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Predestination vs. Fatalism, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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May 17, 2022 8:00 am

Predestination vs. Fatalism, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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May 17, 2022 8:00 am

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Greetings spent the new listeners welcome to the RT heart program. I'm not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Our message today is an eye-opening teaching that I believe is sorely needed in Christianity today.

It is predestination versus fatalism. Much of what is being heralded as destiny by many preachers and teachers is really fatalism that God has chosen certain people when chosen destinies for them that will happen regardless of what they do or don't do. If you've been confused by the terms predestination election or just the latest buzzword destiny. You will be helped by this message. Predestination versus fatalism God gives us great joy and he foreknew that we would choose Jesus and so he predestinated the nation at our destination is what we choose. Jesus we are now on a new path and the final testing nation to be glorified Christ as we saw here God's foreknowledge. All that why, right in Ephesians that not only is she right hand on the right hand. Jesus, God sees us in our final position. Jesus said that if you are with me you're going to rain with me if you like. I came down with me and my father and his throne. Now why would Jesus like charges and every single one of you will already Jesus when he left he said I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come back and receive you unto myself where we may be also. He's been working on for two years in preparing a place to you and Peter.

We inherited it on file in three-star name is already done your name and title is not because she's going to go knowing who would choose Christ died for those who would choose Christ.

So he retested ACE gives us the destination at the end of our journey any calls. Amen.

He calls us when we answer the call and we say yes Lord yes no yes. He begins the process of justification in our lives. Amen.

And because we choose Jesus. Then Jesus take all that knew no sin is that we may be the right. Amen. So there's a great exchange.

We could write another verse to that song we sang I'm trading on my I'm trading all mine iniquities not guilty path and I'm taken the right of Jesus Christ is is beginning the process now of glorification is what we've already alluded to when we are glorified with Christ in his own right hand and let the ship is not only our ship. We are all been there yet, but I'm warning means to be born. We are when we look for the Savior, who is going to change is going to transform my body weight and humiliation they been humiliated by the age of this humiliating God made me beautiful young woman during 2030. Let's say somewhere in there and they have not used their bodies taking care of their bodies and even the curse of the world and we see really beautiful women are beautiful and we appreciate beauty of the woman or beautiful man. I think of Adam and Eve, how much more beautiful and how much more handsome. They must've been before the beauty was marred by sin all comes along. I don't care to see some of those beautiful stars that we see we see when they get older it's humiliating.

It's worse for them because they were so beautiful and so handsome. Amen when old age comes in and does its thing you know it really is and really all but one day transform all and he's going to give up somebody like is said beloved, now we God, what about this right now here right now we are not yet appear what we shall be. We shall be like appear with him in glory and doing so God is going to change the body, but it's a process when the work before he does the work they're so busy on the work they're not realizing not only on the out of work. Excuse me. He wants to work on man versus second Corinthians 318 but we all, with open face in their open simply means with no bail on because earlier in the chapter knows it talks about when Moses came down from the mountain, having been with God for 40 days what happened is space literally shows so rightly they could look at you talk about some kind of glory they put a space in the top but now we we don't they'll were looking in a glass were looking in a mirror and were beholding the glory of the Lord as we look and continue to look at the present tense in the Greek it means you continue will eventually looking glasses you're looking at the glory of the Lord, you are being changed into this image from glory to glory to glory to glory of God. Whatever you meant to be your you're going to be almost 99 3/4 already. Amen buddy starting on the main second Corinthians 416, yet the inward man is renewed day by day you every day working on the inner man. Glory to God. We will allow him to do that one going to make the great exchange and were going to receive our glorious body just like you and maybe thinking or it may occur to someone. God knows exactly who is going to answer the call to accept Christ say I understand what you're saying to this point, Karen.

I thought it God chooses us because he knows we would choose Christ. Amen.

He chooses not because he knows that we would choose Christ. So if he knows that if he knows already. It is knowledge. Who is going to accept Christ then why bother preaching going into all the world and preaching the gospel on every creature. Why bother doing that, you know, certain ones are good except Christ, when, why does he let us have the spirit of discernment zoom in on the one it's going except Christ appraised all the ones you accept and embrace every creature. Amen they want to know what first of all that we've already said God gives everyone free choice.

The only way you can call free choice free choice is if you give people the opportunity to choose is not free choice if I don't get a chance to amen. So in order for God to be just in order for him not to be a respecter of persons accused knowing that many will say no.

Knowing that many will reject it and not received. But in order for it to be free choice is to freely operate to all. Amen.

So that's one reason is not a respecter of person he calls everyone, even knowing that many of them will not receive will not answers. This way God is with out any blame and are without any excuse before God and say well I didn't know you never gave me a chance. Most people have had more than their share of chance in America in this nation. I don't know how justly can stand before God.

The judgment seat from America and say I didn't know I just don't think that's going to work like you know everybody likes some kind of money you got a dollar bill in God we trust. So the judge thing. Amen. You're not before God and say I didn't know they will be with Alex and how many know you we ourselves, we've often had certain party could get together for the reception and we we invite people to come that we know you do not you put on their RSVP and you know the RSVPs to come back. I decline because you show that you are giving and not showing in part, your offering them the opportunity even though, for instance, when Sarah got married and you know we had the section we had to keep it to 100 people. That's all we could fit in the room so you know when you can only have 100 people are that the groom is not only leaves a bride certain of her sign and so you know it really gets to do your going to come.

Amen. You don't want to leave now, but there's people you now we have, I should say we have any relatives in Louisiana that's where he was born.

And that's where much of his family are and when I mother died. Darrell went to Louisiana that's where she was very she got me all of her relatives when her father sign and date they really loved her and so you know there was a bond that was made during the when she was going to get married when she was getting married. We had a reception we knew that we invitations to all, but we because for most of the trip would be to Arcturus each.

There was no way they would be able to make that trip to come up here anyway because if not, we would then amen and we knew they were going to BP sorry we can't make it, congratulations. But we can make it so we take it and that's how it is God that many of them are not Jesus reject him choose their own way. Amen. But not respect the person he's going to send them an invitation anyway. That's why we got it going all the world and preach the hospital to every creature because you don't know you once allowing a very limited way, you will always be people that whatever you think they will get you thought they would never and what happened. Something God does something in their lives, God turned upside down God bring you up right at all of the apartment, so you never know you better pray just as diligently for that hardhearted work because sometimes there hardhearted brought in a hard fašade because the yellow Holy Ghost is all over them connection is all over their case and that your time with every last little bit of strength to resist but don't get not keep the prayers when the seed become one, amen. So one reason is so that God will not be a respecter of person so that when they stand before him. They will be without excuse. Now that brings me to the question, what about those that do receive Christ that do say yes to the Lord thy and go back go back into the world and reject Jesus.

What if God knows that these people are going to backslide and go back to the world with what if they're only going to come and say yes and go back out into the world. What about then will first of all, they serve as a warning. They serve as a warning to others.

Amen. Watch out, be careful.

Don't neglect so great a salvation because some people when they do they don't realize that they open up the door to the enemy and they fall away. Amen there are some that Jesus said. He said the second short scripture in the Bible. The first one being swept in the second one is Jesus said, remember lots wife. I think that's Luke 1732.

Somewhere around there. Remember preach a sermon like me long-winded respect every poll everywhere blame the Greek meaning remember why we need.

Sometimes when you are all well and you're getting your becoming disenfranchised from the law.

You're just getting a chip on your show and you're just not happy with the way things are is neglecting you and you will remember lots wife looked back come back now. Thank God that she great one shoe going back go back like the prodigal contact so that even every good one to the banquet table facing on the here like this, looking down the because if you read the Greek what it means in that story that Jesus gave the father was looking for the it means that every day was looking at late he was looking. Waiting for return. Amen.

Move have you ever had a loved one your baby with your husband or wife or one of your children that they were supposed to be home at 10 o'clock and now midnight and they're not home and you haven't got the call and you try to call and return the call and you're walking the floor and you keep going to the window and look out the window, feeling that what it means in the Greek was looking long row on any non-one reason why God ministries and reaches out and chooses those who come to Christ and then backslide is because he knows like the prodigal son. They will come back.

Amen. And that's why we got to keep that backslider in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to use us to minister to them. Amen and tell them remember you're counting on the prodigal, when you get when you are coming back. Maybe you won't get back on your life. That is why it takes wisdom to win so you on people you have other people there. The Holy Spirit gives us the wisdom to know what to do. Paul said in second 511 that sound like you're not knowing we persuade men. Why it's a fearful thing to fall in the hands of the living God. You don't know and as your father. Amen when you know your father the most wonderful father. But when you don't know that your father is a fearful thing he said, knowing the terror of God.

We persuade amen we don't solve so and whitewash it. There are some people you have to deal with them sternly that they will not be lost. He said rebuke them sharply, that they may be taken Well amen we know how to reach out to them and some other more argue and debate say THAT I do is get you to over the log must be me me me and the opposing view opposing me opposing.opposing by three we happily led by the holy that we all narrowed. Amen. I hope you're being spiritually informed by this revelatory message. Predestination versus fatalism. Perhaps you notice that a favorite buzzword in Christian teaching and preaching today is destiny.

While this term is not actually in the Bible, the closest word to which is predestinate which means to determine decree or ordain before hand, but the emphasis is not on who, what, not whom God has predetermined to be saved. But what are they predestined to what is there destination. Once they choose to follow Christ.

Where will the road lead them. The Scripture says that no none to God are all his works from the beginning. Paul said in Romans 829 that God foreknew who would answer the call to receive his son and who would not in God will never violate man's free will and he does not arbitrarily choose to refuse anyone. He did not force Adam and Eve not to eat of the forbidden tree.

It was their choice. But once they made that choice. They had to deal with the consequences. We also get to choose whom we will serve. But we don't get to choose the consequences.

Those whom God foreknew would choose Jesus. He predestinate. Our destination once we choose Christ. God chooses us and puts us on the path to our final destination which is to be glorified with Christ in his eternal kingdom. God is no respecter of persons, and he is not willing that any should perish. So even knowing that he will not choose Christ. He invites all to receive him, so that on judgment day. They are without excuse. The false claim that everyone's destiny is predetermined by God and nothing you can do will change it.

Even if you fail is fatalism and it is motivated by a desire to eliminate any negative feelings over mistakes as though they are also meant to be a part of one's preset destiny. They quote St. King Solomon. He said there are many devices in a man's heart, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord shall stand. I will show you why this very verse disproves predestination and Solomon's life is exhibit a don't miss this landmark teaching. Order your copy today on CD predestination versus fatalism for a large gift of $10 for the radio ministry request offer. SK 157.

That's SK 157 mailed to Archie Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 relate one again send the minimum love gift of $10 to the radio ministry mailed to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203. Until next time just to share not say

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