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One of the two QBs to take the Panthers to the Super bowl joins the show

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 16, 2023 3:49 pm

One of the two QBs to take the Panthers to the Super bowl joins the show

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 16, 2023 3:49 pm

How does Jake feel about the Carolina Panthers losing DJ Moore? And what kind of impact did Cam Newton make to the team, that they’re missing right now? Does Jake have a favorite of the four available QBs in the draft? Has he dug into the tapes yet? What is it that you can’t coach or teach, but THIS QB posses it? What should the Panthers go after now?

The Adam Gold Show
Adam Gold
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There have been two quarterbacks in Carolina Panthers lore who have taken them to the Super Bowl.

Yeah. Cam Newton will not return our calls. Jake Delome, silly enough to do that. Jake Delome joins us now on the Adam Gold Show, part of the Panthers radio broadcast crew. Jake, I appreciate your time, man. How you doing?

I am doing very, very well. And I know you were kind of speaking about the NCAA tournament, obviously, which starts today, or maybe it just started. It did. But okay, tonight the Ragin' Cajuns of Louisiana, Lafayette, play at 9 30 against Tennessee. So I'm pretty excited too about that. That's a winnable game for you guys. We'll see. We'll try. Yeah, it's gonna be tough, but you know what?

We're gonna try. Well, didn't you like it better? Wasn't it Southwest Louisiana when you were there? Yeah, it was a directional college when I was there. Absolutely.

That's how many years back it's been. But we kind of went to the Louisiana system, the state of Louisiana, I guess, similar to the North Carolina, UNC Greensboro, UNC Charlotte, et cetera, et cetera. So I kind of like the Louisiana. I just, I love our Ragin' Cajuns, you know, our mascot.

That's the whole, there's no other Ragin' Cajun mascot in the United States or in the world. So I do like that. All right. Well, we'll be rooting for you guys against the volunteers, right? Sounds great. So good luck with that.

All right, let's start. First of all, when the front office swung the deal for the first overall pick, walk me through what you felt as they did something like this. Well, I think the first thing, I have the Panthers app downloaded on my phone. And so I have my watch on and I get an alert and I look Panthers straight up for the first overall pick. So the first thing is, okay, what did we give up and was there a player involved? And that's kind of the first thing that went through my mind to be quite honest. It wasn't okay what quarterback we're taking because obviously we're going to take one. It was more so what was the compensation and was there a player involved?

So that, to be totally honest, that's what my initial thoughts were. And what do you think about the player that went the other way? Listen, it's a, you never want to lose good football players. And I truly thought DJ was a good football player that didn't truly get to showcase.

I think it's his complete talent. He never really had consistent quarterback play in the years that he played with cam, you know, cam was, it wasn't the MVP cam. It was, it was the cam that hadn't, you know, a shoulder injury that he was battling back from.

So he never truly had that consistent play. So disappointed to lose him. But Hey, if you want to move up and you want to play a big boys game, so to speak, you, we had to be able to deal somebody in Chicago. It sounds like dug their heels in and that's who they wanted. So we had to give up.

I, I wish him nothing but the best. And it worked out great for Chicago because the free agent class this year, wide receiver wise, it's not overly deep. But then, you know, on the flip side of it, we get to move up to get the number one pick. And if we pick the right guy, whoever that may be in two, three, four years from now, if it'll all be worth the while, because really and truly, you've got to have a quarterback to give yourself a chance. I mean, let's be very honest. Oh, there's, there's no question.

You can't, you can't fake your way at that position. There are and teams that like grasp and get it wrong, seem to always get it wrong. You know, the history of the Panthers has been, I mean, you were really good. And Cam Newton before the injury before 2018 was really good. He never really, I mean, I think the shoulders that the damage to the shoulder in 2018, and they had, I guess it was by TJ Watt of the Steelers on that Thursday night game.

I think that was the beginning of the end. Because you could argue that that Cam Newton was maybe better than the Cam Newton that took the Panthers to the Super Bowl three years prior. The Cam Newton was a special generational talent. And I, you know, one NFL MVP leading the team 15 and one, you know, unfortunately lost to the Broncos in the Super Bowl, but I just go back and maybe my years might be wrong, but I think it was 18. I believe we were six and two at the halfway point. And I the game for me was the Philadelphia game. We beat Philly in Philly. And I think it was a big fourth and 10 or fourth and 11.

We had to compete complete. And, you know, just he put us on his back. And Greg Olson made the big play on fourth down and Luke's making tackles everywhere.

And Thomas and, you know, it's, it's like, gosh, that we've got a shot. And then boom, he gets the shoulder deal and give him credit. He battled through many, many injuries, and he played through many injuries. And unfortunately, the NFL is a brutal business and a quarterback is physical. It's him. And listen, there's no doubt. He took hits that he wouldn't have taken in this day and age because there would have been so many more flags at that point. They weren't calling them like they are now.

Jake Delo was joining us here on the Adam Gold show. All right. I'll ask the question, but I will understand if you decide not to really answer it. Do you have of the four quarterbacks who are mentioned as potential first overall picks? Or maybe not all four are these days.

Do you have a favorite among them? Listen, I'm going to waffle from this question. I'll tell you right now.

I'm going to zig and zag. Listen, it's very, to me in my eyes, I think it's down to two and I don't know it. I don't know anything.

I don't have inside information because everything we're going to see from here on out is going to be all smokescreens for the most part in life. But yes, it's a Bryce young CJ Stroud type of question. I've watched Bryce young play a lot more than CJ Stroud just due to the nature of where my home is in Louisiana and the SEC connection.

And so much more SEC is played in our neck of the woods and the interest on my part, to be very honest. CJ Stroud, I thought the very good football player that played with some really good players. And then I watched him play against Georgia in the semifinals. And I was, wow, to be quite honest with you.

I don't know if I was expecting that. I saw him do things moving in the pocket, moving around, making very accurate football throws against an NFL defense because Georgia's defense is an NFL defense. Every one of those guys will play in the NFL. So I was extremely, that night you're like, wow, he threw himself into the mix. There's no doubt. And Bryce week in and week out, and you've seen him play extremely well. Unbelievable.

It seems from, from the, from the neck up. He has been coached NFL. He's NFL ready in my opinion.

Bill O'Brien's I think is a very good football coach, a really good officer coordinator. He's had him for the last two years. He's facing extreme talent every day in practice in Alabama and in the SEC. And I'm not quite sure how talented the skill people were this year in Alabama. Yes. Last year he had James, the Williams kid who was ACL, the Detroit picked early on.

Uh, but other than that, it wasn't like when they had the rug and the Judy and Smith, um, that the two through two and things like that. So I've seen him make some great plays. I've seen him to me, the more impressive watching him was last year in two losses, one at Tennessee on the night game. And then again at LSU, another night game, two of the most hostile crowd that you can possibly play in front of. And both times he leaves his team down the field one to tie at LSU doesn't get a chance to win it because LSU beat them after that doesn't get a ball back. And then against Tennessee, watching him drive down to put them in position for a game winning field goal kick.

And so those are things you just, you can't coach, you can't teach somebody has it or they don't. Um, so I've watched more, more Bryce. Um, and again, I'll go back to CJ.

Yes. We understand the receiving talent that's at Ohio state and some of the other talent around him. Uh, but he was very impressive against Georgia.

Uh, I just keep on going back to that. I saw some things that, wow, I, I'm not so sure I saw that throughout the course of his career. And then you watch him play in that game and it's like, yeah, he can do it. Oh yeah. They're, they're, they're both quality, uh, quality players, but I agree with you about Bryce there.

If Bryce young was six one and not five 10, the, the contract might've already been signed. Yeah. You know, I mean, he's a, um, he, yes, he is slight. There's no doubt about it. And, um, I understand that the Kyler Murray's of the world and, um, and things like that. Drew Brees is a six foot quarterback, but Drew Brees beat you with, uh, with his, with his brain to be quite honest. Um, and Drew was a really good athlete.

I don't think he got the credit for it. Um, so we'll see how it all plays out. The NFL favors not touching a quarterback anymore. So that's always going to be a, uh, uh, that's another factor you can factor in, but I just think whatever quarterback does come to Carolina, the teams that always pick first, they're bad football teams. That's just the way it goes.

I don't consider us in the, in that regard. I think we're a solid football team. That's making its way. Um, especially with an offensive line now that Bozeman's back. So everyone's back. I think the line will be better. Our run game, uh, finding, uh, Sanders, I think that's going to be a shot in the arm along with Chuba. And, and who knows? I, um, there's still out there that maybe Deontay Foreman even comes back. That would be even, even greater. So we'll see. I, um, I, I do like what, what we have to, I guess, insulate a young quarterback and give that quarterback, uh, some time to grow and learn because there is a big adjustment. And you know, Jake Delome is joining us here in our final min show with Jake. Uh, you know how important a pass catching tight end is the security blanket of that.

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No, you're exactly right. And I even love that Ian Thomas restructured his deal and he'll be back. Ian Thomas gets so underrated because he doesn't catch a lot of passes, but what he does in the run game, his stoutness in the run game, that's huge.

And, and Tommy Trimble, we've seen a flash here or two. I'm not so sure we've seen a consistent enough approach, but this, I just think offensively what we've done the last couple of years. And now this is going to be a very different approach. This staff we've put together is it's pretty top notch on offense and defense and special teams. So I just, I, you know, I kind of like that.

Yes. I understand. We need a wide receiver.

There's no more key name. You know, Terrace Marshall will have to step up. Leviscus Chenault, he'll have an off season. There'll be some, he needs to step up and we'll see free agency is not over with and then draft wise. So hopefully we can add some more pieces. And I just, I like this team. I think this team is, in my opinion, starting to trend in the right direction and the way to go to, to be popular, to be trending extremely high is to get right on the quarterback.

Jake Delome. I appreciate your time. Hopefully we can do it again and enjoy your off season down, down in the bayou and all of that. And good luck to your rage and Cajuns tonight. Oh, thank you. I appreciate it. We're going to need it and y'all have a wonderful day and wonderful weekend. Thank you.

You too. Jake Delome, part of the Panthers radio team like to talk to him about quarter. He's very excited about his raging Cajuns and that's, that's good too. I don't think they're beating Tennessee, but they might, I don't think Tennessee, I think Tennessee's got one win in them tops. So maybe they get zero. Maybe.

Right. Maybe they get zero. I think the, I think the winner of Duke Oral Roberts is going to March on from through that game. Uh, I'm hoping that it's Duke because I have Duke in the final four. That's why I'm hoping it's Duke. Also, uh, we like the route for the locals. I have state go to sweet 16. Nothing wrong with that.

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