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Football, football, all kinds of crazy football after Week 1 is in the books for the NFL and another weekend of college football has passed.

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September 12, 2022 5:23 pm

Football, football, all kinds of crazy football after Week 1 is in the books for the NFL and another weekend of college football has passed.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 12, 2022 5:23 pm

Football, football, all kinds of crazy football after Week 1 is in the books for the NFL and another weekend of college football has passed. There was a lot of excitement in NC for college football, but not so much for the Carolina Panthers.

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I am Adam Gold. Welcome to Monday the first, I mean, chock full of football Monday of the season. College football had its, I shouldn't say wackiness, it had its college footballishness. We had all sorts of weird stuff. North Carolina allowed 25 consecutive points to Georgia State. Still won, okay.

And the Panthers did Panthers things. Alright, well thank you very much for hanging out with us on a Monday afternoon. I am Adam Gold. This is the Adam Gold Show. Normally, at least for the last four months or so, I have been introducing Dennis Cox as the producer of this program. But, we kicked Dennis out. Not really.

We did, it's okay, you can say that. Victoria's here! Yay! And you're going to be here, I mean, I've seen some sort of weird scheduling, but basically you're here.

This is you. Yeah! Victoria's here!

So be nice to Victoria. Now Dennis asked me, you're going to start fresh at zero and place your bets. Okay. Okay.

Let's do that. Right, because Dennis actually got it back over into black figures. Oh wow.

So he did, yeah. Man. So you're going to start fresh at zero. Let's go. So good luck when we get to that point. Thank you. We've got a long way to go until we get to that, I've got a lot of football to discuss. But congratulations, thank you very much. We will, we never blame anything on you.

Ever. I take full responsibility for everything. I am the quarterback. There you go. I am the quarterback, we are not going to pass blame. We've got a lot of things to do today.

You can watch us on TV, hi, WRAL Sports Plus, you can get it at Apple TV, Android TV, Fire, Roku, channel 34.1 if you have an antenna and you're in the Raleigh area, 1257 on Spectrum Cable, you can stream us online,, all of that if you are so inclined. All right, should we go? Should we start? Let's go. And I should say that at one o'clock today, we are ready for your hot takes.

And I've got hot takes on the Panthers, but I'm sure your takes on the Panthers will be way more scorching than my takes on the Panthers because I wasn't that put off by what the Panthers did. Yes, I know you were. Yeah. They lost in excruciating fashion. Brutal. Right? You look like you're going to get run out of your own building, somehow the Browns leave the door open and you walk through it.

Now, you didn't bash the door down like you could have, but you walked through it, you got the lead, and then, yeah, we know what happened. Look, real quick, because we're going to talk about this with Will Brinson, starting in about 10 minutes. They were second best all game long. Browns are the better team, but they somehow found themselves in it thanks to a comically bad busted coverage on the Robbie Anderson touchdown. Like, if the corner's going to pass it to the safety, there's got to be a safety to pass it to, and there wasn't.

But then, the Browns got lemon booty, and we don't know what to do. And they ended up punting the ball back to Carolina, and all of a sudden, you're down at the 15-yard line, and here is where, if you are mad, here's the place in the game I think you can be mad, even though I was not mad. Forcing a team to use their timeouts is awful, I think, but I've been saying this for years, and every coach in the league does it. There are so many ways to stop the clock in football when you have the ball. Just because you have no timeouts left doesn't matter.

We need to understand this. Every coach needs to understand this. Other than throwing away the chart, they need to throw away that because by running the ball three times, yes, the Browns didn't have any timeouts, but guess who didn't need any timeouts. They had plenty of time to get as far down the field as they needed, and by the way, that 58-yard game-winning field goal would have been good from 75. Yeah, from here. That was crushed.

Rory McIlroy doesn't hit drives that far. All right, we'll get more about this game in a minute, next. Fifteen years and nine days after App's improbable win over Michigan at the Big House, the Mountaineers were on their BS again.

Absolutely awesome. Final score, 17-14, not at all indicative of the level of dominance. It really wasn't.

App was better from start to finish. They dictated all game long, 41 and a half minutes time of possession for App State at Kyle Field. More than double the offensive play's run, it was like 83 to 39. They did it without Nate Noel. I don't know, is App going 11-1?

Maybe. All I could think of watching the game was, wait a second, how did they allow North Carolina to score 1,000? I'm not saying, North Carolina's offense is clearly better than Texas A&M's. I'm not saying it, but Carolina put up 56. Insane.

Come on, App. Yeah. Absolutely incredible. By the way, big winner this weekend, the Sunbelt.

Holy cow. Marshall goes to Notre Dame and wins. Georgia Southern wins at Nebraska, which frankly, I guess, isn't that hard, but still. It's an accomplishment. I mean, you fired the coach. We'll talk about that later. So good weekend for the Sunbelt.

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Would you like financial independence into your retirement? And beyond it, 800-661-7383, that golden ticket is a $1,000 value, or you could text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. UNC is good TV. I mean, let's just be honest about that. I used to say this about App State a long time ago, where, you know, regardless of the outcome, App State was good TV. North Carolina is good television.

That game against App last week was fun, great watch, and thanks to going on Walkabout for about 30 game minutes, North Carolina-Georgia State was good television. The Tar Heels actually had to rally. They were down. They were trailing 28-21 to Georgia State after leading 21-3.

What are we doing? They looked like they were rolling, and then the Panthers scored 25 straight points. Here are North Carolina's possessions in between 21-3 and the time they found themselves trailing 28-21. Punt, downs, interception, fumble, punt. Wow. They didn't do that in 60 minutes of football at App.

No. Amari and Hampton had the touchdown run that leveled the score, but even that, like, there was nobody. He just ran straight up the middle. It was a huge hole, and there was nobody in the second.

There was nobody. He, like, could have looked around, and that's it? We're done?

Like, why even make the guy run the next 50 yards? All right. Touchdown. Good. Let's go.

Let's go on a walk. We no longer make the pitcher throw four balls. We just put four fingers up, and we're done.

That's what we should do there. So Carolina ultimately goes ahead, did a big play after big play after big play drive that made it 35-28. Georgia State, by the way, not a pushover.

I am in no way dismissing that. I think it's a pretty good win for UNC on the road, so we'll see. They're off this week, and then an angry Notre Dame will come to Keenan Stadium. Notre Dame, I mentioned a few minutes ago, Marshall at Notre Dame. I have a hot take about Notre Dame, too. All right.

NC State practiced well. What else are you going to say? No, I'm just glad.

I can't wait for the hot takes. Right. I love it. NC State practiced well. That's what that is. That Charleston Southern is a practice. For NC State, a lot of people got a chance to play, good, had like 42 receivers, caught passes.

They used three quarterbacks, good. That's the way this is supposed to work when you're playing Charleston Southern. It's an exhibition game. Of course, it counts, but it's basically an exhibition game. Texas Tech, by the way, NC State's next opponent just beat Houston, formerly ranked Houston.

It doesn't look so easy now. Good thing the game is here, but I believe it's a primetime game, isn't it? It's like seven o'clock on ESPN2 next week. So we'll see now that your practice is over. Now we're going to get a chance to see what NC State has against the Power Five opponent.

All right. We have other ACC games. We still have three more games we have to talk about real quick. Wake got Sam Hartman back. They went to Vanderbilt and slugged the Commodores.

This was never really in doubt. Wake was a two-touchdown favorite on the road. Hartman had 300 yards passing and four touchdowns.

A.T. Perry, five catches, 142 yards and a score. Vandy turned it over three times. And Wake is now 2-0 with a 45-25 win. And they look every bit the Wake Forest part. This is what they're going to score, a ton of points. And if they don't get manhandled at the line of scrimmage by maybe a bigger, more physical team, I think their defense is good. They certainly have skill position taken care of. They are going to be a pain in the rear end for anybody. And speaking of pain in the rear end, explain Duke.

How, if not, it's good. Four in a row now over Northwestern. Northwestern's going to cancel the series. 31-23 was the final. Exciting start for the Blue Devils. They were up 21-0. Duke scores on their first three possessions, similar to last year, by the way, where they got out fast against Northwestern. And just like last year, I would say Northwestern probably ran out of time. Because they were the better team late. But you only get 60 minutes to prove it. So all the points count. Best player on the field, Northwestern running back Evan Hall, had 278 yards of offense, but fumbled the ball as he was crossing the goal line.

My initial feeling was, oh man, he had crossed. But nope. And just absolutely, I think they called it right on the field, too. So that's pretty good officiating.

Bulls never get the, they always get hate. But that's a pretty good call. But replay would have turned taking care of it anyway.

It's clear the ball is on the way out before he gets to the goal line. So in a way, Duke probably catches a break, because the way Northwestern was moving the ball, I think it's a better than 50-50. They would have converted the two-point conversion. And the way they were playing late, Duke's offense was sputtering at best.

It likely adds up to a loss, but again, Duke played well. 220 yards rushing, two different 100-yard receivers. I think Riley Leonard's good.

I don't know how great he is, but I think he's good. And I'm telling you, Jordan Moore, Northwestern did their best to shut him down, but that's a heck of a touchdown catch that he hauled in, although it did look like he might have been, I don't know. I'm not gonna, who cares?

Not going there. Touchdown. Touchdown, Jordan Moore. The Blue Devils get North Carolina A&T and then play at Kansas. East Carolina was too good for Old Dominion. Too freaking good.

Holt Naylor's, Keaton Mitchell, too damn good. By the way, tough weekend probably to be the Monarchs, right? If you're Old Dominion, maybe, you know, in light of Queen Elizabeth passing, maybe Monarchs were gonna be up against it all the time. Zero turnovers for East Carolina, 531 yards of offense.

It's a pretty good combination. All right, one more thing before we get to Wilbur. So Notre Dame lost at home to Marshall. Everybody's mad in South Bend. The Irish, I thought, played pretty well against Ohio State in the opener at the horseshoe, but Ohio State is a national championship contender, Notre Dame is not. And then they host Marshall and just look like a mess, and that's unfortunate that they're 0-2.

A little preview of what's coming up later. I mean, if they, Notre Dame was in the ACC, I mean, they'd still have a lot to play for this year. All right, Nebraska lost at home to Georgia Southern, but they pick up a win yesterday. Scott Frost showed them the door.

Here's my overarching point about this. If you're gonna fire Scott Frost after two games, then he should not have been the coach to start the season. I mean, look, I am not selling Scott Frost on Nebraska, but if you've seen enough after two games, then you saw enough after four years.

He was 15 and 30 before this year. What made you think anything was gonna be different? I mean, seriously, that's just silly. So hey, I don't care. Certainly the coaching carousel is good for talk radio, but I just don't understand bringing him back if you're gonna fire him before we get to the middle of September. The list of candidates to take over in Lincoln is interesting.

We'll talk about that a little bit later on. Alabama wins at Texas by 1 20 to 19, and they plummeted in the polls all the way to second. The polls are just, I don't care about the polls. If you complain about the polls on September 12th, today's September 12th. If you're complaining about the polls on September 12th, then you have a problem. You just do. So don't bitch about the polls now.

There's no reason to do that. App state should probably be ranked. But you know what?

With a few more games, you'll be ranked. End of story. All these things take care of themselves. They always, always do. And remember, the polls are just so TV knows which games to hype.

That's it. It's all they are. It's all the only reason why we have rankings.

So TV knows which games are good. But it was typical college football. I thought the ACC did pretty well. Even Pitt's loss at home to Tennessee was, I'm not saying a good outcome because losing is not a good outcome, but you lose a slow this to an injury. Your backup quarterback who is hobbled still gets you in the end zone to tie the game late. Your defense just couldn't come through and stop Tennessee in overtime.

And then your offense is exactly what your offense is without Keaton's love. But their Panthers are one and one, even though they probably should have lost to West Virginia to start the season. But we'll see how Pitt does the rest of the way.

But I thought it's been a pretty good start for the Atlantic Coast Conference. And the fact is, you got Waco 2-0 and Duke 2-0. And Clemson just, whatever, who cares? Clemson probably wasn't trying very hard against Furman.

That's all I could say. Clemson probably just wasn't trying very hard. But it's going to start getting real here soon.

It is. I think Clemson plays Louisiana Tech, still not feeling that as any sort of challenge. But we'll see what happens going forward with the Tigers. But it was a very good weekend for North Carolina college football, especially at the Division 1 level. The only loss, I believe, was Charlotte. Charlotte lost it home to Maryland, the Big Ten powerhouse Maryland. I put this tweet out yesterday or Saturday afternoon, and I think it was misconstrued and maybe I needed to be clear. Good weekend for North Carolina college football.

The Tar Heels win, the Wolfpack win, Duke and Wake win, ECU wins at home impressively over Old Dominion, and App State, and I said, pulls off stunning upset, sort of, in College Station. And here's why I said sort of, and I'm not sure why this was misconstrued, but it was. Because nobody should be surprised when App wins a football game like that.

We just shouldn't. I actually think if you go back in your memory bank, there were other games that they could have won that they didn't. I mean, specifically, I remember the game at Tennessee a few years ago. Now, Tennessee wasn't great, but you're playing in front of a hundred thousand people in Neyland Stadium and it's a game you probably should have won but didn't. They are routinely in this position. I think they should have beaten Miami a couple of years ago, in Miami.

So this is App, and that's what we kind of all missed, right? Just the fact, I mean, I didn't pick them to win. I thought the game would be good, but I mean, I certainly didn't pick them to win at Texas A&M, but I'm not surprised. And if you're surprised that App beat Texas A&M, then you haven't watched a lot of App State football because they almost always seem to put themselves in that position. So good for them.

But he joins us as he does every Monday. All right, let's start with the Panthers because that's what we should do. I actually thought, and all things being equal, the fact that they took the first half off of competing, I thought they weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. They couldn't run it, though, and they couldn't pass protect. Other than that, they were fine.

Oh, God, I thought they were awful. I mean, I know they got back involved in the game, but to Brown's team, it's Jacoby Brissett quarterback and Brown's team that didn't, frankly, like, I mean, they were bad, too. I guess if you take the CJ Henderson tackle of a wide receiver in the end zone to set up an easy touchdown, you know, the Panthers going to, you know, I don't know. I thought they were bland, boring watch, and then the game became fun when, you know, like all these NFL games in 2022, you know, it's almost impossible to like snuff out a team anymore.

You don't have anybody that like actually closes. It feels like, you know, like every single game, somehow there's yesterday, it felt like, you know, there was some kind of comeback involved with whoever was losing, and the Panthers are just an example of that. I mean, the Browns had that busted coverage, you know, bigger, bigger waltz in the end zone. Then there's the busted coverage and all of a sudden it's a game, you know, I think that I think it speaks more about, you know, where the Browns are probably at than, you know, what the Panthers are. And I thought that was a, I mean, you know, just a miserable start to the game followed by some like a little bit of false hope, maybe, maybe, maybe the Panthers are the new NC State.

How about that? Well, here's the reason I said, I wasn't, I, my expectations for the Panthers and maybe I'm different. And I told you this before the season, I think if everything goes right, they can win eight games. Now, for a team like the Panthers, everything never goes right.

But that's what I thought. I thought if they max out, they could go eight and nine. That's my, my ceiling for them is that.

And I think four or five wins is sitting there waiting to happen. They couldn't run block and couldn't pass block. So you just can't get that, that creative with your offense. If you can't do either their best play was the snap that rolled along the ground that Chris McCaffrey picked up and ran for like 25 yards.

So my, my feeling was just roll the ball back to McCaffrey on every snap and just do that. I mean, Baker had four fumbles, I think all were on snaps, right? Look Baker's first half.

And we'll just say that maybe he had put a little too much pressure on himself for a number of reasons. But Baker's first half was, it was, I kind of liked Baker Mayfield, but it was, it was just, it was terrible. It was all, it was so horrendous and I don't think he was great throughout the game. He threw some nice passes, made some good throws, but he was getting passes knocked down. The interception was just awful. He overthrew everybody except the, the last safety. So I, Baker wasn't good. No, there's nothing, but my point was that everybody wants to blame Matt Rule for this.

And I just didn't see anything except maybe running it three times when you got to the 15 on the final drive. That to me is the only thing that I could criticize Matt Rule for. Yeah. I mean, I mean, yeah. Outside of the fact, yeah.

I mean, yes, if you are, if you're letting Matt Rule off the hook for his football team being bad. Okay. Yes. Yeah.

I mean, if we're just talking about specifically like, like what, like were there end game situations that Matt Rule completely screwed up? No, not really. Right.

Um, they use their timeouts well on defense to get the ball back with plenty of time, right? And then you're like, wait, you're like, Oh, little Jimmy, you didn't poop your pants today. That's so great. Like, look, I have a new puppy. I have a new puppy and the puppy goes outside and it's, you, you throw a parade, right? So Matt Rule didn't screw up.

So he's the puppy that pees in the yard. So like, so the offense looked terrible, completely dysfunctional for like 95% of the time. Christian McCaffrey wasn't properly used at all. And, uh, and the defense, you know, they couldn't pass, like I couldn't run block. The defense was fine, I guess, although they missed like 42 tackles defense did a pretty great job.

All the basic fundamentals of football that a coach is supposed to impart upon his team. Right. Other than that, I have more problem with the way Kevin Stefanski coached than I have the, with the way, um, Matt Rule. I really didn't have any beef with Matt Rule, but I mean, like, I think that it's important to note that if your team stinks at doing a lot of things, then, you know, the owners ultimately falls on the head coach. Right.

I completely agree there. Uh, if I were, if you were the Browns, wouldn't you have run Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt a hundred percent of the time because he didn't look tackle. I was like, I think I was, I was texting my buddy, Matt Gray, but he's like, are we this about a tackler? Nick Chubb, the best running back of all time, but about at the time of the Fox, but I was like, I mean, there's a little bit of both. We've got a lot of, it was like the CBS put up the graphic that was like, it was like the second all time in yards per carry, uh, had a Jim Brown as Nick Chubb behind only Jamal Charles. And, but at the same time, it's like, there were so many instances where if Carolina just made some fundamental tackling and got him on the ground, they would have prevented the, you know, the Browns from extending it from several drives.

No, there's, there's no question. Uh, one, one, two things about the final drive, and then I want to move on to, uh, to real football. The, uh, the, the roughing, the passer penalty on Brian Burns, I'm, I'm not a blame the referee guy. I'm convinced that the Panthers would have screwed this up anyway. Uh, but the roughing, the passer on Brian Burns on the first play of the final drive was terrible. I mean, it was tragically bad call. There wasn't, there was no contact with the head. Uh, it was, it was just the football play. Um, and then Seth, would it, would the field goal have been good from 75 by that kid?

I mean, that's, but that's like, you're talking about with the, um, um, with the Facebook, the Facebook. I don't even care about that. I think he spiked it. Yeah, but he, you can't do the rule book says you cannot delay. It must be one continuous motion from the snap to hit throwing it down the ground. Any attempt to any delay whatsoever.

Um, it means it's, it's intentional grounding, but he didn't like, he didn't fake it, stand up and then spike it. It was not one. It was not one continuous motion. Yeah. Okay. I'm not, uh, I understand letter of the letter of the rule, the forceful contact to the head or neck area, which is what they try to do with the burns thing.

And you can argue that like, but there was no contact to the head. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Yeah. I was like, so you see the replay. You're like, um, yeah.

Um, I wasn't put off by that, but I, now I understand what you're saying. All I was saying was the field goal would have been good from 75. Yeah. Yeah. But I don't know if you try to go from 75 and there's like a 10 second run.

It just changes the whole, like kicking from 75, kicking from 65 or was it 65 that he made 58 58. I mean, it was like 30 feet up the net. Yeah. It was smart.

It was ridiculous. Yeah. But I understand what you're saying. It's like, if you have to carry a, a pond that's 275 yards out there, you're probably over swinging.

Right. And like when you're over swinging, you know, you're not 58. You feel confident.

You'd come through with a nice stripes. You're 68, 70. I mean like, you know, you're, you feel like you're kicking a hail Mary. Maybe I, I'm not, I'm not even going to argue that.

I think you might be right. So the Panthers got screwed. So that's kind of life as a Panthers fan, sort of like being a state fan. All right, let me get, let's get to some other, some other games between two teams that I don't know, might have postseason aspirations. I don't think either of the teams we saw yesterday in Carolina are going to be postseason teams. I don't, I have no faith in the Browns at all. Bucks did as little as possible in the 19-3 win over Dallas, but the overriding takeaway is that the Cowboys are not going to have Dak Prescott for about two months. They were trash before then, but I saw the injury and thought, well, that's not good. That's never going to be good when you follow through and you, your, your hand, your throwing hand smashes into a bevy of arms and helmets.

What does Dallas do now, other than prepare the firing of Mike McCarthy? Yeah. I mean, watching Mike McCarthy's, he was getting news from the trainer and that was pretty incredible. Cause he's like, he's like, like he was like, you could read his lips. He's like, you gotta be bleeping kidding me. And then he's like, what?

Like, and you knew it wasn't just like a GM thumb or spring thumb or something like that. Um, you know, I, I don't, it'd be interesting to see what they do because you know, in theory you can try and go trade for Mason Rudolph from the Steelers or trade Jimmy Garoppolo from the 49ers. I don't know that the 49ers will want to trade Jimmy Garoppolo after, you know, the, the debut of trailer Hanson Chicago, whether, whether it was a problem for sure. Um, but you know, they, they may, they may not be interested in it unless it's like the right price.

Um, there's just not a lot you can do. The Cowboys, the Cowboys have systematic problems in place with their roster that people have been yelling about. Cowboys fans have been yelling about and the media have been talking about for like three or four weeks now. And it's, you know, when Tyron Smith gets hurt, all of a sudden you, yeah, the offensive line isn't quite as good as you maybe think your, it is Jerry Jones and your wide receivers. You have CD lamb. He's amazing. Dalton Schultz, you franchise tag, but you, you, Michael Gallup's hurt and you traded away Mario Cooper.

And now all of a sudden, you know, you do, why would you record is not that deep and not that talented. And it reminded me a little bit of the Rams in the, you know, against the integrated bills box. I mean, both actually both very good teams, but very good defenses where, you know, it's like this lack of this lack of, you know, you, they were kind of, you know, yeah, whatever, like, you know, we're fine. We're fine. We think, you know, we've got depth here. We're going to let the, you know, let, let these guys take some bruises. But like, the reality is when you started left, when you started rookie left tackle against a really good defensive line, you know, you're going to put your quarterback and pressure situation.

So when that happens, he may end up, you know, hit banging his handle, you know, like, I mean, that's, that's what ended up happening. And to be fair, like Smith, the rookie actually had a great game at left tackle, but it just, you know, it was a trickle down effect where, you know, when you, when you have to move guys around like that, all of a sudden, you have more, you know, less, you have less talent across the board and offensive line, and it just caught up to the Cowboys very quickly. I don't see how Mike McCarthy makes it to like Halloween. Yeah, look, honestly, Mike McCarthy should never have been hired to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

I don't know why they did. I mean, Mike McCarthy's body of work is just okay. That's all it is.

I know he won a Super Bowl, but you can't help but win one Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers. Yeah. I mean, it's like you could, it's sort of like you and I will, are going to play golf in a few weeks. Uh, one of us is going to make a birdie. It doesn't mean we're good, right? One of us is going to make a birdie, but we stink. So you know, Mike McCarthy won a Super Bowl because he has Aaron Rodgers.

All right, um, I'm not, I wasn't crazy about the Bucks, but maybe they just didn't try to do too much. Let me ask you about another game from the NFC South. I'm an adventurous person, but I'm also a careful person. We want to get out there, but we also want to make sure we're safe and our loved ones are safe. Good thing there's the OnStar Guardian app. Safety services right on our phone. We can get roadside assistance. We can share locations with friends and family. We can even get help in a crash in any vehicle on any motorcycle. Finally, something both sides of me can agree on adventure safely with the OnStar Guardian app.

Download today from the app store or on Google play. Be safe out there. Should I make something of Jamis Winston rallying in the fourth quarter to get the saints past the Falcons? Uh, probably. I mean, he, he was like 14 or 16 for 230 yards and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter after or maybe three touchdowns in the fourth quarter, two after going like 12 of like 12 and 20 for 50 yards. And the first three quarters is so bizarre. I mean, you sort of wonder, is this what it's going to be where they try to be conservative efficient Jamis, you know, have a conservative efficient Jamis in this conservative efficient offense and you know, then all of a sudden say, well, it's the fourth quarter and we're losing. Let's uncut.

Let's see. Let's uncork Jamis sort of like a, a homeless man's Russell Wilson, Seahawks situation. If that's the case, I'm not, I'm not buying in, but I mean, I think the saints by and large look like a, you know, a good enough team with the talent they have, where if it all sort of, if they can kind of figure out what the coaching and the quarterbacking, then maybe this is a team that can challenge the bucks. I like, I like the saints.

I really do. Well, I thought, I thought their defense wasn't at nearly as good as it needed to be, but they did ultimately win the game and they held the Falcons to a whole bunch of field goals. All right, well, Princeton senior NFL writer, pick six podcast moderator. They led with the Browns, not with the Browns, with the Buccaneers and Cowboys. And if I'm not mistaken, they went to the Bengals and Steelers. All right, sir, Joe burrow threw four interceptions.

He turned it over five times yet. They got the game to overtime. I mean, I'm still more on the, I'm still more impressed with the Bengals than I was with the Steelers.

Uh, is that fair? I mean, if you look at the stats, it's like, you're like, how did the Steelers, I mean, you know how, I mean like this, the turnovers, right? It's like, you look at the stats, like the yardage and the first downs, it's like, Oh my God, the bingles blew out the Steelers. Um, TJ watt, uh, you know, I, I, I, the, the person who had said on the, on the big six podcast last week that when he was at bingles camp and he's a big bingles Homer, like he, when they drafted burrow, he said, they're going to win multiple Superbowl titles in the next 10 years, which is an insane thing to say, right?

But you know, actually look kind of intelligent when they were close to winning this past year. Um, but he, um, and because of that burst dependence appendix, I think that that carried over into the game. Like he clearly, you know, one, you know, he just, that thing was a major medical surgery. It wasn't just appendicitis burst to pay, you know, deal with and, and, you know, and sort of recover from loss upon a weight. Um, and so I think that, you know, getting, getting the timing of that really threw off the start of the season, but the fact that they were able to rally and like get, you know, have a chance to win the game, uh, they put that backup snap, long snapper, the backup tight end. Who's, you know, it botched through the snaps.

It's a hard thing to do when you're, you know, it's not your job for sure. Um, you know, they could have easily won that game, um, easily should have won that game. That's just, it feels like to me a flu key week one where now all of a sudden it's like you look at the Steelers, right, man, that offense can't do a whole lot. They lose TJ watt for a month. There's some optimism. I think today that it might just be a slightly strain pack and not a torn pectoral, uh, within the season strain could keep him out a few weeks. Um, but I think that, you know, noticing and that the way that often it is hard to imagine the Steelers being particularly dominant, especially if Nazi Harris is out for an extended period of time. I, I think he's probably gonna be fine too, but, um, even the Steelers that you're considered fortunate, you got that win and now you try and like just grind something out against the Patriots. I mean, their offense is really non-existent and even when, before, uh, Nazi Harris got hurt. I mean, they weren't effective. So I mean, I have very, I love Mike Tomlin.

They'll figure out a way to get to nine and eight, I'm sure. Uh, but if there's no TJ watt, that will be a major problem. All right. Uh, I am not concerned at all in spite cause I watched this entire game, not concerned at all about the green Bay Packers. I was more impressed with certain elements of the Minnesota Vikings and I think green Bay's defense, uh, is probably pretty good. Um, I know Aaron, like the talk is Aaron Rogers struggled. I kind of think Aaron Rogers wide receiver struggled a lot more than Aaron Rogers struggled the stuff that he was criticized for saying in the pre-season, I think he was kind of right. Yeah. I mean like they, they have, you know, Christian Watson said after the game, like he would have called that nine, nine times of a hundred and he would have said a hundred out of a hundred when he just dropped it.

So I didn't feel comfortable doing that. And you know, Rogers, they, they, they, that was the exact shot play they wanted. And if they gave seven, seven, it's a totally different ball game. I think Minnesota, you know, the, I mean, it's a drastic change from Mike Zimmer to Kevin O'Connell. It looks like a positive drastic change off the bat, especially on offense. Adam Thielen said he'd never played an offense that kept quote attacking, attacking, attacking. You know, that's something that they didn't do when Zimmer was there. They would sort of try and win with defense and just, you know, like run the ball, you know, just, you know, old school coaching football and O'Connell like clearly, you know, has gotten, he's going to get the best out of Justin Jefferson. I mean, if he's doing that, you know, I think Jair Alexander was kind of mad about the way that the Packers defensive coverage operated.

I think he wanted to sort of be more just like, just put me on Jefferson versus what they did for some part of the game plan. But I mean, Jefferson looks like he could be an absolute monster this season. Kirk Cousins are comfortable in the offense, he should, he's with O'Connell in Washington. I think, I think, I think, I think we're going to take away sort of to what you're saying is like, we're going to get a couple weeks in and be like, oh, man, like the Vikings offense was like, it was just Green Bay's defense is good.

Yeah. And the Vikings offense is just real good. And so like, it won't, this game won't look the same in three or four weeks, I don't think. I look, I, I'm impressed with both teams. I think the, I think the Packers will be fine if the young receivers and they, there were a bunch of young receivers who screwed up.

That drop was like really, really, really bad. All right. Lamar Jackson.

We'll get to the contract in a second. My take on the Baltimore Ravens was they weren't that good. Good thing they were playing the Jets. Is that fair? Yeah.

Yeah. I think they were a little sloppy. They were, they were 100% sloppy to start. And I think the Jets defense is a little bit better than people think too. But yeah, the Ravens couldn't run the ball very, well, they, they couldn't run the ball very well. And you know, Lamar, I mean, it just, they just, it didn't feel like a team that was completely dialed in to start the season, but eventually they got going, they got shot plays working, shot bait, and that big bond on the field, you know, Devin DuVernay, DuVernay, DuVernay.

Rebecca De Mornay. That's what I'm going to call him for all season long. I know, I can't, I don't know why, I know what it is, but like him, him emerging as maybe a wide receiver too, and Bateman becoming a legitimate threat, wouldn't be a pretty big boon for this, for this Ravens team that's been criticized for their, their pass catcher. So I think, I think it's really more credit to the Jets early on and you know, the Ravens were a little sloppy versus like, I think they were going to be fine.

To me, that offense will start getting going, but a little surprising of how slow it started for sure. Now the, as for the contract, I don't know why the Ravens keep doing this because do they believe that he is not serious? So if you offer him a $250 million contract, smart people understand the only number that really matters is the guarantee, and you offered him less guaranteed money than the Broncos just offered Russell Wilson.

Less guaranteed money were basically the same as Kyler Murray got with Arizona. What are you, what are you doing, Baltimore? I got nothing. I don't know. I mean, I think, I mean, I think maybe they think that, I don't know.

It's weird. Cause it's like, you look at the Cowboys and it happens, it happened to them like three guys, right? Instead of having him with Dalton Schultz. So it's like, just pay the people then they pay, pay the, pay the Piper, just pay the Piper and get on with it because you're not going to, you're going to have to, you're going to have to pay, you're either going to have to pay Lamar Jackson at some point or you're going to have to let Lamar Jackson walk. And the longer you wait to pay him, the more the average, you know, value of the quarterback position goes up and the more money you have to give him. If you'd done this deal last off season, you know, you could have, they could have done it last off season, right? They could have done it last off season and just, it would have been a lot cheaper and you could do this all season, but it would be next off season.

That's just how it works. If he had done it last season, you wouldn't have had Deshaun Watson's fully guaranteed contract to deal with. Exactly.

Yeah. Here's the other thing, and this is my counter if I'm Baltimore and we're not going to get a chance to talk about Russell going back to Seattle because I want to deal with this. If you're Baltimore, can you make this move? You can franchise tag him after this season, but just don't do the exclusive franchise tag. Let another team come in and offer sheet him. Yeah, you get two first round picks.

I mean, no, no, no. You're going to sign him. You're going to match the sheet. Well, yeah, you can match the offer sheet. But the franchise tag in that situation is lower, right? Yeah, not by a ton, but the whole point is, I need to double check, but the point is like a non-exclusive, yeah, the non-exclusive is lower, but you can, if no one makes an offer sheet, then he has to sign or not play. And if someone makes an offer sheet, you can match it. If he signs their offer sheet, the team can match it, and if you don't match it, you get two first round picks.

So I think that is probably the route that they will go because it gives them a little bit more flexibility, even though you're sort of running the risk of, yeah, we could let this guy potentially walk, or we believe he's a franchise quarterback. You are the man, Will Brinson. We'll talk to you next Monday, my friend. All right, man. See you. Thank you so much for supporting Thelifeis
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