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The First Short-Term Mission Trip, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 29, 2021 9:00 am

The First Short-Term Mission Trip, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 29, 2021 9:00 am

Have you ever wanted to take a mission trip? Well, maybe you just don’t know where to begin, or you’re waiting for God to present the right opportunity. Learn what it takes to be SENT!


Today on Summit life with JD Greer got over my eyes to how many people in the world without the gospel did indulge me like I was the subtle railroad tracks and on the road. George's little kid was trying to point you don't ask God what his will is his will is I don't find any should perish, but also come to repentance and what you want to be saying to God is this your my sin life 13.

As always, I'm your host Molly. That's okay. Honesty times have you ever wanted to take a mission trip. Maybe you just don't know where to begin work could be that you're waiting for God to present the right opportunity will tell Pastor Jenny explains what it takes to be sent for continuing our study in the book of acts, after our program today were going to take a break from this teaching series and don't worry we will return to it in a couple of months.

You don't want to miss a single message. So if you do need to catch up. You can hear previous broadcast online. JD first let's join Pastor JD for today's message called the first short-term mission trip knowledge of the Lord said rise and go toward the south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza so he rose and in their passing through Gaza was an Ethiopian eunuch of court official Candace it was going to be the Europeans was in charge of all her treasure. This is one powerful dude unit means that he had been castrated because if you were going to work in the palace with the Queen wanted to make sure that you didn't get any frisky ideas they took care of that for whatever reason he had become curious about the God of the Jews. I first 28 and he was reading the prophet Isaiah, and then the Spirit said to Philip, now stop for a quick house of the spirit filled, we don't know we don't know it does not tell us one of the things that you're going to find in acts is that the Holy Spirit speaks to the church and not just the apostles's do you know and will always feel that way was last time you heard him speak to you as I go over and join the Syria so Philip ran through them not reading Isaiah the prophet and asked your century. So how can I am a someone guides me so he invited Philip to come up come up in there and sit with.

Here's what you should see God calls Philip to walk all hundred and 65 miles down to a nasty little town called Gaza because there he has been preparing one guy one guy invited to say this really quickly to some of you know I think Ethiopian eunuch and there been things have been happening in your life. Questions that are coming up in your heart and you're not even sure exactly why they're there, see the point that we don't want to make. I want to make sure that those of you who were not believers will make sure that you hear this is you understand that none of this is random, that God has been seeking you the way he's been seeking the unit by the passage of the Scriptures of the eunuch was reading was this like a sheet, he was led to the slaughter like a lamb before it shares a silence so he opens out his mouth. In his humiliation. Justice was denied to him is a quotation from Isaiah 53, which was written about 100 years before Jesus was born is a prophecy that the Messiah, the Messiah would stand before his executioners to be accused of most heinous crimes he would remain silent, so Philip opened his mouth and beginning with the Scripture. He told him the good news about Jesus. And as they were going along the road, they came to some water in the USMC here is water. What prevents me from being baptized, and he commanded Jerry to stop and they both went down into the water. Philip and the eunuch baptized him to salvation is very simple, but require ceremonies that require church that require confirmation class require priest baptism, we describe what the wedding ring. It's good by wearing his wedding ring does not make me married to Veronica just shows you that I am married I would get baptized you are saying to the world. I have decided to sit down and to repent and believe in the finished work of Christ. Verse 39 and when they came up out of the water. This fear the Lord carries Philip away you excellent no more unit went on his way rejoicing.

The Philip found himself in as adults for civil what just happened. Philip you believe this is pre-Star Trek teleportation, which is great for Philip as he got the wall under 65 miles back to Jerusalem, but also consider this. This had to be a great platform from which the European unit got to explain the gospel of God's material right then heard the conversation because I been up there, but all of a sudden there's two guys in the water and the one guy flies away and give you access what is happening I can tell you what just happened answer for 1100 miles that Salome had to go. This unit shares the gospel with the servants. Here's why say that the ancient historian Eusebius says that this eunuch and his band of servants went on to plant the very first church in Africa right before there was some this is one why God talking to some of the white people before there even the first white Western European converts in acts. We have a thriving church meeting in the Old capital of Africa and here's what I tell you that because every once in a while you hear some undereducated PhD a secular university say that Christianity is a Western thing, but you can see that's not true. It started in the Middle East goes to Evernote.

We were late to the game. The major point I'm trying to make all this, God used an ordinary guy for his first international mission trip.compared Philip got repaired unit unit and then he brought the two together.

The fact that it is a layman, not an apostle that first carries the gospel internationally.

I would ask you again to consider is that not an indication to by the Holy Spirit, of how he will spread the gospel around the world. I've explained to you that before that one of the most curious things to me in the book of acts is how Luke seems to go out of his way to make this point that the cutting edge. Every time the gospel expand somewhere. Acts eight, acts 11.

Acts 13.

Always on May regular Christians who were going first. I say that because many of you have jobs you listen to me right now have jobs that naturally put you next to some of the most unreached people on the planet.

You were the ones that get to go side to side with Ethiopian UNIX. I told you before my dad, and my father when he retired was rehired by his company to go over and oversee some work going on in East Asia and there my dad was able to rub shoulders with businessmen. I'm telling you asked me to some a church we would never be able to get close to matter how many English corners and Internet cafs.

We started at parties stage. None all of those things were starting but God gave him a platform he was able to leave the couplers businessmen the Christ to because God gave him a platform by means of other things besides apostolic ministry, once you learn to take advantage of that. You see, one of the challenges right now in international missions is how we can support all the missionaries in the need to be supported are church of the Lodge with angled international mission board, the largest mission organization on the planet is about 4700 missionaries which is fantastic right but they been stymied at 4700 for about five years after the answer to how to increase that number is the that your people say, well, you gotta give more and we do need to give more when you get more money so we can send more missionaries, but here's my question.

What if there's a way to go from 4700 missionaries to 47,000 missionaries and not spinning on a dime in the way that you do that is you take Philip's who are already naturally going in your equipment to carry the gospel as they go and you get IBM to pay for McDonnell Douglas or one of these places of these international places. One of our business matter. Campus has a job in a multinational company that takes them quite often over to places that are not far from where we put some you will make he's doing in couple weeks. He makes one of his stops going into be a part of it. To encourage this team. There that's in East Asia, young man from our church got a law degree from one of the law schools here very prestigious work just about anywhere he wanted. He chose to go get a job in a law firm in the Middle East because he knew that they are he would be able to partner with one of our church planting things over there. That's not his preference for he wants to live but it's a place where he knows he can be most useful.

I told you before about the guy who is open to sports marketing firm in a part of the Middle East that there he's there now, supporting himself not kind of you supporting himself, not just himself supporting other people on the team and he's doing it in a way that is enabling us to get more people bear without spending any more money we have man in our church using their expertise in agriculture to help us develop farming projects in Kenya. We have teachers who work in schools over there in Kenya Who Use Their Gift to Teach Missionary Kids on the Field.

Did You Know That Today Most of the Countries in the World That Are in the Greatest Need of a Gospel Presents Are Also Those in the Greatest Need of Business Development May Be Muslim Is a Great Example 20% of the Population World Was a Muslim Countries Only 4% of the Train Comes Out Of Those Countries Were Talking a Huge Opportunity for Gospel Centered God Loving Businesspeople to Be Able to Develop Things That We Just Cannot Do. See What I Want in This Church. When I Pray for Is That Some of You Look into Your Hands and You Will See the God Put a Key in Your Hands, and That Key Is Some's So-Called Secular Skill Guys As I Put That in There to Unlock the Nations and I Want You Take It and I Want You to Begin to Use Its We Want to Equip Use of It As God Takes You These Places You Can Go. We Also Want to Send You on Mission Trips. Philip Did Not Go Specifically on Business, You Can't Really Read That It Acts Eight.

Dodson for the Summer. Church Want to Send A Lot Of Trips to Our Days Version of Ethiopia's A Lot Of Mission Trips Are Kinda Ethiopia Is What We Call the 1040 Window Which One Is Reported to 40 Window Tempo for Your Parallels. That Little Strip Library See It There in the Western Part of Africa All the Way over to the Islands of Indonesia Is Where the Majority of the Unreached People on the Planet Live and Resend the Lots of Mission Trips to Those Places Because There Ethiopian UNIX. There You I'm Telling You You're Going to Encounter People like the Ethiopian Eunuch, but As We Talk about the Unreached Peoples in the World. I'm Not Thinking about a Statistic I'm Thinking about Him. See I Can Stand Here and Tell You That There Are According to Missiology Us There. 1.4 Billion What They Call Unreached People's Which Means People That Have No Access to the Gospel, Not in the Language of the Bible in a Language There's No Way They Can Get It.

Even If They Wanted.

There Are 3.06 Unreached Peoples Here. This Who Have Little Access to the Gospel Which Means It's Highly Unlikely They'll Ever Even Here Because While It May Exist in the Language. It's Just Not a Place for the Good Have Access Is Not a Number. Those Are Individuals like the Ethiopian Eunuch There Individuals All over the World That God Created in His Image and That God Cares As Much about As I Care about My Children, If Not a Million Times More Girls That Are Caught in the Sex Slave Trade Their Orphans That Do Not Have Homes. They Are People That Are Yearning for God and Don't Even Know What to Call Him and God Has Created Us like Philip to Be Able to Be There to Take the Gospel to Them so That When He Works in Them That We Are There so That We Can Speak the Words of Life to Them. If You Know That in China Was in This There Is One Christian for Every 700,000 People, 1 to 700,000 That's That's a Tad Bit Old, so It Might've Changed out to Georgia Grown There but One 700,000 We Put That in Perspective for You in a 5 Mile Radius of Where I Stand Right Now There Are 129 Churches or Christian Organizations That Breaks down to One Christian Organization for the 300 People and Are One Page Christian Worker from 450 People Want to 700,001 to 450 Is God Really That Bad at Math.

I Don't Think so. I Think What Is Happening Is the Ones That God Has Told to Go.

Many of Them Are Content to Stay Not Want to Overwhelm You Listen I'm Not Try to Make You Feel Guilty Understand Open Your Eyes. That's All I'm Trying to Do. There's A Lot Of Positive Things Happening. Joe and Paul Died. Paul the Apostle Died. There Was One Church for Every 12 Unreached People Groups Today. There Are 680 Churches for Every One Unreached People Can We Not Do This 680 Churches to Not Do This. Can We Not Get People into These Places to Be Able to Live out in the Brief the Gospel. I Think That We Can and I Want Us to Be a Part of It. I Want Us to Do Were Supposed to Do.

Here's the Problem. Listen Only 5% of the World Population Lives in North America 5% yet 91% of All Paid Christian Workers and 95% of Every Dollar Given in Jesus Name Goes to That 5%.

I Just Can't See That As Being the Plan of God and I Bring This Background of This, Some of You Have Never Been on a Short-Term Trip.

You Never Do Anything to Engage Nations. I'm Not Try to Make You Feel Guilty. I'm Just Trying to Give You Some Perspective Does Not the Losses of the World Demand That We Do Something about It.

If You Lined up Every Other 3.06 Billion If You Line Them up 2 Feet Apart in a Single File Line. They Would Wrap the Globe 25 Times the Equator Does Not Demand a Different Perspective, Not Just Try to Send You on Exotic Vacations Were Doing This Because We Believe the Gospel. And Because We Believe That God Cares about the Ethiopian Eunuch. Yes, We Will Leave Some Things That Are Happening in Samaria and Will Go Hundred and 65 Miles on Foot.

That's What It Takes Because God Is Put Somebody There When As Many of You Will Many of You to Commit to the Process of Going on One of These Trips, You May Not Have All Your Questions Answered but Us Want You to Commit to the Process and See Where It Goes. Montague Couple Years Make It Happen.

But You Can Start the Process Today Brothers Have You Got a Stirring in You about Something Longer Maybe 40 Men on a Short-Term Trip. Now God's Asking You for Something More. So the Church We Had a Vision the Plan a Thousand Churches by 2050, and to Send out 5000 People from Our Church in a Midterm and Long-Term Capacity. Some of You Already Know This Involves You As a Spirited Goddess and Save It to You to Switch to Come Forward and Say Yes.

Early Start the Process and See Where It Leads. Some of You Were Called to Stay Here but I Think You Should Be Just As Surely God Called You to Stay As Those Who Are Called to Go Are Sure That She Here's the Issue You've Always Thought of Missions Is Something Somebody Else Does. Here's a Prayer That I Prayed When I Was a Junior in College That Revolutionized My Life up until This Point I've Been a Christian, about Three Years I Always Been My God, If You Tell Me You Know Peerless Died Him to Go to Mission Buildout. No Not Open My Eyes to How Many People in the World without the Gospel Is for It.

It Felt to Me like I Was Saving Us on Railroad Tracks and on the Railroad Tracks Was a Little Kid Was Crippled Good Government over Track Your Constraint at That Point, You Don't Ask God What His Will Is You Know His Will Is Picketed up. We Got 3.06 Billion People in the World. No Access to the Gospel. I Got Your Will for My Life. I Want to Find God's Will, God's Will Is Not Lost Right Now to Find It Lord Is Not Willing That Any Should Perish but That Also Come to Repentance and What You Want to Be Saying to God Is This Your My Send. I'm Not Sure Will Send You I Talked to Him You Want to Go with You since You but I'm Saving Some Fun and Only Wrong like That A Lot Here We Are in Somebody Else. It's Got to Be Lord Here. My Send Me You Follow God Where He Leads You and We Really You Stay Right Here Working on His Ministry Here and Praise God.

You Have All Your Heart, but You Need to Come to a Place Where You Give Got a Blank Check and You Say Here My Cindy Ever Give Got a Blank Check Blank Checks Are Scary Aren't They Never Give a Blank Check.

Somebody Don't Pay Some for You, and You Can't Trust Him Go Missing Is You Fill out the Blank Check to Scary Because You Don't Know Where They're Going to Cash It or How Much You Can Write a Four Figure Blank Check.I Realize That Scary. Got My Cat Cashing in Afghanistan My Test in Southeast Asia You Where You Can Cash It, but I Would Just Encourage You to Think about the One in Whose Hands Replacing a Blank Check and Think That Surely If You Could Trust Him Enough to Save You from Hell. You Can Trust Him with the Rest of Your Life and That's the One Place That a Blank Check Is Always Good to Be Safe When You Pray with, We Want to Pray with You and Start This Journey with You. College Students I a Special Invitation for You. I Want You to Come and Spend Your Summer with Us This Thing Called City Projects Medical Second City. We Are Partners to the Church like Crew and Salaries They Got Great Options to Retake the Summer You Learn about Ministry. You Go on Mission Trips We Train You in Theology Apologetics Was. I Did This in My Summer Night I Was Here This Church or Somewhere Else. Great Decision I Made in College Hands down You at All, but I Did Get an Internship and I Need a Job to Make Some Money.


Matthew 633 Want to Seek First the Kingdom of God in His Right and Let Him out All Those Things. The One I Give Got a Summer 222222 for You and Give You a Vision for the Nation, and Then She Would Not Take You about a Real Quick before I Give You a Chance to Act on This Deal with the Baptism I Run My Times on the Limited His Report. I Got a Deal with the Objections of This Popped up in Your Heart You Know What They Are but I Want to Write the Objections Not Qualified I'm like I'm an Introvert. Where Exactly Who Should You As God Doesn't Call Those That He's Equipped Equips Those He Called, God Told Abraham He Sends Them out to Place You Know Is Going Completely Incapable of Accomplishment in the Got Equips Them along the Way.

That's How God Works. You Take a Step in the Got Will Equip You, so I'm Not Comfortable Sure Not Safe for Good News.

We Will Train You Leading up to This Trip, We Notice the Most Incredible Transformation People Go on Mission Trips.

I Don't Know What Is Summit. I Do Not Understand It, but There's Something about Going over There but You over There Doing over There.

We Should Be Doing Here When You Get Back from There.

You Do Hear What You Doing to Do There.

The Audit and When You're along That Works but It Does and so Yes We Will Train You to Share Your Faith. You Say All but There's so Much Need Here II Can't Afford to Go to the Nations in the Sense of Thought.

Yes There Is A Lot Of Need Here. What I Will Because the Work You've Done Were Going Because God Gave to Every Believer. This Desire to Be a Part of What God Was Doing Globally Cancel the Portfolio.

The Mission of Your Life Ought to Be Involved Here. Every Believer in Every Culture Ought to Have an Vested Interest God's Doing around the World. You Say Want to Take Two Weeks of Vacation. That's Why We Have Weekend Trips and Seven-Day Trips. And Yes, I Meant to Say That Some of You Are Use Part of Your Vacation. When I Use Part of Your Vacation for the Glory of God. So I Don't Have the Money. We Will Train You in Raising Support. We Are Experts at Asking People for Money. I Say This Is a Great Chance for You to Watch God Provide That. We Got a Girl or Church on Joy Our Savior about Three Years Ago Credible Source Try to Commit Suicide. She Knew a Girl in Business Place That Invited Her.

The Church, Have a Copy of My Book Gospel Countries in the Hospital Recovering from This Traumatic Event, She Put Herself through the Doctor Says Hey Have Been to This Church. I've Read That Book. They Have a Conversation about It.

Long Story Short, She Becomes a Christian. Shortly Thereafter, God Says to Her, I Think I Want to Use You over in India. She Says I Don't Have Any Christian Friends yet Amanda Get More People to Church. My Parents Aren't I Don't Have Any Network to Raise Money from My Dwelling Just Given a Chance It Would.

God Does Is God Just As a Major Stuff like That We Have This Trip to India. Not Only Did She Raise Enough Money to Pay for Self to Pay for Half Somebody Else. Now the Summer. She Is Going on Her Third Trip to India Because God Took Somebody That Was Completely outside and He Gave Them a Vision for the Rest of Their Life. I Realize That Not Every Christian Is to Be Led to Go Long Term. I Realize There Are Some of You That Are in a Place in Life Are You Just Can Go Yourself. If You Want to Challenge You to Ask the Question I Leave You with the Story That My Friend Who Is Working over in Central Asia Got a Job Offer Here in United States a Christian Offered Him a Job Is a Very Great Job and the Guy Said This, He Said. He Said This to My Friends Say I'm at 100 Resumes on My Desk. People Who Want This Job, but I Believe That You're the Man of God Shows up for My Friends and When I Heard That. Here's How I Heard It If I Don't Take This Job United States. There Are 100 People in Line Ready to Take the Job.

He Looked at Me, Said JD, If I Leave the Spot Here in Central Asia.

There Is No One on the Planet in Line to Take This Job Know by, He Said, so I Will Turn My Back on Where I Needed to Stay Rhyme Your Replacement.

God Wants to Use Your Be Available to Be Used by God We're Calling You, Whether It's across the Room Are Constant. Do What You Do Well for the Glory of God and Do a Similar Strategic for the Mission of God Said Today Is Our Last Day in the Book of Acts for a Couple of Months Back Just to Remind You We Will Return to Complete This Teaching Series in June. We Are so Grateful for Your Partnership Led to Say Thanks by Sending You a Copy of the New Resource Created Especially for Our Listeners. It's Titled St. the Book of Acts, Volume 1. As You Read and Study You'll Learn More about the Book of Acts in the History of the Early Church, the More Importantly You'll Discover What It Means to Be Sent.

We like to Send You a Copy of Volume 1 Study Guide to Express That Gift Today and Join Our Mission to the Gospel for an Infinite Is $25 and by Calling 866-3552 20 86335 Easier to Give Online Jide Molly Witte Makes Glad You Doing Today Be Certain Listening and Teaching Series Called Can't Looking at Some of the Most Common Barriers to Stay on My Team

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