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The NFL Draft will be here before you know it

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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February 15, 2023 4:25 pm

The NFL Draft will be here before you know it

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 15, 2023 4:25 pm

What does he think about Bryce Young being a Carolina Panther, or any NFL QB for that matter? What is it about him he thinks is special and makes him different than others? What old school mentality would’ve been helpful for guys built like him?

The Adam Gold Show
Adam Gold
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And the NFL Draft is a scant, what, two and a half months away, roughly.

Maybe a little bit less than two and a half months, but we got a lot of stuff to cover between now and then. The Panthers have the ninth pick in the draft and every single mock draft that I have looked at since really the dawn of time has the Panthers drafting a quarterback. Some of them have Carolina trading up, but they all have Carolina drafting a quarterback. Ryan Wilson, he is the mock draft maestro of One of the super friends from the pick six podcast joins us. All right, let's mock the drafts, shall we? Let's start here. Give me your top four quarterbacks in order of the way you see them. The way I see them, Adam. So Bryce Young, size can be a question. So you guys drowned.

I think he proved what he could do with the flag. Not towards the game. That's an alley. Um, right now I'm going to go Anthony Richardson, which is a little out of left field just because he's extremely raw, huge upside, right? Huge upside, extremely raw.

I have to underline both those. And then we'll let us, who played like crap last year. Let's be honest with you before played a little better. And NFL teams love his side.

They'll tell you this all the time. We love his size. We love his arm. He loves locker room presence, so on and so forth. But that's how I have a rank right now. So medical teams have had levels closer to the top. Some teams have CJ Stroud number one. So this is going to be fun. Unlike last year where it was just sort of like, all right, what are we settling for? I have seen several drafts that have the Colts trading up to one to take lettuce.

Yeah. So I think the sort of the missing link, if you will, is how crazy is Jim or say willing to see if he falls in love with one of these quarterbacks, right? The funny thing is that if you'd like to look at his coaching hiring history, it's impeccable, just Saturday things. So maybe that was the anomaly and maybe they can, they can keep them under wraps sort of like the Cowboys are able to do with Jerry Jones back during the Johnny man's L draft. But that's the thing.

We got to figure out who loved whom and how that plays out. So nothing's off the table. If you're the Colts, I think just because of what Ursa did the last four or five or six months, but if you're David Tepper and you're tired of going to free agency slash trade route to get a quarterback, you would imagine he would be willing to be very aggressive to move up and get a guy should he happened to fall in love. So what are the advantages of let's just say, cause I've seen others where Stroud goes ahead of young.

I agree with you and I'm certainly not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Bryce young looks to be the best quarterback of this group. And the only, my only fear, and I've said this to you before, is that I think he may break because he just isn't very big. And he's not, he's not only smallish, but he's not thick. Russell Wilson is small, but he's thick. And I think you have an advantage when you have some weight behind you. But Hey, but Hey, there have been short quarterbacks that have done very well in the end of I'm just like Fran. Talkington is a hall of Famer. He is certainly very small. But so I bet that is my only fear about Bryce.

But what is the advantage of a Stroud over a young? First, let me back up and say that you are the second person who is, let's say, who's over the age of 30. He was used to friends. Sorry. Yeah. I just, I just come up with a small quarterback. I could have said Doug Flutie too, but Flutie didn't have great NFL success. So here's the thing, Adam, that guy doesn't exist, right? So if you look at guys who were five, 10, five 11 and one 85, which is the closest to Seneca Wallace and Joe Ham, Seneca Wells sports round pick Joe Ham from seventh round pick, neither is in the hall of fame. Last time I checked.

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Get 24 seven roadside assistance with progressive America's number one motorcycle insurer, progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates, roadside assistance, subject to policy terms and limits and may require comprehensive coverage. I just, what's the advantage of a Stroud over young. I mean, he's bigger, right? Bigger.

Now here's the concern. He's athletic and he finally proved that we talked to him last week in Phoenix and great guy. He seems like a guy that was sitting anywhere and he proved that athleticism in that Georgia game because it's rare, especially if you're an NFL evaluator, that you don't know everything about a young man going to his bowl game, for example. And we learned a lot about CJ Stroud.

So the difference is I think that off platform is better. Is he miles better? I don't know, but he made so many plays out of structure in part because he had to, he didn't have the wide receivers of Matt Jones and to a ton of below ahead. And in part of that, that's sort of his game. Now, CJ doesn't throw the kind of anticipation, but when you're going to Marvin Harrison junior, who's open by eight yards at the time, why just wait till he gets open and put on the ball. And obviously last year with a lot of a Garrett Wilson and Jackson, so there's a little bit more projection, but again, if you put Bryce young in the frame and weight of CJ Stroud, we're not even having the conversation.

We're like, okay, this guy's a special player. Yeah. And you do wonder how many people will be scared off by the, uh, by the lack of size by Bryce young because of the fact that there aren't, there are very few examples drew breeze maybe, but again, I think breeze was a little bit thicker. Yeah.

A little bit tight. What, what hugely is what he's six one. Yeah.

He hits six, but I think unless he wears, you know, the platforms, no one knows Ryan Wilson, CVS, at Ryan Wilson, CVS on Twitter, mock draft expert. All right. So, uh, the, is the will Levis comparison too easy to say Josh Allen for somebody else who was disappointing his last year in college, but has all of the other measurables.

No, I mean, it's not. In fact, we'll love it. Said he sort of patterns his game after Josh Allen. So that's a starting point. And while accounts will love us is a great deed.

Um, finance guys will be smart. He makes love on plays through pain. He had a colon injury, a shoulder injury last season, uh, off the blinds. They lost three guys to the draft. So he had to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

It just didn't come together. And that's just the reality of playing in the sec on a subpar team. The difference is that, uh, Josh Allen was playing in Wyoming, right? And none of those guys were destined for the NFL outside of Josh Allen.

So he was doing the heavy lifting from start to finish. And, and look, Josh Allen might be the unicorn. He completed like 55% of his passes, uh, in Wyoming, his final year.

He was okay. The senior ball wasn't lights out. And oh, by the way, uh, we'll have us didn't go to the football and we saw Justin Herbert do it. We saw Jordan love do it. We saw Jill and Hertz do it.

Um, there are degrees they didn't necessarily need to do it. Certainly Justin Herbert, he showed up balled out and on the list of pick six podcasts. I host the draft podcast with Rick Spillman CBS with the first pick. He talks on and on and on about how important it is to show up and play. Now that's an old school mentality, but I think it would have helped Will Levis.

My comfortable level. And it's sort of a tough one to come up with is more Matthew Stafford. And that may be unfair to Stafford because Stafford is not quite as big as the big arm, but he was a first round talent first overall talent. Will Levis has a lot to prove in a short amount of time to NFL teams that he's going to be worthy of that first overall pick. And, you know, you remember the knock Jones draft and the Daniel Jones draft where those guys are controversial puts, I think it should be the same with Will Levis. You may go higher than both. I think DJ went six overall to the times.

All right. Give me a little bit of a read on Anthony Richardson and then I have one more quarterback to ask you about. So Anthony Richardson, some of the comps are Malik Willis. And by that it means he's, he's actually big arm, but he's four or five, six inches tall.

I don't know what we came in at. He's about six, four to 30 ish. And man, when you watch him play Adam and he's on, it takes your breath away. Like you're like, Oh my God, this guy is special. And then you watch a little more and you go, Oh boy, this guy's been playing football for two days.

Cause it's so up and down. And part of me wanted him to return to school and the NIL money sort of offset some of the guilt I feel when I, when you want these guys to go back because now they're getting paid, but he decided to come out. I talked to folks in league to say, he's a great young man. The question is how focused will he be on getting better? Number one, number two, can he be in a situation where he's not going to be forced on the field? That was a conversation with Malik, right? Malik was forced on the field of Tennessee because of injury.

And it wasn't pretty. The problem, the disconnect is when you have a head coach who's playing for next year and you need three years to get the quarterback ready, that the numbers don't line up and they ended up getting getting rushed out there, but he could end up being the best quarterback in the strap class. If everything lines up now, what are the odds that happening 15%? But if you love them and you think you got the coaches, rank right.

You can make it work. Jim Caldwell, then you might be on to something. I said this yesterday, the Caldwell hire was the sneaky selling point for me. I love Jim Caldwell offensively.

All right, final thing. I just talked to our friend Chip Patterson about this. Yeah, Chip. Stetson Bennett, what do you think?

San Austin, Texas was my first piece of advice. Well, I mean, what are you doing? I don't know, man.

That's awesome. Hopefully he didn't harass anyone. He got in trouble with the cops for being the idiot. Look, he'll probably get drafted late day three. You know, he's older, but as a quarterback position, that's less of a concern. And he did a lot of really, really, really good things undersized his arms.

Okay. He's a good athlete and he can be a guy sort of that you can, um, bring in breaking case of emergency type players that can win a game or two for you. Is he called McCoy? No, he's probably not that good. He's certainly not that thick, but it's certainly a ton of experience played in big games and can do the things you want him to do as a scout team, quarterback, and with the opportunity perhaps to play a few games. So the injuries.

So, uh, require it. Yep. Uh, a program guy basically is what, uh, Stetson Bennett is somebody you can, uh, maybe groom as a backup quarterback and you can always use backup quarterbacks and all that. They even end up playing Ryan Wilson. We'll talk to you again soon. I appreciate your time at Ryan Wilson, CBS on Twitter, part of the pick six podcast, super friends. I will talk to you later, my man.

Thank you, Adam. You got it. The Jeep grand Cherokee four by E it's electrified. So you can boogie, woogie, woogie into the forest boogie, woogie, woogie through the mud or boogie, woogie, woogie to work where you boogie, woogie, woogie down the hall to your boss's office to tell them you quit. Then you boogie, woogie, woogie to the elevator. I see boogie, woogie, woogies after you begging, please take me with you. The electrified Jeep grand Cherokee four by E learn more at Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA U S LLC.
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