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Sean Payton and Tom Brady in Carolina?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 18, 2023 3:52 pm

Sean Payton and Tom Brady in Carolina?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 18, 2023 3:52 pm

Julian feels the same way about the idea of Sean Payton and Tom Brady coming to the Carolina Panthers as Victoria, the in studio Panther fan. What would the Panthers have to give up to get one, or possibly both, men? And would it even be worth it? Where could they help, but more importantly, how would they be hurting the team if they became a Carolina Panther? Does David Tepper EVER think long term?


A much bigger story for us is that Tom Brady and Sean Payton are about to take the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl.

All right, wait just one second. The rumor was that, well, why wouldn't Sean Payton and Tom Brady get back together? They were almost together in Miami, so let's get that band together, like the Honey Trippers, in Charlotte.

Julian Council, Locked on Panthers Podcast, joins us on the Adam Gold Show. When you saw that story, what went through your mind? That's what went through my mind, Adam. Like, really? I honestly hate everything about this.

I don't... it's twofold. I don't love the idea of trading for a head coach. I understand that Sean Payton has won a Super Bowl. I understand that Sean Payton has done a great job working with quarterbacks.

I understand all of that is offensive mind and brilliance and genius and all the other adjectives you want to associate with Sean Payton as a coach in the National Football League. I understand that, but Andy Reid didn't... the Chiefs didn't have to trade for Andy Reid. The Rams didn't have to trade for Sean McVeigh. None of the teams that are in the playoffs right now had to trade for their coach to have success. And then with Tom Brady, who obviously, as we know, is the GOAT, is 45 years old. The Panthers have talked about stabilizing that position. They've talked about sustained success. How is trading away a first round pick for Sean Payton that you could potentially use on a quarterback that could be here for the next 10, 15 years, and then bring out a 45-year-old quarterback going to help you get to sustained success here in Carolina? I don't really understand this at all. I know Mike Florio said it'd be a middle finger to the league.

I could not care less about Sean Payton and Tom Brady teaming up to try and stick it to Roger Goodell in all the suits there on Madison Avenue. I don't see how that's beneficial for the long term for Carolina, maybe for a season, but aren't we trying to look past just the season, which is what they've been doing the last three years, which has amounted to absolutely nothing and yet another coaching search with this kind of nonsense out there in the headlines. All right, here's the first of all, you and I share the same skepticism.

I don't believe this is even a thing, but I understand that we're kind of two plus two equals four. I don't believe this is really anything serious, but I want to play out the mental gymnastics of this for a second. Julian Council locked on Panthers podcast. So let's just say for giggles that Payton would be willing to go to Carolina and coach against the team that he's a legend with. And let's assume that Brady would want to come to Carolina. First of all, I can't close my eyes and see Tom Brady running out onto the field in a Panthers uniform, but that's fine. Let's just say what happened to get Sean Payton and really these two things are sort of separate anyway, but to get Sean Payton, you'd have to give up a first round pick. If I could give up next year's first round pick, not this one, next year's first round pick, I might consider it. But if they want number nine, to me, that's a nonstarter. And here's what I don't understand. If Sean Payton's looked at the roster, you can't give up number nine.

You need number nine. You just can't give that up. And I think Sean Payton understands that. I would certainly hope you'd understand as far as team building goes that the Panthers aren't a coach or a quarterback away from being a Superbowl contender. They still need a pass catching tight end. They still need to resign their center of Bradley Bozeman. They still need to find more weapons offensively outside of DJ more. And that includes in the backfield where I'm not necessarily a fan of signing it, running back to a contract. Again, I know it's not going to be Christian McCaffrey level contract, but y'all, you can draft dudes to run the football. Like there's very low value in that position. Beyonce form and love you.

You did a great job, but sorry, it goes somewhere else. The secondary, they can't keep either one of those corners healthy for a full season. They probably need somebody else back there. As they saw in their most pivotal game of the season, they couldn't cover anybody. So Keith Taylor, CJ Henderson, those dudes obviously aren't enough for them.

Shaq Thompson probably gone. So you need another linebacker could add another edge rusher, obviously defensive tackle. So there's so many other holes that need to be filled on this roster. Like I don't think they're that far away from being a playoff team, obviously, as we just saw this season, but I don't think there's just a coach and a quarterback away from like, Oh, snap, your fingers are clearly in the AFC or the NFC title game in the super bowl. Like maybe it's the quarterback was Patrick Mahomes, which they don't, are not going to ever have in any scenario here in the next year or two. And then the coach was like, Andrew, you to make Bay, like that's just not going to happen. So it's just wild to me because yeah, if the saints want the ninth pick, it's a non-start, which is why I've always felt like it wasn't going to happen as far as Sean Payton coming to Carolina, because why would new Orleans allow the Panthers to get Sean Payton and then also be able to either stay at nine to trade up in the draft and get their quarterback?

Like how does that benefit New Orleans at all? And say the Panthers did the whole Sean Payton and Tom Brady thing, and they do give up a first round pick, or maybe you give up nine or keep, or you have to give it next year. Doesn't that still hurt their ability to get that guy in the future to come here? Is it Matt corral?

Is that who they want to lean on? And all of this is just wild. I know Mike Florio, he was the only one who reported this last year about Brady and Miami, the whole Steven Ross deal. And that's what led to the dolphins losing a first round pick. So I think there's something to it obviously because he got it right last year, but it's just so exhausting that this is the process that's playing out here in Carolina right now, potentially.

And here's the other part about this, and we've been alluding to it. If they were to bring Payton and Brady here, do we really think that that team is good enough to do damage? It's still a roster full of holes.

And yes, you can address those. You can win the division, right? So you could be essentially this year's Buccaneers. But are the Panthers, even with as many creative things as they could do, let's say as a caller at the beginning of the show pointed out, you can go sign Rob Gronkowski. Okay, they bring in Gronk to because I think Gronk could probably play, give you a good season. He can't give you a good two seasons, but it could give you a good one season or maybe 11 of six of 17 games in that season, as long as they were the right 11 and you had him available for the playoffs. I think he could give you a good season that would address the pass catching tight end part of it.

They still have a lot more. They need at least two wide receivers, probably three. I think the only wide receiver they have that's any good is D.J. Moore.

Everybody else is just a guy. They need a lot more weapons there. You talk about running back. They need more on the offensive line because it wasn't always great. It became pretty good, but I don't think it ever got to the point where it was great and dominant. It had some good games, a game against a joint week. I think they're set there. They're going to have issues of Corbett tearing his ACL, which he's likely not going to be healthy all of next season now because of that. So you got to find another card. And then maybe if they don't resign Boseman, like what do you do there at center?

And like, there's a lot. And here's the thing too, like Adam, when you're looking at all of this, like you're right, Gronk can come in, fill in the tight end in this scenario. This really happens in Gronk. He said that he would love to come back potentially in the right situation. I feel like it's far more likely that it's in Vegas with McDaniel's and what Brady, if he goes there allegedly reportedly, they're going to pursue him. So it makes more sense for that whole Patriots, you know, collective to do their whole West coast deal in Vegas.

Like that makes sense, but yes, for Carolina, fine. Gronk comes here for a year. Brady comes here for a year, but still like long-term it doesn't fit the way that they've tried to build this thing slowly with a bunch of younger players who they refuse to trade away at the deadline. When they could have, they could have traded away. If you didn't, where they could have traded away Brian burns. And then when you bring in a player like Braid or any kind of hike or any quarterback, whether it be Garoppolo or Derek Carr, they're going to command a certain salary and the painters just don't have the space that you would rather go ahead and resign or extend Brian burns. Now they got to get a deal with Jeremy chin at some point, Bradley Boseman, as I mentioned, and then they need to probably find some veterans. So how are you able to do all of that to get this team to be more than just a 10 and seven or 11 and six division champs in a bad division next year? Like I just don't see how this builds toward what David Tepper talked about and sustained success. When he decided to sit up there after firing, we're on a bear and talk to bill votes and the Panthers state media and tell us, Hey, this is what I want to do here in Carolina.

I don't see how this Matt meshes with a Brady, Sean Payton duo. If that's what happens here in Carolina, of course, I think it's far more likely that Sean Payton comes here than both of them coming here, but it's just, I don't really see like where this is going right now, as far as like Tepper and his decision-making as far as the next head coach in Carolina is going to be council is with us locked on Panthers podcast. And you didn't slip Panthers state media by me. So I just want everybody to, I heard that and I loved it.

So, so good for you. But you also said it out loud, maybe without realizing it, that David Tepper involved anything is possible when David Tepper is involved, including no longer thinking about long-term and thinking about winning today. And like, I do think that there is value in bringing in a head coach like Sean Payton. So if I actually separate the two, but I also don't think Sean Payton is really interested in the Carolina Panthers. So if, if he wasn't coming from new Orleans, if he was coming, or if the Panthers were suddenly dropped into the AFC South, then I think it would be a different animal. I think that you could, you could have, cause there is a good defense there. The bones of a good defense is there. The offensive line looks like it will be pretty good. Now they need a lot of other things to happen, but I do think it would even be worth a first round pick to bring in Sean Payton and make him your head coach for the next 10 years.

I think, right. The Brady part of this is, believe it or not, the least appealing to me. I watched, I don't, it's just one game, but it's one game in that moment against an elite defense. And we saw how bad Brady looked. That wasn't just, they couldn't block Micah Parsons and they had no chance to block Micah Parsons, but it wasn't just that. Even when Brady had time to throw, it didn't look right. He looked bad.

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Special financing subject, credit, approval, minimum monthly payments required, see store for details. Yeah, Tom apparently caught up to him. I didn't waste my time at the Monday Night Football game because Tom is a bad team.

They are bad. And I don't watch Monday Night Football because I don't need my football outside of Saturday and Sunday, to be honest. But if the Panther's playing, of course, I'll be watching that game. But yeah, I didn't watch that, but he's 45, guys. What exactly are we expecting to get out of Tom Brady moving forward? He's been great, and I wonder for Tom, it's like the dude wants to play at the highest level, and he's not going to play at the highest level anymore. So why is he still doing this football wise? But yeah, Sean Payton was coming from, I don't know, say the Chargers. And yeah, of course, it'd be formal palatable to bring him here if you're not thinking about all the division rivalry games that you had against them in his face and all that and the arrogance, at least, you know, the perceived arrogance that you see from a Carolina Panthers rose colored glasses or against black and blue colored glasses perspective.

Absolutely. But still for me out of principle, look at all the teams right now, look at their coaches and how they got them. Yes, seven of the eight are all offensive coaches. None of these teams had to trade for a coach. I does not make sense to me to give up assets for a coach. And yes, I understand that no coaches never has won a Super Bowl somewhere else and then gone on to win a Super Bowl elsewhere.

Not to say couldn't have for Sean Payton, but history is against that happening. I don't see this as the top thing that at least I want to think that at least the Panthers should be pursuing. And my whole issue so far, the coaching search has been like Ben Johnson was perceived as the favorite. Ben Johnson wasn't supposed to interview until today. So I'm just trying to understand like, how is the guy who's not even interviewed considered the favorite? Because David Tepper has just been so laser focused on, let me get a young guy who's worked at quarterbacks, offensive background, opposed to trying to find the guy who can be the best communicator is the best leader of the football team.

That's the kind of things that actually matter and separate yourself. And of course, finding a quarterback at the end of the day would supersede all of that. Cause Andy Reid's a great coach, but Andrew, he wasn't going to ASU title game every year until patch from home shut up there in Kansas city. He wouldn't win the Superbowl until patch for homes got there to Kansas city.

And we can look into England until Bell check the roster is not where it's been in the past, but that can you make the same time Brady's been gone for three years. So I just, I don't understand his process. It is David's efforts.

Why I told people back when they said fire rule. Okay, that's cool. But you understand who you have to depend on now the same guy who failed the soccer coach, the same guy who's had random execs at his pepper sports entertainment, Lee out in moments notice the same guy who bungled the rock hill deal. That's the guy that you're asking once again to get this position, right?

So, Hey, good luck. Here we are. Maybe Sean, Peyton works out the Broncos probably can pay more since apparently they have more money, but there's some people want to be in here.

I don't know. Well, Walmart, Walmart has more money than, uh, then, then David Tepper as much money as David Tepper has, uh, well, they, they splintered that among all the kids and all the kids still have more money than David Tepper. You and I, you and I agree on, uh, on all of that. And we also agree on what the most important quality is among a head coach is, can you is, can you communicate?

And we all know that the guy who can do that, we've already seen it, uh, can do that well at in Carolina is Steve Wilkes. Uh, I'm hoping that everybody turns them down because it's does appear to me that that's going to have to happen before Steve Wilkes gets the job that everybody turns them down. Uh, unless they call you, if they call you for the job, Julian, uh, you will not turn. Well, you might on principle, if you're not watching Monday night football on principle, then I think you would turn David Tepper down on principle.

No. Hey, everyone's dream is to be that fire coach within that buyout line. Oh, that's good.

It'll be hot in an island somewhere. Like do not go back to coach or go to Nebraska. It's uh, it's your choice. Julian council at Julian council on Twitter locked on Panthers podcast. Thank you, man.

I appreciate your time. Of course. It's great. Oh, it's like we had treated on his day.

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