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How did Baker Mayfield look at Day 2 of Carolina Panthers camp?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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July 28, 2022 3:33 pm

How did Baker Mayfield look at Day 2 of Carolina Panthers camp?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 28, 2022 3:33 pm

How did Baker Mayfield look at Day 2 of Carolina Panthers camp? Vashti Hurt of Carolina Blitz joined the show to give us an update from Day 2 of training camp, including how Baker Mayfield looked working with the first-team offense.

Also, Adam & Dennis discuss Christian McCaffrey's bougie dorm room, ACC preseason voting, and give their sports betting picks.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Hello. You continue to build out Notre Dame schedule within your own conference. What makes it easier to be able to get Notre Dame to join your conference than when you already have USC, Stanford, Michigan?

I mean, all of these teams that Notre Dame either traditionally has or would like to play. This is the Adam Gold Show. Funny that we were talking about Notre Dame at the time with Chip Patterson yesterday. Vashti Hurt, will join us in about 15 minutes. Day two, Panthers training camp. Tomorrow, Anish Sharaf. He will join us, the new play-by-play voice of the Panthers.

Also tomorrow, Dennis, Ron Shelton. You know who that is? I've heard the name. Director of Bull Durham. There's a book out. He's got a book out about Bull Durham. He's going to be at DBAP on Saturday to throw out the first pitch. So we'll talk a little Bull Durham, baseball with Ron Shelton. I'm looking forward to that.

Also, our usual Friday with Luke Tkach. All right, what we do at one o'clock every day, except we talk to Chip on Wednesdays, is allow you to determine the topic of conversation. So, let's do that. Here was the poll that Dennis put out at the Fan Rookie. I retweeted it. I voted too. I did not vote for the winner. No surprise here. Actually, my vote came in last. I'm a little surprised at that. Interesting.

All right, Max Scherzer versus Aaron Judge. That was my vote. Eleven percent of the vote. Very disappointing. I may talk about it anyway.

My show. Yeah, exactly. Coming in third, Bubba Watson, who left the PGA Tour for Liv. I had actually forgotten that Bubba was an active PGA Tour player. It's been a rough year.

Although, he did challenge, I think, a little bit at the PGA. Number two, Christian McCaffrey's dorm room. We are going to get to this anyway.

We will talk about this with Vashti. And number one, your winner, 37%. It was very close. All ACC football team.

All right, I will start here. I will start a quarterback with Devin Leary, who was named the Player of the Year pre-season in the league. Now, as I said earlier, and I think, Dennis, you looked back at last year, Sam Howell had 111 votes. And then, whoever number two was, had 11.

110 for whatever it was. Sam Howell dwarfed the votes for D.R. King. Well, in this year, the voting was so close, Devin Leary won and had less than 25% of the votes. Three times as many people voted for somebody not named Devin Leary. Wondering why, whichever the player is, didn't get enough support to get ahead of Devin Leary is, I don't even know how to describe it, like, useless?

I don't know. If we went one, two, three, maybe Hartman gets a ton of second place votes, or maybe Brian Brazee gets a ton of second place votes, or Tyler Van Dyke, who I voted for. Maybe he gets a ton of second place votes.

And that he's the winner. But you can only vote for one. They didn't give us a one, two, and a three. No, they didn't.

They said, nope. Who was your player? Who was your player? Did you say my crush, or did you vote for Devin Leary? I just wrote a heart. That's all I wrote in was just a heart.

And that's my ballot. And they knew who you were talking about. Because they saw the video on TikTok. Exactly. That's very good. If you haven't seen it, you put it on Twitter, too, right?

Oh, it's on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, it's all that. Yeah, it's Dennis' homage to meeting Devin Leary for the first time. It was absolutely fantastic. And my favorite part of that whole sequence was Devin Leary going, oh, I've seen those!

I've seen those! So, peel back the curtain a little bit. I started doing these videos back in March, and I just dropped a little nugget mentioning Devin Leary, so it's kind of been like a little over-the-top NC State fan. I'm not an NC State fan, but I was like, I'm going to go over-the-top NC State fan during the ACC basketball tournament, and I dropped a little Devin Leary line in there. And I got a lot of people saying, oh, the Devin Leary line was great. So I started dropping at random moments in different videos I've done, and I showed one to Devin Leary, and he goes, I've seen some of these before. And I was like, great, I need you to join me with this. He's a really good dude. Do you have a team in the league that you pull for?

No. Neither do I. I pull for people, and I'm rooting, this year I want NC State to take advantage. I want to see it. I want to see the Wolfpack do it. I want to see the teams in this state do well. Well, I agree, and I think we got three that will.

Yeah. And Duke, depending on what your expectations are, maybe they'll meet those expectations. I'm not expecting a lot.

I don't think anyone really is. I'm just not expecting a ton out of Mike Elko's first season in Durham. But NC State had five of the starters on offense or defense. So you had Drake Thomas and Peyton Wilson at linebacker, two of the three linebackers, and you had Tanner Ingle at safety. Ingle's one of the best players in the league, I think.

Yeah. Clemson, I think, had three players or four players or three players on defense, two players on offense, and BT Potter, the kicker. You know, they have Murphy and Brazee at defensive line. Look, what Eric McLean said, Clemson's defensive line is an absolute game changer in almost every single time they take the field.

Blocking those their front four will likely take six or seven players to do, which puts you at an automatic disadvantage. My question is, will Clemson, like the same thing that happened to him last year, will their offense be good enough to take advantage of their defense? And I think you even have to take it a step further because we're talking about Clemson needs to win those elite games. Not only will their offense be good enough, but will it be good enough against the Notre Dame? Will it be good enough in an ACC championship game against the Miami or against the Pitt? Will it be good enough October 1st against NC State? Like against decent teams, Clemson doesn't have to do a lot. They can just be garden variety on offense, but you can't beat great teams unless you are also dynamic offensive. You just can't unless the other team, you know, whets the bed, which happens from time to time. But against elite teams in general, man, they're ready.

They're ready for all of it. So you can't be vanilla offensively. I go back a few years to when Kelly Bryant was the quarterback at Clemson and Dabo Sweeney had a rookie named Trevor Lawrence. Kelly Bryant started the season as the starter, but we all knew if Clemson was going to win a national championship, it was not going to be with Kelly Bryant. No offense to Kelly Bryant. You're just a guy.

Like you're starter caliber, but you're just a guy. If Dabo wanted to win a title, he was going to have to use Trevor Lawrence to do it. Four games in, Trevor Lawrence is the guy, Kelly Bryant says, I'm out. I think he went to Missouri, right? I think Kelly Bryant transferred to Missouri.

It was okay, but he wasn't Trevor Lawrence. You have to be able to put a bunch of points on the board because good offenses, I don't care how good your defense is. The best college offenses are going to move the ball and score.

So you just can't do it vanilla. Not anymore in college football. We're just not going to have too many 9-3 games at the highest level of college football. Certainly not in conference championship game settings. Is Clemson's offense good enough? That's going to be the difference.

We just don't know it. I think NC State's offense will be good. I think it needs to be great. It's going to have to be great October 1st in Death Valley. I think we're going to have a fun year.

I'm not put off by the pending Armageddon. Man, Eric McLean scared me with that, didn't he? A little bit. Planting a seed like Clemson will do what Clemson's got to do. A little old Clemson.

A little old Clemson. Adam Gold in studio with my man coach Pete DeRuder with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, let's say I have more than a million dollar balance in my 401k. Congratulations.

Thank you very much. How can that actually come back and bite me? Well, because, and this is a thing that we, it's a mirage. You see mirages.

I've ridden in the desert before. You see what's water ahead, but it's not there. Well, your financial mirage is thinking that that total balance in your 401k or your IRA is yours. We have two people that want to get a hold of it. Two uncles.

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Put together your very own tax and retirement plan. 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. Vashti Hurt at keep blitzing on Twitter.

Carolina at Panthers training camp. Is it as oppressively hot today as it was yesterday? Bruh. That's the only way I can describe it is bruh. I am glistening from all of the sweat on my face. It's hot. But the Panthers did give us a tent as media that we could stand under. Very nice. I'm glad you got it.

I'm glad you got a tent. Did Baker Mayfield learned his lesson from yesterday, right? He wore shorts and a shirt today. Yeah, I mean, he learned.

Cleveland is a lot different than than Spartanburg, South Carolina. So I guess he let the legs breathe today. Good for good for him.

Vashti Hurt is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. All right, the day one was the Sam Darnold day with the ones day to Baker Mayfield's day. How did Baker win the job today? You didn't know?

No. But you know, he did look impressive in the red zone. He won one red zone series. He was three for four with three touchdowns to DJ Moore. And on another red zone series that the he was three for four with two touchdowns, one touchdown to DJ Moore. So he and DJ Moore connected in the end zone. And then he also had about a 30 to 40 yard pass that DJ Moore caught falling backwards. So he and he and he and DJ found a rhythm today. But yeah, he looked he looks good in the red zone.

But again, this is in, you know, without pads without a pass rush. So it's important to keep that in context, but he had a decent day at practice today better than yesterday. Well, yesterday, he was working with the twos today's working with the ones. Do you sense anything about and obviously, it's way too early. And I know you understood that I was getting the Baker Mayfield won the job today.

I've been doing I've been doing that every every day for all week. Do you sense anything about Baker in his personality in his demeanor that separates him from Sam? I mean, to me, they're completely different people. Sam is a lot more quiet and reserved. And Baker is more confident.

And and and and in your face. I think that, honestly, I think that team needs more of the ladder. I think that they'll feed off of that energy more, they need that energy, especially after two seasons, two disappointing seasons, you need that energy at the quarterback position. And if anything, he sets himself apart from Donald in that aspect. Oh, yeah, from from what I see, from what I've seen, he would be that guy to be a jolt of energy on that offense. And, you know, he's not afraid to, you know, take a risk. Now, that may be that may be a bad thing is if it results in turnovers, but at least he's, he said, you know, I might throw it up there and let DJ more, or Robbie Anderson, or maybe even Paris. Marshall. Well, you know, I think the Panthers are in a position as a team where scared money don't make money.

So they can't be conservative. Offensively, I know, everybody thinks the defense is going to be this, like beast, but I'm not sure it will. I'm not sure it's really that much. I think it's better than a middle of the pack defense, but I don't think it's a top three or four defense in the league. They're gonna have to get something out of the offense.

In order to win eight or nine or even 10 games. Speaking of the offense, Christian McCaffrey, how does he how has he looked in the last first couple of days? I'm sure he's not doing a ton. Yeah, he's not doing a ton. But you know, he's taking rep.

There was a little brush up with a camera person yesterday. So again, I'm pretty sure they're staying out of his way. But you know, Christian McCaffrey looks like Christian McCaffrey. He goes hard on his practice rep. And, you know, he's a very consistent and solid player. The key with him, as we know, is is he is keeping him healthy, keeping him away from the camera people.

The key also might be candles and extra pillows and blankets. So how much talk has there been about the Christian McCaffrey as he admits bougie dorm room? You know, that was when he said it, I looked at when when he was given that interview, I was like, Okay, yeah, I can see it. He's he compared his room to like the fourth season. And I don't know what all he does to make it look like the fourth season. But if there's any player who would have a bougie room, it would probably be Christian McCaffrey with the rug and the candles and the pillows and, and all of that. I was gonna tell him he needs to do like an MTV type of interview. TV type crib for his dorm room.

Yep. Now, do you think he's more of a sandalwood guy or orange blossom sea salt? What do you think the candle of choice is? I would go more with it like a probably a fresh scent, maybe a sea foam or something like that. Very, um, yeah, a nice, a nice relaxing, clean foam, maybe even a jasmine, you know, something that calming pipe handle jasmine is very nice. We're very big sandalwood people in my house.

So I recommend sandalwood for for all of your candle needs. Vashti heard is joining us. Could another player on the team get away with that?

Having a bougie room? Yeah. Let's see. No, not not like Christian.

No, I think I think he probably when it comes to that, I would say that he would be probably maybe be the most metrosexual guy on the on the team. Do people still use that? I don't know. I like it. Look, I think metrosexual is a great like you're in.

You're in touch with all of it. Yeah, yeah. If I'm going to the nail salon and I want somebody to go with me, I'm asking Christian McCaffrey. Let's go get our feet done.

I did not expect to laugh this hard. All right. Anything else of having jumped out at you? I know we're just two days in.

So some of these questions are just silly at this point. Two guys have missed no Shaq Thompson, no JC horn. But has anybody else impressed the coaching staff? Well, you know, we got the had an interesting coaching staff haven't had they haven't really said anything today we taught we just finished talking about burns. And he was talking about how he's changed his daily routine to where now he's getting up at 6am in the morning, and how it's such a challenge for him because he's used to going to bed at three in the morning and waking up at noon. But in order to change his routine and an effort to be more of a team leader, he's now getting up at 6am and getting all of his getting more stuff done in the morning and so you know that I thought that was that you'll start hearing stories about that.

So that was interesting. I think this is this will be the year where he finally gets that double digit sack monkey off of his back. Yeah, Brian Burns has to be a big impact player, especially with no Hassan Redick. He has to be a big guy. There are certain guys that need to step up.

I know there's been a lot of talk about a guy like Derek Brown. We're also need to see Jeremy chin play one position, as opposed to three, three positions. So it should be an absolute blast to follow this throughout vast I heard is joining us here what does Matt rule been like in year three me people somebody asked me in a national interview the other day. What is Matt rule have to do to keep his job.

I'm like, I don't even know how to answer that. Because they could win seven games miss the playoffs again. And if we see improvement in Matt rule that I think he'll keep his job, because I don't think this team is supposed to be a playoff team Do you. I think they could be a playoff team, I think that they need to make the playoffs to solidify his job. I think that I do see growth so far from that rule in year three. And to me that just goes to, you don't have to look any further than the veteran coaches that he's now surrounded himself with on his coaching staff, he came in with a bunch of college guys, basically, where he was the head honcho the head.

Maybe people weren't challenging him as much. And now you have guys like Steve Wilkes McAdoo guys who have been head coaches in the NFL, and can kind of reel them in sometimes maybe with certain things and so I think that that's important and I think that that shows growth from that rule where he's willing to surround himself with other alpha dogs. Um, for lack of a better term, in the lead, so that so that he can lean on them to try to make this team, good enough to save his job.

Yeah, you know, it's interesting when, when you're not afraid. So if you bring in guys who have been there and done that if you're not afraid if you're more like comfortable with who you are in your job. It might even free you up to do your job a little bit better and maybe some of the things that Matt rule did poorly last year with pre snap issues and at times not appearing prepared, maybe some of that stuff gets cleared up. Yeah, I mean, I believe so and I believe that, you know, just like players you know you have, you'd like to see your coaches, though, not have that learning curve. At the pro level who doesn't have much pro experience and no head coaching experience at the pro level. This is, you have to expect this type of this type of learning curve. I think, like I said before, where Matt rule made his mistake is not surrounding himself with more veteran coaches from, you know, from the beginning but now that he's doing that, you know, I think that that's important and I think that the guys on the team are liking that as well.

One final thing for vast I hurt. I don't know what kind of rituals there are with rookies. Has anybody been been carrying stuff out to who's the first guy out there have they made an example out of anybody. Not well the first guy out yesterday was Matt corral actually, and he was the second guy out to today, Spencer Brown was the first guy out. So Matt corral like he has been when he's come out is all focused. It's all business, even though he hasn't been getting a lot of reps on the field.

His mentality is still you know I'm going to come here early I'm going to try to get this job. We spoke to a key today, if he had to sing yesterday. And he said he he sang voice to men, but he would not give us the taste of what that song was so but no I haven't, I haven't been seeing guys carry pads or anything like that. But you know I think the rookies do their cart, you know Christian McCaffrey does not walk to the practice field right take the cart, you know the so the rookies, they have to walk to the practice field.

So I think maybe that that might be the difference but I don't see any pad carrying but then again, they don't go in pads until Monday, right, maybe they'll have to start doing that. They made icky sing. Yes, he had the thing, apparently yesterday was his last night was his night. All right, well they should have made him sing a show tune, not boys to men. I mean, he got to pick what what he would think.

Okay. That's what he went with somebody else. He wouldn't tell us who but the other song was usher my blue. I think they're going with more of an old school.

Maybe a 90s R&B flow. Look, if, if you get Christian McCaffrey to go to the salon with you. We need video of that.

Everything. Look, I've said this before about what you do. You hustle more than anybody I know and Carolina is a great spot to go check out a lot of behind the scenes stuff as well vast I hurt.

You're the bomb I'll talk to you very soon. All right, thanks Adam, you got this should have gone show tune with a key though. I don't know about his singing ability like a Disney. So no, he's very good.

Is he? Oh, yeah. All right.

Oh, yeah, make him make him sing like something from a Disney movie. Right. My gosh, that's funny. I love it.

Good stuff. So, are you a candle guy in your house. I have like two. I think right for for decorative purposes or for aroma purposes, mostly out of. They're cool to have. Yeah, mostly out of, I guess decorative when you live out in the sticks. Yeah, like where we do every once in a while, you know, when the power goes out. Oh, I do keep them out of like necessity as well. We've got some like boring candles that will last for a long time. We had to light them a few weeks ago.

But it happens. I have one that is like a firewood smell very nice campfire smell campfire or like a fireplace. I should I guess you could say interesting. Yeah. Well, I I grew up with a wood stove like that was that's what I grew up with.

Really? Yeah. I grew up very old school.

Yes. So that's what I grew up. Are you a lumberjack?

I wish I used to split wood all the time. Well, but that's what I grew up with. So for me, it's still nice to still have very nice sense of smell campfire. Yeah. Okay. Well pine cone. No, I'm a big sandalwood guy. Oh, yeah.

So Santa was good. Anybody wants to present me with a gift as a candle? Go sandalwood. All right, let's let's get to halftime.

All right, first thing here halftime. Why is it so freaking hot? It's jolly. It's terrible outside. Yeah, but there's July and then there's this.

Yeah, I understand. This is awful. Is it a hundred degrees? Not yet.

Not officially, but it feels like it. Yeah, they we I was listening 96. I was listening to the WRAL weather. Yeah, they did say that the heat index was going to be well over a hundred. I'm sorry. It feels like 105 right now.

According to my weather app to yeah, it feels like 105 very bad. Get this out of here. Yep. This is disgusting.

I can't help you. Yeah. There's a reason why that the Dallas Cowboys go to Oxnard, California, which is kind of near Malibu. You know why the high temperatures 71 like 72 70. Yeah, 69. It's very nice, but they're not tough when the seasons rolls around. That's different. They're not tough.

Oh, yeah, Dallas Cowboys, but they're alive. Yeah, and it's buds bearable for them to go outside and at night. It's 61.

Why can't I have that Adam? Well, it's going to be 74 way overnight tonight here in Raleigh. Yeah, that's still warmer than it is daytime in Oxnard, California.

Yeah, it's pretty not good. Oh look up by me. It's only 89. Well, we're way north.

We're like in Canada. It's all I can say. It's all right.

I don't blame you. It was all you had. It was all you had a weather. No weather weather. I'm very upset. We're going to get rain again today.

Probably. It's North Carolina. It's July. We need we need to lie. We need word yesterday. It did.

We need rain as well. But people know this. So I'm sure your son plays Xbox, correct? He does. I'm sure you have a lot. Maybe I have some friends that play PlayStation. Yeah, I think all of his friends are all on Xbox. But yeah, I mean there's a there is definitely a PlayStation community. Yes.

Do more people do we have a breakdown to more people play Xbox than PlayStation? It's a good question. I'm my guess. It's 5050. Okay, my guess is 5050. Well with Sony PlayStation fives were actually really really hard to come by this because yes, they were a they were hard to keep in stock, but production of them had stalled quite a bit.

Well, there might be a little bit of sight in or as little relief in sight. I guess you could say so the PS 5 launched in 2020 the same time Xbox launched the Series X and the Series S. The hardware has been incredibly hardware hard to come by but PS 5 actually PlayStation Sony on their direct service put out a sale for PS fives. And it's the first time I believe ever that they said on their website that everyone that got in the queue to purchase a PS 5 was actually able to purchase it and there were still some left in stock.

Really? Yeah, so it's like wait a second people that want a PlayStation 5 and there might be some hope now. That they might actually have been able to manufacture enough to keep up with demand because again, they weren't able to manufacture a whole lot but also the demand for them were super super high back in 2020 that they just weren't able to keep up with that demand. But anytime these things hit shelves, they're gone immediately the I remember the first year remember when Nintendo Wii was just becoming a thing back in like oh six oh seven. Yeah, we decided to get my older son now who's 24 we decided to get him a Nintendo Wii and I think they weren't that expensive retail but you couldn't find you couldn't find it. So we actually spent mean not crazy money but more to buy it likes on the secondary market. Yeah, we went to eBay and well, that's all say big probably 75% over market value for a for a week. That was a big thing back in 2020 because I was trying to get my brother-in-law an Xbox Series X.

That was something we're trying to get as a gift for him. I knew eventually I was going to kind of wait and get the the Series S model, but that was a thing that happened with a lot of people was that people were. Basically trying to do whatever they could to buy to right keep one for themselves and sell the other one for basically double the price. So they got an Xbox essentially for free is what they were doing.

So the secondary market was an absolute bleep show. I guess you could say for lack of a better term, but if you want to PS 5 out there folks jump on it go get it. Also in the world of gaming Grand Theft Auto is looking to come out with their six in a right iteration GTA 6.

Okay, and the game is actually going to feature one of the first ever female playable characters in the game's history really. And of course this gets people all up in arms because what yeah because people are stupid. Yeah, who I always wonder who's mad at that people like I don't even understand.

Yeah, who would possibly be mad at that people? Simple as that. Okay. Yep. So in the storyline modes, yeah, you can play as a female character. Okay.

Who is the game good? It's all I really need to know. Wow.

Anyway, people are dumb. In the world of gaming but crossing over into the world of television The Witcher is a popular video game that has been made into a series on Netflix is going into season 3 coming up soon. Well, they're currently in production of season 3, but they had a pause production because the lead Henry Cavill caught covid. So they had a pause for day man covid is no joke now covid is no joke. Yeah, it's back. It's different.

I didn't go away. No, not really. Well sort of did right we the numbers were really really low for a while. But covid went had a war wardrobe change and is not here for all of your immunities in the past. So yeah, covid is covid is going to be an issue again coming up in the fall.

There were rumors that Henry Cavill who played super was played Superman in the DC extended universe the Cinematic Universe for DC Comics. There was a rumor that he was going to show up at San Diego comic-con this past weekend, but he didn't show my guess is because he may be a tested positive for covid and wasn't able to leave The Witcher production because quarantine and all that stuff but production should hopefully start. Ria's restart again in the next few days. Speaking of cons GalaxyCon here in Raleigh starting today for four straight days. What is that GalaxyCon?

Yeah, it's like it's like San Diego comic-con except it's out here in Raleigh Convention Center. There is actually a lot of celebrities like William Shatner is going to be there. William Shatner William Shatner is back again.

He's been there every year since it started. I want to say was 2018 was the first big convention William Shatner Shatner. William Shatner Leonard Nimoy is still around.

Great question. I don't know if he is. Okay, I nor do I yeah not entirely sure but other celebrity guests that will be there Brendan Fraser is going to be there John Carlo Esposito who's been in Breaking Bad as well as The Mandalorian. Yeah, William Shatner and also amongst all the other names the entire crew from Clerks. So Jeff Anderson who played Randall Jason Muse Brian O'Halloran who played Dante and Kevin Smith are all going to be there. That is I'm actually getting a picture with Kevin Smith on Saturday. Are you really my gosh, I'm getting a picture with Kevin Smith on Saturday.

Oh, that's so awesome. Now the question is like do I need to bring something Veronica is not going to be there Veronica. Yeah Dante's girlfriend. Marilyn like like the girlfriend. I'm trying to remember which one Veronica was that the one that get Roddy Guiliani. Yes, but she actually will be there will she? Yeah.

Yes, I will be there as well. I can't even I can't even use the use my one of my all-time favorite lines from Clerks. She confesses something to Dante and then she walks away and he shouts something after her and never mind.

It was just you'd have to watch the movie and just laugh out loud in a row. Is Caitlin Brie going to be there? No Caitlin Breeze. She was the you know, the ex-girlfriend. Yeah.

Well, that's who Dante was trying to get back with. Yeah. Yeah.

See what was he pined for Caitlin? Yep. Also to be there Mark Paul Gossler that played Zack Morris. I'm Saved by the Bell also going to Comic-Con man. Yeah GalaxyCon. Yeah GalaxyCon I hear of you're into professional wrestling. What are you wearing?

You are you going to constant? I'm actually going today. No, I don't wear costume. No, I'm actually going right after the show today.

Okay. Yeah, I'm wearing what I'm wearing right now, but Kevin Smith's not going to be there until Saturday not going to be there till Saturday. All right, that's what I get a picture. Who are you going to see today? I think it's going to check out some of the vendors and comic book artists and comic creators are going to be there tracers. Yeah, you're a tracer actually I joked that with a I went to Heroes con in Charlotte a month ago, right? And there's a guy who does penciling but also does some what's known as inking as well. I was like you guys like I've done some inks and stuff on some different projects. I had just jokes like oh, so you're a tracer and you say your mom's a tracer. Yes, that is very excited that is saying do it.

You knew exactly what's going with it was wonderful. What is what is this we had a request really? Yeah, someone tweeted out. They wanted to hear George Michaels a different corner. Okay, the bump are you are we taking requests now? I'm always open to that's fine. I said earlier that if you wanted to play George Michael, I wasn't going to be anti George Michael. So that's always fun.

Got to give the people what they want always always fun. It's the Adam Gold show. I am Adam gold Dennis Cox is taking your requests at 9 1 9 8 6 0 5 3 2 6 playing the best of the the 80s and 90s all day. All requests Thursdays. I'm hoping to do it all requests Thursday. We can do that.

Why not? Look every once in a while. We workshop an idea on the show. Yeah. Okay every once in a while. It's having a conversation with gentlemen in the office behind me and we were talking about like certain things that are just like so many things are becoming automated now, right automated. So like customer service is almost entirely automated. I don't know if that makes you angry or not.

Some people don't want to deal with a human being but if you can certainly do it effectively without I guess it's okay. But so many of the answers that you have choices for like does this apply to me do I click to or do I click for I'm not sure they sound the same. I was wondering if we could do a segment on the show Dennis. Okay, where we do like automated sports talk radio. So go on the point is that somebody calls up with a question.

And that we as the show normally we would simply answer the question have an interaction with the with the caller but we do it. So as though we were automated. Okay, as though this was a computer-generated answer. So so maybe my answer does not fit your question. Okay, like somebody calls up and says, what do you think about the offensive line and I will I will say I don't know the tight end is vital to the Panthers what you might not have to do it as a as a robot as a robot voice is there say it all comes down to quarterback like Siri doesn't sound like a robot right? No, she she's a normal person real quick.

And I don't know why I'm wasting everybody's time here. But do you have do you have a Siri voice on your phone? I don't use Siri. Well, I don't use Siri either but there's a computer voice a female computer voice Siri. Yeah, right. My wife on her phone has a British guy. Yeah, you can switch it up.

I like that doesn't if I were British if I had a British accent wouldn't I sound smarter of course. Done. All right, let's place bets place your bets place your bets. We should just pre-record a bunch of just generic answers.

Yes, this all you got to do like look. Your stars have to be stars in the brightest moments. There's your answer. I mean, it is sort of like the Magic 8 ball exactly. Yes, it is sort of like the Magic 8 ball, but I think I think there's something we could do with that.

Yeah automated sports radio. I'm for it. Right? We got it.

We have to figure out a way out of make that work. Okay, you're up. Okay, pll.

I'm actually going to go and jump ahead to Sunday's you do yesterday. Not good. Okay.

All right. Well, I had the bet with previously with Germany and France. I thought they'd be tied after regular time French tribe. They did they didn't try though. Although Germany actually scored all three goals. Did you know that?

Yeah, because there's an old cold. Yeah tough tough own goal is shot off the post. You make a diving attempt at it comes off the post hits you in a rear end and goes in to me. That should not be an own goal in my opinion except that I think the reason they call it an own goal is that it isn't going in.

Unless you do that. So it's a tough own goal. But yeah, I know I say own goals like when you're trying to play it back to your goal and you're going to slip some Falls.

That's an own goal. I'm with you. I'm going to jump ahead to Sunday pll water dogs play the cannons Redwoods play the chaos. Give me the water dogs in the chaos both winning on the money line plus 190 parlay that together beautiful. I bet that's exactly what I was going to do. And now I have to go somewhere else take the over-unders. All right. Yeah, the Yankees and the Royals Yankees got to get up off the mat after being humiliated twice in Queens.

Aaron judge taking the collar last night striking out three times against Max Scherzer Aaron judge with a vengeance to RBI or more at plus 350. I'm going to go to Sunday Euro 2022 women's finals. Okay, England, Germany.

I'll probably do that tomorrow. You can get plus money on all bets right now. Uh-huh. I'm gonna take England plus 145 to win it England has plus 145 is Germany the the underdog in the bus 185 really? You get plus money on all of it. It is in England.

Yes. The final is in England draw right now for regulation time plus 220. That's very interesting.

I was tempted to take the job. I'm gonna take just England to win it out. Right plus 145 is very interesting. All right, Pirates and Phillies today. I like the Pirates. Give me the Pirates and plus money at 165 pirate just outright winner note.

Nothing fancy. No prop outright winner simple Pirates at plus 165 that person wins. Yes, that's that team for that team the Pirates a collection of people not a person gotcha. All right, I'm going to go to UFC this weekend heavyweight matchup Derek Lewis versus Sergei Pav Pavlovich Derek Lewis to win the fight plus 115. Is he good? Yeah, it's got good knock.

I guess they're all good, right? Yeah. He's got some knockout. Is this a championship out? No, it's just a heavyweight fight just a heavyweight fight. Just a garden variety. It's like a mean who is Derek Lewis other than former University of Maryland forward.

He's an MMA fighter. That's it. That's it. Yep. No, no great backstory.

No, okay. Not that I know of do you watch any do you watch all these fights after you wager on them some I do I'm like I do just not a thing. It's not a thing for me Derek Lewis is 26 and 9 with one no contest in his career.

It seems like a lot of losses. Yeah, but he's also fought a lot of he's also fought a lot of either champions or champion contenders. I mean, he's been in like big-time fights. Okay a lot. But yeah, he's heavyweight division is tough.

I would imagine it is I would imagine all those divisions are tough. These people are killers. I mean, I just don't imagine wanting to do that. I just can't yeah, you can have a yeah something special about you to like it takes a special trait to want to go into there and just get voluntarily punched in the face. Right. What do you do living body?

I you know, I get punched in the face a lot and I punch people sometimes I get kicked in the face. I'm feeling a little, you know, frisky of that afternoon might take a knee to the gut whatever. That's all right. All right, my final wager. We're going to Bedminster, New Jersey. Live golf starts tomorrow. Yes, we are wagering on live golf. Okay. I want Abraham answer at plus 1200 to win on the money line Abraham answer plus 1200 to win on the money line. I got nothing.

Oh, man. I was told to fade Brooks Koepke at plus 1800 meaning don't bet on them. Okay me dump so I like Abe answer. It's one of the favorites actually the third choice on the board. Dustin Johnson is at plus 500 Taylor Gooch plus a thousand. I thought about Gooch, but I'll go one further down the board Abe answer at plus 1200. It's a good player. It's a very very good play. There are a lot of good players on the live golf tour. They had the pro am today.

This is the Adam Gold show. I think the fact that most mattresses are built to sustain a weight of 250 pounds is BS. I was ready for a change. I love that the big big mattress supports up to 1100 pounds. So if you and your partner are both curvier if you and your partner are both larger framed they're supporting you. It's so important for me to tell the world about brands that are truly seeing us as a community and I love that big big does that big fig is the company that believes that everybody and everybody deserves a great night's sleep. Learn more at big fig mattress dot com.
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