it. I agree.

I think I think we have slow left lane drivers that two seed. Yeah. All right.

So we have a four to two. I think that's why I have a lot of car ones on mine because I spend a lot of time in the car. That's fair. All right. So recapping the stuff that annoys this region way more than it should foresee rainy days at work that you can't enjoy three waking up hot to forgetting you have clothes in the washer.

Number one, not using the turn signal. I'm not going to like waking up hot because that's just something that catches you unexpected. It's rough. You start your day off feeling gross, sticky, uncomfortable.

Yeah. Well, and if you're like me, I can't go back to sleep. If I wake up hot, I'm done. I like, it's going to take me 30 minutes to cool off.

Your sheets are like sweaty too. And I just, yeah, I think to me, that's a landslide terrible way to start the day. Yeah.

That's it. That's an upset coming from a three, three scene. All right. So we have a four seed, a two seed and a three C. All right. Let's get to the, why am I interacting with this person region before the angry sports fans on Twitter, the, uh, the three seed person who doesn't get sarcasm and over explains everything, why something shouldn't happen to the one up your story person. And number one, the individual who takes everyone, someone else's opinion or what they read online and makes it sound like their own.

This is a tough region. This is because I'm going to lie. Like one up your story person is like, is high up there. Yeah. But then also you're like everything that you're telling me right now, I know I read on Twitter earlier today. So don't act like this is like your own organic thoughts.

Like you just verbatim said something that you read on Twitter, stealing of ideas and things like that. It hits out like, yeah, that's a rough one. I, I, I lean, I lean towards the, I lean towards the, what was the number two seat again? The, uh, one of the story guy or a guy or gal because, because that rudeness knows no bounds. Um, I, I think it's, I lean towards that one cause that's every situation. Every, everyone knows that person and you just want to, you just want to call it a tow truck to come tow their car. Yeah. I think we've established that we don't like rude people and car bad manners. Yeah.

So yeah, for example, it's like, Oh, Oh Victoria. Oh, happy birthday. By the way, my car got towed. Yeah.

You know, how's your day going? Oh, happy birthday. Cool.

My car got towed. Yeah. Bro. Oh, you have a birthday. Cool.

As I opened the door for you and you don't say thank you. Yeah. That's like, whatever this. So anyway, all right, so let's go through our final four here. We won't actually pick a final four, but we have to see the one up your story guy.

Yep. We also have another two seed, slow left lane drivers, left lane drivers. Our three seed is waking up hot.

And we have a four seed. Don't bring the shopping cart back. What do you, what did you call it by the way? Well, because yeah, I've never, I've never, I mean, that's okay. Okay. I think when I think of buggy, I think of like a wagon shaking people down the Oregon trail.

Is that just me? Well, okay. Or have you, are you from here? I mean, I've lived here since I was like seven. Okay.

You should know the term buggy. Yeah. I'm born and raised here. So it's just, it's within me.

I grew up with this. Okay. Okay. All right. Either way. They're bad people.

We had some fun out there. I actually had someone mess with me. Hey, they have sheets for that for waking up hot. Okay. No, no, no.

Whoever messaged you tell them to DM me because I'm trying to find better sheets for that exact same reason. There's actually a fan that you can place at the foot of your bed that like will blow air up underneath your sheets. Shut up. I'm serious. It's bougie.

But if it's a problem, if you're a huge sweater, you got, I can't wait until the dog react to that one. Something to think about. Something to think about. That's Louis Fernandez. I'm Dennis Cox. We're sitting in for Adam gold. Thanks for indulging us here on this. We just had a little bit of fun today. V to the Victoria, the birthday gal. Thanks guys.
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