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Thor: Love & Thunder Spoiler-free Review // What will the ACC look like in 10 years?

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July 8, 2022 3:37 pm

Thor: Love & Thunder Spoiler-free Review // What will the ACC look like in 10 years?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 8, 2022 3:37 pm

Dennis offers his spoiler-free review on Thor: Love & Thunder, and how wonders how it fits into the MCU as a whole and questions if the movie advances the overall Phase 4 storyline forward.

Luke DeCock of the New & Observer joined to discuss ACC realignment, and if the North Carolina General Assembly will try to ensure that NC State & UNC have to be paired together.

Plus, Dennis & Hayes Permar offer their sports bets for the weekend.

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Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. It's downright pleasant out there today. Overcast only hitting like the low 90s instead of these high 90s that we've been having the past couple days. We're going to talk to Jeremy Green a little bit later up in Asheville and I'm just going to yell at him for a little bit for not having to do it.

I assume it's about 10 degrees at the least. It's 10 degrees cooler up in Asheville. So we'll ask him about Baker Mayfield and about what the temperature is like up there. Joe Gillio will be a part of that.

Coming up in 15 minutes, Luke DeCock will join us. We'll talk some more conference realignment, what the ACC can and should be doing to ensure their survival for as long as possible. One of the things that rings in my head about this is the conversation with David Glenn who pointed out, yes, it is one that nobody's in denial of the fact that the ACC under the current arrangements and as they move forward will be getting less money than the Big Ten and the SEC.

But I did some TV on Spectrum News with former Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr who's been involved in a lot of sports stuff and like one of the things he kept saying was like, what? I mean, yes, when it comes to making money for like your income, more is better than less, right? If you could do the same job and they give you more money, that'd be a good thing, right? But ultimately like money can't be the number one only thing that exists in the world.

Like you can't only make every choice just to pursue the top possible dollar that you can make. And one of the things David Glenn pointed out was when did they become at a competitive advantage? Like if you gave every Big Ten school $400 million a year, like let's just get stupid with it. Northwestern is still not going to be better than Clemson in football. Even if Clemson's only pulling in a measly $50 million from the ACC or whatever it is, and Northwestern's getting $100 or $120 million, Clemson is not going to fall behind Northwestern in the football game anytime soon, right?

And like that has stuck with me. And so when you take out the, it's like Alabama and then at any other given time, there's like maybe Alabama, Ohio State, and then there's usually one or so other wildcard schools at the time. Eight years ago, it was like Florida State. More recently it was Clemson. Georgia's filling that void right now. There are definitely three or four schools that if you took them away, you would still be looking at a big money, power, resource difference between everybody else in the SEC. Tennessee, perfect example. Tennessee versus Wake Forest over the past 10 years in football. How much money does Tennessee have, both from their conference payout, from their gate revenue, from being a huge alumni base, all this stuff. Tennessee has way more money, advantage, history than Wake Forest in football, right? And if I were a better radio host and I hadn't just thought out this comparison during this segment as I was talking, I would give you the exact numbers of what they've done over the past 10 years.

Or let's start with whatever Dave Claussen got there. That's eight years ago now or whatever. But Wake Forest has whooped Tennessee in expectations, in achievements, in like going to bowl games or whatever. I'm sure they haven't played, maybe they have played head to head. I don't know if they've played head to head. And Wake Forest has beaten SEC teams in bowl games. It's not like they're playing a soft schedule. They're playing in the Atlantic Division. They beat teams like NC State and Louisville.

They haven't quite gotten over the hurdle of knocking over Dave Claussen in the past couple years. But like, if you believe that the team that has more money is always going to do better, then you're ignoring some of the evidence that says to the contrary. Now, yes, ultimately, money is a factor, right? There's a reason why they're the Division 1 schools and Division 3 schools. There's a difference between the two. But it does.

There is something. It's not just, well, we're falling behind the SEC and how much money they're making. If you're not falling that much further behind in football and no further than you, again, already were like, there's no amount of money that you could be given where you're going to be competing with Alabama and football, North Carolina or NC State.

Right? Like, you're just not. You're competing with the Mississippis of the world and the, you know, not the Ohio States, but the Michigan States. Michigan State's been successful. I'm not saying that they haven't been, but NC State would love to occupy a position in college football that Michigan State holds right now.

And there's nothing to me that suggests that Dave Doran doesn't have on a path to do that, right? Every year, you're expected to win seven, eight or nine. One out of four years, you might make a run at 10 or 11. And one out of 10 years, you might have a season where things go wrong and you win five or six, right? You're not expected to make the college football championship every year. You might make a run at it once a decade when the stars align.

You might have a year or two that things drop off. But like, I don't know. I just, that's not going to disappear instantly because you're not immediately getting the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Big Ten and the SEC are. Anyway. All right.

It is time. Maybe we could stop hearing. I'm acting like I don't like hearing Guns N' Roses. I'm fine.

I play Guns N' Roses every intro. But it is time for Dennis Cox's review of Thor Love and Thunder. And coming up next after this, just stick around because Adam Gold is somehow appearing on other radio shows today. He couldn't stay away.

We're going to give you his takes on Baker Mayfield in just a second. But first, how was Thor Love and Thunder yesterday? I love how you were there like before I left the studio, you were already in the movie theater watching Thor Love and Thunder. I was like sitting down to dinner and you had already seen the movie, which I assume is three hours because every movie now is three hours. Actually, no.

The runtime of the movie is an hour fifty nine. All right. With respect to that already.

Yes. So but here's also a slight gripe on theaters. I had a four thirty movie. I walked in the theater at four fifty and there were still trailers because I knew it was going to be at least twenty minutes. Somebody at one point... I was like, what are we doing here?

You know, I'm trying to think of the... we do need to regulate this. We need to change this because I do like seeing previews. I enjoy previews. But you don't like previews? Depending.

That's a different topic for a different time. I like previews and I don't love unnecessary burdensome regulations, but I'm not sure the government shouldn't step in and say you got five minutes max of previews. And I think I want to look this up. I think somebody tried to sue a movie theater chain for false advertising for like you keep telling me a movie starts at seven thirty. And like you said, I am getting there at seven thirty five and I'm there for twenty minutes. And the movie hasn't even started yet. And like you're you know, that's you're kind of taking money out of my pocket if you're lying and telling me, you know, I got to sit there for thirty minutes for free. It's basically to try and get everybody in through contestants or whatever. But no, we need to regulate this in the movie industry.

I want this to happen. All right. But that gripe out of the way. That out of the way.

I can go on to that for a long time. But OK, spoiler free review of Thor Love and Thunder. Overall, fun movie. Very fun movie. Thor Ragnarok in terms of the Thor movies themselves set up very, very high bar.

I will say this does not reach that bar. But overall, it still was a good movie. I do have questions, though, because it is part of the the Marvel universe as a whole and a much larger storyline. I don't feel this movie advance anything in the Marvel storyline at all that in the overall sense. So, for example, Spider-Man No Way Home introduces the multiverse. So there are steps for in the MCU.

We saw that also take place in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. We saw steps forward. We saw some other characters introduced in these movies. This movie, we got some new characters. I won't say who, but we did get some new characters. But overall, in terms of just advancing the story as a whole outside of a couple cameo appearances from characters, this movie didn't advance anything, didn't really move anything forward. And I know, for example, I know a lot of people for I don't know if you watch the Obi-Wan series on Disney Plus.

Sure. A lot of people were griping after what the third episode like, oh, they're doing this wrong, whatever that wrong. Like there's still half a season left.

Right. And then sure enough, you get through the end of the season, oh, okay, this was great. Now they're just taking steps to set things up. I don't know if this movie took any sort of step, but I also know it's part of a larger story. This phase four for Marvel for me right now is just, it's almost like it's a soft reset. Okay. I guess you can say because we're introducing a lot of new characters, we're figuring out where people are, we're phasing out some of the original characters that we saw in the Avengers. And again, just trying to figure out where it's going. I think eventually, probably in phase five, they're setting up for Secret Wars. Sure.

Is what they're setting up. But again, I feel like this story didn't really get us any further in the overall story. All right, a couple things. One, it's got to be difficult to continue to try and make movies that A, work standalone.

Yeah. And B, do what you're saying, like advance as part of the story, right? Standalone, it's fun.

Standalone in and of itself, it's fun. I actually feel like they could have gotten deeper. There's a depth they could have reached with the storytelling even further.

I think they rely too much on the comedy bit. Okay. And I think there was a little bit more depth they could have reached.

They probably could have gone about 10 minutes longer in all honesty. All right. And then two, I have a question. You say they're introducing new characters.

Yes. I don't need a deep description of them, but who are some of the new characters? Well, I don't want to spoil anything.

Oh, okay, because they've come up. But here's my thing. Part of the reason that the Marvel Universe has done so well is it's brought a bunch of people in. You who buy the comic books and have read those, but also to me who was a kid in the 80s and knew cartoons that these people existed in. Even if I didn't watch Thor or read Thor, I remember him being in one of the video games of Spider-Man.

You know who these are? The Marvel versus Capcom games. I've never read a Captain America comic strip or comic book, but I know who Captain America is, right? I know who Iron Man is. So if you're introducing new characters, the old characters worked partly because even if I've never directly bought a comic book, they had entered my consciousness through video games, movies, cartoons when I was a kid, all that stuff.

Some of these new people, I worry I'm like, I don't know who they are and it's going to be a tougher sell to get the casual guy in to watch the movie. I know with each phase with Marvel, there was always a big payoff. So the first phase, granted it was a lot less movies and less characters, we got the first Avengers movie. Second phase, we got Age of Ultron as the big payoff. And then the third phase is when we got Infinity War and Endgame. This phase four, I don't think we're going to have that big tie in payoff. I just don't think we're going to have that. And I don't know if that's going to turn some people off.

But again, this is kind of like a softish reboot for the MCU. Gotcha. All right. Then I do have some information that I mentioned earlier. The Lowe's theater chain has promised to put a disclaimer in future ads letting viewers this is from 2003 2005 when the lawsuit was settled. OK. A disclaimer in future ads letting viewers know the actual start to letting people know that the start time listed actually means the start of the previews.

Well, I mean, everyone kind of knew that. But what we need is to know when the movie is going to start and what's the limit on time that you can show previews. It says a Chicago area woman sued Lowe's Cineplex theaters two years ago after she saw The Quiet American at one of the chain's theaters.

A state appellate court dismissed the suit Friday ruling that Lowe's has solved the problem. So she sued basically saying you're falsely advertising, saying the movie starts in. So now they just had to say movies start with preview. So somewhere in your movie listing and you go to the site, probably on there, it says movie will start with previews. But it doesn't say how long.

Now we need regulators to step in and give you five minutes. I wish they would put on outside the theater. You know, outside of like whatever theater you're in, inside the movie theater as a whole, like a countdown clock. Yeah. Oh, that's perfect. Put a countdown.

Lawyer Mark Weinberg said Lowe's has only adopted a voluntary policy that it could drop at any time. These things go on for 20, 25 minutes with theaters just getting out of control and exploiting a captive audience and our fast paced society. This is 2005. We didn't even have smartphones. Exactly. Smartphones didn't exist in 25 minutes with still too much of this guy. 25 minutes of your precious stolen time.

There's something wrong with that. Though the courts don't seem interested in stopping it from happening. We need to re pick up this legislation. Somebody called Lawyer Mike Weinberg, Mark Weinberg, excuse me, I'm sure he'd love the fees.

And let's not sit through previews any longer. The News and Observers, Luke Tkach. He's the two time North Carolina sportswriter.

Actually, maybe more than two, at least two. He's the multi time winner of the North Carolina sportswriter of the year, the longtime columnist for the News and Observer. And no, we're not going to talk Wimbledon, but we could if he wants. He is yet another person that I am pulling off of vacation to serve my whims, to talk about conference realignment.

Luke, what's going on, man? You know, it's funny, I went out to Winston-Salem to watch Curios play Andy Murray last year, and then Curios failed at the last second. So I am no stranger to Curios drama. Gotcha.

I actually have a question. It's not directly related to the, it's not the BB&T open, is it anymore? Is it the truest open? I think it's just the Winston-Salem open. Just the Winston-Salem open.

Yeah, I think so. I don't have a question about that, but I have a related question about you going to the Triad to ask questions of highly paid country club sports players, but that'll come a little bit later. Let's start here.

I tuned in a little bit to hear the News and Observer space as you guys did tonight, partly so I could get smarter and ask you to repeat the smartest things that I heard you say. This is the thing that everyone wants to know. Is the ACC coming apart at the seams?

I think smart people are saying not this summer, right? Like, the next move you're going to hear is not likely to be North Carolina, Virginia to the Big Ten or whatever it might be, but I'm more concerned with what is the ACC going to do and what should they be doing right now to solidify their position as a viable conference? Well, two things. One, you know, they've got to ensure, and this means going back to the lawyers, that you know what the schools have, that the grant of rights that binds this conference together will hold up in court. As we get closer to 2036, the dynamics change.

Right now, in 2022, it's 14 years to run. Will this hold up in court? How could it be challenged? They need to basically do what you call in politics opposition research, OPPO. They need to figure out if a school like Clemson, if a school like Florida State or Miami wants to challenge the grant of rights and jump to the SEC, how do we defend that? What is our status legally?

Because, you know, it looks good on paper, and it seems imposing on paper, but you and I both know that a good lawyer can turn paper to one of those little origami votes. So that's that's job one. Job two for Jim Phillips is he's got to get some good news to hand out to these teams that have the options. And that's the three schools I mentioned, plus North Carolina. Really, those are the four and Notre Dame.

Those are the five you need to keep in the fold to keep in the family. And you've got to give them some good news. And to me, the easiest track to do that is to stop putting the brakes on college football playoff expansion and and and move that for you. Stop that process. And for good reason at the time.

But now that the dynamic has changed, you need to go back and restart that process. Luke Oregon, the chairman of the selection committee, you've got other people involved on the management side. Jack Swarbrick is obviously gets his own seat at the table at Notre Dame. You've got the people in place to go push this forward. It doesn't have to be the plan that Notre Dame and the FCC were trying to horn swaggle past everybody last summer. But you need you need to come up with some good news. And that would be number one.

And number two, number, I guess, number two and number three is you've got to buy time. The only thing that can save the ACC is we get closer to twenty thirty six. It's Florida State and Miami and Virginia Tech and maybe someone like NC State being CFP worthy football teams. Honestly, 95 percent of the ACC's problems can be attributed to being sold to fill up goods when they added Miami to the conference. Right. And that's it. If you have Clemson and Miami and Florida State stays good, you're not in this fix. You're not.

That's just the way the world. Yeah. You might not be making more money than the SEC, but you wouldn't be getting lapped by them multiple times like it's about to start happening in the next few years. The other thing that I've heard, Chip Patterson said it jokingly, I think, on this program, but I heard you talk about it, too.

Chip said, oh, it's easy. Just take Boston College cut of the pie and give it to Clemson every year and we'll be fine. But one of the things that seems like it would be back on the table, you know, one of the being a conference member, a lot of times has come with the everybody is treated equally and everybody gets a fair share.

Do you think that there is a path to start having discussions of, hey, we're going to have to divide up the shares based on who's earning more of it right now? Has to be discussed, and I think it'll end up happening. There's no reason in 2022 that Boston College and North Carolina should be eating out of the same trough.

There just isn't. And it's not good for the conference. And quite frankly, I think there are a few schools, and I'm not going to name names, who know who they are, who are content to sort of muddle along collecting ACC paychecks without making the same investment into athletics that other schools do.

And that can't that can't happen. It needs now whatever the formula is based on performance or revenue generation or you let teams keep their bowl in NCAA tournament revenue. However you do it, there needs to be some formula that connects performance, whether that's financial or competitive, to what you get from the conference. And that goes against everything the ACC was founded on.

But in this sort of crisis, there could be no half measures. If you want to keep the league together, you've got to give schools like Clemson and North Carolina a reason to stick in it. Luke DeCalc of the Newsman Observer, I enjoyed talking to you and listening to things you talk about because there's some proactive stuff. It's not all, I've been kind of doing the, you know, the classic radio guy.

I'm a fill-in radio guy, so I'm doing the radio thing. Like, I'm here in North Carolina yelling, don't believe swim swim rumors. The ACC is fine. The ACC is fine. But like.

2004 all over. I know, I know, but like, but I don't want to be that guy who's just shouting, like, I don't want to be my own message boarder who's like, no, that's not happening to my league. This is North Carolina, you know, but like, but I so, but I appreciate you again. Nobody's in denial that the ACC is in a bit of a crisis situation.

It's just, I'm not willing to make that next step of, and tomorrow we should all wake up expecting for North Carolina to be in the Big Ten. I just let me give you on that note, can I give you my great solution slash idea? Yeah. Yes. We'll agree with.

Yes, please do. All right. So here's the thing. I've been talking to lawyers going through the ACC's bylaws, going through the North Carolina general statute, as far as I can tell, unless I'm overlooking something painfully obvious, you can dissolve the ACC with a majority vote of schools, like any other nonprofit. There's no specific language in the ACC's bylaws or constitution. So if it becomes clear at some point that Clemson and Florida State, Miami are going to the FCC and the Big Ten isn't buying Duke and they're not the legislature yoke NC State to UNC, which I realized lately has been in the habit of giving the general assembly unsolicited advice on everything from the handout to the ACC to gambling, but I'm going to, I'm going to do it again here. I was, I was going to ask you about this anyway, so go ahead.

This is perfect. Yes. So the legislature, if it's, if it's awake, which we never, which, which it could have done it on July 1st, we'll have to do it in January to yoke NC State to UNC in any of these discussions. Um, so let's say the Big Ten doesn't want NC State. So now you're faced with an ACC that could potentially lose Clemson, Florida State, Miami.

They figured out a way out of the grant of rights. So that's three votes to dissolve. Here's what I would do. I would take the Big Four. I would get Virginia and Virginia Tech and that gets you to nine votes. And I would say, we're going to do what the Sedgefield seven did in 1953. We're going to go our own way and start over. So you take those six schools, you can take Georgia Tech.

I like Navy, maybe Notre Dame wants to be a part of that. You put that together, you go to ESPN, say, we'll take what's left of the ACC network and give you some programming. And you basically turn the clock back to 1953 to get rid of all these old biggie schools. You walk away from that, you start over as the Atlantic Coast conundrum or something.

The Atlantic Coast conundrum. I like, see, I want to, now that we're in, uh, I don't know if you're a Marvel movie guy, but now basically you can throw out any plot and you can time travel and do things. You know what I mean? You can go, you can fix anything that went wrong in your last movie. You can go back and time travel it. I still want to go back to 1990 and put all effort, forget the Notre Dame, forget Notre Dame.

All efforts go into peeling Kentucky away from the SEC and convincing them that they, they're never going to belong in a football conference that if we get Kentucky, we become a basketball world. And down the road, when all this other, when we, when we get to now, we could pick off Kansas and have basically the blue blood conference and anybody like anybody else that we wanted in the basketball world, Connecticut, if we want them, Georgetown, if we want them. But like, yeah, that was, would have been the decision back then, but it's a little too late for that one.

Yeah. Here's my, here's my counterfactual. And this is one of Gene Corrigan's great regrets as commissioner too. He got caught asleep at the switch when the big 10 added Penn State. That's why the ACC quickly moved to add Florida State. What if the ACC had added Penn State and Florida State at the same time, where would the conference be now? It's an interesting counterfactual, but unfortunately it probably means ACC would have Rutgers in it or something, but either, either way, you know, there's, there's so many points like that, that things that seemed like good decisions at the time. I think the old, that, that, that turned out poorly, like extending the deal out to 2036, which is the only way the ACC could get the network, which it seemed like it's so badly needed. And now it almost feels like an anchor on the ACC. I think the only one, if you look at all of those things that happened, I mean, I guess there's two in the nineties when Tom Mikkel was sort of the consigliere of the ACC, he had a vision for a network that never really came to fruition. I mean, he did it in women's basketball. He was the first guy to get women's basketball on TV, sort of forming his own, his own little network to do that. And then in 2010, the decision to stay with Raycom, I think is essentially the, the, the, the source of all of the ACC's problems.

Now, if the ACC had gone all in with ESPN in 2010, I don't know that the network launches any earlier, but a lot of the problems that the ACC is having now are six years behind them instead of six years ahead. Luke DeCock, columnist for the Newbs and Observer, before I let you go, I don't know if I'll talk to you again on this. I'm filling in for gold, but I don't know if I got another Friday before the Wyndham Championship. What questions do you have on deck for golfers when they hit Greensboro about the Live Tour? You know, I, I, I'll be honest with you, I'm kind of Live Tour'd out at this point. I know they've tried to arrange it so there's a trickle of guys going to the tour to keep it in the headlines. You know, I guess my question would be, and his name hasn't come up, but if you're a guy who's won a major, hasn't won a lot of majors recently, has a big family, would appreciate time at home, maybe hanging out down at CCNC, you know, would somebody like Webb Simpson consider jumping to the Live Tour? I mean, I think he's the kind of guy whose profile fits, he's a big name, maybe his major contention days are behind him, although he still plays well in the players and big events like that. I think he's had what, like seven or eight straight top 15 finishes in the Wyndham. So if he's going to jump, he shouldn't jump until after the old GGO. But that's it.

I mean, I think that's an interesting name. The other one, let's keep it local. Would someone like Akshay Bhatia, who's got one Korn Ferry tour win, but is not yet secured his card for next year, has a big Callaway deal, you know, flies or has flown around on Phil Mickelson's jet. Is it make more sense for him to go after the money on the Live Tour than try to climb the ladder on the PGA Tour? I mean, I think that's, you know, all politics is local, and we haven't really had a North Carolina guy get caught up in this yet, but I think there are a couple locally who could.

That's a great answer, and two good guys that you could ask. I'm trying to decide if Akshay Bhatia is better, if we want him in the Live Tour so that you can write the Live Tour book, or if you want him to stay, if he's going to win like multiple Masters, we need him to stay here, because like, you got the inside track. If Akshay goes like number one in the world, and a multi-major winner, Luke DeCock's going to be his biographer. Like, you've got that book locked down. So it's, whichever would make- I hope so, but I'm not counting on either of those alternatives.

Whichever makes the better story for Luke is what I'm rooting for for Akshay, man. Always. Appreciate the time. Again, my apologies to all my guests for pulling, I had to pull poor David Teel out of Europe to talk to him about Conference Re-Line, but I think you're coming off the beach. I don't know where Mike Maniscalco is talking trades, but we didn't even have to hit Kane's hockey because I got- We didn't touch Tony D'Angelo's departure. No, I know.

I did that with Maniscalco. We'll bring him- How will we ever recover? We won't. It worked for both parties in that, and now they're parting ways, and he gets to play with John- He worked out. Yeah. He gets to play with John Tortorella again. Yeah, no. He gets to go home. I mean, I think that's a big part of it, and you know, both sides got out of it what they needed this year.

Both teams need to add somebody in D. It does change the equation. I won't ramble on any longer. Thank you for joining our NNO Twitter Space yesterday.

So I'll take the free plug. I always respect people who are trying new things, and I think you guys, when you're doing it well, it's a good listen. So keep it up. Thank you.

Luke DeCock, thank you. Enjoy the rest of your vacation if you're on it, and if not, get back to the sports, man. We enjoy it. All right. Thanks, guys.

Appreciate it. Oh, it's not on the other side. It's happening right now. We're 90 minutes into the show. We've got 90 minutes left. Duncan Keith retiring. That's the breaking news for you. It's halftime. And now, your halftime entertainment. Yep, as you just said, Duncan Keith is retiring. Retiring.

Once again, big time news. Break you into Adam Cole's time here. I feel like the ice hockey, the NHL player, and the NASCAR driver, and maybe even some degree, especially if you get up there in Canada, like the hardcore hockey fan and the hardcore NASCAR fan, you might think that they're on a spectrum linearly, like at different ends, like way apart from each other, but I think it's more like a circle, and one's on one end and one's on the other, but if they looked around, they're like very close to each other. Like the hardcore hockey fan and the hardcore NASCAR fan.

And this is true of their names as well. Like Duncan Keith could definitely be the driver of the 31 Cheez-It car. Is he the teammate of Cal-Maker? Cal-Maker.

Yes. Cal-Maker is the rookie just tearing it up in the 32 Bojangles' car this summer. I think Duncan Keith, he's got one more ride in him in the number 31, now let's put the Cheez-It car, maybe put him in the Advance Auto Parts car, that's a North Carolina product just like Bojangles', right? Or that would be the Texas Pete. Yeah, the Texas Pete Chevy.

There we go. Duncan Keith, NASCAR driver, retires after 72 Winston Cup wins, four checkered flags at Daytona. No, I don't know, I recognized his name until I was like, hockey people will care, Duncan Keith retired. Who was he playing with?

Chicago. See, this isn't fair. Duncan Hancock is sending me pictures from his view at the beach, and guess what I see?

If you see a picture from the North Carolina beach, what is going to be in that picture? Shaboomies. Yes, there are. That's how you know.

That's how you know. We made those guys. All right, well speaking of hockey, Canes are actually making picks right now. They've already made five draft picks today.

Fast and furious on day two, we just sat there, did nothing, we've already made a trade and five picks today, we're flying. Well here's something that the NHL does, I was talking with Maniscalco off air before you had them, that they do right, is that they don't have a card that they send up and announce a pick, it's just like, yeah we're taking this guy, okay, next team, yep we're taking this guy. They're very efficient, we said this about NHL awards too, everybody else loves to grab the headlines of like, here's our Cy Young award winners, tomorrow it'll be our Silver Slugger award winners, tomorrow it'll be our coaches of the year, tomorrow it'll be, yeah managers of the year, next year it'll be our MVP, and that's not just baseball, everybody does that one award one day, NBA does it two, hockey, they give them to you all in about two hours. Yep. Right, they put a show on, they give you their awards, they're done. Yeah, they announce early on who the finalists are, same thing, they're just moving on.

No fanfare, and it's the same on these picks. We're taking this guy, who you got? You got that guy?

All right, let's go. Now would Cruz Lucious make an F1 driver? Cruz Lucious? Yes.

He's a right winger out of, he's part of the U.S. national. We took a guy named Cruz Lucious? Yeah. Cruz Lucious.

In the fourth round. Sounds like a Marvel character. I know. Cruz Lucious, and I'm obviously calling him, you kind of want to call him Cruz Luscious, because luscious, but Cruz Lucious, like the, what's the word for alliteration, but when it's vowel sounds, like the repeated vowel sound of the ooh just sounds so good, Cruz Lucious. I love that.

Yes. He's sexy. I want him on the squad.

He's a fourth rounder. Does he have long hair? Cruz Lucious should have long flowing hair.

I need to look up. Are you allowed to play hockey, if you have, as long as you have your pads on, do you have to have a sweater, because Cruz Lucious sounds like he should play with just ripped abs and huge pecs. I don't know, he might be. And if Cruz Lucious can play that way, frankly Rod Brindamore should be able to coach that way. I want Cruz Lucious with flowing hair, and then a six pack of abs, oiled up, glistening, flying down the ice, and scoring goals. Well he does have somewhat longer hair, so he's got a little bit of flow.

Keep it flowing buddy. A little flow out of the bucket, but he actually, he probably won't be signing his entry level contract anytime soon, because he apparently did sign to play with the University of Wisconsin, but the Canes do have his draft rights for three years. University of Wisconsin, that's at Madison, right? Yes.

That's a party school. Cruz Lucious knows what's up dude. Cruz Lucious is like instantly vaulted into my top five favorite Canes right now. We lost Doni D'Angelo, so there was an opening, but Cruz Lucious is in, he wants to party hard for a year, grow his hair out, do a lot of push ups, Rod's gonna give him the workout regimen, but he's like, look, I'm, how old is he? 18.

I'm 18. He's about to crush a lot of things in Madison for a year, okay? You can pick, listener, what those things are, but Cruz Lucious is about to crush many a thing in Madison, Wisconsin for a year. Cruz Lucious is definitely gonna make it on college football, they'll be like, look at this fan folks, he's drinking 14 beers at the same time while doing a handstand with one hand, and people will be like, that's Cruz Lucious, our draft pick.

That's what's going down with Cruz Lucious, I love this guy, and he could probably drive NASCAR too, but he doesn't quite have the NASCAR name, he's even better, he might be an F1 driver, he could be a surfer, Cruz Lucious, I know, I love this guy, who else can we draft, nobody's as good as Cruz Lucious. Simon Forsmark out of Sweden. Simon Forsmark sounds like a great hockey player, so I'm fine with that, in fact he's got a nerdy, he does nothing but play hockey, I like that guy.

Like Phil Giuseppe, all that guy does. Simon, what is Simon, Forsmark, all hockey all the time. Gleb Trikazov out of Russia. Gleb Trikazov, yes I'll take that, sounds a good hockey name. Oh here we go, the third round pick, second pick of the day, Alexander Paravalov. Alexander Paravalov, Paravalov, Paravalov, either one of those works, it sounds like a solid second line defenseman. He's a left winger, but that's fine. Sounds like a second line left winger. And Vladimir Grudinin, he's a defenseman out of Russia as well, so you get three Russians today. Cruz Lucious is gonna like, score 60 goals in a year, but then on like Friday games we'll be like, where's Cruz Lucious about dude, he went to Cancun, he said he didn't want to play this weekend.

And we're like, gah, I guess we gotta put up with him, Cruz Lucious, he said he'd be back for the playoffs, he said we've already clinched the playoffs spot and he's gone and needs to party a little bit. I need to get a custom made Cruz Lucious Wisconsin Badgers jersey. I want one, I want the Cruz Lucious jersey.

Wear that wherever I go. Alright, a couple things that you threw in here real fast, the George Clooney 1999 Batman suit is up for auction, I actually did see this, so the fact you threw it in there makes me happy. But it's the bat suit that we all know that has the nipples. There's one feature that everybody knows about this bat suit, it's like, oh is it the one with the large utility belt, is it the one with the tapered cape, there's only one way to describe this suit, it's the one with the nipples.

They put nipples on the exterior of the suit that George Clooney was wearing. I don't know if it was an attempt to bulk him up, the only thing that makes me mad, George Clooney just did one Batman right? Still not the worst Batman. Oh that was the Val Kilmer one. No, that's the best one, Affleck is the worst Batman actor, Affleck's the worst, Affleck the worst, Val Kilmer, Batman Forever is still the greatest Batman movie made. Batman and Robin was the worst, that was the worst, they should have found a way to work Silverstone in as Batgirl somewhere else. Have you ever read about how little time Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually in that movie?

Very little. Affleck, because they only had him contracted for like 16 hours of work and they needed like 11 of them to get in and out of his suit and so all this film they're like, it's him just alone in a, they're not there and he's like, I'm gonna get you Batman and then later they've got a shot of Batman being like, no you're not, but they're clearly never, it's like when you see, when you used to see Michael Jordan ads back in the day and it was clear that Hanes or somebody got 30 minutes of Michael Jordan's time to just film him and if they needed him driving away it was just like, black dude with a bald head and we're like, we're not wasting time doing Michael Jordan actually in the car driving away, like we're getting Michael Jordan talking and then we'll have somebody else, so it was clear whoever else is in the movie or those Gillette commercials where it's like, Federer, Tiger Woods and like somebody else and they look like they're interacting with each other but clearly they're not, they're all filmed at different times because there's no way you're getting those three dudes together at the same time, they're too busy, they got their own, too much money to have them together, so yes. That is what happened with Batman and Robin, the worst Batman movie, which followed the best Batman movie, which is Batman Forever. The Dark Knight Would Say Other Lies. That bidding starts with that at $40,000 by the way.

It's gotta be more, it's one of those things where like, the bidding starts at $40,000. Alright, but what I'm saying is that Batsuit would vault ahead of most of the other ones because it's like, oh yeah, it's just a Batsuit, it's cool if you like that movie, but the one with the nipples is the one that everybody talks about because it was so bad. It's terrible.

It's like buying the mistake baseball card or something, you're getting the bad one. Also you threw in here, I know I mentioned it last week, but the trailer earlier this week was interrupted by Baker Mayfield being traded from Cleveland to the Panthers, physical pending, Clerks 3, trailer dropped this week. I only saw the trailer yesterday, it was out a couple days ago?

Yeah, it came out a couple days ago, it came out on Wednesday. Here's the thing about the Clerks movies, like Kevin Smith I think is smart enough to realize Clerks, and the first three movies together as a series, are like over and done and you're never gonna make that, right? That's why Clerks 2 and Clerks 3 have been, and I hate to use the term now because it's like so, it's now Facebook's parent company, but they intentionally did it meta where it's like they're not making an original movie really, right? They are making fan movie stuff. It's almost like the debates you hear with these Star Wars or these Marvel people where they're like, are you trying to make a cool new story or are you trying to like make the fans happy, right? And it's like that.

You're pandering. Like Clerks took that out, like we're just making fans happy, right? We're just bringing back the characters you want to see and we're just doing the things you want and we know we're not making another great movie, like we're not touching Clerks. So I'm not saying I'm going to see Clerks 3 with some expectation or hope that it might be better than Clerks or it might be a great movie, but it's like I get to laugh at the people that I laughed to back in the day.

They get to wink and nod at all the jokes that I expected to hear and it won't be as good but it'll be warm and comforting and it'll be a nice hug for me. I'm in on Clerks 3 at least thinking, you want to go see it together? Yeah. When does it come out? Well, it's starting, releasing, I think it's starting in September, but at least initially they're kind of doing a tour like they did with Jay and Silent Bob, the reboot. Gotcha. So they're going to kind of tour with cities.

Including? They're coming through Raleigh, North Carolina I know, aren't they? I don't know if they are. Aren't they all going to be at Galaxy Con? They are going to be at Galaxy Con. So I assumed that that was kind of like part of the reason that multiple people from that movie are going to be at Galaxy Con is because it was a movie promotion.

Kevin Smith, yeah all those guys are going to be there. But one final thing here real fast before we take a break. Thor Love and Thunder. We got your review. $29 million in the preview box office last night. Is that good? That's very good.

I don't have context for that. Congratulations to Thor Love and Thunder. I give it a 7 out of 10. Alright, 7 out of 10. That's a pretty good score. If every movie I saw got a 7 out of 10 I'd be happy. Okay. There's not all going to be nines. Seven is a good movie experience. Yeah.

Worth your money. Also, if Thor is a god, how is he also walking around with like regular dudes? Can they explain that?

What do you mean? Like he's a god. Okay. So like, I don't know, how's he like standing there next to Captain America?

Like one dude's a man, one dude's a god. Come on. Okay, and?

They feel like they would play in different leagues. I guess. I'm just saying.

That's always a problem I've had. It is time to use... Don't get me started. I'm just trying to use up some more of Adam Gold's money. I lost him 300 units on Tuesday, Wednesday I made 77 of them back, Thursday I placed some bets that will be determined this weekend or later in the future, week one of the NFL season when Sam Darnold may or may not be the starter, and then Aaron Judge didn't play.

I bet on him to hit a home run and he didn't even play. I don't have to count that, right? No you don't. Heck yeah. No action. And because I'm mad, I'm starting my first bet right there. It's time for Place Your Bets. Place your bets. Place your bets.

Do it here. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir, and I never slice. Damn it! Okay, you can own it.

I owe you $100. Alright, because he didn't play last night when I had money riding on him to hit a home run, I'm betting on Aaron Judge to not hit a home run tonight. To not hit one?

That's right. I'm betting against him hitting a home run. It's minus $245, so I'm not going to make a lot of money. But I'm taking it.

Don't mess with me, Judge. I'm betting against you hitting a home run. I'm playing the cum bet.

I'm calling you short. You're not winning. Okay.

Minus $245. Alright, well you know what? In that case, I'm taking Aaron Judge to hit a home run tonight at plus $180. Alright, fair enough. Next up. We're going to bet each other and then not have to pay the house. I wish there were a way to do that on an app. I wish that were legal. Alright, next up.

This is actually going to come up in our next segment on the Wall of Sound. But there is something called the American Championship or Celebrity... I forget the exact name. Some celebrity golf tournament, there's 87 celebrity golfers playing, including Steph Curry, who's one of the people who can potentially win because he's really good at golf. You know who's not going to win?

Charles Barkley because he's terrible. But he is plus $260 to finish in the top $70. That means there's only 87 people. We're betting for $69. I guess he can be top $70. He can be 70th. He doesn't have to be under $70. I'm taking Barkley at plus $260 to make that mark.

That's my second bet. What you got? Alright, Summer League, Hornets, Pacers. I'll take the Hornets plus $155. Gotta go with the home team. Gotta go. Plus $155?

The disrespect. And finally, my man Nick Kyrgios didn't have to play a Wimbledon semifinal. I think he's rested up and I like the value bet. Kyrgios plus $340 to take out Djokovic in the Wimbledon final.

Djokovic 0 for Grand Slams this year. I think he keeps it that way. Alright, I'm going to UFC this weekend.

Rafael Fiziev wins by decision over Rafael Dos Anjos in a lightweight fight plus $150. I think you just made that up. I did not. I think you're just making up names and making up numbers and I don't believe you. But I won't be here to sort it out so I don't care. This is the Adam Gold Show.
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