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The Carolina Hurricanes, Sam Hartman, Ben McAdoo, and Roger Goodell kick off our Wednesday, plus topics that keep progressing from the last time we talked about them.

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August 10, 2022 5:14 pm

The Carolina Hurricanes, Sam Hartman, Ben McAdoo, and Roger Goodell kick off our Wednesday, plus topics that keep progressing from the last time we talked about them.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 10, 2022 5:14 pm

The Carolina Hurricanes, Sam Hartman, Ben McAdoo, and Roger Goodell kick off our Wednesday, plus topics that keep progressing from the last time we talked about them. Adam talks to Don Waddell about what we should hopefully see from Necas, as well as what the plan is now the Pacioretty was injured in the last 24 hours.

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Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Good afternoon to you. It's the Adam Gold Show. I am Adam Gold.

I appreciate Rusty Helser who put that together. Working in not only the Carolina Panthers and the much discussed battle to see who becomes the starting quarterback between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. But also working in a little Olivia Newton-John who passed away, what was it, Monday night at age 73. That's Victoria.

She is sitting in for, hi Victoria. I'm so happy to be here. I am happy you're here too. Is Dennis going to intrude on this show today? I'm sure, yeah.

Does he understand what vacation is when you take PTO? Right, you're supposed to be gone. You're supposed to be like, just chill. Enjoy yourself, yeah.

Go get a tattoo. Right, yeah, another one. He did that before. So, I assume he's going to show up at some point today because I don't know why.

That's fine. I mean, I like Dennis. Like, come on in. But, you know, take some time off. Live a little. It's still summertime. Go read a comic book. Exactly. Play a video game.

Well, he said he was going to do both, so maybe he's doing both. Real quick, before we get things going today, I am excited. I went to the Darryl Hall show. You know, here, we're in Raleigh.

And shouts to all of you from Asheville to Wilmington to Greenville, wherever you are listening to this program. In Durham last night, Darryl Hall played at Durham Performing Arts Center. And Todd Rundgren was the special guest, the opening act. Yeah. I was, possibly, the youngest person there.

Whatever, I'm not, look, I am not necessarily. It is what it is. I've been around a while. I was stunned at how many Todd Rundgren fans there were last night. Really?

Oh, man, these people were riding for Todd Rundgren. Wow. So, I saw Prince about 12, 13 years ago at PNC Arena.

Okay. And Prince's opening act was Shaka Khan, who is a legend in her own right. Right. I was shocked at how many people really were there to see her more than Prince. Wow. And she delivered.

So, but there were legitimately people who were standing up and videoing the entire Todd Rundgren performance last night. And I'm like, that's the longest. Are you sending that to a grandchild or a great grandchild in some cases? I can't stand that. It's like, live in the moment. Just. I mean, yeah.

Like, those are the people who yell at kids today. Right. Like, get off your phone.

Exactly. And here they are with three hours worth of a concert. They're never gonna watch again on their cell phone.

No, no, I think they probably will. They probably plugged it into. Their TV this weekend on the ride home. Yes. Oh, my gosh. Look, Todd Rundgren, I think, played the entire catalog. He's a great guitarist and a performer in his own right. Actually did a couple of covers. Did Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye cover back to back.

I'm like, all right, I'm here for that. He actually can still sing at 74. He was the younger of the two performers last night, Darryl Hall, 75. Wow. That's shocking to me. That is shocking because I've also heard like Tom Petty is one people just go to see because it's Tom Petty, but he doesn't actually sound, you know, or didn't. Well, he doesn't anymore.

Not now, but before. Petty still said because I saw Petty at PNC Arena as well. And it was the I had never seen Petty before, however long ago it was six years ago. And it was during a concert run where Petty came to PNC and the who also came. Roger Daltrey doesn't sound like he used to sound he doesn't have the power in his voice.

Petty sounds the same. Yeah. Darryl Hall can't quite hit the high note that he used to. Yeah, but he's still good. And the band was excellent and it was a good show.

But, yeah, they were there was some Todd Rundgren fans there. Are you a little sleepy today? Yeah, it's worth it.

Oh, no, absolutely worth it. Good date night with with my wife. So we had a we had a blast and shouts to all the Todd Rundgren fans out there.

It was it was the scene. Let's go. We do have a busy show and like there was news breaking last night during the concert and there's been news so far today.

So and not all of it's good. So Sam Hartman, Wake Forest quarterback out a medical problem that according to Wake Forest, he had a surgical procedure done yesterday. They do expect him back this year. I'm not going to get into the speculation of what it might be because I am not a doctor, but it's not an injury. They they called it a medical condition.

So you are free to feel however you feel about these things. You never like to see that about anybody. Hartman is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, completed almost 60 percent of his passes last year, four thousand two hundred and twenty eight yards, thirty nine touchdowns through the air, fourteen interceptions. He rushed for three hundred and sixty four yards. He scored eleven touchdowns on the ground. He accounted for fifty touchdowns for Wake Forest last year. Fifty.

Wow. So until Hartman is back, freshman Mitch Griffiths, a third year freshman. Thank you, Covid. He actually got into three ball games as a freshman. Remember, there was a they started that rule where you could get into as many as four without losing your red shirt. So that didn't count. And then the Covid year doesn't count. The only and actually that was the Covid year.

Twenty twenty twenty. So because you get a year back, they list him as a freshman. He's in his third year.

He has attempted 15 passes in his career. My scouting report on him, thanks to our friend Connor O'Neill from Deacon's Illustrated, is shifty, fast, smart, savvy, faster than you think. Smart as hell.

That just describes just about every. It's a good combo. Wake Forest quarterback. He's five eleven.

He's a little small, but in college you can get away with that. All right. So that's what happened with Wake. We'll talk more about that with Chip Patterson coming up in a little bit. Hurricanes. Good news and bad news for the hurricanes.

Good news. Martine Natures signed two years. Three million dollars annual average annual value.

Two and a half million in year one, three and a half million year two. We always thought this would be a two year deal and it was not going to be a a bank breaker for the hurricanes. But at the time of the signing, it did put the hurricanes over the salary cap.

Now comes the bad news. Max Pacioretti in working out to get ready for the start of the season. Torn Achilles six month recovery.

So I did the math that sort of targets. Let's just say mid February, sometime after the All-Star break for a return to the ice. Theoretically, he could come back before the hurricanes played the outdoor game against the Capitals. My time loan, my time loan. Excuse you. My timeline is a war zone with stupid trade ideas. Yes.

Oh, my. Well, we should just trade these three spare parts and get Patrick Kane. Sure.

It's that easy. We should do that. I endorse that.

And also dumber accusations. But regardless, the hurricanes, if they simply want to do this, they can do it without altering the roster in any other way, because Pacioretti is going to miss a long time. They could simply put him on long term injury reserve injured reserve. And they would now have about almost six million dollars more to play with right now. The problem is, is that as soon as you activate Adam Golden Studio with my man, Coach Pete DeRuder with the Capital Financial Advisory Group, we are talking retirement. Coach, let's say I have more than a million dollar balance in my 401k. Congratulations.

Thank you very much. How can that actually come back and bite me? Well, because and this is the thing that we it's a mirage.

We see mirages I've written in the desert before you see what's water ahead, but it's not there. Well, your financial mirage is thinking that that total balance in your 401k or your IRA is yours. We have two people that want to get a hold of it, two uncles, Uncle North Carolina and Uncle Sam. Right. Both of them are going to do some damage to that balance, depending on what kind of other income you have. You could lose 40 percent of your value.

So if you're looking at a million dollar IRA, maybe it's only worth six hundred thousand to you. So how do we get around this? Well, you don't get around it because you end up in jail if you try to do that. But you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The tax train is coming, Adam. We need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of our financial accounts. And for the next 10 people, we'll do it at no cost or obligation. Put together your very own tax and retirement plan.

Eight hundred six six one seventy three eighty three or text Adam to two one zero zero zero for Coach Pete DeRuta. Max, Patchy, you're ready. You have to be cap compliant. So like the Hurricanes have right now, they're they can put them on LTI, LTIR. They have no cap issues at all and can even add to the roster if they want. But at some point when he comes back before the end of the regular season, they've got to be cap compliant. The Golden Knights had to deal with this last year when they activated Jack Eichel. And then they they had to jump through hoops. They tried to trade somebody who had the right to mix the trade and did.

And they were hosed. But we'll see how this happens. But we'll talk to Don Waddell about this coming up at the bottom of the hour. All right. To football.

Matt Rule will not name a starting quarterback for the Panthers Saturday afternoon heatstroke against the Commandos. I still don't understand why we're playing a preseason game at one o'clock on Saturday afternoon. Right. In a stadium that does not have a roof.

No, I don't get it. It's the dumbest thing. It is like preseason games are night games. They should be.

They're night games. Yeah. Like, let's not kill each other. But you know what? We don't care about the players.

Do it. So Matt Rule puts out his depth chart and QB one is Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield. What a college trick. Right. What a college thing to do.

I mean, it's so college of him. So like nobody's game planning for you, Matt. Nobody. And they don't care who you're starting. For the most part, most of the starters aren't playing anyway. I'm talking about the Panthers. I'm talking about across the league. Yeah, it's the first preseason game.

Most of the starters, if they play will probably it. Maybe they play us a series. They'll play maybe in the second preseason game. But my gosh, what are we doing? Oh, we're going to trick them.

Yeah, whatever. It just look, I do think it's significant that both quarterbacks will play. Both Mayfield and Darnold will play in the first preseason game again Saturday afternoon in Landover. And according to Matt Rule, they'll also both play because they won't make any decisions until after the Patriots game the following week, which I haven't looked at the time. But Bill Belichick ain't playing a game in the preseason that isn't night because he's smart that way.

Yes. So we'll we'll have to wait and see what happens there. Ben McAdoo is the new offensive coordinator and he has thoughts on division of labor and the quarterbacks. Yeah, I think, you know, first of all, what I talked to the offense about when we first got together was, I think it's important that we all have respect because we have position battles everywhere. This is normal.

It's just probably abnormal with the quarterback position. Right. But we know we talked about respect is important. Empathy is important. You know, you have to be just it's hard to be completely fair because there's so many different situations and periods that you work.

And the targets already always move in there. So you just try to be just and give them give them all the opportunities you can give them. And, you know, as long as we don't we don't resort to cannibalism, you know, I think we have a chance to get out of this pretty good because they're going to be both better players after we come out of camp and playing really good football. So we're just going to let us play itself out.

And I think the worst thing you could do is probably rush to a decision, right? Just have some patience. I have no idea what he's talking about. I'm sorry. I don't with respect. We have empathy.

We had cannibalism. Right. All right. All in the same soundbite.

Thanks, Ben. What are we talking about? I just don't understand.

This is I don't. Victoria, do you remember who was the coach of the Indianapolis Colts at the time, Chuck Pagano, when he said basically after a game, he goes, well, you know, he was he was worried, asked about his job security. He said, well, they can't eat you. Well, I guess not. Yeah, that's a very good point, Chuck. They can't.

I mean, they could. Right. That's the cannibalism, I believe, that Ben McAdoo is talking about. I mean, if this is Silence of the Lambs, maybe with with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Gosh, what has Ben McAdoo talking about?

All right. More football matters. It's been a much discussed topic that the NFL sought a full year suspension and a healthy fine for Cleveland quarterback Deshaun Watson, retired district court judge Sue Robinson handed down a six game suspension with no additional fine. And in her ruling, she seemed to side with the NFL at every turn. She termed the behavior egregious. She didn't want Deshaun Watson to seek outside massage therapy. Everything had to be within the team construct.

All of that. She went everywhere the NFL went except when it got to the penalty phase and she went six games seems about right. And according to her, six games was above and beyond what the NFL had done in the past to air quotes, nonviolent behavior.

Disconnect for me, disconnect for a lot of people. Sexual assault, which is what Deshaun Watson did, is not nonviolent, even though nobody gets this goes and gruesome punched in the face. Right. It's not nonviolent. It is violence. We have different levels of violence, all that. And she even said that he endangered women.

All right. So Roger Goodell, remember, wanted a full year suspension and he didn't waste any time in filing an appeal. We've seen the evidence. She was very clear about the evidence. She reinforced the evidence that there was multiple violations here and they were egregious and it was predatory behavior.

That's those are things that we felt we always felt were really important for us to address in a way that's responsible. I don't disagree with anything Roger Goodell just said. And neither did the judge, except what the judge did point out is that the NFL. Did not make it clear to the players association that their standards for punishment were going to change. Now, maybe the CBA needed to be more clear in that, hey, if we have, oh, let's just say two dozen violations, then the penalties can be tripled.

But just like maybe we put that in because honestly, it's really difficult to even see in the future that we would have something like this. I mean, I, I, I think that is a reasonable assumption. So we'll see what happens here. But Goodell, as in the CBA, has the right to appeal. Both sides had the right to appeal. The players association preemptively said, we're going to stand by whatever the judge says. The NFL did not. They appealed immediately and Goodell actually had the right to actually meet out the punishment himself.

He could have said, you know what? I'm making the decision. You're getting a year. You're getting a 10 million dollar fine.

And that's that. And the decision of the second judge in this case, it would be Goodell, is final. Albeit, we're going to be in court. Instead, what Goodell did was he designated somebody else.

So he handpicked who he would. This is not jointly decided. This is Roger Goodell saying, you, sir, you're going to make this decision and that's coming.

We'll see what it is, if it's what the league wants. We're headed to court. And then tomorrow on the program, we're going to talk to Daniel Wallach about what happens then, because I do believe we are headed to court.

All right. Speaking of court. Final thing before we get started today. For those people who are fans of match play in golf, I think the PGA Tour defeated live golf three and one three up with one to play, because this is a decision could have gone either way in a decision that is very easy to both overstate and at the same time underestimate its importance. A district court judge in Northern California denied a temporary restraining order to three players from the live golf tour who sought entrance into this week's PGA Tour tournament in Memphis. Part of the playoffs. Taylor Gooch, Matt Jones, Hudson Swofford have all played in each of the three events on the live tour, but they wanted to jump back in and play in the playoffs.

Right now, there are no live events until Labor Day weekend. The PGA Tour is over the weekend before. So there are implications for major championship qualifications if you finish in the top 30. Gooch is closest of those three to being in the top 30. And he was going to have to play in at least two of the events to hopefully get to the third. If you finish in the top 30, then you are exempt into the three majors other than the PGA Championship. They have a separate level of qualification.

So here's where it can be overstated. It is a win for the PGA Tour in the short term. I think it's a win for the players on the PGA Tour who don't have to have it rubbed in their faces that these guys all took a lot of money from live and are coming over to take their money. So it's a good result for the PGA Tour's players. The three players are not needle movers.

Nobody's going to miss you in Memphis. Very good player, though. I will point out if you're a golf fan, you know who Taylor Gooch is. The other guys are just players, rank and file.

Gooch has a chance to be really good. But here's where and by the way, the judge said that irreparable harm, financial harm was not proven by those players. And that's how they were seeking the temporary restraining order that by not playing, they would be irreparably harmed financially.

And that's obviously not the case. But here's where you can't overestimate the importance of this decision, because the judge essentially said that the PGA Tour has the right to enforce their own rules. And if they ruled otherwise, then the PGA Tour's right to suspend players for a breach of the rules is gone. They would have to argue and fight to get that back.

And that makes having a tour and having like an operating set of guidelines very, very difficult. So this was an important ruling from that standpoint. And but this case is far from over.

Oh, my gosh, there's so many things in here. And the judge was not necessarily flattering to the PGA Tour. She was a little she was upset with some of their practices. They basically called him a little heavy handed. And I don't disagree with some of those things. And we'll talk about this more later on, but that's not for us right now.

Very quickly, I want to get to one more thing before we go. Cam Smith, who is the odds on favorite to win the PGA Tour's player of the year, but also could be the top asshat of the year at the same time. So he won the players championship. He won the open championship. He's second in the FedEx Cup standings. He's going to be, I think, player of the year. I can't see anybody else getting it because he's won two of the five biggest events on the tour season. He's had an amazing year, but he's also been rumored to go to live. And he was asked about this after the open championship. And he had that.

That's very not not very good. It was just ridiculous statement. But regardless, fellow Australian player Cam Percy told an Australian radio station that. Cam Smith is gone to live. So the Telegraph in the UK, who has a very good track record for not being wrong, reported yesterday that he had signed a deal for one hundred million dollars to go to live. So with those two things hanging out there, Cam Smith had a press conference yesterday.

Yes, he did. And our friend, friend of the program from Golf Digest, Shane Ryan, grabbed the microphone. My goal here is to to win the FedEx Cup playoffs.

That's all I'm here for. If there's something I need to say regarding the PGA Tour or live, it will come from Cameron Smith, not Cameron Percy. I'm a man of my word.

And whenever you guys need to know anything, it'll be said by me. And just following up on that, you being a man of your word, you know, the Telegraph is reporting that you've signed and are going. Would you like to say yes or no to that?

I have no comment to that. I like I said, I'm here to play the FedEx Cup playoffs. That's been my focus the last week and a half. That's what I'm here to do. I'm here to win the FedEx Cup playoffs. And like I said, it will come from me.

It won't come from Cameron Percy. Do you intend to play the president's cup? Absolutely. Yeah, that's that's something that we've been looking forward to for the last three years. We had we missed the year because of because of covid.

And that's something that I look forward to being a part of. OK. That not a denial. Not even close to it. I could have said no. Yeah. Good.

I said, no, I'm not going to live. But and he didn't say it at the open championship either. The Telegraph report not only was it 100 million dollars, but they said he was going to play in Boston on Labor Day weekend. And if he does that, he ain't playing in the president's cup. His intent could be in the president's to be playing in the president's cup.

But that will not happen if he plays in Boston on the next live tour event. Darryl Hall did not play this last night. I also did not see Don Waddell, president and general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes at the Durham Performance Performing Arts Center. You weren't at the Darryl Hall show yet last night, were you?

No, I took a pass on it. That's all right, man. He's he's a great performer. But it was it was a lively crowd. I appreciate your time, sir.

I know you had a lot to do yesterday is probably reasons why you weren't at the show. Let's start with the good. Let's start with Martine Neches getting that done. Two years total. Six million dollars.

Two and a half, three and a half, I believe was the breakdown. Was this more difficult than you thought? Because it did take a long time. Well, anytime you get in these kind of negotiations, you know, both sides are going to present their case. And, you know, there's lots of negotiating that goes on. And, you know, I'm actually very happy to get it done this quick because, as you know, these things sometimes even drag on because players aren't missing a paycheck until October.

And, you know, who's going to bend first? But when we started off the process, we were pretty close. Both sides were very reasonable coming out of the chutes.

It's just a matter of getting them to a place and them getting us to a place that we both feel comfortable with. And, you know, like I said, a lot of hours in a phone call for the last month, but well worth it in the end. Were you at all concerned that somebody might offer sheet him? I didn't think so. You know, first of all, there's lots of players right now that are not as many today, but the last few weeks that were restricted free agents of teams could have went after. I think two things. One is we had the cap space. We could create the cap space if we needed it. And thirdly, you know, what's what's been our history probably would reflect upon somebody saying, I'm not sure I want to go after Carolina. Are you are you saying that the hurricanes are intimidating?

I like that. And then the other thing you remember, you know, most of that, you got 10, 11 top teams in the league that are at the cap. So, you know, a lot of those teams couldn't do it. So if a team is going to do it, it's going to be probably team that's trying to find their way in the playoffs. And, you know, if you're a team that potentially could be in the lottery for next year, I'm not sure it was worth the gamble. Obviously, we all know there's two potential stars in the draft next year.

And so I think all that when you wait all those factors in, I wasn't concerned at all. Don Waddell, president general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes, is with us here on the Adam Gold Show. Marty didn't have his best season. Everybody understands that he has admitted that.

What are what are the expectations? Are you looking for a change in his approach or was last year more circumstance than anything else? He got plenty of time. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now.

Find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. Yeah, you know, you start off a little bit slow and, you know, you've got to give credit to the young star Jarvis, who came in and really tore it up, particularly off the start and throughout the season. So, you know, limited took Marty off one of the top of the lines here right off the bat.

But, you know, I think it's a it's a give on both sides here. I think, you know, Marty obviously has said he's got more to give. He's got to put himself in a position to have more success, not just in goals and assists, but be responsible over the ice. You know, from our end, too, we have to build this kid back up. You know, his confidence was a little rattled the second half of the year last year, which we all know.

I don't care what you're doing for your life. You have confidence doing it. You're going to do it with usually more success. So, you know, we have to take some responsibility that way and work to continue to put them in situations to succeed. You know, Roddy started using last year in a penalty killing. He's a good job for there. Hopefully we can continue to grow off of that. Yeah, look, he actually, until maybe very late, looked like a very good part of the penalty kill. All right, let's get to Max Pacioretti. There's a reason you brought him in to score big goals.

And based on the Achilles injury, it looks like that has to that will not happen until at least February. Quick thoughts on Pacioretti and where you go from here. Yeah, there's a point of this for our hockey club. It's more disappointing for Max because, you know, Max been here. He's been working out. He's got traded from a place that he really enjoyed, but he was happy to be here.

You know, he knew he's going someplace and to come here and, you know, he takes everything very serious. He's a great athlete that, you know, has worked out every day since the season ended. And unfortunately, you know, doing a sprint, non hockey injury, very rarely. In fact, I don't even know if I've ever heard it in hockey.

I've heard it in working out. We've had, you know, Justin Williams years ago and I had one in Atlanta. The good thing about the Achilles with the hockey player is once you put your skate on, unlike a basketball or football player that's going to run up and down the field or court, you know, he's pretty protected and you don't use your Achilles a whole lot. So we're hoping six months is the longest it possibly is and we'll just play it by ear. But, you know, the way I look at it, you know, this could be our big trade deadline acquisition. You know, if he's out until February or so and, you know, you're always looking to add at the at the deadline. This may be the big one for us. In the meantime, you know, we're going to fish around a little bit. Obviously, we're going to have to go into long term injury relief at some point. We don't have to do it just yet. So, you know, there's not a lot of unrestricted free agents out there. Obviously, my phone has been busy today because it was trying to help us out.

Sure, they are. Everybody wants to help the hurricanes become a Stanley Cup champion. So, you know, well, we're not going to rush it. I think we're going to get presented to us that we think is worth exploring. We certainly will do that.

But, you know, we're in no hurry at this point. We we really felt with the signing of Cauce and getting Marty Nikesh, the chest back, you know, that we're pretty good in our top 12. So, you know, our top nine changes because Tash comes out of there and something else jumps in there. But we still feel that the depth of our forward group should take us a long way. And then, like I said, being able to add a guy like Max into the life at some point later in the season could be a huge bonus for us. And the truth is, we've already talked about Martin Neches.

And if you look at the top six, it was hard to find a spot for Neches in there. And now maybe that spot kind of opens up and he gets that opportunity to play, you know, maybe on the right side on the second line with Svechnikov and Cook and the Emmy. We'll see how that whole thing works out. But you brought in Max not to be a trade deadline ad. Do you have to go out and find more scoring or are you comfortable really with what you have? Yeah, we're very comfortable with what we have.

Like I said, we will explore. But, you know, the thing you have to be aware of is when Max is ready to come back, you have to get back under the cap. So let's just say Max's cap is seven million. We spend five million of that because we're already at the cap. Now, when he comes back, assuming nobody else gets hurt throughout the year with that kind of salary, you know, you have to find a way to move, you know, whatever the number is, four or five million dollars out of your lineup. So not not always, you know, teams have got themselves in situations where they have to pay a pretty big price for that to happen. So we want to be smart and be careful about it. You know, we're managing today, but we're also looking at what the future holds for us.

All right. Jake Gardner was on long term injury relief all last season. Is the plan to bring Jake to training camp and go from there or is the plan something else?

No, you're 100 percent right. We've made decisions on this recently as the last 24 hours. Jake's been skating in Minnesota for the last few months. He's actually skating with some of our guys.

Step on it. Brady Shay that feels great. We watch video of him and we had it all video one day. So our plan is to bring him into training camp. You know, we're as you look at our D right now, we have two left shot guys and five right. Great shot defenseman, which is unusual the other way around. So, you know, Jake being a left shot defenseman, you know, you know, his last year he played, you know, it became noticeably that if the skating was becoming an issue, you know, he hasn't lost his smart. You know, he's always a smart player, but if you couldn't, he just couldn't move around with his hips where they are having both hips done now, you know, it's going to give him another opportunity and we're looking forward to seeing him in training camp.

Dom Waddell is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. You have all of these right shot defenseman. You don't have a lot of right shot off offense men. If I could use that that phrase including rod likes a right-handed center.

So does do you guys have to go out and do something there? At least to make your head coach happy. Well, we've been talking about, you know, Derek seconds was a good soldier for us last year. Really good at face-offs round like some better at center than he does on the wing. So, you know, we're still in contact with Derek about bringing him back.

So, you know, you like to have one right-hand shot, you know, that comes back to Friday. That cash, you know, at some point he was a center man. You know, if we need to find him into that and start having to work on face-offs, which he did last year, I give him credit. He was working on it. You know that we might have the answer right here on our team as we sit here today.

Don Maudell president general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes. It starts soon. I know single game tickets went on sale. What yesterday the day before I hope they're they're selling like hotcakes, but you guys will be ready to go. I know in September and I'll be ready to go too.

So you don't have to worry about that. Yeah, we appreciate it. I know we've had a great summer obviously season tickets have gone very well. We'll be up another 2,000 or so from last year and our individual tickets hit it out of park yesterday going on sale. So now we're all anxious to get going. You know, we want to stay injury free from here on out, but we'll be ready when you have the rookie tournament that starts out at the Invisalign Arena. And then we move right into our training camp and get ready in the exhibition schedule real quick. The outdoor game. I mean, I can't imagine where you aren't allowed to buy tickets to that yet.

Not yet. We're going to have we're going to get an allocation still being negotiated with the league that to be able to take care of our season ticket holders and that and you know, whatever staff we need to take you want to purchase tickets and but the end of the day, you know, this is going to be a great event. Oh, yeah.

The city the county the state or the authority of all jumped in to try to help us promote this. We're going to do some fan fest downtown the day before so that we got a lot of plans, a lot of exciting things that will be announced here in the near future. Yeah. Look, it's going to be a blast. No problem at Carter-Finley Stadium is going to be absolutely packed.

Dom Waddell, I appreciate your time, sir. We'll talk soon. And it's it's close. We're about six weeks away. We've got it. Always a pleasure to speak with you.

Take care. Dom Waddell, president general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes. You know what? I was really excited to hear the name Derek Stepan. I don't know where it goes, but I loved Stepan as a player. If I could just editorialize from a Derek Stepan point of view, I had a good year last year and I didn't scratch in the postseason and they needed him in the postseason.

Yes. So I like if I'm Derek Stepan, I'm not sure like you might have to be my only offer. But I hope they can figure out a way to bring them back because I think Derek Stepan can play. And he's a good face off guy and they need a right shot.

Centerman desperately need somebody from the right side. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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