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Celebrity True Or False With Kurtwood Smith

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June 20, 2024 3:19 pm

Celebrity True Or False With Kurtwood Smith

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 20, 2024 3:19 pm

6/20/24 - Hour 3

Rich and the guys react to Trevor Lawrence’s first comments since signing his $275M contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Actor Kurtwood Smith joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of Netflix’s ‘That 90’s Show,’ and reveals some great behind-the-scenes stories about ‘Robocop,’ ‘Dead Poets Society,’ Robin Williams and more in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’

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I'm gonna walk out of here a lean, mean, fighting machine. This is the Rich Eisen Show. True or false, Stripes was shot in a dry county in Kentucky. Somebody had to explain to Candy what a dry county was because he's from Canada.

And so when I first told him, you can't buy alcohol in this county, and he goes, yeah right, beer's not alcohol. Earlier on the show, Yahoo Sports Senior NBA Reporter Vincent Goodwill. Legendary broadcaster Bob Costas. Coming up, actor Kurtwood Smith. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. We've had a fun first two hours of this program. Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports. We talked NBA with him and the 48 hours aftermath of the NBA championship being won by Boston and what happens next for those trying to dethrone them next year.

And then what in the world happened with the Detroit Pistons firing their coach after just one year and giving Monty Williams a $65 million check to just walk away. Hour number two of this program, Bob Costas joined us to talk about the life and times of Willie Mays. We've been talking throughout the first two hours about who is the current now with Willie Mays passing.

Greatest living Major League Baseball player. A lot of folks want to chime in on the phone lines at 844-204-RICH. We'll get that a listen and we'll get to you shortly. And this hour, just had a nice chat in our green room with one of the stars of that 90s show, part two that premieres June 27th exclusively on Netflix. Part three will premiere this fall in October.

We all know how it is just another extension of that 70s show. And the man who plays the dad, Red Foreman, Kurtwood Smith is in our green room right now. He's going to come out and we've got a great celebrity, true or false for him, a robo-cop and also a lot of the other great things that he has been in, Dead Poets Society and more. I'd buy that for a dollar.

There you go. That's a good robo-cop mention right there. Although I don't think he said that phrase.

He didn't say it, but every time I hear robo-cop. He was a real SOB in that moment. He was a scary cat in that, yeah, no doubt. Clarence Boddicker scared the crap out of me back in 1987.

You and everybody else. And TJ Jefferson, you have the That 70s Show television set that you nicked, if you will, from the set. Why is it turned around? Why am I seeing the back of it? Because that's all you saw when the TV was on camera. You saw the back. It's an empty shell of a TV.

That's a good question. You wanted to turn it around there. Turn it around. I just keep stuff in it. See, it's just an empty shell of a TV.

Okay. Why don't you leave it that way? Because everyone might be just sitting here wondering why in the hell is there... I'd rather them wonder why is there an empty shell of a TV up there rather than... They think it's like a back of a... You're heating up Hot Pockets during the show. I'd have no idea.

Are there stolen items in there? But anyway, if you miss the first two hours, we will re-air. Chris Brockman is going to do his Powerless rankings. Oh, it's going to be so disrespectful. I have a feeling. Yeah. It's not great. Yeah. Not great for 10 teams.

Rich, you did your Way Too Soon. It's June. Yeah. Power rankings of the 10 best teams right now in the NFL. We're going the other way.

The 10 worst teams in the NFL. Okay. We'll do that going out the door. And again, the fact that Kurt Wood is here, Red Foreman's favorite word was dumbass. So this is just... Oh, fantastic. It's perfect. Put it all together.

We go from the man who made dumbass famous to a dumbass with a dumbass segment. Hey. I say that with love and respect. Do you though? I do.

Love and respect. I do. Let's go to Rich in Bristol, Pennsylvania. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, sir? PA in the house. Hey, how you guys doing today?

I'm calling you from the heat dome that is Bristol PA 96 in the shade. Oh my gosh. Hang in there. I got two guys for you and I stepped out for coffee for two minutes. Please excuse me if I missed them.

Go ahead. Being a Philadelphia Phillies fan. Give you my Harry Callis interpretation. Ten-time All-Star. Eight-time National League leading home run hitter. Michael Jack Schmidt. Three-time MVP. Ten-time global level number 20, Michael Jack Schmidt. Michael Jack Schmidt. You mentioned him earlier.

74. Still does the game on the weekend. Flies up from Florida and does color commentary with Tom McCarthy. And the other guy has got to be Carlie Stremski. Brockman. Carlie Stremski. I know you're young.

Yeah, it's a good one. He's my boyhood idol. I started following him in 67. Sitting on my grandfather's knee. Young Polish boy with a grandfather that loved baseball.

We watched it every Saturday together. And the guy won the triple crown? Yeah. I don't know.

We have to be considered followers. As the greatest living ballplayer. Rich in Bristol, PA. Thank you for hanging in there. And hanging in there in the heat there. 96 in the shade. As is a good one.

That's a human 96 too, people. Peter in Texas. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. Thanks for hanging in there, Peter. What's up? Peter. Hi guys. Happy Thursday. What's up, bro?

What's on your mind? So first off, Rich, in regards to your ability to get a point, I like to bestow some wisdom from George Costanza. It's not a lie. You believe it.

Well, I'm not lying that I'm wanting to get a point off of Carlos Alcaraz. You got to believe it, man. I believe I can do it. Listen, Stuart Scott told me that a long time ago. You got to speak things into existence. And, you know, I'm not going to give up that ghost. I'm just not going to do it. I don't think I'll ever have a chance to do it either. So. Hey, don't be so short, Rich.

Be a real cool special. But yeah, I would also like to apologize to my fellow Dallas Cowboys, TJ. Okay.

You know, on behalf of the Rangers, I apologize for breaking the streak. However, you bring that stuff into a Whataburger state. You know, that's true. Pete, I didn't think about that. I had no idea that the Mets just stepped right in the middle of some form of a fast food war.

Yeah, I had no idea. Burger war. Get out of here with your McDonald's ish. Is that what he's basically saying? I think that's exactly what Peter is saying.

He's trying not to work blue. I had no idea. People down there love Whataburger. Hey, listen, if Jake Paul and Mike Tyson aren't going to go down in the summertime, then Grimace V. Whataburger is going to do it.

I might have to take off work to watch that back. All I know is I don't know what the reach is of Whataburger, but it's got to be longer than Grimace's reach. You see that photograph of him with his with his glove on? It's just that I'm telling you, the gloves on the wrong hand.

I don't know if that means anything. Well, he's got like T-Rex arms. No, it looks like the it's looked like the alligator reaching for the check in the guy.

Short arms and deep pockets. Is that what you say? Oh, I can't reach it. Thank you for the call, Peter.

And I appreciate the the condolences on that. Let's go Cowboys, baby. Hey, you know who spoke today? Hey, who?

A guy that you think doesn't deserve the money. Jaguar fans are coming after me. Jaguar fans like coming after people. Jaguar fans are prone to come after people. This guy wrote me like a three one threat.

I was just like, cool, dude. Let me tell you something. One playoff win.

Let me tell you something. As the host of an NFL draft now, 21 years and counting. I will I will say to anybody that's been in the chair in the truck, do me a favor. Do not send us the break when the Jaguars are about to go on the clock. Please don't do it because everybody thinks it's me who's disrespecting the Jaguars saying when we come back, you know, the Jaguars will get their pick. And it's just, you know, listen, we don't miss picks. We don't ever miss picks. As a matter of fact, when you go to break on a television draft, if we're going to break and ESPN is on the air, they're going to hold the pick till we get back and vice versa.

OK. But what we're not going to give you, because we do have to spend a commercial break paying off bills three minutes long is and this is the Jaguar fan pushback to me is like, yeah, but the three minute conversation you'd be having with the panel about what the Jaguars have done and what they need. We don't get that. The other teams do. And be careful, Chris, you can't say, hey, you know, people care less about your team. So that's why we don't go to break for the Patriots or the Jets or the Giants, but we'll do it for the Jaguars. That's what the that's what the insinuation is.

They get very upset. And it's just like my same my same my same admonition I I give you here is the same one when that one time in the 10 year history of this program, you made the awful mistake of going after cat people. And the Jaguars are a cat.

It's like they they are cat people of the NFL. I stand by. OK, don't do it. Stop it. I'm not. Don't double a triple down here. I missed that one.

Oh, he did that as I'm like I'm like, just don't do it. You're a dog guy. You get it. I understand that. But I also live with cats for three years.

They're wonderful creatures. The bottom line is the Jaguar fans are cat people. So if you're going after Trevor Lawrence, you're going after the top cat. And if you're saying he's not worth the money, I like him. I just I know that. But you're saying he's only won one playoff game and that one he had to pull out of his orifice and get the Chargers charging to help. I understand what you're saying, right?

All facts and the orifice he created was, you know, is because he played like his head was up one. I get it. I understand.

Thank you. But, you know, these things happen when when when quarterback, you know, you know, you know, quarterbacks play in the NFL playoffs for the first time, it happens. Some guys going to the Hall of Fame and didn't win their first playoff game or their first two or three even. So Trevor Lawrence was born into this league. Let me repeat this for those who think he didn't think he doesn't deserve it. He was born into this league with Urban Myers, his head coach.

All right. Throw that year out. I, you know, we're giving him too much of a pass for that.

No, you're not. You don't need as a rookie to deal with four weeks in your head coach not flying back with the team and then being caught while he's staying behind. Urban Myers wasn't calling plays.

He wasn't the OC. Yeah, but he's the HC. He's getting too much of a pass for Urban Myers.

How about him once? Remember that time where he apparently had to go up to Urban Myers saying, why isn't James Robinson in the game? That rookie quarterback should not have to deal with that sort of stuff. But Urban Myers is not in charge of like who's on the field. He's a head coach? What are you talking about?

He's a CEO head coach. I thought that was the... Oh my God, let's agree to disagree there. You're going to get a four, you're going to get a four-tweet thread now, okay? And by the way, Rich, you couldn't skip... Get out of here. You couldn't skip the Jags this year because Tony Khan had been viciously assaulted. So you needed to... That's true. That's true. You needed to put the camera on him.

And listen, they were eight and three this year when he got hurt. And you know the way I feel. The market is the market and you got to make these decisions. Do you pay the guy a market contract or not? Now the issue is, as Tom Pelissero pointed out, they went all the way to Burrow. By that, he meant they didn't just pay him in the market-ish range of Burrow or Herbert. They went ahead and gave him the tippy, tippy top of the market dollar amount.

They matched Joe Burrow, who's been to a Super Bowl, for crying out loud. So Trevor Lawrence met the media today and was talking about the pressure that will now come with a deal of this magnitude being bestowed upon him and the expectation level will be there. I'm not going to add any pressure to myself just based on getting this contract. It doesn't really change what I expect of myself and what the team expects of me. Whether this got done or not, you know, Mr. Kahn, Trent, Doug, everyone, all the coaches expect me to play well and like I said to bring a championship here eventually. So I know that's the end goal and that's what I'm here for. So now that this is done, it doesn't really change that.

But like I said, maybe from the outside it will a little bit, but not for me. And obviously the way the organization's going and the direction that we're heading on the football side, that makes it obviously a no-brainer for us. We're headed in the right direction and I want to be the quarterback here. I want to bring a championship to Jacksonville. That's my goal and I really know that we can accomplish that. Okay, so you know what hasn't changed?

First of all, everyone understands this. For the radio audience, his hair is already in mid-season moisturized form, okay? Totally. I'm not going to add any pressure to myself. You might think that it might be completely different because he's spending things on more expensive hair care products. No, he's still the same guy. That said, I am not concerned that he's going to feel the pressure.

I just don't. And by the way, guys, Travis Etienne, Evan Eng, remember last year it wasn't MJD saying name a better tight end receiver quarterback running back combination than what the Jaguars have. That was when they had Calvin Ridley, right?

And we struggled to come up with it. We said the Chiefs, right? Didn't we say the Chiefs for the one that you could top? Bengals had a good one.

Mixon, Burrow, I know Mixon's down. Yeah, but the tight end you didn't. Oh, tight end, yeah. Evan Engram, though, went a while without scoring a touchdown. Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, Christian Kirk, Gabe Davis, Brian Thomas Jr. Look out for that kid. Evan Engram. That's it.

That's who they're going to go in with an offensive line that is pretty damn good. Here's the issue. Let's figure out when this game is. Put the Jaguar schedule up. Oh, OK, thank you. I'm not I'm not doing the win loss for them. What I'm saying, though, is first up, first up right out of the box.

Oh, my God. Certainly since we're talking about we're talking about the contract for Tua. And what's that going to be? Oh, I already have what's more likely for that game. And what's that going to be?

Let me just save that. And Trevor Lawrence and Tua faced off one time in in college. It was a national championship game where Clemson blew the crap out of Alabama, I believe. Didn't we look that up the other day, Hoskins? I think we did.

2019. Man, and does Tua get as much as Trevor? What if Tua doesn't get the contract and and and Trevor has?

Oh, my gosh. What a what a week one game. Who's going to and if Tua gets the contract, who is going to play up to that contract first? And whoever doesn't will be immediate hot garbage for a week. And that'll be the focus of Brockman's attack on week one.

OK, yeah. Home for like Home for Cleveland. Home for Cleveland. Here comes the Grim Reaper at Buffalo, a nice little, if you will, Gabe Davis homecoming. But the one that I really was interested in, by the way, that's a Monday nighter at Buffalo.

Here's the one I was interested in. When are they playing Houston first? Because that's it.

That's it. It's Houston's division now. And the expectation level for Houston is way higher than Jacksonville. Way higher. Way higher, dude. TJ, everyone, everybody's believing for sure they have a chance to win the Super Bowl this year. Yeah, I see that. With all their offseason additions on either side of the ball that they made. Danneel Hunter being added that defense and Stefan Diggs being added that offense.

Yeah. And if Trevor Lawrence with his $275 million contract, $55 million per, loses to CJ Stroud. That'll just ratchet it up even more. Three out of four away from Jacksonville to start. That ain't easy. They're going to London for two weeks in a row, as we know.

That's going to help, right? Well, they play well there. Especially not having that come up. Well, and they play back to back weeks and that'll be New England in that position this year having the disadvantage of flying in just for that game. And Jacksonville already been there for a week. Buffalo learned last year.

That is a disadvantage, I believe. Having called these games, seeing firsthand. I'm just pointing out that there's a ton of traps in terms of week eight. There's Jordan Love. Week nine, there's Jalen Hurts. Week 11, there's Jared Goff. Another guy that I think you believe, Chris, isn't worth the $50 million, but that is market value.

That's it. And so the first 12 weeks is filled with traps of folks saying, well, are you worth it or not? And Trevor Lawrence is going to have to play better than a lot of quarterbacks. But the one that I'm pointing out, week four, there it is. CJ Stroud, because you know how I think CJ Stroud is going to be, if I had a guess right now, the first $60 million a year quarterback, that's the one. That's the one.

So that's it. They have a hard schedule. Well, everybody does, I think. But I'm just pointing out that you could see the traps of how the comparisons between Lawrence and these other quarterbacks are. And he's paid better than a lot of these other guys. And is he worth it or not? That said, I look at that kid and think, really, is he going to feel pressure? Is he going to put on himself? Is Doug Peterson going to be that grip artist that will make it worse?

Like, say, maybe his rookie head coach? I'm going to talk about a grip artist. He was a space cadet.

I don't think so. Oh, he was a gripper, man. Get out of here. He would grip. Listen, I've spoken to people around that staff and in that building and what it was like. Seriously, Trevor Lawrence deserves like a mulligan. But then he was gone. So what happened the rest of the year? Okay.

He gets too much of a pass for that first year. That's all I'm saying. And I say you're beyond the pale wrong.

You're not even in the remote area of right. Could you describe what you mean by gripper? Are you serious? Yeah. Oh, like just gripping, like just intense, like making everybody around him more tensed up. There's nothing loose about it.

Making people show their resume about why they should be on his staff, all that sort of stuff that wouldn't work, whatever. And that said, it's a different time. I think he'll be ready for the moment. Whether the team is is another question. 844-204, rich number to dial. Okay, let's bring out Kurtwood Smith. He is going to be joining us. We've got a great celebrity, true or false, best known now for sure as Red Foreman in that 90 show part two on Netflix, that 70 show and more. Let's bring out Kurtwood Smith.

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Slows full terms at Kurtwood Smith is here on the Rich Eisen Show. Our radio audience just rejoined us. We just saw a clip of that 90s show part two that premieres next week, June 27th, exclusively on Netflix, which you can see right here on the Roku portal.

And Kurtwood Smith is here on the program. When did you first hear about that 70s show? How did that first wind up on your radar screen? I was in New Orleans. I was shooting a pilot that I wouldn't have been a regular on. And they sent this to me and said they want to see you on Monday. Well, I had to shoot a scene Sunday night on the Mississippi. And so I passed. I said, I, you know, I'm not going to go back.

I'm going to work all night and then fly to L.A. and do an audition. That's just, you know, that's crazy. Right. And but then when I got back to town, they said they haven't cast that yet. Do you want to go in? I said, sure. And then I found out that the casting director, Mark Hirschfeld, had really been pushing for me. So they waited till I got back. They didn't tell me that, which was good.

So they didn't tell you that at the time, but you eventually tell me that at the time that I would have made me much too nervous. Is it true one of the competition for the role was Chuck Norris? Is that true? No, that is not true.

That's not true. I wondered myself because I heard it. I heard that rumor often enough. So I finally asked one of the creators of the show and he was like, no, I have no idea where that came from. Is it one of the it's one of the many Chuck Norris fake Chuck Norris stories that are out there on the Internet and things? Yeah.

Wow. OK. And when did you realize that that show was something special? About the third episode, I think. Why is that then? You know, in the first couple of episodes, the pilot and then the first episode, you're so much concerned with what you're doing, you know, as an actor and trying to get your character together and, you know, work out your relationships that I hadn't really had a chance to think about the show.

And in terms of any kind of future. Yes. But I remember that's also the episode when I first called him a dumb ass and it got a huge reaction. I just remember thinking, this is a funny line. Don't mess it up. Don't don't put any color on it.

Just say the words. And I did. And it brought down the house. And then I thought these people really like the show, the audiences that we were playing for.

Yes. And so I just had a feeling it was going to go. I knew Fox wanted to be in the business with Carsey Warner, so I figured they'd probably give us a chance if it was close, but I don't even think it was close. I think they just liked us from the very beginning. And the cast was just fantastic.

Cast was great. Of that show. Yeah.

Chemistry from the get go? Pretty much? Oh, absolutely. I think, yeah. From like first table read, you felt it?

Everybody, I think, got along really well. You know, Ashton was nervous. I remember talking to him. He said, oh, man, I'm really nervous about this. And I said, well, what's the problem? And he said. He's pointed at me like, she's 14 years old, man.

I'm 19. I got to make out with her. And I said, it'll be all right, man. And now here they are. Yeah.

Now here you are doing that 90s show part two on Netflix. And I got to say, these kids are great. The kids that we're working with on this show. I'm I'm so impressed with them. I was impressed with them last year, even more this year, because. They picked up right where they left off. Right. And they. They just work so hard at what they're doing, you know, and yet have a great time. Right. But we don't have any screwing around, nothing like that.

They all they're all there to work and have fun. And that's that's what you want. When you were done with that 70s show, did you have any idea that you'd have an opportunity to keep doing your character? No, no, no. But when they started bringing shows back, I thought. Well, you know, I thought exactly what they did.

I thought, you know, Deborah, Joe and I grandparents, that would make sense. But I didn't hear anything. And I was stuck in a hotel in Canada for 14 days, you know, during covid. Yeah. And Greg Mettler called me and said, what would you think about this? And I said, yeah, it'd be great. And he said, OK, Tom Warner is going to call you. So that was the beginning of it. And, you know, it's good to get a call from Tom Warner. Nice, right.

It's not bad. That's a pretty good one. Yeah. Kurtwood Smith here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right. So I was mentioning you in the green room and you said you saw us do this with Anthony Michael Hall last. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, we got a great celebrity.

True or false for you to serve. All right. Here we go.

Hit it with our top notch production value. Go ahead. Celebrity true or false.

You can't handle the truth. All right. That's it.

That's what we got. That was fun. Yeah, while it lasted for sure. Celebrity true or false with you, Kurtwood Smith. First up, true or false, your actual first acting job was in a 1980 episode of Soap. You were Guy in Laundromat.

Is that true or false? First TV job. First TV job. Yeah, I spent years acting on stage up in the San Francisco Bay Area. So you did the legit up there in San Francisco. Well. And then you got and then how did you wind up on Soap?

How did that happen? You know, I was down here just scrambling, you know, I'd had an easy go of it as an actor up there because I'd been doing it for a while. And people knew me and knew my work. But you come down here and it's, you know, if you weren't a Broadway star, nobody knows you.

And by the way, there's the visual proof right there. There's you as Guy in Laundromat. Boy, you nailed it, Kurtwood. I had one I had, you know, I just stood there like a big lump and and and he said, OK, what's the problem, man?

What are you? He thought I wanted to fight him. And basically I just said, you got on my shirt.

That was my only line. Brought down the house. Didn't really.

Yeah, it was like your version of dumb ass back in 1980. How about that? Brought down the house? Well, yes, because, you know, I think they thought that there was going to be some action. And, you know, since it was in the laundromat anyway. OK, that was the set up. But it worked.

It worked out. Yeah. You still getting like residual checks from soap to those? I used to.

I haven't checked lately, but yeah, you know, eight cents and stuff like that. Hey, man, I hear you. Next up, true or false, you landed the role of choreographer in Saturday Night Fever sequel Staying Alive after reading with Sylvester Stallone.

Is that true? I met with Sly. I don't.

I don't think we actually read. OK, he the casting director. I was on I was doing another show. OK, I was doing a series at that time.

Yes. And I was in the Paramount cafeteria. And this casting director came up and said, would you be interested in, you know, staying alive, you know, choreographer? And I said, sure. So she said, come on.

So she just took me over to Stallone's office and we talked. And that was that. So hold on a second. So you're working on another show. Casting director comes up to you, mentions there's a sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Would you want to be the choreographer? Right.

You're like, sure. And then took you directly to Sylvester Stallone. Yeah, he had an office there. Was he expecting you or?

No, I don't think so. So it's OK. But he was fine with it, you know, and then we did two other projects with him. What was the conversation about? You know, Kerwood here, you know, would be interested in playing the part, but he doesn't really he's not a dancer.

He doesn't really know anything about dance. And Stallone said, oh, God, I've forgotten his name. No. Sly? No, not Sly.

No, not Sly. Anyway, he said basically, he said, no problem. You know, OK, I never know. OK, very good. It worked out, except that he cut all my lines. What? Yeah, I mean, if you watch the movie, I'm in the credits, the opening credits, walking around smoking a cigarette in a, you know, in a jumpsuit and watching Travolta and others, you know, and then I you can see Travolta and I having a little argument and I throw them out. But my lines are all gone.

Oh, my God. Oh, it all worked out. Certainly because you were in Robocop. Let's get to that. True or false.

Kurtwood Smith, you were paid an extra four hundred dollars on Robocop for stunt work, quote unquote, because you were actually set on fire during the riot scene. That's true. That's true.

That's true. I have being set in fire is a slight bit of an exaggeration, but my coat was smoking. They you know, they came and pulled my jacket off and all that. And I wasn't the only one we were all it's it's that scene when we're all in.

Deep L.M. in Dallas and we're just blowing up the town and just acting like complete goofballs. And we we blow up this this TV store. And as we're walking away from it, the fireball comes out. And I don't think you could see it anymore.

But on some takes, you could see the fireball comes out and just hits the back of Paul McCrane. And I was next to him. So, yeah, I think we're smoking. And then later they came on and said, oh, I'm currently dumb. Listen, we're sorry about that. It was a little bigger than we thought, so we decided to give you a stunt pay.

And I thought, great. How much is that? He said, four hundred dollars, four hundred dollars. You set me on fire and you give me four hundred dollars. Yeah, so true.

OK, well, that that I guess you don't think you were even. Right. At least a grand.

Come on. I guess I'll buy that for four hundred dollars. That's a lot for that. OK, this is another good one, because you played a real SOB in that movie, man.

Lots of fun. Is that the nastiest character you've ever played? Oh, yeah.

Right. Yeah, he was nasty, too. Clarence Boddicker, a total psychopath.

Yeah, you scared the crap out of me, man. Not going to lie. Not going to lie. And so in this movie, in Robocop, the actress who played Dick Jones's secretary, who you harassed.

Joan Pirkle is currently your wife and has been since 1988. That's right. Excellent. And she says hello. So you met your wife on the set of Robocop? No, no, no, no. OK, you knew her already? Yes. Yeah, we were already together. Oh, yeah.

So you're already together when you're harassing her in this scene here? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, that made it much easier to harass her.

And more fun. You get away with it. Yes, exactly.

It's just work. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, we were, you know, she came down to Dallas when we were shooting and the casting director knew that she was an actress and asked if she would be interested in just doing a quick reading for that. And she did. And she ended up doing the part. And then you harassed her.

And then a year later, you actually got hitched. Yeah, yeah. In the middle of shooting Dead Poets Society. Well, let's get to that here. True or false, Kurtwood Smith, Dead Poets Society was not the first time that you acted with Robin Williams because you did maybe that acting on stage in Marin County together in the 70s?

Yeah, that's true. Yeah, we did three plays together one summer. You and Robin Williams. Yeah, he was fresh out of College of Marin. And I was there that summer as a guest artist, you know, so there was a summer festival. We did three shows. We were both in them. And after that, Robin went to Juilliard. But, you know, he was you knew he was going places.

You did. Oh, yeah. He was, you know, he had that mind. You know, I mean, he he was. Did you ever have an opportunity to meet Robin?

Oh, man, I wish. Well, he's really a very sweet, wonderful guy. He was much more like. The teacher in that in that film than he is.

Like Mork, you know. And it was a pleasure knowing him. You know, and if if it was you and a couple of people, you know, he was very sweet, you know, down to earth.

Right. You know, you bring in like three, four or five people and all of a sudden, bang, he's on. Was he sticking to the script when you were on stage together or did he just sometimes he was then. I love how he's smiling, because I could only imagine just doing live theater with him.

Yeah. Well, here's what would happen is that there was one of the plays that we were doing. It was a three person play with me and this this woman who played my daughter and and Robin, who was her boyfriend. And I thought he was a complete wacko. And so I had a scene with Robin. It was just him and I.

And I'd be sitting up. And then and he was behind me and there would the audience would laugh and laugh and I turn around and he just he never would tell me what he was doing. But every night he was doing something behind. So like not like a rabbit ears type thing, but he would do something that would make the audience laugh. Yes. And you had no idea what it was.

That's right. But it it's you know, if it was something that was bad for the play, the director wouldn't let him get away with it. The director thought it was funny that I didn't know.

So he wouldn't tell me either. So again, with Dead Poets Society, I just remember, even though he had I think he'd already done World According to Garp. So he'd already done that and showed that he had some serious acting chops because, you know, he was introduced as, you know, Mork from Ork, you know, on Happy Days and obviously Mork and Mindy were brilliant in it.

But, you know, Dead Poets Society was truly one of the moments where he could 100 percent carry a film and just be mind blowingly brilliant as as a straight, dramatic actor in that regard. But you already knew that pretty much is what you're saying on the set. Yeah.

No. Yeah, I had no. Yeah, I had no doubt that that Robin was going to be great when I when they first sent the script to me and told me Robin was going to do it. I was like right there.

I said, oh, yeah, definitely. And then they came then they changed the director. And they rewrote some of the script and Robin dropped out. So so did I. Then they brought in Peter Ware and then Robin came back and then I came back and so did the other people, because, you know, Peter Ware is the best.

No doubt. And so is that movie as well. Kurt Smith here in The Rich Eisen Show. So before I let you go, what's your favorite? That's 70s show moment for you. What do you think? Favorite scene?

Favorite show? I don't know. Their favorite line?

What do you hear? So, you know, I think probably the thing I mentioned, because it it it, you know, once I called him, I said, you know. It's not that you're it's not that you have bad luck, it's that you're a dumb ass. The first time I said that, I think because that became such a classic line and that I'm still living with today. You know, I have people come up to me all the time and ask me to call him a dumb ass. So I don't quite get that.

You know, I just say anybody who wants to be called a dumb ass is a dumb ass. I've got one last one for you here, and this one's for me. Yesterday I was we had Judge Reinhold here and it was a top. I did a top 10 list of my favorite 80s comedies and I left one off because it's it's not really well known, let alone an 80s comedy that would reach a top 10 list. But for me, it was with my friends and I is a movie called Going Berserk. Oh, going berserk.

Yes, sir. And not a lot of people know it. There it is up on the screen right there is the is the movie poster. And it starred pretty much everybody from SCTV at the time, the great John Candy. And you were in it as well. Yeah, you got a good John Candy story for me?

I don't. I barely remember the movie. I took a shot for me on behalf of me and all my high school friends that watched that about 90 times. We did. It was fun. I remember working with David Steinberg, who is the director, wonderful director, you know, a great stand up comedian. And, you know, before that and but no, I wish I did.

I wish I had a good. Yeah, you're only just like a quick part in that. Yeah, yeah. I wasn't even funny.

I didn't have a funny part, but I was happy to be hanging out with all those guys. Eugene Levy and all of them. Oh, yeah. All of them. They were all there.

Well, again, everybody check out that 90s show. Part two premieres June 27th exclusively on Netflix. Keep an eye peeled for part three when it premieres this fall in October. And that's all available to be seen right here on the Roku portal. Kurtwood Smith, thank you for coming. Really appreciate my pleasure.

We'll be wrapping up this show in a moment right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Signals such as job changes or which accounts you should prioritize and shows you hidden allies so you could find those buyers that are most likely to convert fueled by LinkedIn's one billion member platform. Sales Navigator gives you the most up to date first party data, enabling you to unlock conversations with the people that matter. Right now, you can try LinkedIn Sales Navigator and get a 60 day free trial at slash direct that is slash direct for a 60 day free trial. Let LinkedIn Sales Navigator help you sell like a superstar today.

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America in the morning, the podcast available wherever you listen. Well, I mean, and that's why I'm wondering why you would go by the name of Maddy I Smack. That's why I'm what I mean. That's a beer infused nickname and it doesn't fit.

Would you agree it doesn't fit anymore, Matt? Are you the natural coming back or are we making a push for the natural here? No, I'm well, I'm pointing out that certain nickname that you've had for a long time. I like beer. I do like beer, right?

So when it comes to it, though, you just you're not you're not slamming them back, right? Is what you're saying? No, I guess I'm drinking responsibly. Okay.

Something that would be a natural light of some sort. Matt, are you what are you drinking? What are you drinking? It's been a long time. See, you keep making my point. Why won't you take the natural from me, man? Why would you just why won't you do it? I mean, how many times do I have to ask?

How many times do I have to ask? It's just nobody else wants it. Are you aware I offered it to Stafford, your buddy? Is that right?

Yes. He didn't take it either. Well, I mean, he that's a no, Matt. Excuse me.

Hold on. He I gave him full disclosure that it was a retread and that you had rejected it. Because I know you guys talk. I know you guys you guys are tight, right? He forgot to mention it to me the last time I saw him.

I can't believe that wasn't top of mind for him. OK, so just just on behalf of all my loved ones who are cringing right now, just tell me to move on, Matt, and I'll move on. Just tell me to move on. Rich, you got to move on. You got to move on. I love you, but you got to move on. Thank you, Matt. Thank you so much.

Even if I gave you a T-shirt or. All right, Matt, I can take a hint after nine years or so. Oh, yeah, fun times, fun times, Mattie Ice back here in the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. So we went a little long with Kirtwood. So, Chris, we're going to do your powerless rankings tomorrow. And anybody that's been on the edge of their seat and stay suspense, I will I will apologize to them and to your entire family that's been waiting for that. Of course, no problem. Did you enjoy the memory lane? That was really awesome. And as you know, he and I talked just now, I had to tell him how just kind of, you know, this is pretty surreal for me. You know, I started hanging out on the 70s show set back in the beginning of the season two, so late 2000, early 2001, and got to watch him shoot hundreds of episodes of television. So it was really kind of surreal and cool for him to come into where I work for a change. And you you had him sign the television sign.

Yeah, when I pointed it out to him, he was like, no way. So now you say he's got so Kirtwood Smith sign that TV and we'll have every anybody who's ever been on that 70s show that comes in here, sign that sign that TV. All you have to do is, you know. Just get them here, TJ, you know, and I'll get all your supposed friends.

I will make one I don't know who I'll get one here before the summer over. Oh, I don't know who I don't know. You're tight with them all. I know that, you know, I know that I run into them.

They all tell me that they're that they know you and you're an awesome human and they love you and they say that how happy you are to be here. And I'm like, I'm happy to have him. I'll truth. And then I will always say, well, I'm happy to have you, too. And then, you know, just keep looking at that empty chair and we'll make it happen.

Pointing that out. Well, look, man, I ran into someone who knew of you on Venice Beach yesterday. And my friend was like, TJ works for Rich Eisen. You know who that is? And the guy was like, Rich Eisen is the OG of the NFL Network. You work for me. That's a that's a great way to put it. Adam in Maryland, you're here in the Rich Eisen show. What's up, Adam?

Hey, best friend. I want to chime in on the four greatest. Now, I saw the tweet and it said athlete.

So that's what I was basing my list on for all the four majors. I wanted to start off with Major League Baseball is Barry Bonds. OK. For basketball, I went with LeBron James, the all time leading scorer. Hockey, I went, you know, all respect to the great one, but I went with the great eight, Alex Ovechkin. And with football, it's got to be Jerry Rice.

I'm with you on Rice and and that, you know, ever everything else. Now I got to turn my back on. No, but you're you're you're in the realm. I just don't know how, you know, Gretzky can't be. He's he's the greatest living hockey player and he knows it, right? He's got to know that walking around. I was actually convinced Ovechkin because another hockey analyst said that Ovechkin chasing him, he does his from one spot, whereas guys like Gretzky and Crosby get to move around.

So Ovechkin's like, hey, I'm here. Oh, sorry, you didn't stop that. Adam, thanks for the call.

Greatly appreciate it. Fire up the grill and fire up the party. Get the Weber Seawood Pellet Grill. Smoke, roast and sear on the same grill. You go from low and slow on smoke boost mode at 180 degrees all the way up to high heat sear, everybody. High heat sear at 600 degrees. It's got a full, great sear zone so you could put more food on the flame. Food's going to look as good as it tastes. It's hot in 15 minutes.

Clean up is easy. You cook on two levels at the same time so you can make enough for everyone. You can add a heavy duty rotisserie or a rust resistant griddle insert.

Get fired up for your new Weber Seawood Pellet Grill. Allen Dallas. It's been too long. What's up, Albert?

Oh, he's driving. Richard, I'm currently on 25 East heading to Cape Cod to listen to the show on Sirius Satellite Radio. My man. That's what's up.

My man. You want to do the weather too? You want to do the weather also, Al?

What do you got? On the threes. You know, in Family Guy fashion, it's raining. Oh, okay.

It's raining sideways. Now listen, Richard, I know that you started your career as a, you attempted to become a comedian, but did you really call Ervin Meyer a gripper? He's a gripper. Yeah, man. He grips.

And up for originally was gripping something. He's yelling. Oh, my God.

Allen Dallas. Oh, boy. It's not what I was referring to, Al.

I wasn't referring to that. Listen, you know, I know you worked a little, Richard. I know. I know.

And, you know, you got to listen up on these things. Well, that's great. Great. Great.

Costas interview. Thanks. Awesome. Appreciate it.

Willie Mays. What you know, it is what it is. But yeah, it was fantastic. Great show as always. Thanks, bud. Appreciate it.

We got a jet. Thanks for the call out. Thanks, Alex.

Drive safe. Yeah. That's great.

See you, brother. By the way, it's so funny. It's so funny. 15 seconds ago.

They're gone. Honestly, I love how the guys in the back protect me whenever there's something right behind me because they don't. You know it sets me off. And I appreciate it. That'll wrap up this edition of The Rich Island Show. Hey, guys, welcome to The Candy Valentino Show. I'm Candy Valentino. I was a founder before I could legally order a drink. And for more than two and a half decades, I've built, scaled, acquired and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries.

Now my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that I've learned, the mistakes that I've made and the wisdom that I've developed over my journey. Biweekly episodes every Monday and Thursday. The Candy Valentino Show. Wherever you listen.
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