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More big news coming out of Charlotte from the Carolina Panthers, and Victoria isn’t happy about this headline.

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October 21, 2022 5:27 pm

More big news coming out of Charlotte from the Carolina Panthers, and Victoria isn’t happy about this headline.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 21, 2022 5:27 pm

More big news coming out of Charlotte from the Carolina Panthers, and Victoria isn’t happy about this headline. Christian McCaffrey was officially traded on Thursday to the San Francisco 49ers for four draft picks. So is Scott Fritterer just throwing in the towel at this point?


It's the Adam Gold Show.

I am Adam Gold. V2 the Victoria producing the program. So last night was a busy night. I am fully immersed in the day-to-day ongoings of the Carolina Hurricanes which took one on the chin for the first time this year. Got beat by the Edmonton Oilers 6-4. So in between the pre-game conversations with Rod Brind'Amour and Tripp Tracy and getting Storm Watch ready to go and doing pre-game and intermissions and post-game and podcasts. Like seriously, I was completely removed from what was going on in other aspects of the sports world except my son was watching the 76ers and Bucks on TNT.

So I knew that Joel Embiid was being a doofus last night. But that's all I knew other than the Hurricanes. And then when everything was done and I was about to post the podcast, Canes Corner Podcast, available wherever you get your podcast.

You can follow it and it shows up automatically wherever you get those. I saw the news. Christian McCaffrey traded. I didn't think of you Victoria. I feel like you have a good heart. Thank you.

I feel like you have a good heart. And I know you're a big Panthers fan. Unfortunately. You are what you are. It's brutal.

It's unfortunate that the team has been not so successful. Yes. Really at all. So but I know that you have a good heart. And I think you will look at this.

I don't know if you will or not. This is the way I look at it. But again, I am not emotionally invested.

I have no emotional attachment to the team at all. Yeah. And I said this earlier in the week. In my opinion, the Carolina Panthers did the right thing. They did the humane thing. Yes. They gave Christian McCaffrey's career purpose and meaning because they weren't going to be good, especially without really any serious draft capital.

They weren't going to be good next year or the year after that. And by giving McCaffrey his freedom, it did bring to mind a song. Right.

It did bring to mind, you know, if you love somebody. Yes. Right. Oh, I was humming.

Did you have it? Yeah. I was humming this song today. This is what it is like. This is it. Yeah.

If you love somebody, set them free. See? Sting new. Sting's a Panthers fan. Yeah, I know.

Unfortunately, I mean, I agree with that. I want him to get a ring and he's not going to get one here with the Panthers. So I am, you know, I'm happy for him, but I am a sucker for like the good guys that they love their team. They love their community. They love, you know, that's one of the reasons I'm a huge Panthers fan. So I do, it hurts to see him leave.

It's really sad. But all of that is true about McCaffrey. He did love the Panthers. He loved, he wanted to be here.

He did not want to be traded. But ultimately, I'm sure Christian probably went home at night and when he's playing the piano, he's probably going, man, we're bad. Yeah. It's, and it's, it has, when you're, when you're as competitive and as good as he is.

And by the way, I think there are probably other players in the locker room who, while maybe not actively looking for a trade, are in some ways kind of envious of that. Yeah. He's going to a place where he can win a Super Bowl. Yeah. He can excel and flourish. Right.

He can be, he can play in games of serious consequence with a lot of people. Of serious consequence, which weren't happening here. So there's, there's, there's a goofy way of phrasing this. And like, it's sort of like, you don't, you know, the dog needs to be put down. And essentially the Christian McCaffrey era here for Christian McCaffrey's own good needed to be put down.

Yeah. So he's going to the San Francisco 49ers. They get a bevy of draft picks. They get a second, a third, and a fourth next year. A fifth the following year. So in this, the next draft, they get a second, third, and a fourth. They now have, I believe, seven picks in this draft. Yeah. What a concept. We need them. A full boat of draft picks.

Definitely need them. Amazing. Here's, the Panthers are trying to get a first, right?

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Sign up for a free trial at slash free 22 slash free 22. The one hand, I don't think they were ever going to get a first round draft pick. No teams are surrendering first round draft picks for running backs in this day and age.

Not when you look also at the crop of free agent running backs this upcoming winter, it's a very deep class, the upcoming draft class of running backs and the performance of running backs in recent years. So when you're not going to get a first, you then focus on quantity and quality both and they figured that there would be strength in numbers. So they get the four picks back.

They get a two, a three, a four, a five and 24. And keep in mind that the 49ers had extra picks from losing Robert Sala to the New York Jets and from losing Mike McDaniel to the Miami Dolphins and from losing Martin Mayhew to the Washington commanders. So the 49ers had six bonus third round picks spread over years in part that helped fund this trade for Christian McCaffrey that they agreed to tonight. I mean, from the 49ers perspective, that's fine. I mean, you got you're getting an elite player and you add him to the mix.

I'm going to talk about the 49ers angle here in a second. I don't have one of those draft chart equivalents. Somebody put one together and what the Panthers received back is the equivalent of a late first round pick according to the chart. So while they didn't get a first round pick, you got at least in the upcoming draft three picks, two of them are day two picks. You should be able to get players that can help you on day two. Hopefully. Teams that draft well find players who can start, maybe even star on day two. We can't do worse, that's for sure. That is true.

So there is all of that. Now Damian Woody from ESPN on his thoughts on the trade. Boy, did they push their chips all in, right? It just feels that way with Kyle Shanahan and company that they really pushed their chips all in to go out and get a piece in Christian McCaffrey.

Man, you talking about a chess piece. Obviously, great runner, great receiver out of the backfield. You combine him with George Kittle and Deebo Samuel, you got a lot of interchangeable parts in that offense. And obviously, we know that he's a great designer running game. So this 49ers offense could be, I mean, he could be deadly.

They get Trent Williams back up front on the offensive line. You know, and once these guys come together, you know, it's all about Thanksgiving and beyond. It is.

It's all about things. Look, I want to get to the more about the 49ers in a minute. But yes, if you are a 49ers fan, and apparently our friend Rusty over here is, oh, and my wife is a 49ers fan.

Okay. They they have as good a set of skill position players now as there is in the NFL. And the versatility that they've got is amazing. All right, Adam Schefter also noted that it wasn't just the 49ers who were vying for Christian McCaffrey. Carolina had been looking to deal with Christian McCaffrey and get as many picks back as the Panthers could get.

They spent the week talking to a number of teams. But in the end, Greenie, it really boiled down to the two NFC West rivals who have been basically bidding on so many players opposite of one another over the years. If you remember last year, a couple of years ago, the 49ers and Rams both wanted Matthew Stafford. The Rams got them. They both wanted Odell Beckham Jr. The Rams got them. They both wanted Christian McCaffrey here. And basically, in the end, the 49ers wanted him more. Yeah, I mean, look, I don't know what the Rams are going to give up, but the Rams don't have a lot of draft capital anyway.

No. So that was always going to be a problem for for Los Angeles. Carolina did well. I don't think Carolina, you know, it wasn't a heist. And if the old axiom stands that whoever got the best player in the trade won the trade, then the 49ers won the trade because we don't know who those players are. But again, I'm going to delay talking about the 49ers here for just a second, because, as you said before, that it's sad and it is incredibly sad that a player like Christian McCaffrey, who's only in year six.

He should have been a forever panther. Absolutely. But when your organization is so bad that your team crumbles around a star like him and they had some bad luck, right? The Luke Kuechly retiring before, you know, you would think he would retire.

Yes. Bad luck. But it's also it's part of the sport. There's player attrition and injuries destroy bodies and careers, and it was doing that to Kuechly, which is why he stepped away. And he's not the first one who just stepped away. Dan Morgan didn't play forever. Oh, yeah. So and it's starting to do it with Christian.

And so it's good that he's getting an opportunity before it catches him. I don't know why I push back so much on the injury prone stuff. Fact. He missed twenty three of the last thirty three games. That's a fact.

Yeah. Can't can't deny that. But for for whatever reason, I don't see McCaffrey as it being an injury prone issue. He's play he's fourth right now in the league in yards from scrimmage, receiving and rushing. And I anticipate that number will not go down, really.

And it probably will go down a little bit because there are so many other weapons in San Francisco. And I don't think they're ever going to be a five hundred yard per game type of offense. He's not going to be the whole offense like he is in Carolina. So but it's sad because a guy like McCaffrey should have been here because he wanted to be here now.

Getting back to the humane thing, now that they have added four draft picks and three in this upcoming draft. It's possible that they could be competitive next year with the right quarterback. It's possible.

I don't think it's likely, but I think it's possible. Darren Gann has a piece on panthers dot com highlighting the fact that all five starters on the offensive line are under contract for next year. That's good.

That's very good. So far, so far, the offensive line has not yet been nearly as good as we had hoped, but they probably need continuity. And if we're being honest, Iki Ikhwanu hasn't been very good. So he needs to get better. But I also think he will, which I think will make the rest of the line better. So if they stay healthy and this line comes back intact and the depth continues and maybe they add to it a little bit, then they'll be a good offensive line. And if they are, then maybe they can be competitive next year with the right quarterback.

Of course, that's probably going to be a rookie because I believe that they will go into the draft for a quarterback. It's now we're really talking about two years before the Panthers are really not really good, but two years before you can go and they can make the playoffs at least mid. Right.

Right. Just to get to mid, they might need two years. And by that time, now you are running the risk of a running back having little value. So McCaffrey probably wasn't going to be the feature running back on this team when it became a legitimate. We'll just say division contender. Yeah, he'd age out. Right.

That's the nature of the business. This is year six. We're talking about a running back in year eight. Man is in the last 20 years, there's like eight of them that have been really effective into, you know, eight, nine, 10 years. So that's the frustrating part about being a Panthers fan is if if they would have made better decisions and decisions that I think all of us saw was like probable, like they should have done.

This makes sense. You should do A, B, C and D, but they didn't. They did Z and Y. We would actually have a really good team. We would have had Luke and Christian and maybe Cam all on the same team.

Maybe Luke, no, because of the concussion issue. Right. But let's just let's use Cam as an example. A, they abused Cam. They allowed Cam. Actually, I'm not going to say they abused Cam. They allowed Cam to abuse himself. Yes, because Cam made the call on whether or not Cam would play and he shouldn't have played. And Ron Rivera allowed Cam to play when he shouldn't have. It should not have been his decision. Cam, you're not healthy.

You're sitting just like Tua. Absolutely. Yeah, no question about it.

So they should not have allowed Cam that that leeway. Also, they should have recognized a long time ago that if you want to be ground and pound, still their hashtag. It's been their hashtag for what? Ever. Keep pounding. It's been their hashtag for eight years.

Yes. So if that's what you want to be, you need an offensive line to do it. And they have never had anything other than a jigsaw puzzle offensive line. And in 2015, the pieces fit. And then after that, they didn't.

And so they never did that. Which leads to Cam getting killed in the pocket. Those issues hurt this team.

Because to be honest, Cam should still be the quarterback. But yeah, he got broken. Yeah.

In Pittsburgh in 2018. And that injury, which was the second shoulder injury, ruined him. Done. The first shoulder injury, he came back from. The second one, didn't happen.

That was it. So these are mistakes that the organization made well ago. And the organization today is suffering from them.

Although today's organization hasn't done a lot to help. No. David Tepper has been attracted to the shiny object. It's the fish. Oh, look at the lure. Oh, wait. Look over there. Oh, no.

There's a hook in it. That's bad. Yeah. So that's where you move away from Cam. You think Teddy Bridgewater is the answer.

He's not. Then after one year, you dump Teddy Bridgewater. You eat dead cap space. You bring in Sam Darnold. Throw away a second-round pick for Sam Darnold. You bring in Darnold. He's not it. Yeah, you go get Baker Mayfield. Okay. I don't think he's it either.

So now here's where you are. Matt Corral is the only quarterback under contract for next year. And to be honest, he's a scratch-off ticket. Yeah. Who knows? We don't know.

You're probably not winning. Yeah. Maybe a great backup, but who knows? Maybe.

Maybe Matt Corral's a backup. Maybe. Maybe you hit the old lucky sevens.

I have no idea what a winning scratch-off ticket looks like. All right. Real quick to the 49er. One more thing. Scott Fitterer was asked today if this is about tanking. And I guess he has to respond this way. But he says the expectation is still to win. Okay. With who?

Right. They weren't winning with the current crop of players. You just got rid of your best. You have no running game now. Tuba Hubbard is, eh, he's okay. I mean, he's, he's, you know, he's a backup.

And I mean, maybe Deontay Foreman can, whatever. Yeah, maybe. You just gave away your best weapon. Right.

So you're, you probably didn't get better. Yeah. And they're one in five.

So they're not winning games. No, let's be real. So that's, that's that.

All right. I already thought that San Francisco was very good. When you forced me to come up with a team fifth in the league, that's who I chose, even at three and three.

Over the Giants at five and one, which still seems to anger people. But they have an offense that is suspect. Now you add McCaffrey to Deebo Samuel, to Brandon Ayuk, to George Kittle. And even though Jimmy Garoppolo is your quarterback, Kyle Shanahan is your offensive director. And he is a great play designer and play caller. And I think their offense will be very good. Here's Ryan Clark from ESPN.

I think it does. I mean, the first thing is the NFC isn't that top heavy. They aren't that great at the top, which is the reason we're talking about the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys being a top two or a top three team. Also think about the way that Kyle Shanahan uses his pieces, Deebo Samuel, extremely versatile, can be used in the pass and run. Brandon Ayuk, the same thing.

You can use them on jet sweeps. You can give them the ball quickly on screens. Christian McCaffrey is actually exactly the same.

And so now you have all of these clones of one another and it's like watching an old episode of Orphan Black. This gives this offense another elite playmaker, but it makes it an elite level offense based on a talent that surrounds the quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. Yeah, Christian McCaffrey is the running back version of Deebo Samuel.

Yeah, right. Deebo is a wide receiver, which they and they use him a lot in runs. And McCaffrey is the running back who they will use a lot in the passing game. Yeah, that I would not want to game plan against the 49ers, even with Jimmy Garoppolo. Real quick about one more thing from Scott Fitterer. He did say the teams came at them for other players, but they're not interested. And the players he's meaning mentioned, but referring to Brian Burns, Derek Brown, D.J. Moore.

He considers them foundational pieces for the future. OK, I'm not even going to argue. Yeah, I'm not going to argue if I were him. If you were interested, I was interested. Doesn't mean I have to make the move. But if you wanted Brian Burns for a first round pick and a third.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm making a deal. Right. You want to Derek Brown?

Let's talk. You want to D.J. Moore? No offense, D.J. Moore, who's a really good player. I don't think D.J. Moore is a game changer. I would have been easily convinced to make that move. Yeah, because I think that this team needs a complete teardown.

Clean house. So that's just me. All right. Baseball last night, Astros took a 3-2, not 3-2 lead in the series, a 2-0 lead in the series over the Yankees with a 3-2 win. Alex Bregman, was it a first inning, three run home run? I think it was early in the game. I think it was first inning, three run home run. Framber Valdez pitched seven innings. He did not allow an earned run. It's actually an old Earl Weaver Axiom. Earl Weaver, former manager of the Baltimore Orioles. Pitching, defense, and three run homers. There was also an expletive deleted with a hyphen in it that Earl would always use that. But that's Earl Weaver.

The defense, though, wasn't great for Houston last night. But either way, bottom of the third, Rusty Helzer listening next door. Bottom of the third, Adam. Bottom of the third, you dope.

He didn't say, he didn't call me a dope. But he's probably thinking about it. All right, so here's Dusty Baker, Astros manager on different ways to win in the playoffs. You know, the playoffs, you're going to be facing number ones and number twos and number threes every once in a while. You're going to be facing their top pitchers. You know, they're not going to, starters usually are going to go a little shorter and go into their quality and their bullpen. You're going to get the high leverage guys that you would normally get during the season and you'll get them in the middle of the ballgame. You know, I mean, look at Loizaga, you know, with the time of the game, he came in. So, you know, they're going to be close, close ballgames. You know, we're a high contact team, which helps us.

Yeah, it does. Except those three runs were all they needed. But they also needed something else. They needed a little defense from Kyle Tucker late. The pitch to judge is swinging a fly ball well hit right field. Tucker back. Tucker at the wall jumps and he makes the catch.

Baker will tag and in the second just ahead of the throw. But Kyle Tucker with a great play in right field, bringing back what might have been a home run for Aaron Judge. It would have been great for Aaron Judge to hit a big home run in it, although he did hit one in the closeout game of the Guardians. But this was supposed to be the postseason that was going to be Aaron Judge's exclamation point on his Yankee contract extension, not extension, not extension, but a new contract. And I'm not saying he won't get it anyway because he had an amazing season and he is a great player. He's also very good in the outfield and can run and he's a super athlete. He's just also in his 30s already.

So it's going to be tough to get all the money he wants. But Kyle Tucker is a really good player. That's what's amazing about these Astros a few years ago when they won the World Series.

Then, of course, we found out that they were they were cheating their rear ends off. They had so many good players. I mean, they had the George Springer's of the world and they they had Carlos Correa at shortstop and they allowed those players to leave via free agency. They have essentially kept Altuve and they kept Alex Bregman with the three run home run in the third inning, as Rusty reminds me. But they have just managed to plug and play a lot of very good players into their lineup. Kyle Tucker is probably better than just a very good player, but they are they are incredibly solid as a team. And while I've never really rooted for the Astros, I can find I can feel me rooting for Dusty Baker to win a World Series, a baseball lifer who's in his 70s and who played and as a teammate in the outfield with Hank Aaron. That's where Baker goes back to as a player. Wow. I can I can find I can root for Dusty Baker to win a World Series. Absolutely.
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