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Biden’s DOJ Attempts to Silence Whistleblowers?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 1, 2022 3:37 pm

Biden’s DOJ Attempts to Silence Whistleblowers?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 1, 2022 3:37 pm

Biden’s DOJ Attempts to Silence Whistleblowers?


This is Jay Sekulow is Pres. Biden's Department of Justice, silence was born got a lot to cover, to become an overview of where we are before we do any but let me say thank for Israel J donors. Yesterday was the last day of matching John's month for August and it is the second largest matching challenge August we've ever had in the history of the American Center for Law and Justice. I want to say huge thank you to all our ACLJ friends and members now we've got a lot of things to cover. There's a hearing today in Florida on a special master involving the rated Malaga there is a Department of Justice memorandum to all personnel regarding communications with Congress.

This comes on the heel of the communication from Mayor Carl and the Atty. Gen. regarding political engagement, and then you have a filing at the District Court in Florida dealing with the response to the government where the government doesn't like this put this out there for second.

This is in the brief of the United States government so that one of the things they argued, was that you don't need the switch called the taint team or a special master because this what they said big government is what the government asserts that the court should not exercise its equitable jurisdiction give me authority appoint a special master because of the urgent interest in continuing its review of the materials that's what they say in one sense of their still reviewing materials in the next sentence they say elsewhere. However, in this what the good of the foreign presence forsakes the government states that the filter team has already completed its work of segregating any C's materials in the government investigative teams have already reviewed all the remaining documents. It can't be both. You can't be quote urgent interest in continuing its review and commit not completing its review and this is where the goes back to the government overreach issues that we keep talking about Logan. It's at its its eye and its amazing to me and I course, I dived on this. So I understand this is a is a defense lawyer you point out the weaknesses in the case, but there's a glaring one and that hearing is today and write about what time we got there life. People should also write you break down what were talking about here. What is a special master. What is this means they logically hear these words. They don't necessarily little they know it has something to do with the rated R something to do with the situation. They don't know exactly what it is suing the government comes in on the case, especially the lawyer was involved. For instance, there could be attorney-client privilege that here was a pro forma presidency.

You have executive privilege is usually probably of attorney-client privilege issues as well. So you a special masters appointed by the District Court judge.

It's usually what is usually a former judge of that, and then reviews the various documents hears arguments about the documents and says this should go to the investigators. This should go to be investigators. Now Sargon argued that isn't the cat out of the bag ready, because the government asserts that they've completed their review naturally goes back to the briefs that were filed but are still saying they are doing a review but even if the reviews complete the special master should be there so that special master. Here she can determine whether that evidence can be used so that is I think number one on. I think you'll hear today at the diaconate see the oral argument may have audio but by the way, check this lot going on really take a lot of calls as well. If you question her, this a good time to call if you are like me and asking what are these things, what is a special master, what are all these words to get thrown around. Maybe you have on those questions yourself. 1-800-684-3110 will be generic or no later in the broadcast terrace. We taken some causes of other topics as well including the one of the headline about what's going on currently with the Atty. Gen. department justice when at this electric car thing and Karen talk about that as well. You have three or four days every week you got to be still visit. No more cars that are electric in California said that just a few days ago, in India less than 10 years then proceed awarding today and yesterday saying by the way, don't charge cards right now were under a crisis right now. I can't really got that waste energy. Please recharge and your electric cars through talk about that.

What that means what it looks like in the future in the future. The state of California, 1-800-684-3110 1-800-684-3110. I'd love to hear from you today. This a great data call route of a matching John's back to normal physical aluminum rock as everyone's lot about will talk more about the special master taker calls 800-684-3110 to the Atty. Gen. send out a communication to all department personnel to everybody at the Department of Justice and it's called the subject of of putting up on the screen is called communications with Congress not remember this report comes on the heels of whistleblowers going to members of the United States Senate to report on the assistant Special Agent in charge of the DC field office agent people who was the one who open the 2020 criminal investigation on the election on and involving Pres. Trump and also was trying to squelch the investigation of Hunter Biden.

So this comes on the heels of all that Chris whistleblowers went to Congress and say you need to know about this this guy a couple of others that are causing these there make everything very political. But here's what's interesting to me. The memorandum says this in light of the confirmation earlier this month in the top of the Assistant Attorney General. It's appropriate time to reaffirm, reaffirm and remind all department personnel of our existing policies regarding communications between the Justice Department and Congress. So that's what it says that it says these policies can be found and the Justice Department manual then it says like the policies regarding communication with the White House. These policies quote are designed to protect her criminal and civil law enforcement division in our legal judgment from partisan or inappropriate influences. But the real received direct or indirect.

They are also designed to ensure that Congress may carry out its legitimate investigatory and oversight functions. Manual also makes care of these policies and 10 do not intend to conflict with our limit with or limit.

So in other words, is not to conflict with or limit whistleblower protections but then it goes on and that was the policy that says any communication with the Congress, is the responsibility of the office of legislative affairs of the department justice. And it would be inappropriate for other people to communicate directly to the Department of Justice.

So the question is G this is coming out on the heels of a special report that was done by Senators Grassley and Johnson, involving what a whistleblower surf three weeks later, the Department of Justice sends out and a email to all his personal thing by the way, you sure you have written whistleblower rights. But remember, you're really supposed to go through the office of legislative affairs that they their miscues on this Logan are incredible to me, but I think people could see the you talking out of both sides are you coming up with is that they are in the in the commentary it's severely limiting say we want to limit whistleblowers. However, what's the point what what what you have this conversation. That's not the case. Much calls coming in about this as well go ahead take care of Tony in New Jersey on their like to buy Jody I doing their have everybody doing were good for you folks know and believe is that I am on the fact that you know between the practice number and how many nobody coming down on this Mary Carlene white criminal could you Pres. Obama came before Trump ever doing that for Pres. Obama ID could be a much different scenario and you know when one can assume here's the thing And consequences. So the department justice as part of the executive branch of the government was that mean that means that department. Justice works for the President. They are not going to investigate the President and there's all kinds constitutional why they don't.

That way you hold things accountable as you meet them in court.

Now that's what's happening today in Florida involving this motion for special master to be appointed in the case involving the former President of the United States. But what is interesting about that one night I pointed this out early and I think it bears repeating the government in its pleading. It got a lot of press. Obviously, when the government did their brief, but they say that they are.

The court should not exercise the appointment of a special master because the government's urgent interest. This liquid from the government and continuing its review of materials it ceased. Then the government says later in the brief that the next page. The government then states of the filter team has already completed its work of segregating any seas material and the government's investigating team has already reviewed all of the remaining materials so one sensor saying their content may have to continue to review. On the other.

They say were complete, it can't be both. You can't be complete and on a special master should be appointed to really find out may find out today. Have a questions about that as well take a couple thousands go to Steve is calling on in North Carolina online. One is a question about that. Steve often appointed Lord, the other day, but the judge that signed a warrant.

That shipment signed it. Can he recruit himself from the Hillary right case that Canadians then throw almost out basic outlets that they have admitted that the motion made made the motion they made is for the appointment of a special counsel they've not yet filed.

When I would call a motion to quash the subpoena which should have been filed in my view early on in the motion closet space. As the judge was biased. He acknowledged his own bias when he two months ago recused himself right from a civil case involving Pres. Trump and former Pres. Trump and former Sec. State Clinton he had. I think Logan some post on social media that were yeah that would just especially during election time with a literary air anti-Trump or anti-so the statements he made you happy political commentary for sure on public Facebook posted is behind was a magistrate and beyond that. Then after that, like you said. I recused himself from the rightfully so, you did the right thing.

Yes eight weeks ago 12 weeks ago Brandon doesn't do the right thing. The criminal search warrant which is mind-boggling, but they had to move the class that you coming.

These gaskets become celebrities.

It's the same situation we had the other week, which is now the get go be on MSNBC for the rest of their lives. Movies made in their part of the topics and it's a sad state commentary starts at state of affairs when it comes to that, because he could seek they could see that the Hollywood lights could make them more money than yes it is and meditate magistrate yet will. Here's an interesting aspect of this also.

Though in the end, with regard to the special master. The government also argues that any involvement by a special master will quote interfere with now ongoing intelligence community reviews of materials. First of all a special master is eight is the judicial branch of government. They work we will work for the judge to review the material that's not interference it's called due process and that's where they're conflating the government department.

Justice is conflating these issues and that's not the way it's supposed to be. They said never as an argument against interference better, underscoring the need for judicial involvement from floors of this which I think is right in this particular case, so the one in there saying by the way week we completed our review it's done so no need for special master on the other hand, don't put a special master in there because women finished our review so they are setting themselves up for total failure. In my view. Now the judges and hear the case today. Here's what will happen will be oral arguments, a breach of Alban Summit.

It's not the oral argument on who the judge issue an opinion from the bench. The answer that is yes that could happen.

The judge could issue an opinion from the bench could take it under advisement. We may know today what the judges into driving a special master is absolutely necessary. This comes in from a representative George and Jordan are they just treated it with the buying DOJ spies on parent school board meetings, cook the books a domestic violent extremism cases and now attempt to chill the rights of whistleblowers to speak to Congress. We listen this memo, you gotta put everything in context.

The whistleblower it's created a big stir in Washington DC.

Why well you got these investigations going. You got search warrant executed on the former President's house and now all of a sudden after the whistleblowers what the Senate, the Atty. Gen. just wants to remind everybody a portion to be whistleblower but I just want to remind you that any communication with Congress is really supposed to go through. It's really supposed to go through the office of legislative affairs. This is typical of the government.

This is typical of how they approach thing. But you know this is not publicly release.

We have a copy put back on the screen. There is signed by Mayor Carl and his leadership capability meet you on the left complained about Bill Bartlett is able to rights complaining about Mayor Carl and I would tell you something authorizing the execution about Warren I think was a huge mistake. Politically and legally not going to a different magistrate when you realize the one you got is conflicted. Big mistake. Filing a brief that says were done with our view but were still reviewing is a big mistake when you put it all together. You know what it means. This is a mess. You better get a special master in there and and the lawyers need be filing a series of motions we allow calls coming on this next segment will take more care what that 800 684 31 yes it is a good day call and businesses in interesting topics, and I got a lot of questions. I'm super also on the heels of a pretty interesting speech in the unofficial kickoff of the 2024 election is I would say as Pres. Biden is really about.

That is what the Washington Post are sent out as a push notifications that Biden warned of threat to democracy for mega Republicans." Election deniers in primetime address that will be interesting to see primetime adjustment from a sitting President technically not yet running, but he has filed so this will be a interesting kickoff to the next two years were spent on.

This is the kind of rhetoric here to use to become the scattergun of compound. All of these issues. You will feel it, you will see where things are going to go topics are covering today.

They all have one central issue. So when you talk about that coming up. Sure you have questions, one 800 684 30 wanted to watch on social media share with your friends on Facebook could be thumbs up if you are on YouTube look at looking at right now YouTube there is a 200 people thumbs up and there over a thousand people watching right now so I will ask all of you at the thumbs up right now it's out a lot more people will be right back. Is everyone there is a hearing this at every broadcast actually watching the slide in Florida on this appointment of a special master. The judges indicated that she was inclined to grant the request for special master Logan yes I question of exactly what is a tremendous terms around all the Seneca cross was to be of the quickly interpret legal jargon that no one's ever heard before and all of a sudden we are all experts document special masters. This was special master is an appointed position by a judge usually is a former judge retired judge that will review the evidence rather than the FBI taint team is it's called that's the review team single this might be privileged, this isn't and that judge makes an independent review and determines what is admissible and what is not what's privileged what is not. What's interesting here is the Department of Justice in response to the motion that was filed by the former Presidents, lawyers, they came back and said you know were continuing our review. But then the next page in the brief.

They say we completed a review. There's nothing for special master to do what it can't be both. You can't beat continuing review of these documents to determine applicable privileges and it's already completed as one of the other and I think the judges get to see this and that's why you say you know what would this involve the former President nine states it's unprecedented in our history. There's all kind of concern about the initial warrant that was issued by the judge in the first place.

As we previously said put a special master in place. I expect that's what's going to happen. We will know I think in the next 5 to 24 hours I think will will have an answer that really a lot of calls on this topic sorting and keep taking your calls, one 800 684 31 tenants 800-684-3110. Logan got Anthony and George alone for Anthony hi Anthony Butler broadcast on their background on the scientific sense of connection problems. There is asking who is deciding who the special master is US district, not the judge that issued this hotel. I turn not the magistrate judge which is the judge that is not eight article 3 judge magistrates assist judges they are judges whether different tenure. This went to an actual US District Court Judge B. At the point point do you present from first confirmed in November 2020, so she would be the one that makes the determination of who, what, this if a special mass will be utilized and who that special master is usually negotiate that back-and-forth on who it is yet and civil litigator. The special masters issues and what you do is you go document by document so for each document you have an objection to you argument to the judge to the special master. That's how it's done. Hopefully that answers to those questions for you if you've a question or comment.

I will be taking those calls throughout the next half hour. If you don't get on your local station after half hour we continue on lives will give you the information how to do that we do it live on all social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, rumble religious and when things were taken of the call her Logan lenses.

The government also in their brief in this to me is is is pretty unbelievable.

They actually say that a special master will quote their word interfere" with an ongoing intelligence community review of materials why we why is a special microscope due process for the member guarantees you to do process of law. So the due process of law. They set on the stuff for two years. You're half right, without getting them back until they executed the barn you think two weeks is to make a difference. So what the government's doing. Here's what the government always does, whether it's you know whistleblower goes up to Washington to speak to the Senate and then the department justices on a memo so you know communicate is really supposed to go to the office of legal counsel you got loose whistleblower rights but you just want to remind you we have an office of legislative affairs that there's most handle this or whether they break. The government argues in its brief in opposition to the special masses appointment. Oh, we completed our review or no, we haven't completed our review and this will interfere with our continuing our review in the same document, a page apart. That's what they're arguing. I still had six more calls go to Edward is calling in Ohio and ready on their thank you for taking my call and I appreciate everybody that we don't need on the back side answer right now about six of them back there.

Glad you like my point. Question is, now that the FBI, CIA and DOJ have looked at this everything is special master still able to do what they should be able to do when they Artie looked at the document yes special master could turn around and say we disagree with the FBI's position on this. We think this particular document. I don't know what the document would be when the documents on site should not be used by the investigators that music cannot be utilized as evidence either leading to other evidence or evidence of a particular act might be deemed to be criminal or subsequent indictment, they can use that evidence of the special master still can say that evidence is tainted and should not be part of the investigation is continuing. That is yes a great question because it's the risk of waiting three weeks to do this. I think this'll be the last offer this segment, you can still call him lines openly hundred 684-3110 Gilani in Louisiana I think with a very interesting question Lonnie Europe. Thanks for taking my calls or my question my question is with the documents being how security level does the special master needs to get some type of clearance of some type security clearance as as being some of the investigators, yes, so the answer to that question is yes, that the person selected would have to have security clearance. Now there may be people on the list that already have security clearance. So either they will have to get in on an expedited basis or because some of this materials allegedly in a very high levels of security, SEI, and so forth that they would have to have security claims but there could be judges selected by this particular judge retired judge that has security clarifies era were let go deep into about what is the process of getting security OKC.

It's a questionnaire to fill out its extensive where you've lived the last 20 years. Who are your neighbors who are your friends where you bank I be of any financial interest in a it's very thorough. It can move very quickly that the government can put these in place and within a matter of weeks not a matter of getting a home loan with Southlake is very Meet with a lot of guy left all get asked all the financial watch and yet not the same thing so yes it's it's a serious it's a serious matter and look this is an unprecedented time in our history has never been a search when next uniform present United States from they should be dotting every I and crossing every T nor the government should've done on the special master thing said of course. Of course, special master will be appropriate or because the stakes are so high, that's not what they did. Instead, they filed a document that says we have completed our review and on the next page say hey we are working to complete our review. It can't be both. Then they have the nerve to say you put a special master that can interfere with our national intelligence assessment is of the due process clause of the nicest Constitution doesn't apply to this.

So our phone banks are jamming up so I think people really want to talk about this loan 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 we are here for it personal thank you again for donors second largest August 31 date we never had NACLJ history. We thank you for that. Also hope you enjoy the concert last night demanded alive We thought it would greatly appreciate you watching and sporting our work through that venue as well and again will take more calls and, that's right, there is a full and something 100-684-3110. We do have another half-hour the broadcast live right now if you're listening live continues on some networks don't carry it.

They don't find us right now broadcasting live you looking to see us a nice experience finds on Sekulow Jay Sekulow pate rubble find us on the front page YouTube NACLJ channel were there right now broadcasting live again for an additional half an hour. Bullets are completely full right now but well actually what just opened up some provision for you to call 1-800-684-3110 Rick Grenell joins us just a few minutes ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today NACLJ keeping you informed and now is J secular legal documents are flying. There's a hearing if you're watching this live there's a hearing this afternoon on this issue of the appointment of a special master the special masters. Logan asked me in the beginning of the broadcast last Hour is an appointment by the judge, usually of a retired judge to actually review the documents that were seized on the President's home phone presence home in Florida and they do an individual review.

The government objected to that I would've thought it would be another better site for the government. So yes will consent to a special master review this material. They didn't. They're fighting it and in their brief, they actually say that the special master will interfere with the ongoing intelligence communities.

Review of material that I'm actually that is the phraseology they use. So your due process rights argument interfere with what the government trying to do so guess what you went your due process right but they also something else interesting in the brief. The government asserts that the court should exercise its jurisdiction will point a special master because of the quote urgent interest in continuing its review of materials it sees, which indicates that there still review materials and is not complete, but then on the next page of the brief. The government says that the filter team has quote already completed its work of segregating and sees materials and the government's investigative teams have already reviewed all of the remaining materials so one sensor same. It's an ongoing review these materials in the next sentence next page essay we've already completed it. In fact I investigators have it folks, which I told you I told you that a week ago or two weeks ago, the way it works is not to go through the whole thing and then next they start once they say it's not tainted the government they give it to the investigators so a special master should be appointed judge indicated that she would.

I hope they do that today that would be the right move would be the right move.

Three weeks ago is logical. Calling and asking about this feeling took one of these calls and rig have her Grenell. The next segment will take as many calls our final segment of the day. So today I called Rick we may take one with reckless go ahead though and take one let's go to Mary in North Carolina earlier Mary North Carolina. My merriest my quite likely we know that you're going to get everything to the special master. How do we know that they haven't hidden away from the special master if it gets. What if they did that and date they certify that they given all the documents over the special mass that receives and actually into it. They would be in contempt of court, which is a crime a felony may also be filing a false statement with the court, which is also a felony. Having said that, don't forget that during crossfire hurricane. The investigation of the former President and FBI lawyer filed a false statement change in email filed it with the Pfizer court and was ultimately caught so there are notice that they better be very very careful as they do this they will have to disclose all of the appropriate information is no way that they can mean they could they could hide the ball but the consequences of that would be very, very significant, but look the irregularities on this are so extreme right now it's it's heart hard to believe I learned six more these calls come up in the next segment.

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We appreciate all right will your back. Take your call today hundred 64 3110 when an hundred 64, 31 to nursing advisor for a global affairs and national intelligence, Rick Grenell's with us and Rick. I gotta start with to get your reaction. There is a hearing today for special master which should the judge indicated will be appointed and I pointed out in my comments today that the government in its brief, says in one hand, they save the date the review is complete so there's nothing for special master to which byways and true because it's the question of due process and on the other hand, they say they don't appointed special merit master it's it's ongoing review so if this is typical government response these days.

I hate to say that but that that appear apparently that's how it's coming down the to clear this up. I think a special master has to be put in place. I want to get your sense of that. Well I would say that a special master of law that that person is independent.

I hear that we have a whole group of Washington died that literally are fighting for their survival.

Their way of life. There will, and that doesn't necessarily mean transparency will rule the day.

We have a system in Washington that it threatened by anything on the outside that it's going to change it. Of course, like Donald Trump and though I would be nervous to see who is appointed by I think the idea that we should be questioning is there should absolutely be 1/3 party independent person who is not part of the clock received the last two years I really talking about what's going on in California. I'm see you California local other today receives a pretty interesting stories come out here. We had a few weeks ago, maybe even not even that I had stayed in California say really ending the sales of new gas powered vehicles in the coming years. Just a handful years maybe under 10 years and then you have statements coming out today from Gov. Newsom saying hey you obscene know you been outside the tot. That means you pause charging your EV your electric vehicle. How is California reacting to hearing your kinda both sides of this had been talking out of both sides of their mouth as usual. Well I will Templer Myrtle and Gavin have one thing in common that is neither one of them have an energy plan are automatically plan and both of them all. Though get glowing coverage from the media, so the scary part of what happening in California is that we have no energy plan other than conserve, conserve, conserve, there's no desire to add to the supply and yet from Sacramento all the way down the San Diego. The media are only talking in California about how to serve hate your appliances and unplug them from 4 PM to 9 PM. Think about this the largest date in the countries having to unplug its appliances from 4 to 9 PM because we don't have enough energy to power off at night electric you're going to Africa. That's a lot of this example, there is this idea that you were encouraged. No combustible engine in cars by 2035, but by the way, don't plug your electric car and my neck is made on the power to do any Rick this is sort of what that could look like that in the future because if you are reliant on that you are reliant and then these intersections come then your almost any another lockdown situation of your own. We can't control but is there any indication Rick that that California's increasing intellectual great capacity to to meet these kinda demands no more than zero and and remember that I am out totally up super majority of Democrats, Republicans are not even if you can't stop anything. Every statewide office is controlled by woke left leave the media here do not that our politicians when they go look no further than, Harris Javier, but Sarah did disaster people in the Biden administration are California and yet our media here are screaming about conserve energy, conserve energy, conserve energy in a look, I know no great economist but when you look at supply and demand. You can't just lower demand and expect that to be a plan into the future when you're trying to get more electric vehicles on red.

You've got to find supply the same thing with water J we we lived on the ocean but were telling conserve water and electric car because I don't have electric content preordered for three years. I think I just like I like tech.

I think it's cool that it is good stuff coming out with Ensign Tessler. Whether it's wrapped in the name the GMC remember screaming. I think that we can have improvements but when you have these kind of situations begs all of us that either. Just what I should like to go. Hey, hold on. Maybe this is not of the best thing for us and exit the water crisis were saying that like in Mississippi where it's absurd.

What's happening in Mississippi all over the country starting to me plug you don't want to be like you wanted the person say the sky is falling, but it does feel like things are crumbling and crumbling from coast-to-coast the ugliest guys falling at the police cars can be electric carts at Intel them only borrow pathways out and advise BJ some sugar pie runs out of battery.

Eminem is think about this for a minute.

I do want to go to the riff on the police were getting calls on this. I want to get your your view on this will take the callable takedown is called just a moment here and that is the present is making a big speech tonight and he you know you use the phrase semi fascist, which as I said on air. I don't exactly know what a semi fascist is exhibits calling basically conservatives and pro-lifers. Let me fascist.

What I don't understand about that is you know fascist is a fascist. That's a pretty horrible label was that it was was Mussolini a semi fascist before the rise of Hitler, I thought it was a fascist became more of a fashion oriented more totalitarian in his approach. Even after Hitler rose to power, but this needs the language utilization here Rick coming out of the Biden White House is is really unbelievable. Once again we have a meeting, largely ignoring what pain it very clear and everybody know what the left are trying to do right now is shut down that distant pain, and dissenting information.

Dissenting opinion are all considered a rat to the ruling party and so what they're doing is across the board canceling or crushing anyone who doesn't share their line.

Okay, let's go ahead and take.

I think this is very important call to time is coming on line 60 on the Colorado Bureau threatening. I'll be pretty much my backcountry with little legal action to take against that. That's not the tracking option. That's a direct threat to persuade these labels that have regulations referencing.

There is a speech given where Second Amendment rights said you really believe the Second Amendment rights that it's here to go after a a year your governments, and to make sure that there's a check will you better begin F-16s. That's what she just rang Terrazas his rhetoric but he had to say to you, good luck is kind of what he was saying about when it comes to the phrasing that's coming out of this.

What we know may come from the speech dead tonight. It's Ricky doesn't seem like it could be painting a picture of unity, that's for sure 90s, people semi fascist. And then you know ultra maggot somebody at EC is playing out on the change in two years will want one thing clear. You know, we obviously don't want to be blind to our pain that he change his rhetoric or change his filing him in any way. I think what we have to do is demand transparency and that one of the thing that a day does really well is to be able to be on the frontlines of family.

What is your rhetoric actually need for policy that when he's trying to go after Second Amendment supporters or pro-lifers.

We need to be able to jump quickly to challenge him in the court that challenged him and hold the Biden administration accountable and that's one thing that we do. Well I I'm somebody who you doubt and fear year. Your comments your First Amendment right your rhetoric is great but the tone of the great uniter here is because he will divide terms like ultra maggot and those kind of things people were able to really rally themselves behind right they found when the cut which was asleep when wearing shirts that say semi fascist's are coming up with these terms to try to get what's that line in the financial status of deplorable template where it takes more calls Allah because he had a lot on hold. We have a couple lines open, though at 1-800-684-3110 skin 1-800-684-3110: now will take some calls coming up comments and comments coming up as well with you on Facebook remember you to begin great ways to engage also brand-new podcast logic September 12 my brother to the secular brothers podcast. Subscribe right now and all your favorite podcast players that is on Apple podcast modify heavier podcast where there is sale podcast network.

You can find which is easy links to go there. I would love to have you to be a lot of fun to be casual, different environment three days a week breaking down news, current events, pop-culture regular culture to those all intersect so much right now. I will discuss that a lot more at length to get a lot more casual of environment with the show we have in our hard-core to tell you exactly run the clock. This will be a bit more free superfine that free to subscribe to secular write a review. So you're looking forward to an Apple podcast direct `secular to hear because of this segment is the last segment of the day light withholding for close to half an hour to really get through his many of these is absolutely possible.

The start was going to order out little and all the different topics we discussed today with good friend in Tennessee online for Fred. You're on the hybrid market all my questionnaires. The DOJ are doing just smoke and mirrors saying one thing and say no, don't look at this because the you know there's nobody behind the curtain. Yeah, I mean here's their filing is inconsistent say they first thought.

The first thing that jumps out the most is that this is a special mass would interfere with their ongoing national security assessment and I'm sorry but there's 1/4 amendment to the United States Constitution skull due process and even former Presidents have due process so that doesn't trump the due process clause of the Constitution. That's number one number two in the brief.

They actually say I mean Fred and this is I mean inexplicably did this on page 29 of their break. They said that their review is complete another center in the process of completing the review of their making analysis so it's an ongoing review of that's what they say and on the next page. They say the review is complete, we distribute the materials to the investigators it's done so it can't be both a camping complete and incomplete. So I think that's why the judge is right. When her indication was she wanted to put a special master in place. I think that's 100% correct. That's the way to ensure due processor and that special master can determine what evidence is admissible and what evidence is not. I continue on taking these cause let's go next to Michael in Florida online five Mike about my car. I will, Aetna commented on my really enjoyed your concert last night. I also wanted to say that I think LJ is akin to a modern day national treasure like Thomas Paine and the pamphleteers. People always ask what do you do well they think LJ step something that is written me and my family really appreciate having you think you might really appreciate that a lot that is that France is the perfect data and in Michael look I meet with that.

We always try to offer hope on this broadcast little to say we as a problem. This is bad. We are always providing here's the problem here's Howard and try to go after this, whether it's in the courts weathers in the legislature. Whether it's on in media and we debate had a great time last. I do need to say that in my bandmates did a great job in a production crews did a phenomenal job. He played for over two hours and not easy songs. I remember complex material and people with a big audience here live in a big audience.

I think probably were 30,000 40,000 people viewed a ready-made hammer than that. So we we really appreciate that.

Thank you so much for that vote of confidence right thank you so much again let's move on. Discover Mike is calling in Ohio. Mike was question my question. Is it they show all the documents on the floor that they got and all the people are going through this. What's not to say that they take all the good stuff out of there to use it against the guns get to run and second question is, it has come the people that do like Democrats. They never get prosecuted it, nothing happens to it because eight of doing it under their own administrations. So that's what happens and injustices in blind. Unfortunately, now you ask was not when we had a court call earlier in the people concerned about this. How do we know that the get that they're on the up and up.

Well, here's what happens thereafter certified in the course of these are all the records we talk this is everything we we we grab during the search warrant, and they have to give it to the court than for the court to make the determination of what is admissible and what is not admissible.

That is the way the law is if they falsify that statement which the FBI lawyer did just a couple years ago the FIs a warrant foreign intelligence surveillance warrant against an American citizen and changed an email totally change the email. If they do that that is a crime and they would be prosecuted, but it wasn't you know I people are asking is loading because it's happened to live removably lose faith in faith that things are gonna work out.

He also asked to our phone screen or what stops this from ending up to spring leaked to the media anyway.

And if the answer to that is nothing because you are seeing.

I worked all morning. I'm dealing with that yet because they leak everything. It's just a part of the sadly it's part of politics at Sabo severe, which is our judicial system.

It is, but it's all politics, the end of the day because it's all compounding to a what the kickoff official kickoff of the Biden reelection campaign, which starts tonight, and let's just all be on front Street be honest this all is a one calculated effort. Let's keep going. I go to look at Becky in Florida next Becky you're on the air. Michael and Carly more than that and go through everything in it okay to clear his trump when he get everything back in with this be over so the special master is only reviewing evidence material seized that could then possibly be deemed to be privileged, so it can't be used in a subsequent criminal indictment. Remember the search warrant was for research and they lets three criminal acts three different criminal statutes. What this will do if they remove evidence it was that evidence cannot be used for those particular issues, but it doesn't prohibit this important for people understand it does not prohibit an indictment from going forward. You have to quash the subpoena start that process. I continue on the scooter. Charlene is calling online to your in New Jersey and you're on the question why former federal File an amicus brief asking the judge to deny requests for the Masters because first I thought the department just as you just consented to a special master. This is an unprecedented move against former President United States never happened her history of agree to a special master. All it does put it in the third parties control make a determination whether the evidence is admissible or not. So why did seven lawyers come and do that because they are taking this view that the Justice Department are can do no wrong. When we know that the person that wants a lot of these investigations is now out of the Department of Justice out of the FBI. We know that FBI lawyer made a misstatement to a FISA court by changing an email totally change the meaning of email and was prosecuted for it.

So this isn't it out, figuratively speaking.

This is reality.

So you got somebody's left left-leaning lawyers trying to do this. Let's grab let's pass call Mary in Florida you're on their primary call my question as regards to selecting that special master yes I am. I am a litigation paralegal by prevention. I know that the parties can provide each side has proposed their special masters.

I will only see them proposed by Department of Justice, but I haven't seen the Trump team propose any special masters yet, not yet. You're right so the former justice, fearing that this judge is indicated as special masses in the appointed fearing that they are saying hey here's a list of potential look from people can do the same thing. Ultimately though, it is the federal court judge the US district court judge that will decide who that particular special master is.

These were all really great questions. I really appreciate about this are audience, you really understand the stakes in these things, and I'm glad we can come to every day I get a huge thank you to all of you that supported the work of the ACLJ in the month of August we had our second biggest August 31 date in our history of the ACL family been around a long time and also loaded had people like and share it made a big difference under social media.

There really gets appreciate all of you who interacted with us today again interacted with us today that is at one 800-2431 10. We want to call it. Now be great also support the work of the ACLJ again sports were to signally support the work.

Check out the great content we produce throughput after each and every day. Great blogs, videos, movies, find all their ACLJ

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