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Rep. Jim Jordan Live: Demands Answers from FBI

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 27, 2022 1:26 pm

Rep. Jim Jordan Live: Demands Answers from FBI

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 27, 2022 1:26 pm

Representative Jim Jordan joins the broadcast live today to demand answers from the FBI for recent arrests targeting conservatives. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell also joins. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Jordan joined this man's answers from the FBI. Now hundreds to the 2064 3110 cartridge of Jordan Jordan this about five minutes except the broadcast. As you mentioned yesterday, the bronchus he just said a new letter to Christopher Ray because more whistleblowers and come to Congressman Jordan. These whistleblowers have talked about how this domestic bowel extremism numbers are are being ratcheted up by the FBI because they're treating all of the January 6 arrest as as regional and state arrest, but the Washington field office is running all of the arrest.

So instead of it being like there was one of it. It was bad these the people being arrested for it looks like there's always people across the country consistently over the last couple years being arrested for domestic bowel extremism and what you're not getting from the whistleblowers reporting is what you're knocking the full context is your all for the same incident.

So it's not like there's all of these domestic Valley extremism attacks happening across the country all the time is the same arrest for the same day and then again it just shows you how politically their thinking like they are going into even law enforcement I think is legit. The people broke the law you can you can arrest those people trespass, it broke into the capital course. But even then they they politicize will not only they politicize a let's be clear and listen to me, probably most troubling aspect of what Jim Jordan wrote he said. In addition, whistleblowers disclose that the FBI is sacrificing his other important federal law enforcement duties which you alluded to yesterday to pursue these investigations, the wish of whistleblower called Miss what he said. For example, being told quote that child sex abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies in the gym to write such a pass is not only a just a dereliction of the FBI's mission to investigate violations of federal law, but it's a great disservice to the victims of sexual abuse and other crimes that do not advance the FBI's leadership political agenda. To me, that is actually the most troubling aspect of this point they would take sex crime sex abuse of minors de-escalate that is a problem and say what we want to focus in on this. Is this other and now Lisa got FBI agents coming forward is talk about why I think is the FBI's job is to cut the bag real bad guys that the guys who shoot back the guys who are running the drugs, the cartels but it feels like they backed off that completely and instead they just want to play politics and it's a lot safer to arrest a pro-life protester and Graybar logger. What is empty then it is to take on child sex predators or people running sex trafficking.

The cartels doing that our working you dealing with principal because again drug dealer. She back to so I think the whole reason we have FBI's to take on the toughest of the toughest crime criminals in our country and those who want to hurt us like terrorists and yet they are focusing on Americans and and even if like that pixilated incident with the pro-lifer to let's say that bountiful the flock I was pushing okay. Why is the FBI involved with internist, a trespass that sums Arab or salt advanced to a to the related motion politics of the FBI. Now that's what they did in the 1990s, under Bill Clinton silicide.

I remember those days so I was there I folks were to take your calls and comments. 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 support workdays yields a bout a brief morning today Kentucky Supreme Court. The issue is life and an attempt by Planned Parenthood type groups to enshrine a right to abortion in the Kentucky State Constitution, by the way, good news out of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals looks like we got a complete victory on her case for Gov. gnome on the informed consent law there, so that's some good news. I we come back to the regular calls 800-684-3110 reaction.

All this you feel about your FBI's annual child abuse cases involving online pornography. Obscenity when I could do those anymore really do these other cases, 1-800-684-3110.

Don't forget download the secular brothers podcast secular brothers.back more in a moment secular Internation Washington DC Congressman Jim Jordan, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, who is been uncovering through whistleblowers covering the cars for Jordan so much of this politicization of the FBI and in a new letter to the FBI director at Carson Jordan talks about how even when it comes to the January 6 arrest they politicize how the reporting those arrest to make it look like what cognizant of the right to you to make it look like there's all this domestic violence extremism DBE going on all across the country instead of misleading people that these are almost arrested me from a single event right behind every door to satisfy the narrative of the Joe Biden where he called happy country attacked the country extremism and the pattern here. We had over 14 AF pages come to opposite whistleblowers. They come to it. I think because they know they can trust us and they know how bad it is in there. There will become to leave in the minority. Just because it's so ridiculous what's going on there.

It started first with whistleblowers coming forward last year and in relation to this, the whole school board issue and then more recently had this whistleblower to come to us and said look there cooking the block in a way that makes it look like there is domestic violence, extremism, and everywhere and there so focused on this is the troubling aspect of the two may be the most troubling was there so focused on this trip: age at top of child trafficking cases to to focus on this.

This political narrative at the Justice Department, Jim, this is a time when I read that part of your letter. I'm I was outraged on this idea Maria for everybody.

In addition, the whistleblowers disclose that the FBI is sacrificing its other important federal law enforcement duties to pursue January 6 investigations which have a huge T months.

Not like they can't do that. The whistleblower recalled being told that the sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority.

I think about.

I think about that for a moment were sex trafficking is such a huge problem across the country at the border, but throughout the United States, online pornography, aimed at children where children are utilized in those videos is used primarily to case of the Georgia Supreme Court a few years back where I was defending the state of Georgia's law on what they called printer situation was basically these people that were grooming young kids and and ultimately meeting with them.

They flew in that big First Amendment lawyer from Texas supposedly been on then sustained. George asked me to do what I did a pro bono and we won the case.

But the point is now the FBI St. Helena were so busy with these other cases we can we can't continue to make child sexual abuse and trafficking a priority gym that is really dangerous yeah well I coupled with what what appears to happen in Philadelphia with the comical family that pastor where there were whether focusing on those kind of issues all to satisfy this political narrative. I displayed the first with the blower they came to the q. week ago on this issue of DDE K for domestic violence. In case it said that they were reducing the number they were the repressuring agent to categorize all located as domestic violence, extremism, and now we find out there cooking the books that use of the numbers cooking the books all again to to fit this this political narrative, and as you point out, as we as this whistleblower told us at the expense of protecting kids that that's wrong and it's wife we get the majority working to do everything we can to expose this and try to hold people accountable who are responsible. I see all this is that now is the politics he did, but as you is you keep talking at diverting the resources away from the real bad actors. The reason why the FBI exists take on the worst of the worst. Whether those are criminal actors inside the US that are US-based weather therefore denied terrorists whether they are foreign cartels and you with the with the fictional crisis with all the drug Christ received hitting all of our communities. It does not matter where you are the country because of what happened at the board of those drugs are everywhere and with a start, say well we got a prioritize the rest of the January 6 or the pro-life prop protest are outside abortion clinic instead of going after the really bad guys and that's why they existed. Can we get them back on track well even worse in one thing whistleblower told us that they're using the most extreme tactics when they go after these people for political reasons. Going to go after the January 6 the tactic that that that this pastor in and in Philadelphia area. As mentioned at the Boston in the door, and guns drawn four of four homeschool dad who was praying at an abortion clinic so I think that is a big concern as as well.

I hope we can hear the good news is there is a lot of these ages. I've never seen it. Jordan where we've had now like a tent over 14 come to us bunch of whistleblowers and went to Sen. Grassley there commented to Congressman: the oversight committee to have to commit to Sen. Jonathan and they're doing it because it's it's so egregious, so political now that that did they just I think feel compelled weekly. This is not the FBI they signed up for and some of them now come public.

As you know, began bond yield had whistleblower on is shown agent on the show this past weekend who talked about this whole area and how political thing that got the course and I witness that is due up firsthand when we were in the middle of the impeachment proceedings for the present United States. It seems to me that the leadership of the FBI is entrenched in a we talk about the deep state you want to dig too deep to find out who's controlling this and in the course the question of the day is the director rage is mentioned in homeschool dad who's in front abortion clinic somebody assaults his son and he pushes the guy away babe please come equipment and assault charge on either side. They don't write either party up the guy filed a civil lawsuit lawsuit gets dismissed. Then what happens six days after the lawsuits dismissed Congressman the Department of Justice through the FBI since 20 agents to his house and you what the FBI comes on site because people are saying small ones in the SWAT team, which is 20 agents with weapons drawn from witness tells you the abuse. But where is Chris Ray on the over 100 incidents of violence by groups like Jane's revenge on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life groups all all law in all that violent after the leaked that that the leak of the draft opinion and a dictated why we we brought that up and hearing when we Chris Ray. When FBI agents went had the wrong person in Alaska that she was at the January 6 event and cute. She was not there.

She would not part of the right was not in there and in the capital.

Whatever they wish. They can hold her for four hours.

Interrogator four hours. They had the wrong person. Chris Ray didn't even know about it when he was in committee when asking the question so that's the part that think it's so frustrating to so many Americans are the darn director of the FBI, you can't. You can answer some questions about incidents like what happened in Alaska and this is terrible thing to happen in the Philadelphia area this past week.

George is always a great asset to have you on at least give you want to continue to uncover all this information that you keep those letters out.

We keep covered on the broadcast is great to have yard tooth. I get out.

I'm glad that those at that whistleblowers are there, yeah that institution. We know that it's one that we we needed our country to be functioning.

Carson George is always, we appreciate having the audit Carson George, the ranking member of the history committee, which I assume to be chairman very soon and I think again that could help corrects they will. A lot of these problems that because we have the leadership of the committees of Congress the power of the purse who then are pressured to say you need to reprioritize exactly right in Ginger's been a good friend of ours and he would be a excellent chairman of the Judiciary Committee, squinting Terry's phone call to Jerry called from a nylon line with your doctors and air 1-800-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 Jerry all pain and representative Jordan. So thank you for the work at Dillon cavalry, and ultimately where the Inspector General went up 14 guys coming forward and whistleblower Inspector General could be Inspector General to be mixing a tick of those investigations.

As you know James you know you listen is broadcast to take two years so that the what what what you got is if there is a change in their will be in November. In the House of Representatives and Jim Jordan is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee not you do start having real hearings and bring the Esprit and these guys up to bring them before your committee and then the ACLJ simultaneously issues freedom of information act request about how this came out and they'll fight it and then we go to court and you know what is a dealer says it's finding a nugget in the end, you know, in the dirt find this needle in a haystack. But we know in every single case we've had. We found that nugget every single time there's something there you go.

It's breathtaking. So that's how you that's outward and approach it and were working on teams working on that now the ACLJ a Volkswagen take a break we come back will take your calls, 1-800-684-3110.

That's 800-684-3110 Center Hawk Holly is demanding some things as well.

Answers over that FBI raid that homeschool dad want to hear from you on that one. 1-800-684-3110. What was your reaction when you heard that 800-684-3110 secular Brothers podcast date to today. You know synapse of the week this at this early between three I watch it yesterday. He could watch it. Listen to what I've downloaded.

However, you do it.

Go to secular that secular Brothers that's time to subscribe put a comment thereto down on the ratings that really helps as well.

Secular and support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice either get this broadcast into your homes five days a week on radio and TV and all the social media platforms, satellite radio, everywhere you can possibly get it where there and without a big team behind us puts all this together.

I say this six people in that room glass and behind us for now work in this program up so your support of the ACLJ makes a use different. That's why were able to file the brief to the Supreme Court of Kentucky today on the life issue it's ACLJ.or will be back with more including your phone calls and 800-684-3110. Your reaction to the FBI rating up father's house parents secular tenure for close to 164 30 want to be disturbed.

FBI is good to know that there are those whistleblowers till there willing to go to members of Congress to say this is how out of control and it really isn't. So even when it comes to January 6 arrest they could just legitimately arrest people who trespassed into the capital violently know they had to make that even a political move. So it looks like there's all these different domestic violent extremist events happening across the country as Carson George said which I wrote down in extremist behind every door is how their painting Americans and instead of in that we have confirmation that because of their political focus. They're not doing the real work so there actually pawning off right real serious crime crimes. It did take down imager to condense a bad actors Babette hombres, if you will copresent from before Ed and yet their party that often.

I've said this their party up to the local police departments were over, were more overworked, highly criticized by the left. The empty identity with any that you never hear about them about a campus like over overreaction. For instance, 20 FBI agent showing up in a pro-life father's door because he pushed somebody a year ago. In that case got thrown out and that started out overreaction that we should all be screaming defund the FBI know so Center. Holly wrote this in his letter to Mayor Carlos is not only did your office turn a local dispute into a national case, but the FBI reportedly executed the search warrant an extreme manner. As one can imagine reports they can be happy.

I sent as many as 20 to 25 agents to conduct the arrest. Another interesting thing to me on this. Andy is it says not only your office turn a lot local dispute into a national case. So in Bray versus Alexandria women's health clinic. Another pro-life case and in the spring port and upping the predicate case to the overturning of Dobbs. I argued that the federal that the application of the statute, there turned a state trespassed action literally into a federal case. This particular dispute turned a local dispute that the police decided to write no one up on and the plaintiff in the case in the civil case the guy that Stephen says he was touched or pushed effort. El Camino a discerning expletives against the homeschool dad's parent 12-year-old. He doesn't show up in court.

His case gets dismissed, but they are literally turning state trespassed actions into federal case and that's not the job of the FBI lenses politicize route to this is become a political arm of the binder administration is become a political are arm of the last listen, this is it assumed the worst facts.

It was a case of assault. A simple case of assault that is a typical state crime and that should been taken care of on a state level.

While it was then the state decided not to prosecute will because the FBI is pushing this leftist agenda. They said we can allow this to happen. We've got to go in their guns a blazing you know a 25 FBI agents when what they should've done is if this man committed a federal crime. If he did is call them up or call his lawyer up and say we've got a warrant for your arrest come down and surrender yourself and bail out because you have the right to bond in a case like this, but no. Instead they descend on him as if he was some kind of a drug dealer you know from across the border and terrify him terrify his children and do something that I as a prosecutor would never have done to one single individual who was nonviolent, and who had not shown any inclination the flea center. Holly also wrote the reports are especially shocking given that your office is so far turned a blind eye to the epidemic of violence across the country by pro-abortion extremist against pregnancy resource centers houses of worship pro-life Americans and there was recently also a bit mean the guy knows being investigated. Cc had is 83-year-old woman was was shot by somebody for handing out a pamphlet bared you I guess were doing canvassing election gambling.

But you know the pregnancy resource centers like 104 incidents of violence and I'm hearing nothing of the FBI. Clearly that's what set shocking and that's why when representative Jordan said you had the FBI satisfying a political narrative. They absolutely are. They go after homeschool father or a an alleged assault charge which Andy rightly said was resolved at the local level and they go in guns blazing, and yet they have 104 attacks summoned and daring violent firebombing against pregnancy resource centers and they have not done one investigation in the Internet it all to Jordan, I'm trying the politically whose satisfying their base that we do nothing we deserve basic good pro-life resource Center should be attacked any of it. Yeah they do either. These be shut down. I don't think I say they all agree that they should be firebombed, but I think they have little sympathy for the firebombed is because there done that they would say well there, that in the evenings it over there close to him and actually heard anyone yet. They believe that those should be shut down. They believe that the priority should be us. If they think the far left excite The country. Traders to whatever view of their countries and while we don't see NT 4.0 arrest we saw some that are dirt our TV. We don't see the bad actors, thrillers, riots of the summer riots took over federal bill is bring them down.

Yes, those cities have recovered, but that's not the FBI's primary FS priority is a old case at a Pennsylvania in a pro-life that that's where they said 20 agents not to whoever was running the encampment in Seattle which is rife with drugs, not to the southern border to deal with cartels It out because that those people dangerous and don't score the political points with their friends in Washington DC and that's where right now with the FBI and it is it it is they will. It's easier it's a lot easier to say I work in politics Pfizer work in politics. It is law enforcement right don't shoot what they should be shooting for your politics and and they're not sure if the FBI would within short of this father's door and the kids are crying.

It is like you said they would arrest him, he gives to foreclose lawyer and asked him to surrender and arrested her at work arrested during the day. Holloman having come down and surrender voluntarily surrender himself. You don't put them in shackles.

You don't put all this wire around them, throw them in the car and take him down there. Why would you do that when we are representing a pregnancy resource Center CCU New York State California all over the country and this attacks on them.

It's for real absolutely and an email the letter that was sent to Mayor Garland when he was specifically asked you still have not identified a single prosecution department of justice has taken in response to this epidemic of violence against pro-life Americans, including PRC's not wanting case has been brought against them. I'd like to note that the release investigating these aside as the Atty. Gen. that I would ask the director of the FBI. Are you actually looking at these and investigating these.

I worked more on this in the next half hour. The broadcast because we are down to the last minute here before we go to break all your support be ACLJ by the way is critical for all the things that were due, including bringing you this broadcast for that. We got some calls coming in will take those we come back from the break got little time to play this, a vice President with times when it will save it for the next segment latest statement from VP Harris was, I think it tells you where they are. Look at public politics and elections and consequent slopes and that this is one of those consequences support work to follow us on rumble, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Jay Sekulow at Jordan secular at podcast brand-new week three now doing great by the way, we encourage you to get information about that Llorente had yet these as secular it's SEKULOW wherever you listen to our wants are brought this broadcast. You can find if there's a Facebook YouTube rumble. Of course, but also if your podcast listener. If you go to work for the sale podcast that works he can go to Apple podcast modified by the broadcasters well three reps of the week for decades ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular.

What is hundred 684 30 wanted to talk to us on air recruit outcome of Mexico.

The broadcast we talk about more about what's going on inside of Iran.

He recovered it a lot. In 2009, during the green revolution when it was the Obama by the ministration that refused to listen to even really acknowledged the protesters Jake Sullivan is back again and he was trying to explain away this weekend will talk to Rick about that.

Why they ignore the protesters in 2009 and are they ignoring them yet again of a list of the phones 164 3110 Christine in Alaska on my 1 acre state are you taking my calls are eligible, homeschool or apparent homeschooling Lance in a multiple choice and I'm outraged what happened to that father and son just outraged at upsetting.

I have a question for you. Everyone is saying just wait till the elections in November.

Wait till elections in November. Yet I have sat back and watched.

I don't feel like there is any follow-through.

No resolution. There's no enforcement. How do we know that these elections are not going to be corrected. You gotta do. Go ahead. Just advice in Alaska is that Rachel was is configured absurd, I don't think it's American. I don't think it's Democratic you second pick in politics, you make a choice and that's it your choice with I think it's not election integrity. Christine, because that's your state adopted but I will tell you it's incumbent security and what it means is it makes it very difficult for incumbents Lucius Dr. Lisa Murkowski ready by like her, but you kiddingly challenge them because of get to be developing the person secular third Triscuits go with at least two you know after your first choice and we saw that after Sarah Palin where people who didn't vote for her. Then their second choice is Democrat right so that a Democrat and submit the system fill because that's a system problem data right definitely reversible. Elections do matter because then it's who heads up these committees you have investigated what we do, though often with the issue of his importance and that when we were able to do it and it depends on the nature of the case, we will we will immediately dispatch a Freedom of information act request to a governing agency and start getting information that we now see seat usually requires litigation because I usually respond or don't respond. We met great success in getting information and we can get to the bottom of some of this. It just takes time. Absolutely. And that freedom of information request that we do get a lot of times if we do get a response. It's heavily redacted or there's a lot in Oregon and we go back at them. Yes, and then end up in court and usually get what were you looking for, but it is a battle and it does take time is take Rick's call for Montana online for hiring local broadcaster on their hey guys like to buy a paper taking the fight for it wherever it needs to go. My question is held at the Abbey got arrested. The charges were dropped or a big guy didn't show up her trial and that may not drop charges in the back of better double jeopardy when you come back and charge is the was the assistant DA here as well and I let him answer.

Then I'll try member go at any rate, the answer is no. There is time to separate sovereignties. The one is under state law, the other the FBI's so-called enforcement action is under federal law, so that does not qualify as double jeopardy because two different sovereignties are prosecuted and also there were no charges made so jeopardy never attached in the state proceeding so which is what makes this so ironic. No state charges the civil suits dismissed and the response to all that instead of saying okay that matters been resolved locally. It's over with your hand out his pamphlets counsel people going at the abortion clinic. What happens instead. Six days later the FBI decides to do a basically no not raid and was a no, not by them, surely not.

They pounded his door with guns. No armaments ready to shoot joints that not all the drug cartels right now we don't take 2120 agents and enter the border crisis handle the sex trafficking up and down the major expressway that would be a good use of resources For the time on that partnering up with law enforcement to prevent the fit of the community's office going up the expressways of the sedately kit I would say that they can solve everything they can certainly take that their jobs think that massive criminal elements. Tears, not us. Not Americans for pushy even that the 20 agents or waste their time on that Buffett is killing 40 Americans a day that moments in history to see what how could the US uses it was internationally to sales outcomes in a positive direction. We see the major protest movements in Iran. For the most recent massive protest vote was 2009. So what was similarly had the Obama Biden administration Joe Biden. There Jake Sullivan similar advisors around. They had asked you why so silent. Then go to start with this point were you get the right to recruit Albert to start with this for Meet the Press this week and with Jake Sullivan why the Obama ministration the American people I've ever wearing green T-shirts around the campus is wife so silent and take a listen you are in the Obama administration during the green revolution in 2009, you're well aware, there were many folks who thought that the Obama administration then was a little slow to respond to this protest is the Biden administration's response.

A response to that criticism way back when his is it is there to be an attempt to be much more forward leaning on these protest: how will Chuck part of the reason that there was a different kind of approach in 2009 was the belief that somehow if America spoke out, it would undermine the protesters.

Not a damn. I think what we've learned in the aftermath of that is that you can overthink these things that the most important thing for the United States to do is to be firm and clear and principled. In response to citizens of any country demanding their rights and dignity.

Rick took it couple decades to have that reveler at Revelation that street stand strong for what's right.

If you stay inside for what's right and good.

You don't need to overthink things if people are putting up in a foreign country is its foreign-language signs in your country's language and you're the most powerful country in the world. It speaks that language maybe they do want your help.

Of course they want to help. This is a stupid State Department old argument where it's it's put forward by people who hate America who blame America for everything and somehow when there is a crisis around the world. They say well we don't want to become the issue will guess what you're already the issue.

So start fighting that it's ridiculous to think that in 2009 these people and by the way, the same people Anthony Lincoln was Susan Rice's Deputy Averill Haynes was a deputy.

She's now running CIA all the Intel organizations including the CIA and blinking is running the State Department same old people.

Same old ideas they wanted to have a nuclear negotiation nuclear negotiations with Europe and they didn't want to spoil that idea that somehow the Europeans and the Americans would agree. So we had to water down our policy to let the Europeans veto America policy is the opposite of America. First is consensus with the Europeans. This is what they wanted and so they didn't want anything to get in the way and look at net price just said from the, the State Department podium yesterday that basically we can do two things we can keep nuclear negotiations and we can stay away from these protest and we can treat them separately. I don't think that's true.

I think it's impossible you know that the failure of the Obama administration during the Arab spring when it came to the situation in Iran was. It was breathtaking. Historically, if you look at what the end result of that was you had millions of people in the streets of Tehran ready to overthrow the government and listen. This is a country that's had a history of protests in Tehran overthrowing governments and we hadn't unique opportunity as you and Jordan were just discussing Rick. The signs were in English. There were signs up to eight and target. I remember at Americans and instead the Obama ministration would in a basically told the protesters to stand down something you think elections have consequences, and policies have consequences. But here we are again really talk about this with Col. West met the next anything this protest. Now Rick and 80 different cities throughout Tehran to rent out throughout Iran, including Tehran and you wonder what this administration is to do and what they want to do as you said is they want a nuclear deal, which will be meaningless with Tehran with the leadership in Tehran and so that Iran goes to the table in the kingdom and buying can then announce some nuclear deal that the be violating before they start.

Meanwhile, the people in the street lose the support of the United States government divided ministration in the Europeans of Artie missed the boat Nordstrom to they really helped create this war in Ukraine because they were unwilling to take a tough stance when it comes to European energy. Now what we see is negotiations with Iran. Wow, the regime in Iran with a very people there negotiating with our literally killing women and gays in the street and so this is an outrage, where the NGOs where the media all of these people human rights organization when people and Hamas is going people at the top of buildings or in our case, you mentioned you would example, Jesus gave me a pastor that was stabbed 47 times Rick and we talked about this before on the streets of Gaza in broad daylight and it was us working with the Israeli government to get that family out and insisted God never join I will never forget that we were there during operation cast lead, working in the middle bombs coming in working on this.but the ACLJ in action that was that was quite an example, but it's like the administrations are torn up on this stuff. Now is the time to really support the people of Iran and the way to do it is to guarantee that our Big Ten corporations make sure that the Internet is not set down our ways to do it. We have the technology, but we don't always want to do it and I get that the United States government shouldn't be doing this but the outside groups can technology companies can I'm on the outside.

Now I'm looking at all sorts of ways of helping to make sure that they contact does its part and thank God for Elon musk, Elon musk, announced that he was going to have his satellite make sure that they were doing everything they can to keep the Internet going inside Iran.

Now there's a challenge with his satellite because we need hardware inside but but there are other ways to do it to VPNs. We have the technology just takes the political will go back to the political will. This industry should you. Cannot we know that with the Iranians and with their leadership. There's there's no way for the.

The Biden team to go in there say let's do a nuclear deal and also support the overthrow of the government. So we have, they have to choose Rick, this is like these moments of choice. They chosen 2009 to go for the nuclear deal over the people and over human rights could make the choice to get it. It's because they preach to us about human rights act like we all do nothing about it. If you like what was really doing something about it because we do say you know what the Baltic.

Let's take politics out of it would when it's necessary will take politics out of it means that we don't jump to the conclusion that we are immediately going to overthrow the government. I think it's a false idea to say were there and have nuclear negotiations forward and work to overthrow the Iranian regime.

I think that right now. When used the human rights abuses in the streets and people are not able to protest women being killed for not wearing their head covering the proper way.

Even though, by the way Leslie stalled and where the right way in front of the Iranian leader we need to be able to just fall on the side of people, human rights and the ability to protest letter protests go wherever they might, but we should just absolutely be clear that America stands for the right to protest and governments regimes not killing those people with her on the streets reckless question I have in NSS immediately look at the situation as it is right now. Iran playsets it is such a strategic danger in the region for Israel for the Gulf states offer for Saudi Arabia amended one of the great things you all accomplished in the last ministration was the Abraham of course I was thrilled to have a copy of the goal on declaration and link the move of the Jerusalem Embassy in the unity among the Israelis in his other governments because you have a comment on the common foes, Iran Iran is the largest exporter of terrorism in the world there is no one that produces more terrorism supplies were terrorists than Iran, and the idea that the people of Iran have finally taken to the streets again.

To their credit, we should be doing everything we can to support them.

I would say regime change, we should also be very clear with our European allies that having daily flights from Europe to Tehran, Tehran to Europe is unacceptable.

Right now you have to choose in moments like this, we should be squeezing the Iranian regime. The Europeans must do their part.

If they're going to claim that, therefore, human rights, then you must stand with the people in the streets.

You cannot be business as usual. You cannot try to continue doing commerce with Iran and this is what's happening in your happening all over the place in the Biden administration is allowing them to do it because I appreciate you I Rick was part of our team at the emergency or flawed justice because your support for the ACL. Jake is always appreciated you to the surrounding airlines.

I remember the days when do a lot of international travel and you would see that in Western Europe the first time I saw them you forgot the same plane was in sub-Saharan Africa.

And you know that's again.

It was very awkward time. It was around these protest movements because of who's who you want to do, but what I will tell you is that's become a doormat you would like. Rick said they had to say no when I couldn't normalize you flying in like like your normal airline like a normal country as part of the world because everyone repairs in the world, the largest exporter terrorism was arraigned at work sitting down on the table negotiating with.

Makes no sense. We have run this coming up and take your calls to 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 secular brothers podcasting in a new episode today with Jordan Logan, secular you can subscribe to your calls as well so the calls about the FBI's action towards pro-life activists that get a repeat of history, but this time were see you at the highest levels in Washington DC so it's wonderful to appreciate foes hold on Roger in Oregon. First, I'd like to a Roger, thanks for taking my call today.

I am doing the program a little on the Lakeside Selectric.

This is already been covered by I read that Fox News digital article stated that you basically response to this man's arrest in the 18 acts of vandalism are some of arson committed by James revenge is a pro-abortion group that was formed after the Supreme Court decision on the FBI is using the state act the Freedom of Access to clinic entrances to justify their actions in this case Karen and you know, I know it's electric it's been at the state level on nature to stay there, but I think you get them cover to justify what they're doing what they were dozen can cover because I get on the Lord is litigated free access think Lincoln's exact here talking to Lori that represented Operation Rescue in blockades against abortion clinics, which was taking estate trespass absent action and trying to turn that into a federal case and we won that three times at the Supreme Court in United States now face is poor.

If you are impeding access but impeding access cannot mean literature distribution or or oral exchanges which are totally protected by the First Amendment and in this case I think is a total misuse of the Department of Justice to go after this guy for violating free access to clinic entrances act, especially when state and local law enforcement already said no. So I just don't. I just think it's I think it's a wrong way to go. I want to go to Iran for a moment and will will and with the two calls that we got but I wanted to write to Wes we just had to work on the Cornell course form director of the national intelligence your court.

Currently I state retired Col. United States Army. What's this achievement really researching this and I got a blog going up on What is the situation right now in Iran are these. They are huge demonstrations comparing them to what happened in 2009, when the Obama administration was so slow to respond. These are much more widespread. Geographically, we know that there were about 2 million+ demonstrators in 2009. I cannot find a number today, but I suspect there's more than that because in 2009. It was restricted to demonstrations mainly to the larger cities. Now it is an 80 cities. It is actually not only in 80 cities.

It is in all 31 provinces 20 universities. There are thousands of people in the street and so I think that these demonstrations are so much larger in this mainly led by young professionals and women who have really known nothing but an oppressive state government, a theocracy, all of their lives. Jordan I remember during the 2009 revolution, you were very concerned. Younger more than are we destined to see the same reaction because basically the same people running the State Department's long-running event.

I thinks I was the Iranian people what you could say what baby they've organized federated bravely use technology bettors request talking about using satellites reposition thatveryeffectiveinUkraine.WhenElibustedthatbutasRicksaiddevelopadifferenthardwaresituationissuesinIranthatIthinkso.Unfortunately,andIyouIwishtheIranianpeopletheycan'tpickthesemomentsoutyourthesemomentshappentogeneratemassivestreetprotests.Unfortunately,whenit'shappeningyouhadareallyweakleadershipinsideDCwhowastryingtogetbackintoadealwiththeirleaders.Samethingis2009.ThatwasthefirsttimetheirtrainingintheIrannucleardeal,sotheyignorethepeopletheyignorethehumanrightsandIfearthisiswhatwillhappeninthisprogram.That'stheironyofallthisJordanandthatiswhilethisisgoingonIandwhileinaportableisfuelingtherightstoanadditiontothemurderoftheyoungwomanisthattheireconomyisandisn'tfamishedwhenshegotmurderedforMrs.yeahshewaswearingherherjobsothatastrandofherhairwasstickingoutandshewasconfrontedbytherally.Pleasebecausearenotallofherhairwascovered.Theytookherintothecustodyshediedfrommassiveheadinjurieswasliterallybeatentodeath.Buthere'stheirony.JwhileallthisisgoingonaRandalsohasformerUSofficialsselectoneofourcolleaguesonanassassinationhitlistwhereeverythingisishorriblyoppressive.Thereandinthemiddleofthis,theBidenadministrationisstillseekingforasignaturefromtheIraniansontheirreenteringtheJCPawaytheIrannucleardeal,theyarepreparedandtheyhavesaidsotoliftsignificantportionsofthesanctionsagainstIranifIranwillonlysigntheJCPaway.TheonlyreasonthatthisnewIrannucleardealhasnotcomeintoeffectisthatthusfartheIranianshaverefusedtosignit,buttheBidenadministrationisperfectlywillingtonegotiatewiththeIraniangovernmentandthatissoironicandsad.Inlightofwhat'sgoingonthereandaboutwasagainstourcolleagueMikePompeofromSec.statenursingaccounts,globalaffairs,artworkandtechnicalabilitytowritebacktothefundsyouhaveburiedinMarylandonlineonehybridcalls.NotnecessarilycanIdisappointyouwithmyfinalprayerIwillknowwhatwecandoandordinarypeopleshowoutcryofwhatI'vebeendoingagainnormalcitizenrangesthattheywouldletsomuchgoattheborderandhaveanopenfieldcardinalitycriminalcomingantidrugcominginthatthesextrafficking.Itandthey'renotdoinganythingandtheywouldtakethispersonwhoisnotinacriminalandanundulatingdayandyouwouldthinkthewaytheydiditbenefitfamily.IamoutragedIknowwhatIcandobeforetheelectiondefinitelyfortheelectionsI'mgoingtobeinvolvedand,infact,atonepointseveralyearsagotheyhadapamphletthatsharedtheplatformisbetweenthetwopartiesImeanblackandwhiteandwiththeirplant.IshowedittoayoungermanyoungmanaboutthatpartytimingislikemetohaveknowledgetheyneedtoknowmuchgoingonisthatyouleaveACLJactionthat'spartofwhatwelaunchedasalesactionistodomoreissueadvocacysothatpeoplelearnlacyokayhere'stheplatformofthepartiestorewritetheDemocratparty'splatformjusttoshowhowextremeitis.Ijustneedtogetinfrontofpeoplebecausetheydon'twanttoreallytoreadthattheydon'twantyoutotoseethatwishthereceivertoleadweightofthepartythatthatthatwastodestroyIsraelhasbecomethestrongest.Wewillofthegrassrootsofthatpoliticalparty.Ithinkwhatyouhadonhiskeep.There'sthesemomentsinbetweenelections.TheyconsistssometimesIfeelveryshorttimewithlikealwayselectioncyclecanaffectthatrightnow.LatelythispastF5sixyearsbutyoucannotletuppre-andpostelection.Soifyoulikegoodpeople.Yougottamakesureyoucontinuetheworkandthatifyoudidn'tgettoelectpeopleyourchoicestartthateducationcampaignagainwithyourcommunity.Takeittotakeittopeoplewhoaretobeturnedin.Thecableismadeafterthebroadcast,likeourshearyouplaykeyrolesyouactuallyright.Igotonelastquestion.What'sthetitleofthearticleisIraniansthererainingpeople'sfightforfreedomgoesthatthisafternoonokayfunctionneededandwhat'samazingfaces.TherewasthatthisisanananopportunityfortheworldtostaywiththeIranianpeopletheyaretryingtobringreformandhaveanewgovernmentthere.TheyarefightingliterallyfortheirfreedomandtheirlifefolkssothatsoffitACLJadeIwillprobablynexthourorsowatchinguslikelettersofthebroadcastingsecularbrotherspodcastdroppingthisafternoondoingonesecularbrothers.comyoucansubscribetohaveyougetyourpodcast.GreatwaytodoitforcesusonFacebookandYouTube.IfyouwantavideocopyaswellkindfolksatAnchorageandcheckoutthatit'sdifferenteveryepisode.Therealsodifferent.Thisbroadcastisitssayit'

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