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Stacey Dales doesn't think anyone is "targeting" Caitlin Clark

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 4, 2024 2:32 pm

Stacey Dales doesn't think anyone is "targeting" Caitlin Clark

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 4, 2024 2:32 pm

6/4/24 - Hour 2

Rich weighs in on Kyrie Irving’s return to Boston with the Dallas Mavericks for the NBA Finals after his controversial exit from the Celtics in 2019.

NFL Network’s Stacey Dales and Rich discuss the growing backlash against Caitlin Clark’s celebrity by fellow WNBA players, what her rookie year so far bodes for Bears QB Caleb Williams, and why Chicago fans should be excited for the team’s bright outlook heading into the new season.

Rich reacts to the pay bump the San Francisco 49ers gave to All-Pro RB Christian McCaffrey.

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Let's go. Where is that bag? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

We saw Justin Jefferson last at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada. Where is that bag? Where is that bag? I don't know, man.

I'm looking for the bag just like you are. Four years, one hundred forty million dollars. Earlier on the show, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan. Coming up, NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales, actor Ed O'Neill. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's right. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air and a fresh warning. This is my second cup of coffee of the day and I never have a second cup at home.

So just, you know, drop an airplane lines to start our number two. And I don't know if you could see it on the Roku channel, but it's steaming. Can you see the steam coming off of the Rich Eisen Show mug? Can you see it?

I don't know if you could see that steam. It's great. It's great. It's nice and hot. And, you know, and the Rich Eisen Show mug.

You can get yours, by the way, rich Eisen shop dot com. Coming in hot. Oh, God, it's really great. So, hey, let's talk a little bit of hoops.

Let's talk a little bit of hoops. It's great chat with Jeff Passan in hour number one. Ed O'Neill making his way to our studio right now. He is a man playing Donald Sterling.

I never would have put those two together. He looks great, though, in the promotion. He looks just like Donald Sterling.

He sounds like him, too. Pictures. Yeah. So Ed O'Neill is coming in studio hour number three. It'll be great chat. Let's talk a little bit of hoops. So listen, Kyrie Irving is making his return to Boston. How about them apples that he goes from Cleveland to Boston? He wants his own team. He goes to Boston.

Everyone in Boston is like, please make this your team. And then I guess. Yada, yada, yada. He left. He ended up on the Nets.

And he wound up on the Nets, showed back. I didn't know what smudging was. I never knew what smudging was, which I guess you get. It's like, what, an ancient Native American ritual, is it? Where you cleanse a place of bad feelings or bad history through what? Smoke and sage and all that stuff.

The energy of a physical space. Essentially. Did you just Google that?

No, I mean, I knew it. Do you smudge in real time? I've been known to smudge. So let me ask you a question. Would you like if you went back to the Price is Right, would you smudge that studio? No, that was that was not bad physical.

That was a great time. OK. You know, you got a ping pong table out of it that's still boxed, right? I wouldn't need to exercise those demons. You know. But you know what? Smudging is fantastic. Thank you for helping with that.

I didn't know what it was. But I mean, that doesn't sound like again, he he he he tried to cleanse it. Yeah, see, he had some bad physical energy. Right. So that's why it didn't work.

Oh, he had the bad energy because he brought bad. It didn't work because he was double birding some fans. Didn't he step on on the mascot's name?

What's the name of that mascot? Lucky. Lucky. Stomped out lucky. I hate lucky. As a Nick fan, I hated lucky. As a Sixers fan, I hate lucky. You know what I mean? Hate us because he ain't us.

So it kind of didn't work. Let's be honest. With him returning to Boston. It kind of like gives a little bit of cause for concern because Kyrie is not a guy in the past who has seemed to take the starch out of things, you know, kind of adds the starch. And he doubles down on the starch and he figures out what else could make you itchy. And he'll he'll put that in the in the detergent as well.

Turn the screws and hit the spin cycle. You know what I mean? That's the past, though. He was in front of a podium microphone on Monday and he was asked about returning to Boston.

And here was his response. Last time in Boston, I don't think that was the best. Not this regular season, but when we played in the playoffs and everyone saw me flip off the birds and kind of lose my **** a little bit. That wasn't a great reflection of who I am and how I like to compete on a high level. You know, it wasn't a great reflection on my end towards the next generation or what it means to control your emotions in that type of environment. No matter what people are yelling at you, you know, I'm built for these moments to be able to handle circumstances like that.

And I've been able to grow since then. So, of course, it's going to be a hectic environment, but I'm looking forward to it. And I see it as a healthy relationship to have with the fans. You know, almost think about Gladiator just when the crowd over, you know, it's good to hear the TD Garden silent when you're playing well, they still respect great basketball. So I'll take the brunt of it, of all the yells and stuff like that and all the remarks.

But I've been able to grow since then and acknowledge that you know, I just can handle things better, especially when I want to put majority of my energy towards playing well. I can't just be getting into it with fans like that, even though it may be fun at times, but it's a waste of energy. It's a waste of my time. And it's also a waste of my talent trying to answer questions from the past that people have. And, you know, people are going to bring up the record and all the extra stuff. Again, there's days, there's idle time in between.

So you see the media pundits doing their normal things. Cool. But yeah, I'm looking forward to the challenge on the court against the Boston Celtics and being able to lead my guys. Wow. Not to use the word feud, but if this was Family Feud, great answer. Good answer.

That's one of the top ones on the board. And that's what I was saying last week where, you know, it's a long time ago that he was in Boston and it didn't go well to just, you know, to put it lightly. And he moved on. And they look, it's not like the Celtics haven't played against Kyrie in a playoff series. They swept him when he was with the Nets and Kevin Durant.

So they kind of got past it there. And look, let's be honest. Galen Brown and Jason Tatum like Kyrie Irving. They're friends. They look up to him as a mentor.

So, you know, I think it's all good. It's just whether or not, you know, how he's going to be received by the fans, which I imagine won't be well. And hopefully it's just about basketball. He was asked what he learned from his departure from the Celtics.

And here is what his answer was on that. I don't mind after a few years taking the brunt of the blame. You know, one of the best players in the world. So I know what comes with that fair criticism, you know, but it's just a little bit more grace could have been extended my way, especially what I was dealing with during that time as a human being. I know sometimes in sports, it's literally about the end goal and result and what you accomplish.

And that's one thing. But we're still human at the end of the day. And I wasn't my best self during that time. So when I look back on it, I just see it as a time where I learned how to let go of things and learn how to talk through my emotions. You know, I came into the league at 19 years old, not knowing how to be a young man as of yet, because this whole lifestyle was thrown at me. I was expected to do wondrous things, but I just wanted to continue to develop as a human being. And once I put that first, then, you know, you see me flourishing now.

So it feels good. Where's this Kyrie been? That said, hold on. Oh, I got the I got the head nod of the international symbol. Well, there's there's a little bit of pushback.

What do you got? It's just never Kyrie's fault, you know. So what was he referring to that was going on in his life? Nobody knows. OK. And so he's expecting did his grandfather pass away when he was in Boston? I believe that was the case.

Somebody close to him passed. I know that. OK. Obviously, that's a terrible situation, but that's not public. That wasn't publicly known at the time. It's come out. Listen, it's come out since then. I kind of have a feeling, though, that this is never his fault with stuff.

And so he's kind of deflecting some of the blame there as well. But it was it was it was a long time ago. It does feel like this is kind of page turned. Right. I hope so.

Entering Thursday night. I hope so. I really don't think this should be a huge storyline, but it obviously is because we've had nine days between. Well, it would have been had he had a different. He could have really he could have really fanned the flames and kind of lit it up.

I took the starch out. Yeah. But also, that may not be intentional. It may just be who he is now.

Like he's five years is a long time, but I think we would all say it's more than just a dude. You know, we don't need to re litigate what happened in Brooklyn either. Right.

I mean, which is a much more recent, much more recent past where things happened and he he didn't take a single ounce of starch out of that. Right. Seems like he's in a really good spot. And I kind of as we've been talking about, it's been all about basketball.

Yes. In Dallas, no off court issues. He hasn't said anything inflammatory or ignorant. And it's been really nice to see awesome Kyrie back, kind of like Cleveland Kyrie on the basketball court. That's been really cool to watch as a fan. I mean, I always liked him. I was super excited when he came to Boston. It just is.

Well, you should. He handled everything so poorly there that it kind of soured a whole region on him. He wasn't ready, as he pointed out.

Things were going on in his life. And that's that's now officially put to bed. Yeah.

So I mean, it's going to be an awesome series and I'm looking forward to just a plus plus basketball here in the next couple. And like I said before, when this when this merger between he and Luca happened, most people in front of a microphone all said the same thing. There's no way this can work. Yeah. Nobody thought this could work.

How are you going to who's getting the shot at the end? Right. And nobody no one could have anticipated except for a mass fan that they'd be in this position right now. It's unbelievable. And Mark Cuban and Nico Harrison, like a great job by them for kind of rolling the dice on Kyrie because they were kind of the only team that wanted him.

He could have went to the Lakers, but it would have been on such a low level contract where they gave him one hundred million dollars. They put their faith in him. So we believe in you.

Like we believe that you're still a top level talent in this league. And he's really delivered as kind of a one B to Luca's one A. He's what Luca needed. Luca has had many travel partners, many guys riding shotgun. It never worked out until now.

People thought it would be. We were wondering, too, if if Luca didn't get enough help around him, would he leave Dallas and go somewhere else? And now, you know, now with the finals run, I don't think he's leaving there anytime soon now. Well, you're referring to Nico Harrison, the general manager who the team extended today. They gave a contract extension to him. They extended Jason Kidd earlier on in the playoffs. Kidd's done a great job, too.

Also time to talk about Jason Kidd a little bit with the career that Jason Kidd has had and now having a chance to win the championship. I did his Cal highlights when I first started on SportsCenter. Guys, I can remember this. Remember Athlon magazine? By the way, him and Tony Gonzalez.

Tony. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I remember they upset Duke in the in the tournament. Yeah. Yep.

After Duke had gone back to back. And so we've been like Grand Hills Junior. Yeah. It's been a minute with me talking about Jason Kidd in front of a microphone or either or on my lapel.

Yeah. I just remember reading like a Dr. Smith or an Athlon. Jason Kidd was in 11th grade and the write up about him said if he were eligible, he would be the first pick in this year's draft as a junior in high school. He averaged almost like a quadruple double. Like he was just a phenom. And they were saying that he was that good in 11th grade. He could have gone first in the draft. He took his lumps early in his coaching career, you know, especially with Milwaukee and then went to the Lakers and became an assistant. And now he's really thriving.

Think about that. He also was the best player on a back to back finals squad with the Nets. He didn't win.

Right. He was on the Mavericks championship. And the Mavericks championship team, you know, wasn't the best player, obviously, but still.

And now he's got a chance to win it as a coach for the same team. I'm sure that's a very small list. I can't think of too many people, if anyone who's done it. Bill Russell was player coach. Tommy Heinsohn, I think, was another PC. Casey Jones.

Right. Well, Rick Brunson almost did it this year. Rick Brunson. OK. Hey, no, Rick didn't win one with the Knicks as a player.

I'm just trying to make it about myself. Nor with his cup of coffee with the Clippers. Speaking of cup of coffee, this is great.

This guy, I mean, is that Folgersinger? Oh, no, no, sir. This is a second cup of coffee. What's up? What is your max of coffee per day?

I'll let you know. Where you're like really jonesing. He hasn't got there yet. Dan Campbell, what does he drink, like four triples or something a day? I would think that that's a man. He has an insane coffee order. I would think he's naturally caffeinated. He drinks coffee? Del Tuvo's the coffee guy.

Are you kidding me? Coffee's like water to me. How about that? I can't drink enough.

Here we go. His daily caffeine intake. Dan Campbell said, what I normally do is two ventis with two shots of I got to imagine espresso. Yeah, 100 percent espresso. Seems like a lot of caffeine. Yeah, but I'm sure that's that's one cup of coffee for my body and metabolism. That's a large man.

Yeah, that's true. He's a large man. Next time he's on, we'll talk about his coffee intake. Great segment.

It's a lot. Let's take a break. Stacey Dales is going to join us. She is heading to Bears camp today. She covers the Bears for NFL Network and NFL Media Group, but we'll also have her on in her capacity as a former dynamite member of the WNBA because so many people in this industry have lost their freaking minds over the subject matter of Kaitlin Clark and the WNBA. We'll hit that subject matter with Ed O'Neill making his way to our studio as well.

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Just go to slash direct and get started. Because I meant the Indiana Fever, which she was going to play her basketball there because everybody knew who had the first overall pick in the draft and who the first overall pick was going to be. And just this general sense of having somebody of her immense fame from the collegiate level joining the WNBA. There was a lot of conversation surrounding that and how would it play out? I did not see on my bingo card how it would play out is that many members of our profession who we adore would lose their friggin minds. I also didn't see on my bingo card Sean Hannity caping for Stephen A over Pat McAfee on Fox News over the subject matter. Didn't have that on my bingo card.

What is that? Oh, my word. Listen, in my estimation, Kaitlyn Clark isn't asking for it, but she's receiving the business. I've seen her picked up ninety four feet in the game here in Los Angeles when Suzy and I took Taylor to go to that game here in L.A. when the Indiana Fever was in town.

Ninety four feet. They are just there. They are making sure any opposition that she is not getting the basketball and she will not beat them. And if they beat her down in the process, I've seen it before in associations and leagues. It happens.

I mean, just when it's an uncommon foul, call it that. That's all I'm asking. Yeah. Right. Don't wait two days. And if you're a teammate, you know, of hers, kind of cape for a little bit.

Even if you're standing in front of somebody. That's all. I mean, fine. And by the way, as I've said as well, you know, there are others in this draft class who we know very well because they have also had stellar college careers and unlike Kaitlyn Clark, have won championships. And both of them play for the Chicago Sky, including Angel Reese, who did not speak after the game in which Kennedy Carter, who also spoke yesterday, gave the business to Kaitlyn Clark after Clark was given her some lip, by the way, you know.

And so they did speak on on Monday. And it seems again that there's a large legion of rookies and veterans who are kind of like, you know, veterans like we've been here before. Where have you been? Folks who are now talking about us. And the rookies are kind of like, you know, we had some great college careers, too, except they didn't break Pistol Pete Maverich's record and got massive shoe contracts and enough eyeballs on them that they caused ownership to start flying you private or charter, you know, or create enough heat that there is somebody up in Toronto saying, let's create a team and let's let's open one up.

Stacey Dale's announced Toronto's new franchise. So Angel Reese is one of the rookies raising her hand and saying, you know, I'm here, too. I think so many people are watching women's basketball right now. It all started from the National Championship game.

And I've been dealing with this for two years now and understanding like, yeah, negative things have probably been said about me. But honestly, I'll take that because look where women's basketball is. People are talking about women's basketball. But you never would think that we talk about women's basketball.

People are pulling up to games. We got celebrities coming to games, sold out arenas like just because of one single game. And just looking at that, like, I'll take that role. I'll take the bad guy role and I'll continue to take that on and be that for my teammates.

And if I want to be that, I know I'll go down in history. I'll look back in 20 years and be like, yeah, the reason why we watching women's basketball is not just because of one person. It's because of me, too. And I want you to realize that, like, it's not just because of one person. A lot of us have done so much for this game. And Kennedy has been here before, obviously, but there are so many great players in this league that have deserved this for a really, really long time. And luckily, it's coming now. And like I said on Monday's show and also just, you know, a couple minutes ago that there are tons of talented rookies that we have seen on the national stage winning national championships, not named Kaitlyn Clark, that do make this a fascinating rookie class that does bring a whole bunch of people to the television sets, to a lot of these conversations that we're seeing on television, on social media. There's no doubt about that. It just feels to me over the last few weeks that everybody has just lost their friggin minds over this subject matter. In a way, I didn't quite frankly see coming.

And in order to help us restore maybe a little bit of order, we have to learn to turn to the north of the border. The great Canadian, my colleague from the NFL Media Group, getting set to talk Bears OTAs, but also the third overall pick of the 2002 WNBA draft. Good friend, Stacey Dills. Good to see you, Stacey. How are you?

Great to be with you, Rich. I'm doing well. It's kind of an interesting summer. Yeah. What do you think about the national conversation that is surrounding the WNBA at present? Well, it's fascinating. And I feel like every time I join you or join Suze on the show, the program, I've said it's unprecedented. And I always stay away from the hyperbole of it. But it really is a shifting of the guard in women's basketball. And there's so many layers to it.

It's really a conversation we could have for a couple of hours. But as somebody who played in the league that has existed for 27 years, I have really never seen anything like this. And I think a big part of it, Rich, when you think about Kaitlyn Clark and Angel Reese and Cameron Brink and all of these really exciting new players in the W, they had a profile coming into the W. And as we've seen the advent and evolution of social media and the NIL name and image and likeness and the evolution of such, we've seen a certain celebrity enter the WNBA in the past couple years that maybe didn't really have its impact even five years ago. So when you have that level of celebrity, which is a word I use delicately. I was talking to Lindsey Vaughan once, Rich, and I said, well, you know, how do you deal with some of the celebrity?

And she said, I'm not a celebrity. I'm an athlete. And these are athletes, but they have personalities. And I recently emceed the announcement of the Toronto, new Toronto WNBA team, which will take shape in 2026. And I had conversations with WNBA officials and people from the league. They have had to adjust, Rich, how they are handling the wave of now explosion in terms of media and the impact that it's having on really the greater sports landscape.

The fact that it has been trending as the top sports trend tells you a lot with all else that's happening right now with the NHL, the NBA and of course, Major League Baseball. I could go on. Yeah, I hear you. So the question is, you know, because I mean, where do we go from here?

How about this? That the conversation has been certainly from somebody who's been sitting in this chair for almost 10 years while working together on NFL Network, Stacey, that we have heard over and over again, like, why aren't you talking more about the WNBA? Why aren't you talking more about women's basketball? And over the last few years, with the advent of some really intense action in the women's Final Four and the tournament and Kaitlyn Clark was part of that and she never won it all, which was part of her journey and just her overall excellence along with others who are also excellent, that there's now more eyeballs and it feels like the conversation is assigning credit for whom the eyeballs are there and that there does appear to be some sort of veteran presence that's been there waiting for the eyeballs to arrive and feels a little bit, I guess, I don't know, maybe the adjective is angry. I don't know.

Or upset that it hasn't arrived yet, that they've been there already and every adjective you use is infused with associating it with a woman and how that needs to be treaded lightly as well. Although this is a competition and these players are beating each other up in a way that we would ascribe to any sport as watchable, exciting, intense. So I kind of hand it off to you to say, make heads or tails of this, Stacey.

Where do I start with this? I did play in the league. There's a, you know what a bandwagon is, Rich. A bunch of people have jumped on it and I have no problem with that and I have no problem with opinion. But I think the adjective that I have come up with, because I've heard that word you used, anger, I've heard jealousy, is there this underlying jealousy from some of these veteran players, those that no longer play, those that are in the Hall of Fame. For me, it's maybe there's a level of resentment.

And that's a word I think we can all take in our own lives. We hold resentment against people because maybe they've gotten something or they've done something against us, whatever it may be. I think there may be a little touch of that when it comes to as we heard introing this segment, Angel Reese talk about, and I wrote the quote down, she said, a lot of us have done so much for this game.

There are many other players in this league that have deserved this for a long time. That's the part that got clipped on social media and Twitter X, whatever you call it. Prior to, she said, the reason we're watching the WNBA is not just because of one player, it's because of me too. And then she went on to say, and all the others, I think the fact that she said the next part was important because I think that's part of the resentment that I'm speaking of. I don't think anybody, the other word I've heard is targeting Kaitlyn Clark. Listen, the bottom line is let's take the word targeting and replace it with pride because nobody wants to, as I would describe it, Rich, get got by Kaitlyn Clark, right? She is deserving of everything that she has achieved. She shoots a deep ball like she's in quicksand, like it's she's that far back and it looks that hard and like and then it just comes out of her hands so quickly. I would argue she's a better passer than she is a shooter. I mean, she's out there doling out assists right now, Rich, at a clip of, I think, fourth in the WNBA with six assists per game. But if you go look at scoring and all of the players in this league, Asia Wilson right now in Las Vegas, and this is where some of the other players may have something to say about it, she's averaging basically 27 and 13 and she's got a couple of belts under her her name. Like that is what I think people are referring to or maybe some jealousy that some of these other players aren't getting the acclaim and a 28 million dollar shoe deal that Kaitlyn Clark is. But regardless of that, I could go back years prior and say I put Lisa Leslie in the game right now. She will be the most dominant center in the league. Like that's how good she was. I played against her. So you take that resentment part, put it aside.

I think this thing will plateau and I think will even itself out. But I don't believe people are, you know, putting a bounty out on Kaitlyn Clark. I watched the game this past weekend that sort of created all this upheaval with the sky and the fever in Indiana. They got their first home win. I watched the game.

I saw the jawing that went back and forth between Kennedy Carter, who, by the way, Rich, didn't play in the league last year. She's trying right now to really go for a second chance in the WNBA. She had to play overseas. She had a brilliant, I would say, all WNBA rookie team in Atlanta after being drafted out of Texas A&M.

I think it was fourth overall. She's trying to have a resurgence. She's a sixth player. She's coming off the bench for the Hall of Famer, Teresa Weatherspoon, who I played against. And she is trying to find her moment. So she goes for a game high 19.

Right. Pretty good game. Makes a good bucket. Look pretty good.

Pretty solid, smooth. And then she bows up. Chest out.

I'm going to say something right now. I think the emotions got the best of her. It was a very isolated moment. And away from the play foul, it was called, as we see it here. And subsequently later on, they upgrade it to a flagrant one. So flagrant one is unnecessary contact against the opposition.

Two shots plus the ball. Flagrant two, she would have been ejected. So I'm glad the league got it right in elevating it because it was inappropriate. As Kaitlyn Clark said, it wasn't a basketball play.

To me, it was an isolated incident. That isn't what we're seeing. In fact, what we're seeing with Kaitlyn Clark right now in the league, Rich, as I've watched games and I'm really fascinated and I love watching it, is she's being defended as a rookie in ways that maybe we haven't seen so much. I mean, when you're talking about defending Kaitlyn Clark, 94 feet, you're face guarding her so she can't get the ball in her hands. Picking rolls. It's an automatic blitz. Like they're doing things to her defensively.

What is that? It's respect. There's so much respect for her talent. And I think that is getting overlooked. And we're starting to say, wait, she's getting targeted. No, there's pride.

Hey, we belong here to Kennedy Carter. A good example. She's trying to make her second chance here, as I alluded to. And you get players like that in the heat of the moment. Mistake.

Boom. We're in an uproar on the outside because have we never seen this in WNBA? Trust me, we've seen plenty of this in the WNBA for 27 years in its existence.

Yeah, I was going to ask you about that. If there's any sort of an outlier in your estimation, you've clearly addressed that, Stacey Dales. And listen, you're about to go off to Bears training camp. You know, if Caleb Williams is the first overall pick in the golden child of the Chicago Bears and, you know, obviously he's got a significant following, although I don't believe it's like Kaitlyn Clark's following.

You're right. I mean, Kaitlyn Clark's got a following coast to coast, international and a level of interest on her that surpasses, in my estimation, the first overall pick of an NFL draft. And if we don't think sitting here week one against the Tennessee Titans, Jeffrey Simmons isn't going to raise his hand and saying, I will deliver the welcome to the NFL moment to Caleb Williams, then, you know, then we should have our NFL card revoked.

Anybody on the Houston Texans the next week and then the Indianapolis Colts and so on and so forth. We've seen this in so many in so many leagues. I guess the question I have for you is, you know, is have I missed something? Has Kaitlyn Clark, you know, brought this on with her behavior? I mean, because, you know, you were there in Toronto when they announced a new a new franchise, you know, and a lot of people are ascribing that and the commercial flights going away and charter flights arriving to her arrival.

Is there anything that's that I'm missing that players are seeing from Kaitlyn Clark that says we're going to show her outside of just being a heralded rookie, maybe the most in the history, certainly this century of the W. Yeah, well, when you say we're going to show her, that's what I'm referring to. Like we belong here, too. Right. And so here's what's going to happen.

The chain reaction. If you don't know, like, let's just pick a name, Kelsey Plum. For all these new viewers that have jumped on the bandwagon, if you are starting to really watch the league like you do your favorite team in whatever sports professional realm that is on the men's side, you probably will fall in love with Kelsey Plum. She's phenomenal or Nafisa Collier or you want to watch the sky play right now. They're playing New York with Sabrina UNESCO and Courtney Bandersloot and two players that handle the ball as well as anybody I've seen. And not to mention Brianna Stewart. Like, so you're going to start, OK, well, that's my favorite player. Clark's really good, but now I respect this.

But that's how you broaden the scope. But again, the WNBA, Rich, has had to adjust to this wave for the last now couple of years. And Kaitlyn Clark has just pushed it over the top of these name, image and likeness collegiate players.

How much fun was it to watch the women's tournament that have come onto the stage now and they've already got personalities. So now as a franchise, you have to manage that. They're going to have to bolster their PR staffs. And I'll tell you this. You talk about Caleb Williams and the Bears.

So just little tiny details, right? So one thing the Bears are doing right now is it's probably going to be Ryan Bates, his starting center. Rich, you know how important the center position is. Ask Patrick Mahomes how much he loves Creed Humphrey, right? Coleman Shelton is actually getting reps with Ryan Bates.

Bates will probably be the starter. But right now, what the Bears are doing is saying, hey, we want to make sure he knows how to hand the ball off to our number one overall pick, who's he's transcendent. He's going to be we expect him to be so that he's really comfortable.

Oh, and by the way, Caleb Williams right now is doing something really good. He's delving into the community in Chicago, Rich. We're seeing him at bars. We're seeing him at Cubs games. And he's also building very fond relationships inside of Hallis Hall so that when he takes the field, as you alluded to against Mr. Simmons, against the Tennessee Titans, by the way, they don't have a divisional game until week 11.

That is insane. And it happens to be the Packers. It happens to be the Packers. They've got to get so tight, Rich, that when they take the field in September in week one, every one of those men is going to bat for that quarterback. And I have learned this over the years, now entering 16 seasons covering the NFL, that the relationship with the quarterback and his offensive line, it's so important that I'll just say when Olufasenu got traded to your jet or got drafted by your jets, guess who was the first one to say welcome to the team on Twitter slash X? Aaron Rodgers, right? Retweeting welcome to the squad, young man, like whatever he said.

But that relationship's got to be great, Rich, right? And as a Jets guy, I mean, so my point for Kaitlin Clark is we're dealing right now with 12 teams, I believe, I think, in the league. We're going to go to 14.

Golden State and Toronto are the next two. And that group has to get so tight, and it's so hard to do it. We saw Kaitlin Clark in the national championship game two months later, but not even.

She's an Indiana fever. She's got to join a team in a league with, what is it? Correct me if I'm wrong, 144 players.

If I'm off a couple numbers, I apologize. This is a very small pool of players. They have to develop chemistry in a very short amount of time. And they've had to adjust in Indiana with their head coach, Christy Sides, in this whole group as to how do we learn how to do this with her?

Right? And it's a young team. So people want to say, where were her teammates?

Well, Leah Boston was right there, came and scooped her up. But really, those relationships have to build off the field to where you are so tight, which is really hard to do in the WNBA early. Because I've been a part of it.

I was a part of a brand new franchise, in fact, in Chicago. And it's different than college, where Kaitlin Clark played four years with the same coach, the same system, and the same players, essentially. So it is an adjustment period for them.

And it's an adjustment period, really, I think, for Kaitlin Clark as she deals with this. The physicality is going to be there. It is a brutally physical game. It is so competitive in the WNBA. Because, as I mentioned, there aren't many teams and there aren't many players. And if you make a roster, you're pretty damn sure that I want to stay on that roster.

So I'm going to put my best foot forward in every single dimension. And so you're going to see this respect for Kaitlin Clark that is ensuing. Right now, she's, I think, 18th in the league in scoring. So look at all those players above her. By the way, one of those players, Rich? It's 41-year-old Diana Taurasi, who a couple nights ago put up 31 for Phoenix against the Sparks.

And she, to me, is probably the best player that I've ever played against. So she's 41 years old. You're aging all of us, huh, Stacey?

I've got a couple minutes left with Stacey Dales here. So just your two cents on seeing the Bears. You've been around them. It just feels different. And I know that's just a metric. I know that's just a, you know, it's not a tangible metric unless you really feel it.

What's the difference right now? Ryan Polz. I believe in it. I believe in his picks. I believe in the conviction. What I love is Caleb Williams is walking into a situation where we're finally going to have hard knocks in Chicago. Can you believe it, Rich? It's going to be awesome.

He's walking into a situation with a team. It's like, you know, probably when you met Suzy or probably when anyone met their significant other. That I love you.

You love me. Let's get engaged. Let's get married and let's roll. And let's make some babies. I don't know. Like it's it's that to me, it's that how much of a buy in we've seen from both sides.

That is the best way I can explain it. And the way to top it all off with the cherry is Ryan Polz said that's going to be our guy, Caleb Williams. And we're going to have to go out and make sure this roster is so good for him that even if he's average, even if he plays average, let's say that happens. We'll still be really good and we'll be in contention to get to the playoffs in advance. And if you look at this roster with Roma Dunze and Keenan Allen and D.J. Moore and Cole Komet, DeAndre Swift, and then that defense, which I think is really good under the direction of not just Eric Washington, the D.C., but the play caller, Matt Eberfluss, as we saw last season, there's complete buy in there.

They could actually be pretty good in Chicago. And so I think they've set him up for some success. And I think both sides are all in on the other, which when you're wanted in life, you do a whole lot better. I think you would agree.

Well, and I do agree with that, except for your analogy, just to be completely straightforward and honest. After I met Suzy for the first time, I was ready to do a lot of what you mentioned. She was she was free to you know, I was wondering if I was going to ever get a second contract.

You know what I mean? Like I was I was wondering if that would ever happen. Free agency was actually offered to me nonstop by her.

But then again, it all did happen. Stacey, you know, which is, I guess, the ultimate point. I'm glad you ended up getting the Super Bowl, Rich. That's correct. That's right.

Hey, Stacey, thank you for the time and the insight. And, you know, it is just been a wild first few weeks of national conversation and attention and opinions on a subject matter that many people are new to talking about. It is, you know, and Rich, can we just all agree, like it's a really great league. The basketball is exceptional.

Kaitlyn Clark is exceptional. And we're going to get a long run of this in the many years to come. Like that's where we're at.

Like we're expanding in the WNBA. And when I think about all the players that have come before, like it's pretty damn impressive, really. And it's too long. We don't have enough time to go through them all.

But it's it's really special. Stacey, say hi to everybody in Bears Camp for me and we'll chat again soon. Thanks, Rich. You got it. Stacey Dale's covering all 94 feet of this subject matter right here on The Rich Eisen Show. And meanwhile, during that conversation, news breaking out of San Francisco 49ers Camp and it involves Christian McCaffrey. That's next.

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Lowest price. Guaranteed. Guaranteed.

I'm going to have to go to Dallas next week. You know what I mean? Hey guys.

Hey Rich. When, remind me of the Super Bowl of this year. When the San Francisco 49ers took the ball first in overtime. What did they do with it? Handed it off a lot.

To who? Christian McCaffrey. Right. Yeah.

And then frequently sometimes who do they throw it to? Christian McCaffrey. No, I know there's a little bit of Juwan Jennings.

A lot of Juwan Jennings. He could have been the MVP of that Super Bowl. He might have been. Had they scored a touchdown in their opening drive of the overtime with Christian McCaffrey, he could have been the Super Bowl MVP. He could have been MVP of the entire league this year. A lot of folks were saying that they, he and Purdy split the vote.

He probably should have been. Okay. Right. I mean. And so when these wide receivers, I shouldn't say these wide receivers. When wide receivers of note are getting. What do you mean you people?

You know, right. When wide receivers of notes are getting insane annual salaries that they deserve, because they're game-changing wide receivers, I'm kind of like, what about the runbacks? Well, Christian McCaffrey got a two-year contract extension during our conversation with the Stacey Dales.

It was announced. A two-year contract extension averaging 19 million bucks a year, an additional 8 million over to his schedule to make in the first two years of his contract. They added 24 million in guarantees. He is now signed through 2027 with the 49ers and it still sounds low, sounds low, but in terms of the running back market, pushing 20 million annually per year, that's just, that's a chunk of change, but honestly what he does for the 49ers and how the 49ers, as we all recall, went to a Super Bowl, lost to Kansas city. And then the 49ers, as we all recall, you know, didn't make the previous Super Bowl and McCaffrey had just joined the team. He took a team that was Super Bowl worthy and supercharged it. That's why he is deserving of this cash. And I'm just wondering, is it possible this now sets the market for future running backs to get pizayed? Like who though?

A good question. Nobody's as good as him. You can make it a case he's the best player in the league. Well, Jameer Gibbs is off to a pretty damn good start.

One year. You hear Bijan Robinson said he was dinged up last year. Yeah, ankle.

And how he's just beginning to start coming out of some of it. Arthur Smith must be sitting there going, you're all wondering about why his touchdowns got vultured. I don't know. I'm just saying there's got to be maybe some trickle down effect here for running backs in the NFL. This seems like a one off. I do believe that's going to wind up being the case.

I do believe so. But way to go, Christian McCaffrey. So deserving of it.

So deserving of it. Kind of should be flipped, right? Him and Jefferson? No, Jefferson is really that good. Worth $35 million though? But the market bears what it bears. Certainly when Tyreek Hill was making 30 a year. And that contract's going to get adjusted. By the way, speaking of Miami contracts, Tua's contract, we'll talk about that when we come back.

Ed O'Neill as well. Yes, sir. Talk about value per touch, though. I still don't understand. It's value in the league. And again, I have a feeling we're going to have this conversation in the next segment when we talk about Tua's contract, which he actually addressed today. And the salary cap is going up.

Basically you can retain all of your great players. The question is, is who is like out of the top five, who's sitting there at six, seven and eight, who you might have to say, you have to go to another team to get paid one through five on that team. For which position?

That's the way that you look. For every position? You have to make that decision as a general manager. That's how you generally manage.

You have to make that decision and try not to overpay five, six and seven so you can keep one through five. It used to be you have to keep one or two. Now the cap is getting larger. Like Leon from Airplane. You know?

The fog is getting thicker. Is that the second Airplane reference I've made today? Yes, it actually is. I believe so.

It is. It's a coffee. Yeah, my second cup of coffee.

Do I go for a third? And, Leon, let's get into it. Do you have another Airplane reference in you? Oh, Rich. Of course. There's always another Airplane reference in me. Surely, you're kidding me. I know.

Don't call me Shirley. I just thought of another Ed O'Neill bad guy, Lieutenant Amos in the Adventures of Ford Fairlane. Even he was loaded!

I mean, Ed and I did sing Booty Time in the green room a few years ago. Wasn't he on a bike? The Ian Little Giants was just not likable. Wasn't he in Miami Vice?

Not Donald Sterling unlikable, but just not likable. He was in Miami Vice, right? Yeah. Oh, and that was his first role, I think. I think so.

I think he got iced. Hey, guys, welcome to The Candy Valentino Show. I'm Candy Valentino. I was a founder before I could legally order a drink, and for more than two and a half decades I've built, scaled, acquired, and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries.

Now my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that I've learned, the mistakes that I've made, and the wisdom that I've developed over my journey. Biweekly episodes every Monday and Thursday. The Candy Valentino Show, wherever you listen.
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