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Grant McCauley, 92.9 The Game/Locked On ATL, joins Adam to discuss the history that was made last night in Texas.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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October 5, 2022 4:12 pm

Grant McCauley, 92.9 The Game/Locked On ATL, joins Adam to discuss the history that was made last night in Texas.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 5, 2022 4:12 pm

Grant McCauley, 92.9 The Game/Locked On ATL, joins Adam to discuss the history that was made last night in Texas. Aaron Judge hit his 62nd HR while playing against the Texas Rangers, plus Grant talks Braves and Mets.

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Go have financially miserly through capital financial This is the atom gold show go through the produce of this program.

History made last night Carolina hurricanes going to put on sorry what had nothing to do with hurricanes getting beat by the Buffalo Sabres for two in an exhibition game in Buffalo to end the preseason for want to know judge hits number 62 and served moment for the history books. That's what baseball is all about. No sport, no sport values its numbers and comparing era to era like baseball. You can't do it in other games. It honestly. In other sports. They don't really care in the National Football League. They do not care about the overall numbers mostly this is what I do hundred percent sure I know who the all-time rush single seating single-season rushing leader is a man when I was a kid. It was OJ that I think Walter Payton got not only like most yards ever in a single season.

I would argue that it's probably should probably still be recognizes O.J. Simpson because it was a 14 game season when he went for 2003. I think maybe it's Eric Dickerson. I don't, but that was a 16 game season now .70 game seasons.

That's a lot 17 is a lot bigger than 14 but baseball.

Whereas the overall length of seasons had changed from 154 when Babe Ruth played 262 in the first year of that was the year Marist at 61 home runs 1961. The numbers all matter and there are what we think to be certain benchmark numbers that really matter. 500 career home runs up 50 home runs in a season. It just matters so much more in baseball and I don't know the reason why other than the people who love the game.

Revere the records and that's why performance-enhancing drugs in baseball also matters so much more in the National Football League. If I should say when someone test positive for a performance-enhancing drug they missed four games and then they come back as though nothing happened mostly because we all just assume what you had to be on something to play that so the fans don't really care. Nobody loses their reputation in football for testing positive for a performance-enhancing age. No one does. But in baseball hello boy I remember when Raffaella Paul Merrill of the Orioles sat in front of Congress and pointed his fingers at the committee said I have never done steroids Ed and it couldn't of been more than a month and 1/2 later, Raffaella Paul Merrill's bins been suspended for 10 days for testing positive for steroids. That was the suspension initially 10 or 15. It was nothing now we see what happened to Fernando techies Junior the Padres half a year and you are ineligible for any playoff games. If you can come back in that season you are ineligible to play in the postseason because you tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Baseball has gone so far and away opposite of where they were, which was well. We have no policy to where they are now all because of the numbers. That's really what it is. It's because of the numbers because we decided in 1998 after the fact that that was bad that we decided that was best baseball fans decided that that was an affront and we talked to Doug Glanville the other day yesterday with the global and former big-league are now with ESPN he's gonna do the guardian's race series for ESPN and he he has a hard time recognizing Maguire Sosa bonds and their exploits as he played in that era.

Any plate clean but that was just that era. But the whole reason that we have these debates while we asked the question last week.

If judge gets 62. Who's the real homerun king and half of the people recognize, judge, and half of the people went Onset 73.

What we do not rebound in the second group the numbers matter in baseball numbers do not matter really in any other sportswear judge hits number 62, let me just float a couple of other things before we get back and listen to more of what happened during judges night which was in Texas so the fan who caught the ball was immediately put in essentially witness protection and whisked off to a secure location and was quoted as saying that he doesn't know what he is going to do with the ball so I've wrestled with this topic for a while and honestly it's really hard to be honest about this because we don't know so my research on what that ball is worth says about $5 million. That ball is worth $5 million so you may Victoria if we happen to come in possession of that ball era judge hits that homerun and unbeaten plate of nachos and it falls right into my guacamole bow. Yes, right. My ball really isn't my ball but I am now in possession of the ball.

I'd like to think because I know who the ball belongs to the ball belongs to Erin judge and really the ball belongs to the baseball Hall of Fame so I'd like to think that I would put personal need. Aside and give the ball back to Judge, who would either keep it or give it to the baseball Hall of Fame and actually I think it belongs in the baseball Hall of Fame not to go Nicolas Cage in national treasure on you here, but certain things belong in museums and to me that's where that ball belongs in a museum, but it is a $5 million piece of property that was in my possession and I'm not nave to think I joked about this in terms of live golf right that this is not an issue that you are deeply entrenched in Victoria, so I understand. But the dull live golf dilemma for a lot of people is about where the money is coming from. I have never ever ever ever ever made it a point of my position on live golf to where the money comes from. Because of two things. One is bad money everywhere and to William for my man Coach Pete the road with the capital financial advisory group. We are talking retirement. I coach simple. When we start tax planning and retirement should start as soon as possible because there's one thing out of Texas are not going away and so the game here is we know the rules.

A lot of people want to ignore the rules or act like they don't are familiar with them, but virus those rules and so we get retirement. The region start taking some of their money out of your accounts so the secret here is to put a force field around as much as possible. By strategically moving some Romani to Roth IRA were some of the other vehicles that are taxed like a special life insurance policies can borrow against your money there and never have to pay tax on you wanted to build up inside your Space up there a lot of strategies here. The one strategy that does not work is ignoring the mature and not ignored the next 10 people will do for you your very own tax and retirement plan to help you minimize taxation with retirement 800-661-7383. All you got is call or you can text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete. The root if the foundries ever got really interested in sports radio.

I got my head, but so I'd like to think that I know that I would give the ball back but I can guarantee that I would but I will say this, if the $5 million. Didn't matter to me if I didn't. Nothing need $5 million right but if that money did wasn't going to change my life.

In other words, I was already fairly set financially.

I would definitely give the ball back. I would I would run to Erin judge with the ball and say dude, this is yours yeah same so admit it matters what your financial station is how how how your morals would automatically allow you to react. I am not going to lie about so my current state which like I'm fine, but 5 million change a lot of things.

So I can't guarantee that I would hand that ball back. I might doing. I might do so. Hoping to receive items of value that could kind of ease the pain of knowing that I just handed away $5 million and a cashiers check so as not to get into the person who caught the ball. You can read enough about this gentleman who caught the ball maybe will tell you talk more about him specifically later. He doesn't appear to be in, in any need financially so that it becomes about personality to me and if you don't need the money.

We know the ball belongs to death, and so whatever so that all say on that for for right now real quick. A couple of other football things.

We have a new quarterback in Pittsburgh. It is going to be Kenny Pickett, the Mitch of the scary did not go well, but I think would be foolish to blame Mitch Stravinsky for that Kenny Pickett didn't exactly come in like the world on fire against the jet they lost to the Jets and amassing its Kenny Pickett's focus, it's not.

None of this is either of the quarterbacks while it's the fault of the steel is just not being good enough at this point.

Offense of line is bad blah blah blah. And they built, they also have some injuries to do the other thing I think is more interesting.

This will get us into a conversation with her yet and that is Jonesboro said on a podcast that concussions are an inherent part of the game of football. This is exactly what I said last week about to. We talked about this on Friday.

I believe you actually you are out. You are your a baby shower.

I believe Dennis is your Friday after two a got just completely body slammed to the turf in Cincinnati and left on a stretcher. Head injuries are impossible to prevent and football impossible ides.

III understand the goal to minimize the risk.

I understand we can't eliminate it and I'm not saying we shouldn't try to lessen it or trying to lessen, but the real issue for me has always been this and when I said it I said Friday and I got push back on it. It's a league problem. It's a team problem. It's a player problem. We can't pretend that the players all go yeah I probably just suffered a concussion. I should sit this out know they're never going to do that we have to stop being nave to think that to who clearly suffered a concussion of the first Africans Buffalo went to the locker room, past protocol using air quality on TV. If you're watching a TV.

These are the air quotes and then put the second part of that is onto but I'm not blaming him. I'm just saying everybody bears responsibility for this problem and we always want to point to the league which deserves criticism or the teams which deserves criticism and shout out to the Dolphins or whoever fired the doctor who cleared Tula for finding a scapegoat when all you had to have was to functioning eyes or one to realize that that guy should play, but no you put them on the field so you might make it sound you to but would burrow said on this podcast is what every player who plays in the NFL understands that all know it going in the. The data for the longevity of not not when players are active. I'm just him talking about their lives longevity for players who play football is not good quality of life. This is of course not completely across the board. There are always exceptions, and I'm not even saying it's the majority, but there's a higher concentration of debilitation, mental and physical site you that after playing football. Then there are other sports because of the brutality of we understand they understand. If we have to understand it very understand.

They accepted going in and that's unfortunately it gets a lot of players. Let's get back to Erin judge you heard the play-by-play call of John Sterling on Yankees radio network and my little pet peeve of John Sterling always seems to make it about John Sterling, but it is what it is. Here's judge on what he remembers what he thinks about the fans know the fans at home and on the road and of the constant support is seeing the stadium on their feet for everything like that other billing pictures for thrown balls in which a member never seen before their database of the other night and I was getting billed for a single analysis in a low moment like that you look back on what my going to do at Yankee Stadium in front of her home fans, but I know a lot of transit travel travel loan law. Yankee fans here tonight get a chance to share that experience with the financing that's us was about for me is better fact, if you play the play-by-play clip again. Victoria you can actually hear the ovation for Erin judge in Texas. Plaintiff was Michael K on the yes radio never got Yankees TV yes television or Yankees TV that was not alone gave people the Yankees wearing gray shirts, wearing white said the opposite of it like two things.

One judge is right. Yankees fans are everywhere. There are Yankee fans in every city right here in Raleigh, North Carolina, where we are based. We probably have the most Braves fans talk raised by the way bottom of the hour because the Braves clinch the division last night. Talk about the Bradenton little bit about Erin judge as well, but more Braves fans here than any other team. The Yankees were would be second.

Yes it honestly, I bet they're not second by a lot either. I'll bet it's pretty close between Braves and Yankees for fandom that we live in a pretty transient era area here in Raleigh so there's a lot of you know there's a lot of Orioles fans was the Orioles were another team. If you grew up in the state that your you are either a Braves banner, probably in Orioles fans.

A lot of Orioles fans here but but there are Mets fans and Cubs fans and Tigers fans, Red Sox, Red Sox fans get more Red Sox are kinda like Yankees light yes because it's more of an insight of really a national thing more local but but but it's got a national flare to it, but the other Yankee fans everywhere. Everywhere. So congratulations to judge and now what I want you to hear what Ian Fitzsimmons said on ESPN radio last night about Erin judge's I think this is the important to hear and challengers Ian Fitzsimmons Erin judge does not strike me as a 80s. He strikes me as the same person that off the camera. He's a great guy you know and you would hear if he wasn't yelled somebody of former teammate Debbie was going to say you look is due don't bully don't believe everything you see from the no you will hear any of that easy genuine person. And at that superstar level made. It is so remarkably refreshing. I can't think of a better person to break 61 than Erin judge but now some of that is just utter speculation, because obviously Ian Fitzsimmons is nowhere judge.

I don't think any of it is necessarily wrong. We have never heard any scandal about judge now. I honestly don't guard that many players we've heard scandal about to be honest we played Josh Donaldson a teammate of his in New York went through some us of difficult times this year with two matters of the lights out, but yeah I can see that but the other part of that is that and this is why I hesitate when we talk about who's the real home run king what will know the use we all know that McGuire and Sosa used that is not even a dispute at this point in our lives. You we can we can talk about things with some nuance.

Boutwell was against the rules then will sort of right but set that aside, the assumption now is that the players are clean because we test Fernando techies Junior got dispositive.

Is there you would look at Fernando techies Junior and think is a steroid user right people use for different reasons. Sometimes it's an accident, nudge nudge that's wake me winking at your link and later managing only radio yes so so before we slam the others. I just wanted you want to point out and about again. I keep saying this, I am not accusing anybody understand if it came out that so-and-so tested positive. I would go okay. That's the way I would react to it because if you don't react that way your full yeah I made it just right around the corner.

It's just everywhere. It's right around the corner you just don't know hero worship is a dangerous dangerous game. I do think there judge is a great player and he's about to make a truck full of money selling $300 million will be higher. Yeah it should be harder now. What's working against him is that he's gonna be 31 but he still get a get a 10 year contract because as a DH and he can always DH so he's going to get a 10 year deal and that 10 year deal is going to be.

Although I will say the $425 million cluster only ESPN on what is out there financially. I do think it is able to jump in with a bigger number than what the Asian offer. I think that number is six guys I know they're waiting in the weeds of the pursuit judge or court hundred miles from their ballpark.

I am curious to see Steve calling the Mets owner is a great collector harder look at Erin judge is a piece I must have.

I think I generally share the skepticism of a lot of executives with other teams that he actually will leave the Yankees and the Yankees let them get away. June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly became look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Carolina listen my if it's about money with the Yankees can pay them what the Yankees won the Yankees print money, but I will also say that the Yankees have operated under some level of fiscal sanity over the last decade or so. No bills there going to be significantly over the luxury tax threshold but I don't think that they're going to go to where the Mets are right now, which is close to I think very early at 300 million for their payroll and the Yankees are probably looking to stay around between 250 and 270 and Erin judge is going to crush that so if it's about getting the most money then I don't think he'll be a Yankee and I do think that Buster only is correct and that home for him is Northern California and we know he's not going to Oakland so you could be in Oakland. My guess is within five years, so I think is going to the Giants's profligacy be rooted for as a kid and that would be the dream just like Barry bonds ended up not going back to the Giants as that's where his dad was a really great ballplayer Bobby Bonds was a tremendous ballplayer teammate Willie Mays, Willie Mays's godfather all that.

That's what Barry bonds ended up going back there and they paid that's right think Erin judge ends up.

I think Steve go to the metal. Make a run at it but I don't think they'll get him all right. We we will talk to Greg McCauley, 92, nine the game in Atlanta locked on ATL from the Braves clinched last night. They have won the National League ease the path for them is easier and in their back pocket. They won last year's World Series will talk about the Braves Greg McCauley is too young to remember those times. He joins us on the Adam roadshow grant McCauley locked on ATL from the diamond 92 nine the game in Atlanta.

Congratulations to all of Atlanta Braves fans and I am friends with many of them for winning a division they probably didn't think they were going to win in June so let's start there thoughts on a remarkable what may be last 3 1/2 months of the season it is and if you are looking for ways to try to one up what they did in the second half of 2021 on the run to what I would call an improbable World Series title. Then storming back from 10 1/2 games down of the division is probably one of the scripts that you could be choosing from and this is the largest divisional comeback in major league baseball from 1995, which was also good year for the bracelet with the Seattle Mariners back then doing it today California Angels at that time but you know before you get too far back in her way back machine than you know, 35, 36 home runs big enough to lead the league, which I do remember actually I feel like this is a great Braves club that came together at the right time and was underperforming in the first couple of months and thousands special things in special players and had some special moments along the way and all of that added up to a division title in which they met collapse, I will point that out amended the Mets have a September that was down from the standard yet, but the Braves had to play 45 games over 500 and June 1 on the catch. New York, like it's it it's a little bit both given the jerk the gap on the Mets obviously were not the same team Mets got swept by the Cubs at home, which is largely unacceptable. About a month ago but later was amazing and the truth is that I believe the Mets got 200 wins yesterday with a doubleheader sweep of the nationals. So yeah that Matt certainly did not have a an off year.

They weren't as good at the end and they didn't win games when insurers are an pogrom pitched over for the most part over the last say three or so weeks but it's all right. Atlanta is legitimately good and I thought all along. Even when there was a gap that well water finds its level and there's very little to choose. I think between the two teams anyway and I hope they meet again, but they meet again. The Mets are going to have to knock off the Los Angeles Dodgers to do it. What's the best. Grant McCauley is joining is 92 nine the game from the what's the best thing about this bracing. I think the fact that there's the resilient summit of the club that avoided losing streaks of longer than three games the entire season in a club that was a lot of flack from this on Twitter for putting it out before the Braves one yesterday and not been swept in a three-game series all season. That effect will not happen because they one yesterday point that out also think those are not real on Twitter the thumb out there in life and in the universe what you tweet a staff does not mean that you have doomed the club or the player may the resiliency of this club to make their ability to bounce back and answer every time they seem to get knocked out little bit or suffer one of those losses that you would think I have this could send them down the a bad place, down the dark road global turnaround to win five games eight games in a row, sweep a couple of theories and just go back on another winning streak. The demeanor critically 45 games over 500 for better than two thirds of the season, you're gonna have to avoid losing streaks of the bracelet a great job at that. But it's a little bit of everyone one player that was the driving force of this club and you might think that with the Ronald Junior Junior that that would be to drive a catalyst to do all the big things for the club but it just wasn't that way this year. He had some moments, but largely been tenable on the road back from that knee injury and have been quite the same player yet, but what it was Dansby Quan Lawson Riley Matt Olson Michael Harris the second of came up from AA at the end of May to spark this club Spencer Strider on the Mount max read with a Cy Young caliber season, right winning 21 game and the strength of the bullpen again. It all adds up to just a well-rounded club and I feel that by flicker has been that steady hand with the one data time approach that a lot of people might scoff at.

But I gotta tell you, I begin to result in the club and bought in and they get it from all around the diamond in the characters combined 35 homeruns this year.

There just wasn't some weak link in the chain for the Braves and they were able to overcome diversity and pull this thing off and it's an incredible run to do it. I need I am on board with everything except when you talk about the catch is, this is personal for me. Travis Darnell was a mat. He was part of the trade that sent Ari Dickey was a two-time siding Cy Young Award winner to Toronto for Darnell was the centerpiece of the trade and noticing the guard they both came to the Mets in the trade and Darnell, I believe I got to clutch hits in his entire career as a met it and I might be overselling.

How many, it might've been what might've been none. To be honest and Darnell against the Mets has an OPS 250 points higher than his career OPS.

He delivered the shot that probably one of the Braves the division to me that they might've wanted anyway, but it made it where they only needed to win a game in that three-game series is three-game series against the Marlins so I blacked out when you mention the cat. So that's a that's okay with that.

They have to report that he also scored the go-ahead run and last night's victory.

So there's just another place where Travis Darnell showed up in the triangulation of fire, but Dave Mets career was going to and riddled by injuries and the ended up getting caught a couple year ago, I would Tampa Bay signed with the Braves and he has been such a steady force for this club.

I cannot stress enough the bracelet through half a dozen characters trying to replace him. Last year while he was out with a thumb injury that guy comes back after missing one of hundred games every single ending of the postseason run so he took one of those guys that when when this club was built for the other young talent, gather some guys that have established themselves with a result of this piece. If you go out and find that they just fit and Darnell was one of those guys McCauley is joining us. 9290 game in Atlanta real couple quick very quick thing before say about the homeruns are typically harder to come by in the postseason is just the reality of non-playoff baseball were homeruns are harder to come by and maybe they won't be but there it's just that's just the way it's gone, the Braves can beat you in other ways though to next with Harris or Grissom if he's in the line a bit. They can play the other game. I was a little disappointed though that they lay down a sacrifice bunt yesterday for the first time all year. What the hell yeah I was about to give it to combat out of two of their best hitters family did not score that ending either so know that that's what the baseball guys thought of that sacrifice bunt.

Thank you, thank you for my I just want to bring that up by the user. You say you're old enough to remember when 35 homeruns gave you a chance to lead the league in that category. Mary judge had 62 yesterday not all yesterday course, that would be a record but 62 homeruns for the season when what what what are your thoughts on what that means.

I think it's an incredibly meaningful accomplishment. And I'm also one of the people that look you look at the record book and the numbers are there.

They say what the records are, but I think we all know, in the context of it that somebody's record in the perception of them were changed forever by the steroid era. However, those are the records and was there until and really is not an option. Major-league baseball would not recognize those records and they're not going to do that but I think he does look at a vacuum. You know how often does this kind of a season happened when Ruth hit 30. She rerouted 60 home runs and what 30 years later Mary's hit 61 home runs, then you had to wait another 36 years, married, likely held the record longer than Ruth Mark McGuire came along and then Barry bonds came along right after that not too far Eckersley DiNapoli 30 years without one. But here we are 21 years after Bonds set the record and somebody is close enough that hitting you know of an amount homeruns. If Giancarlo extended it a few years ago to, but to get back to 60 and to do it without the specter of all the things that we know that was involved in that particular era. I do think it special. It is the American League record and if you're the New York Yankees, who have Babe Ruth and Roger Mares hold that record for so long. I'm sure that Aaron judge getting to 62 and in raising that bar and what is an incredible season for him and possibly get a Triple Crown credential into special accomplishment regardless of whether or not it's a single-season home run record yet. I I also I go to the point where I'm not, you know, build a statue to judge just yet. Not because I believe he's done anything in terms of using because I don't I don't believe he has. I keep saying this but I just want to preface it because I also never thought that Fernando tattoos Junior was user and so I think we can get really lost by assigning morals and values to people that we don't know and that's why the record is the record and the record is 73 and I also think from the standpoint of being a long-time baseball fan and baseball was also complicit at that time. I think baseball deserves to wear that as a scarlet 73 if you will, because that's the record at but I also think that, taken just set aside from all of the record books era judges had one of the most incredible seasons we have ever seen. I don't think it's the greatest season we've ever seen, but it doesn't matter. It's on it's in the conversation it just an awesome awesome accomplishment. And I know Yankees fans alike were the only ones they could have numerically home run king because they've had it since 1926 that they have an incredible thing at the letter and judged it would be really want to add another layer to what he thought was the fear the ultimate example of betting on yourself.

He turned down a $213 million extension offer prior to the season, believing that he could get more, but the object of course of doing that is now I gotta go out there and have pretty much my life and the guy was already at 50 homeruns and he went out and did it and he did it at an incredible pace and wonders going to probably win him the American League MVP award, and I think it will.

Even though Shelley Otani is become a unicorn that were not fully appreciate.

I don't think until the time in which we realize that nobody could come along and probably ever do the kind of thing that he's doing. That aside, most valuable player that you know if you have never playoff and it has a lot of value for voters, but Aaron judge that on himself big time because the chips all the way in the middle of the table. I think you can be cast again somewhere. Probably I don't mount.

Now I have a hard time imagining that he's not going to be in the Bronx of the next deal, but will all find out when the hospital comes along, but we'll have to fast for the house so we got to the best part of baseball seasons on them too much. Very good luck to your Braves. Hope you guys don't gather too much rust watching the wildcard round but hopefully the Mets and the brazen class. Again, great McCauley, 92, 90 game from the diamond but from the lockdown ATL because you have so many youth I don't your business cards like him as God's three volumes.

Thank you very much and will talk again soon. I was bored to them if you got a great McCauley from 90 to 9 the game in Atlanta.

This is the atom gold shell June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak.

Figuring it out on the fly.

The caseworker look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Carolina listen line

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