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Gethsemane, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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January 27, 2022 7:00 am

Gethsemane, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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January 27, 2022 7:00 am

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Greetings friends, new listeners and welcome to this program the Archie Hardy ministry not thanking you for today because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. The message today by my father for the Hardy is one that is near and dear to my heart. It's entitled Gethsemane olive press. It was there. Our Savior agonized prayer.

His body wracked with intense sufferings as he wrestled with his own self will to drink the cup of sufferings and crucifixion. The curse across he would have died in that garden had the father not sent angels to strengthen him and winning the battle over self is the hardest one you and I will ever face. And if you are a true child of God then you are no stranger to Gethsemane, the Olive press your firm recorded in the Bible that he prayed twice was not because he didn't get a miracle to go to great of a miracle when the man was blind really prayed for the man is very involved, usually already burning yes I see you ma'am as trees or in other words, I see men like dog dogs totals three grievance three: the God ever treated you should know father had played jewelry plucked up to corridor allegory trees without fruit, twice. Plucked up by the roots as a tree fall socially lie every good tree bring forth good fruit.

Other fruits you shall know them first. "Down, look, such as a tree crawling up the fallacies of trade finance and all the priests got that man they will new every one of Jesus believers told him they will know everyone what color tree is a good or bad, then say sole and tallest trees green industries.

The silly solemn arms tree weather was good or bad by their fruits you will know them and Jesus played a second time I got natural site, but I only pray one time and the thing really prayed about what will now the biggest enemy that I have me me I will have to worry about the double God said, behold, I give you Powerball the power level.

All I gotta do is take and use it to follow up with you think the Holy Ghost a violent gimmick among the Russian women on the day of Pentecost back in the Old Testament they heard the growing of the spirit of the mulberry trees like a violent wind and the enemy begin to kill one another heavily same and it wouldn't do nothing other holy garments on praise and bless the name of the Lord in his holiness in the violent Holy Ghost made him kill one another. Isaiah 59 to September enemy comes in like an overflowing spring day where the snow was not good and you had a gully washer overflowing wash away the invisible nurse of Jehovah looks up a standard license but doesn't that word is Roulac in the Hebrew Alyssa Napa the Greek spirit. Do you know what the meaning of the word spirit is invisible force. That's why comes out of the clan leader of wind. The windowsill invisible force you can't tell where you come from a large dog but you know it's been there even when they pop the storm will go this way and I decide to win decide to go another way. Sometimes the most time but don't Jesus to activities in the winepress of the old press. The first one he had to pray three times about now. If you haven't done the will of the Lord Jesus understands he prayed three times more put more able to bear the place look at an angels level, strengthen you if you know the Lord have and the battle know what to pray. Get letters of all the current responsiveness we say about I got this email should get better pray all press and said God I really don't want to do this, but not my will play three times that prayer understands, 1.1.right now, what is going to do about someone you don't do good you don't want to do it what so you know… Class that this thing. Without that he learned obedience by the things he suffered with some threat like that garden until he was from focuses his sweat was coming like blood clots and I'm glad. Luke is only one record ship because he was a physician and he knew what he was talking about when to use those words. Sweat came like blood clots and he was in such agony and swelling with blood clots of God didn't send an angel.

He was a parish physically and God wasn't going to say a man he had won the victory yet. Sorry said he prayed to get Matthew and Mark and every prayed and didn't decide to take the cup he went back to Peter, James and John.

Looking for human sympathy and they were sleeping and woke her mom said watch with me in our ever checked the work for watch we get the name Gregory out of it godly to hold onto Gregory's Gregory means watching prayer is to join the watchmen on the wall for the enemy. Watch for the souls you got the victory get in the wall press and watch for your brother and sister.

You are your brother's keeper preventive medicine your Bob Bona Bonifacio flesh of the Lord and of yourself and your watch (faction which are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the we cannot please. This focal fireball in order to have a revival. Somebody's got to go to the all press and press start on them and get our press for the limits press in that you think the word of God failed when it said will another minute reasons I reasons are, Your Honor. Oh well, that's what other people are not blessed.

There are seasons I reasons I don't have your cross finally taken from the devil then you are under all Jesus the fourth two like the second one he had to pray three times to win the victory in the first now if you haven't got the victory done the will of the Lord Jesus understands fall on your knees get back to Gethsemane.

Him and I say a man and if it looks like you're ready to faint. He will send an individual to strengthen you was in loop the 22nd chapter about the 42nd 44 verse that said that when he had gotten me and I got so intensified.

Anyone told his disciples. I'm sorry for leaving the I am so for greatness agony. I'm running like some from focuses on body cuts get high blood pressure is pressure was so great that it was like a report he was having a blood clot, and he was in the press.

How many say a man he was in the pressure cooker like no other human being and honey if it was in his will not die. And if God didn't do a physical miracle. He would die. God didn't want him to die any place with the cross of Jesus didn't die, but the cross and if that was just a means to go somewhere for supper quantity Diana card. Why did God have to send an angel and it said the angel, strengthen in a pretest almost had a coronary thrombosis in every vein, almost person in this body. The pressure that was so great he was on fire, and his blood was like a report in clots.

He was dissipated.

So I'm in the you know what happened. God said that Angel and strengthen him. The next part of the study intensely. Mom cry. He got back to you got there. He got Clay bar/wanted that victory for you and me here already indicted his father and stepfather, all things are possible. You, you can let this cup pass from me God all things are possible God to save us. Another way but we never knew his love, and he will never knew our suffering will see it in the King James where he said nevertheless not my will be done because the Greek word, I will be done as a command in the imperative sentence which reads this way I always done your way on the left continue to be done. There was two stages, the Jesus humility it was to stages with the word becoming human.

Philippians the second chapter the seventh in the a verse tells of the two stages.

First of all, like a personal but never like this great and glorious being the word of God. This majestic one humbled himself and became a servant and a man, and for 33 years, he humbled himself and acted as a human servant of God. He will therefore no longer will you send but to God's will. The psalmist prophesied it and Paul in Hebrews brought it back low in the volume of the book it is written of me, I come to do thy will, oh God, Jesus the son of God came to do nothing but the will of God in the will of God was for him to drink the cup of suffering and to pay the price to the mass, nothing less and hear me. I'm going to stop becoming a human. Even the lowest human servant was not. I'm not let this mind be in you which was all so in Christ now clarify Jesus Christ Jesus. The reverse of Jesus Christ on the earth. He was Jesus Christ, the man of humility, but now he's the Christ Jesus. The glorified Lord let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who barely in the form of God, thought it not ready to be equal with God, but made himself of no reputation. Nobody else and talk on here maybe for other servant, and was married in the likeness of man first days of the humility he himself to become a man. Yeah, the lower stuntman sermon and that's what Gospel of Mark is below. Max started the perfect servant that always done and does not will without any resistance that lives for no other reason but to do my command.

And for 30 years. 33 1/2. He didn't, but that was in her mouth got to do that second stain being found as a man, he humbled himself father and be came oh what to the death that the cross and him garden he suffered to become will be what he said in Hebrews. He learned obedience from the things that he's suffered in this process of suffering was Across being found resume first stage, she laid aside his God. Foreman took on the form of assignment I was made in the likeness of man, that was the first coming, but it boggles your mind this majestic one that glorified law and take a severance form and limit himself to humanity. But that wasn't enough, he had to be, will be being found in the form in the flesh and blood house with all of the limitations in the subject pain. You think he wasn't suffered in the garden. You think he waltzed to calibrate found the secret so I want to know him and the fellowship of his. He learned obedience of the thing that he suffered an Philippians said he was obedient to the death of the death of the cross. That was the suffering. Like I said Harley the devil was right, there are not one person precedent.

He wrestled with his father and he wrestled with the pressure of the devil.

His father was not going to let them out PS3 time for this father letting out his father said no enemies. He knew it was no because he said not my will but always as I've always done that I will continue to be gone and take the cup the first time he didn't take the cup the second time it was the third time he took it after the first prayer, let thy will be done. One and sought human source from Peter James and John. The watch with him at his agony. They were sleeping. Nobody would watch with him and his agony suffered in that winepress alone. All was there was Satan. I imagine everyone to Peter, James and Johnny got back.

That is what you look at you guys are done they can even be a Gregory and watch and play and help you sleep.

They can't be agree and am pregnant with you and bear one another's burdens, and he prayed again prayed the same crap but not always been father that I can tell you that I will be continuing and drink. The company got up and went to him again. They were fast asleep again dislike again. Now a lot of Christians are fast asleep. David said that that was given eyes of slumber sleep in the spiritual sense is always bad.

They that sleep sleep in the night. Always bad. Allegory, for they that are drunk and drunk in the night and they that sleep or sleep. It's always talk about in the kingdom of the evil you think that you got it tough and I got a 1200 that will make sure all the human help was asleep and he knew God the father when helping as he knew the word of God was that he was a drink at. I can almost hear the devil preaching L academies, the people that you're going to deliver the disciples watching and they can even give you moral support and pretty soon Peter for the clerkship to this is on the way going to kiss you and betray you very same people that your statement is going to pluck your beard out beat you to a buddy Paul and cut you up like chop beef and then flee you on that cross and stick you up and you want to let you know honey that the pain in Jesus.

Her just as much is your pain in my I don't believe any of us is been to the place yet that we've almost have a coronary thrombosis at every pore and after that second time they wanted help make None and God had to send the angel he jumped in there and he prayed more in tensely and said in this time. One the array he not only said father nevertheless but let thy will be continue to be done in my life is always what he grabbed the cup and a tragedy when he got up he said to Amanda way of scorn could you watch with me an hour it's too late now sleep on for he that betrays becomes, but before he got up and told him that then he entered into the second combat he had to win the first combat over his own so will and your and my biggest enemy is our self will not the devil, we will resist the devil, we will resist the world, we will resist people quicker than will resist our own self will will deny the devil as long as it doesn't interfere with our self will most of the time. The only way that you can be tempted by the devil, but it goes along with herself will if you don't already have that will recapture you laughing resisting.

You'll have no trouble with the world so they start, ramble offered you to do the thing that you wore we would want to do in your heart, you'll have no trouble with people until they come around suggested you do the thing that you secretly want to know so will you go nowhere.

You know what's going to happen if you don't get the picture.

Well to stay in the old press summary said what should I do when I can get the picture of the stadium, the whole person to do what shall I do what I can get the victory over the state. You see I can't win the victory for you in all the land on my hands or anybody's hands can only strengthen you but you still got the two after the enjoying here to enter into the battle more intensely and fight looking for help but nobody was there. His father was the manager in the technical but was at his disciples were asleep. Prior I know what the devil was trying to do.

Couldn't stop them from drinking the cup.

More in the Second phase of the battle could look at the second battle about winning the first of his own, one that Reagan said all right God is always open about the wheels in motion all will know what know you see mine up, as it were, the cup that the father was holding the and drank every bitter dregs of the cup of suffering and almost as it were, you could use the metaphor. He licked the cup make sure he got all the bitter dregs and then he entered in the second phase of the battle with all 10 city and you know what he battled over the whole 17th chapter of John for me and you, the world, he began to intercede for us in the could never do it totally cup, and when he poured out his soul for all of his little ones in the city And protect them, and the evil one didn't touch them, not only those pleasant ones except the son of perdition Judas of the Scriptures might befall fill everyone all the way up to this day, and anymore days that were believed by the gospel in the word.

It's on record and when he prayed the prayer of faith. For every one of us. Everyone that wants to go to heaven. Jesus prayed a prayer. Pray for you. Nobody can pluck you where you stand. No one could plug all those disciples that might look like it with Peter, but Jesus said to them, Peter, Satan desires to see if she was sweet. I got time to tell you what something means which you read the word for Sefton and see how they harvest that week help you they ran oxcart over Satan desires the crush you, but I have prayed the father, they say a man. I pray the father, I pray and when you get the victory again, you strengthen the brethren. The Holy Ghost is trying to say tonight. There will be no travails for souls until we didn't know press and pray until we found there until we went to rape law used to say that every time he prayed, he prayed intensely for so no and people all around all day and brass is unassailable. There is a little lame, get these people say somebody is going to get in the old press and agonize for souls, but most of the church, even in their agonize and not my will but thine be done. So when you find it hard to do the will of the Lord, you know what you have to do go to Gethsemane and if you pray and you don't come up with the victory and you're going to have to pray again. And if you don't come up with the victory you don't have to pray again.

And if you don't come up the victory you think you're going to die, how you gotta send an angel.

And when that strength comes then pray more intensely say a man and then when you really get an airplane, intensely almost on a coronary thrombosis what the what the wealthy because up until that time, he only played until he almost had a heart attack said he prayed there for almost a more intensely, my God, help me, Jesus. No one really got the victory that third prayer is greater than what he prayed almost brought coronary thrombosis on.

I mean, he really got strengthen many prayed all the way through that permanently played the whole 17th chapter John for you and me and wanted got burning went back closer, don't worry about getting up tomorrow in regard to treasures litigated just enough that the devil will try to play and on the time that there would be enough time even if you prayed that the will of God done in your heart that you would have time to pray for the lost and that's what the devil that no one now that he is got most of the church ain't never going to go to Gethsemane and disseminate their confession or jet planes to do nothing, the confession, the Rolls-Royce is mink coats and diamond rings to do nothing honey probably would be a sin for me to have diamonds all over my fingers when souls were going to hell you say it's a similar jewelry. Yes, I can take that money when so you better believe it. You able to catch me with any jewels all over my fingers almost fell and turn it into the gospel. That's all you see my diamonds and all that mess. If you only know me as the guys got the voice I don't care how you justified it anywhere you cannot know so that when souls not when I know what that will do one radio that when I no one knew the printed page know you know that you have fight me to give you forever. There is flight because Jesus is my victory. I got a little my I got the helmet of salvation right over my head. I got the knowledge that Jesus is my victory. I can understand not now. Well, what a touching and inspiring message by God's servant for the hearty Gethsemane the Olive press. I trust that you are seeing Jesus in any way come to understand the great and intense suffering he endured their cross like the olives were crushed under tremendous pressure until his sweat profusely fell to the ground, tinged with his own blood. Because of the extreme agony, his body and so were undergoing. He had said my soul was exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death, and this was before the cross. If you are a true believer than you to do anything to Gethsemane and you know what Paul described as being pressed in spirit and even pressed above measure that you know people today are looking for an easy gospel. No sweat, no pressure, but Jesus said the kingdom of God is preached and everyone presses his way into it and he said if we suffer with him.

We will also reign with him. If you are blessed by this message.

Disseminate the Olive press it can be ordered on CD for a lot gift to the radio ministry of $10 or more request for 209 mail to Archie Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 four: line to Archie Hardy oh Archie.

Now if the Lord directs you.

Please consider sending an additional love gifts to keep this program on the air, but if you send a minimum lot gift of $10 you can receive offer 209 Gethsemane the Olive press and mail to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 visit us There you will find many other wonderful resources.

My brother Hardy and myself spiritually.

Until next time Sharon not saying

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