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Predestination vs. Fatalism, Part 4

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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May 19, 2022 8:00 am

Predestination vs. Fatalism, Part 4

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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May 19, 2022 8:00 am

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Greetings spent the new list is welcome to the RT hygiene program. I'm not thanking you for joining us today because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Our message today is an eye-opening teaching that I believe is sorely needed in Christianity today.

It is predestination versus fatalism. Much of what is being heralded as destiny by many preachers and teachers is really fatalism that God has chosen certain people when chosen destinies for them that will happen regardless of what they do or don't do. If you've been confused by the terms predestination election or just the latest buzzword destiny. You will be helped by this message.

Predestination versus fatalism. One reason why God ministers and reaches out and chooses those who come to Christ and then backslide is because he knows like the prodigal son Laura came to pass, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods, and his heart was not perfect with the Lord is God's will. Part of his father David and he went after*the goddess of the 5 million milk the abomination of the he did evil in the sight of the Lord only after the Lord's father, David, John 14 Gnostic abomination to God for their living to on the fire. Solomon building a high place for him in the hill that is before Jerusalem, another one they gave child sacrifice to the abomination of the children and likewise he did strange wives are God's people, places were then placed under them. And the Lord was angry with Solomon because his heart was turned from the Lord God of his role which had appeared on the prophet like God usually did not an angel like God opened it. Solomon commanded him concerning this very thing, that he should not go after other gods, but he kept not that which the Lord commanded the Lord said on the Solomon forest. This is Dorothy and that was not My comment must not which I commanded thee I will surely run the kingdom from the and will not, and will give it to thy servant was not God's will wasn't God's will and destiny for Solomon to marry him thousand women and knows women most of them were God's enemies and then go there. God not been read to you what you can find out in other places it tells how that he sent people to Egypt to bring back courses, and we know we had so much gold was laid up like dust.

Now I want to know was that any was not God's counsel that did not want to run away from him and divide the kingdom. No so that verse does not mean what people say to me. Amen. You got the perfect destiny for you. You get to choose. You get to choose.

And if you choose the wrong way and the wrong choices. Like Solomon now very quickly anything would Solomon wrote after when he was old and now an unhappy all the gold like dust horses. Is that why children galore, but this is what he said on bears or so in the book of Ecclesiastes.

I looked on all the works of my hands and all my labor and it was vanity. It was profitless and vaccination of spirit.

Therefore, I like because I would leave all my labor demand that shall be after me with quietness in both hands full with vexation of spirit.

This letter is a Y child that all will escape who will no longer be admonished, he would go back and be that young, full of love and only wanting to do the things of God, live joyfully with the wife now love us all the days of my life is not portion in this life that God's will for you, one life life is your portion. Now we know circumstances happen. People turn on God things happen in our lives. Amen. Were not going down that road because you all know that's not the point. On preaching. Amen.

Remember thy Creator in the days of night while the evil days, not hear the conclusion of the whole matter. He summed up his wisdom. Fear God is doing. A man from God's will bring every work in the judgment with every secret thing, whether it be for good weather for beaver evil so you have something to say about predestination. God said I said before you life and death, blessing and cursing for God is even bagging you. You know how you play games with your children and you say what hand is it in you know they're going to get that five dollar bill and you really want them to get it. So you say which one you want to feel that I have for you.

Joshua said to Regina state whom you will serve, whether it be the gods whom your father*serve the Lord right now. I hope you do when I'm doing what I asked for me with a lower warning and lay you will lay idolatry and fornication. No provision for the last of the bill in the lusts of their own. These are all things that will change.

Amen. If you leave fornication, and your young couple your young're not married and you end up getting pregnant and having a child that is going to alter your destiny. You may not and this time you may not be able to work and get married, and seemed like a noble thing to do but they were to be married and counting them on the website so we have choices to make. Some people waste they waste the resources they choose the wrong career or the wrong ministry. Sometimes we choose not to forgive certain people we carry with us throughout our life and it alters our destiny. It changes what I would do in our life.

Amen when you call great plan you can so we started off with Romans 828 amen because… Not a great mercy and graciousness and he will even take a please understand, we won't get destiny for us but he can still things that we need time when we come and bring them to him and that he and God want you to go to prison but you did something and you ended up in prison. But maybe while you were in prison you got jailhouse religion but you got a radio real look at maybe our and you probably would not run around, but God altogether for good. The back injury. They put me in pain and mental anguish with it and all torment me in all the time. I God worked it all together for good, because I even get out of bed and do anything I like from a life that was so busy directing the fire preaching and teaching working on so many are on. I didn't have nothing to do but read the Bible and read the Bible, day in and day out, cover again and again reading the word of God, Holy Ghost, and knowing preaching and teaching and I wanted to do it not only my life and raise me up, but it transformed that many hours reading the Bible and I love to read the Bible, but I'm talking about a quick little devotional I'm talking about. I would never have any choice. That's all I could do and I can say today that God is working altogether yeah my life all when I got all my bitterness and anger written don't know why going down that road that led nowhere.

I begin to say yes. I don't understand it and I don't like it and you know like big enough you can deal with that deal with it. He said I know you don't like it you know Sharon, I believe that in the heart of God.

He didn't like it either that I was suffering the way I was, but he knew that I had to come to that place that my faith had to come to that place that will transform not one day my life what amen with one verse. Turn with me to second Peter verse three according as his divine power has given us all things pertaining to our life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that is called us to glory and virtue whereby are given to us exceeding great and precious promises that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature.

The corruption that is in the world through lust. You know this person as well. We've had our pastor preaches was many times one labor but here's the thing I want you to see almost every day when I pray because I like to pray God's word back to you doesn't know it but he wants to know that I know it. Amen thank the Lord according way way way there I personally you personally would mean physical maintenance person here today you I really do. And you know we all know how that… The right person for you job for you the right career for you are right thing for you will. If you're young you because you have a please before you and if you are happy to show his way. But you know some people know that person and people even come like using know I don't know read all I see*and you know you you see your young you have so many opportunities before you really get a hold work start off with little thing it all. If you start with little things you know something simple you know this course in school or would that be a waste training you something small. Not a big deal but you do when it comes to be important in your life you sir showing you great and mighty things when I was a graduate from high school.

We were on Williams Street and southern high school was located at the original place right with the church.

The one from the other respondent right next and so southern high school, graduating on Sunday nights or years and years and years. They always graduated on a Sunday night and it graduated from the Civic Center. What you know is really upset me and we had half a dozen at least or more other fingers were graduating that were carnal, but you know Sunday night with what was probably like you used to be a name, sir.

And so you know that service superseded. I'm thinking to myself, my mother going to me, not just got a hold Lord here and you know lots of different ways on different things.

Really whenever God is like a week or so right before graduation and they announced over the announcement of the speaker system for all the seniors to come immediately to the auditory meeting a special announcement so we all got out of class. We all met up there which is all about and so finally we have an announcement to make. Due to some unfortunate circumstances that are that are off. We are not going to be able to graduate on Sunday night and all my girlfriend along with the new they were likely and they said because of the were moving it through Sunday afternoon fallen off the chair and all believe their parents were just one of the Sunday night and you know when we when I was there. We had our graduation whenever my name is all because it was Sunday afternoon when we morning service charge down there we all all hearing my mother and father working with me. All graduated.

Not God's young men all day every amen. I hope you're being spiritually informed by this revelatory message. Predestination versus fatalism. Perhaps you notice that a favorite buzzword in Christian teaching and preaching today is destiny. While this term is not actually in the Bible, the closest word to which is predestinate which means to determine decree or ordain before hand, but the emphasis is not on who but what not, whom God has pre-determined to be saved. But what are they predestined to what is there destination. Once they choose to follow Christ. Where will the road lead them. The Scripture says that no one under God are all his works from the beginning. And Paul said in Romans 829 that God foreknew who would answer the call to receive his son and who would not in God will never violate man's free will and he does not arbitrarily choose to refuse anyone. He did not force Adam and Eve not to eat of the forbidden tree.

It was their choice. But once they made that choice. They had to deal with the consequences. We also get to choose whom we will serve. But we don't get to choose the consequences. Those whom God foreknew would choose Jesus. He predestinate. Our destination once we choose Christ. God chooses us and puts us on the path to our final destination which is to be glorified with Christ in his eternal kingdom.

God is no respecter of persons, and he is not willing that any should perish. So even knowing many will not choose Christ.

He invites all to receive him, so that on judgment day. They are without excuse. The false claim that everyone's destiny is predetermined by God and nothing you can do will change it. Even if you fail is fatalism and it is motivated by a desire to eliminate any negative feelings over mistakes as though they are also meant to be a part of one's preset destiny.

They quote St. King Solomon. He said there are many devices in a man's heart, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord shall stand. I will show you why this very verse disproves predestination and Solomon's life is exhibit a don't miss this landmark teaching. Order your copy today on CD predestination versus fatalism for a lot gift of $10 for the radio ministry request offer.

SK 157.

That's SK 157 mail to Archie Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 you make one again send the minimum love gift of $10 to the radio ministry mailed to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203. Until next time just to share not say

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