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NEW CASE: ACLJ Files Lawsuit Defending “Fired” Trump Supporter

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 15, 2023 1:14 pm

NEW CASE: ACLJ Files Lawsuit Defending “Fired” Trump Supporter

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 15, 2023 1:14 pm

BREAKING: We just filed a new lawsuit to defend a park volunteer who was "FIRED" because of Trump bumper stickers on his truck. We must fight to preserve our constitutional rights. The Sekulow team discusses this and more on today's show.


Today on Sekulow, the ACLJ has filed a new case in a lawsuit defending a fired Trump supporter. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow. We want to hear from you.

Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Last week we told you about a new case we filed in Nevada where a public school forced a child, a young teenager, to perform what can only be called pornographic script, lied to the parents, bans mom from reading the script at the school board. The video of that is available.

We aired some of that. We represent the parents and the student there in that matter in Nevada and we'll get into that more later in the broadcast. If you missed that filing by the ACLJ that we talked about last week and as you're starting to see the cases pick up because of the egregious actions we are seeing in states, especially some of the more liberal states across the country, a new filing happened on Friday night.

We're putting out the release today. It's up at We have filed a lawsuit.

This is in federal courts in Washington state, the western district of Washington. What happened was our client Gary Formals was a former U.S. Navy chief and part-time employee for the Washington State Park for more than 10 years. He was forced to resign his position because he wouldn't remove bumper stickers from his personal vehicle that were supportive of President Trump.

Two of the bumper stickers said Trump 2020 and two Trump 4 like Trump 2024. He was ordered either to cover up the stickers or you were forced to resign his position. Now what's unique about him is that if you go back and look at his history, long history, by the way he's a U.S. military veteran as I said, but a long history with the park. He's been described as indispensable. Another park representative explained that she doesn't know how he would run the park without Gary. He had received special recognition in 2019. So I would assume after some of these Trump stickers were on the car, on the truck, he was awarded the award of excellence and volunteer of the year. When he was a part-time staffer for the park, so he was not just in a volunteer role, he used a park vehicle. So he would park in the staffing area and use a park vehicle. Of course that park vehicle did not, he wasn't putting stickers on that. We're talking about his personal vehicle when he was volunteering and just parking.

He was never accused Logan of using his politics and talking about his politics to visitors to the park. In fact this is someone who was awarded by the park. It just came about because one person complained and the person sent in an email and said will you take, make that person take those insurrectionist stickers off their truck. And yeah I think you could very rarely say that those were what they were, number one. It wasn't like these were inciting violence type stickers here. But anyway this is a guy's private car. This is not the public car. He was using most of the time on their land, using their transportation they provided, wasn't using this, was on the back of his truck.

Again you would never see this happen the other way. This is certainly just infringing on somebody's free speech and just their job. Are we really going to want the volunteers of a state park or people that work for a state park to have to agree with us on our political stances or agree with them?

I mean we kind of even talked about this. Think about all the different service vehicles you see driving around town, postal workers or amazon trucks or whatever you see in your normal day life if you don't go to state parks. Do we know what's on their private vehicles? Do you care? And do you care right?

They're doing their job right? If you're getting the award of excellence from their company, who cares if they're a liberal or a conservative? And this happened not because anyone at the park and the park staff complained and said he was violating some policy.

The policy somehow appeared and applied to his private vehicle which Gary said, you know when I signed this I thought it meant about like when I was talking to people at the park, when I was as a volunteer, I don't bring up my politics and he never did, never was accused of that. But this is how you cancel people out of culture. You can even cancel them from being a volunteer to state park and this is a U.S. veteran. So the ACLJ filing a lawsuit, there's first amendment issues here, there's other constitutional issues here, fighting back so that we are canceled from culture and canceled from volunteering and working because of our political views that one person disagrees with. Give us a call 1-800-684-3110. Be right back on Sekulow.

We are taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110. We are fighting back whether it is just absurd this the pornography forced to be read by a teenage student in a public school drama class where they had no choice. It wasn't the monologue that they wrote but the teacher then of course the harassment that followed when the mother tried to go to the school board meeting and read just the monologue that was shut off and we're fighting back and we'll get more into that.

If you missed that last week it's up at and a little bit later in the show we can remind you about some of the more of the facts there. I mean there was even a contact made like physical contact made against this a teenage student. So the complaint is not only on the first amendment issues but even alleges assault and battery because of how the student was treated by the school even after promises that they would not be for instance put in a room with only a male faculty member. They broke that promise put in a room only with the teacher they were that uh that had that they had an issue with they broke that they forced her to go to a room with that. She ends up in tears and the and the assault and battery claim arises there because the teacher grabbed her physically grabbed her.

This is going on in our schools when someone speaks up and says you know this is embarrassing to me I feel uncomfortable having to read something so sexually explicit uh that was not of my choosing by the way this was a you know pick it out of the hat and think about you know again the other student being put in that position um we even heard from a parent who called into the radio show and we're checking with them and uh said that they had a student in the class the students quit that class. So we're following up on that as well but we have a new case you're going to notice more and more cases we talk about the ACLJ fighting back against this cultural censorship of our views. This case in the new case arrives in Washington state at Fort Casey State Park which is one of four central Whidbey area state parks and is located on Whidbey Island in Island County Washington that's Washington state. Gary Formals is a retired U.S. Navy's chief and retired general contractor who's volunteered at the park for more than 10 years. His volunteer duties included checking in park visitors, answering questioning, monitoring campsite. In exchange for his duties he was allowed to camp for free in the park for three months each spring and fall. In addition to volunteering his services at the park he was also a part-time employee. As an employee he worked on equipment as an equipment operator and groundskeeper for over six years. His work was recognized in 2019. He was awarded the award of excellence and volunteer of the year. The staff committed Gary for his service above and beyond the call of duty his integrity and his courteous and kind manner with everyone who meets him. Does that sound like somebody who was spouting off his political beliefs to everyone he met in Washington state at a park?

Absolutely not. He has been described as indispensable. Another park representative explained that she doesn't know how we would run the park without him to be honest. Now when he was either serving as a volunteer employee he wore a jacket with a state park emblem or a vest or hat he never spoke about nor wore items expressing his religious or political beliefs to visitors in the park while fulfilling his host or other duties both volunteer and paid. He drove his personal pickup truck to and from the park where he volunteered his service and worked as employee. Since 2016, so he got that award three years after 2016, he's displayed several bumper stickers on the back window of his truck. Some of those pictures include Trump stickers. Okay like a lot of people who are a lot of veterans and a lot of people on their trucks display political stickers on their private vehicles.

No issue for years. I mean he got he got the award of excellence in 2019 so three years after those stickers went up. He even reverses parks his truck so that visitors can't see the stickers in plain sight.

When he's on duty as equipment operator he parks his personal truck behind a shed and utilizes a park vehicle. He's not trying to slap a Trump sticker on that as well so that's like what you were talking about Logan. When he's doing park duties in a vehicle he's using a park vehicle that has no political stickers at all which is right and fine. At no time prior to April of this year anyone ever told him to cover or remove his bumper stickers till April of this year.

Okay so 2023 four weeks ago and seven years ago is when he put the Trump stickers on his car 2016. On April 3rd 2023 a defendant in the case one of the park staff forwarded an email that said please remove the insurrection's propaganda from Fort Casey campground and then you see these staff saying well I don't even think this is a big deal. This is his private vehicle and then they try to use their policy on not talking about politics and not utilizing politics to to target his personal truck which even some of the staff said they didn't believe was correct but ultimately he's given the ultimatum take off the stickers or quit volunteering and you lose your job. He chose to stand up for his first amendment rights that this is his private vehicle he doesn't talk politics in his role as a volunteer or staff he doesn't wear political things in his role as a volunteer or staff he drives a park vehicle when he is on park duty so he's not driving that personal vehicle this is just how he gets to and from work like so many of us do and then there's a lot of people who drive to and from work and then getting another vehicle for work.

We don't judge them based off what they what they have on their personal vehicle they have a first amendment right just like you and me they shouldn't be banned from volunteering. People who get the award of excellence are now being shut down and called insurrectionists because they they support the leading republican candidate for President of the united states and a former President of the united states. It's one person complaint. Because of one person. That's what we got to remember a lot of these things come from very few people one person complained it causes all of this chaos and that's why we're here though that's why we support people because we have clients like Gary and we could have clients like you who are watching or listening right now because maybe you've gone through something similar I encourage you if you have go to slash help because we can maybe help you out and we do that at no cost. That's right and again if you're in this kind of situation it takes the Garys of the world who say you know what I'm not going to take those stickers off I'm going to fight back because I believe my constitutional rights are being violated I'm going to contact the ACLJ and that's what he did and we said you know what we also believe your constitutional rights are violated you should be able to volunteer at that park most of the people that work at that park think you should be able to volunteer as well you got the award of excellence after the stickers went on so whatever policy they're talking about that you signed they didn't have a problem with for seven years they didn't interpret it as applying to your personal vehicle until they got told by one visitor that you're an insurrectionist yeah this is the classic case of trying to cancel us out of all aspects of culture even when we are just trying to volunteer in a state park that we pay for as taxpayers that he pays for as a Washington state taxpayer as a volunteer going beyond above and beyond as his award said in service to the park has had no complaints by any visitors ever before in fact people say he is gracious and kind doesn't ever never accused of talking politics and they try to shut him down the choice is give up your private speech private speech or lose your job and your volunteer opportunity and you don't get to stay at the campground anymore so that is why we are representing Gary in this again atrocious abuse of a state policy that is so over broad and is only in our knowledge has been used to shut down Gary because he happened to have a Trump sticker right I almost guarantee you would not go the other way around I do have a interesting comment people ask well how does this work if they do want help because we say it's at no cost well the way it can be at no cost is because people who also listen support this show or not just show support the ACLJ that's right oftentimes these are cases that would be tough for a regular firm to take now we'll sometimes we partner with firms and we have the resources that if we need to hire an attorney for a state matter we can because of our donors but these cases aren't necessarily revenue provide enough revenue for our normal firm to be able to operate so with a non-profit organization legal organization like the ACLJ we can take the cases that preserve the core constitutional rights of Americans at no cost to them because of our donors because you support the work of the ACLJ this is an example of that work in action same thing goes for the case out of Nevada representing the parents and the daughter forced to read that pornographic monologue in class and then the way they were mistreated by the school and then the school board saying that you can't this is too obscene to read at the school board meeting which was adults so we're able to do this because of our donors so if you don't have a case but you you are you want more people like Gary to speak up to stand up and fight back support the work of the ACLJ donate today at let me encourage you as well there's a horrendous Washington state law that goes into effect in July this is a law that is redefined for for teenage runaways what is a condition that you what is a condition that you would not contact the parents and the two new conditions are an abortion so if the child wants to have an abortion and their parents aren't consenting to it that would be a condition where you as the parent have lost control over your child lost basically you've lost custody or if your child wants to begin a gender change and these again these are minors as young as 10 years old if you have a young person in Washington state and you want to fight back and challenge that law we encourage you to check out and contact us at help and let me explain with the way we look at this again this is enticement just say hey run away and come to us if you want the sex change run away and come to us get the abortion we won't tell your parents contact us slash help by the way on the show today we're going to talk immigration we're going to talk what's happening over the weekend we're going to get into some of the news as well Mike Pompeo is going to be joining us as well to talk about some of those issues so you don't want to miss that but we do want to focus on some of this ACLJ new work new cases that have been filed ones that we think you would be particularly interested in is our in our audience whether you watch our broadcast or listen to the broadcast especially if you are a donor to the ACLJ it's your it's your donor dollars in action representing these clients standing up for their first amendment rights standing up against in in Washington state cancel culture in Nevada standing up for parental rights and again against forced a 50 against a 15 year old forced to read what the school board called pornographic you know stop stop reading that they told the mom stop reading that's pornographic that's obscene but it's okay for a 15 year old who didn't choose by the way make matters worse they didn't write that and choose oh I want to perform this and then someone complained no they had to put their monologues in a in a like a hat and they draw a random one and then they had to memorize and perform that so it caused emotional distress and then how the school handled it was just horrendous but we want to take your calls to 1-800-684-3110 we're also standing up for Gary a military veteran volunteered in Washington state parks who was forced to quit because of Trump stickers on his truck personal truck this is someone who in 2019 received their award of excellence and guess where those stickers went up 2016 guess when they got their first complaint four weeks ago in 2023 but how long did it take for them to cancel cancel Gary from his years of service to that park a couple of weeks and he's been canceled but you know what he said I'm not going to take the stickers down I'm going to fight back and I bet the ACLJ will fight back with me and he was right he contacted us at help and an actual ACLJ attorney contacts you and we then discuss it here internally and make sure that we are the right organization that you've got the right situation for us to assist and if we do that's at no cost to you so it's help if you feel like you've got one of these kind of situations contact us there is no harm in contact because there's no bad contact we we again we want to try and assist as many people as we can on the issues that we are we are experts on and why the organization is created so slash help especially if you're out in Washington state right now and you've got kids between the age of 10 and 17 this new law there goes into effect in July signed by your governor if you're if that your your child is a runaway and again not saying your child would be a runaway but if they did run away usually the state would contact you in 72 hours that's the rule unless there's other considerations and the other consideration would be abuse and neglect and now they've defined abuse and neglect as not a lot not agreeing to have your minor have an abortion or to begin a gender change with medications and even surgeries and Washington state is saying and by the way they'll pay for it they'll try to reunify you with your child but if you're against that they're going to keep them so go to slash help if you want to help us fight back in Washington state let's go the phones let's go Julie who's calling in Oregon on line one Julie welcome hi thank you gentlemen for taking my call um talking about the Washington state case with the Trump stickers um I'm just south of Washington in the state of Oregon and um I go to a regional park once a week Oxbow regional park and right when you come in the gate um they have an LGBTQ flag hanging there that's the only one they're hanging there and then as you go by the ranger station the ranger station right on the front has all four corners um of these flags the LGBTQ flag first the BLM flag second um the American flag next um and that's just total propaganda um just as you're coming in the gate you know and what's interesting there is you've got government speech see what in that case I guarantee you the Oregon and probably rightfully so if those facts are just correct as they are I don't know what other policies the park has but if they are they would say well this is our decision as the state and as the state parks issue that we have a government right to speech as well so would they then though apply there and tell you if you were a volunteer in that park but you can't have a trump sticker on your personal vehicle after you've been given an award of excellence I mean that does seem like it's the double standard you see the government can push its ideas but you just want to volunteer you're not even trying to push your ideas this just puts on your personal vehicle and that still means you have to choose between your job a job you love a job you've been awarded for and your volunteer work or your first amendment rights and and again someone who has been on been working there for over a decade had those stickers since 2016 and someone emails in in 2023 complaining that their insurrection is stickers that's what starts this whole again unconstitutional action against our client we are fighting back for your first amendment rights we are fighting back against this insane woke culture that is encouraging a 15 year old student to read a pornographic explicit monologue in front of her class that she didn't even write okay so it's not even that situation where other students could have you know were complaining she was forced to perform it and then when she was upset about it her mother goes to the larger school board they only let her get about a minute in can we play that let's play that because again these are all adults hear how they react this will be horrifying for me to read to you but that will give you perspective on how she must have felt when her teacher required her to memorize this and to act it out in front of her entire class i don't love you it's not you it's just i don't like your d*** or any d*** in that case i cheated joe i'm sorry excuse me i i don't thank you so much for your thank you for your uh comment forgive me i we're not using profanity simply this is a public meeting i asked for decorum if you don't want me to read it to you what was that like for my 15 year old daughter to have to memorize pornographic material so there you go one sentence i mean if you go to you will see that's nothing compared to what the rest of it is yeah but of course you couldn't make it through one sentence without people starting to yell and scream in the back and they obviously hear we're not going to tolerate that kind of language here they do not want you they don't want the public to know including the parents what their kids are being taught they really don't they shut it down they're they because you know what they're still a little embarrassed oh they got to be panicking when she starts reading those things because it's not like anyone would want their kid doing that you know you you think that but a lot of these school boards logan we see the curriculum it's pretty bad i think the school boards in this the people at school may but they're the actual parents wouldn't they don't know the parents exposed that this is what's going on in your classroom no so the school board tries to shut down act like oh move on thank you thank you moving on moving on treat her like she's some crazy person or something she's just reading the monologue that the teacher at their school forced her daughter to perform we're fighting back there at ac and aclj you can learn about if you think you need legal help you contact us help we're taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110 we want to challenge that washington state law if you're there if you've got children between the age of 10 and 17 we want you to contact us at help that's right reach out and go to also for not only that for incredible content if for some reason we lose you you're on some of the terrestrial stations only pick up the first half hour join us live we got another half hour coming up we got mike pompeo joining us you're gonna want to hear it find us broadcasting later on on all the podcast feeds as well as on all social media platforms search for aclj j j jordan secular you can find us broadcasting there as well and again if you think that you we could use our help or if you want to support the work we're doing we'll be right back keeping you informed and engaged now more than ever this is secular and now your host jordan secular welcome back to secular we are taking your calls to 1-800-684-3110 our senior council for global affairs mike pompeo is going to be joining us in just a minute we're going to be talking about immigration the border a lot of conflicting news out of there like we're expecting a surge in the media told us it wasn't a surge but is that because instead of 10 000 people a day which was last week it's now 6 500 people a day so they act like that's a great victory i mean there's still massive amounts of people it's kind of just getting started what we did see though was the administration allow texas to do what usually they have tried to prevent states from doing which actually use their law enforcement or or national guard like the texas national guard state guard resources and we know that they were very effective areas they were deployed and the federal government did not file a lawsuit this time to try and prevent them from taking on those actions so as the biden administration without telling kind of the left but instead of the usual file the lawsuit state can't be involved this is just a federal issue only up to the federal government they allow those texas state troopers and texas national guard to go down and help secure it it seemed like they were very effective how long that last we don't know but what we do know is it is still a disaster and we're going to talk to mike pompeo about that we're going to talk about some of the world news too ernawat in turkey a nato ally is in a runoff election and the most serious election challenge he's had in two decades uh and so and he says he would abide by the results uh we'll talk about again the the importance of that as well but i do want to remind you again of all this legal work the aclj is doing right here in the united states on behalf of you it's when you need help whether you are the park volunteer and part-time employee like uh gary formal who contacts at help because he felt his constitutional rights were being violated he was right and we're fighting back with him if you are a parent and you're in that situation where your teenage daughter is forced to to read this horrific uh pornographic and obscene monologue not of her choosing by the way and have to perform it and then has the audacity to be upset about it and then gets totally mistreated by the school to the point where we are alleging in our lawsuit assault battery not just first amendment claims here uh contact us at slash help that's why we are here it is to represent you it is to fight with you it is to fight with the brave individuals who are willing to stand up and fight for constitutional rights that impacted all of us to make sure that all of us keep our constant the rights we are guaranteed under our constitution and laws uh we go to the phones looking at 1-800-684-3110 let's go to rick quickly in california you're on the air hey thanks for coming here uh just a quick comment asking you going through all this all the subjects you're touching from the child school from immigration from these laws in washington that are permitting to washington soon to california and other places a lot of it is coming down from canada as well as you know nationwide canada has a lot of these laws already implemented as this agenda is reaching different areas of not just this country but the globe uh at different levels of intensity as it's daunting these societies to see how much each society is taking and um it is very very difficult when you look at all these things including immigration here now you can call california hotel california uh not to think that uh there's a purpose i mean you can't make this up no you can't no these it's it's absurd i think when i read the monologue the obscenity from what happened in nevada it's it's you almost can't believe it's true i mean i get that reaction but then you see the school board meeting you read the complaint you realize no this is and you know you see all these stories about how the teachers don't want the parents knowing what they're teaching in class you hear about all the how crazy sex ed has gotten into like kindergarten levels of students and say is that really true is that really happy well this is what those cases show yeah it is or or can you be a a volunteer at a park that gets the award of excellence a few years ago and then and then gets told you've got to either take off your private vehicle's bumper stickers or stickers on the window or quit that you have no first amendment rights well that's what we're fighting at the aclj support our work donate today we'll be back with mike pompey we're joined by our senior council for global affairs the former secretary of state mike pompeyo and secretary pompeyo we're starting to see how the influx of migrants are affecting americans deep inside the country not just on our southern border but into cities across the country and this of course a lot of this is in light of the expiration of title 42 and no laws that senate democrats not willing to pass any laws that would extend the similar kind of power to the biden administration they voted against it now we've got a report that homeless veterans are being cleared out of temporary housing to make way for incoming migrants i mean it doesn't seem like you could do anything worse to those who served our country who find themselves in a tough situation being homeless at the time trying to get out of that situation and they're kicked to the curb these are people who risked their life volunteered their life to serve our country jordan it's outrageous it's first of all it's outrageous that we have this enormous influx it is then secondarily outrageous that someone would have made a decision to say i'm a soldier i'm a veteran to say to a veteran you know what we've been taking care of you we've been helping you we've been helping you but we're not going to do that and we're going to have take your place someone who broke the law to get in here you know the the juxtaposition couldn't be clear jordan these are people who sacrifice some part of their life to serve america and the government is making the statement we value you less than someone that took a risk to themselves and their family to break american sovereignty i hope that these stories prove to be just not capturing the reality but you see the video you see the pictures and whoever is responsible for this decision i think i think we should all make clear that this is so far out of us this is so indecent this is so fundamentally at odds with our country but you know jordan we've talked about the recruiting problem in our military you want to make it worse tell someone who's thinking about signing up to go to a army recruiting station or a navy recruiting station hey we think we think illegal immigrants are more important than you as a veteran you're going to exacerbate the capacity of us to build the fighting force that american people need it's absolutely tragic to see this taking place in the united states of america jordan we're talking about our nation's veterans it's like the it's like the first community of americans we should be taking care of if they fall on tough times um and whatever they've gone through uh whether it's serving our country or whether it's related to their service as oftentimes it is uh that they are that they are dealing with issues uh that make it tough for them to uh get back into uh regular life here at home and then to kind of think and kick them to the curb because of the problem of of too many illegal immigrants in our country now we've got like gloating going on by the biden administration because there were only 6 300 encounters a day over the weekend instead of 10 000 that were in the days leading up to the title 42's exploration and you've even got the media kind of jumping on this and say well maybe it's it's working those are all record-breaking numbers the 10 000 was record breaking the 6 300 would have been record-breaking before the 10 000 so is it just more evidence that they're totally clueless about why the american people are actually concerned i don't think they're saying like well there were 3 000 less today so this isn't going to be a it's not going to impact me in my city i am only chuckling because it is so ludicrous to think that 6 300 is an improvement uh i suppose in some absolute sense it is but it's still equally devastating to the united states of america i think jordan about my time when we were working on remain in mexico had we told the President hey we're going to be down to 6 300 people coming in tomorrow i would have been the former secretary of state this is this is beyond uh what has happened we shouldn't jordan i i i should remind all your viewers all your listeners we shouldn't for a moment take the biden storyline that says hey this just happens this has always been going on it's been a problem for decades uh there's nothing we can do the truth is we know precisely what to do we know precisely how to stop this problem we had stopped it for the last two and a half years of the trump administration and they came in and ripped the band-aid made a political decision you know you think about these two things we've just been talking about trading illegal immigrants for homeless veterans in places where they can get a good night's sleep and second a decision to say and also on top of that there's only 6 300 coming in today this shows a a disconnectedness with the american people and with reality in a way that really puts american security at risk yeah i mean some of that is because they're kind of uh turning a blind eye to what texas is doing on their own usually they would file lawsuits against that as they did against arizona and there's legal precedent that they probably could have here but maybe they're they just they don't want to make a big deal of it to the left but they are letting a lot of the texas national guard do what they would typically argue in federal court they don't have the constitutional or authority to do that's been interesting to watch i do want to shift to what's we know is a also a serious problem is not just the numbers and the thousands of people but the the terror watch list the individuals on the terror watch list we know over 70 uh terrorists have been uh captured those were ones that were actually captured they were not gotaways and there was another one again an afghani man on the terror watch list apprehended near san diego this weekend uh when you look at the bigger number that there are more than 1.2 million from cbp their estimate uh 1.2 million known gotaways under the bind ministry that's under the last uh three three and a half so years 1.2 million people who they know have entered the country but know nothing else about and you you know that there are terrorists being captured by the you know by the cbp it seemed like it's puts us at risk not just for it's not just the fentanyl it's not just the the the impact it has on our services and our infrastructure that we're not prepared for this many people in these towns and cities but it also puts us at risk again of terror attacks you're now remember the work we were doing to make sure not only that we were catching and returning illegal immigrants to their country of origin but that we were identifying those who were either on the terror watch list or we had data sets that suggested these people put the united states at risk by the fact that they are connected to folks on the terror list and now we've got over a million people we have no earthly idea here's what we can we can say with almost almost a certainty the afghan that they identified in san diego there was an iranian that identified in texas both on the terror watch list now several dozen this is tip of the iceberg stuff and as this border becomes so porous so wide open it's not just the random person who comes across who we happen to identify to be on the terror watch list nations terrorist groups who want to do harm to america will begin to organize operations intentionally bringing these people in an organized way to build that networks inside of our country that our local law enforcement the fbi just don't have the capacity to identify real risk jordan someday i pray i'm wrong but someday i fear there'll be an incident and we will look back and say oh my goodness how did that team get in here how did those operators actually get on the ground and the and the answer will be they didn't come through an airport they didn't show a passport they camp came into our country when our borders were wide open and there'll be a real incident where americans have been harmed and we'll all look back and recognize how stupid it was what we're doing today and then begin to say oh gosh i wish we would have done it differently i hope i'm wrong i mean it's a huge impact on our infrastructure but i think what always concerns most people is all of the bad actors that make their way through this process because of the amount of people just the amount of people so the drug traffickers the terrorists the human traffickers the sex traffickers the child traffickers i mean just so many different kinds of bad actors who look at chaotic situations as they usually do around the world and say that's where we should go that's where we should be and there's no better market and bigger market financially than the u.s market and and they know that they can sell their drugs to our kids and the number one killer of 18 to 45 year olds in the united states is fentanyl which created in china but is brought across mainly by our southern border so i think i think you're absolutely right this idea that one day we're going to look back and say why did we allow this when we knew it was killing so many americans i want to turn to one international issue at a turkey because a nato ally that usually when their their President is up for uh re-election doesn't make a ton of news but this time it has because President erna won is in a runoff with his top opponent which is a lot it's kind of a a lot of different political parties got together just said they've had enough of erna won and so far so far nato ally and that that President said you know that he's going to allow the runoff to move forward do you expect anything i mean what i do can't predict how the runoff will go down but it's pretty unique in the erna won the history of erna won's rule to even get to this point yes jordan pretty unique mixed reports on what happened at the ballot box last night there were reports of fraud incidents where ballot boxes counted too often are not enough so still remains to be seen precisely but let's look like there's going to be a runoff what i hope is the turkish people get the chance to actually vote in a legitimate way much like i pray that that happens here every election in the united states and get a chance to express their opinion the fact that President erna won got less than 50 percent or looks to have in this first election certainly tells you that there's deep dissatisfaction with rampant inflation and the like and we'll we'll see what happens in the runoff my hope is that whoever comes out of this uh begins to be a really good nato partner right kicking out the russians allowing the swedes to join nato and becomes a partner in nato turkey can absolutely do that these are amazing people with innovation creativity we just need their economy to get back on track and their leadership to understand that being firmly planted in the west is the right solution secretary pompeo we always appreciate your insight our senior council for global affairs at the aclj you know what's interesting in turkey uh logan is that while a lot of rights uh don't exist to the way that they should in a nato ally uh the right to vote is still one that people take very seriously there so there's always very big voter turnout it's kind of your one way left to let your voice be heard anonymously yeah it'll be interesting to see how all of it kind of shakes out hey give us a call 1-800-684-3110 take your calls in the next segment welcome back to secular we are taking your call to 1-800-684-3110 we go to marianne first out of washington state online too hey marianne thank you very much for taking my call thank you a couple of comments that i had to make number one i'm a supporter of what you do and i have used you in the past and that's that's been really great um we that that state park they were talking about is one of our favorite places to go and to camp and we have loved that place for years so it's just irritating as i'll get out to hear that um so thank you for that absolutely absolutely you know it's it's interesting because it's a policy listen when gary our client uh gary uh formals signed the policy it's it reads as public contact and communication the way he read it and the way they read it at the time because he had the stickers on since 2016 and he won the award of excellence in 2019 and it wasn't until someone complained via email in 2023 a few weeks ago that he was told to take the stickers off or quit uh that uh so basically fired uh that that was for public contact and communication that's like if you're gonna be uh in a park outfit or uniform uh you're not gonna express your personal political views that's normal and he was never accused of doing that also if you're going to a park if you're driving a park vehicle not your private vehicle but a park vehicle you're gonna slap a uh political sticker on there uh that would be again normally that's that's normal in that kind of position but it's like when you drive to go work for the federal government in your vehicle that's one thing you know if you go drive to work at the state if it is so again the policy that they're saying he violated they they they they only determined he violated uh 10 years into his service with the park and the initial folks there when they first got this email said i don't think there's anything wrong here this is personal vehicle you know that he parks and backs in and people came it's like someone had to go out of their way just have so there's one complaint someone had one complaint someone went out of their way to call call him an insurrectionist this is a person who is a military veteran who volunteers his time to take care of a of a park which is obviously as we heard from listeners a beloved place for people already in a hostile response not a hey you know i i don't really like that there's political speech going on here you know i feel like we're in a public place you know our public parking place maybe it's not that it's calling someone insurrectionist right up front you know where they're coming from you can imagine who this person is in your head uh you know who who got this angry over a couple bumper stickers uh let's go ahead and keep the phones going let's go to peter who's calling in alaska on line one if you want to call in give us a call 1-800-684-3110 1-800-684-3110 we got about five minutes until the end of the show so you got a little bit of time to get your call in right now peter you're on the air thank you for taking my call and my concern is about the child that had to read the pornographic material and i was wondering what the teachers and people are teaching our children that they're thinking that i mean whoever wrote the material thought it was okay that they did that so something's being taught so that's my concern and um you know it's interesting peter in this in this case one of the teachers first responses was that i actually edited this to make it less less less less bad less graphic it was even worse and that was their response well that was even worse but i think you make a good point uh the teacher didn't pull this from the hat and say wait this goes way over the broad because even if you said the students could be very creative on their own i'm not going to make another student randomly have to perform this this is something again that would a lot of people would not only face public embarrassment but like emotional distress which are real violations of law here we talk about that uh putting someone especially a minor in that kind of situation so a teacher could have said even if they hadn't been clear you know what this is not right for this this uh this uh exercise that we're doing so i'm going to take this out in fact they thought they needed to edit it so they were they were halfway there but then when the teacher knew that the student was upset they end up against by the way the student's request forcing her in a room with the teacher one-on-one and the teacher uh assaults male teacher yeah grabs her i think i mean it's just you gotta be clear also we're talking about a 15 year old kid you gotta be also as a parent you know very vigilant of what your kid's homework is what they're coming home with ask those questions have those conversations because this is an awkward especially if you read this speech this would be awkward for anyone to even read with their parent oh yeah so you know your bravo to this student who actually brought this up to their parent because i think a lot of them would have just done it just said you know what i don't want to talk to my parent about this this is super awkward this is very uncomfortable uh so you know good for them for standing up let's let's go uh continue the phone calls let's go to justin who's calling in the state of virginia you're on the air common hey thanks for taking thanks for taking my call uh yeah not to sound uh lacking compassion here but just to switch switch subjects real quick why do we feel as though we owe illegal immigrants i mean anything you know i mean shouldn't the onus be on the Mexican government to to handle help handle the situation at least i mean it seems like it's pretty simple to figure out but i don't know why it's so complicated yeah well it is simple to how you prevent illegal immigration you build the wall uh you spend more on border enforcement and technology you make it more difficult to cross illegally and you don't have policies which by the way a judge you know so don't let this one fool you because it wasn't the biden administration who wanted this a federal judge late on friday night said by the way you can't just let people out without a court date if you're going to let them out on it with asylum claim you have to give them a court date so not just randomly let into the country that was a district court judge we'll see if that uh decision holds i'm sure the biden administration is going to challenge that they wanted to just let people out and say at some point in time we're going to let you know when you've got a court date we'll tell you when and where to show up like people are going to do that a decade from now or they're even going to be able to keep track of them a decade from now so that's one of the issues is just a failure in doing what we know we could do to make it much more difficult to cross illegally and then i think you get to the second part illegal immigrants you know what they're owed is is to be uh returned uh to their last uh to either their country of origin or the last place they were now a lot of these immigrants are not mexican they are utilizing mexico to cross the southern border but they represent 121 different countries so there are problems all the way down throughout south america there are people flying in if you're from haiti and you got to mexico okay i mean you were traveling either by boat or air to get somehow get to the u.s southern border to cross in illegally to the united states and there's there's groups of haitian migrants and listen if you're if you have a legitimate asylum claim there's a way to do that and if you cross into a bunch of countries that you're no longer in danger of guess what you're not supposed to be able to make that claim and in the country that you just want to be in it's the country that you're safe in and so there's there's issues there so we don't have to have this problem yeah when there's hundreds of thousands of people though coming in you also have to not just ignore it and say well it was on them i think that's one of the things you brought up we have to figure out a way a solution to this also i think one of the lies has been told very much is that conservatives are not in favor of legal immigration they they kind of make it as a a racist statement saying impossible to have people immigrate legally because there's no space for them so the people who have been waiting in line uh for years if not a decade who want to go through who are going through the process legally sorry they are the ones who are being hurt the most because they are the people are illegally jumping the line and taking their place in a country where they have gone through the process to get here legally we want you to support the work of the aclj uh we just talked about two of our cases we just filed uh late friday and last week uh when we represent those clients too those are the ones that are brave and they're standing up for all of our rights you know that people say i'm not going to take this i'm going to contact the aclj so if you've got a similar situation contact us at slash help you don't find yourself in washington state you've got a kid between the age of 10 and 17 contacts at slash help and we can do this work because of our donors you can donate today at we'll talk to you tomorrow
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