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The Fall of Man - Genesis Part 7

So What? / Lon Solomon
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January 8, 2022 7:00 am

The Fall of Man - Genesis Part 7

So What? / Lon Solomon

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You know, if I were to ask you what was the single most significant events in all of human history. I wonder what you might answer you.

I think some people would say well I think it's Einstein proving that equals MC squared. Or maybe some others would say no. I think it was the discovery of penicillin and antibiotics and maybe other people would say no, it was the invention of the wheel or the car or the microchip, you know, or the airplane and certainly all of these things have influenced our world in a mighty way, but to find the single most significant event in all of human history. I would like to suggest to you that we need to go to the Bible and we need to turn back to the beginning of the Bible Genesis chapter 3 and we need to look at the fall of man in the garden of Eden, and that's what were going to do today and never gonna bring all that forward and talk about well, what difference does that make to you and to me, and I have got the of biblical truth to share with you so will have the time to waste.

Let's get going. You know a little review in the beginning of Genesis chapter 3, we saw that God had put Adam and Eve in a literal paradise called the garden of Eden and that he had given him everything in the world except one tree in the middle of the garden and then Satan came along, disguised as a snake and convince them to eat from this tree, thereby polluting Adam and Eve and you and me and every other member of the human race with both physical and spiritual death.

Romans chapter 5 verse 12 therefore the Bible says, as by one man sin entered the world what one man was that Adam yeah and death through sin where we find that out in the Bible. Well, Genesis chapter 3.

Of course, so death passed on to what's the next word say it out loud all men and women.

Now if you missed any of that. I urge you to get the CD from the bookstore and catch up with us or go online and download a podcast.

The messages were going to move on now to the end of Genesis chapter 3 the second half of the chapter and you know if this one penalty, spiritual and physical death had been the only penalty for what Adam and Eve it done. It would've been bad enough, but we find now in the second half of this chapter that there were lots more consequences to come and this is what we want to talk about today. First, we find the God pronounced additional consequences on the snake and on the real culprits behind the snake that is Satan look Genesis chapter 3 verse 14 so the Lord God said to the snake because you have done this accursed are you more than all the cattle and beasts of the field on your belly you shall crawl and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. God held this snake accountable for allowing itself to be used by Satan and God curses the snake above all other animals on the face of the earth and condemns it to crawling on is belly all the days of its life. Now, in light of this, many biblical commentators have suggested that perhaps in the garden of Eden. The snake actually had legs before God cursed the snake and was interesting is that many evolutionary biologists agree with this.

That is that snakes wants had legs I'm quoting now from an article from USA Today, February 2004 entitled study: snakes didn't slither in from the city, and I quote scientists. The article says who analyze the genes from all living families of lizards have concluded that the Earth's first snakes lived on land, not in the ocean and evolved into limbo last creatures losing their legs as they adapted to a girl weighing the lifestyle" there isn't a lasting hey how great is it to see biologists finally catching up with the Bible and so you know these evolutionary biologists. They say the reason snakes lost their legs, was because of natural selection. The Bible says Ono. That's not why they lost him snakes lost their legs, because the sin and then after that God moves on next to the real culprit.

As we said Satan and God said verse 15 and I will put enmity, hatred, hostility between you Satan and the woman between your offspring and her offspring, he noticed the switch to Cingular.

He will crush your head, that is, he will deal you a fatal blow and you will strike his heel. That is, you will deal him a glancing blow. Now this is a critically important verse of Scripture because it tells us so much important stuff about the world we live in. First, it tells us about the entire course of human history. Why this world acts the crazy way that it does.

The verse tells us that God is going to put enmity hostility hatred between the see the offspring of the woman, and between Satan's offspring. You say Satan's offspring when the world is that we talking Rosemary's baby, hear me what is going on here know the Bible tells us who Satan's offspring are in this context.

Jesus said, John 844 when he was talking to the rabbis who were rejecting him and trying to kill him. He said you are the offspring look at this of your father the devil, and you want to do his deeds. In other words, Satan's offspring that the Bible is talking about here in Genesis chapter 3 our people down through the ages who follow Satan in his rebellion against God and his disobedience to God.

This conflict began with Cain and Abel went on with Hezekiah and Sonata ribbon, Jezebel L versus ally Jordan and Moses versus your Brenner and their allies versus Adolf Hitler folks, this things been going on since the beginning of human history and it's still going on today, and this explains why people in our world just can't get long and why this world just can't relax and everybody be calm and everybody happy because there's accursed on this world that says there will be always conflict between the people who love God and want to serve God, and those that don't. Now on top of that, this verse then goes on to tell us something very important about the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. We see it when in this verse. Genesis 315 God switches from floral to Cingular.

I tried to point that out to you. Let's go back. Genesis 315.

He Cingular will crush your head, Satan, and you Satan will cross his singular heel you will strike his heel.

Now who is this he in Genesis 315 well that he is the Messiah that he is the Lord Jesus Christ, that he is the seed of the woman and we know this from the New Testament, Galatians chapter 3 verse 16 says the Scripture does not say see the plural meaning many people, but seed singular meaning one person who is Christ. Galatians 4 verse four and a clear reference back to Genesis 315 says, but when the fullness of time had come, God sent his son look born of woman, just like Genesis 315 says Nottage ever wonder why Genesis 3 didn't say that this person would be the seed of the man and the woman. Or maybe just even the seed of the man he ever wonder why Galatians 4 didn't say that the Messiah was born of a man and a woman.

Well, the reason my friends is because here in Genesis 315. This is clearly a reference to the virgin birth, where no man was involved only a woman complained they confronted the okay and then this verse goes on to tell us that this person born of a woman that he would have a battle. He the Lord Jesus will have a battle between himself and Satan. Personally, it will be a personal struggle and in this personal struggle, Satan will inflict a glancing blow against the Messiah at the crucifixion, John chapter 13 verse 27 says that the Last Supper then Satan entered into Judas and Jesus said to Judas what you do do quickly.

So Judas went out immediately and of course went got everybody to come arrest Jesus in the lead to the crucifixion, but my point here is that the real mover and shaker behind the crucifixion of Jesus was not Judas and it was not the Romans and it was not the rabbis.

It was Satan himself. But praise the Lord.

Just the way Genesis 315 predicts. It was only a glancing blow the crucifixion. Why why well because Jesus rose from the dead. Hello, it was only a glancing blow.

Praise the Lord ride to McKenna and I met a Klapper Matthew Beth, however, the Bible says the Lord Jesus Christ. Now that he's risen is going to come back and when he does he is going to deliver.

Not a glancing blow fatal blow to Satan just like God predicted in Genesis chapter 3, thousands of years ago.

Listen Revelation 20 verse 10 then the devil who deceived the human race will be thrown when does this happen at the return of Christ will be thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone where he will be tormented day and night for ever and ever. I call that a pretty fatal blow when you yes absolutely. So let's summarize the summarize what it what we have here in Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 we have the promise of a glorious Savior who will be born by the virgin birth, who will defeat the devil, who will destroy him beyond remedy and who will deliver mankind from his evil grasp and this is why Genesis 315 is often referred to by theologians as the proto-evangelion which means in Latin, the first announcement in the Bible of the gospel. The first announcement in the Bible of the Messiah and of his victorious ministry of salvation to the human race and would you notice it comes right in Genesis 3. In the context of yes they're going to be some bad consequences.

But don't worry because I've already made a way out for all of you through the Messiah. I love what one commentator said and I quote, he said, Genesis 315 is a message of hope for all mankind is God's promise that he will not let the forces of evil and sin prevail over his creation, but that he will deliver mankind from their grip God punished our first parents for their disobedience. In his mercy, God mitigated their sentence by promising a Savior who would crush the power of Satan and offer redemption to mankind and this Savior. Of course, is Jesus Christ."

Now you guys okay out there. I mean, were thrown at all after their body I ready go on okay I feel like LeBlanc I got a lot more for you Balboa a lot more. He already fought a lot more all right here we go now after announcing additional consequences on the snake and on Satan, God turns to Eve and announces additional consequences on her. Verse 16 to the woman God said, I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth, you shall give birth to children in pain you shall do that and your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you. God placed two additional consequences on Eve for her disobedience number one pain in childbirth. Number two spiritual subordination to her husband, Adam. Now this first consequence pain in childbirth. I don't really think deserves much, and it's pretty obvious what that is but the second consequence requires a little bit a comment you know the clear record of Genesis chapter 3 is that Eve took control of things in the garden and use that control to persuade Adam to eat from the tree and as a result of this, God places Eve in a position of subordinate spiritual authority to Adam now feminist recoil at this teaching, but folks, this same teaching is repeated several times in the New Testament, making it a timeless and culturalist principle of the word of God. For example, first Timothy chapter 2 verse 14 in the New Testament says I do not allow a woman to exercise spiritual authority over men for now. Look at the reason all the way back to the garden watch for it was not Adam who was deceived but it was Eve, who, being quite deceived first fell into disobedience. Now I understand the down through the centuries, men have used this verse and others like it to disenfranchise women and to disrespect women and to mistreat women and to abuse women, but that is a total distortion of the word of God. Ephesians 5 makes it clear in the Bible that men are to exercise this authority, by loving their wives like they love themselves by respecting their wives cherishing their wives first Peter chapter 3 says by granting honor to our wives and not just our wives but to all women for man to treat a woman, any other way is sin on his part and disobedience to God.

Now, finally, God pronounces additional consequences on Adam for his disobedience. Verse 17 then to Adam.

God said because you listen to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, saying you shall not eat from it curses is the ground because of you in sorrow you shall eat from it all the days of your life, it will produce thorns and thistles for you and you will eat the plants of the field by the sweat of your brow you shall eat your food until you return to the ground, because from the ground you were taken for dust you are and to dust you shall return here in Genesis 3. Because of his sin, God curses not only Adam. He curses all of creation. He says from now on, Adam.

The grounds going to fight back. From now on. Work is going to be laborious from now on your lot in life is going to be hard. Adam and when it's all said and done dust you shall return. Because death is going to be universal now in the New Testament once again reiterates this curse on creation.

Romans chapter 8 verse 20 says for the creation look at that for the creation was subjected to futility to uselessness to wantonness watch, not of its own will.

The creation didn't want this, but by the will of him. God, who decided to do this and when did God decide to do this well right here in Genesis chapter 3 yes okay and then after all of this. Your dog does. He throws Adam and Eve out of the garden. Genesis 3 verse 23 therefore the Lord God banished them from the garden of Eden to work the ground from which Adam had been taken. Now that's the end of our passage and now it's time for us to ask our most important questions, and I know that you walked in here today in withdrawal. I know you walked in here today and as you came to the door you said to yourself, oh please, Lord, don't let him forget to ask that question right and all of you in our campuses. I know you walked in the door out there going Lord Jesus, please don't let them forget to ask a question, did you say lawn are you dreaming okay well maybe I am.

And maybe I'm not the matter deciding to get a praise Lord, I didn't forget.

So are you ready you're ready out there in our campuses. I heard that. Okay, come on now make it worth it. Here we go want to throw while the nephew rate is like coming home after a long trip you say lawn. All right, all right, enough of that. So what you know as far as I'm concerned, lawn the curse on the devil. I'm good with that. The curse on the snake. I'm really good with that because I hate those little things, but the curse on creation and the curse on mankind that we been talking about, you know that kinda leaves me feeling pretty depressed. Well, I understand, but you should leave you depressed, you say it should. Why not well because when we look at it carefully.

My friends this person. Genesis 3 is all it's packed with hope there's a great current of hope running even through this curse by the mercy of God.

Let me show you number one there's hope is we already said in the proto-evangelion being announced here that is God's promise that one day the Messiah would come and he would redeem mankind from sin.

Folks that's already done that was done at the cross. But then the proto-evangelion goes on to tell us that the same Messiah is going to come back one day and he is going to irreparably and it recoverable. He crush Satan and remove his deceiving influence from mankind once and for all. So that's whole. Second of all, there's hope in the fact that immediately beginning right with Adam and Eve in the garden, God made a way for the spiritual consequences of what they had done to be fixed away for their sin to be forgiven away for their guilt to be covered away for their spiritual death to be removed and that's what were going to talk about next week, so don't miss that. And, finally, hope number three comes from the fact that the Bible announces to us that this curse on creation is merely temporary. Let's go back to Romans chapter 8 verse 20 we read part of it. Here's what we read, for the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will, but by the will of him God who decided to do this, but the verse doesn't stop there. It goes on to say that this was done in a hall, say hello, hello. Well, the Bible tells us because the Bible says one day the creation will be liberated from its bondage to decay. In other words, one day the curse is gonna be reversed. The curse is going to be removed and when will this wonderful day. Be well. Romans 821 says it will be when we as followers of Jesus Christ come into our glorious freedom is the children of God, and when will that happen will. Romans 823 says that it will happen when we experience the redemption of our bodies and when will that happen.

Well, first Corinthians 1552 says that will happen at this second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. So when the Lord comes back. The Bible says the curse is going to be remove the curse is going to be reversed and the Bible tells us that when the Lord comes back. Creation is going to look very different than it looks right now because of this, for example, Revelation 21 four says when the Lord comes back, God shall wipe away every tear from our eyes, and there shall no longer be any death or mourning or crying or pain, look for the old order of things has passed away. Isaiah chapter 2 verse four tells us that when the Lord comes back. All of this conflict in all of this hostility among people why they can't get along at all. It's all good to be over the will be universal peace. The verse says they will beat their swords into plowshares and there's beers and the pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. Hey, when the Lord comes back.

The Bible tells us that even carnivorous animals will be different. Isaiah 11 seven.

The cow will feed with the bear, the lion shall eat straw like the ox and the Wolf will lie down with the lamb, your watches, nature programs where this lien takes off after this poor little Impala and the little thing tries every way he can to get away the old line jump sonograms by the neck shakes all-around bangs on the ground breaks his neck and rips it open. Mantis discourage and so I would really discourage though you talked about it. Yeah I know is discouraging but the Bible says that when the Lord comes back. All that's over. None of that, subsequent happen anymore. The Bible says that when the Lord comes back. Creation is going to be so different that even snakes won't be the same.

Isaiah 11 a.

The infant will play near the whole of the cobra, and the young child will put his hand in the viper's nest. I would recommend that the day but when the Lord comes back.

No one will harm or destroy any longer on my holy mountain friends when the Lord Jesus comes back there will no longer be any anti-venom anywhere in the world you know why because, though no longer be any venom anywhere in the world. Praise God for that and listen. Isaiah 11 nine tells us that the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, just as the waters cover the sea. When Jesus returns in every school. People will pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, amen. And when the Lord returns it every classroom.

The Bible will be taught in every classroom in the world and when the Lord Jesus Christ returns there will be no religious tolerance in our world because there will be no other religions to tolerate there will simply be the worldwide worship of the living risen Christ.

What a great day that'll be harm. This is why Zechariah 14 nine says in that day they will in the day when the Lord Jesus returns the Lord will be king over all the earth in that day the Lord shall be one and his name one point is that when Jesus comes back. Revelation 22. Three. There shall no longer be any say the next word out loud. There you go. No longer be any curse. And so with the Bible is telling us is that everything God laid on creation and on mankind. In Genesis 3, God is going to take off creation and off mankind.

When Jesus returns at his second coming, which is why Titus 213 calls the return of Christ, the blessed hope of our world. Nice it will I hear everything you said but you and I really don't see a lot of so what. For me personally. Yet in all of this I mean this is all great and you know but where where is the so what. For me personally well and give it to you and then were done second Timothy chapter 3 verse one Paul writes Timothy and says there will be terrible times in the last days verse 13 evil people and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving others and being themselves deceived. The Bible tells us that as the end of the age approaches as the second coming of the Lord approaches Satan's ministry of evil and deception is going to reach a fever pitch here on the earth, and if were not already there. I my opinion were certainly very close to their so what do I do what is Timothy what is Paul want Timothy to do what is he want us to do while were watching the world fall apart around us is Satan's ministry ramps up will look what he said he goes on to say. Second Timothy 314 but you, Timothy continue while were great word continue Timothy.

So what if the world's fallen down all around the matter. Timothy you continue and what is it that Paul wants Timothy to continue in what is it that the Lord wants you and me to continue in about 40 give you this real quick and were done number one while waiting for the Lord to come back. You and I need to continue and personal purity.

Titus chapter 2 verse 12 says we should say no to ungodliness, and we should live sensibly and righteously, and godly in this present age, while we await the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, moral integrity, sexual purity, honesty in our business dealings.

Purity of motive faithfulness to our spouses faithfulness to our children.

These are the things the Bible says we are to continue in while were awaiting the Lord's coming number two while were awaiting the Lord's coming were to continue.

Second of all, in laying up treasure in heaven. Matthew 619 says do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, but lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven. And the way we do. That is, every time we use our time, our energy are talent our resources are training anything, we've got to advance the kingdom of God and to serve Jesus we are laying up treasure not here on earth but in heaven and you know I've often thought that the one regret every one of us, all of us are going to have when the Lord comes back is that we're going to have so much treasure laid up here on earth and so little treasure laid up in heaven. Hey, this is our time to lay out more treasure in heaven, and to continue doing that and and Paul says to Timothy do that. Number three while were waiting for the Lord were to continue in sharing our faith. You know people.

The Bible says we don't know Christ when he returns they're going to go into a very ugly eternity. This is no joke and so in the meantime, we need to be out sharing our faith with our friends are relatives or coworkers, our neighbors, our fellow students at pool so at least they have a fighting chance. This is why Paul said to Timothy second Timothy 42 Timothy preach the word. I don't care if the world falls apart all around you, Timothy. It doesn't matter.

Continue preaching the word. And finally number four while were waiting for the Lord to come back. We need to continue doing what's right.

Jesus said in Luke 12 to when I return.

He said there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden or that will not be made known. In fact he says in the very next verse. What you have whispered in the silent rooms will be shouted from the rooftops. Now that's a really bad verse for Washington DC is that what I'm saying you bad verse all these people who think they got away with stuff you know the little whispering in the back rooms and the little under the table stuff and all the stuff that happens it drives us crazy because were like where his full disclosure, I me where we get the truth is anybody tell the truth anymore friends, relax, relax.

God says you just keep doing good you just make sure that angels don't get up on the rooftop shout anything about you, but all these people who think they got away with it for, and then not getting away with it the living Christ is coming back to establish perfect justice here on this earth, and every secret things coming out in the open will know who killed John F. Kennedy will know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa if you really care and and and whatever else has gone on that you feel like somebody did something dirty to you in secret. Don't worry about it if nobody is getting away with that. You just keep doing right, and Jesus will take care of the rest.

When he comes back.

Amen, amen. All right. So to summarize, conclude were done as we await the end of the age. As we await the Lord Jesus Christ return. There are three things we must know number one, we must know why the world is acting in the crazy way that it's acting and friends.

Genesis 315 told us today why it's acting that way I will put enmity, hostility between the followers of Christ and Satan's followers and number two. We need to know. Second of all, if there's any hope as we watch the world melt down all around us. And here in Genesis chapter 3 we've learned today that the future is brimming over with hope and all of that hope is centered around the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ listen to me friends.

Biblical truth always brings hope always and finally number three. We need to know what God wants us as followers of Christ to do while Wayton, for the Lord to come back and let's review number one were to continue in personal purity number two were to continue laying up treasure in heaven. Number three were to continue sharing our faith and number four were to continue doing what's right before Christ. Hey, that's a simple job description and I'm glad the Lord made clear to me what I gotta do. That's my job description and with his help. That's what were out to do. Okay now that's about as much as you can get into 1/2 hour. I think right yes okay so you guys all right or by okay. If not, we have oxygen tanks out in the for your for you.

If you need him but this is what it's all about you come here with the teacher. The Bible that's what you why you come in as little as a little (or Jesus. Thanks so much for talking to us today. We need to know as we watch our world melt down all around us that there really is hope and father. Thanks for telling us today why the world is acting the way it is and where the hope can be found. So for those of us who are followers of Christ lift our spirits today. Lord, get our focus off of this crazy self-destructive world and get our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and his glorious return and in the meantime, help us to know exactly what you want us to do, and with the power of the Holy Spirit to do it with all of our hard Lord, we thank you, the biblical truth always produces hope so. Thanks for producing hope in us today through your word and we pray these things in Jesus name.

What are God's people say amen

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