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NBA Finals Game 4 with the League Pass Lair

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June 10, 2022 3:20 pm

NBA Finals Game 4 with the League Pass Lair

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 10, 2022 3:20 pm

The Golden State Warriors face the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the NBA Finals with major question marks about Draymond Green, and the health of Steph Curry. Brenden Whitted and Brian Geisinger of the League Pass Lair joined the show to talk about the NBA Finals.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. There's a big picture conversation going on about the, not only the demise of the Golden State Warriors this year, but is it over for this group? Should they consider moving on from fill in the blank? That's being discussed.

Alright, maybe? I don't know, you're still in the NBA Finals right now. I mean, I get that it looks like they are easily second best to Boston.

It looks like it. Never mind that they were a fourth quarter implosion away from winning Game 1. And they were flat better in Game 2. You know, Boston won Game 3 and they were clearly the better team. Even though Golden State put on a third quarter run and actually took a lead with a couple of minutes to go in the third, but look, Boston was the better team throughout. Let's see what happens tonight. I think Boston's going to win tonight. I think Boston, watching them, they look like the better team. But I think Golden State, when you add James Wiseman back into the mix and you give Moody and Kaminga another year, I think they have the makings for another really, really good run. Let's see if Klay Thompson can get healthier and more consistent.

I mean, Steph Curry is still great. But we'll talk about that with the league pass layer. What we should do now is listen to the Wall of Sound and Tony La Russa. You can actually hear his brain growing bigger.

The Wall of Sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. All right.

So, yes, this is just interesting to me. Yesterday in Chicago, it was Yankees, I'm sorry, it was Dodgers and White Sox. And the Dodgers had a 6-5 lead batting top of the sixth inning. Freddie Freeman had just delivered a go-ahead RBI single. He's a left-handed batter off of a left-handed pitcher. Trey Turner is the batter next, and they're just pitching to him normal, and it gets to 0-2. And the next pitch was a curveball in the dirt or a slider in the dirt. And it gets all the way back to the backstop, and Freeman moves up to second. So, first base is open. Tony La Russa came out, and with a left-handed batter on deck and a right-handed hitter, Trey Turner, better hitter up, said, now let's walk him, even though it was 1-2. So, this is the way the White Sox broadcast crew acted. Typically, at two strikes, the league batting average is quite low.

Wait a second. They're going to intentionally walk him. On 1-2? Yep. Can you explain that to me?

I think you don't want Turner to do any more damage, and you want to take advantage of the lefty lefty. Typically, at two strikes, the league batting average is quite low. Oh, yeah. It is that. When was the last time you saw somebody intentionally walk on 1-2?

It didn't happen often. That's my favorite part. That is fantastic. Jason Benetti and Steve Stone, great crew, great broadcasting. Benetti says it, and Steve Stone goes, yep.

You can tell. Neither is a fan of the move, and I get it. It's not a move to be a fan of. After the game, by the way, it didn't work out. Max Muncie, the hitter that La Russa ordered Trey Turner walked for, ended up hitting an opposite field three-run home run, and it made the score 9-5.

White Sox ultimately lost to the Dodgers 11-9. So, after the game, La Russa is asked about this. Can you explain the thought process on the intentional walk with Turner? So, let me ask you a question.

Is there some question about whether that was a good move or not? I guess at 1-2 is the question. Do you know what he hits against left-hand pitching with one 0-1 or two strikes? Do you know what he hits? Well, do you know what Muncie hits with two strikes against the left-hand pitcher?

Is that really a question? Because it was 1-2? Turner with a strike left against a left-hander is not something you can avoid if you can. We had an open base and Muncie happened to be the guy behind him, and that's a better matchup. Again, somebody disagrees. That's the beauty of this game.

Welcome to it. That wasn't a tough call. Was there a reason to not do it right away and wait until 1-2? That's when the pitch got away. That's when the base was open. Look, it's not the worst move I've ever seen, what Tony La Russa did, so we don't have to go bananas about it.

I would say this. First of all, I'm sure he just misspoke. Max Muncie wasn't coming up with a two-strike count on him, so he had a fresh at-bat. Muncie is a better hitter in his career versus left-handed pitchers than right-handed pitchers. You were actually putting somebody up when he was in a more favorable at-bat for him. Muncie is about a 160-165 hitter this year, so the answer for La Russa should have been, Turner is hitting 300, Muncie is hitting 165, I'm going to go with that matchup.

He didn't have to go lefty, 1-2, because what really he should have done, and this is the way better move for La Russa, is to, we call it an unintentional, intentional walk. At 1-2, you've got three chances to get Trey Turner to chase a ball out of the strike zone. Why not take advantage of that? Why not do that? Why not throw, you know, three chain jumps away against Trey Turner, or a slider away, or a slider up and in, just do something different.

You don't have to do that. You don't have to walk him, but that's what they chose to do, and maybe that would have been the better move, or the better question for Tony La Russa. Why not just pitch around him?

Tony La Russa, but Tony's got to be smarter than everybody. Back-to-back home runs for Texas in the top of the sixth. It is 7-4, East Carolina.

Texas batting top of the sixth inning in Greenville. All right, we haven't heard this yet, so let's do this. Tom Brady, who most people know, has signed already between a $35 and $40 million annual contract to be NBC's future, no, Fox's, future lead NFL analyst, was talking about opportunities after football, and here it is. I mean, it's, again, I had a lot of conversations with a lot of people, as I've had for the last three or four years, in my career, about, you know, different opportunities when I'm done playing football. So, you know, I kind of made a decision of what I'd like to do, and I'll get to be in the game of football, and I think for me the most important thing is where I'm at now, and, you know, what I hope to do for this team. That's been my commitment to, you know, this team and organization. It's been so much fun for me to come here two years ago. It's been almost two and a half years now, and it's been an incredible part of my football journey, and it's not over, and we still got a lot to accomplish. So I got a long life ahead, and, you know, there's a lot of fun things to do ahead.

I'm looking forward to what's ahead in football, but at the same time, you know, none of us are promised much beyond what we have now, and this is the current moment, and I'm really excited about going out there to try to compete and win a championship. Plus another episode of The Match, likely. Yeah. Did you watch any of The Match? Not once.

I did not watch anything of The Match. Well, I know he was asked, and part of the context of that question, or his answer, I should say, was there are rumors floating around about him possibly joining the front office, or actually the ownership group as a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins. Yeah, that rumor came out three months ago. Yeah, but he was asked more about it because being at OTAs, and he never really denied it.

No, because here's, honestly, I've done enough reading on this, it was actually supposed to happen. He was supposed to, wasn't going to play, he was going to retire, he was going to go into Miami's front office, and then a year from now, he might come back on the field, right? But then they went and did the whole thing with Brian Flores, and Brady was like, yeah, maybe I want to stay away from that organization. Now, he might end up there, but yeah, so ultimately that was probably going to happen this offseason, where Brady was going to end up, because I think that his preference was to go to Miami two years ago, and not to Tampa. I don't know.

I don't know what the... I mean, he had trouble beating Miami with New England. They did, actually. He's got a losing record in Miami. Tom Brady has a losing record against the Dolphins in Miami.

That's absolutely wild. All right, game four. Is this the Warriors' last stand?

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Put together your very own tax and retirement plan. Call 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. Off of the crossbar and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move. Presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts. And because we are constantly prisoners of the moment in sports, it has come to my attention that this is not only the last stand for the Golden State Warriors in this series, but maybe forever.

So let's bring in the league pass layer. Back together for the first time in a couple of weeks. Brendan Whitted and Brian Geissinger will give you their particulars in a moment.

They are our NBA analyst. Brendan, I will start with you. Is it over? It's like when the Germans, it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

Exactly. Nah, man. I told you from Jump Street this was going to be a long series. I think it's going to go seven. This is the pivotal game, though. Like they, Golden State got off on the wrong foot, lost home court advantage off jump. And again, came up small in the fourth quarter. That's the surprising thing for me.

Like for a team that is the team with more experience, not only on the court, but at the coaching position. They're the team that's come up small in fourth quarters. And that's a surprise. You know, I mean, they scored 11 points in the fourth quarter, like completely crapped the bed. Did the same thing in the first in the first game, first game of 40.

Yeah. You know, I mean, like that's just a surprise to me. Like, I just didn't I didn't see that coming. And it was and was disappointing to see them come up so small. Turn the ball over so frequently.

Not be able to finish defensive possessions for rebounds. It was just. Yeah, it was just it was disappointing. There's no question. Brian Geisinger is back with us after spending some time in the deserts of Utah.

All right, so talk to me about this, Brian. Tell me tell me why Golden State has been so pedestrian in two of the three fourth quarters. And is it time to maybe put Draymond Green out to pasture?

No, it's not not quite time for that yet. He was one of the best defensive players in the league this season before an injury. He made one deep boy over Marcus smart, if not for an injury. And he's been instrumental in them getting back to the finals.

Like, look, sometimes some games, you know, it just you don't have it right now. And that's kind of happening with Draymond. But I still think what he brings to you defensively is imperative.

And it's like what that entire operation on that side of the floor hinges on. On offense, Golden State, they need his passing. They need his playmaking. They need the creation. They need the handoffs.

They need the slips. They need the short rolls with with with Steph Curry. So, no, it's not time.

Just it's not time just yet. You got to remember he is going up against one of the best NBA defenses in the last 20 years. Like I know he's not having it offensively right now.

He's never been much of a score or shooter since maybe early in his career. But but no, we're not we're not at the point now where we're ready to move from Draymond Green. In fact, they need Golden State needs it more now than ever before starting tonight.

All right, let me let me just change the conversation. Not really changing the conversation because Golden State's got a couple of guys who might be able to impact the game. And Brian Geissinger and Brendan Whittaker here.

And I'll start with you here, Brian. This my read on Game 3 was that we could talk about Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum and Marcus Smart each going for more than 20. To me, the difference in the game was Boston was just way better than Golden State at the rim on both ends of the floor. Offensive rebounding on one end, clearly an advantage for the Celtics. And then seven block shots on the other where Golden State just couldn't get anything really around the rim.

How does that change what no matter what Draymond does? Yeah, I mean, that's look, Golden State literally doubled up Boston in the paint in terms of points in the paint. That's game right there.

Like, that's it. That's that's you do that and you know, you have that kind of defense and you that does as far as creating free throws and kick out threes like that's it. So whomever wins the paint like that, like this really does feel like one of those games where both these teams are very good. They're dynamic on two sides of the court. And it's just like which of these two teams is going to push the right buttons at the right moment and get into the paint the most. And I think really the ability of Marcus Smart to get in there was big because once he's able to do that, that creates kick outs for Taylor Brown and Jason Tatum. How does how does Golden State win that battle, Brendan?

Ooh, buddy. It was it was great watching how the Celtics exploited that switch and kind of picked on Curry a little bit. Curry got into a foul shot in the first half of game one. He got three files and I thought they went away from that a little bit too much.

Again, two and gave three. You saw it a little bit more. They I sold a little bit more on him. And again, Steph is not a minus defender. He's a he's a quality defender, but he's just smaller. And they have guys in Brown and Tatum and even smart who's just a he's just a bold.

He's just a he's just a strong dude. I can just like kind of bully him a little bit once that once that switch comes and once they can put him in, put him in the basket a little bit in the paint. I don't even know how much more they can do other than just try to fight that switch.

They'll switch really, really easily. And so what they can do then is maybe try to do like I think they should try to take it out of Taylor's hands a little bit more. And by the way, he was great, a great decision maker. Again, like he was back at me. He was he was doing the thing he was doing in game one where it was. Hey, why wasn't shooting that one game one? He was finding open guys skip passing, hitting the weak side and starting to like really exploit that sort of thing.

He's so good offensively that him taking that step as a playmaker, as a passer, getting it right in the guy's shooting pocket so that they can go make the drive or make the or make the shot immediately and makes it really, really difficult for me. I think they just got to fight switch a little bit more. Hey, sometimes you don't have to switch immediately.

I know that that's that's what you want to do. But, you know, if they're going to pick on Curry in that way, hey, maybe fight it over the top of that screen. Maybe give a little help and get back like give them a look. You have to give people different looks. That's essentially what it is like that. These got these guys are too, too talented for them to be able to walk up court and know exactly what you're going to do. And so sometimes you're going to have to fight over those screens and sometimes you're going to have you're just going to have to not switch because there's nothing really Curry can do in those. Like, Marcus was getting like three, four or five dribbles in the paint. That's too much.

That's too much like that. I mean, he's a good defender, but he's limited. So you can't have Tatum and Brown and smart being able to have that sort of ISO in that sort of way. In terms of Draymond Green, man, like. It's tough. He's regressed offensively in the industry.

You know, I mean, like that, we do have to have an honest and open comes out of court. Drew was better than him last night. And I thought it was weird that they just kind of went away for him.

They even went to equal dollar. They and he was a plus for in the game. They lost by 16 points in a game.

He played 21 minutes. That's hard to do. And the only way you're able to do it is if you're making quality plays.

It's not his score or anything like that. It's the office of rebounds is fighting this rebound. If you're going to be, they went the goal state went small and they were still not as quick to the ball. So you can't be small and slow. Like you got a big one. You can't be both.

I'm small and slow. Right. And I wouldn't start you with no damn game. Well, OK, that's a good point. It's a good point. It was an unnecessary response from you, Brendan.

All right. So how does Golden State like? I thought Gary Payton would play a bigger role in Game three because he played a big role in Game two. I thought that Payton and you and I may have talked about this. I thought that Payton, who surprised me by even being available in Game two. I thought he was part of the part of the turnaround in the second quarter with Draymond and Clay and Kevin Looney all on the bench.

And then he barely plays in Game three. Does Gary Payton, does Jonathan Kaminga, who gives them size and athleticism, maybe even Moses Moody. Do these guys have to play a bigger role because it just looks like Boston's been bullying them? Yeah, they just don't seem as athletic. You know, I mean, like they're they're they're faster the ball.

They're bigger. Now, those offensive rebounds absolutely killed Golden State in the fourth quarter. Like they just like Boston kept getting bites at the apple and it was just too much for them. And so, like, hey, if one if you're gonna go small, everyone has to rebound. Guys were leaking out trying to get in transition. I understand that you want to play in transition versus a really good defensive team like the Celtics. If the tallest guy on the court is six, seven, six, eight, everybody has to rebound. Guards on down. I didn't feel like they had enough urgency in the in that sort of way. Hopefully Curry is healthy also for Game four. Yeah. After getting landed on and not getting that. But like they like they have to be more physically engaged for this game for because this is the season.

This is the series. This is their legacy. Like you're not you're not going to come back down three one. Y'all like y'all got LeBron in your squad. OK, so like somebody like you have to understand.

Here's. I don't think it's a must win for Golden State. I think they can still win the series because what it comes down to. Yeah, of course, they could lose in Game five. No, there's no doubt about it. And I actually think the team that wins Game four will win Game five.

So I got I'm sort of like contradicting myself here. But I do think that if even if the Warriors lose this game, they win Game five. And now you're really just you have to win one road game. They were going to have to win a road game anyway, especially after losing Game one. So I don't think it says must much of a must win as as everybody else.

But I think it all depends on how they look. I think you can play a good game if you're Golden State and lose, but they can't do it. They can't put up 11 points in the fourth quarter like they did in Game three.

They can't look inept on the defensive end, especially against drives like they did in Game three. I think the way it looks is arguably more important than what the outcome of the game is. But I also don't buy that this is the end of the dynasty because I mean, Clay only played half a season.

He hadn't played in two years. So I still think that there is more for clay. Maybe not this year, but next year, they wasted a good clay game though. Like that's I think that's part of what I think they'll get another good play game.

I think they will too. But like, I mean, he would what was he? He was seven to seventeen twenty five points like he was that was kind of vintage clay right there. They kind of wasted it away.

And by the way, the happiest person about Draymond sport performances is his pool. Like he wasn't bad, but like they needed more from him. They need they need a little bit more from him. We just went for 18 like that's those are the things that you want. You want 25 from Clay. You want 31 from Curry. You want 18 from Wiggins who needed more. They needed more from that bitch because they go to say only I scored them on one point on that auxiliary unit. All right. So let me ask you this as we as we let you go. Brennan Whitted is here.

Technical difficulties is robbed us of Brian Geissinger or maybe he's still out in Moab. Here's the when I look at this game, these three the three games that we've seen. It just strikes me that the Warriors have more question marks regarding where the points are coming from. I know Curry's going to get his he's going to get 31 tonight because that's what Curry does. But I don't know what I'm going to get from Clay. I don't know what I'm going to get from Andrew Wiggins. I don't know what I'm going to get from Jordan Poole with Boston. I mean, I might not get a great game from from Jason Tatum. I'm probably going to get a good game from Jason Tatum, but they've got so many more options. I could get 20 from Marcus smart and 20. I mean, Al Horford could give us 19 and 14 tonight. He could give us to write. He could give us to and he is just like Marcus.

Well, I say like there's the question like that. So I kind of look at Curry and Tatum as being a wash, right? Okay. Two superstars. That's the wash. What are we going to get from Brown? What we're going to get from play?

We'll go from pool. And then who's the third best score on the Celtics? I think it's probably smart.

Yeah, I guess. You know, I mean, like I have I have a lot of questions about where the points come from for the Celtics, too. They're both to these teams really remind me of one another, not necessarily and how they attack. You know, Celtics are more of a driving kick team. Go to state is more of a motion offense. But like I know what one do is going to show up regardless for both teams.

Let's let's move that off the table for a second. Who's going to be the next guy? Who are but like and Brown has shown up routinely as being that sort of guy, especially early in games, right?

Particularly early again. They the things that bothered him versus the heat. The Golden State doesn't have they'll have a lot of great ball defenders.

Draymond Green. We mentioned him earlier, even on ball. He's been offering. He's been and this is according to a second spectrum.

He's given up one point to four points per position as the primary defender. No, no, no, no. That doesn't sound good. It's not great. It's not great. I'll be I'll be honest with you.

It's not great. And so like if so, who are these point of attack defenders that they have the heat seem to have a ton of them. Golden State really just has the one likes versus claim gets back from century outside of Wiggins. It gets a lot that that bench gets really, really short. And that's why I thought Gary Payton Jr. will be a bigger point.

And I hope I see him more. I thought current went with with ready for way, way too long. I'm interested to see how that goes. Like, I want to see some different some, some, some changes for Golden State. I want to see curse show up a little bit more because I thought he got out coach last night.

I mean way it get through in. They've been great in the third quarters and not so great in the fourth quarters. And I don't know if that's just Boston wearing Golden State out the third quarter.

That's the adjustment quarter. And Steve Kerr has won that all three times. I mean, they got it last. They got it. 33 to 25 in game three. They still won that third quarter. They want to like go sell this spot a little bit back at the end of that third quarter.

And that and it was a one-two possession game as opposed to being the Golden State up big. I want I want to I want to feel curl a little bit more in this game for it's time to earn the chips, bro. There you go. Brendan waited. My man at huco cell on Twitter.

Thank you very much. Go go buy some and talk to you next week. Talk to you later. Brendan waited and hopefully Brian Geisinger would clear up his technical difficulties.

We'll talk to him next week. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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