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Mike DeCourcy, college basketball columnist at the Sports News, talks NIL.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 15, 2022 6:03 pm

Mike DeCourcy, college basketball columnist at the Sports News, talks NIL.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 15, 2022 6:03 pm

Mike DeCourcy, college basketball columnist at the Sports News, talks NIL. What does he think about the 5 personal DQ rule? Where does he stand on automatic bids?

Plus, our Halftime entertainment which consists of needles-less tattoos, which toy is getting their flowers, and how did a guy from NC make $100,000 off of spam callers??

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Overwhelmingly, the FBS ADs think that the NCAA is best equipped to still be the governing body. So let's start there with my friend Mike Taccorsi, who is a Hall of Fame College basketball writer for the Sporting News, but touches on everything, including golf. He wrote more about live golf than I did this year. I wrote once about it. I appreciate your time. And he's joining us on TV.

If you're watching at WRAL Sports Plus, you look fantastic. What are your thoughts about that story about the FBS administrators, the ADs saying, yeah, the NCAA is cool? It's almost too funny, Adam, because I have been saying for as long as there's been the narrative that the NCAA needs to be dismantled and will be dismantled. No, not needs. Needs is an opinion. Will is a prediction. And my my counter to that, for as long as that's been out there, has been, first of all, if you take apart the NCAA, the people who will be putting it back together are the people who built the NCAA as it exists now.

So why would you go to all the trouble? They got a nice building here in Indy, very pleasant there, got a hundred, you know, what, a thousand people. I don't know how many they got. They got a bunch of people who have been doing these jobs for years and years. They know what they're doing now. There there are things that frustrate NCAA members and fans of NCAA members, certainly.

But a lot of that frustration comes from the way that the member schools want the organization to be administered. So you'd take down this building, you'd build a new building. That's money. You'd hire new people. That's money.

And you'd wind up in the same place. Earlier in the summer, I talked to multiple, several ADs and people who are administrators at a high level in college athletics, and they were all 100 percent convinced that FBS football would build its own apparatus. And I never understood what they would get out of that.

And here's the thing that everybody forgets about, Adam, that nobody takes into account. When you are a body governing college athletics and somebody gets sued, you're the part, you're the group that gets sued. The NCAA is the people they come to to get sued.

So if you take a very litigious sport by nature, college football or football period, because of the nature of the sport, and you build a new apparatus, then that's who's getting sued. So it's coming right out of your pocket. It's not coming out of the billion dollars a year that's generated by the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

It's coming out of your pocket. Mike Taccorsy of Sporting News is joining us. Now, I don't know if this is the reason, one of the reason number 98, why you and I are friends, but I've been saying the same thing for so long. Maybe it was one of our conversations over Diet Coke with with light ice that, like, what's going to change? Like, and I just asked this of Doug Gillen at AP, because if the FBS decided to rule themselves or just entrust themselves to the power five, it's the exact same thing. It's just a smaller group with different initials. So what's going to change? The problem is that there's probably too much bureaucracy and nothing can move fast enough or it moves too fast, depending on your point of view. Like I just it's an ungovernable situation and everybody's so paranoid that somebody is going to get an advantage and schools and teams have advantages.

One of the things that I when I talk to various people about this, what are you getting out of this? Well, we can make our own rules. You already make your own rules. You have autonomy.

Well, there are things that we can't quite do that we could do. And I believe that if you have if you have a degree of autonomy and you also have the constant threat, that's the other thing. As long as you have the threat, you can leave. You have more ability to make things happen within that structure. You could say if we don't get this, we're going to leave.

Once you leave, you lose all your you know, all that all that leverage. So I don't think there's much that they can't get done if they really want to get it done. I know there's a lot of frustration now about how name image and likeness is being policed or administered or whatever.

Go ahead. Take what you have as the FBS group, build your own organization and then try to put in laws and rules that stop people from getting name image and like this. And again, like I said, see how fast it's your behind that are getting sued and having to deal with years and years of litigation and massive rewards and ultimately a nine nothing loss at the Supreme Court. My favorite part of the whole name, image and likeness dilemma was when the people realized that name, image and likeness was going to be used as a recruiting inducement. And it had to be pointed out to people that we've had recruiting inducements since we've had recruiting. And now it's just all legal. Before, we didn't know about it.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. But we really did. We just sort of, well, we can't catch you.

We can't stop you. Now everything's above board and they're mad about it. I'm like, why are we why are we having these discussions?

We've had these things for four years. Let me ask you about a college about a couple of college basketball things. And I'm not sure if I had a dream about this or I read I might have read about it in the sporting news dot com about a couple of things that might be different going forward about the way the game is administered. First of all, are you a are you a fan of breaking the college game into four quarters?

Because I believe it should be. I think we could do that and have the game flow better. But are you a fan of that? Yeah, you know, it's at one point, it was something that I really was pushing for ardently.

I still think it's it's a better solution than what we have now, because when people say we played in halves for decades, centuries, whatever, really, you're not playing in halves. You're playing in four minute increments. It's like happy days back 40 years ago when Fonzie complained, I just get it up to 95 and I have to slow when he's selling ice cream.

I just get it up to 95 and I have to slow down for some kid waving a dime. That's college basketball. You get a really good game going up. No TV timeout. And look, I obviously I work for two television. So I'm all in favor of commercials. I just think that there's time for commercials at quarter breaks and and in strategic timeouts and halftime and it all can work out.

Yeah, I think we would. People thought that, well, we have more time, more breaks. I'm like, actually, if it's done right, we'd have fewer breaks. And that's what the college game needs is fewer breaks. Also, I don't know what a class B or a class D technical foul is. It's like a misdemeanor.

I don't know. But for flopping, I think you and I are on the same page with we have to get flopping, even though we're both soccer fans, we have to get flopping out of basketball. Where do you stand on making it a potential technical foul? I think it's great. I like the flop warning. I thought it was a great addition to the sport. I've never been a fan of the ref like before it was official when the ref used to do that little get up thing. I'm like, no, don't give me your opinion.

You know, just move on. But now that it's an official thing and you can do the warning, then good. And now that they make it a technical foul punishable, I don't think that that doesn't go on to your personal foul record like a class A does. Right.

So I think it's great. I don't like acting in any sport. I don't mind players trying to draw a foul.

That's part of your job. But when you in soccer, when they you then lay down and act like that, you've just been, you know, you've just been knifed. And that's because you're trying to get a yellow card or a red card for the opposition. You know, I think that I think more of those should get yellows in soccer. I'm all for getting all that nonsense out of every sport. Why don't we why don't we go to yellows and reds in basketball? I'm all for it.

I think it'd be great. If you have two yellow cards, you're out and your team has to play a man down. Yeah, that's, that's the, that's the reality of the personal foul rule as well. A lot of people complain about disqualification. And for five files and think it's too light to severe it's, it gets great players out of the game too quickly. I think if you go to more and I've seen this because I covered the Big East.

Oh my gosh, so did I. It was bad. It was it was not good basketball in the way that it should be. And so I think the five personal DQ rule is right. I think relative to sportsmanship if you went to yellows and reds, I'd be all for it. It would just be great as like I credit you by the way with making me a Liverpool fan. Well, final thing before we have to say goodbye and I one day we're just going to talk about soccer and we're getting close to the World Cup and we'll talk about the men's national team as we get closer.

I know they have a couple of matches coming up here very soon. But this was in a different website, but a mutual friend of ours. They do their coaches confidential and the question was about getting rid of automatic bids some of the automatic bids not all of them, but reducing the number of automatic bids to the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Where do you stand on that? Adam Gold in studio with my friend coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement coach. How does longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan? This is the best of times and the worst of times Adam longevity risk means we're going to live too long. But to me every day I live is not too long, right?

Absolutely. So we want our money to outlive us and unfortunately many people have seen you out there listening. Maybe one of them your money is not designed to outlive you. You might outlive your money and that's not what we want to have happen because when we get to that day after you run out of money, it's not going to be a fun time. So let's design a plan that guarantees you'll never run out of money. We call it the GPI plan growth protection lifetime income for the next 10 people. This is a golden ticket Adam thousand-dollar value going to do it at no cost or obligation and all you have to do is call we make it so easy.

Would you like financial independence into your retirement and beyond it 800-661-7383 that golden ticket is a $1,000 value or you could text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. I think it's the worst idea since the and maybe even worse than the idea of expanding the tournament to 96 teams, which was in was out there in 2010 and came pretty close to fruition. At that point the NCAA tournament was not quite as valued financially by the various television networks and they the NCAA needed to make about 700 million give that that's around the figure they needed and ESPN offered to do it. If you expand it to 96 and ultimately Turner came in and said, you know, we'll partner with CBS will write the check for that and and 68 is good enough.

And so that was that was all resolved. But the idea of taking what is working in an awesome level artistically and financially. I mean you're talking about right now getting phenomenal ratings that a lot of television people now will tell you is worth significantly more than CBS and Turner are paying and you get this great art where you have games like Duke Carolina games like Carolina Kansas as well as the great run that Saint Peter's made.

There's just nothing to fix here. What they're worried about at the major at the SEC in particular is worried about this as they grow to 16 teams. They worry there won't be enough room for all of their teams and to the head I say, play better. That's all you have to do right in 2018, the big 10 got four teams, and that's pretty much what they deserved.

And then each of the last two years, they got none. What they did, they played better. They scheduled better they played better that's as simple as that in 2011 Big East got 11 out of 16.

There's room for enough teams in your 16 team league, but you got to hope. See here's my take on it was I agree we should remove some of the automatic bids, but take them from the top, because the teams that win that but I mean I don't think I'm wrong here. The teams that win those conference tournaments in general with very few although albeit some exceptions would have made the tournament anyway.

So, why do they need an automatic bid at that point. So take it from them don't take it from the little guy, because the whole championship week thing that to me, as much as the first two days of the NCAA tournament, watching those teams compete for automatic bids to play on the biggest stage. I mean to me that's what college basketball is all about.

I will disagree. I think there will be expansion of the NCAA tournament, and I think they can do it to make it more fair in this regard. I think you'll see play in games in each like we have for now, I think you'll see eight play or not playing games first four games it'll be first 16 at that point, just to make sure that all the number one seeds are treated the same and I guess in some ways all the, the six seeds are treated the same or 12 seats however that works out but I think you'll see more of those, but I don't think you'll see a massive expansion of the field. So, I think you're right, I think that it's probably coming. Having done the brackets.

Now for box for three years. I don't see it as a plus but I know to the inevitable, not a plus, it's just more. It's just more doesn't make it better it just makes it bigger like you and I disagree in the college football playoff thing. Ultimately we're going to have the same four teams or same three teams with a fourth or whoever that is in the playoff just about all the time Mike to Corsey of the sporting news at TSN Mike on Twitter my friend appreciate your time.

I'll talk to you very soon. Thanks, Adam, you got it. All right, when we go Yeah, no, I'm not when we come back we don't take a break here. We go right to halftime entertainment Do I know the format of my own show, it's okay we'll figure it out. It's terrible. Your halftime entertainment. I'm going to blame it on being excited to talk to my friend Mike.

There you go. It's okay. It's almost the weekend anyway, so you're fine. It's close. It feels like Monday to me because I wasn't here yesterday. I can see how that would throw you off.

I know it's not a short week anymore. So do you have any tattoos? No, you don't know for two reasons one pain.

Yes. Okay, that's the that's that's not the first reason but it's a it's close. It's number two. I only have two reasons why I don't have a tattoo. The second one is pain. The first one is I can't think of anything that I would want on my body forever. It's a valid develop.

I just can't think of anything that I would want written etched on into my body forever forever. And with multi window view you can use up to three apps at the same time. Plus the edge-to-edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows.

Visit to learn more about Galaxy Z Fold 4. And then the pain that you need to go through to get one right not not interested. I'm cool. I'm cool without and it's expensive. Well, they have it.

Yeah, they are expensive. I get it. But it's just it's just not something that I'd be into right, but I also have no issue at all. I mean, I wouldn't mean I kind of look funny at a face tattoo. You could be like Post Malone and put them all over the place and that's just your face.

I mean, what if you have to go like get a like a real job. I know. Well, I know what do you do that?

It's just a little bit of an opposite. Well, do you have so I'm not even allowed to ask you that so it's fine. It's fine.

I'll answer it. No, I don't yet, but I have a lot of ideas. This is also my problem as well as I have too many ideas and I can't decide what where how like, but I have the ideas. Okay, this may persuade you though because now there's such a thing as painless tattoos Georgia Tech. I have those something temporary ones. You get a little bubble machines just get you have to wet outside and you got to keep it on for a while. Then you take it off.

Yeah, don't put it sideways. Well, it's a similar concept because apparently they have made a needle is microscopic tattoo thing where you can put it on like a temporary tattoo. Oh, no, but it's permanent. Oh, really?

Yes. So it's not painful because I guess these needles are super super tiny but it just dissolves away. So it's exactly like a temporary tattoo, but it's not temporary. It's not so how many bad tattoos do you think are going to happen now because we're taking away the pain and apparently it's going to be cheaper to do it this way.

So look, here's what I don't I appreciate technology and I appreciate innovation, but the people who have made tattoo and art form. Yes, I feel bad for that. If in fact, this becomes the lay of the land. That's that would be too bad. Yes.

There's something special about someone doing it and putting their own thing unless they mess it up because in that point, yes, that's a bad thing. I saw I think I saw a story the other day. Somebody got a Dodgers tattoo that left out the second D and Dodgers. Oh, that's not doggers.

Do G. It's still Dodgers, but there's no D like what? What are you doing here? People? Yeah, that's oh, there's a whole thing for bad tattoos, but we won't go.

Anyway, so you can do that. Also, are you a big toy person? Yes, who's not? We just talked about this. Well, the National Toy Hall of Fame is making some big decisions because they're trying to decide who's going to be in the 2022 Hall of Fame. And they've got like Bingo, light bright Nerf toys, the pinata and like phase 10.

There's 12 options, but these are the these are like the go to ones. All right. Bingo is a toy. Bingo is a game, right? I guess loosely a toy, but in terms of popularity, how is Bingo not in already got my thoughts light bright.

You are way too young to even know what that is. I totally remember because you had to have the sheets and then you'd lose the little lights. The lights would get lost all the time because I played with light bright when I was a kid. And you know how long ago that was just like 1971 when I played with light bright.

Yes, light bright absolutely belongs in the Hall of Fame and Nerf. I mean, now Nerf does have branched into so many different things. It's ridiculous, but I had I had a Nerf football and that was our recess in elementary school. Basically every day. Yes, for four years until it fell apart. The foam was everywhere. Yeah, we got new inexpensive enough to just get another one.

If you were if you were lucky enough to let it last that it would last for the entire season. The problem with Nerf is that if you played in the rain and just about right and if the ball was not almost new, so it still had that coating on the outside to propel the water away, right? If that water could get got inside the football, you're done. You then use like through you were throwing a sack of onions is ridiculous. And plus that like film on the outside.

As soon as it started cracking, it was like tearing up your hands. Like you probably didn't play this because I don't know if you played sports games as a as a young person, but I did we used to play with it was called Super Toe. Oh, yeah, look up Super Toe on.

I think you shouldn't have any problem looking up Super Toe. Right. But essentially, it was field goal kicking. Okay, and you would slam the head of the kicker down and the kicker's leg would go out and you would kick a plastic football through up right. Oh, wow.

Oh, yeah, it was Greg. I did that for hours. Wow. Hours as a kid. It seems a lot safer than like the lawn darts. Would they call this jarts or something where people could die? First time I saw those was at a Little League season ending party. And I thought, why are we doing this? Right? I mean, I guess it was fun, but I suppose danger throwing lawn darts anywhere near anybody.

Well, they didn't have that game that you were just talking about. So there you go. Super Toe. Gosh, we will see. November 10th is when they're going to make their decision. Three of them will come out. So November three, go in bingo, light, bright nerf to. Yeah.

How can you not put that on the pole? I know, right? Maybe tomorrow.

We'll do it late. So you know whose birthday is today? Google. Google is celebrating their 25th birthday. 25th birthday for Google.

Yes. My my son turns 14 today. Oh, well, happy birthday. It's his name's Jack, right? His name is Jack. Happy birthday.

Shouts to shouts to Jack the gold. Well, look at all the birthdays everywhere. I just can't believe it's 25 years old. That's crazy, because now every day people are like, I don't know where this is at. Let's Google it.

Could you imagine if we didn't have that anymore? Google is now a verb. It is. It is. It's a whole new world. This one you are going to be so excited for. Okay, this is our next field trip. I'm just telling you.

I know we've got a bunch of them we've got planned, but we have to do this one. So someone from North Carolina came up with the best idea. A guy who runs a small IT company decided to use his spare time during the pandemic to make a little extra money by answering the calls from spammers. He is on a do not call list. And so what he did was he jumped through all the legal hoops by him being on this do not call list. Right. And he took him to court. And he won $100,000 off of 20 to 30 settlements. Awesome. Not even joking.

Gosh, I get 14 spam calls a day. Think about how much money you could make. I know I'm mad that I didn't think of it.

Here's the here's the other best time though you need time to do that. There is it's a lot. He said it was like a full time job having to do it.

Well, he got paid for it, but sort of got paid for it. You guys are going to do that every year. True. Who wants to do that? It's just not it's not enough. I need to I'm sorry.

I hate to be that way, but I need seven figures. Yeah, I know. Well, he doesn't need to do that anymore because here's where the field trip part comes in. He is making a brewery that is going to be called the wrong number. Oh, very nice.

And then he's going to have drinks that are called debt relief and car warranty. I mean, come on. Come on. So you get a lot of spam calls, too, right? Oh, yeah.

Hundred percent. I can't decide if I get more car warranty because that's a big one. Yeah.

Or if I get more from Social Security Administration. I was going to say, I get the life insurance a lot. I get those two.

I get all the time. Yep. Or people making sure that like I'm registered to vote. Right. You know, why is Social Security Administration calling me from Maryville, Tennessee? I don't understand that. I know. I know they're sneaky, too, because I'm from a different part of the state originally and they have the area code thing.

So they try to be sneaky about it. But, you know, I don't want your car warranty there. So the wrong number. We have to go visit that one. Very cool.

That's a very cool name of a brewery. I know. He's a genius.

But oh, and then the last thing. So you're also. So the Fox owned to be has now launched an F I F a World Cup channel. OK. And you can watch it free on demand. I didn't know to be was owned by Fox.

Did not either. To be is it's I think it's a free app that you can get. I'm not 100 percent sure. It might not be free. I know we have downloaded it before. It's on my television and we're not paying anything. So we might also have no access to anything you want. But I see it every time we have a smart TV and we use YouTube to have all sorts of apps.

So good. Yeah. Look, FIFA. But Fox is going to put all the games on. They will.

But if you need another route, there you go. So if you don't want to watch Ghana and I don't know, Argentina, you can watch Brazil and Cameroon. I don't know. Who knows?

Not even sure all those teams and the two South American teams are in. I think God is into. Yeah. Thank God. Well, we can Google it.

Not 100. Oh, very nice. Way to bring that back. Way to bring back. This is the Adam Gold Show.
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