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ACC Men's Basketball Preseason Rankings

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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October 19, 2022 1:26 pm

ACC Men's Basketball Preseason Rankings

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 19, 2022 1:26 pm

ACC Men's Basketball Preseason Rankings have been released, and UNC men's basketball has been picked to be the top team in the conference, followed by Duke basketball and UVA basketball. NC State basketball was picked to finish 10th in the ACC. UNC's Armando Bacot was voted the preseason player of the year.


This is The Adam Gold Show. We'll be right back. is just getting some different film video to put together like a season long highlight reel of college football in the state of North Carolina. So I'm actually heading out to Boone today for App State's game. Taking your company car I hope. No I'm actually not.

Mistake on your car. Although man like if you're driving up there I'd stay. Oh yeah I'm gonna stay there tonight. All right good. I need to still figure that out but I have time.

Okay uh all right well welcome. We got a lot of things to uh to do today. Very quickly before we start have you been to the fair yet? I have not.

Okay I am. Matt Ruhl needs to visit the fair. Oh boy I want Matt Ruhl to get lost at the fair.

Oh he's gonna use the bacon map. There are too there are too many things that look exactly alike at the fair. Too many locations that look exactly alike at the fair.

That's a very good point. Right and by the way the map's woefully insufficient. I need more detail on the maps. I need more directions on the map. Put the name of rides on the map.

I don't want to take any I don't want to go on any rides but 14 year old boys do. So I was um chaperoning our uh school my son's school's voyage not a field trip. A voyage to the fair. Is that what they call him now? My son milked a cow yesterday. That's a that's a thing. He wanted to do it. I was so. Props to him. Oh my gosh.

I would have paid him to do it. By the way you gotta pay five dollars to milk a cow. Wait hold on.

Yeah yeah. Do I get to keep the milk? No but but you get they'll give you a carton of milk. Oh okay.

Not a car I don't know how big a carton it is. They'll give you milk for for you give them five dollars to milk a cow and by the way you don't get a chance to really milk the cow you get like two tugs and then that's it. Pause. I knew how this was going to sound.

Uh you get you get like two poles on the teat and then you're done. Pause. Right. So anyway this is so awesome I it was the highlight of the trip.

A my son 14 year old who like whatever he's I think he's a city kid at heart although we live really in the country he loves he fishes almost every day so uh he he was into it he loved it he was he was criticizing his friend for not doing it right I'm like when did you learn how to do this so he gets his two tugs and then he's just standing there while his friend is there like there you have to kind of wait to leave the area and the cow next to them just let loose from the other end. Oh. Right. Oh. And you you should have seen some not my son was fine with it he laughed uh because we've seen horses do it.

Uh yeah you could you should see 14 year old kids scurry. Do they use Powerade cups to clean it up? Like SMU did. No.

What happened? Oh you didn't see this on Friday last week? No. So as during SMU's football game they have a pony. A live mascot. Yeah live mascot that they trot across the field sprinting across the field after a touchdown well it left some droppings behind. Yes.

And the refs told like uh y'all gotta clean this up so they use Powerade cups that you know from like the trainers and the coolers and just use those to scoop it up. All right so the whole point of me saying I went to the fair was this Cora's cookie dough. Okay. I'm not a good uh fair food finder. Okay. Like the stuff that I really wanted to try I have no idea where it is because I don't go to the fair very often uh this was like the first time and I was probably there a couple years ago I don't really remember we probably have only gone for lunch here and there uh but Cora's cookie dough they have something called the Oreo cookie crumble.

Okay. And I don't even know what it is except that I slowed down after. It's like it's a combination cookie dough fudge on a stick and it's unbelievable. I couldn't eat the entire thing myself. It's not that big it's only about if you took let's just say five Oreo cookies and stacked them on top of each other. Double stuffed or regular. Let's just say three double stuffed Oreos stacked on top of each other right.

That I can get with. Right um but it's not it's not it's just covered in Oreo crumble. The other stuff is like deep chocolate cookie dough and it is dense. It is um it was unbelievable. I'm for it. I I needed a nap right there and I only ate half of it. It's actually the only economic thing at the fair.

Everything at the fair is too expensive but but the but that was was eight dollars for that but it's worth it because you're done. Don't eat that first. Don't eat that first.

I'm just saying that. Okay eat it as you're going out. Got it. Yes eat it eat it on the way it's cold too so it'll travel. Okay. Right it it will travel. It will not run. It's not like getting ice cream on a stick.

It will uh it will travel. So there you go. Cora's cookie dough. It's it's near it's a couple of uh booths down from the ostrich place which is awful.

Don't do ostrich. Okay all right let's go. So the ACC announced voting for the all ACC teams for men's basketball yesterday. UNC got 90 of 101 first place votes. Duke got two. Virginia got six.

Miami two. Virginia Tech one. Duke was second in the balloting followed by Virginia. Miami and Florida State that's the top five. NC State tenth. I think Wake Forest was eighth if I'm not mistaken.

I don't know why I didn't write that down but I didn't. Armando Bacot somehow not unanimous first team all ACC. Really? See I can see if you say that Bacot is not going to be the player of the year. Sure. I can get that.

Yeah. But you have to be predicting an injury for Bacot not to be first team all league or you're bitter or you forgot he was here. Those are the only options for me because if you recalled that Bacot was in the league and didn't put him at least on your first five players then you're a dope. I'm sorry you're a dope if you didn't do that and I I'm I'm afraid I'm afraid to find out who left him off the first team ballot because I don't want to judge that person right but I will I just did you're a dope. I'm just gonna say some bitter Boston College reporter.

Unbelievable or no maybe it's maybe it's a bitter I don't Duke reporter I don't know I really don't know. Anyway Bacot should have been unanimous first team. Nine different players received player of the year votes.

Bacot got 82 of 101 there. Caleb Love, Jeremy Roach, Terquavian Smith and Isaiah Wong are the other players in the on the first team. Jaden Gardner from Virginia, Derek Lively from Duke freshman, Justin Mutts of Virginia Tech, PJ Hall of Clemson and RJ Davis of Carolina.

That was your second team. 11 players got rookie votes. 11 different players got you know rookie of the year preseason prediction for rookie of the year votes. The top four are from Duke right that makes sense right yeah no but but to me that's that stands out because Duke was picked second they have one returning rotation player in Jeremy Roach. Now it's an important one he is arguably the point guard although he might not be the point guard he might just be he might be a shooter when you get right down to it they are they have so many new players the top top four in the predictions for rookie of the year imagine having four of those types of players yeah this guy's going to be the rookie of the year four and actually they had five guys in the list but the top four vote getters in that category yeah I thought that whole thing was fascinating I'm gonna get on Duke I'm gonna get into this later and maybe we'll do it with Chip Patterson because he is all-encompassing you hear Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim say that the big 10 stunk last year because they did so poorly in the NCAA tournament they got like 11 teams in and got two to the second weekend and only and none of them made it to the elite eight I think that was the that was the case with with the big 10 a lot of them got bounced early they'll seriously only two of their teams made the sweet 16 and both of them lost in the sweet 16 one lost to Duke right when in the sweet 16 Duke lost him Duke beat Michigan State anyway Boeheim says that the NCAA tournament is the measure by which conferences should be judged the ACC went 14 and 5 in the NCAA tournament last year they had they only got five teams in they didn't get seeded very high though right and they still managed two teams in the final four that's how great the ACC is that's right and I would argue that let's go I would say to Jim Boeheim maybe I don't think that's I don't think that's correct I think it's unfair to say that's the way league should be judged I think all of it needs to be taken into account and it's convenient when it works for you it's it's convenient when it works for you I will say this the bowl system is a terrible way to judge an overall conference's strength because there aren't fair match-ups there I look we make fun of the SEC all the time for well you know our teams weren't really motivated yeah whatever that's on you um but it just isn't equitable so the bowl system not fair the NCAA tournament it's more fair so I think there is some validity to what Jim Boeheim has to say but I don't think that's the that's the way we measure no that really isn't so it's part of the metric not the only metric yeah I think there's a lot of metrics and I think what you do during the regular season does matter and that's how you get into the NCAA tournament is what you've done during the regular season who you've beaten where you've beaten them how many good teams you beat that's what gets you in so I think they're uh Jim Boeheim is just taking the ACC's performance in the league uh and using it for his convenience all right moving on you know it's you know it's almost always overrated when it comes to news making owner's meetings ah and not a lot of stuff ever happens at owners meetings right oh nice nice vibe here thank you so it's a lot of stuff that really doesn't matter mostly it's just chances to stay in fancy hotels uh and for the Jeff Darlington's of the world to do stand-ups and at the Peabody in Memphis where the Ducks you know where the Ducks you're walking around that's cool I actually don't know if that's ever happened at the NFL owner's meetings but the NFL owners are or have met at the Conrad downtown in New York City that sounds expensive doesn't it very I did uh I did a little research Dennis how much do you think it costs to stay one night deluxe suite king bed oh deluxe oh a deluxe suite that that's but deluxe suites the cheapest room okay that's okay just say this uh this is like economy just have like the rural refrigerator with the key and all that uh it does have it has a little kitchenette area oh nice okay I'm gonna go ahead and say 567 7 from air quotes from 755 the 755 is probably with a view of the dumpster and it's probably in the interior of the hotel yeah if you get a window overlooking wherever it is midtown I'm not sure where the Conrad is it's actually downtown so maybe it is all the way downtown you get a view overlooking one of the rivers or uh you know some site the Brooklyn bridge I have no idea um then that's probably 950 but from 755 but you get a bathrobe nice slippers right free wi-fi anyway um Jerry Jones at these owners I'm sorry for the aside Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft got into it at the owners meeting I'm for these things they got 100 they had an argument and apparently there were f-bombs thrown yes I love it yes I love it now here's the thing it's I bet it's because it was Jerry not invited to Robert Kraft's wedding it's Robert Kraft just got married yeah did he here oh I'm sure it was I'm sure it was a great great wedding well yeah well this will lead into the Tom Brady angry stuff later oh okay good I can't wait for this now oh but I just wondered if Jerry Jones didn't get invited maybe that's why honestly I would I would say that Robert Kraft probably didn't invite Jerry Jones to the wedding uh this is not a slight on Jerry Jones I'm sure there were a lot of NFL owners that didn't get invited to the wedding so um but the reason for the argument was over compensation for Roger Goodell who is due a new contract coming up so Jerry Jones wants Goodell essentially to work on commission like that's basically what he wants like this is not your salary all right here's what we'll pay you as long as we meet these benchmarks he Roger Goodell who has been a meat shield for the 32 NFL owners has basically according to Jerry Jones we want to make him earn his money like if anybody deserves time served it's it's Goodell because you all are bleeping crazy I've been thinking about it a lot in the shower he has been I have been there's no question about it all right so there's that I have no idea they voted 31 to 1 on how to compensate Roger Goodell and the one was Jerry Jones he voted against the new contract anyway uh but here's what was really interesting to me out of the NFL owners meetings Jim Mersey owner of the Indianapolis Colts it is Jim Mersey right yeah because his dad Robert Erse used to own the Colts um he was the owner when the Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis I don't know why I get a mix-up all the time but I do so Jim Mersey had this to say about what the owner should do regarding Washington owner Dan Snyder I just believe um in the workplace today um the standard that the shield stands for in the NFL um that uh you know that you have to stand for that and protect that and and um um you know I I just think that um once owners talk amongst each other they'll arrive to the right decision and um uh I I just you know my belief is that um unfortunately I believe that that's the road we probably need to go down and we just need to finish the investigation but it's greatly concerning to me um the things that have occurred there over the last 20 years first of all I thought the investigation was finished are we going back are we doing more maybe I thought the investigation was finished and Roger Goodell doesn't have a written report of it because why would we have a written report of that um first of all I will also say that it's clear that Robert Erse Jim rather Jim Mersey did it again Jim Mersey is not one of the owners that Daniel Snyder has dug dirt up on he's pretty confident of that mostly because all of the dirt on Jim Mersey pretty much out in the open yeah remember when he was driving around he was had all sorts of uh what um pills in his car right driving around with cash like dude to get a grip kind of get you know get a hold of yourself anyway Roger Goodell commented on Jim Erse's comments are you surprised are you disappointed that Jim Erse had strong comments about it no how do you like that how do you feel about it how do I feel about what his comments I just said and I said it to the membership speculation without facts is not a very positive thing to do I think everyone deserves to have facts and to make sure those decisions are made with facts and the membership will have that opportunity oh Roger Goodell I like it I like it Roger I remember saying this when uh Robert Sarver was uh in the crosshairs of the NBA and Adam Silver at his press conference trying to explain why it was just a 10 million dollar fine and a one year suspension of ownership uh basically he said I can't fire an owner I can't right but he he alluded to a process there is a process by which 25 NFL owners can remove Dan Snyder as owner and by the way don't insult us by transferring ownership to what's his wife's name Tanya whatever her whatever her name is Mrs Snyder don't insult us by that force the sale you know who you know who deserves the Washington football team to be sold Washington football team fans deserve fans deserve that team to get a new owner that's who deserves that team to be sold uh all right I was very I'm I'm pleased by what I heard from Roger Goodell right there all right the NBA started last night uh Celtics ran away from the Sixers in Boston last night it only took Marcus Smart a half to get into postseason form did you see the Marcus Smart Joel Embiid uh altercation is probably not the right word beef it's not really beef it was a basket it was basketball and it was basketball between Marcus Smart who is the best agitator in the NBA who also happens to be an outstanding player I love so much about Marcus Smart including how entertaining he is because he's a dynamite player uh but look he he he was the only one who got who picked up fouls in this Marcus Mark got called for a common foul and a technical foul for you know messing around with Joel Embiid but Embiid flopped because that's what Embiid does uh and then I don't understand how Jalen Brown didn't get anything in this situation because Jalen Brown was standing over um Embiid when he was on the court he like straddled him and was standing over him like yeah you want to mess like dude just chill out your guy caused it yeah your guy caused the problem anyway uh Boston ran away from the Sixers in that game fun game uh sweet Boston uniforms by the way yeah they're different I like their darker their tributes actually Bill Russell the late Bill Russell helped was a consultant on the design of them uh so it's it's really a tribute to Russell but they are dynamite looking Golden State got their rings last night only two games in the NBA then they clubbed the Lakers by double digits big game for LeBron James with 31 points but he recognizes that his team might not be so good I think we're getting great looks I think um but it also could be teams giving us great looks I mean if you be completely honest we're not a team that's constructed of great shooting and that's just the the truth of the matter is it's not like you know we're sitting here with a lot of lasers on our team so you know but that doesn't deter us from still trying to get great shots and when we get those opportunities you take them but we're not sitting here with a bunch of 40 plus career three-point shooting guys it's game one LeBron already knows we this roster ain't it though and he is right I just wonder when Patrick Beverly and Russell Westbrook get into a fight why did they sign Patrick Beverly great question I mean look I'm not knocking Pat Bev but that ain't what they need they need shooting they're they're gonna stink they won't make the they already make the play-in tournament they got LeBron James and Anthony Davis they honestly I've said this before that's the guy that needed to move on from they need to they needed to trade Anthony Davis and I'm not sure why they haven't they really don't want I do that in a minute well we'll see we'll see what happens we'll see who they can fleece they're gonna have to give up a couple of first round picks in order to do it but we'll see who they can fleece all right we'll take a quick break when we come back we will check in the NBA does open the rest of their season tonight right and I think the Hornets are in San Antonio eight o'clock tip eight o'clock tip tonight Hornets in San Antonio Travis Hancock of WFNZ in Charlotte does pre and post for the Hornets we'll talk to him a little bit about that but Christian McCaffrey on the trade block Robbie with a Y Anderson gone Steve Wilkes game one Panthers drama Travis Hancock next this is the Adam Gold show sure we have 30 seconds to tell you the drivers who switched to progressive could save big but then what well radio has been called theater of the mind so let's tell a story with sound effects wow it's like I was in the story almost makes me forget this was supposed to be supposed to be about saving big with progressive progressive casualty insurance company affiliates
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