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May 1, 2024 4:08 am

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May 1, 2024 4:08 am

MSL- April 29, 2024-The Matt Slick Live -Live Broadcast of 04-29-2024- is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. Matt answers questions on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues- -You can also email questions to Matt using-, Put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line- Answers will be discussed in a future show.-Topics Include---MSL- April 29, 2024--Do Christians Have Assurance of Salvation----The Attributes and Nature of Christ--Biblical Inerrancy--Do Angels Have Free Will--MSL- April 29, 2024


The following program is recorded content created by Bernadette That's it. Just watch sci-fi and just relax, but had a good time great people It's a privilege to be able to Teach now when I teach I do a kind of a teaching preaching combo I just do when I teach I get passionate I say that here's the admonition of God is what is it? So I teach it and do that as well So kind of a teach preach thing got the privilege of doing that this weekend and great bunch of folks of Really good people really good people. I will admit really good people. I had a lot of good fellowship and Just enjoyed it So I thank them for lowering their standards to have me on and it's because the conference so that was good At least for me all right so praise God And if you want to email me you could do that as well all you have to do is direct an email to info at info at and And Just put in the subject line Karm, excuse me a radio question or radio comment, and we can get to it all right pretty easy easy peasy Not a big deal All right, hey, let's just jump on the line.

Let's get to Luke from Washington DC Luke welcome. You're on the air Hi, Matt. How are you?

Doing fine man hanging in there. Where'd he go buddy? Hey today, I was talking to one of my Muslim friend. He's my co-worker And so I said we have assurance of salvation that is and then he's laughing at me wow It's a blasphemy assurance of salary. I said this is not a lottery ticket So my question is what assurance does God give us? Let's talk about him first the reason he's gonna say it's blasphemy is because in surah 23 101 and 102 and 103 It talks about if you do enough good, then you'll make it and there there.

He's interpreting Christian theology in light of his own so what he's saying is that by his mocking you he's saying that you are so arrogant for thinking you can earn your place with God and But you can but you just better hope inshallah you better Hope that if Allah wills that it'll work out for you And so if you say you have eternal life right now, then you're arrogant and you're prideful in your blasphemous That's why they're saying yeah, I Really, I'm gonna respond to them more often. I'm gonna say well Let me ask you a question if you break a law are you a criminal yes, okay? And so criminal should be punished right yes, so You're a criminal before God because you have broken his law. He says not to do certain things and therefore you've sinned So you're a criminal so why does your God let you as a criminal go free? I see This is the problem with Islam because your God approves of criminals and just says you can go free It's okay You've done evil But no consequence or payment needs to occur because I'm just gonna let you go and you come into heaven that makes God unrighteous And so this is why you and your arrogance think that you can please God because you think that your goodness you can but you're nothing more than a criminal before God and you're gonna face a judgment of the holy God on that day of judgment and The justice will fall upon you like a like a guillotine and a hammer like a noose around your neck It's gonna destroy you in hell You tell them all right, so How do we have assurance? We have assurance because our salvation does not depend in any way in any parts upon our goodness it depends on the death burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ Now in Islam Jesus didn't die because it didn't wasn't crucified surah 4 157 so what I do is I tell them I said Jesus was crucified and the Bible tells us he was crucified and Jesus spoke about his own crucifixion and yet you guys in your Quran deny what Jesus himself said He says this where this temple three days. I will raise it up John 2 19 through 21 He was speaking of the temple of his bodies with John the Apostle said that you guys deny what Jesus himself said and so you have no assurance and We do because we rest in what he did not what we do It's arrogant to think that maybe you and your arrogance your pride your hubris might be able to earn a position with God Through your goodness your sincerity of your repentance now this message needs to be heard by a lot of Protestants especially Catholics and Eastern Orthodox people who are similar to the Muslims in their doctrine of salvation that by their good works But they have the cross of Christ and other stuff in the grace and all they're similar. They don't realize it though But a lot of Protestants have this this arrogance as well in that they think that that the cross Aranges For them to be able to earn a place with God through their goodness where they they're saved by grace But they're kept by their goodness and their obedience and their humility their sincerity So they're not too far off in the Muslims as well. So This is what we do We talked about our righteousness in Christ and that we have it because of our faith in what he did not because of what?

We did because nothing we do is good enough, okay? So one more question What is the assurance of salvation from the Holy Spirit? What is it it's the witness of the truth the Holy Spirit was witness of truth John 14 26 John 15 26 and So the truth is that we're secure in Christ Jesus says my sheep hear my voice And I know them and they follow me and I give eternal life to them and they shall never perish So Jesus equates eternal life with never perishing if you go to John 3 16 where it says God to love the world gave his only begotten son that whoever would believe at him would never perish but have eternal life So Jesus equates eternal life with never perishing. So the Holy Spirit bears witness of truth Like I said, John 14 26 John 15 26. So therefore he'll bear witness that we have eternal life will never perish. Okay? So you're saying that he guarantees our eternal security all the way to heaven right now Of course, he does Of course, he does how how else do I know so why they are so?

Mad when we talk about Trinity and then they laugh at you Because they're okay The Muslims mock the Trinity because they're in the service of the devil through their false prophet Muhammad who denied the truth of who God is He was just nothing more than a false prophet and at the worst he was possessed by the devil And so the Muslims have fallen prey to the lying false prophet called Muhammad So they will deny the truth of who God is because they're in the service of the devil ultimately. That's why Okay Okay, man. Thank you. You're welcome. All right, man. God bless All right. All right. All right.

Now, let's see if we can get on to Let's try Juanita from Michigan. What are you to welcome you're on the air Hello there. Thank you. I was calling about your comments on Matthew 27 46 My god my god, why have you forsaken me and I would Think if you were you were I don't know if you were you weren't confused I don't want to say but you had a hard time explaining He you said we don't know the extent and nature of the effect Jesus becoming sin had on the Trinitarian Communion so I was wondering what is it about what happened that that challenges the Trinitarian community I can't quite kind of I'm not a Trinitarian And so I know it's all kind of confusing anyways, but I'm just wondering what? It's not confusing.

It's confusing to people who don't understand it. Okay, and so no offense, but you understand it You don't know what the Scriptures teach in regard to God, but this is not an issue of confusion It's an issue of truth and submission to the work the Word of God and I can defend the Trinity very well If you want to if you want you can get your best anti Trinitarian Your representative of your group or your whatever and I'll do a public debate with them But the reason I asked you before About that and I was kind of waiting for some kind of yeah It's been a little while. I kind of Kind of had other things but getting back to Matthew 27 46 because I really would I kind of Felt like maybe you dropped the ball on that.

I really feel like we need to do it in seriousness But getting back to my question What what is it that? That You know that we don't realize the extent and nature of the effect That Jesus becoming sin had on the Trinitarian community. What is the problem with what happened on the cross? When he said why have you forsaken me? Why does that cause a problem? It's not a problem So, what's the problem that you think there's a problem Well You said we don't really know the extent and nature of the effect that the Jesus if Jesus came If Jesus became sin, you said that he didn't stop being divine You if I understand your position you're saying that Jesus was Simultaneously had two natures one human in one divine So are you thinking? Right. Are you are you proposing that on the cross when he said why have you forsaken me?

What could that mean that would have? Had a problem with your Trinitarian communion Well, there isn't any problem with my Trinitarian communion. So I don't understand your question You keep saying this there's a problem with it.

There is no problem. You don't see what the problem is You just want me to assert there is a problem So if you unless there isn't one if you can tell me what the problem is, then I'll address it But you think the problem is. Well, what you say is you say however There was an effect upon Christ in relationship to God the Father Father Okay, so there was an effect something happened on the cross When he says why have you forsaken me? So I'm wondering you're saying however, you know that Jesus didn't stop being divine That the nature of Christ was being attacked by false teachers that Jesus was not separated from God He didn't he was not abandoned by God The Father did not turn away from Christ however there was Something that happened Okay, that may have, so I'm wondering what it is that that that particular scripture or what he said Challenges the Trinitarian communion You said we have to be very careful It doesn't challenge the Trinitarian communion you keep making this mistake You don't understand the Trinity This does not challenge the Trinity at all When we say Jesus became sin We don't mean that his nature became sin second Corinthians 5 21 says he became sin What is talking about is the imputation of our sin to him? Because to break the law makes you a criminal and so we the criminals under the judgment of God can only find Escape from his righteous judgment through the atoning sacrifice of God in flesh This is the only way to have any hope this is all Yeah, but you deny the Trinity so you therefore deny the true nature of God and the true work of Christ We can get into this and I can tell you why but when we talk about this with Trinitarian perspective We don't know to exactly what extent what happened We just don't know because the Bible does not tell us But we do know that he bore our sin in his body in the cross first Peter 2 24 And then he quoted Psalm 22 verse 1.

That's what he was doing there drawing attention to the prophetic aspect of the scriptures regarding his own crucifixion So other than that we really Hold on we got a break. We got a break and we have a break. So hold on and we'll get back to you. Okay? Okay, hold on. Um, I enjoy these conversations.

Why do I like them? So hey, we'll be right back after these messages, please. Stay tuned It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, here's Matt slick All right, buddy. Welcome back to the show before we get back to Juanita and you to let you guys know We have an issue going on. This is the first time I'm going to mention it like this There's a troll and the troll Let's just say has done some stuff that legally is problematic for the troll our shows receiving inappropriate chats from certain individual and Our corporate inter attorney and law enforcement will file a complaint if this continues we've already talked to the the officials and lawyers and We're getting ready and a VPN does not offer protection Okay, we can break the VPN And I'm a computer tech and I'm not Sam doing anything but trust me. I know that they can beat that so That is something I want to let you guys know that if any of you is here or see something in the chat like this that Are inappropriate we're aware. We're dealing with the individual and we'll take in the necessary steps This is a public announcement for that right now.

Let's get to Juanita back. Thanks for waiting. Sorry about that. Okay, go ahead I feel a little bit done. I'm not a troll and I've never been in any chat room anywhere It's a little funny that ever I felt like you were talking to me Yeah, I felt like you were talking to me No, no, no. No. No, you're not a troll.

You don't do that. We disagree, but you're not like that at all. Right, right All right.

Okay. So I guess what I'm wondering uh now and then is that this issue on the cross Uh, I think what there might be an objection that you have an objection to is that by what Christ said Would be denying his divine nature if you feel that Christ has no Okay. All right, so I don't want to get a whole lot but you do feel that uh, Christ has Has had and always will have both a divine and human nature.

Is that correct? If he's part of the trinity, that's what the trinity is The trinity one god one god and three distinct simultaneous co-eternal persons the second person Became in union with the human nature This is called the hypostatic union and the attributes of both natures are ascribed to the single person This is called the communicatio idiomatum And since the nature of of Christ the divine nature is still part of the trinity Is still part of the trinity then we have what's called inseparable operations that Christ will say things like whatever the father does I do Whatever he says I see I hear because he's uh, he's there and the attributes of that nature ascribe to him So this is uh orthodox theology. Okay so when so when um The nature of Christ you say that simultaneous if the trinity if they are simultaneously spontaneously uh, uh share these attributes like but what I seem to See that is when Jesus says something like the father is greater than I or I do nothing of myself Uh, they cop out back to well that was his role.

He was playing that wasn't really his nature I was just him in his role. Okay. Well, hold on. Hold on.

I'm sorry. You need to uh, Understand that if you're going to start speaking deleteriously and pejoratively Oh, no, no, I mean research when you do this. Hold on a sec Hold on a sec when you do stuff like this you catch my attention they cop out as though we don't have any competent response Let me tell you I've debated the trinity a thousand times and I can ask you questions.

You won't be able to answer Hold on. I apologize I Okay, this is how it works When I tell her to hold on you hold on Because I need to say what I need to say. I don't want you to speak over me on my show So I dropped her let's get to ryan from pennsylvania. Ryan. Welcome.

You're on the air Hello matt, thank you for taking my call. Um, I was reading on karm the um Uh, chicago statement of biblical inerrancy that you have posted there. Okay And um, I had a question about it the um The copies that we that we have of the biblical text are they inerrant? Okay Inerrancy deals with the autographs. We have copies of the inerrant documents and the Documents are not perfectly preserved.

They're 99.85 percent text identical things like that So that's what we need to start talking about. Okay So the copies are not inherent So what do you mean by inerrant? Are they inerrant? Well, what do you mean by inherent? It's the chicago statement on biblical without error.

Okay. What do you mean by inerrant? It's the chicago statement of biblical inerrancy Okay, good. Yeah, it's been a long time since i've read that it's been a long time since I wrote the article on that I'm not familiar with what their statement was Okay Okay, so, um, is it a reasonable thing to say that the copies of the of the originals are not in uh, Are not inerrant Don't know what you mean by inherent how you're using it.

What do you mean? Well You were saying that um According to the chicago statement. They are saying that the um, uh, the autographs are inerrant But they did not answer the question about the copies whether or not they are in there In it and that's the reason i'm asking. Yeah, they are free from all falsehood all Lies that whatever they they speak on an address is 100 accurate and truthful Well, I assume that you've done some study and um textual criticism so, you know, there are transcribal errors You know, there are redactionary elements.

You know that there are um, um that they have been rearranged from the originals You know when you say rearrange from the original I don't know what that means The other stuff I understood but I don't know what means they were rearranged from the original do what that means Well, if you take a look at the three different versions of the parable of the sower They uh, they definitely have different elements in each one of the versions Okay, okay So obviously there is some participation somewhere along the line that changed the three different versions of the uh of the parable of the sower Okay, so i'm curious. Why are you bringing this up? What what's your what's the issue with you? Well, why do you bring this up?

What's attacking god's word? Um I have um I have asked any number of people about biblical inerrancy and um the um The uh, and they always go to the autographs, but we have no autographs. I mean everybody knows that And um, what's your what's the reason you're bringing this up though?

What's the reason? Um, the reason is I want to know are the um, do you guys consider the copies to be inerrant? Yes You do Mm-hmm Everything they address. So what about is free from any Falsehood everything is accurate and true according to what it it could it conveys Okay, so you're ignoring the transcribal areas you're ignoring the reactionary elements you're ignoring the um, The rearranged portions you're ignoring all of that You're asking me you're telling me i'm ignoring them I'm asking you.

No, i'm not ignoring them. So let me give you an illustration of something If I write a thousand word document and I send it to somebody I hand write it out And it's about how I used to go, uh, you know body boarding boogie boarding body surfing in southern, california Back when I was in my 20s 30s and 40s. Okay, that's what I used to do.

All right And I write this statement and uh on one I write a sentence on one particular day. It was huge and uh It was so bad That I literally crawled out of the water and collapsed on the beach, which is true. I crawled Okay, and collapsed on the beach So if someone copies it and and says crawled out on beach, but the word thought is there does it mean it's no longer true We'll get back to you and we can answer that right after right after the break. Hold on We'll be right back folks right after these messages. Please. Stay tuned It's matt slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's matt slick All right, folks, let's get back on the air with ryan. Okay ryan. Sorry about the break timings what it was Okay, so would my document then be inaccurate if one word was missing? Um, no, I mean it's something you could fill in the gaps with I understand that um a little bit of background I was born and raised in the deep south And um christian folks in the deep south many of them Insist that the bible had to be dictated by god to the writers and that is the way they defined inerrancy Clearly the chicago statement Well clearly the chicago statement rejects that and um So, um, you know, that's why i'm saying it's like, okay In what sense are we talking about inerrancy? Because one of the reasons I was kicked off of carm because uh of my my questions about inerrancy that was never answered and um But yes, I believe that we have um, the bible as a uh, an accurate record of the um The the um the activities of the savior that I believe in I believe that the bible is an accurate guide For us as believers in both action and in faith So if that is enough, but you know, I have no problems with um transcribal errors and reductionary elements and things like this Because if that is enough to say that I believe in inerrancy, then yes, I believe in inerrancy If if it means that, you know Uh, there are no, um, you know reductionary elements. There are no none of these problems. There are no homoleo Um there are no homoleo to luton then no, I don't believe in biblical narrative because they're clearly there So, um, this is the reason I agree with you because I totally totally agree with you. I completely agree with you, you know Okay Yeah, okay. That's the that's you see that's where where uh, I have always had these discussions and matt This is the first time that i've talked to anybody about this Who um sees this as a reasonable response to um to these sort of questions about the uh, the uh Transcribal errors and reductionary elements and so forth Well, yeah, I just want to make a comment before we continue I don't want anybody listening to think that the bible's full of all kinds of problems.

Can't trust it. That's not it But uh, there are copyist errors and uh duplications and word omissions minor here and there I know you know this ryan But i'm just letting people know but they don't affect any area of doctrine Unless you want to go to the the ending of mark then we could discuss something there But other than that, so yeah, the the originals are perfect and they weren't dictated Uh, they were inspired, uh through the normal writing of people and their personality and everything Now and everything but the copies are not perfect. They're very close to it, but they're not perfect and so inerrancy deals with the the teachings the truth values the Everything historical events. Everything's accurate. It's there It doesn't mean that if it forgets the word ha which is the single word the in greek in a textual copy Doesn't mean it's no longer inherent.

That's not what inerrancy is about. So yeah, no problem Well, okay, I have a request for you i'd like to send you an email And uh, I would like to send you what in the concise form what I think are five maybe six Um objections to that I have to um Pre-suppositional apologetics and I would like to put in the title title. Um To let you know what it is. Sure.

The title will be make me a liar Because I think that these are insurmountable problems for presuppositional apologetics. Would you mind if I sent you that? Yeah, send it send it put in bullet points if you can one point at a time And put in their permission for me to be able to reproduce it and respond to it on on the car. Okay? Oh sure. I'll be glad to okay All right.

Yeah, thank you for permission to do that. I will send that out soon Right. See sounds good All right. Appreciate it. All right. Thank you very much.

Matt. I appreciate it a lot. Bye Bye, bye. Okay.

Bye All right. Oh, man So much heresies a little time jamal from north carolina welcome jamal you are on the air What's going on mr. Maskik, how you doing today, sir? Hey, you're the guy one is my neighbor. I remember you now, man When you move into idaho I don't know if i'm moving. I like it here in winston-salem, but I I definitely want to visit No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you just are you married You married right you're married. No, sir Oh, well, I was gonna say you could just walk up to your wife and go hey, we're moving a guy named slick said to It would be great.

See what she says, but they pay you're not married. So it's all right. All right, buddy What do you got man? Yeah, i'm sure that i'm sure that would go over well with the wife if I had one I'm sure that would go over well with the wife if I had one. Yeah Um, you said what a guy named slick. What are you an idiot? It'd be fun, right Did you say you some uh fan out in california?

Yeah, you still live in california, southern california. Yeah, uh-huh What yeah, yeah that that's probably one of the reasons why i'm not married because i'm still a guy named slick, uh, just Kind of muddy some water sometimes Yes That's right You can't talk to a woman about that It's just it's just bad news. You know, yeah, listen to a guy in the radio named slick. I believe whatever he says She'll just back away That's right.

Okay I mean you're just saying all the wrong things just it's not it's going downhill fast Okay That's right He's my spiritual leader guy named slick That's right He lives in potatoville in iowa. I just It's just bad just not good Okay Oh, man, like you say then she starts backing away. Okay. All right, that's right Good luck with that dude But if if she says oh really? Oh sounds good, then you you probably should back away So there's no win in this Yeah, yeah i'm i'm all right i'm i'm okay All right. Uh, okay big man. What do you got and I apologize about that?

Yeah, yeah, we we left on the cliff and i I apologize about that because as people saying um Um You know max lick and could be kind of tough and direct and um, I was like, well, yeah, I get that. Um, however You want somebody that's gonna jolt? Oh sting, you know just tickle your ears and give you a lollipops and rainbows all day No, i'd rather have somebody give it to me like the doctor does like the mechanic does. Hey, man You got a broken tailpipe or you know, you got a broken foot. They don't say hey you have leg issues Or hey, you have car problems. No. Okay. What are my car problems?

What are my medical issues? Tell it to me straight And thank goodness you do that. We have too many ear ticklers right now.

So that's what the cliffhanger was from last week Dude, what you have? You gotta move out of here man Oh, okay. You and I just get along, you know, I mean I can tell you just say it right That's right Yeah, I appreciate that Well, yeah, I gotta say it like it is that's right. Don't try try say it nicely, but you know It's a truth. You don't like it. Not my problem.

Take it up with the author, you know Well, I was about to say the same thing. I was like, uh, this is what the bible says. So, uh, You know, don't you want absolute truth? Uh, don't you want to know what's going on or do you like to walk around life aimlessly? Oh, you know the spirits or my feeling or the universe.

I heard that on tv. I was like the universe Where the heck did you get that from? Uh, how did you from a guy named slick? How do you Yeah Yeah, I've talked to people and it's it's bizarre they go i'm in tune with the universe That's how I get my my my knowledge. I'm like what? What what you got you're out there in the andromeda galaxy, you know, he you got some issues You know Okay, sorry Yeah Yeah That's all right. Um not to upset the audience. I'll uh, i'll get to a question because everybody's gonna want to talk Hey, you let jamal talk slick.

I want to talk to you. Dang it Um, so i'll i'll get to a question Um do angels have and this is not a gotcha question. This is a legit question Uh, do angels have free will? free will yes Okay, all right, um because I heard that um, they do as the father instructed um, but if they Do that kind of messed up my follow-up question. Sorry Jesus could only do what the father did and jesus had free will you go to john 5 19.

John 5 30 I can only do what is he the father do? So free will is the ability to make uh choices that are consistent with your nature that are not forced on you If a sentient being doesn't have free will it doesn't have sentience Part of what it means to be self-aware and make choices is just to have free will The ability to make choices that are consistent with what you are generated out of yourself if you don't have free will how are you alive? How are you sentient now amoeba in a little?

In a little uh, stilled creatures. Well and ants they have free will in a very limited sense. Yes but uh So people don't understand what free will is.

It's an interesting concept and we could discuss this more But yeah, of course angels do and so do we we just believe that the free will is restricted by our nature We're not omnipotent and jesus who had free will was only able to do what the father told him to do Okay That is very interesting do you happen to have uh any material like that on com talking about free will You know I don't know Um, I know this though. We had a break and My buddy charlie will find out the articles and if you hold on to the break i'll tell you what he finds And uh, he'll put him in a link thing for me He always does that he's great and then I can tell you what we do have on free will and if I don't have something Addressing that directly i'll write an article on it. Okay, so hold on buddy. Hold on Hey folks be right back after these messages, please. Stay tuned It's matt slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 here's matt slick All right, buddy. Welcome back to the show before we get to jamal back to him I just want to say hey we stay on the air by your support. Please consider supporting us We definitely do need that and that's how we stay on the air So all you have to do is go to c-a-r-m dot o-r-g Forward slash donate and everything you need right there. We really really appreciate it. So there you go Let's get back to jamal Hey jamal, man, you're you're on buddy Thank you, sir and uh for the listening audience out there yeah, please do support matt slick He's a rare gem. He's he's he's a good guy I broke out of my heatness to you know, make uh five dollar donations ten dollar donations here and there Uh, yeah, please uh do that.

Uh, it's not gonna cost anything. That's that's a happy meal guys You know, he's worth a happy meal even now and then so yeah, I share that sentiment. Yeah, please support mess with what he does Let me appreciate that man Uh, whatever we do.

Oh, yeah. Hey, like I said before the break charlie put some uh links in there We have a lot of stuff i've written on there. Um What is free will that goes in the philosophy? Section and then uh, what is compatible as free will you can look up that if god knows our free will choices Do we still have free will written on that and do angels have free will another article? So we got to just type in free will in the search engine and see what pops up a lot of stuff i've written on there Yeah, and and that was something I haven't heard about before about the Dissection of free will what i've heard before I guess on a language term level is free will is Just the ability to choose to do whatever whatever what you want I haven't heard it broken down through different pieces like that. So it's very interesting I'm glad you have a sexy repair document reference Yeah, let's let's talk about it a little bit because a lot of people just have humanistic philosophical ideas of free Will humanism is alive and well in the christian church.

This is something i'm becoming more and more aware of And i'm gathering information and i'm going to write an article on it And do a video on it. But humanism is so very much alive in the christian protestant church. It's very well alive in uh, Misa orthodoxy and roman catholicism, but we protestants are guilty of it, too And so humanism is the idea that man is the standard and the goal of man is what god can do for us He saved us. He forgives us. He does this for us. He's going to give heaven for us This is why god created us.

That's not the right answer. That's not what it is He created us for his glory and the atonement is for his glory and you go to ephlippians 2 11 for that But anyway, so this idea of man-centeredness is just part and parcel of our nature is part of the the fall And the effect upon us so people will automatically naturally Turn to the issue of free will and judge it by their own expression their own feeling and so they essentially are humanistic in this They'll say look free will is the ability to make a choice that you know between good and bad and all you need is the information You can just do it and god can't predestinate you because then you don't have free will and they don't even think these things through And this is what's taught in a lot of pulpits across america as well, which is just a form of ignorance and and um I could say some other stronger words, but it's really bad. So look jesus had free will he was able to do whatever he desired but he said he could only do what he saw the father do and He was sent from eternity past by the father to do what the lord god father had ordained for christ to do When you go to for example, john 5 30 It says I can do nothing of my own initiative Nothing of my own initiative as I hear that's present tense I judge and my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will but the will of him who sent me So jesus says he's not seeking his own. Well, he has free will But he also says he could do nothing as an initiative Well, wait, how could he do nothing of his own initiative if he has free will?

That's what we got to look at and don't ask the question. How's it possible? We say oh it is possible because it's right there in christ Then what we have to do Is understand that our free will needs to be defined in relationship to the person of jesus christ Who's god and flesh and human and therefore shows us what true freedom really is And true free will is the ability to serve submit to the will of god the father Not to say our own will must be elevated and I will do what I choose Choose no, it's true. Free will is to submit to the one who is the creator of all the sovereign king That's the best expression of free will And so that's what jesus did And he submitted to the will of the father from eternity past and yet He freely chose to do what the father wanted him to do That's what free will really is and that's how christians should see their own free will they should see it that way But too many christians say no no No, god would never ordain you to do something predestined you to do something because it'll violate your free will Because they're humanist in their philosophy.

They're humanist in their intentions and they don't realize The blasphemy of what it is they're saying and they're even denouncing christ and his actions before god when they say things like this Inadvertently, they do this. Okay Okay, uh, forgive me, uh, it's slick, um from a human Uh brain standpoint try to unpack this So how would true free will be to do the will of god? That's the because jesus is the one who had true free will and that was his will the true expression of free will Is exemplified by christ he's the standard of righteousness.

He's the standard of all that is true and good His expression of free will was to submit to god the father We sometimes think that free will is something that must be autonomous from god But christ showed that free will is dependent on god Christ showed us that the free will he had was generated out of the will of the father And then he submitted to that of his own freedom So the best expression of free will is to submit to the will of god and do what he wants Do what he wants and not what we want. That's the best expression of free will Because it's expressed in christ Okay Could also be tied to whatever what is what is of not of god is of the devil and that's when jesus said You know you guys don't do Uh what god wants you to do that before you are a part of satan. Does that kind of tie into that? Yes, it's like that No, no, it's like that. This is the the general theme. It's in that.

That's right. We want to do And yeah, yeah, I could go on I could yeah, i'm holding myself back Go ahead all right and just to follow up, uh that Part of the devil that's self-destructive Uh, you don't instruct him in long term. So do you really want true life as god said? Uh, you will do the will of the father will give you, you know life life abundantly, which is ultimately serving our purpose um yeah, it it just Uh, it doesn't go right when you go outside of of the will of god Um, but I I thank you for the conversation. Uh, I I always appreciate our talks Uh, I don't know if i'm ready to buy a house.

I'll get an adho yet. But whenever i'm able i'll definitely move out there Uh, and thank you as always take care and god bless. Let me just lick Hey you too, man. God bless jamal.

You'd love it out here too. People are great All right, butter god bless Okay All right Yes You know Humanism humanism is alive and well in the christian church Let me just talk about it a little bit. We got a caller coming in but uh Let me see if I can find my notes. I've been developing some notes on this whole thing and uh the useful god the utilitarian god Is the god of humanism? The useful god god's got to be useful to us That's why you go to church, isn't it? Because he's useful to us.

Is that why we're going? Because you know he can save us he can help us He can direct us. He can provide for us. Is that humanistic? Yes, and no Expand on that but think about this what if The ultimate reason that you go to a church is and follow god is that he saves us provides for us. He keeps us healthy Keeps us financially secure makes our lives better Well, those are the primary reasons you go and you trust in christ and you're a humanist That's humanism Here i'm going to show you something check this out.

I'm going to go to what's called the uh Carmen christy this is out of philippians 2. Okay starting in verse 5. I'm going to read a little bit here Have this attitude in yourselves which also was in christ jesus who although he existed in the form of god Did not regard equality with god a thing to be grasped But he emptied himself But he emptied himself taking the form of a bondservant and being made in the likeness of men So he emptied himself. He was in the form of god in the trinitarian essence and he emptied himself It doesn't mean he stopped being god, but he became a bondservant.

Why would he do this? Because how much he loved us That's part of it Verse eight but being found in appearance as a man. He humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death Even death on a cross Well, that's what he could save us true For this reason also god highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name which is above every name so that at the name of jesus Every knee will bow.

What wait, wait, wait, wait what? So in the humility of christ God exalted him god the father exalted him bestowed on him a name which is above every name So that at the name of jesus every knee will bow so The one of the goals here is the reverence of christ in the crucifixion And he says every knee will bow of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth And that every tongue will confess that jesus christ is lord to the glory of god the father So, whoa, whoa You see the atoning work of christ ultimately is for the glory of god the father And In that we are justified we are atoned for So that we can live for god So that we can as christians glorify god. It's not to glorify ourselves It is not to say lord.

What can you do for me today? Let me list my grievances Let me list my needs please solve them and there's nothing wrong with saying lord Please help me here and help me there. I got these problems and and we pray for others and stuff.

That's okay I'm saying if the ultimate goal Where this is the main reason? That you pray and that you are a christian is for your comfort Then you got a problem. That's idolatry It doesn't mean you're not saved. It means your mind and your heart and your spirit need to be corrected Need to move towards god need to seek the true lord and say you saved me for your glory And this means that in my salvation In my health and in my sickness in my riches and in my poverty. It's all for your glory So now if that's what your eyes are fixed upon Then through any circumstance that you are in whether it be so to speak good or so to speak bad Or hard or easy Then you are working and living for the glory of god the crucifixion Was for the glory of the lord god and in that glory you are redeemed for the glory of god The crucifixion ultimately is about god not about you Not about you in humanist philosophy the churches across america are saying things like god love you so much Look what he did for you. Well, there's truth in it, but they're not Coupling it with the ultimate standard of holiness and righteousness, which is god himself. He says be holy for I am holy first peter 116 The standard is god and he created us for his glory isaiah 43 verse 7 He says that who I created you for my glory There is nothing greater than god and nothing greater than god's glory And so everything that we do and that christ did was for the glory of god and we are the expressed representation of the atoning work of christ for the glory of god the father Keep your eyes on him not on yourselves Now the false ear ticklers who say god came to love you and just you to provide for you It's wrong Hey folks look back tomorrow. God bless Another program powered by the truth network
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