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God Became Man, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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October 21, 2021 8:00 am

God Became Man, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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October 21, 2021 8:00 am

Trace the incarnation of Christ and the glory He laid aside to take on the form of a human servant to His glory restored at the resurrection.

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Greetings and welcome to the Archie Harding ministries program not today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father's brother Hardy is God became man. Truly this is a message that will warm your heart and endear you to our heavenly father in Jesus Christ, his son, as we discover just what a sacrifice he made when God became man so you shot will will you will will you will will will and you will will will will will you and people you Jesus. You and you will see will I will all in you so you will ship you will know will will and will will will and will and will you will come in and write works work you work is chosen as the father were in agreement that the meeting will once knowing all things should like you when I get the situation solution was all about. It was so close already. Give me 310 will spirit conversation is all about you all is all in the fall and provide a solution.

Jesus was a man. Jesus was already making landfall was going to fall edition shows the locks when the priest's person or Jesus is the most fabulous of being in existence this Lord Jesus Christ is the more I started this wonderful this precious person Jesus Christ is the greatest ever existed. This will save you the thing some state Jesus will Jesus died for you see a slight you have no rights. He was just nothing to do anything you back slightly. Was not it was just like all human social strata is to choose God's people in the Greek smartest great now.

The English doesn't cut it from the King James were for Colossians this new there's no more to know more Greek. No more something, break speaker which is like that nine Greek speakers was out my reader okays chapter 3 verse eight anger me.

The communication to another thing that you have with the which is renewed in the result. The church is thinking and visions they separate me separate rights and they start talking about man and women in the church that talking about nationalities are great since I am talking about Christ preach Galatians 328 Gentile bond or free may only Freeman and one in Christ when you get new creatures of man that was something God likes it or not, your son of God. Greek social will reach the highest rank in Paul's culture that's just come out of Plato all the great philosophers were not Greek culture philosophers they were men's which the smartest man in the next order was the front of the Greek first save it to Scott at Rome, which is better than all of us much more Gentiles because of them having the God of the teachers and the word of God is Greek, which meant the world salon II between Greeks and Jews in the next one set of things that meant only to the law will suit you Gentile the front part will keep the big battle you were circumcised or not.

Circumcision divided the church world even after they come that false teachers except to be circumcised and keep you posted about that stuff you say course, not to come to you if you get the shows are not baptized in Jesus name we got course, you will give it to your credit God take the credit back as credit were the people in the pot that did not speak Greek so they were concerned about the Greek rights factor drinks to the highest because they were God's Old Testament people like Paul said in Romans in every part that is much more everything because they were father's and they had trickles the word of God so that you look down upon by the Greek something. They were the slaves of the barbarian father and some of the lowest on the totem pole was the slave. Paul's day tomorrow which he was talking to the class Greek behind us because of his wisdom and my one form so that is the second group was speaking nations not because they could speak Greek, you would be barbarians in the Roman Empire simply as well be called race people usually slight. He was so as exist as far as his rights was concerned slave never talks back to his master sure were not doing killing happened to you, but I like this foundation is here. I'm talking about this wonderful person.

Jesus was in the highest form of and the sun goes to this message was concerning God chose from the public was a big hodgepodge she got that right. He realized there was nothing I will start you, you and are you also Jesus in the mind of humility when you use the example Lord Jesus Christ about himself versus what was also in Christ is the position we will be gone now is language don't really reveal the great what they would transfer the form such as metal more close enough for a couple weeks ago metal usually have to form a chain for comes out like before shape limits the shape shape is remember one so in the which saw the Spirit coming out of the ground in the woods got Samuel coming up for Jesus so God because the remaining God the Creator anybody in Ohio position, such as judges believe in angels are called that. So the prophet Samuel according to God's appearance is the outward expression of the essence of the station is essence is all things was an inside job when you shall sign it just that was really want you inside the station and you just think outside so when John solely on the rock yellow practice is serene. This is shown again existed. God himself will the glory for this and I can relate to this in Exodus, Moses, one sees glory and I think that my spirit, my spirit when you see the glory down there when you got no man, no natural domain is present corruptible physical body can look at God, you did it disintegrate again, the son got a nice and neither can you go to God's son, Adam, eyes got a good change in her body.

That's why said he would just one of the likeness of his comment is. The skin tone is a trust you've been inspired by this beautiful message by God serving brother Hardy God became man truly great is the mystery of godliness. God was manifested in the flesh. This message can only cause us to love our Lord Jesus even greater as we come to understand a little bit better what he did when he laid aside his deity, his equality with God and made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant and made in the fashion of a man. This enabled him to become to us and able and merciful and faithful high priest, the one and only mediator between God and man is the man Christ Jesus. This wonderful message would make an excellent addition to your spiritual library. It is available on CD and when you order God became man, we will send you the bonus message the relinquishment and restoration of God's glory after offer number 135 and send a love gift of $15 or more. The radio ministry mailing address is RT hiding ministries PO Box 1744, MD 21233. If you prefer to order online at RG, once again offer is 135 is a two CD set receive. God became man relinquishment restoration. Christ centered not gifted $15 and PO Box 17, Maryland 212 Sr. Sharon not saying until next time

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